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Micah and Nancy Smith accompanied a cargo of HofHNW medical supplies into Syria

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Contents July / August 2018 “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” — Psalm 61:2

Columns Volume 6, Number 4 Publisher Sandy Jones

Features Trail Life, USA: All for boys

Equipping kids: Today’s the day

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Outdoors with Dougherty: Thailand travels

Man’s Toolbox: 14 Real Christian manhood This: 22 Consider Last, Least, Limited

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Faith: 24 Challenging Pattern interrupt

Micah & Nancy Smith:

A trip into war-torn Syria Shipments update

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Making disciples in Kenya


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Marital boundaries – Part 1

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I get by with help from my friends By Sandy Jones

As days went on, though, I continued to feel that message presented to me over and over. “You don’t have to be the smartest person “ … and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn in the room.” Coupled with phrases in the from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, repeated message in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “... and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” — 2 My people who are called by My name humble Chronicles 7:14, (NASB) themselves and pray and seek My face… then I will hear from heaven”; please don’t get me I am a simple woman, and many times in my wrong, I did not miss the meaning of the full prayers I ask God to make His wishes, and His message, but rather felt that He was once again direction, abundantly clear to me. I’ve seriously answering my prayers. told Him ‘hearing a deep booming voice might If I could humble myself, admit that I don’t help.’ He understands this weakness in me, and know the way in this new adventure, continue so He often ‘speaks’ to me by sending me the to pray and seek His face, and His wisdom, same message in threes. I might ‘hear’ His mesHe will hear from heaven and send people to sage the first time, and reflect on the lesson the help. It was more a matter of Him telling me second time, but the third time I hear the same Sandy Jones message in a short amount of time I realize that to let go of my pride, of my I-can-do-it-myself God is trying to get my attention. attitude, and ask for help. When I learned this, and it has been Such is the case with 2 Chronicles 7:14. Three times I heard a hard lesson for me, He responded with an outpouring of lovthis scripture quoted in about a two-week timespan. I had to ing support from so many. ask myself ‘what point is God trying to get across to me?’ Do I have it all figured out yet? Not even close. Has it been I’ll admit, the hostility and discord I see in our Nation has easy? Not in the least. It’s been one of the hardest challenges been heavy on my heart, and often in my prayers. I continuof my career. That being said, I cannot begin to express how ally speak to the fact that Jesus commanded us to “love your liberating it has been though — to freely admit, I have no clue, neighbor as yourself.” Could this be it? In part I believe that, but I’m willing to learn. I look forward to each meeting, each yes, this may be one of His points. lesson, and continue to be so grateful for His answered prayers, Do I think that was His only point? Honestly no. In our last issue I made the announcement that we are now a and to each and every person who has answered the call He fully recognized nonprofit ministry. I must admit that although has laid on their heart to help us find our way in this new I’ve sold advertising here in the Treasure Valley for most of the journey. I share this today, not as a way of tooting my own horn, past 22 years, have been in upper management in others’ comrather in hopes that it might help liberate someone else in panies, and now publisher of this wonderful magazine for just much the same way. If you’re carrying too much on your own over 4 years, I’ve never worked in the nonprofit world. I have no clue what I’m doing, and have been praying for wisdom shoulders, and feel that you have to know-it-all, and do-it-all and discernment as we celebrate our 5th anniversary in print yourself, perhaps God is speaking to you through this column and move forward into this new era. — encouraging you to give it to Him, seek His face and His In preparing to speak to a local Kiwanis group recently I wisdom. He wants to help you, to lighten your load, and walk prayed, seeking just what words God would have me share this journey with you, challenging you to remember you are with this group. I felt Him lay on my heart — “you don’t not alone on this road, He is right there beside you, willing to have to be the smartest person in the room.” Now to many take your hand and walk it with you. I hope you’ll let Him. that may be obvious, but please understand, I’ve been one of Until next time…….. “the” bosses for so many years, the one who people come to I know I often say this, but only because it’s SO true — for “the” answers, that in itself has become a source of stress please frequent our advertisers, thank them for supporting and pressure — what a relief I felt that day. It became obviChristian Living Magazine. We can’t bring you the hope ous to me — the only thing I had to be an authority on in my talk was what they had invited me there to speak on: Christian and promise, the encouragement we do, without them. They bless us greatly, and we’d love to bless them back! n Living Magazine. We offer free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, STI testing as well as other related services. 524 Cleveland Blvd. Ste 110, Caldwell, ID 1323 12th Ave. S. • Nampa, ID Text: 208-615-1053 • E-mail:

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YOUR Daily Bread

Maintain God’s blessings to feel content

By Terry Frisk We live in a society that encourages us to want more. We are barraged with messages that we need this or that. And if we cannot afford it, there are many options available to have that new thing and pay for it later. It is so easy to obtain the things we desire that we cannot resist the temptation to spend money we do not have on the things we really do not need. We are all guilty of this to a certain degree. It really becomes a problem when we obsess over material things and spend our way into debt. How do we overcome this? For me, it took being thankful for what I have and taking care of it. We tend to get caught up in the belief that we own the things we acquire. We build fences around our homes to designate our property from our neighbor’s property. The truth is everything we have belongs to God. Psalm 24:1 states: The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. (NIV) God created the world and everything in it. Even the things produced by human hands are made from natural resources that God created in the earth by people who were blessed with the creativity to craft these resources into products that are marketed. God has truly blessed us with an abundance. Just look around. We are blessed with much more than we need to survive. Giving thanks for what God has given us is the first step in achieving contentment. Since God owns everything, our role is to be good stewards of His blessings. My father always taught me that when you borrow something from your neighbor, you should return in the same or better condition than when you received it. This rule also applies to the blessings God provides us. We need to take care of them as we would something we borrow from someone else. We all know the joy of getting something new. But, if we do not take care of it, it starts to lose its luster. The delight we once experienced when it was new wanes and we pine for something better. R.L. Polk, a firm that measures automobile statistics, reports that the average time a driver owns a vehicle is about 6 years. However, the average life of a vehicle is a little over 11 years. In 2006, I bought a new vehicle. I selected a modest vehicle that had the features I needed and excluded some of the flashy options that were nice, but not necessary. I took great pride in maintaining that vehicle, fixing even the most minor problems that came up. It got washed frequently and I kept the cab clear of things that can accumulate. Since I kept it in like-new shape, combined with the work I put into maintaining it, I never got tired of driving it and did not feel the desire to replace it until recently when I realized it was 12 years old and had over 150,000 miles on it. When I went to buy a replacement, I got top dollar for my old vehicle because it was in mint condition. I think one of the reasons I did not have the urge to trade sooner was since I kept it meticulously maintained, it always felt new. I was never plagued with the irritation of rattles, soiled upholstery, broken knobs or gadgets. In addition, spending the time to mend the things you have instead of rushing to purchase new ones saves you money that can be used more effectively elsewhere. Taking care of the gifts that God has shared with us not only helps us recognize the blessings He has provided, but it also aids in attaining financial contentment. Learning to be thankful for these blessings is the key to enjoying the riches of contentment in our relationship with God. Have a great summer! n Terry Frisk is a partner in the firm B2B CFO, providing financial advisory services to small businesses. He also counsels individuals on personal financial matters through the Cathedral of the Rockies Budget Counseling ministry. He may be contacted through e-mail at

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OUTDOORS with Dougherty

Meeting elephants and tigers in Thailand By Dan Dougherty I thank God for the opportunities He has given Peggy and me to see new places. In late January of 2017, after spending two weeks in Korea teaching at an English Spiritual Camp, we headed to Thailand. We stayed in Chiang Mai with Don and Caroline Armstrong for a week of relaxation and discovery before heading back to Idaho. Don is the Church of God Regional Director of Ministry of the Southeast Asia and Pacific Region. Don and Caroline have made Chiang Mai their home. Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and the fourth largest in the country. Its city-municipality population is only listed at about 160,000, but the metro population is near 1 million. It is surrounded by the highest mountains in Thailand and sits by the Ping River. It was the capital of the Lan Na Kingdom from 1296-1768 and capital of the Chiang Mai Kingdom, part of Siam, from 1794-1899. The remains of the old city and large numbers of elaborate Buddhist temples attract tourists from all over the world. Its beautiful scenery, cheap prices, and elephant and tiger visitor compounds are also part of its popularity. Our first full day in Chiang Mai was on a Sunday. We went to church with Don and Caroline. They attend a large international church, where Don takes an active part. The pastor was English, with a varied international staff. It was a great service, even singing songs that we knew. They had a time of sharing, where visitors would stand and tell where they were from. I did my part. Many were people who had been missionaries in the past and were returning to retire. After Hong Kong became part of China, Chiang Mai became the place many missionaries choose as their home base and the place they later retire to. The weather in Thailand was wonderful. We left a cold Korea on a snowy day, and we arrived in Thailand to perfect, late January weather. Don said it was the best time for us to be there, as later in the year it gets hot and humid. The days were in the upper 70s to mid 80s. The nights were 55 to 60. Since I had brought clothes for Korea, I needed to shop. With Thailand’s great prices I got outfitted for the climate very cheaply with new t-shirts, shorts, and a great pair of sandals.

6 July / August 2018 | Christian Living

Don had set up a Thai cooking class for all of us. Besides people we did not know, we were joined by Ray and Misty MacDonald, old church friends from Idaho. (Ray and Misty are doing a mission work with the Thai people out in the countryside and small villages.) The class started by going to the open market by boat to buy spices. We had a great day of fellowship, cooking, and eating. After the food of Korea, the Thai food was a great treat. (That’s all I am going to say about that.) The countryside and populated areas were all clean and wellmaintained. Almost all the flat, open areas were rice fields that were just being replanted. Behind Don’s house were some large rice fields. We kept hearing intermittent explosions. Don said they were throwing out large firecrackers. I thought it was for scaring off birds during replanting, but he informed me it was to scare off the snakes as they replanted. Peggy and I were picked up and spent time with Kendall Cobb. Peggy had spent 13 months in Germany, working as a secretary for Kendall's missionary uncle, Wayne Nigh. Nineteen years ago Kendall, along with his father and several others, started a company in Chiang Mai called ActsCo Printing. The day we visited, one of the things they were printing was the religious devotional “Our Daily Bread” for southeast Asia. The Thompson Foundation of Boise helped them get started through a grant for the printing equipment. They helped again just a couple years ago with an advanced color printer — only the second one of its type in Thailand. Kendall also has a non-profit business called ActsCo BookHouse. It’s a 3-story building filled with all kinds of new Christian literature, including Bibles, devotionals, children's books, novels and educational/school materials. It's all free — as much as you can carry out! Kendall recently had a manager from a large, new hotel ask if she could get some Bibles for her rooms, and she was given about 600 free Bibles. Unlike the people of Korea, most Thais are short. At 5-foot 10-inches, I felt tall, and Peggy fit right in at 5-foot. A new experience for both of us. They are a friendly, pleasant people. With

palms flat together at the top of the chest almost in a prayer mode and a quick bow of the head touching the top of their fingers, their hello greeting is “sah-wah-dee-ka,” with the ka sound trailing: kuhh. I got quite good at it until Ray informed me that was the female version. Gender dictates how some of their words are spoken. The male version is sah-wah-dee-krap. The r is silent and the ending is cut off sharply. He said just think of it in English as “swat a cop” and you will be close. No wonder I was always getting those humorous smiles. Peggy and I visited one of the elephant preserves near the mountains. On seeing elephant paintings in the gift store for a hefty price, I thought it must be a joke — and by elephant paintings, I mean PAINTED BY THE ELEPHANTS. After watching the program, I was amazed at the animals' ability. We also watched a fun elephant soccer game. On leaving the event, an elephant singled out Peggy with its trunk. It placed a straw hat on her head, then removed it and gave her a hug with its trunk. I was impressed by the elephant’s intelligence in making such a good choice. On our way back from seeing the elephants, we stopped at the tiger compound near town. Whether you could get in an enclosure with small, medium or large tigers depended on your height. There was a measurement scale on the wall, much like you see at Disneyland to check the height of children for rides. By fluffing up her hair, Peggy just made it in to be with the medium tigers. They were beautiful animals and very docile. We got many good pictures. I even got one pulling a tiger’s tail. Tigers do not purr but make a chuffing sound. It is their “hello” or “I accept you” sound. It a good sound to hear when you are in with them.

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Dan Doughtery literally has a tiger by the tail. In Thailand, visitors were allowed to get up close and personal with the big cats. (Courtesy photo)

One of our last visits was to the old Buddhist temple in the old city area. It dates back to the late 1200s and was spectacular. I found it humorous to see two young monks in their bright orange robes, watering the grass with hoses and then getting into a water fight. People are the same the world over. Most Buddhist families want their sons to serve some time as a monk. You can be one for weeks, months, years, or for life. Most serve a short time and go back to normal life. It is believed the experience matures them, teaches them how to be of service to others, and brings them and their family “karma.” It brings to my mind that we as Christians should diligently practice Proverbs 22.6: “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they shall not turn from it.” We returned home with a better understanding and love for all of God’s people. We pray we will always be open and ready for His service when He calls. n

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Blazing new trails for boys of all ages

organization doesn’t need to be a church. AccordBy Daniel Bobinski ing to Trail Life’s website, “Charter Organizations The scenario: You have a boy and you’ve either can be churches; parochial, private or Christian had him in Boy Scouts or you’ve been thinking schools; or other faith-based non-profit groups that about it. But, as a Christian, you’re having a difficult agree with our Statement of Faith.” time reconciling the actions and direction taken by Another difference is the leadership structure. In the Boy Scouts organization over the past few years. Scouts, the Scoutmaster is in charge. In Trail Life, What options exist? whoever manages the ministry is called the Charter If you’re not aware of the news, here’s some Organization Leader (COL), and the Troopmaster background. The original Boy Scout manual talks a reports to the COL. Also in Trail Life, members are lot about honoring God. It still does today, but the called trailmen, not scouts. spirit behind those words seems to have dissipated, If your church is interested in getting a troop and many Christians have become dissatisfied. My started, know that five adults are required to start a neighbor summarized the situation rather succinctly. troop, and you’ll want at least 5-8 boys involved. As He said, “After allowing homosexual scout masters far as the timeline needed to get up and running, and transgender scouts, now they’re going to bring Chris Stevens, COL of one of the troops in the in girls? This no longer seems like an organization Daniel Bobinski Treasure Valley, says that it took about three months focused on teaching boys to become men.” for his troop to become operational. Stevens says If your perspective is similar to that of my they had an open house for interested kids and their parents, and neighbor, you may be wondering what options exist for Christian from there their troop developed pretty quickly. “You’ll want two or families. The good news is that a Christian version of scouting has three people on your board who are ‘in it to win it,’” Stevens says. been around for five years now, and they’re growing rapidly. The “People who are willing to help fill gaps and encourage parents to organization is called Trail Life, USA, and it was formed by a group stay involved. If you have those two or three people who will make of Christian Scoutmasters after the Boy Scouts announced changes things happen, you will have a lot easier time.” in their membership standards that violated some basic Christian Stevens also says parents transferring their children from Boy tenets. The western regional point man for Trail Life, John Falk, who happens to live here in the Treasure Valley, was among the men who Scouts into Trail Life don’t need to be concerned about their sons helped found the new organization. I recently had the opportunity to losing any badges or rank achievements. “Trail Life has a system that transfers Scouting achievements into the Trail Life system.” interview him. Currently, the Treasure Valley has two chartered troops: Boise Falk told me, “I’m committed to the values I learned in scouting. Church of Christ in Boise, Valley Life Community Church in MeI’m an eagle scout, as are my four sons. In 2013, when there was a ridian, and Calvary Chapel in Mountain Home. There’s also one change in [Boy Scout] membership standards, I was privileged to meet with a group of men from across the country. We wanted a new unchartered troop, Calvary Chapel in Nampa. They have all their paperwork approved and they’re ready to go, all they need is someprogram, but we had some decisions to make. Did we just want an alternative scouting organization, or did we want to make it a Christ- one to fill the Troopmaster role (you can contact Calvary Chapel if you’re interested). centered ministry? Our decision was to make it Christ-centered.” If you’re interested in getting your boy(s) involved in Trail Life, just That initial meeting was in May of 2013, and the men worked fast. contact either the Boise Church of Christ or Valley Life Community In January of 2014, Trail Life, USA launched nationwide with 500 chartered troops. And, according to Falk, things haven’t slowed down Church. However, if your church or organization is interested in starting a troop, simply visit Trail Life, USA’s website (traillifeusa. much. “Sometimes it feels like our train is moving along at 60 MPH com) and select “Start/Find a Troop” from the main menu. There and we’re just laying track down ahead of us as the train is moving. you’ll find an explanation of the process, and if you fill out an inBut God is providing.” quiry form, John Falk will get in touch with you. According to the organization’s website, “Trail Life, USA is a Also, know that you really need only one person from your church program focused on turning boys into godly men. Our firm convicor organization to be the Charter representative. Other troop leaders tion is that this can only be done by allowing a boy the opportunity can come from anywhere. But, as Chris Stevens says, you’ll want to interact, work with, and be mentored by and with other Christian guys who are in it to win it. men. All direct contact positions, other than in the Woodlands Trail “You want to instill quality over quantity,” Stevens says. “It program for younger boys 5-10 years old, must be filled by men.” shouldn’t be a drop-off program. Dads need to be involved.” Falk elaborated, saying, “We welcome boys whose parents are Stevens didn’t hesitate when I asked him if he had anything to seeking a faith-based outdoor adventure program that places an say to parents. “This is a great program,” he said. “Programs like emphasis on character development, leadership, and moral purity, and who aspire to live in accordance with the values expressed in the AWANA have their advantages, but if you’re looking for something more outdoor, where boys are actually hitting the trail and program’s Oath and Creed.” doing outdoor activities along with survival skills, Trail Life is Trail Life’s motto is, “Walk worthy,” based on Colossians 1:10, which says, “so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please something to consider.” n him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed., runs two businesses. One helps teams and knowledge of God.” individuals learn how to use Emotional Intelligence. The other helps comTrail Life, USA operates a little differently than the Boy Scouts. panies improve their training programs. He’s also a homeschooling dad, Many Boy Scout troops simply connect with churches as a place a best-selling author, and a popular speaker at conferences and retreats. to meet. With Trail Life, the organization is literally a ministry Reach him at or 208-375-7606. of the church, similar to an AWANAs program. But the charter

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Good marriages need boundaries – Part 1

By Gary Moore Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part series on marital boundaries. We all know there is more to a healthy marriage relationship than love. It needs other ingredients to grow and thrive. Two of those ingredients are freedom and responsibility. When two people are free to disagree, they are free to love. When they are not free, they live in fear, and love dies. 1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love drives out fear.” And when two people together take responsibility to do what is best for the marriage, love can grow. When they do not, one takes on too much responsibility and resents it; the other does not take on enough and becomes self-centered or controlling. Freedom and responsibility problems in a marriage will cause love to strug-

gle. Like a plant without good soil, the marriage relationship will struggle in an unfriendly environment. Boundaries in marriage are fundamentally about love. Think of it as providing a better environment for developing love: one of freedom and responsibility. This is where boundaries, or personal property lines, come in. They promote love by protecting individuals. Many couples’ personal and spiritual conflicts have to do with a lack of structure and boundaries. They couldn’t say no to controlling or irresponsible people, and so they were always controlled by others’ demands on them. Character is key here. When people grow in character, they grow in the ability to set and receive boundaries in their marriages, and they mature. When they resist hearing the word no, they remain immature. Many people believe that as we humans grow up physically, we automatically grow up emotionally as well, but that’s simply not true. There are immature old people, and there are appropriately mature young people. Boundaries are not about fixing, changing, or punishing your mate. If you aren’t in control of yourself, the solution is not learning to control someone else. The solution is learning selfcontrol, one of the nine fruits of the Spirit given to us in Galatians 5:23. Setting boundaries is about taking ownership of your own life so that you are protected and you can love and protect your spouse without enabling or rescuing him or her. The issues are different for many couples, but the perplexity is often the same. One spouse feels something is missing, but she can’t figure out what it is. She tries to do the right things. She gives, sacrifices, honors the commitment, and believes the best. And yet she doesn’t achieve intimacy, or worse than that, she doesn’t avoid pain. In some cases, the confusion hides itself behind the simplistic explanations that problems such as addiction, irresponsibility, control, or abuse provide. “If he just weren’t so controlling.” Or, “If she just would stop spending.” Partners think that they

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Gary Moore is currently a part-time staff member at Cloverdale Church of God in charge of Adult Education. He’s served as associate pastor there for the past 11 years. He’s principal of .003 Coaching, providing life coaching, couples’ coaching and business coaching locally and around the country. He also does a weekly radio program on KBXL 94.1FM on Fridays at 8:45 a.m. called Life Point Plus. He may be reached at

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can explain why their relationship lacks intimacy by the presence of “the problem.” They are surprised to find that even when the “problem” goes away, the person with whom they can’t connect or find love remains. In other cases, there may be no “problems,” but the marriage does not live up to the promise that one or both of the partners had in the beginning. Commitment may be strong, but love, intimacy, and deep sharing are not present. Why does this happen with two people who are so committed to the relationship? While many dynamics go into producing and maintaining love, over and over again one issue is at the top of the list: boundaries. When boundaries are not established in the beginning of a marriage, or when they break down, marriages break down as well. Or, such marriages don’t grow past the initial attraction and transform into real intimacy. They never reach the true “knowing” of each other and the ongoing ability to abide in love and to grow as individuals and as a couple — the long-term fulfillment that was God’s design. For this intimacy to develop and grow, there must be boundaries. What is a boundary? In the simplest sense, a boundary is a property line. If you know where the property lines are, you can look up who owns the land. In physical property, we say that Sam or Susie “owns” the land and the things on the land. In relationships, ownership is also very important. If I know where the boundaries are in our relationship, I know who “owns” things such as feelings, attitudes, and behaviors as well. I know to whom they “belong.” And if there is a problem with one of those, I know to whom the problem belongs as well. A relationship like marriage requires each partner to have a sense of ownership of himself or herself. Good marriages have boundaries. n

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THE P3 System

Equip your kids now to fly away later By Janet Lund From the moment our daughter entered our world, I felt an amazing amount of responsibility on my shoulders. I remember thinking, “Oh my goodness! She is helpless. I need to keep her safe, and feed her, and teach her how to walk and…and…” There were so many skills for her to learn. Boy, the time flew by. One minute I was changing her diapers and the next I was reminding her to put her coat on. Once she started school I always looked forward to summer vacation. The school year became such a defining factor in the family routine. When the first day of summer came, I felt like I could finally take a deep breath. Ahh…family time. However, I found that if I didn’t spend time planning for family time, the summer months would slip through my fingers like a skinny, wet bar of soap. Before I knew it, they would be gone. So, I developed the P3 system.

Pause. Plan. Prepare.

Summer is an excellent time of year to not only make family memories with your kids but to also continue what you started years ago: teaching life skills. PAUSE: You may feel like you have plenty of time to do this. But when you start considering how many more summers you will have with your kids at home, you’ll realize that you don’t. Your kids will be moving their graduation tassel from right to left before you know it. PLAN: Consider these questions…now. Will your child be equipped and ready to take on the world? Will they have all the necessary skills to be on their own before heading out the door? Will they know who they are, as well as whose they are? Can they change a tire? Wash their clothes? Manage a checkbook? PREPARE: For their sakes and yours, do not leave all the life-skill training for the last month before they move out. Think through and commit to a short-list of those things you most value for them, and then get moving!


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Making sure your child has the tools necessary to take care of themselves will be a great service to them. They will already be stressed out adapting to all the new things in their life when they’re moving out. The more skills they have mastered, or at least been taught, the smoother their transition into being an independent adult will be. It will also make setting them free less nerve-rattling for you. You will be able to speak more easily words of confident encouragement. Knowing you have taken the time to teach your “chicks” how to fend for themselves will make the transition to having an empty nest a little less anxiety-ridden for you.

6 steps to equipping your kids with life skills

1) Take time to think. Brainstorm the different things that you want your kids to know how to do. Reflect back on your own experience. What things did you wish you had known or were so grateful that you did know when you moved out? 2) Make a list. Write down your ideas so you don’t forget. Otherwise brainstorming will just stress you out. 3) Organize and prioritize your list. Doing this will help you conjure up more things you want them to learn. For example, make a section dedicated to the kitchen. If you want your kids to have a clue on how to safely feed themselves (right?), think through all the kitchen skills that they need to know. Checking dates on meats, picking out fresh fruits and vegetable. Taking care of pots and pans. Using a measuring cup. The importance of not walking away from the stove when you are cooking on the stovetop. Using timers when baking and being careful around hot oil. You get the idea. 4) Put the year you plan to teach a skill next to each item. Of course, teaching your child to drive when they are 5 would not be appropriate, but introducing them to the car is. Show them where a spare tire is often located in a car and introduce them to the jack. Teach them how to air up a tire and check the pressure. These can be useful things for a younger


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child to become familiar with. Exposing your kids to things before officially teaching them the “big kid” skill, like driving, can make it easier and more interesting for them to learn when their time comes. 5) Make a schedule with your child. Remember, that as your child becomes a teen they will not be around quite as often, so take advantage of your time with your kids when they are younger. Also, be sure you sit down together to make a teaching schedule no matter Janet Lund what their age. It will help you both remember and keep you on track to cover all the skills you want them to know. 6) Need some help? If you need help teaching some of these items on your list, think through who could help you out (friends, family, youth pastor, teachers, etc.). Then reach out. Great skills to teach your kids before they leave the nest: • Washing clothes, spot cleaning, ironing • How to take care of your own bicycle • Changing a tire • Balancing your checking account • Organizing and paying bills • Grocery shopping: checking dates on food, comparing prices, and recognizing fresh fruits and vegetables • How to cook meals, make sandwiches, healthy snacks • Teach how to be a good host when people come over • Proper etiquette when they are a guest at someone’s home • Tips on keeping yourself safe when out by yourself

One more thought…

The positive attitude you bring to teaching each new task will echo on into your child’s future. They will fondly remember how it felt to learn each skill. So, bring your positivity to make it an exciting, joyful adventure. Before you teach a new task, be sure you do these three things: 1. Put all your troubles on a shelf. 2. Take a deep breath. 3. Say a prayer for patience, understanding, and joy. That way, each experience will bloom into a happy memory maker for both of you. Equip. Encourage. Empower. Mom Keep Calm. n Janet Lund is a relationship coach who specializes in nurturing the bond between moms and their teen/pre-teen daughters. She leads moms through coaching, speaking, and songwriting. Janet has spoken and performed in Canada, the United States, and Norway. Follow her on and visit her website for parenting tools and words of support to be a calm mom.

And the list goes on…

What else will you add to your list? If you think it is important for them to know, then it’s important. Even simple little tricks you have learned will be greatly appreciated when the situation calls for it.

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REAL Man’s Toolbox

Be an example of Christian manhood He very clearly addresses the fact that there are By Leo Hellyer a number of areas in our lives that we need to Most men are explorers. We are searching for Man Up in: Personally, Marriage, Fatherhood, the answers to life, the answers to who God reChurch, Work, Accountability, Discipleship, Putally wants us to be, who God designed us to be. ting Up or Shutting Up. We are on an expedition. There are two ScripAs men, we are given certain responsibilities by ture verses that speak directly to this search for God that He expects us to fulfill. Men, if we will knowledge and truth. take the time to read these two books, and pray James MacDonald wrote a book titled “Act about what is presented in them, we can be a Like Men” in 2014. This book expounds on spark that can ignite a revival in our nation. Our two verses in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 16. “Be nation was started by a dedicated group of godly watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men. Our laws were primarily based on Scripmen, be strong. Let all that you do be done in ture. Christianity not only started our nation, love” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14). but it has been in every aspect of our nation These verses are packed with truth for men while most of us were growing up. Our currency trying to be who God designed them to be. As says In God We Trust, our children used to pray we look at our society today, and wonder why Leo Hellyer in school, our National Anthem used to be sung many of our young men are drawn to act out with reverence and respect, chaplains in the military and memagainst others with violence, we wish that these young men would be exposed to these two verses. These verses are a foun- bers of the armed forces were able to openly talk about Jesus, dation for not only manhood, but society as a whole. They are YMCA used to mean Young Men’s Christian Association, law enforcement officers were respected and listened to instead of addressed specifically to men. There are two phrases in these being ambushed, schools were a safe place to learn rather than verses that are foundational to the message being conveyed: a place where our children feel unsafe. “Act like men” and “Let all that you do be done in love.” If you are tired of watching or reading about all of the imWe could eradicate school shootings and all violent crime morality, confusion, and violence in our nation, then do someperpetrated by men if we could get men to abide by these two verses in the Bible. I realize that this is a huge undertaking, but thing about it. If we do not like what we see or experience in the society that we live in, then it is time that we look in the we need to start somewhere. I highly recommend that each mirror and determine if we like what we see there. We need to man who reads this column gets a copy of MacDonald’s book ask ourselves, “What do other people see in me?” I think that and starts a legacy right where you are. MacDonald writes on we all agree on the fact that change needs to take place. Change the back cover of this book, “My prayer is that you will dig in and begin to pray, asking God to engrave on your heart what it doesn’t take place until people get passionate. OK, men, it is up to us, it is our time to ACT LIKE MEN and truly means to Act Like A Man, and experience the fulfillment MAN UP and Become Godly Men In An Ungodly World. It is He created you, as a man, to enjoy.” time that we Make America Great Again. Not just in man’s eyes Each of us, as men, has a huge responsibility to our children but in God Almighty’s eyes. We need to do whatever we can to and grandchildren to do whatever we can to show them what put America back on track to being a God-fearing, God-loving, a man is. If real men will begin to step up and be heard and and God-like nation. God is recruiting us into His army. How seen, we can greatly improve the quality of life of generations will you serve Him? n to come. There is another book that I recommend that you put in Leo Hellyer is a non-staff pastor with a local church and has been maryour toolbox and that is, “Man Up” by Jody Burkeen. The subtitle to this book is ‘Becoming a Godly Man In An Ungodly ried to his wife Norma for 45 years. The couple volunteered with the Boise FamilyLife Ministry Team for 20 years. They are both employed by Boise World’. Burkeen references in his book that the book of RoRescue Mission Ministries, Norma at City Light Home for Women & mans has a large number of verses that address being a godly Children and Leo at River of Life Rescue Mission. Leo is also the President man. Romans 12:2 states, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so and Chief Firearms Instructor with Helping Hands Firearms Training LLC. If you have questions about Real Man’s Toolbox, or need other assisthat you may prove what the will of God is, that which is tance, Leo may be reached at or 208-340-5544. good and acceptable and perfect.”

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Micah & Nancy Smith

Under dark of


Micah and Nancy Smith are shown in an alleyway in Jaffa, an ancient port city in Israel. The graffiti on the wall says, “Syrian people are suffering and dying.” (Photo by Ethan Smith)

16 July / August 2018 | Christian Living

By Gaye Bunderson Syria may be the last place anyone would want to find themselves in these days, but when the ravages of war depleted medical supplies for citizens of the beleaguered country, two organizations stepped in to fill the void: Nampa-based Hands of Hope Northwest and Global Gateway Network. Micah Smith is president and founder, with his wife Nancy, of Global Gateway Network. The nonprofit is a group of volunteer professionals who travel the world caring for the sick, building homes for children, drilling wells, teaching agriculture skills, literacy, and much more ( It was Micah and Nancy who slipped across the border from Israel into Syria earlier this year in the dark of night, while the jackals howled in the distance. Their mission was to accompany 10 tons of medical supplies to the Syrian people. The supplies were provided through Hands of Hope NW and included everything from gauze to surgical supplies. All of the Boise-area people involved in this endeavor acted out of a sense of Christian compassion as people of faith. For Micah, now 62, that faith began at the age of 23, and it's over the course of the intervening years that God brought him and Nancy to a connection with Hands of Hope NW — a connection that would critically benefit the people of war-torn Syria. “I don't know what word you'd use, but when I was 'saved' or 'born again' in the late '70s, I was a farmboy; I never dreamed I'd be doing what I'm doing. But a year later, I was in Stuttgart, Germany, preaching with a translator on a street corner,” he said. “I have an adventurous spirit; I'm highly curious. I want to see what's over the next mountaintop.”

night, a trip into Syria He originally attended a vocational school and became a journeyman pipefitter; later, he studied for the ministry through Jack Hayford's School of Pastoral Nurture at King's Seminary. He led a church in Richland, Wash, where about 500 people attended. The congregation was full of Ph.D.'s and engineers who captured the vision of what Micah wanted to do in his “next mountaintop” ministry: dig wells, build schools and orphanages, and help the disenfranchised around the globe. “At one point, I told the congregation, 'Don't give me a raise, send me overseas,'” he said. Thankfully, there were many in the congregation who not only wanted to support him but also join him, and who could bring the requisite skills to dig and drill and build throughout the world. At one point, Micah learned about what is called the 10/40 Window, an area that includes North Africa, the Middle East and Asia approximately between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. Within this range are billions of citizens known as “unreached peoples,” and that includes many groups that Westerners may not be familiar with, such as the Shaikh, Yadava, Turks, Moroccan Arabs, Pashtun, Jat and Burmese. These people are predominantly Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, animist or atheist. “The area holds 60 percent of the world's population, but only 8 percent of Western efforts, resources and energy are going into preaching the Gospel in that part of the world,” Micah said. Nancy stated, “These are hard places.” They are full of the poor and uneducated who struggle to meet basic daily needs, who are not guaranteed a modicum of moral or legal rights, and who may live in the throes of military conflict or government upheaval. “We want to reach the unreached, with compassion and humanitarian needs and with no strings attached based upon Matthew 5:16,” Micah said. “We want to meet people's physical needs.” He explained they are also ready to help meet spiritual needs but do not put pressure on anyone to convert to a religion. “God is not a marketing tool, and people are not consumers competing for the best deal,” he said. Micah was invited to attend Billy Graham's Amsterdam 2000 event, where evangelists from all over the world — including the developing world — convened and were involved in finding ways to reach the unreached. “Every day in a think tank, we'd sit at different tables and identify unreached people groups,” Micah said. He started to focus on three specific groups that he wanted to reach with his own ministry. They included: • The Hill Tribe in Vietnam and China (the Kim-Mun) • The Albanian Tosk in Egypt • The Urdu speakers of Europe In all, there were 10,000 people from 90 nations at the event; a lot was going on, and Micah prayed, “Lord, put me with the people You want me to meet.” He said event organizers served lunch in a huge dining area, feeding one large group after another in a very efficient way. In the gathering of 10,000, there were only 11 Egyptian evan-

gelists in all, but three times Micah sat by an Egyptian during lunch. The odds of that happening other than supernaturally were pretty slim, and he began to see the Lord's hand at work. After he narrowed down the focus of his ministry, he began to seek out information about the people he set his sights on. His sense of adventure was stirred. “We researched all the people but found little information, so we got on a plane to find them,” he said. Nancy would frequently accompany her husband abroad, except when their five children were small. Others in the group would be the vision-catchers who wanted to help minister and build. Their global searches produced results, as they met and worked to provide for the unreached people Micah chose while in Amsterdam. Their work has taken them to North Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, and Egypt, all in accordance with Matthew 25:40: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me — you did it to me [Jesus]. (The Message) Thousands have been fed and clothed, provided with medical services and clean water, and given shelter and hope. More than 50 teams have been sent out all over the globe. Micah and Nancy came to the Treasure Valley from north Idaho two years ago to care for Micah's mother, who has Parkinson's disease. She was once involved in ministry herself, living in Israel for 10 years and working with Bridges of Peace, a Jerusalem-based Christian organization supporting Israel. Micah fostered connections with Israel through Global Gateway Network. “We have projects there,” he said. The couple visited Vineyard Boise Christian Fellowship, and around that time, had two pivotal meetings. They met the leadership team of Vineyard's i61 program, a global ministry for justice and compassion, and met Hands of Hope Northwest board member Gwyneth Bledsoe. Meeting Bledsoe eventually led them to meet Hands of Hope NW Executive Director Debbie Wheeler (now retired). Hands of Hope NW wanted to find a way to get medical supplies to Syria — a huge challenge, considering the turmoil in the country. Even a route through Israel presented obstacles. “Israel is a difficult country because of its security protocol,” Micah said. Other problems included getting medical shipments to Israel despite high tariffs on imports, and insufficient infrastructure in moving anything from Israel across the border into Syria. The Smiths were asked if they could help Hands of Hope NW find a way to overcome the obstacles. Ultimately, the answer was a third nonprofit — this time, one in Israel, a volunteer humanitarian non-government organization that provides lifesaving aid to communities affected by natural disasters and human conflict but that wishes to remain anonymous. “Two U.S. non-profits worked with an Israeli nonprofit to help Syrian Muslim refugees,” Micah said, aware of the counter intuitive nature of his statement. When a Hands of Hope NW shipment of supplies left Seattle for Israel late in 2017, with the ultimate goal of reaching Syria, Micah and Nancy were there to accompany the shipment across the border. Continued on page 21

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STARTED by friends

Expansion International: making disciples

Scholarship Conference 2018: A scholarship program is held annually for youth in Kenya. Expansion International’s sister organization, Expansion International Africa, organizes an annual conference for those in the program. Just this past April, a record-setting number of young Kenyans attended the conference. (Photo provided by Expansion International)

By Lauren Phillips “You, then, are to go and make disciples of all the nations and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to observe all that I have commanded you and, remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.” — Matthew 28:19-20 (J.B. Phillips translation) Expansion International (EI) dreams big because its God is big. What began simply with a few friends from a local church venturing to Kenya on a mission trip has expanded to meet the needs of the marginalized in seven regions of Kenya in a variety of ways. While each locale faces different challenges, Expansion’s mission remains the same: transforming communities through the love of Christ. Based in Boise, EI became a 501(c)(3) in 2009. The nonprofit organized a board of directors, hired a small staff, and welcomed volunteers representing many churches across the Treasure Valley and beyond into this beautiful cross-cultural ministry. EI is all about partnerships. By developing relationships with local community leaders in Kenya and partnering with Christian organizations and donors, EI provides spiritual enrichment, educational opportunities, healthy living conditions, and economic development to help transform people’s lives for Christ. It conducts annual mobile medical clinics, constructs homes for internally displaced persons, provides access to clean water, builds medical facilities, offers micro-financing and job training, and provides high school scholarships for teens, among other life-altering things — all in the name of Jesus Christ. “Forty-four percent of Kenya’s population of 45 million are under the age of 15, and 64 percent are under the age of 25,” explains Dr. Evans Baiya, a founding member and president of EI. He believes wholeheartedly that if EI’s goal is to transform the nation for Christ, “We should work on impacting the youth. From a macro-level of transformational impact, youth are the least evangelized group in Africa. Young people are important for us to invest our heart, effort, and money into as we move toward our shared future.”

18 July / August 2018 | Christian Living

Because of this goal of making disciples, Expansion is providing hope to Kenya’s youth through education. Believing that all children should have the opportunity to flourish in their God-given gifts, EI developed a High School Scholarship Program where at-risk teens from impoverished families are empowered to stay in school. “Urban migration is a growing problem in Kenya,” explains Baiya. Over 60 percent of the population of Nairobi live in slums, where dreams of the young quickly become nightmares. Children who could be learning to contribute to the future of their nation find themselves vulnerable to sex trafficking, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and hopelessness. Jeanette Johnson, a retired high school teacher and director of Expansion’s Education Program, was moved by the need she witnessed while on a medical mission outreach. “The vulnerability of young teens due to poverty and lack of opportunity creates a desperate situation when education is not an option,” she says. EI’s scholarship program fills a gap in Kenya’s educational system. Though the government currently provides public education through 8th grade and is making strides to include high school, many students drop out as fees increase at the secondary level. “On applications, I’ve seen families list their net worth as the cooking utensils they own. If there is not enough food, it’s just not an option to send their kids to school,” says Johnson. “We’ve found that education and discipleship give these amazing kids direction. It keeps them off the streets and from feeling hopeless. God’s love changes all of that,” says Danielle Moceri, EI’s scholarship program coordinator. Currently, Expansion has 148 teens enrolled, with many more on the waiting list. EI also offers a matching program called “2 Mustard Seeds” that provides a matching scholarship for every teen supported by local Kenyan PEFA (Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa) churches and two children’s homes. The “2 Mustard Seeds” program not only provides for twice as many children to attend school, it encourages the local church (in Kenya) to invest in its own community. To help fund this, Expansion holds a three-day consignment sale in Eagle, Idaho, where people from the surrounding area come to shop for ‘gently loved’ clothing and household furnishings. The proceeds fund these matching scholarships.

“One of our graduates told us that while she was going to school through our program, her friends thought she was rich because she never missed school,” recalls Johnson. In Kenya, when a family is unable to pay school fees, children are forced to leave, sometimes for a day, a week, or many months. Some go to work to raise the money to return, and when they do, they must catch up. Oftentimes, this is simply too difficult. “Once, on a mission trip to Mombasa, our interpreter explained that when he was little, he would hide from the headmaster so he wouldn’t get sent home. As a teacher, that was definitely the first time I’d ever heard of a student hiding to stay in school!” says Johnson. “These children want to be there.” Expansion’s sister organization, Expansion International Africa (EIA), organizes an annual conference for those in the scholarship program. EIA’s director, Edith Njenga, coordinates all of the speakers, teachers, career counsellors, professors, and pastors to teach at the three-day conference. This conference is a very special event for these young adults, many of whom have never left their village. “It’s a time set aside for young people to meet others like themselves from different tribes and communities. They come to find that they are not alone in their struggles and that God wants to use them right now, right where they are, to create positive change in their lives and their world. It’s something they look forward to every year,” says Moceri. This past April was the largest conference yet, with 127 in attendance. The theme, “Prepare for Action,” was taken from 1 Peter 1:13-16. Four team members from the U.S., including Johnson and Moceri, along with other guests from around Kenya, were this year’s speakers. They talked about the importance of being people of integrity and godly character while living a holy life; of relationships and how to handle peer pressure; steering clear of drug and alcohol addiction; and living a life of self-discipline and academic excellence. Johnson remembers attending the first scholarship conference in 2013, where 70 teens attended from four communities: “I was wondering how the speakers were going to bring the Hope of Christ into topics like study habits and personal hygiene, but in every session, the message of God’s love was interwoven. Everything was totally about God and what He thought of them!” Eighteen young people gave their lives to the Lord that year.

“Our kids are so thankful. They know they are the fortunate ones. But more than that, they are finding out about their identity in Christ and how to pursue the plan God has for them. We remind them that God sees their worth and loves them so very much. I see so much potential to affect change for God and for their nation,” says Johnson. When asked what she hopes for these teens, Johnson says, “Oh, for them to see the possibilities in their life! If they can see it, I know they will go for it and fulfill the dreams God has for them. You know, when I was young my father would tell us (11 kids) that we could be anything we wanted. We were encouraged to hope, dream, and achieve. I want our kids to have the same opportunity; I want them to have open hearts and minds to seek whatever God has for them; I want them to know they can be successful; I want those that desire to go to university to do so; and I want them to know that their relationship with God is above everything else in their lives. “I also know that this scholarship program is a blessing for our sponsors here at home; they play a part in changing someone else’s life. They pray for their teens and have the opportunity to interact and encourage them through letters.” Moceri, who receives then sends these letters on to sponsors says, “Our kids always write back and tell us that they are praying for us and asking God to bless us! They say things like, ‘I know not everyone can give, so thank you, and I hope I can give back to my community as you’ve given to me.’ They definitely do not take for granted the privilege they’ve been given to go to school through our program.” n Lauren Phillips is the executive director of Expansion International. To join EI in making disciples in Kenya, contact Danielle Moceri at scholarships@ The public is invited to shop this year’s 2 Mustard Seeds consignment sale, which raises proceeds for matching scholarships. Go to for more information. To find out more about joining a mission trip, visit

6th Annual

September 12-15, 2018

2 Mustard Seeds’ mission is to give hope and a future to children in rural Kenya by providing education through high school scholarships.

Christian Living | July / August 2018 19

SELF-care’s value

Don’t give out of an empty cup

a fabulous husband and the most amazing kids, yet the By Mindy Scott frustration and unhappiness were there. I thank God that A year and a half ago I was introduced to a book that I finally learned the importance of self-care for my own changed my life. This book is called, “The Art of Extreme happiness and the happiness of my family. You see, I was Self Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time” giving out of an empty cup. I was spiritually filling up, yet by Cheryl Richardson. This book is filled with several nugdenying the fact that I was human and also had physical gets of wisdom; however, there is some “spirituality” that and emotional needs that were going unmet. I don’t agree with 100 percent. So I chose to, as they say, After learning about “The Extreme Art of Self-Care,” I “keep the baby and throw out the bath water.” am now able to recognize when one of my tanks (physiAs I read through each chapter, I developed a new skill, cal, emotional or spiritual) is getting low. This has been a allowing me to recognize my own needs and how to fulfill game changer. This newfound freedom has put me on a them. I began to soak up all the advice like a sponge. I new path that enables me to live a happy, productive life as realized I was excellent at caring for my husband and chila mother of seven young children. I’m able to do this by dren, but would do so at the expense of neglecting myself. putting myself first and serving others from the overflow A person can go on like this for some time, but it will end of a full cup, instead of trying to scoop out from a nearly in burnout. empty cup. As the book suggests, I picked the task that seemed the Mindy Scott The takeaway from today is to remember that it’s okay most rewarding for me and easiest to complete as to gain to be human with real needs. Trying to raise children when morale and get the self-care ball rolling. As I recall it was drinking half my body weight in water per day to promote hydration. Staying your cup is empty is like a pilot telling all the passengers to remain calm while hydrated is important for your body to survive as it removes toxins, lubricates screaming like a maniac. Take a few minutes for yourself and think about what fills your cup so you can function at your best. joints, and promotes clear thinking. Once this became part of my daily rouI believe you can do this! n tine and took little to no effort, I then put another self-care task into practice. Over the course of 12 months I was able to implement many of these selfMindy Scott is a wife and mother. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and minored care principles. These simple tasks allow me to function at my very best. For in anthropology at State University College of New York-Oneonta. She has a passion for a decade now, I have been a busy mom, consistently digging into the Word of God, yet feeling disappointed and frustrated at the mere fact that my daily writing, people and business. As a young child she had an intense love and desire to help people in all stages of life identify their goals and achieve them, and she has become a life consisted of feeding, washing and entertaining little people. I cried out to trained life coach. Learn more at or God dozens of times and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I have

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Micah & Nancy Smith Continued from page 17

“We were cautious; we were in vehicles in a secure zone. We had a team of snipers with us for protection; young Israeli soldiers were all around us,” Micah said. The following information was taken from the Hands of Hope NW’s “Heartbeat” newsletter and is in Micah’s own words: “Nancy and I traveled at dusk, then under the cover of darkness to the border where the supplies are transferred one item at a time to a waiting truck. The work is done in darkness because of the constant threat of snipers, and the items are carried individually by the Syrian rebels across a short buffer zone to prevent any vehicles that might be armed with high explosives from getting too close to the delivery team. “Each night, when this operation takes place, if needed the critically wounded are brought on Israel’s side of the border, then taken to hospitals, while medical supplies, coats, baby formula and diesel fuel are transferred to the Syrian side, where they are dispensed at field clinics. This is a humanitarian disaster that is exacting a price on innocent children and families of non-combatants. Israel is allowing 30-50 Syrian children to come in for treatment every week. The hospitals that have not been bombed are severely lacking in equipment and supplies.” Though the nation of Israel is under constant threat from jihadists (Islamic militants), there are people in all Middle East countries who simply want to live in peace. “Israel learned it must have a strong defense, but they are the people of Abraham and want to be a light to the world, they want to be good neighbors,” Micah said. Co m o Ma ur e s st AS ee er E Te L1 ch s

The Smiths went to Israel and Syria in January and did not return until March. They praise others involved in getting medical supplies to those facing profound suffering within Syria. “The Israelis have low-profile medical field clinics in Syria that they man,” said Micah, who then gives credit to HoHNW for its work. “Debbie and Hands of Hope NW did a great job.” The Smiths aren’t done with their travels, nor is Hands of Hope NW done with medical supplies provision for Syria. In late April, a fundraising tea was held to raise money for another shipment. At the Tea for Hope at Chateau des Fleurs in Eagle on April 28, host Claudia Weathermon Tester spoke, followed by the new executive director of HoHNW, Todd Durbin, and then Micah. “From A to Z, from Nampa to the Golan Heights in Israel, it was a miracle,” he told the audience regarding the Syrian shipments. A miracle of compassion, hard work, and God’s love, he said. With that trifecta, as well as the generosity of people in the Treasure Valley, many nations will continue to be blessed. n For more information, go to, Hands of Hope Northwest Inc. on Facebook, or contact Micah Smith at Please see Shipments Update on page 25


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Last, Least, Limited, Lonely and Lost

On February 25 this year, we experienced the By Dan Woodworth miracle that would produce the miracle to charOn July 4 we celebrate our birthday as a nater. We met with 25 men in the Medium Secution. We celebrate freedom from the tyranny of rity prison from 1:45 - 3:45 that afternoon. This England’s control and complete independence required much more time and energy going as the United States of America. through two checkpoints to enter the Complex The birth and freedom of our nation is an 1 Gym where we met. image of our freedom from the tyranny of That meeting was amazing and astonishing! the slavery of the flesh, the world and the These men do not have the freedom that our devil when we ask Christ to come and live in Minimum Security inmates have. They were us. When we are recreated in Christ, we are excited and empowered beyond belief. miraculously saved from the penalty and power For the past few months, we have had meetof sin, shame and death and saved to righings the first and third Monday nights at the teousness, grace and overflowing life in Christ. Minimum Unit and the second and fourth (Romans 6:23 and 6:14). Sunday afternoons at the Medium Unit. The miracles that Jesus performed were to the Since the inmates make very little money, Dan Woodworth Last, Least, Limited, Lonely and Lost. They had we needed a miracle of financial provision to no hope. Notice in Matthew 8 the miracles He meet the requirement of $1,425 to charter ($20/member for did. He cleansed the leper (8:1-4). He healed the Roman capsix months + a $20 one-time charter fee/member + a $125 tain’s servant who was paralyzed and in terrible pain (8:5-13). He healed Peter’s mother-in-law who was burning up with a fe- application fee). One of our club mentors, Dan Grieg, from the ver and many others who were sick and tormented by the devil Ontario Toastmasters Club, received notice that one of his club members wanted to give a $200 donation a few months ago. I (8:14-17). He delivered and healed the two demon-possessed went to the Ontario Club meeting on April 27 and received the men who terrorized people in the Gadarenes (8:28-34). $200 check. Another Toastmaster member from Eagle donated I am excited to share with all of you readers that we have $130. On May 3, a businessman from Philadelphia donated experienced a miracle that illustrates freedom. On August 1, $1,100. That meant we had miraculously received $1,430 — a 2016, My Most Beautiful Beloved Bride, Irene, and our Sen$5 surplus to charter! sational Spectacular Son, Chris, and I were invited to be part We overnighted the check for $1,425 and the charter applicaof a leadership team to start a new Toastmasters club in the tion to the Toastmaster World Headquarters in Englewood, Ontario, Oregon Men’s Prison (Snake River Correctional Insti- Colorado on May 3, and they received it on May 4. On May tution or SRCI). 23 we received word that Victorious Voices, our new ToastmasThe inmates in the SRCI are the same as those people that ters Club at SRCI, was officially chartered on May 4. Jesus healed 2,000 years ago. They are the Last, Least, Limited, Let me explain the whole process. We had our first demonLonely and Lost. stration meeting on August 1, 2016. We officially chartered on On May 4, 2018, our club was officially chartered as a new May 4. Normally this process takes a few days or a few weeks. club in the Toastmasters International organization (www. It took us One Year and Nine Months! I prayed sometimes Chartering is like receiving accreditation as a several hours a day, thanking our Overcoming Living Lord for school. In other words, the club becomes official and members giving us this Mighty Miracle to charter. receive credit that counts. For those of you who are unfamiliar These precious and priceless men are like wilted plants who with Toastmasters, we are a nonprofit organization that has have not had water to sustain them. When we meet, we all over 152,000 members in over 16,400 clubs in 141 nations. encourage and empower each other to become all we were creThe mission of every club is to provide a supportive and posiated to be. tive learning experience in which members are empowered Toastmasters is not a Christian organization. But it was to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in founded by Dr. Ralph Smedley in 1923 in the YMCA to greater self-confidence and personal growth. empower young men to become more effective leaders. At that Let me explain the miracle that occurred on May 4. When time the YMCA was a parachurch organization with a Christwe started on August 1, 2016, we did a demonstration meetcentered focus. ing with about 15 men in the Minimum Security prison. We The core values of Toastmasters are Integrity, Respect, Sermet on Monday nights from 6:30 - 7:30. Immediately we vice and Excellence. These are Bible principles that work for experienced a transformation in these men. They felt loved, anyone, especially the Last, Least, Limited, Lonely and Lost. accepted and valued. They began to experience freedom from I have been serving as a pastor for 46½ years. Toastmasters is fear to faith. We literally could see them growing every week to the perfect model for the new healing community we are prebecome all they were created to be. paring to create. Everyone on the transforming team “particiSeveral of the men have been released from SRCI and are pates” and everyone is “perfected” in the “process.” living new lives in their communities. We have regular comDoes that sound like what Paul wrote in the Spirit to the munication with them through Facebook and email. They are Corinthian church in 1 Corinthians 14:26 in the Greek original language? thriving, not just surviving. What then is the outcome, brothers? When you come together each Because of the men being released and some men dropping out of our meetings, we had not been able to meet the require- one has a hymn, a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue, an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification. ment to have 20 paid members to charter our club.

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I relate well to the Last, Least, Limited, Lonely and Lost. Why? Because I have experienced all of those “L’s”. So have you. We all have. Look and listen to the words of Spirit and Life that Jesus speaks in Matthew 5:31-46: When he finally arrives, blazing in beauty and all his angels with him, the Son of Man will take his place on his glorious throne. Then all the nations will be arranged before him and he will sort the people out, much as a shepherd sorts out sheep and goats, putting sheep to his right and goats to his left. “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Enter, you who are blessed by my Father! Take what’s coming to you in this kingdom. It’s been ready for you since the world’s foundation. And here’s why: I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me a drink, I was homeless and you gave me a room, I was shivering and you gave me clothes, I was sick and you stopped to visit, I was in prison and you came to me.’ “Then those ‘sheep’ are going to say, ‘Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you a drink? And when did we ever see you sick or in prison and come to you?’ Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me — you did it to me.’ Then he will turn to the ‘goats,’ the ones on his left, and say, ‘Get out, worthless goats! You’re good for nothing but the fires of hell. And why? Because—

Chrysalis’ 7th Annual Golf Tournament

Foursome Scramble

Friday 8:30 AM, September 7, 2018

11102 South Cloverdale Road Kuna, Idaho

I was hungry and you gave me no meal, I was thirsty and you gave me no drink, I was homeless and you gave me no bed, I was shivering and you gave me no clothes, Sick and in prison, and you never visited.’ “Then those ‘goats’ are going to say, ‘Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or homeless or shivering or sick or in prison and didn’t help?’ “He will answer them, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you failed to do one of these things to someone who was being overlooked or ignored, that was me — you failed to do it to me.’ “Then those ‘goats’ will be herded to their eternal doom, but the ‘sheep’ to their eternal reward.” If you are interested in visiting a meeting of Victorious Voices, desire to volunteer on our leadership team or sponsor an inmate, please contact me. Transforming the Last, Least, Limited, Lonely and Lost into Living Limitless Leaders is the joy of the heart of Our Overcoming Living Lord! n Dr. Dan Woodworth earned his Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree from the King’s University in Los Angeles in 2009. His passion is to encourage and empower people with the transforming power of hope and healing to become all they are created to be. He and his beautiful bride, Irene, have planted three churches. They are in the process of creating a cross/cultural, cross/generational healing community solving pressing problems in Boise and beyond. He may be reached at, or visit his website at

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Chrysalis Transitional Living for Women is a nonprofit residential recovery program. Chrysalis assists women who come from incarceration, addiction and domestic violence to find hope and a future. Chrysalis gives women a safe place to live and learn how to become productive members of society and heal from the devastation of their past.

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Your next must-have: a pattern interrupt

The Lund family’s beloved pet and best “pattern interrupt” was Bronx, shown here in camouflage gear. (Photo by Joel Lund)

By Joel Lund

When Interruptions Get In Your Way

If you’ve been in a leadership role, you know that getting interrupted goes with the territory. Maybe it’s a phone call. Maybe it’s a face peaking around your door, like a prairie dog poking its head up. Maybe it’s someone boldly walking in on you. And you also know that once you’re interrupted it typically takes 15-30 minutes to get back into your pre-interrupted workflow. *sigh* Yet, without being available to interruptions, your impact and influence may suffer. But with too many of them, your workflow will suffer. In which case, your impact and influence will absolutely suffer. Finding a balance is critical. Because without it — in our work and non-work life — you just wind up a perpetually reacting hot mess.

When Interruptions Are Your Best Friend

Is it possible to have “good interruptions”? Yes… when the interruption itself brings purpose with it. In other words, not all interruptions are created equal. And not all of them come on two legs. The best, most-proactive interruption comes on four legs. In our world for the past 7 years, it was Bronx. In early May, we discovered he had terminal cancer; by mid-May, we hugged our beloved Bronx and whispered our teary goodbyes. Our world is much quieter now. Bronx was an excellent pattern interrupt for us.

24 July / August 2018 | Christian Living

Not sure what a “pattern interrupt” is? No problem. You’re actually extremely familiar with them, but not by that name. Every day you are subjected to hundreds of pattern interrupts, from the radio, television, social media, texts, billboards, direct mail, etc. A pattern interrupt is a technique to change a particular thought, behavior or situation. Common pattern interrupts come in those nearly-screaming commercials, weird image combinations in advertisements, and pop-up messages on your “smart” phone. In marketing, pattern interrupts attempt to literally seize your attention. I even tried with the title of this article.

When Interruptions Are Healthy

Uncommon pattern interrupts bring new ways of looking at your world. Especially when they come on four legs. How is this so? In my experience, it’s all about the agenda behind the pattern interrupter. When people call, drop in or text you, they have an agenda. Their agenda. Is this bad? No. But the relevant truth is that the agenda you are presented with isn’t yours. So the interruption requires you to accommodate their agenda. But what about you interrupting your own agenda? A weird thought, yes. But important to grapple with. Behavioral psychology and neuro linguistic programming use this technique to interrupt and change thought patterns and behaviors. Continued on page 28


Shipments Update


Continued from cover story on page 16-17

With the money raised from the Tea for Hope and Idaho Gives Day events, Hands of Hope NW is now ready to send two more shipments to Israel. One will be distributed by Global Gateway Network and the other by The Joseph Project, an organization that imports aid into Israel from charities worldwide. The goal was to raise $30,000 between the Tea for Hope and Idaho Gives Day 2018. A total of $27,810 was raised through Tea for Hope, including event donations, silent auction sales, ticket sales, and sponsorships, and $2,625 was raised on Idaho Gives Day, held May 3. The HofHNW warehouse is full, and six shipments of medical supplies were in the works as of late May. More shipments are planned for Israel/Syria, as well as shipments for Gambia, Nigeria and Guatemala.


Jesus’ Mysterious Space-Time Universe By Gerald Paul Kooyers

Note: This information is taken from the May Hands of Hope NW “Heartbeat” newsletter. Fundamental cutting edge physics answering questions.


Asks the same question as Pilate, “What is truth?” Seeks to prove truth from the Bible and creation, God’s love for humanity that offers an enjoyable book that comes highly recommended as significantly intelligent, yet Biblical-based read.

eat The H e! is Her Us ee S e m o C r For Ai ing! ion Condit

This book blends a unique insight into the realm of the Now, God, Eternity, His creation, and man’s free will in it. Highly recommended for those who believe in Jesus, like to analyze, and understand our Universe, time, and God’s omnipotent rule.

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Become a healthy, useable vessel By Rosie Main People of integrity and great worth seek one thing — to be useable, and to be as useable a vessel for God as they can possibly be. Do you want to be happy and get used big by God? Don’t pray that God would use you, pray that you’d become useable. If God has a pot of cold soup and wants to warm it up, is He going to put it on a cold stove or one that is hot? How do you get useable? Make your body — the temple of God — into the most energetic, longest lasting, physically healthy machine that it can be. This troubled, challenged world needs you. God needs you, and He needs you piping hot. Unfortunately, we live in a society that uses too many medications, gets too caught up in getting by, and is too focused on what’s not important rather than engaging in life and doing what’s necessary to become useable. Studies, including some at the Centers for Disease Control, have drawn the following conclusions: • One in three children in the U.S. will develop diabetes. • Sixty percent of all women and 50 percent of men are taking at least one medication. • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men. • Every 30 seconds, someone is diagnosed with cancer. Everybody thinks, “It’s not going to be me.” If we don’t start changing what we do for our health, it will be you, your children or your parents.

God created us for 120 years of life, I believe. I lost my mom at the age of 56 years ago and now recently my sister at 47. Watching them sick and suffering my entire life was what inspired me to change my ways. I grew up an overweight child, and my entire family had been diagnosed with diabetes. I saw my mom lose everything. Her finances dwindled due to medical expenses; her health deteriorated so quickly that by the age of 40, we helped her get around, changed her diapers, and fed her. I know this is not the life God intended for her. I know her intention was to provide the best for us, as she worked long hours and was constantly stressed. But this lifestyle of not eating well, no exercise, stress, lack of time management and, above all, a lack of the peace that can only be experienced by spending time with God, led her to an early death. She can no longer serve God and others. I have chosen to change my life and have committed myself to God to carry out His purpose for me, which is to save others by encouraging, leading, and inspiring people to change their ways for Him. As a Christian and a chiropractor, I have dedicated myself to saving people’s lives and leading them to a lifestyle that can fulfill God’s potential for us, so that we become better stewards for Him. It is estimated that only 3 percent of all diseases are actually due to genetics. The other 97 percent are due to our lifestyle. We are literally “lifestyle-ing” ourselves to death. God can’t use us if we can’t carry out His purpose for us. We are making

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ourselves unuseable. We live in a society that tant emergency-driven problem is not putting does what is expedient, not what is right or God at our Center and somehow expecting our principle-centered. For example, when we are relationship with Him to become stronger. Or, hungry, if we have not planned we wait until we wonder why we don’t hear Him in our times we are in an emergency mode to eat and then of struggle. If we are not making time for God try to feed the hunger with what is convenient, in our daily life, we end up working harder by like McDonald’s — not the right choice, but the doing everything on our own and eventually quickest. finding ourselves in crisis in all areas of our When it comes to our temple, we do nothing lives, including faith, family, finance, fitness and to improve our health on a daily basis. Instead, the future. we wait until symptoms or emergencies occur It’s time to act now and begin that change to to take action. Again, we choose what is expedibecome a useable vessel for God. I am chalent, often the newest drug or surgery procelenging you to be the best “you” for God. He dure. If we had put the time in early enough will love us no matter what, but we will not be to build our health on a daily basis and create able to help Him with excellence and will be a healthy body, we could prevent almost all the Rosie Main weak for Him. I pray that your desire is to strive health emergencies we experience today. for excellence so that you can be used for excelWe also try to squeeze family into our tight schedules and feel lence by God. good if we had our family time while we watched TV together. If you need prayer or help restoring your health, I want to Later, when Little Johnny gets into trouble at school, we don’t help you and remind you of who and Whose you are. You are realize it was the lack of quality time not spent years ago that restored and healed through Him. If you just want us to guide is at fault. We react in a crisis mode and blame others or try to you on to a better lifestyle to honor the temple and body made find solutions once it is too late. by God, allow me to be used for Him and His glory by reachWe are a society driven by reaction and distraction. With ing out to me at 208-859-6170. n all the time-saving devices today, you would think we would have more time and less stress. Yet we know this not to be Rosie Main, DC, owns Main Health Solutions at 2300 W. Everest true. In our world of cell phones, computers and the like, Lane, Suite 175, in Meridian. She is also the host of Maximized Living although very helpful, they have become major distractors Radio on 94.1 The Voice and KIDO 580 AM. For more information, when not used appropriately. I must say that the most imporvisit

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Pattern interrupt Continued from page 24

You see, canines are gifted with a wonderful sense of when your unhelpful and unhealthy pattern needs a good, swift interrupt. Their agenda is you. Dogs take pleasure in interrupting your pattern, most often when you need it to be.

I’ve written before that when we are stuck in our minds, vexed by a problem or task, we are (too often) far behind enemy lines. Are you not your harshest critic? When has that ever worked in your favor? Right, then. Left to our own devices, our internal patterns tend to remain completely uninterrupted. More’s the pity, since the human condition leans heavy toward harsh inward criticism. This is why behavioral psychology includes neuro linguistic programming. It’s a strong toolset to change internal patterns of thinking, acting and reacting.

The Creator of the universe made the animals around us.

Joel Lund

Here’s the thing about a healthy pattern interrupt. Being your own interrupter takes loads of work, and often requires a highly skilled and compassionate person to assist you in identifying your unhealthful patterns… and then developing bulletproof strategies to interrupt them. Whereas a dog could care less about your inner critic. I believe dogs are God’s emissaries of balance. They are incapable of taking themselves seriously. They enjoy a good frolic. They love to snuggle, sleep and drool. Plus, they’re perfectly content to be with you when you snuggle, sleep and drool. They accept and love you with no pre-conditions. How many two-legged interrupters come to you that way? More importantly, dogs generally are also incapable of taking you too seriously, except for your anger issues (if that’s an issue for you). They will quickly give you space for that. Most importantly, dogs will never, ever criticize you. They are, as a result, the finest antidote to your insatiable inner critic. Not only will a dog not “get” your inner critic, when yours is acting up you can expect your dog, at that precise moment, to sneak up and nuzzle you for a walk. Or a bit of playtime. Or just a highly focused tummy rub (the dog’s, mind you).

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Over millennia, we have domesticated a few of them. May a dog be part of your life. If you can’t keep one, volunteer at your local shelter. A dog will provide you with the best pattern interrupt, one that keeps you walking, moving, engaged and grounded. Learn from a dog how to be less serious because you’ll become much better at dealing with those two-legged interrupts….just like it does. Eager to welcome. Empowered to focus. Ready for an adventure. Grateful to be cared for. And ready to love without pre-condition. Just remember, a canine-delivered pattern interrupt is much better than from a two-legged “prairie dog” peaking around your door. n Joel Lund is a certified master coach and business marketing expert. Are you a business owner? Check out his newest enterprise,, an online business accelerator. Owners and entrepreneurs using the academy quickly break through to higher revenues, with less work and more fun. Download his (free) simple 10-step guide for living with more purpose and joy: FREE Bibles • Pray y for U.S. Armed Forces


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You are invited Sundays...

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Worship Service 8 am, 9:30 am, 11 am Bible Study 9:30 & 11 am Children’s Church 11 am Join us Wednesday Nights at 6:45 pm for:

615 N. 9th Street • Boise

• AWANA - Pre-K - to 6 grade • Youth Group • Adult Bible Studies Pastor Clint Henry:


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• Call to enquire about our Youth Group Activities • Check out our website for Preschool Open enrollment info

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Worship at 10:00 AM Fellowship 11:15 AM Sunday School 11:30 AM

Sunday Morning Service 9:30 AM CALDWELL

Tuesday Bible Study 7PM All Bikes & Hot Rods Welcome

62 E Fairview Ave. Ste 62, Meridian



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Loyal To One Ministry Serving the least, the lost & the forgotten.

Come Join Us for Sunday Services at 10:30 AM

Worship Service: 9:30 & 11 Wednesday Programs for All Ages 6:30 pm 23057 Old Hwy 30 Caldwell, Idaho (208) 454-0736

232 N Main St, Meridian (208)884-8599



For information on adding your church to this directory, please call 208-713-6357 or email:


(208) 631-4438



Family to grow fruitful in Jesus Sundays

The Sanctuary

Cowboy Church


Sunday Service 10 AM Wednesday Service 7 PM New Location! 212 W. Main Street Middleton • 546-9845

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GOD Dots

No coincidences in restaurant encounter By Jim Day Hi, gang! As explained in the original column (May/June), a God Dot can be a person or an event, but it changes you and brings you closer to God. Got Dots are those intersections in our lives where God brings just the right person or causes the right things to occur that could impact our walk with Jesus in a profound way. You know, God Dots appear in many ways. Sometimes we are the God Dot for someone else. Most of the time we are not aware that we have been a God Dot for another, but sometimes God reveals that He is using us, and the God Dot works both ways for both people. This next God Dots story comes from a woman named Deb. Jim Day Deb and her husband had an event they were going to one evening. Time was tight, and they both worked, so they decided to stop at a restaurant for dinner. There was a large group at the small restaurant, and the service was a little slow. By the time their food came, they were seriously pressed for time. They ate quickly, and Deb’s husband asked her to pay the bill while he went to the restroom. She went to the cash register, where a woman from the large group was pleading with the cashier. She wanted to pay for everyone in the large group, but she was visiting from out of state and did not have

a credit card and wanted to write a check. The restaurant would not accept out of state checks. Deb felt the presence of the Holy Spirit urging her to pay for the large group and allow the woman to make the check out to her. She followed that urging and made the offer. The woman thanked Deb, but as she handed Deb the check, she asked, “Why would you do this?” The thought immediately came to Deb that she was to be completely honest with this person and tell her that God told her to. As she began to speak, another thought told her not to say anything about God, that this woman would think she was “one of those crazy Christians.” Then a peace came over her. She looked the woman in the eye and said, “God told me to.” The woman thanked Deb again and returned to her group. Deb paid for both meals and was heading for the door when her husband joined her. When they got to their car, Deb was surprised by the woman. She approached Deb and told her this story. She said, “My sister recently became a Christian and has been bugging me non-stop ever since. She wants me to be a Christian, too. I’ve told her that our family is not religious and I’ve had a good life and don’t need a God, but she just won’t stop.

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“Last week she sent me a Bible and asked me to read it. So I told her that I would read it if God sent someone, in the next week, that would help me in some way and give God the credit. And, here you are!” She continued, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this, because I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I wanted you to know that your God has used you and that I promise to read that Bible when I get home. I’ll never forget you!” Now, that’s a God Dot! (By the way, Deb and her husband made it to their event on time.) A side note: God works in mysterious ways, and He doesn’t always explain Himself to us; but, He pursues us with His love. I don’t believe in worldly coincidence, not at all. And, we try to explain supernatural things in worldly ways. When they defy worldly explanation, the world calls it coincidence. I call it a God Dot. A good friend of mine calls them “divine appointments.” Actress, producer and author, Roma Downey, said, “Coincidence is God working anonymously.” I would agree. I pray that you all would “look for” and “see” God in the “coincidences” that happen in your lives. He is an intentional God. Be blessed! n Jim Day graduated from Meridian High School. He spent 25 years working as a pipefitter. He has been married to his wife Cindy for 31 years, and the couple has two children and seven grandchildren. He would love to hear your God Dots story, and it may be used for publication. Email him at

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What is Chaga?

Pets (Dogs & Cats)

The wild chaga mushroom grows on birch trees.

Why Wild Arctic Chaga?

Chaga grown in extreme climates has highest amounts of S.O.D.S, a vital antioxidant that plays an significant role in protecting our bodies against the damaging effects of uncontrolled oxidation and free radicals.

Wild Arctic Chaga is proven to improve pets’ health, reducing the chances of diseases like cancer, diabetes and arthritis.


Chaga Plant Food increases the soils nutrients, reduces the carbon accumulation producing bigger, more wholesome crops. (Source: Dept. of Agriculture)

Let us share our personal Chaga experience with you today!

Toxic Cleansing is extremely important for good health.

Tufts University (Boston, MA) research proving Wild Arctic Chaga is the most powerful natural medicinal herb for toxic cleansing. es health practic “’preventative less d n e sensible a are much mor rative r countries cu ou n a th ly st co es,”’ ~Marti-ID health practic

“After 2 years using Chaga I feel it has cured my skin, bladder and melanoma cancers, and has given me daily additional energy” ~Willis-AK

“After rest an d adding Cha ga to his food, Ali, our 6 yr old Bosto n Terrier/ Pug mix no lon ger has a limp and won’t be need ing surgery.” ~Alissa-ME

“I will give you back your health and heal your wounds,” says the Lord. ~Jeremiah 30:17a

For more very information or to order please call Preventative Medicinal Applications LLC 208-608-4623 ask for Johnny Tea *Frontier Foraging Wild Arctic Chaga tests 99% pure by EMSL Laboratories and is easily consumed as a tea or as powder added to foods.

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