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Christophe GUIRAUD

Paris/Brussels/South, France

Composer • Christophe GUIRAUD is a contemporary composer and sound artist who combines scored pieces for acoustic instruments, electronically generated sound, field recordings, realtime and fixed media. Currently works and has been collaborating since several years with numerous European ensembles and musicians such as Ensemble 21, Sturm und Klang, Ensemble La Grive, Ensemble Ictus, Ensemble Tarentule, Solistenensemble Phønix16, Laps Ensemble, Game Ensemble, Compagnie Hamadryade, Julien Boutonnier, Benjamin Glorieux, David Ryan, Tom Pauwels, Timo Kreuser, André-Marc Delcourt, and Arçon de Nièze. His music has been performed at Ars Musica festival (Bruxelles) and is released on Sub Rosa music label. •