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Contents July / August 2022 “Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” — Matthew 11:28-30 MSG



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The Grace Place: A thrift shop of caring

Derek Voorhees: Bible college servant leader

Choosing to Love: The joy of Jesus

The Road Less Traveled: 12 10 Of men and mountains

“I Get To!” : 14 18 Rejection – a® gift?

Angi Jamieson: New CEF valley director

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Man’s Toolbox: 23 Real ‘Crazy faith’ Culture & Faith: 24 History, Revolutionary War shortages For Victory: 32 Destined Certainty and uncertainty

DEPARTMENTS GriefShare: Sharing loss


16 Understanding Relationships:

Evict the elephant

Responsible 22 Biblically Investing:

Written proof: Kindness makes a difference


Encouragement: Jesus gives us hopefulness

Daily Bread: 30 28 Your Fuel economy

Button Gwinnett: A perspective on significance

Wednesday’s Child: 31 29 Meet Aliana

Spirit, soul and body: An explanation of each


Rise above: Transcend news cycles



Publisher’s Corner: Glory to God

‘Greater than these’


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Maximum Health: A son’s health journey

Need Prayer? Call Idaho Chaplains Association

Talk to a Chaplain

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Many reasons to give God the glory I quickly dialed 911 and asked the dispatcher to please send an officer to come sit behind me with his flashing lights until help arrived. I’m First things first. Did you know that Christian not going to lie – sitting there in the left lane Living Magazine has been around for 9 years? in very heavy traffic was the worst part of the That’s right, we published our first issue ever in entire experience. I was completely vulnerable. July/August 2013. This is our 9th Anniversary I was grateful for the lady who pulled up Edition! We have many reasons to count our behind me in her big lifted truck and offered blessings and celebrate – for a niche magazine to help me push the car out of the way, as well to make it past five years is something, and to be as the plumber who stopped from the other on the downhill side to 10 years is nothing short direction with the same offer. They were both a of a miracle. We give God the glory, and want blessing. Sadly my car is new enough that if the to thank all of our readers, advertisers, and battery is dead you can’t get it out of park. So donors who make this ministry possible! there I sat, waiting for a police officer, and the ***** mechanic from next door. Recently my hubby Steve and I flew out to Sandy Jones All’s well that ends well. The officer was gracelebrate our beloved twincesses’ first birthday cious and my mechanic showed up as quickly and were gone for six days. On the morning of as he could, with the traffic jam I had created behind me. We the sixth day, Steve flew to Texas and I flew home, both return- got the car started and my mechanic followed me home to be ing to work. sure I made it, putting a battery charger on before leaving for The next morning I got up with all the things you have to his shop. While hooking up the charger he warned me that the take care of after having been gone for six days, and to prep for battery may be too far gone; something had been left on the a 10 a.m. meeting with two pastors at our church. entire six days we were gone; we may have to replace the batSuddenly I realized that I’d futzed around so long that I had tery. He suggested I put a call in to the dealership where we got to leave to make it to church for my meeting. I grabbed evthe car for any words of wisdom they might have. erything, ran out and jumped in my car only to discover the Soon I was on the phone with “Chris,” one of the dealer’s battery was dead. service writers, who assured me that the warranty on the car I went and asked the mechanic next door if he’d bring his would tow the car in, if need be, and if the battery was indeed portable unit and come jump start my car for me. He did, and completely gone, the warranty would also cover that. I was off. I quickly called one of the pastors and explained that As things settled down, I stopped to thank God for the anI’d had car trouble and would be about 10 minutes late. All in swered prayers that morning, for protecting me from getting all I felt pretty good about everything. hit, for sending those two angels in disguise to give me hope in Just over 3 miles from home my car died. In the left lane of those scary moments, for the police officer who came to protect a 5-lane road. My battery was so low I couldn’t even get my me, and our mechanic friend who got the car up and running emergency flashers to work. There I sat, in the left lane, comagain so I could get back home. I realized how much this whole pletely broke down, with no emergency flashers. Sigh. incident reminded me of God’s love and compassion for us. By Sandy Jones

Who is in this week’s

Event Host: INsideOUT Cares Event Location: LifeSpring Christian Church 174 N. Star Road, Star Idaho Tickets: $35 a day or 2 days for $60 A weekend to allow God to Heal and Restore our Hearts

August 26 Fundraiser Night 7PM - 9:30PM Dinner and a Movie Night “Redeeming Love” August 27 Restored Women’s Conference 9:00am Doors Open Ends 12:30pm Jamie Schraner, Christian Faith Center, Boise and more…

4 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

? Join us each week as we take a deeper, more personal dive into people and ministries we’ve covered in Christian Living Magazine Saturdays at Noon MST on 94.1 FM The Voice Listen “live” at or catch the replay under “Program Archives”

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in Clearly I run hard. I arrived home one eveyour heart that God ning, got up and worked until it was time to run out the door the next morning, and jumped in raised him from the dead, the car fully expecting to push the ignition butyou will be saved. ton and have it carry me to my appointment. I had to ask myself if I’ve been taking my relation- For it is with your heart that you believe and are ship with God as much for granted as I have been my car. justified, and it is with The evening before I had casually thanked your mouth that you God for safe travels for both my hubby and me profess your faith before falling into a Dramamine induced coma for the night. and are saved. Getting up the next morning, it had once again — Romans 10:9-10 NIV been a quick “Good Morning Lord,” while I reminded myself “scripture before the morning news,” then rushed through one quick scripture reading so I could see how the primary voting had turned out. Listened to a Bible study segment while I did my makeup, and sang His praises with my current playlist while I did my hair. A quick stop in the office to pay a bill, prepare a couple of new subscriptions to drop in the mail, and check messages before the mad dash out the door. Similar to the warranty on my car, God always has my back. Also like the car warranty God has paid the price for me. I had to ask myself – ‘And I thank him by being so casual about my relationship with Him?’ I was reminded that aside from me inviting Jesus into my heart, there was nothing I could do; unlike my car warranty, there’s no

price I could pay – God’s already taken care of it all through the sacrifice of His precious Son. Just to be clear – this one episode of my life is not indicative of my entire relationship with the Lord. While I do have periods of deep prayer time to just sit in His Presence, I must be honest that more often than I’d like to admit I’m far too casual in my conversations with Him, failing to remember that I am speaking to, and in the presence of, God Almighty. I continue to be a work in progress – often reminding myself of the old adage – ‘I’m not where I want to be, but thank Jesus I’m not where I used to be.’ I pray dear reader that you’ve taken the step to invite Jesus to live in your heart; that you’ve got an “Eternal Warranty Plan,” fully bought and paid for by our Savior’s blood. If you haven’t and would like to, please feel free to reach out to me. Jesus has been a wonderful Friend to me, and I’d love to introduce you to Him. Until next time… God Bless! n

As we celebrate 9 miraculous years of ministry, we want to take this opportunity to thank our advertisers, many of whom have been here since very early on, for supporting our mission. We encourage you, our readers, to shop them and thank them for their continued support so that we can bring you each and every edition of Christian Living Magazine.

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Being joyful means being more like Jesus write so you can maybe expect eternal life, but so that you can KNOW you have eternal life! Note: In March of 2020 I decided to use And to John’s encouragement we can add the this space to focus on God’s greatest comelpizõ – having joy and full confidence of salvamand. If you’re connecting with this series tion. for the first time and would like to read the After reading all the places where elpizõ is earlier columns on this topic, I encourage you used in the New Testament, if I could add my to visit Christian Living’s website to read the own words to the Strong’s definition, I think the whole series. Visit https://www.christianlivphrase “eager anticipation” also has validity. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself This takes us to the second greatest comEvery day of our lives on this earth presents a mandment: to love our neighbors as ourselves. fresh opportunity to imitate Christ. That conTo me, the application of elpizõ provides a cept is clear throughout the New Testament: perfect solution to the problem we sometimes • Whoever claims to live in him must live Daniel Bobinski as Jesus did. (1 John 2:6) hear about – that too many Christians walk • Whoever wants to be my disciple must around acting like they just sucked a lemon. I, deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. for one, don’t perceive Jesus to be a perpetually austere, stoic (Matthew 16:24, Jesus speaking) preacher who never cracked a smile. Quite the contrary – he • I have set you an example that you should do as I have was hanging around with quite a few fishermen, and I envision done for you. (John 13:15, Jesus speaking) these guys regularly elbowing each other and joking around Dozens if not hundreds of other verses address this, but in quite a bit. They would have needed to connect with Jesus on truth, we can’t do it on our own. When one asks God to come into his or her life, and asks for the Holy Spirit to dwell within, a personal level, and being straight-faced and humorless wasn’t going to do it. if we are sincere in that request, God provides. The 13th and No, I imagine that Jesus, being in very nature God, had 14th verses of the first chapter of Ephesians spell this out: quite a bit of elpizõ in him. That means he had joy and full [Y]ou also were included in Christ when you heard the confidence of salvation, and that joyful confidence would have message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you rubbed off on others. believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance If you’re guilty of looking and acting like a lemon sucker, until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to you’re not alone. I remember seeing videos of myself when I the praise of his glory. was overseeing an operation, and I was blown away by how It is God’s Spirit dwelling within us that equips us with the serious I appeared on the screen. It shocked me, because I capability of living out God’s greatest commandment: “Love thought I was coming across more personable – but the video the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your did not lie. It looked like I’d just had lemons for lunch. soul and with all your mind.” God’s Spirit also enables us Inviting the Holy Spirit to help me express more joy as I go to live out the second greatest Commandment: “Love your about my day has been a lifelong prayer; and although I defineighbor as yourself.” nitely have much room for growth here, I also know that God If you’ve been following this 2.5-year exploration of the has helped me in this area. application of agape love (as defined by Paul in 1 Corinthians So, if we are to answer the question, “How do we love our 13), we have finally come to a Greek word that is translated the neighbor as ourselves?,” one answer is to let a joyful confidence same in every English translation I came across. Every other take hold in our hearts, because out of the abundance of the Greek word Paul uses in his definition of agape gets translated in various ways in different translations – except this one. The heart the mouth speaks, and our words affect our actions and Greek word Paul uses is elpizõ (pronounced ‘el-PID-zo’), and attitudes. in English versions of Scripture, it’s always translated as hope. By doing these things, we increase our capacity to love the Love the Lord Lord and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The greatest commandment says we’re to love the Lord – so Bonus: It sure beats feeling like or coming across like a sourwhat does it mean to elpizõ God? Perhaps the best explanation puss. comes from the Strong’s Concordance, which, in the religious One more thing. If anyone needs a reason for having joy sense, tells us elpizõ means, “to wait for salvation with joy and and full confidence of salvation, all we need to do is deeply with full confidence.” contemplate 1 John 4:19, which says, We love because he first Having joy and full confidence of salvation is definitely an loved us. n attitude to adopt, and yes, Paul tells us that we’re to always do this! And why should we have joy and full confidence of salvaDr. Daniel Bobinski is an award-winning and best-selling aution? Because in the Apostle John’s first letter, he said, “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God thor and a popular speaker at conferences and retreats. Reach him at or (208) 375-7606. so that you may know that you have eternal life.” John doesn’t By Daniel Bobinski

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RandyB Funk Youth Ministry Through Hip-Hop

If you are in youth ministry you will definitely want to connect with RandyB Funk!

Christian hip-hop artist, RandyB Funk is headlining multiple concerts this year, FREE to the public, with a donation to the Boise Rescue Mission at the door. RandyB Funk produces more Christian hip-hop concerts than anyone in Idaho, and most of them are in the Treasure Valley! FIRED UP PROMOTIONS, ‘Friday Night Concert Series’ goal is to give youth and young adults (all ages are welcome) a safe place to go on Friday nights that’s encouraging and Christcentered. RandyB has room for two more concert venues, if your church or venue would like to participate. The next scheduled upcoming event will be JULY 29th, 2022 at BOISE BIBLE COLLEGE. Several local sponsors have already stepped up for the upcoming concerts, with a couple of slots left for additional sponsors and volunteers are always welcome.

Treasure Valley residents may recall that RandyB opened for KB at ‘Summer Splash’ in 2021, and his music is featured on over 150 Christian radio stations nationwide.

A psychology major at Liberty University, he is a community organizer, a philanthropist, public speaker and business owner. You may also know RandyB Funk from local networking groups or news stories. His 2021 SOS Service Drives generated 10,000 items this year for the Boise Rescue Mission, and the Idaho Humane Society! He has been conducting service drives in the Treasure Valley since he was 11 years old, originally working with the homeless in Maui, Hawaii, where he lived until he was seven years old. A natural entrepreneur, RandyB started FIRED UP PROMOTIONS with his Mom. Together they produce Christian hip-hop benefit events and concerts that also generate donations for the Boise Rescue Mission, and help the community.

This Summer, RandyB has been touring Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, and Southern California, continuing his New Day Tour thru August 17th, 2022. On June 29th, RandyB headlined for the God and Country Youth Festival, and was part of the line up for the Boise Music Festival, opening for Lady A, and other major artists on June 25th!

“Please partner with us to provide a safe, encouraging space where youth and young adults can enjoy Christian hip-hop music, dance, make new friends, and learn that they are valuable to God. We are getting less connected as a society and it’s damaging our youth and young adults. Let’s be part of the solution by connecting teens together in a venue where it’s okay to love Jesus, encourage others and see yourself as valuable.” - RandyB Funk

At just 19, RandyB Funk has performed with or opened for some of the most popular names in Christian hip-hop music including KB, Wande, Zauntee, Steven Malcom, 1K-Phew, Christafari, R-Swift, PEABOD and more! He has released over 17 songs, one of which debuted in April 2022 as #1 on BlessedBeatz, the number one syndicated Christian hip-hop radio show in the world!

Reach Team Funk at: (208)-914-3793 Email: Find him at and on social media @randybfunkmusic; RandyB Funk’s music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more.


Where purchases help meet others’ needs

Arlene Yoder, one of the many volunteers at The Grace Place, puts price tags on items that were for sale at the thrift shop.The items were contributed to Grace Place by a local merchant. Arlene has been volunteering for seven years. She frequently works with another volunteer, Arvylla Breshears. (Photo by Gaye Bunderson)

By Gaye Bunderson Imagine a store packed full of nice things. That’s not hard to do; there are many stores like that. Now imagine that anybody can walk into the store and find something worth purchasing without spending ‘an arm and a leg’, and that any money they spend goes toward helping other people in the community. What kind of store is that? Well, The Grace Place in Nampa fits the description to a tee. Located at 16470 N. Franklin Blvd. in Nampa, the store has been overseen by Operations Manager Craig Eshelman for 12 years. Eshelman brings to the position 25 years of experience working in retail at the Emporium in Oregon, as well as a heart for ministry, with experience as a church administrator and an executive pastor. (Abby Silva is store manager. The complete name of the store is The Grace Place Love INC Resale Shoppe, but it is most generally known as just The Grace Place.) The primary mission of the store – and its main motto – is to help churches help people. The store is tied to Love INC of Treasure Valley, not only in location but in purpose. On the Mission page of Love INC’s website at, a statement reads, in part: “Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Simply put, this translates to Helping Churches Help People. Love INC of Treasure Valley partners with dozens of local churches and hundreds of Christian volunteers who actively engage in verified service opportunities …” The Grace Place is the principal source of monetary aid for Love INC of Treasure Valley, and Love INC is its chief reason for existing. “The store is the major support for funding,” said Eshelman.

8 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

The relationship between the two entities allows Love INC to do what it does, and it’s a layered approach to help people in need, referred to as “clients”. Explained Eshelman, “Love INC has a phone bank that starts in tiers. First is people who are in need of something, such as furniture or clothing; then, we build a relationship with them.” Staff gets to know the clients, help them, and care for them. “Then we restore hope,” Eshelman said. That may look different to each client in order to meet their diverse needs. “Thursday nights are nights for life skills classes. There are 20 different options,” said the operations manager. Life skills may include how to look for work, handle finances wisely, and parent well. “We can provide them with a coach or mentor. We also help them find church resources for such things as addictions. They can stay in the programs for 18 months; and if, for instance, they’re working their way out of debt, we try to help them learn better money management. A large percentage learn to live without going into debt again.” Clients must show a verifiable need for what is given to them through the store – be it couches, clothing, or other items – and that requires a voucher that must be presented in-store as ‘payment’ for goods. Love INC teams up with roughly 48 churches, including some in Nampa, Caldwell, Eagle, Meridian, Greenleaf, Homedale, Wilder, Middleton, Star, Parma, and Roswell. [See the list at] It’s definitely a church-based network, but someone may occasionally be referred for help outside the church when necessary. One thing neither Love INC nor The Grace Place ever does is require a statement of faith from clients (and certainly not from shoppers). “That is totally up to them,” said Eshelman, “but we are unapologetic about our faith. We’re very Christian and very biblical.” But let’s get back to the store and how it functions. It’s a place that has several rooms and sells everything from books to clothes to chests of drawers and more. The store has spread out over the past nine years and is spacious and clean. “We’ve been very blessed,” Eshelman said. The store gets its merchandise through donations. What helps Grace Place deal with the influx of items, some of which may not be particularly clean or in great shape, is its volunteer team of 120 people (give or take, depending on time of year and other variables). The volunteers put some love and care – cleaning, refurbishing and repairing – into many of the things that are donated. There is an on-site workroom where volunteers with carpentry and fix-it skills put quality back into the products. “If things are in a state of disrepair, they can turn them into jewels,” Eshelman said. Grace Place also has a volunteer team that sews, and some washers and dryers that they might use on a limited basis to clean cloth items. “We try to be good stewards of the things people donate,” Eshelman said. He also has a “team of gentlemen”, as he calls them, that delivers large and heavy items to Love INC clients on a twiceweekly basis and also picks up bigger, harder-to-lift donated items as well.



The Sanctuary Like any good, successful store, Grace Place stays current with the seasons. This past April, staff put out Easter décor and merchandise; and come Christmas, they’ll be displaying yuletide items for decoration or for purchase. “We are always working offseason, too,” said Eshelman, explaining they won’t be selling summer clothing come fall or vice versa. “We have storage on-site,” he said. The store keeps order thanks Abby Silva to the generosity of its volunteers. “We have teams that move things like off-season clothing, and it gets messy sometimes.” The Grace Place holds frequent sales and clearance events. Sales are generally once a month and include parking lot sales. “We’ve been doing that for the last seven years.” Without a doubt, The Grace Place will keep functioning for a long time to come, and by extension, so will Love INC of Treasure Valley. Stated Eshelman, “The community at large supports us; we have a very good Craig Eshelman reputation in the community and in the neighborhood.” And of course the dozens of churches it partners with will always need and provide backing and support as well. As for Eshelman, he’ll keep overseeing the operation. Asked if he stays very busy at work, he replied, “It’s certainly a fulltime job.” n For more information, go to TheGracePlaceNampa/.

Cowboy Church


Sunday Service 10 AM High Desert Station 6780 Willis Road, Star, ID 83669 208-329-8246


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Sunday Mornings 9:30am & 11:30am Wednesday Evenings 7pm 11437 W. Orchard Ave, Nampa

For more info call: Katy Nelson 503-816-3042


600 N. Ten Mile Rd. Meridian, ID Join us on Sundays: • On Campus

• 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Sunday Morning

Adult Only Service 9:30 AM Thursday Bible Study 7PM All Bikes & Hot Rods Welcome

• On YouTube - 11:00 am

62 E Fairview Ave. Ste 62, Meridian

Look for Central Valley Meridian

“It’s not about preaching, it’s about sharing life.”

Sunday Services at 10:30AM Lead Pastor: Rob Wright Following Jesus Together 2121 Sunnyridge Rd. Nampa, ID 83686


For information on adding your church to this directory, please call 208-703-7509 or email:

Christian Living | July / August 2022 9

THE ROAD Less Traveled

Of men, mountains, God and nature

nature the way that mountaineer John Muir Jason Herring experienced it. And I have never felt a stronger As an outdoor columnist it certainly helps if sense of God’s presence or a sense of wonder at you love the outdoors, and I do. I am a trailHis handiwork. From trailhead to summit, I just running junkie and an outdoor enthusiast at talk to myself, talk to God, and worship. heart. I love the mountains and the wilderness, Someone might feel the same sense hunting and I love to read about adventures in the back big game in the wilderness or fishing at the country. I realize that not everyone is wired lake or vacationing at the beach and watching this way, but if you’re like me, you need to get the ocean. If you know, you just know. Nature off-the-grid to recharge and refocus. It’s not offers something that you can’t find anywhere surprising then how this can shape our ideas on else. It’s no wonder that even those who don’t church and worship. know God are drawn to its beauty, some misYears ago, my father was doing door-to-door takenly even worshipping the creation as god. visitation when he knocked on the door of Dick My mom has a degree in art and her favorite Flood, who was better known as “Okefenokee artist has always been Norman Rockwell, who Joe.” Okefenokee Joe starred in numerous telewas iconic for his Saturday Evening Post covers. vision shows including a nature series I watched Jason Herring When I was a teenager we went to Stockbridge, as a kid called The Joy of Snakes. When my Massachusetts on vacation to visit Rockwell’s home and art dad invited him to church, Okefenokee Joe invited him out to studio. Seeing the detail and rich colors of the paintings up his back porch. “This is my church,” he said, gesturing at the close was an amazing experience, and it gave me an even woods around his home. It’s funny because over the years I’ve greater appreciation for the artist. We live in the museum of heard the exact same thing from many people in Idaho. One the Creator. The wilderness is His art gallery. Nature is His guy in my church moved up into the mountains because he preferred a county where the ratio of elk to humans was some- studio. And every time I see a new waterfall or mountain peak or get to witness a blazing sunset, I gain a greater appreciation where around 15 to 1. for the Artist. And I get it. I really do. I’ve attended pastors’ conferences It’s not hard to see why many Christians will opt for the and youth rallies with thousands in attendance. I’m a “PK” church in the wilderness to a church gathering in their com(Pastor’s Kid), and I’ve been raised in church my entire life. munity. In nature, you set the time and the agenda. You don’t I’ve been to countless revival meetings and religious events, have to worry about the service going too long, and you and I’ve felt the energy of a large gathering. But I have never wouldn’t mind if it did. For the introverts, there’s no awkward been to any spiritual gathering where I felt closer to God meet-and-greet-the-stranger-next-to-you. You don’t have to than I felt on Mount Borah or any of the mountains that I’ve look a certain way or worry about your appearance unless climbed in the great PNW. On 10 of the 14 mountains that you’re planning on taking some Instagram worthy pics of your I’ve climbed, I’ve been alone, and 6 of those 10 times I was excursion. There are no expectations, no pressure, no judgquite literally alone as the only climber on the mountain. Bement or praise; it’s just you and the unbeaten path. ing alone on the mountain gives such clarity and focus. There Now let me tell you a story. are no distractions. Just solitude in the grand cathedrals of

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128 S. Eagle Rd. Suite 300 Eagle, ID


10 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

This May I was back for my second night of the Boise Harvest Crusade being held at the ExtraMile Arena on the Boise State campus. I stood in the stands with my three kids as Chris Tomlin led 11,000 people in worship. I sung my heart out to the familiar anthems, and when he closed the set with “My Chains Are Gone,” I cried my eyes out. Greg Laurie brought an amazing message, and it was the power of God as hundreds responded to the gospel that night. There’s something very special about gathering together with fellow believers to worship our one and only Savior. For one thing, it is the best evidence that we can offer our community of the reality of the Advent of the Messiah. Read John 17:20-23. Comparing corporate worship gatherings to the solitude of wilderness worship is not an either/or proposition. Jesus did both. And both are necessary and vital to the spiritual health and growth of the believer. You are deeply impoverished if you don’t take time to gather with fellow believers in worship. It’s not just for a watching world; it’s also for you. In Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown writes: “Show up for collective moments of joy and pain so we can actually bear witness to inextricable human connection. Women and men with the stronger true belonging practices maintain their belief in inextricable connection by engaging in moments of joy and pain with strangers. In simpler terms, we have to catch some of that lightning in a bottle. We have to catch enough glimpses of people connecting to one another and having fun together that we believe it’s true and possible for all of us.”

Football games and funerals, concerts and demonstrations, parades and vigils are all points where we can share in collective joy and pain. And that’s why your local church is so important. You see, despite the flaws and shortcomings of ministry leaders and church members, we can’t forget that man and woman are the crown of God’s creation. Lives that have been redeemed and restored are His masterpiece, and they are no less beautiful than the most stunning vista in nature. You’ve probably heard the cliché that churches should be hospitals not museums. I get the point, but it’s actually both. It’s a place of healing and triage, and it’s also a place where you can muse on the ways and works of God made visible in the lives of men and women and children. One Sunday you hear a message about what God did in the past as recorded in the Bible. On another Sunday you hear a testimony of how a life was transformed by God’s grace. And the result is that “we believe it’s true and possible for all of us,” and we leave the art gallery with a little more appreciation for the Artist. n Image by Sophia Hilmar from Pixabay

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Bakery & Coffee

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Christian Living | July / August 2022 11

DEREK Voorhees

Bible college president for a new generation By Gaye Bunderson Since 1945 – the same year World War II ended – Boise Bible College has been turning out young people equipped for ministry. Now in 2022, the goal is still the same: to prepare a generation to go out into the world and serve Christ and spread the good news of the gospel. The BBC campus sits at 8695 W. Marigold St. in Garden City, just west of the Western Idaho Fairgrounds. For the spring semester of 2022, the student body included 92 students. Derek Voorhees, 55, currently serves as the college’s president, having started teaching at the faith-based institution in 2011 and being named head of the school in 2017. Voorhees still teaches, and his focus is the New Testament. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri; a Master of Arts and Master of Divinity at Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, Illinois; and a Doctor of Ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas. He chose to major in and teach the New Testament because of his instructors’ influence. “Some of the professors I had brought the New Testament to life,” he said, “and it helped me understand the Old Testament in many ways too. It was my goal to understand things to help other people be equipped to understand the Bible. “To better understand the Bible, we need to stand under the Bible, placing the Bible as the authoritative way to understand life. If God created us, maybe we should know how He thinks about everything. The Bible is the truest source.” An intriguing topic to bring up with Dr. Voorhees is the nature of today’s students: their strengths, weaknesses, and even some of their collective characteristics. On strengths, Voorhees stated: “They’re going to go after it – they want justice, fairness, and equity. They have a lot of ambition for those three things – ambition for good.” Regarding weaknesses, he explained, “They’re bombarded with so many voices, and they’re trying to figure out which voice they should listen to. They’re learning how to navi-

gate through a sea of voices, in which God often speaks in a whisper. We try to teach them how to ‘tune their ear’ to God’s clarion voice.” One thing compelling about the current generation, he said, is that more students come from broken families. “That comes with hurt and baggage,” he said, “and we see the results of family breakdown or abuse.” He conceded the students are a resilient bunch and are “learning grit,” but that “counseling is sought after more than before.” Today’s current student body has had to deal with a pandemic, a divisive presidential election, tumultuous racial divisions, and gender identity issues, he said. “It’s an interesting generation; they’re very much about justice and advocacy. The school is not against advocacy, but we want them to advocate for things under God’s guidance,” said Voorhees. If Voorhees has a critique of youth in 2022, it is their tendency to hold very strong opinions and to almost completely reject anyone with an opposing viewpoint. “They will cancel out or negate anyone who doesn’t fit their paradigm. It’s the ‘cancel culture’. We try to teach them that there are a variety of ways we can respectfully disagree with one another.” Their commitment to serve the Lord is uncompromised, however, and the broad majority of students who attend Boise Bible College want to do something for Jesus, according to Voorhees. Their primary focus is to serve Jesus through the church. They come to BBC feeling they have a calling but don’t quite know what it might look like and how it will all play out – and that includes students across the board. “They feel they’ve gotten a nudge from the Holy Spirit to come to Boise Bible College and prepare for a ministry. Some of them come from busted, broken families, but they want to serve God.” Another thing about the current generation, said Voorhees, is that, “The discipline to think well is more rare these days. I’ve noticed that within the last decade or two.” But the col-




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WT BOISE 12 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

lege doesn’t give up on its students, and Voorhees was born in Illinois. He has instead, Voorhees stated, “They learn been married for 33 years, and he and his discipline. Our academic rigor is stout, wife have three adult children; the couple pretty hard.” became grandparents of a baby boy last One of the most positive aspects of July. All Voorhees’s grown children are attending and graduating from BBC is in ministry and are spread out across the the school’s unequivocal outlook that its U.S. Voorhees partly attributes his chilstudents not accrue debt like so many othdren’s dispersion to how the family moved ers in colleges and universities across the around so much during his 24 years servcountry, amounting to millions in longing on church staffs across the country. term financial obligation. In fact, this past Voorhees said he has been wellApril, American student loan debt was mentored his entire life: by his parents, estimated at $1.75 trillion owed by more professors, and colleagues, including those than 43 million student loan borrowers at BBC. His concept of leadership stems (information taken from www.NerdWalfrom what he has learned from others, as, with the same results given at well as from Scripture. He mentions, for, 2 Corinthians 12 and the idea debt-statistics). that God kept the Apostle Paul humble “You can graduate here debt-free,” through a thorn in the flesh: Therefore, Voorhees said. But the caveat is that a in order to keep me from becoming constudent has to work at it. ceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, Derek Voorhees was named president of Boise Bible a messenger of Satan, to torment me. He explained: “If the school is preparing students for the mission field, we don’t College in 2017. He brought years of education Three times I pleaded with the Lord to and experience to the position but prefers to lead from take it away from me. But he said to want to burden them with debt. The a position of humility. (Courtesy photo) mission field is not high-paying, and that me,“My grace is sufficient for you, for might motivate them to leave the mission my power is made perfect in weakness.” field for a high-paying job that would help them erase their “There is temptation in leadership or influence,” Voorhees debt rather than pursue a mission that would allow them to said. “People are tempted to make it about ego, identity, and serve God.” their value system. So if you’re broken or weak, that’s a good A student must be disciplined to work hard at staying debtoccasion for God to work in us and through us.” free, working a job while studying, and paying as they go. You’ve taken up the cross and carried it daily, as Scripture What if a student wants to become, say, an architect as opcommends. posed to a church youth pastor or other church vocation? Voorhees praised the idea of servant leadership and said he Voorhees answered, “The goal of Boise Bible College is that strives to be a servant leader himself: “To have influence from graduating students advance the gospel, wherever they are. We a position of humility, do it in a servant way with an impact don’t give them the idea that if you step into the marketplace, that’s big.” n you’re ‘less than’. We want the graduates to adopt a life of ministry. We equip them to be a Christian influencer wherever For more information about Boise Bible College, they are, including in the marketplace.” visit or call (208) 376-7731.

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Our Family Serving Your Family Christian Living | July / August 2022 13

ANGI Jamieson

CEF valley chapter gets new director

“In Washington,” she said, “in my very By Gaye Bunderson first Good News class, one little 6-yearGenerally, when people think of evanold boy named Aiden was saved. As I gelism, their thoughts may turn to Billy was teaching that Jesus loves us, the boy Graham’s crusades of the past or the raised his hand and asked, ‘He’ll always recent Greg Laurie Boise Harvest 2022 love me?’ I replied, ‘Yes. Always.’ I also event – and, likely, they think mostly of taught that Jesus will never leave us, and adults being drawn to the faith. What the boy raised his hand and asked, ‘He’ll might be overlooked is the need for never leave me – even if I’m bad?’” children to know a Heavenly Father who Jamieson replied in the affirmative loves and cares for them, and to hear that Jesus will not leave anyone, even if about Him and voluntarily commit their they’re bad. lives to Him. Aiden’s father was in prison and his An organization known as the Child mother had abandoned the family; the Evangelism Fellowship launched in 1937 boy was staying with his father’s ex-girlwith the goal of reaching youngsters friend. At one point, the boy was able to with the message of the gospel. A CEF visit the prison and talk to his dad and chapter thrives in Idaho, and Robert say to him, “Jesus loves you and He’ll “Bob” Smith serves as its state director; never leave you.” recently named director of the Treasure The boy reported back to Angi, “That Valley chapter is Angi Jamieson. made my dad really happy!” Jamieson isn’t new to CEF; in fact, she Jamieson said that studies indicate 80% held a similar position in the lower Coof believers are saved before the age of lumbia area of the state of Washington 13. Those studies include research unfor three years. At the same time, her dertaken by the Global Ministry Center husband John was pastoring at Westview of the Church of the Nazarene, the InChurch in Longview. Family tragedy ternational Bible Society, and by Barna brought the couple to the Treasure ValResearch Group. Jamieson has all the ley, where Angi grew up and where her information available for the curious, Angi Jamieson brother, Don Wixom, lives. The local with a pie chart included. position became available last DecemThe Good News Clubs largely grow through word of mouth, ber. Jamieson applied and got the job. as CEF cannot proselytize – and that’s not its style anyway. Central to CEF are several programs: the Good News Club, Why should churches get involved with a Good News Club? a club for school-age children in grades K-6 that meets for 90 A 2001 Supreme Court decision (Good News Club v. Milford minutes a week during the school year; a summertime 5-Day Central School) stated that if schools allow other after-school Club that gives younger kids an opportunity to interact with clubs and groups to meet on campus, they must allow a faithteenagers; and the Christian Youth in Action program that based club to meet as well. The Court ruled that “a school trains youth ages 12-18 to lead the 5-Day Club with an older district cannot prohibit the First Amendment free speech rights supervisor. of groups seeking access to a school district’s limited public Jamieson said she was surprised when she moved here early forum” (from 2022 and found out that there are 120 elementary schools ticle/667/good-news-club-v-milford-central-school). in the valley and, at the time, there were only four Good News Now there is a group called TST, or The Satanic Temple, Clubs. Now there are six clubs, and Jamieson has big plans to that is trying to gain legal access to meet with kids on campus start 20 clubs in schools by this coming fall. after school as well, and it is now suing a Pennsylvania school Along with those 20 clubs, she’s hoping to have 20 area district for the right to have an After School Satan Club for churches to sponsor them. “CEF prefers to work with churches children. because it works better to work with a church,” Jamieson said. TST has a chapter in Boise and Jamieson’s response to the “Church members are a part of the CEF team. When kids group’s legal requests for equal treatment in schools is: “We’re come to know Jesus, they already have a place they can go to making a difference and Satan wants to stop it.” church.” She looks forward to starting more Good News Clubs in the Churches are able to support a 6-week club for just $50 (and area and to have churches join the effort to help children learn provide snacks for the kids when they can). The churches may something new – in fact, something new, positive, inspirational, be large or small, and with costs at a minimum, all churches are and life-affirming, just like 6-year-old Aiden did. able to participate. Somewhere out there is another young child who just wants “We hear from principals and teachers that the Good News to know Jesus – and maybe tell his or her mom or dad about Club is a great program,” Jamieson said. “We teach values Him too. n and a child’s life can be changed and it is noticed by the school staff.” For more information, visit Jamieson tells a story of one her most favorite CEF experienc- or contact Angi Jamieson at (208) 546-4760 es (she also included the story in one of her recent newsletters). or

14 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

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Evict the elephant from your relationship Kevin and Marcia Meyers, in their book, The By Gary Moore Second Happy, suggest three things we need Most people want to avoid tough conversato do to evict the elephants from our lives. One, tions. Whether it’s with a spouse, a friend, a Evict the Elephant Inwardly. Before deception boss, a co-worker, or a child, tough conversaenters a marriage or family it privately resides tions create high anxiety – and often lingering in a person. We deceive ourselves. We lie to resentments. One of the ways we avoid these ourselves. We tell ourselves things will be fine to conversations is to pretend that the “issue” avoid problems or pain or discipline or respondoesn’t exist. But this pretense kills. Ignoring sibility or reality that we don’t want to face. problems and being silent about them is a death This self-deception is highly destructive. sentence to a marriage – and to a family. Pretending the temper outburst never hapThis problem then becomes “the elephant in pened is not going to bring harmony to the the room.” You know, the issue everyone knows family. Cleaning up after the person who makes is there but does their best to ignore. I’m fond emotional messes and never owns them or apolof saying, “If you have a pulse, you have issues ogizes for them isn’t going to bring peace. Don’t (problems).” Everyone has problems. And, if Gary Moore believe these two lies of pretense: you’ve been married for at least six months, I If you ignore the elephant, he will go away. feel very safe in saying there are elephants in the room with If we don’t talk about the elephant, we’ll be fine. you. Elephants don’t go away on their own, and no, you’re not goThe insidious nature of pretending is that we create a makeing to be fine. To begin to evict the elephants from your heart believe world and then live in it. We tell ourselves, “It will be and soul you have to say to yourself, “I have a problem, and fine” or “We’re really doing fine” or “I’m doing fine.” And, I’m going to stop pretending I don’t.” as long as we tell ourselves we’re doing fine, we don’t feel the Two, Evict the Elephant Outwardly. To truly get rid of the need to do anything about the problem(s). Without realizing it, what we’ve done is just opened the door to the elephant. elephant, you need to go to your spouse or your family and When I was growing up, my family was not fine. And if you say, “There’s an elephant in the room with us, and if we want have elephants living in your marriage or family, you are not to have a better, richer, happier life we need to deal with it.” If fine either. If you don’t evict your elephants, your marriage you have told yourself the truth about the existence of your eland your family will suffer. They may even be destroyed. ephant, you have started the eviction process internally. If you You’ve probably all seen vehicles with stickers of stick-figure begin talking with your spouse about it, you will be on your families on the back. Each member of the family is representway to getting that elephant out of the house. ed including the family pet(s). I’d like to create a new sticker. Three, Solve Problems One Shovelful At A Time. Many I would replace the family pet with an elephant. Too many problems in marriage and family can feel huge. When we people make family pets out of the elephants in their lives. Infinally stop pretending and face them, they can look like a stead of making them pets, they need to evict them. They need mountain of elephant manure – something more than we can to stop treating them like members of the family. handle. And, the result is that we feel discouraged. Don’t try to

“Discovering HOPE in Your Season of Life” KATY NELSON COACHING.NET, LLC Certified Professional Life Coach Author • Speaker • Certified DISC Facilitator

5 0 3 . 816 . 3 0 4 2 16 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

clean up the whole thing at once. Just evict the elephant and handle the mess one shovelful at a time. The longer the elephant has lived with you and the more destructive it’s been, the more shoveling you will need to do. Whether the elephant(s) you’re dealing with are from your past or they just simply showed up uninvited, the process of dealing with them is always the same: evict inwardly, evict outwardly, and shovel the problem. For some elephants, that process might take a few hours. Others may take a decade to permanently evict. It takes as long as it takes. And, no matter how long that is, the work will be worth it. Why? Because an ignored elephant will never go away, and the poop will keep piling up. Another important thing to consider – when you live with an elephant, you’re not only weighed down by the problem (elephants are heavy), but you’re also exhausted by pretending it’s not there. Pretending drains you of emotional energy that you should be contributing to the relationship. Since you only have so much emotional energy for a day, don’t waste it by pretending the elephant doesn’t exist. No marriage is perfect, but every marriage can be better. And any marriage can be elephant-free. n


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Gary Moore served as associate pastor at Cloverdale Church of God for 15 years. He does couples’ coaching and leads couples’ workshops and retreats called MUM’s the Word. He does a weekly radio program called Life Point Plus on KBXL 94.1FM at 8:45 a.m. on Fridays. Monday mornings at 10 a.m. he does live relationship teaching called MUM Live on his Facebook page Mutual Understanding Method. He may be contacted at

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Christian Living | July / August 2022 17

“I GET TO!”®

Rejection: a gift wrapped in struggle paper

the nine months prior was worse than if that By Joan Endicott person had died. If someone dies, the separation In grade school, recess was a favorite part of is not their choice. Rejection is. Daily, whenever each day—except when we were playing someI thought about it, I felt physical pain in my head thing that required the picking of teams, like and heart. dodgeball, kickball, or softball. Do you recall It was helpful and comforting when I found out holding your breath and the gut-churning feeling why that pain wasn’t imagined, but very real. In awaiting your name being called? Ah, the relief a contribution by Guy Winch, PhD, in Psycholyou felt when you finally heard that beautiful ogy Today, he states, “Rejection piggybacks on sound of your name, or, when it wasn’t, there physical pain pathways in the brain. Functional was that kick-in-the-gut-why-didn’t-I-stay-homemagnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies show today feeling?! Nothing felt more humiliating in that the same areas of the brain become actithose life-altering monumental moments than vated when we experience rejection as when we if you were close to last—or worse yet, the very experience physical pain. This is why rejection last and heard one team captain say to the other, hurts so much (neurologically speaking). In fact, “You can have him/her.” UGH! Worst. Day. our brains respond so similarly to rejection and Joan Endicott Ever! physical pain that Tylenol reduces the emoMaybe you’re one of the fortunate ones who tional pain rejection elicits. In a study testing the was taught at an early age that rejection is just part of life, like hypothesis that rejection mimics physical pain, researchers gave my dear friend Kim Julian, who taught this truth to her girls as some participants acetaminophen (Tylenol) before asking them they were growing up. This empowered her wonderful daughter to recall a painful rejection experience. The people who received Megan to respond in the healthiest of ways when someone told Tylenol reported significantly less emotional pain than subjects her, “I don’t like you!” Megan’s confident response? “That’s who took a sugar pill.” okay, I like me!” What a difference that could have made for me Isn’t that incredible to know that the same areas in your brain had I been taught early on that rejection is inevitable, but my are affected when feeling rejected, as when you have physical inresponse is optional! jury? Furthermore, the studies show that when you recall a time The fear of rejection is listed as a top fear, right under the fear of rejection, you actually feel that pain again, whereas thinking of public speaking. So, for those of us who speak professionally, of a physical injury you don’t. we get a double dose of growth opportunity. Many researchers believe that the need for acceptance was a Reject: to refuse to acknowledge, decline to accept, refuse; to cast lifesaving coping mechanism as our ancestors were more reliant or throw away as useless or unsatisfactory; to discard on being part of a community for survival. As society progressed, No matter how or when, rejection can be deeply painful. It it’s not as much of a life-or-death issue, so it’s incredibly imporwas beneficial for me to learn that I’m not alone. We all long to tant we learn how to manage it in a healthy way. be loved and belong, and the opposite of that, is rejection. So if It was a life-changing moment of clarity for me as I was lying you’re feeling the pain of rejection, my friend, you are not alone. in the emergency room bed that day, looking at my dear husIt is painful for every single one of us, especially when it’s from band. I knew I needed to change something immediately regardsomeone we love and care about. ing how I handled rejection. (You may recall that was when I It’s one thing to feel rejection from those we aren’t close to— started learning and practicing self-compassion—which has clearly it’s hurtful no matter what—but to receive it from those been a game-changer for me and, subsequently, those I’ve taught we love, care about and want a relationship with, the heartache it to.) Though called to love and care about others, when we care and grief can be indescribable, can’t it? too much about what they think or do, that’s the costly tipping Remember when I shared about the brain trauma I had on point. July 28, 2018, and ended up in the emergency room? The doctor Over the years as I’ve gone deep and done the hard work spiriasked me if I’d had much stress lately. The one and only thing tually, mentally, and emotionally of reviewing the various times that instantly came to mind was the full-on rejection by someone I’ve either felt or actually been rejected (and given myself the I deeply loved. Though I thought we had a good relationship, compassion I craved), it’s been incredibly revealing to me. Guess where I turned in those moments of heartbreak? To the only due to misinformation and false assumptions, this person was One who can heal and restore. unwilling to talk to me. I literally felt like the grief I carried for

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18 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

At one point while pouring my heart out, I prayed and pleaded with God to remove the heartbreaking rejection and to “please quickly bring healthy restoration to this relationship.” He affirmed His love and compassion while showing me very clearly that I had been overly dependent upon other hurting, broken human beings for what only He could give. (Thus, my awareness of being a recovering approval addict.) He reminded me to look at the whole picture instead of just looking at the pain. When I looked at what happened afterward, every single time rejection came, it dropped me to my knees before the throne, seeking comfort at the cross. In this life, there’s a danger in relying upon anyone or anything (people we know, positions we hold, possessions we have, places we go) other than our Lord and Savior to give us unconditional love, approval, acceptance, purpose and meaning: when any of that falls or fails and the acceptance and approval topple, our value and worth goes down with it. In those moments, we have a choice: to be completely derailed, or to be redirected to the only One able to give us all we need all the time! When I began to reframe the rejection I’d experienced in life thus far as spiritual boot camp preparation for whatever God has next, I realized it was strengthening my care less muscles—not caring less for people but caring less about their opinions. When we look only into the face of our Creator and see what His Word says about us, we are empowered to go forth in this life without fear, boldly and confidently, just as David did when he ran to the battlefront to defeat Goliath. And by the way, had David allowed his brothers’ bullying to derail him, he may have never known what God could do through him.

Besides David there are numerous examples in Scripture of those who were rejected: Joseph, Hagar, Leah, Jeremiah and most of the other prophets, and the Disciples, just to name a few. Jesus felt the sting of rejection from Peter denying Him three times and from many followers turning away. Ultimately, those who reject Him as Lord and Savior—He is, after all, the very heart of the Gospel—break His heart because He loves us so deeply. I learned this chorus many years ago and it’s been a wonderful comfort: You are my strength, O God You are my help, O God You are the One on Whom I call You are my shield, O God My life I yield, O God For You will ever be my all in all If we are seeking to grow closer to Christ—to know Him more, love Him and serve Him more—might this thing called rejection be actually viewed as a gift…wrapped in struggle paper? n Grab your FREE copy of Joan Endicott’s “I Get To!”® book and videos at Joan is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach who’s coaching has reached over 30 countries. Meet her and enjoy her encouraging messages on Facebook and Instagram.

Christian Living | July / August 2022 19

Sharing the loss

GriefShare helps tho

By Steve Bertel Losing a loved one can happen unexpectedly, by an accident, a heart attack, a suicide – or even over a lengthened period of time, due to a long-term illness. For Shauna Greenfield-Stewart, her husband’s death came suddenly. “We had met in college when we were both 18, so we were college sweethearts. We got married when we were 22. Then, in August, 2005, his family had a reunion up in Cascade. His brother was home on a two-week leave from the Navy. So they borrowed his uncle’s Cessna plane and flew to Emmett, where we lived at the time, to meet with us. We were all planning to then fly up to the family reunion in Cascade. I had to go to work that morning so, that evening, I drove up to Cascade with my mother-in-law. And that’s when we learned the plane … had crashed, killing my husband, his brother, and his dad.” Kelly Ortega suffered a similar sudden-death experience. “In 2018, we were living in Vail, Colorado, when my 13-year-old daughter, Olivia, took her own life. It was just devastating. I’ve been through loss before; I’ve lost my parents, other family members, friends. But nothing like that. It was a life-shattering experience on every level.” Like many who have lost someone close, the grief, the heartache, the sadness, the suffering can often be unbearable. But Psalm 34:18 says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” And in Matthew 5:4, Jesus tells us, “Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.” And for both Shauna and Kelly, God orchestrated events in their lives to not only comfort them in their time of grief, but made it so they can now help others in similar situations. As Kelly said, “At that time, I hadn’t thought a lot about being guided by God. And of course, we don’t know God’s plan for our lives. But when I look back, I realize that, from the point of my daughter taking her life, everything thereafter fell into place for me so quickly, what else could it be except the work of God? God told me, ‘Kelly, you need to sell your house and move to Idaho.’ We liked Idaho because of its four seasons, and the fact that it’s very similar to Colorado’s. At first, we didn’t know if we could sell our house. Well, it sold the day after we put it on the market! “And four days after coming here to Idaho, we not only found another house, but I got a job with a plumbing company, since I’m a plumber by trade. Then, Ten Mile Community Church – the ‘little white church on the hill’ on Columbia Road in south Meridian – had a water leak. So my co-worker and I were sent out on the call. And it was on that call that I not only found the church … but eventually, a GriefShare program. It was like God had told me, ‘Kelly, you need to go to work, so you can be on this call, so you can find this church, so you can go to the following Sunday service, and be guided to this GriefShare group, so that I can continue to help you.’ So yes, God led me through that whole process.” Through the program, he connected with others who were suffering the recent loss of loved ones – including Shauna, whose family had already been attending Ten Mile for some time. Shauna had previously been through the program herself and believed so strongly in how it can help people suffering from losses that, in 2019, she became a GriefShare program facilitator.

20 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

Sh au n a

& An d y

Above: Shauna GreenfieldStewart and her then-fiance Andrew “Andy” Becker are shown in their happy engagement photo. Years later, her husband would die in a plane crash, along with his brother and father. (Courtesy photo) Below: In 2018, Kelly Ortega lost his 13-year-old daughter, Olivia, to suicide. In the aftermath of the tragedy, God led him to a church in Idaho and a group called GriefShare. (Courtesy photo)

ia v i l O & Ke l l y


ose in bereavement “GriefShare is a nationwide grief recovery support group program that’s very God-based, so it relies a lot on Scripture,” she pointed out. “It’s a 13-week program for those who have lost a loved one, be it their spouse, their parents, grandparents, children, or even a close friend. “The sessions give everyone tools to navigate the through-thegrief journey, and helps us to receive God’s love, even in the process of our deepest sorrows. In the sessions, we also meet other people who have experienced grief. We learn from them; they learn from us. If people don’t want to talk about their grief, they’re welcome to attend anyway, and just listen and process. There are people who come who are fiercely private or, whose grief is so deep, they have nothing to say. And that’s perfectly fine. “And really, anyone can join, anyone can show up to a GriefShare group,” Shauna added. “You don’t have to be affiliated with a particular church. Anyone can go to its website, www.griefshare. org, type in your zip code, and you can find all the churches close to you that offer it.” Program sessions include videos that talk about grief and offer interviews with people who have lost their own loved ones, plus an easy-to-follow workbook that helps participants through their grief process. When they’re ready and if they feel comfortable sharing, attendees can also take part in a number of informal group discussions, where participants relate to others what they’ve gone through. “The people I’ve met over the years have been truly amazing; sharing their stories of how God has helped them,” Shauna said. The term “workbook” may seem daunting, intimidating, or even scary to some people. “But it’s not. It’s not ‘work’ at all,” Kelly emphasized. “It’s essentially spending time with God. In fact, I think the best part about GriefShare is that it’s a place to go where you aren’t alone. So whether you’re sharing your experiences with the group or feel more comfortable just listening, you’re comforted because you’re hearing from people who are experiencing the same emotions, the same struggles you’re dealing with. And you realize you’re not weird. You’re normal. And you get to see God’s goodness, His work; you get to see people being transformed over time with their grief.” Many in the program – like Shauna and Kelly – have lost loved ones suddenly and quickly. But GriefShare also helps, for example, a person whose loved one’s health is deteriorating; where death is expected, but it’s taking time. “I lost my grandpa last fall. He was 97,” Shauna said. “We got to be with him right before he died. So we were prepared. And that’s different from losing someone suddenly. “Of course, everyone has their own grief journey. Whether the death is fast or slow, there’s still grief. There’s still pain,” she noted. “We have had a lot of people come through the program where their loved ones have been sick. And, especially with the still-present COVID concerns and precautions hospitals and other types of care facilities are taking, with people only being able to see their loved ones through windows, or being blocked off from them for whatever reasons, it has created a whole new layer of grief.”

“Each loss is different, of course. But grief is a journey,” Kelly pointed out. “And you experience different emotions all through that journey. Plus, there are different levels of grief.” Such as the loss of a close friend or co-worker. “If you lose a co-worker, for example, the level of grief in losing a friend is, of course, different than if you lose a close family member, a spouse, or a child,” Shauna stated. “But in losing anyone, oftentimes people will feel isolated and very alone – especially when other people don’t understand what you’re going through. The comments people say to you, although they mean well, perhaps are not helpful – and sometimes can even be hurtful. That’s one of the topics GriefShare covers: giving others grace and how to be understanding. “What’s more, it’s sometimes hard to ‘fit in,’” she added. “After the loss of a spouse, for example, you don’t really fit in with your friends who are married because, obviously, you don’t have your spouse with you anymore. But you don’t fit in with the ‘singles crowd’ either, because you didn’t want to be single. And your friends often don’t know what to say.” Kelly added, “There’s so much to learn in GriefShare. One of the points is: you aren’t just grieving the loss; you’re grieving the process of the loss, because there’s trauma and so many other things involved that pile onto your loss. So really, GriefShare is a place to go to find answers, whether you’re grieving a single loss or multiple losses.” Being a national program, different churches across the country and their respective GriefShare groups offer different schedules. “For example, we at Ten Mile meet every Wednesday for 13 weeks. And, what’s really neat is: we’ve actually turned it into a 14-week module. On the 14th week, we have a potluck, we fellowship, and we converse about the whole process,” said Kelly. “And it creates a bonding of sorts. It’s absolutely amazing. For example, after the potluck following the group that Shauna led [that I attended], I felt so good I don’t know how to describe it!” “And you make lifelong friendships – because you understand each other. It’s an empathy a lot of people don’t have,” Shauna added. If you’ve lost a loved one, are still suffering grief, and may not know exactly where to turn – and it doesn’t matter if you are not affiliated with or a member of any local church – we urge you check out the GriefShare website at You’ll find lots of helpful information and resources there. Shauna has since remarried and continues to facilitate GriefShare groups. Like Shauna, Kelly believes so strongly in the program that he, too, has since become a facilitator. n Steve Bertel is a multi-award-winning professional radio, television, print media, and social media journalist, who recently retired after a 30-year broadcasting career. Now a busy freelance writer, he recently released his debut suspense novel, “Dolphins of an Unjust Sea”, available on both Amazon and Kindle. Steve and his wife of 40 years live in Meridian. He can be reached at

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BIBLICALLY Responsible Investing

How to do something ‘greater than these’

provide low-interest loans for job creation, home By Doug Hanson ownership, and education for those distressed ecoDo you believe in God? A Gallup poll in 2017 nomically. On the flip side, we shouldn’t invest in determined that 87% of Americans do. Of businesses that take advantage of people through course, it depends on how you interpret “believe”; predatory lending (excessive interest rates). Jesus 64% of Americans characterize their belief in encourages us to love our neighbor, not gouge God as certain, while the rest have varying dethem. grees of doubt. Freedom for the prisoners. Many people It is an important question because the answer are imprisoned by addiction to pornography, determines your view of the world. An atheist alcohol, or gambling. We should avoid investing does not believe in God. For an atheist, evolution in businesses that derive significant revenue from brought us into existence and death will cease our adult entertainment, manufacture of alcoholic existence. In contrast, a Christian believes that beverages, or betting establishments and prodGod is a personal Creator who created us to be in ucts. Let’s not help build the prisons of addiction. relationship with Him during our time on earth Studies have shown that an addiction to pornogand for eternity: “Yet for us there is but one raphy can lead to human trafficking, resulting in God, the Father, from whom are all things and more prisoners needing to be freed. Doug Hanson we exist for Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, Sight for the blind. Our ability to heal is by whom are all things, and we exist through constantly improving through medical research and advanceHim” (1 Corinthians 8:6). ments in technology. Perhaps there is no more tangible way “to do But why are we talking about believing in God in an article greater works” than investing in companies that seek to expand about investing? Because our worldview determines how we live our ability to heal through innovative products. Imagine using our our lives. In Scripture we read of the two greatest commandresources purposefully and strategically to help more blind to see, ments. The first is to “Love the Lord your God with all your more people to walk, and more ill to be healed. heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and the Set the oppressed free. The most oppressed are the aborted second is to “Love your neighbor as yourself ” (Matthew 22:37unborn. The child in the womb has no way of fighting against 39). Our lives – even our investing – should show our love for the oppression – they are helpless victims. We can help give life to God and our love for our neighbors. Our heart often reflects our more unborn by not investing in companies that produce aborinvestments: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will tifacients (abortion pills) or provide abortions. The high value be also” (Matthew 6:21). that Jesus placed on lives through His work on the cross should But how can we love God and love our neighbors in our investencourage us to value all lives – including the baby in the womb. ments? Jesus should be our model. In Luke 4:18, Jesus proclaims: Our worldview dictates our actions. If we believe in God, then “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me our lives should reflect that: “Whoever says he abides in him to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the ought to walk in the same way in which he walked” (1 John 2:6). Let’s walk as Jesus walked. We may not be miraculously healblind, to set the oppressed free.” There is an important spiriing others, but we can help heal others through our investments. tual truth of Christ providing eternal freedom to those captured by sin. But there is also a physical application which challenges us Our investments can make a difference in the world. Let’s invest to improve lives! n to constructively enrich the lives of others, in recognition of our love for God and our love for others. Doug Hanson is an investment advisor with Christian Wealth ManDuring Jesus’ time on earth, he did many great works: healed agement in Boise, providing biblically responsible investment advice to the lame (John 5), gave sight to the blind (John 9), healed the sick Christians. For more information, visit or (Matthew 8), and fed the hungry (Matthew 14). He then had the audacity to tell us that “whoever believes in me will do the works I contact him at or (208) 697-3699. have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” Investment advisory services provided by Creative Financial Designs, (John 14:12). Perhaps we accomplish this – not miraculously like Inc. Securities are offered through CFD Investments, Inc., Member Christ – but practically through the intelligence and resources FINRA & SIPC. 2704 South Goyer Road, Kokomo, IN 46902, that God has blessed us with. Consider the following: 795-453-9600. Christian Wealth Management, LLC is not affiliGood news to the poor. Just as Jesus showed compassion for ated with CFD Investments, Inc. or Creative Financial Designs, Inc. the materially poor (Luke 14:13), we can invest in businesses that

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REAL Man’s Toolbox

It’s not crazy to live life with ‘crazy faith’ By Leo Hellyer Men of God show their faith in many ways, and some of those are very unique and even, at times, crazy ways. Jesus Christ came to earth and lived a very unique and at times crazy life, compared to the average inhabitant of this planet. As Christian men, we need to have a crazy faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Crazy is not a bad thing, and in the case of crazy faith, it is very good and desirable. There is a great book written by Michael Todd called “Crazy Faith” that is very enlightening, challenging, and eye-opening in how we should live out our faith. One of the things Todd states in the first part of “Crazy Faith” is, “I wholeheartedly believe that life is more about progression than perfection, so let’s be H.O.T. (humble, open, and transparent) with each other and discover more of the great plan God has for us as we walk by faith.” As we experience life in our communities, and as we see the brokenness in our society, we can really benefit from having a crazy faith, believing that God Almighty is in control and that we must depend on Him to make sense out of our dysfunctional surroundings. Todd defines crazy faith as, “having thoughts and actions that lack reason but trusting fully in what you cannot explicitly prove.” Many people find it difficult to believe in something that they cannot physically touch and/or cannot fully explain and comprehend without any doubt. Many of the people that we live, work and play around try to put God into a box they can understand and feel comfortable with. Our society, our children, our grandchildren need us as Christian men to live our lives with crazy faith.

The media cannot fix the wrongs around us; corporate America cannot fix the wrongs; and for sure, politicians are powerless to fix what is wrong around us. The only way that this secular, lost world around us can be turned around is by Christian men with crazy faith to step up, go out on a limb, and stand up for what is right and good. Christian men with crazy faith don’t become tier one operators of faith right out of the block. A couple of scriptures speak to this exact concept. The prophet Zechariah stated, “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10). In Philippians 1:6, Paul writes, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” If we will live our lives out with crazy faith, we can be “Scripture in Real Life.” Todd explains it like this: “Do you know you’re the first version of the Bible some people read? They may be reluctant to pick up God’s Word for themselves, but they can experience it coming to life right before their eyes when they encounter you.” As we live our everyday lives, there are people watching us. This is absolutely not something to fear, but something to be aware of, and to live our lives accordingly. There are many divisions in the world we live in. There are many differences of opinion. There are many ways to react to these polarizations that are present. Men with crazy faith hear, witness, and experience the hate and mistrust – but hold on to the hope. In 2 Corinthians Paul writes, “We walk by faith, not by sight.”

Continued on page 25

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HISTORY, Culture & Faith

The shortage that fueled a young nation

The Bible was influential in America’s inBy Dr. Rick Chromey fancy. Franklin D. Roosevelt observed: “We canThe summer of 2022 has been a season of not read the history of our rise and development shortages. From gasoline to rental cars, food to as a Nation, without reckoning with the place paper goods, stock is low and prices high. the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances In the summer of 1777, America faced a similar scarcity during the Revolutionary of the Republic.” 5 War. British embargoes severed supply chains, America’s founding fathers spoke highly of the impacting commodities like paint, glass and tea... Bible: and Bibles. At the time, religious materials were JOHN ADAMS: “Suppose a nation in some licensed by the Crown, regulated and shipped by distant region should take the Bible for their Britain’s blessing. only law book and every member should reguThe situation got so serious three promilate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited... nent clergymen – Francis Alison, John What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this Ewing and William Marshall – wrote to region be!” 6 Congress. Alison founded the Universities of PATRICK HENRY: “[The Bible]…is a book Pennsylvania and Delaware. These pastors told worth more than all the other books that were Congress America was in trouble without “Bibles Dr. Rick Chromey 7 ever printed.” for our schools and families, and the public worJOHN JAY: “The Bible is the best of all ship of God in our churches.”1 books, for it is the word of God and teaches us the way to be After all, it was both illegal and costly to print an English Bible. happy in this world and the next. Continue therefore to read it But there was another problem: the war blockades produced and to regulate your life by its precepts.” 8 shortages of ink, paper and equipment to publish works. These JAMES McHENRY: “Public utility pleads most forcibly for shortages created deep concerns. Our citizens, churches, courthouses and schools needed printed Bibles for personal reading and the general distribution of the Holy Scriptures. Without the Bible, in vain do we increase penal laws and draw entrenchpublic services, oaths and lessons. ments around our institutions.” 9 In late 1777, a Continental Congress committee adBENJAMIN RUSH: “The Bible, when not read in schools, is dressed the Bible shortage. On September 11, the committee proposed importing “20,000 Bibles from Holland, Scotland, or seldom read in any subsequent period of life...the Bible...should elsewhere.” 2 Unfortunately, that same day Washington’s troops be read in our schools in preference to all other books because it were routed in battle. Two weeks later, the British invaded and oc- contains the greatest portion of that kind of knowledge which cupied Philadelphia, forcing Congress to scatter. is calculated to produce private and public happiness.” 10 Consequently, the matter was tabled...for another two years. NOAH WEBSTER: “The Bible is the chief moral cause of In 1780, Congress motioned again. This time to print English all that is good and the best corrector of all that is evil in huBibles on American soil. A Philadelphia printer named Robert man society – the best book for regulating the temporal concerns Aitken offered to handle the job, despite great risk. One time of men.” 11 Aitken had to “remove his type and materials hastily out of the America can face many shortages that cause people to suffer. city, and bury them under a barn in order to save them from de- But our founders knew a depletion of biblical principle and moral struction by the British soldiers.” 3 Nevertheless, on September foundation was the worst. 12, 1782, the first English-language Bible on American soil was In God’s Word we trust. n printed. After chaplain review, it was recommended and authorized by Congress for use: Dr. Rick Chromey helps people interpret history, navigate culResolved,...the United States in Congress assembled, highly ture, and explore faith. He’s an author, historian, professor, and approve the pious and laudable undertaking of Mr. Aitken... founder/president of MANNA! Educational Services Interand being satisfied...of his care and accuracy...recommend this national. Rick and his wife Linda live in Star. Rick is availedition of the Bible to the inhabitants of the United States, able to speak and train for your events, conferences and camps. and hereby authorize to publish. 4 The Aitken’s Bible is the rarest of Bibles. In 1940, fewer than 50 Readers are also invited to subscribe to the Morning MANNA! inspirational and educational (M-F) email. copies survived. However, this “Bible of the Revolution” opened Visit the floodgates for other American Bibles to be printed. Sources:

Letters of Delegates to Congress, Paul H. Smith, editor (Washington: Library of Congress, 1981), Vol. 7, p. 311, n1. Journals of the American Congress, Volume 2, 1777 to 1778 (Washington: Way and Gideon, 1823): 262. Download available at Google Books. 3 Early Bibles of America by Rev. John Wright, D.D. (New York: Thomas Whittaker, 2&3 Bible House, 1894): 66. 4 Journals of the American Congress, Volume 4, 1782 to 1788 (Washington: Way and Gideon. 1823); 76. Download available at Google Books. 5 “Statement on the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Printing of the English Bible.” October 06, 1935: 6 John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1856), Vol. II, pp. 6-7, diary entry for February 22, 1756. Available for dowload on Google Books. 7 William Wirt, Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry (Philadelphia: James Webster, 1818), p. 402. Available for download on Google Books. 8 John Jay: The Winning of the Peace. Unpublished Papers 1780-1784, Richard B. Morris, editor (New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1980), Vol. II, p. 709, to Peter Augustus Jay on April 8, 1784. 9 Bernard C. Steiner, One Hundred and Ten Years of Bible Society Work in Maryland, 1810-1920 (Maryland Bible Society, 1921), p. 14. 10 Benjamin Rush, Essays, Literary, Moral & Philosophical (Philadelphia: Thomas & Samuel F. Bradford, 1798), pp. 94, 100, “A Defence of the Use of the Bible as a School Book.” 11 Noah Webster, The Holy Bible . . . With Amendments of the Language (New Haven: Durrie & Peck, 1833), p. v. 1 2

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Crazy Faith Continued from page 23

We cannot witness the evil in our world and just complain about it, we need to exercise our faith, we need to exhibit our crazy faith. We need to not just “talk the talk”; we need to “walk the walk.” Many Christians, and fringe Christians, pray to God to do something! Michael West has a wonderful song called “Do Something.” In West’s song, he says that God’s answer to our prayer that He do something is that He did: He created you. God didn’t create us to just take up space, look good, and consume oxygen. God created us to be His hands and feet in this lost world. God created us Leo Hellyer to do crazy things in His name. God is not someone to put in a box – God can’t even BE put in a box! If we are going to have a crazy faith in a crazy God, then we need to hold on for a crazy ride. God takes us through the good and bad, the easy and the hard, the joyful and sorrowful, the peaceful and combative. God is always with us. God prepares a place for us. The more we live our crazy faith, the more we will understand God’s ways. God has the solutions to the difficulties we face in our lives. It is through our crazy faith in our loving Heavenly Father and God Almighty that we are able to defeat Satan’s attacks. Our crazy faith in God provides us with power beyond our own capabilities. The only way that we can defeat powerful nations preying upon other nations they perceive as weak, and the only way we can defeat senseless violence in our grocery stores, homes, theaters, places of worship, and schools, is through men and women who openly utilize their crazy faith in God. Our secular society, politicians, or government do not have the answers; only God has the answers, ability, and pure desire to deliver us from the wickedness of a lost world. n Leo Hellyer is a non-staff pastor with a local church and has been married to his wife Norma for more than 45 years. The couple volunteered with the Boise FamilyLife Ministry Team for 20 years. Leo has also been serving with Boise Rescue Mission Ministries for 20 years and is currently serving at the River of Life Rescue Mission. He is president and chief firearms instructor with Helping Hands Firearms Training LLC. If you have questions about Real Man’s Toolbox, or need other assistance, Leo may be reached at or 208-340-5544.

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A LETTER of gratitude

Yes, kindness makes a huge difference By Vincent Kituku With all COVID-19 related challenges, the war in eastern Europe, and the punitive increase in prices of available consumer goods, especially the price of gas, it is easy for caring people, like donors, to not think of the good they do for the less fortunate or whatever humanitarian causes they support. An email from Faith, an orphan we started supporting in 2013, shows how each donor’s contribution makes a difference. Here is what she wrote to her sponsors, Steven and Nancy:

th great gratitude to you “… I write this email wi itators for eight years. cil for being my academic fa hool in 2013, I was not sc gh hi When I first joined the end. You made me sure I would make it till finition for impossible. de realize that there (is) no e four years and even os th h You took me throug rsity studies. Through another four for my unive e light in a darkness that th Dr. Kituku, you became pe from. ca es I didn’t know how to u that I have I am pleased to inform yo a University with an Mar graduated from Maasai Political Science and in undergraduate degree u am lucky to have had yo Public Administration. I I wouldn’t have made y, in my life because honestl support. You ensured us it without your continuo e very first day of school th that I had school fees at dents. stu t which is rare for mos at God blesses you in Every single day I pray th breakthroughs and u great abundance, gives yo I cannot repay you for . es sir fulfills your hearts’ de have done to me. Only the great good that you I hope that He opens the good Lord above can. use I owe it to you and opportunities for me beca ccess and help another su to the world to become a s. ge en all child facing these ch meet you in person I hope that I’ll be able to nor. Have fulfilling t ho someday, it will be a grea , grace and favor. gs sin days full of God’s bles Thank you very much.” Faith Faith’s appreciation reflects the tens of hundreds of vulnerable children whose lives have been transformed and many others you are still transforming from abject poverty to hopefulness and being productive citizens of the world. I have read that message many times. We are touching and transforming lives. I receive seven or more pieces like this a month. After Faith’s sponsors got that message, they decided to sponsor a boy and a girl! I wrote to Faith and told her that her success has led to two other needy students getting sponsorships. n

26 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

Faith, a young Kenyan woman, graduated from Maasai Mara University with the help of sponsors in the Treasure Valley. She wrote her sponsors a deeply felt letter of thanks for all they’d done. (Courtesy photo)

Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, motivational speaker and author of “Overcoming Buffaloes at Work & in Life,” is the founder and executive director of Caring Hearts and Hands of Hope, a non-profit organization that raises tuition and fees for poor orphans and other children from poverty-stricken families in Kenya. Contact him at or 208-376-8724.

Vincent Kituku

YOUR Daily Bread

Dealing with the high price of fuel

ate as if there is an egg between your foot and the By Terry Frisk gas pedal. Also, anticipate stopping and remove After carefully planning my 2022 spending budget, I was completely caught off guard with your foot from the gas pedal in advance to avoid the sudden surge in gasoline prices. Gas prices hard braking. have increased from an average of $3.40 per galSpeed also significantly impacts your fuel lon in December to $5.00 per gallon as of when economy. The U.S. Department of Energy I wrote this article. The tank of gas that cost me disclosed that vehicle fuel economy declines at $70 in December is now over $100! This not only speeds above 50 mph. While the amount of deaffects my own transportation costs but also adds cline varies by vehicle, each 5 mph above 50 mph to the cost of other goods and services, resulting increases the average fuel cost by $.35 per gallon in higher prices for about everything we purchase. based on a fuel price of $5.00 per gallon. So, if In times of hardship like this, I take comfort in the words of the Apostle Paul who faced many your average highway speed is 70 mph, you could hardships but insisted that we have the power to reduce your cost by $.35 per gallon by slowing overcome adversity. down to 65 mph. For a vehicle with a 20 gallon “In any and all circumstances I have learned fuel tank, this is a savings of $7.00 per tank. The the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, Terry Frisk DOE provides a calculator to determine the cost of having plenty and of being in need. I can do for your specific vehicle at things through Him who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4 its.jsp. 12:13 4. Plan your trips – Organize your errands to reduce the I am taking steps to reduce my fuel consumption by 1/3 in order to reduce my fuel cost back to a level before the price increas- distance you drive. You may not be able to reduce your commute es. Here are some ideas for reducing your fuel consumption which to work, but you might be able to complete errands on your way have helped me achieve my goal: home from work to reduce special trips. Also, plan your trips to 1. Maintain your vehicle – Keep your engine tuned, fluid avoid peak traffic times. Waiting on traffic consumes more fuel. levels full and tires inflated to the recommended pressure for max5. Avoid excessive idling – Many newer cars shut off the imum performance. Remove any excess weight from the vehicle. engine automatically when the car stops and restarts it when the I used to carry a 100 lb. toolbox in the back of my truck in case brake is released. If you are waiting at a drive-up window for lonI needed tools. I found that I rarely needed more than a handful ger than 30 seconds, shut off your engine to avoid wasting fuel. of tools on the road, so I replaced the toolbox with a small tackle box with only a few tools. 6. Measure your fuel consumption – Most vehicles have a Also, wash and wax your vehicle’s exterior regularly. In an trip odometer that you can reset each time you fuel up. Each time episode of the television show “Mythbusters,” the crew measured you fuel up, calculate the miles per gallon by dividing the number the gas mileage of on extremely dirty car and compared it with of miles driven since the last time you refueled by the number of the mileage of the same car after it was cleaned. The car was benchmarked at 24 miles per gallon when it was covered with dirt gallons it took to fill your tank using the calculator on your cellphone. Challenge yourself to increase that number each tankful. and mud and achieved 26.4 miles per gallon after it was cleaned, It doesn’t appear that we will see relief from high fuel prices a 10% improvement! They attributed this to less wind resistance, anytime soon. However, your efforts to reduce your fuel consumpimproving the aerodynamics. 2. Consider alternative energy sources – While the price tion will help maintain your budget, reduce emissions released in of electric vehicles has declined in recent years, most of us still the environment, and conserve resources for the next generation. cannot afford the relatively high price. They will hopefully conTake care and may God bless! n tinue to become more affordable over time. However, there are other traditionally gas powered devices for which electric alterTerry Frisk is a partner in the firm B2B CFO, providing finatives exist. With improvements in battery technology, battery nancial advisory services to small businesses. He also counsels powered lawn mowers rival gas models for performance and are individuals on personal financial matters through the Cathenow similar in price. 3. Improve driving habits – Avoid accelerating too fast from dral of the Rockies Budget Counseling ministry. He may be stops. I remember my driver training instructor saying to accelercontacted through e-mail at

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Aliana: someone others can rely on

The following information is provided by Wednesday’s Child, an organization that helps Idaho foster children find permanent homes.

Aliana, 14, is a one-of-a-kind teen who truly embodies the definitions of fortitude and resilience. Wise beyond her years, she is very skilled for her age at communicating her needs and has already put a tremendous amount of thought into what she wants for her future and the qualities she hopes to find in her adoptive family. Aliana has been blessed with a magnetic personality and the ability to get through the difficult times in her life by focusing on the positive things around her. She has a wide range of interests, with a few of her current favorites being sports and shopping. She works hard in school and already has big plans for her future, with a goal in place to become an anesthesiologist. This kind and compassionate girl prides herself on being a good friend and someone others can rely on when they are struggling. Throughout all the hard things she has been through, Aliana has kept a great sense of humor and hopes to find a family that enjoys laughing and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Her ideal family will love to travel and explore new places, and she can’t wait for those adventures to begin. A Spanish-speaking family who resides in the Treasure Valley area and has other children in the home would be Aliana’s idea of the perfect fit for her; however, she is really open to any kind of family makeup. Idaho Wednesday's Child hopes that reading about Aliana has given you a glimpse into all that this special young woman has to offer. If you believe that you can provide this deserving teen with what she wants in a family, inquire about her at n For more information on the Idaho Wednesday's Child Program, visit, or contact Recruitment Coordinator Shawn White at or cell 208-488-8989 if you have specific questions.

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Jesus gives us bountiful belief for good

By Roxanne Drury The title of this article – “The encouragement of hope” – sounds like it might be a romance novel. But it’s not. I hope you are not disappointed. No pun intended. It is, however, a love story of sorts. Hope has been defined by some as believing that something good can come out of something bad. Genesis 50:20 says, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good…” Sometimes things happen in our lives that break our hearts or steal our joy. In those moments it is so easy for us to forget God’s promises or that God has a hand in every part of our lives. Think about it for a second. God Roxanne had a part in every moment of Jesus’ life, too. But let’s redirect and take a look at the disciples for just a moment. When Jesus died, it must have seemed to them that it was all over. Jesus was dead and buried. The end. The disciples were sad and afraid because He was gone. Perhaps Jesus’ followers forgot what He had said in Matthew 17:22-23: “…The Son of Man is going to be betrayed into the hands of men. They will kill Him, and on the third day He will be raised to life…” He was kind of saying, “Hey, it’s okay, I am going to die, but don’t worry, I’ll

be back.” I think this was Jesus’ way of giving them hope that all was not lost. Good was going to come out of something that seemed really, really bad. Why did Jesus give them this hope? I think maybe it was because He loved them. He didn’t want them hurting. Well, unfortunately, we don’t have Jesus face to face telling us that something bad is going to happen. Or saying to us, ‘but don’t worry, God has a plan and good will come out of it.’ I think that’s part of why it is so easy for us to forget that God is in it – all of it – whatever it is. But wait. It is true, we don’t have the real live Jesus to give us words of hope, but we do have the words in the Bible. John 16:33b tells us, Drury “…In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” There it is. You will have trouble, bad things, and tough things are going to happen. Next come the hope words. Ready for them? But take heart. Don’t worry. God’s got a plan and His plan is for good. These words give US hope! And hope is a gift! Just like the words Jesus spoke to the disciples, these are words of love, words of encouragement – the encouragement of hope. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). We can have hope because no matter what happens, we know that God has His hand in every part of every single thing in our lives. We can have hope because God is faithful and we can trust Him. We can have hope because God made a way for us to live with Him forever. We can have hope because we know that Jesus will come back again one day. We can have hope because Jesus is at this very moment preparing a place for us called heaven. Jesus comforted His disciples with these words, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am” (John 14:1-3). Those same words are for us as well. Out of love for all mankind – that includes you and me – God made a way for us to have hope every day of our lives to the end. We just need to grab it and hold on tight. I read somewhere that “Hope redefines what is probable and opens the paths to the impossible.” Hope keeps the doors open to what can happen when things seem bad. In the good things and the not-so-good things in your life, you can have the encouragement of hope that God is in it, God has a plan, and His plan is for good. Believe it! n Roxanne Drury is a wife, mother, grandmother, and retired Christian preschool teacher with a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Education. She has served the Lord in children’s ministry for over 40 years and is currently on staff at Rockharbor Church.

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The essential signature of Button Gwinnett

and without minimizing his one very significant By Scott Riggan contribution to history – Gwinnett didn’t really It’s likely you’ve never heard of Button Gwindo much of anything else that was notable. nett. And while you may not recognize his name, he has a special place in history as the Except … he ran up a lot of debt. So the second man to sign the Declaration of Indedocuments that have been found are mostly pendence. I.O.U.’s. Gwinnett may not be as well-known as BenjaWhenever I hear about objects like this that min Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and some are assigned great value – i.e., a comic book, of the other signers, but putting his name on an baseball card, celebrity signatures (Babe Ruth, official notice of separation from Britain was Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe), etc. – I ala brave and dangerous act. It amounted to a ways feel like the value seems a bit arbitrary. declaration of war. But in the collecting world, value is deterHere’s where Gwinnett’s story gets interesting: mined by how much someone is willing to collectors search the world trying to obtain a full set of signatures from the 56 signers of the pay. Declaration. Letters with the signature of Ben Scott Riggan You may not feel like you occupy a significant Franklin can be found for $6,000, and other place in history. Your life may never be the documents signed by Jefferson and Adams have sold for similar subject of biographies or TV news stories. Fame and notoriety amounts. may not be in the cards. In contrast, a letter with Gwinnett’s signature sold not long But don’t ever forget how much value God places on you. ago for nearly $800,000. Yeah, not a typo. And the only For while we were still weak, at the right time Christ died signature that sells for more? William Shakespeare’s. for the ungodly. For one will scarcely die for a righteous Why in the world would this man’s signature be worth so person – though perhaps for a good person one would dare much? even to die – but God shows his love for us in that while we First, Button Gwinnett was never as prominent a figure as the other signers, and so his signature is much rarer. Second – were still sinners, Christ died for us.– Romans 5:6-8 ESV n

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DESTINED for Victory

Living with certainty, despite uncertainty

continue to be their spiritual leader. But then By Pastor Paul Sheppard he says, “Whatever happens,” stay true to the In the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Lord. church in Philippi, we read: As a mature man of God, Paul knew he I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no had to say that, because he didn’t know how way be ashamed, but will have sufficient much time he had left. He knew he might not courage so that now as always Christ will get out of jail. Later, Paul did in fact write his be exalted in my body, whether by life or by last words – basically his eulogy – in 2 Timodeath. For to me, to live is Christ and to die thy 4, saying that he fought the good fight. is gain. If I am to go on living in the body, Sometime later, church historians believe Paul this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what was beheaded for the gospel. But before that shall I choose? I do not know! I am torn between the two: I desire to dehappened, Paul did have more time on earth to part and be with Christ, which is better by bless his spiritual children with letters, prayers far; but it is more necessary for you that I reand words of encouragement. main in the body. Convinced of this, I know Like Paul, you should never worry about the Pastor Paul Sheppard future. God has big plans and dreams for you. that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the The best prescription I can give you is to faith, so that through my being with you again your boastexpect to live, but be prepared to die. ing in Christ Jesus will abound on account of me. In fact, you aren’t ready to live until you’re ready to die. Go Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy to Jesus and get that death thing straightened out, even if it of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you feels like you have all the time in the world. There is no fear of or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you death, as long as you abide in Christ. Paul illuminates the joy stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the we have in Jesus in this first chapter of Philippians. faith of the gospel without being frightened in any way by To live is Christ and to die is gain. … I desire to depart those who oppose you. and be with Christ, which is better by far. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that In Jesus, we have full assurance of eternal glory. We have no you will be saved; and that by God. For it has been granted doubt whatsoever about the afterlife. All who call upon the to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in Him, but name of the Lord will be saved. We will join together with also to suffer for Him, since you are going through the same God, in whose presence is fullness of joy. That fact is more struggle you saw I had, and now hear that I still have. – certain than the ground under our feet. Our certainty in Christ Philippians 1:20-30 must always overshadow the lesser uncertainty about what Notice how the apostle Paul juxtaposes uncertainty with tomorrow holds. certainty. Paul is both uncertain and certain of how his future One temptation many Christians fall into these days is to be will play out. so busy with worldly possessions and commitments that they Let’s explore that complexity, layer by layer. To begin with, don’t take time to plan for eternity. Don’t believe that your we already know that Paul is imprisoned in Rome when he writes this letter. He has been in chains for about two years. He physical strength and stamina will last forever. In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul writes: doesn’t have any idea what the outcome of his imprisonment For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is dewill be. He might be released, or he might be executed. stroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made Then in verses 25 and 26, he says he desires to depart to be with hands, eternal in the heavens. – 2 Corinthians 5:1 with the Lord, “but it is more necessary for you that I remain That’s a hard passage for young people to take seriously, in the body. Convinced of this, I know that I will remain.” when they have all their strength, vitality, muscles and good He’s not entirely convinced, because in verse 27 he says, looks. “Whatever happens…” He wouldn’t say “Whatever happens” A hundred years from now, we’re all going to need a new if he knew for sure that he would get out of prison. body. Like Paul, we have to anticipate what is ahead of us, We see here that Paul has a rather strong belief that he’s while teaching and encouraging those who are younger. They going to stay alive, because God is not finished with him on might have youth and vitality, but you have some wisdom they earth. And yet on the other hand, he has no guarantees. So haven’t stumbled upon yet. Give them what you’ve got, and here Paul is, balancing this certainty against an equally strong tell them what you know. They need you to help prepare them uncertainty. for the time when this earthly house goes down. They need to You and I know that life comes with no guarantees. You know how to get a better building that will last forever. n may be strong and healthy and in the prime of life. You have dreams and visions for the future. You are looking forward to This is an excerpt from the series “Keeping THE Main God’s abundant blessings. Thing the Main Thing” by Pastor Paul Sheppard. You And yet in the back of your mind, you know all of that could change in a heartbeat. You don’t want to live in fear, but can hear Pastor Paul’s radio show, “Destined For Victory,” weekday mornings at 9 a.m. MST on 94.1 FM or online there’s always an uncertainty about your future. at For more information, consult Paul believes he’s going to stay and minister to the church at Philippi. He tells them they will have joy because he will

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SPIRIT, soul and body

What is interchangeable, what is not By Steve Nelson A long time ago people once believed... 1) ...that the Earth was in the center of the Solar System. If you still believe this you’ll never excel in astronomy. The sun is in the center! 2) ...that the Earth is flat and you can fall off it. If you still believe this you will never excel in geography. The Earth is a round sphere! Question: What is something most people believe today that is not true? Answer: that “soul” and “spirit” are interchangeable terms. If you still believe this, you will never excel at reading and understanding the Bible. These two words are very different. And together, along with the “body,” are the three components of a complete human being. A person needs to understand this basic truth. So let’s explore all three to understand them better. (1 Thessalonians 5:23 is the only Scripture in the Bible that contains all three of these awesome words, “spirit and soul and body.”)


This part of humans is never misunderstood. We can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. The body is all physical. It’s the vehicle for us to move and take actions in this life. The body

is made primarily of these elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous. A body requires a soul to move and function, otherwise it is lifeless. When a person dies, it is only their soul that is missing, the body remains. In Matthew 27:58, Joseph of Arimathea “...went to Pilate, and begged the BODY of Jesus...” Joseph didn’t ask for Jesus’ soul or spirit, since they were no longer present, only the body remained and needed to be buried in the tomb. Note: the body forms the container of space the spirit also is housed in, if a person has spirit at all. (Not all people have spirit as we shall see later.)


The soul is the part of us that is our personality, our thoughts and emotions, our experiences, our attitudes, what makes us who we are. The soul goes beyond the scope of merely the blood flowing through the physical brain. When a person is born, they always have a body and a soul. When a person dies, it is their soul that is preserved and God ensures that it rests, unconscious and unaware of the passing of time, until the future day when the soul is awakened. FREE Bibles • Pray y for U.S. Armed Forces

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Famous characters in the Bible did supernatuTo learn more about soul, let’s first take a ral things (meaning, beyond merely physical) quick look in Genesis 2:7. God reveals more at times, and that is because they had spirit. details about what he did after forming the We are no different. In fact, a person cannot body of man: “and breathed into his nostrils do things beyond the physical unless they have the breath of life and man became a living spirit. (Having evil spirits involved to give superSOUL.” This same Hebrew word translated natural power is another story for another day. “soul” (nepes) is first found earlier in Genesis in We will stick with the good stuff for now.) these four verses: 1:20, 21, 24, and 30, which all Luke 11:13 says, “how much more (than a describe animals. Yes, animals have souls too! physical parent) does your heavenly Father (Plants don’t have souls.) give the holy SPIRIT to them that ask him.” Steve Nelson Thus, animals and humans are quite similar, This gift of God is given to us because of grace, as Ecclesiastes 3:19 reveals that men and beasts which is unmerited divine favor. The grace is (animals) are the same, since both have breath, both die, and given because of the accomplishments of Jesus Christ on our man is no better in this regard. Sometimes people are referred behalf. Although we didn’t earn it, we get it. And spirit alone to as “souls” when they are alive. For example, 1 Peter 3:20 is what guarantees us a ticket to heaven when Jesus returns for refers to Noah and his family, that “eight SOULS were saved us. Animals cannot get spirit. Most humans choose not to get by water.” (Now is the right time, however, to introduce the spirit either. Persons without spirit are called “natural men” in third part of us, spirit, which is the one thing that makes huthe Bible, meaning nothing spiritual. See 1 Corinthians 2:14 mans uniquely different from all other animals.) for an example. Please understand, this topic of spirit and soul and body canSpirit not be fully understood in one small article. Many other things Unlike body and soul, spirit is optional. People are not born can be learned to add to this foundational understanding. One with spirit. A person receives it, if and only if they fulfill the such important detail is that few people in the Old Testament had spirit. It was typically only leaders and if they walked in condition required and get “born again.” This second birth is not physical but all spiritual. We were first born to our physical harmony with God could they keep it. In our day, any person parent, then we can potentially be born to our spiritual parent, can get spirit and we cannot ever lose it since it is “incorruptible seed” as 1 Peter 1:23 shows. God. Here is the condition to get spirit: “if you confess with Let’s grow in our understanding of these three parts and find your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that out what makes us so special from all the rest of God’s creGod has raised him from the dead, you will be saved” from ation. God bless you! n Romans 10:9. To be “saved” means you are no longer a physical only creaSteve Nelson has been a Bible teacher for over 25 years. ture, but physical AND spiritual. You are a child of God. You This article comes from “Spirit Soul Body” Segment 27 of have a supernatural gift, which is holy, thus called holy spirit. “CORE”, a course for families on how to read and unThat spirit has purpose, just like your physical body. Having derstand the Bible. See T4FAMILYCENTER.COM or spirit gives you the power to do spiritual things, like those listed reach Steve at in 1 Corinthians 12:8-11.

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A son’s healing journey through diabetes but that you also want to get to the cause and start By Rosie Main acting naturally and actively on your health. Show Last December we had the most unfortunate, them your plan and be firm with them about your life-changing circumstance occur with my son. I commitment to want to change. have twin boys and have always enjoyed knowing When it comes to natural treatment of diabetes, we are doing the best we can raising them with we must start with diet. When it comes to diabetes, the best health choices we can give them. We were especially type 2 diabetes, we really need to balin Costa Rica on a family vacation when I began ance out blood sugar. Diet-wise, there are certain to notice unusual symptoms with my son. He was foods that help do that. First, let me kind of shape always thirsty, hungry and tired. As soon as we a meal for you. Ideally, your meals are going to be returned from our trip, I was anxious to test his high in three things: protein, fiber and healthy fats. sugar levels, knowing that all these symptoms are So protein foods like wild salmon and free-range indicative of diabetes. eggs, high-fiber foods like split peas and figs, and Sadly, my family has suffered so much from healthy fats like coconut oil and MCT oil are godiabetes, and I have watched them suffer from all ing to help balance out those blood sugar levels. the side effects. My mother died at 56 with type So include lots of protein in your new diabetic diet 2 diabetes and my sister from type 1 at 47 years. plan. Now, my dad is paralyzed from a stroke from heart Rosie Main After wild-caught salmon, go for grass-fed beef, disease due to diabetes type 2. organic chicken and turkey. Fiber-rich foods are even more imporNot to my surprise, my son’s sugar that morning we checked tant, including artichokes, green leafy vegetables, celery, nuts and both him and his twin was a whopping 414. I fortunately knew seeds (like chia seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, from my past experience and knowledge about the danger of celery). A high-fiber diet will support detoxification and healthy ketoacidosis, so we confirmed it with a nurse practitioner and we blood sugar levels. Also, start using coconut oil, which is great for rushed him to the hospital to help stabilize his sugar. He stayed burning fat. Coconut oil benefits blood glucose levels, too. Start in the hospital for two days and was given insulin, which he used cooking with coconut oil and using coconut milk or coconut oil in from December to February. My husband and I knew that somea morning superfood shake. Coconut oil, ghee or grass-fed butter thing must have caused this. Why would one identical twin have it all work for balancing out blood sugar levels. A good diabetic diet and not the other? plan should include those healthy fatty acids. So remember to get We began searching for the cause. We started ordering extensive lab work and found that he had gut issues, causing an autoimmune in quality protein, fiber and healthy fats during all of your meals. Chromium-rich foods – Ideally, also you’re going to get response attacking his pancreas. We knew we had to start doing foods that are very high in a type of mineral called chromium. drastic dietary changes; and once we prayed, God led us to start a What is chromium? Chromium plays a role in the insulin-signaling plant-based diet and autoimmune diet. pathways that allow our bodies to control the amount of sugar we In March this year, we began our journey to heal the root cause take in, helping balance blood glucose levels and giving us stable of diabetes, and as a family we all chose to support my son by energy. Chromium picolinate is found in high levels in vegetables participating together in eating just fruits and vegetables. We like nutrition-rich broccoli, which is the ideal superfood for diabeteliminated anything processed or altered by man, all animal meat ics in helping balance out blood sugar levels. and oils – just fruits and vegetables; and for the autoimmune diet, Consume food rich in magnesium – Over 80 percent of we also excluded nightshade vegetables and spices, amongst many us suffer from at least a low level of a magnesium deficiency, and other foods. it can result in leg cramps, insomnia and, yes, diabetes. MagneIt has been over three months now, and since beginning this sium is essential for cellular health and is a critical component of healing journey, my son – who had an A1c of 10.9 when diagover 300 biochemical functions in the body. Magnesium has been nosed – is now at 5.4 and has not used any insulin. Yes, no insulin! This is shocking to the doctors since normally with type 1 diabetes shown to also help blood sugar levels, so eat magnesium-rich foods like grass-fed beef, certain types of nuts and seeds, and vegetables he should be insulin-dependent. All I know is that we have trusted like spinach and Swiss chard. in God’s healing power and discernment and He has provided Stay away from sugar – What’s going to throw off your both. blood sugar? Sugar and carbohydrates. Now, you want some carI believe in the power of Jesus Christ and His amazing power bohydrates, but just a smaller amount alongside healthy fats, fiber He put in the body to heal, yet also know that we are also called and protein. If not, your blood sugar is going to go up and down. to honor our body from God. The body has the ability to heal Of utmost importance, you want to stay away from all sugar the tissues and organs if interference is removed. I know that all is for His glory and we will continue this journey to healing, as we know best you can. In particular, refined sugar rapidly spikes blood glucose – soda, fruit juice and other sugary beverages are the worst healing takes time and persistence. culprits. These forms of sugar enter the bloodstream rapidly and Whether you have diabetes type 1 or 2 or any other condition, can cause extreme elevations in blood glucose. You want to replace start living a better lifestyle. God is asking you to follow Him and sugar with stevia, a no-calorie natural sweetener. A little bit of raw “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of honey in moderation can be okay, too. Once your diabetes is reGod” (1 Corinthians 10:31). versed and you’re where you should be, raw local honey is another You may be asking, “So where do I begin if I have never made sweetener you can consider, as well as blackstrap molasses. any health changes?” Avoid grains – Grains are another problem, especially glutenI would suggest that for anyone wanting to start to change their containing grains, white flour products, wheat bread, even whole diet and lifestyle that they choose to talk to their doctor, yet come to them with a plan that you would want to follow. Let them know grain breads and oatmeal. These all contain large amounts of how vital it is for you to not only follow their recommendations carbohydrates that are broken down into sugar within a few

36 July / August 2022 | Christian Living

minutes of consumption. What’s the deal with gluten? Well, it can cause intestinal inflammation, which affects hormones like cortisol and leptin, and can lead to spikes in blood sugar. I would remove all grains from your diet for your first 90 days on this diabetic diet plan, and after that time, you can introduce them back in sprouted ancient grains like sorghum flour and kamut in small amounts. Remove dairy from your diet – The other foods you want to eliminate are going to be conventional dairy products. Conventional cow’s milk should be eliminated especially for type 1 diabetics. While dairy can be a fantastic food for balancing blood sugar if it comes from sheep or goat milk, or A2 cows, I recommend that you stay away from all other forms of dairy because the A1 casein produced by conventional cows will harm the body and trigger an immune response similar to gluten. Supplements and other natural ways to treat diabetes – The next thing you want to do in your diabetic diet plan is consider certain supplements, herbs, essential oils and lifestyle modifications for naturally reversing diabetes. 1. Chromium picolinate: Number one, take a chromium picolinate supplement, 200 micrograms, three times a day with your meals. One study conducted by the Human Nutrition Research Center U.S. Department of Agriculture found that when individuals being treated for type 2 diabetes were either given a placebo or chromium supplements over a four-month period each day, while continuing to take normal medications and not changing eating habits, insulin values and cholesterol levels decreased significantly in the group given supplemental chromium compared to the placebo group. 2. Cinnamon: The health benefits of cinnamon extend to preventing diabetes. It helps lower blood sugar levels and also

can improve sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which is the vital hormone needed for keeping blood sugar levels balanced. Take one teaspoon in the morning for breakfast, and then one teaspoon for lunch or dinner. 3. Fish oil: Fish oil benefits include reducing inflammation and fighting diabetes. While people with diabetes often have high triglyceride and low HDL levels, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can help lower triglycerides and apoproteins (markers of diabetes), and raise HDL. 4. Alpha-lipoic acid: Next, alpha-lipoic acid, known as ALA, exists in many omega-3 foods and works with your pancreas in naturally treating diabetics. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, studies suggest ALA helps lower blood sugar levels. Its ability to kill free radicals may help people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and researchers believe alpha-lipoic acid helps improve insulin sensitivity. 5. Magnesium: A magnesium supplement can also help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes because magnesium plays a role in glucose metabolism. In a magnesium Journal of Internal Medicine study, an increase of 100 milligrams a day was found to decrease the risk of diabetes by 15 percent in a meta-analysis of the data. 6. Berberine: Berberine has been shown to regulate glucose and lipid metabolism in vitro and in vivo. This pilot study was to determine the efficacy and safety of berberine in the treatment of type 2 diabetic patients. In study A, 36 adults with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes were randomly assigned to treatment with berberine or metformin (0.5 g t.i.d.) in a 3-month trial. The hypoglycemic effect of berberine was similar to that of metformin. Significant decreases in hemoglobin A1c has been shown. Continued on page 39

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RISE above

Transcend daily news cycles with His peace

Romans 16:20: “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet” (ESV), or Psalm Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. 110:1: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your Not as the world gives do I give to you. enemies your footstool” (ESV). Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them But it goes further than that. While it’s Jesus’s be afraid. – John 14:27, ESV power that provides the credibility for the promises, it’s Jesus’s desire for His own acclaim that enMy typical morning routine is probably similar sures they will be kept. This is very good news as to yours. With a cup of coffee in one hand and the Lord is not only all-powerful but also all-lovmy cell phone in the other, I go to my media outing. And one significant way He exalts Himself lets of choice and catch up on the news. And like many if not most, a degree of sadness inevitably is by pouring out His favor on needy people like sets in after reading the ever-present litany of me. It began at the cross. “For our sake he made sin-plagued stories. But unlike many if not most, him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him I too often permit the emotion to fester and take we might become the righteousness of God” (2 on a life of its own. This is not without conseCorinthians 5:21, ESV). It’s a most interesting Greg Grotewold quence, for a subtle yet hindering melancholy dynamic. Because Jesus received what He didn’t usually follows. deserve (condemnation and death), I too received what I didn’t Needless to say, this is not a good way to start one’s day. It’s not deserve (redemption and life). The spotless Lamb was crucified only unhealthy but also unnecessary. Yes, it’s an inescapable fact so as to satisfy the judgment my sin triggered. He died my death. that the world groans from a depravity that is increasingly more prevalent and pronounced. But there’s another inescapable fact His love is so deep and wide that it, in fact, surpasses comprehenthat must be brought to the forefront as I confront such realities. sion (Ephesians 3:18-19). It’s Colossians 1:15-18, arguably the most powerful passage in all This incomprehensibility doesn’t stop there, though. Fathom of Scripture: this. Calvary didn’t seek Jesus; He sought it. Nothing required the He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn Son to leave the perfect communion He enjoyed with the Father of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and become the God-man. It wasn’t imperative to His own acand on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominclaim that He save anyone from eternal doom. Jesus would have ions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through been perfectly justified to leave me in my hell-bound state and him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him seek other less treacherous and painful means by which to gain all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the church. He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that praise. But that’s not the path He chose. Because of His great in everything he might be preeminent (ESV, bracket added). grace and mercy, He took the hard road of redemption and Paul has a couple of aims here, and they are both massively im- made essential to His glory plan an inessential like me. portant. He wants us to understand who Jesus is, and He wants It’s a love that will never be diluted, compromised, or relinus to understand why Jesus is who He is. The two are intricately quished. Nothing will separate me from His care. “For I am linked and together a key antidote in combating somberness. sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor The apostle is not known for his ambivalence. With no equivothings present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height cation, he makes clear that Jesus is the reigning force of the nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to universe. The Lord creates all things, holds all things together, separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord” and is before all things. He formed and superintends solar systems, atomic structures, and everything in between. Jesus has no (Romans 8:38-39, ESV). Yet another wonderful promise of hope cosmic equal; He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. No backed by the character of Christ. one can thwart the King’s plans as there is nothing outside of His It’s against this backdrop that I’ve made some changes to my ultimate influence. He is never surprised, never caught off guard. morning sequence. After I grab my coffee but before I pick up Paul is as unambiguous as to why. Quite simply, all things were my phone, I reach for my Bible and engage in some memory created by Jesus for Jesus. Everything He does is directed at His care. I pore over verses that speak to Jesus’s glorious nature, own acclaim. Jesus is preeminent over all things so that He can including many of those above. They’ve helped remind me that receive the glory from all things. He exists to be praised and He is in control, which in turn has helped grow my assurance in worshipped. His sovereign goodness. And to the Lord’s glory, I can now read While this makes for intriguing Christology, what does this mean for me and my daily struggles for joy? I would argue pretty the news without becoming unduly alarmed. The sad stories are much everything. It’s Jesus’s sovereign authority as outlined in still sad and the injustices still unjust, but the peace I’ve begun Scripture that gives credibility to Jesus’s promises as outlined in to carry allows me to transcend them. And for that, I praise His Scripture. In the context of my emotional state, Colossians 1:15name and thus fulfill the reason He redeemed me. 18 (and the many other passages that speak to His rule) makes This peace can be yours too. Turn to Jesus and make Him possible the peace that the Lord speaks of in John 14:27. Same your treasure. n goes for the assurances found in Romans 8:28. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, Greg Grotewold lives in Oakdale, Minn. with his wife, for those who are called according to his purpose” (ESV). It Sandi, and their two sons, Luke and Eli. He is a deacon in would be lunacy given the demonic influences of our culture for Paul to make such a declaration were it not for verses like his local church and greatly enjoys serving in this capacity. By Greg Grotewold

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7. Essential oils: The two essential oils I’d recommend are cinnamon and coriander. Coriander actually works with your liver to help balance out blood sugar levels, and cinnamon oil works with your pancreas – so your liver and your pancreas, two important organs for balancing out those blood glucose levels. Take a couple drops of coriander and a couple drops of cinnamon oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil, and rub those on the bottom of your feet. You can even make your own homemade body butter or body lotion with those, which will help in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. 8. Lower stress levels: If you have diabetes, keep stress levels low. If you get stressed out, it is absolutely going to affect your hormones and your cortisol, which then in turn will affect your insulin levels. To relieve stress, I recommend using some detox bath recipes at night. Use some of the essential oils I just mentioned, such as coriander oil and lavender oil with Epsom salts. Soak in a bath at night and relax. Also, I recommend several times throughout your workday, get up and take a 10-minute walk, taking deep breaths, relaxing and simply getting outside, including earthing. 9. Exercise: Last but not least, exercise is also crucial. Burst training exercise is the best, but really, any form of exercise, including weight training or cardio, is good as well if you want to naturally reverse diabetes. I hope that no matter what your health status is that you don’t wait for symptoms to show up before doing something to help your body become the best it can be to serve Him and serve others to your best potential. n If you have questions or need more information, text Rosie Main at (208) 859-6170 or email her at

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