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wolfOlio 2016 Christina Wolf

Industrial Design

Hello, i am Christina. In October 2016 I finished my Master in Industrial Design at the FH Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences in Graz. And now I am looking for a new challenge.

Work Experience.

Teague, seattle 6 months internship

Bosch und siemens, Munich 6 months internship

David pompa, klagenfurt 2 months internship

WORK EXPERIENCE. TEAGUE, Seattle, USA Industrial Design Intern - 09/2015 – 02/2016 - -

Developing concepts and designs in the area of industrial design and UI/UX Worked for international airlines and well known companies like Starbucks, etc.

B/S/H Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich, Germany Siemens Design Intern - 03/2014 – 08/2014 - - -

Developing concepts in the field of household appliances development Creating mock-ups, photorealistic depiction and realizations by means of CAD Focus on brand design

ACTS Group, Beachvolleyball EC 2013, Klagenfurt, Austria Summer Job - 07/2013 - -

Promotion for the Beachvolleyball European Championship 2013 Worked at the EC as assistent of the personnel manager

Design Studio David Pompa, Klagenfurt, Austria Intern - 07/2012 – 08/2012 - -

Desiged lamps for the international company GLOBO as well as for projects of David Pompa Created mock-ups and form models

Social Insurance Institution, Klagenfurt, Austria Summer Job - 07/2011 - -

Assisted in the department ‘Health Service‘ File management

XXXLutz (Furniture Store), Klagenfurt, Austria Sales Associate (furniture), part-time - 11/2008 –10/2011 - -

Provided personalized and professional service to customers Assisted uncertain customers with product selection by demonstrating product knowledge and providing competent information and advice

education. FH Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria Master of Arts in Arts and Design, 2014 – 2016 - -

Graduate program ‘Industrial Design‘ Advanced Product and Transportation Design

FH Joanneum, University of Applied Sciences, Graz, Austria Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design, 2011 – 2014 - -

Undergraduate program ‘Industrial Design‘ Projects with companies BENELLI, PHILIPS, KÄRCHER, ÖBB and BENE

HTBLVA Ferlach, College for Engineering, Ferlach, Austria School Leaving Examination, 2011 -

VET diploma in engineering with focus on industrial design

Additional information. Languages - -

German – mother tongue English – advanced

Technical/Job-Related Skills - -

Practical experience in handling engine lathe, thermo machine, and milling machine Knowledge of welding, forging, model-making, working with clay

Computer Skills - - - -

Adobe-InDesign, -Photoshop, -Illustrator, -After Effects (Basics) Rhinoceros 5.0 and Solid Works Basic knowlege in Autodesk Alias Keyshot 5

1 Steamerbox Philips

2 baby monitoring Getemed (Master Thesis)

3 VW Travel Volkswagen

4 MYRAY Kärcher

5 PIZZAECK Personal Project

6 BEnelli Trio Benelli

steamer box Philips // cooking 2.15 3rd bachelor semester


Enjoy your break with high quality and healthy food.

NO MORE JUNK FOOD. Steamerbox allows you to take a break with high quality food, helping to save time and stay healthy. The Steamerbox is a mobile steam cooker designed to simplify everyday life, especially for working people who want a quick but healthy lunch during their break. With the Steamerbox, qualitative food can be cooked gently or heated up using steam and enjoyed within thirty minutes, absolutely stress-free.

mobile Steam cooker cook gently heat up absolutely stress-free


one day with the steamerbox. How does it work? In the morning, the Steamerbox is filled with the desired raw foods. The only things needed now are some water and a power connection. While colleagues rush to the canteen, shops, or restaurants, the Steamerbox-user only needs to press the start button and wait for his food to be ready.


7.00 AM

8.00 AM

12.00 PM

12.02 PM



11.00 AM

water tank top

carrying strap


the components


electric cable

personalize your steamerbox.

in cooperation with

Via Baby monitoring Getemed // Healthcare for high-risk newborns Masterthesis


A baby monitoring system, specially designed for newborns between one and six months.

Premature babies...

Newborns with respiratory disorder...

Have a higher risk of dying from the sudden infant death syNdrome

Newborns who already experienced an apparent life threatening event...

Require special healthcare during and afteR the in-patient stay

High-risk newborns require a home monitor.... ...and this is how monitoring looks today


What is home monitoring? Constant measuring of the vital parameters.

Heart rate


Oxygen saturation

market situation Medically approved

Comparing the development progress in the field of smart phones and monitors: Nothing has been done with home monitors for high-risk newborns in the last 16 years.

Getemed VIA


Complicated handling


2016 Not medically approved

The market shows that there is no innovative, user-friendly and medically approved device available in this area.


medical care process. Prescription for a home monitor

Approval of health insurance

Reanimation course


Monitor and 24h service is provided by the specialist supplier


24h monitoring at home (usually for 3-4 months)

Bring the monitor frequently to the hospital for evaluation

Evaluation of the measured data in the hospital

Diagnosis: stop or continue monitoring

Newborn shows abnormalities

Instruction for the home monitor

Instruction for the home monitor

conclusion 6 Painpoints.


Uncertainty of parents


Complex application


Insufficient Know-how




Adhesive sensors


Usage in daily life


Interviews with parents, doctors and caregivers. Finding out more about the current situation and how parents handle their daily life with such a medical device.


The existing systems are complex and out-dated. Parents are frustrated and often forget the medical importance of home monitoring. It‘s in the interest of the children to bring the home monitoring systems onto a next level to ensure them the necessary protection.

Product requirements. Sensor unit


Mobile & flexible






Easy to clean

Easy to use

Design process.

Finding a comfortable proportion for the monitor.

Testing and analyzing the mock-ups for the sensor unit.

final Concept.

The key features and key functions...

Step 5

Heart Rate Oxygen Saturation Respiratory Skin Temperature

Done! Hello Noah!

Step by step instruction & personalized interface

One compact and removeable sensor unit


Activate the display



Additional strap & discreet design

The data has been send to the hospital for analysis. In a few days you get the result.

Automatic data evaluation

Step 1

! !!

SpO2 decreased... Everything OK with Noah? OK

69 120 70

Vibration module


58 120 70

Monitor interacts with parents

Assistance in an emergency

UI/UX Process.



The app offers parents more flexibility and security in daily life.

The app allows parents to always know the status of their child. For example when the father or mother is at work.




The recorded data of the sensor is transmitted to the monitor.

The monitor saves the data and transfers the information to...

The recorded data is transferred to the parents via the monitor.

Doctors & Caregivers The responsible doctor will automatically receive the data package for evaluation.

final interface.

Hallo Magdalena, hallo liebe Eltern.



Verbindung wurde erkannt.

Die Ladestation für den Monitor und die Sensoren findet ihr hier.

Leuchte ich in dieser Farbe, so wisst ihr, dass mit Magdalena alles in Ordnung ist.

Heart Rate

Herzfrequenz 1/min

So, das war´s von meiner Seite. Habt ihr noch Fragen? Ihr könnt nun sonst die Überwachung beginnen.

Sauerstoffsättigung %

Atmung 1/min

101 80 /120



15 20 s




Entnehmt bitte den ersten Karton.

Hier findet ihr 2 Stk. Sensoren und den Gurt für Magdalena.

Bitte legt Magdalena nun den Gurt samt dem Sensor direkt unter den Achseln an.

Ich bin via

Einen Moment bitte. Die Verbindung wird aufgebaut.

Ich zeige euch nun die wichtigsten Schritte.






Und so funktioniert`s:

Hier könnt ihr das Band befestigen, um den Monitor überall schnell und einfach anzubringen.

Was ihr sonst noch wissen müsst:

Was ihr sonst noch wissen müsst:

Was ihr sonst noch wissen müsst:






Sollte es zu einem Notfall kommen, werdet ihr zu einer SOS-Funktion geleitet. Dann wird der Notruf automatisch verständigt.

Der Monitor muss immer in der Nähe, sprich nicht weiter entfernt als 1m, von Magdalena platziert werden.

Für eine mobile Anwendung könnt ihr euch auch die via-App im Google Play Store oder App Store herunterladen.


Atmung Die Sauerstoffsättigung ist gesunken.

Einstellungen 02


Der Monitor muss immer in der Nähe, sprich nicht weiter entfernt als 1m, von Magdalena plaziert werden.

Anleitung Hilfe







Ist mit Magdalena alles in Ordnung?

final Design.

There are two versions available: a blue one for boys and a pink one for girls.

1. Charging station 2. Carrying strap 3. Sensors







4. Monitor 5. Electric cable 6. Belt







this is via. Layer 1



Click here to watch

how it works.

Layer 3

Layer 2

Step by step Instructions.

The carrying strap enables a quick and easy attachement


Recessed surface

The charging surface always has the same color as the sensor

charging Station.

USB connection

Magnetic docking point for the monitor

Inductive charging station for the sensors and the monitor

Electric cable

sensor unit.

The belt is made of 100 % cotton

Sensor for the boys (back side)

Sensor for the girls (back side)

package monitor.

Project-Phire Glas OLED Display LED-Ring Motherboard Inner casing

Aluminium housing Shell Induction coil Bottom cover

PAckage sensor. Acceleration sensor

Vibration module

Bluetooth module

Sensor shell

Flexible circuit board

Lithium-Polymer battery


Induction coil


Opening for the carrying strap

Details monitor.

Aluminium frame

On and Off Button

Light ring

in cooperation with


Volkswagen // VW T 2025 Team project - 1st master semester Focus - Interior & UI/UX


Get on and set off with VW Travelthe travel sharing system.

nowadays car sharing.

city - daily life spontaneous & uncomplicated short term & range

Travel outside - weekends... spontaneous & uncomplicated long term & range


What if Volkswagen provided an uncomplicated and spontanious travel sharing system

for whom? generation Y.

work life balance

experience adventures

web affinity

use instead of possess

„Balance between leisure and work“

„Willful common activities“

„Generation Y post like there is no tomorrow“

„Nowdays you share - a new trend changes the economy“


activity holiday

authentic flair

on the way with comfort

„It´s not about the duration of vacation“

„What counts is is the experience which is possible on site“

„Immerse yourself into peoples‘s everyday life and feel like a local“

„The flashpacker - a new type of traveller, travels with high demands“

travel Trends.

Get on and set off with VW TRAV which is especially tailored t spontaneous


emma adam THOMAS william lisa

VW TRAVELS are readily available at several places in the middle of the city, as long as they aren´t just on a journey.

capture you & make

VEL - the travel sharing system to generation Y `s values.



ur adventures history. summit book

how does it work? TBOOK

Travel EMMA


are you ready for an adventure?

Find the VW Thomas you have booked before.


searching for an available VW in your surrounding


reserve or book the vw you want

VW Thomas is asking you wheter you want to set off right away or plan your trip.

Each of you can connect with VW Thomas.


the menu opens choose connect


the connect option offers further points

During the trip, VW Thomas points out several hints that are in your surrounding. On your phone, you get detailed information about the hint. It`s your choice if you want to accept it or not.


plan your trip- choose the points you are interested in


you get proposals with detailed information

On the way back home, you get your trip review. Write a report of your journey.

You found an interesting,beautiful or exciting place? Share it and set a hint!


Detailed Information about the hint


Your Trips are storedto capture all memories

key elements Interior & Exterior.

LAyout Interior.

drive modus

living modus

sleep modus

ideation 1,2,3 - go!

final sketches.

the final design.

„Become part of a story - with VW TRAVEL“ VW Travel is an innovative carsharing concept for spontanious adventures. It offers its customers the flexible, floating use of the camper of the future. In combination with the ‚T-Book‘ app, trips can easily be planned and shared with other users.

dashboard including removable cooler.

Sleeping, living & RELAXING AREA.

enjoy your experience.

in cooperation with


Kärcher // Kärcher @ smarthome Team project-4th bachelor semester Focus-Concept & Design

A smart swimming pool-cleaner that keeps the pool spotless.

rising trend 600.000 pools in germany 10 Million in the usa

current problems


14 kg


Station and Storage

Tangle of cables

Continuous cleaning


HOW myray works.

Put MYRAY into the swimming pool.

Surface cleaning and water filtering.

Take out the filter and clean it.

Solar charger - MYRAY rests on the surface of the water.

Disconnection - the filter is full - you get a message.

Get the signal to clean the filter.

After cleaning, put the filter back into the water, it automatically reattaches itself.

MYRAY „SLEEPS“ if everything is perfectly clean.

THE technical parts. The solar powered Myray system autonomously cleans all pool areas and filters water in variable depths. Dirt particles are absorbed into a capsule, which, once it is full, is decoupled and consequently floats on the water surface. The customer‘s sole task is then to empty the capsule and put it back into the water. Myray automatically reattaches itself to the capsule and continues the cleaning process.



the components


filter case jet drive

solar panels uv light

cleaning roller

THE FINAL DESIGN. The natural shape as well as the smooth movements of rays served as an inspiration and are reflected in the design of the Myray system. Moreover, due to its large surface which bears resemblance with a ray‘s skin, Myray is able to accommodate the necessary amount of solar panels for an energy-autonomous mode of operation.

model making.

in cooperation with


Packaging Design // Packaging with an added value 2nd bachelor semester


Eating pizza slices without burning and spilling

Pizza to go. Pizza slices are usually served in a carton or on a paper plate, the latter of which is all too often too small for the cheesy piece of deliciousness. Since a pizza is normally served right out of the oven, it can be very hot. Eating it with your hands can represent quite a challenge. The aim of the Pizzaeck was to solve these problems and develop a cost-effective and trendy packaging of pizza slices. Due to the simplified paper pattern, no kind of adhesive is required, which in turn benefits the environment. The added value lies literally in the packaging: no more burnt fingers, only delicious joy.

benelli trio Benelli // Utility ATVs

Team project-5th bachelor semester Focus-Concept/Design & Model Making


Benelli TRIO - an ATV for everyday usage.

current living situations.

three times more than the monthly rent should the tenant earn to get an apartment.

510 euro rent per month for a 9,75 square meter room in Paris.

2750 dollar rent per month for a single room apartment in San Francisco.

The middle class cannot afford a life in the city, they move back to the outskirts.

work in the city

live on the outskirts

spend time in the countryside

combine the benefits of two worlds.

traditional quad • good overview • offroad suitable • feeling of freedom • weather-dependent • mostly offroad • looks aggressive • unsafe

• combination • usable for the city • new desig


n of the benefits y and the countryside gn language

• modern, up-to-date • maneuvreable vehicle • body = safety • bad overview • only useable in cities • no offroad-capacity • safer than a normal quad

core elements.


the real all terrain vehicle

benelli trio. Today, living in the city has become hardly affordable. Therefore, people are increasingly moving to the outskirts of town. People who are living in the suburbs, working in the city, and spending their free time outdoors have a number of specific needs. Benelli TRIO - an ATV which has been adapted to new lifestyles and requirements - provides for a flexible use in daily life as well as in one`s free time. Its innovative features and sporty-elegant exterior make Benelli TRIO a genuine‚ ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE‘.

model making.

in cooperation with

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