2023 Christ Birthday Offering

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Christ Birthday Offering

Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. John 7:37 (NIV)

Why We Give TO OUR CHRIST BIRTHDAY OFFERING What if you could give a different kind of gift this Christmas? This time of year, we make a list of things we want. But millions of people around the world have a list of things they need. A mom in Kenya has clean water for her child on her list. A foster child in South Florida has a family to call home on his list. And a family who lost everything in a storm has basic supplies to rebuild on their list. This is why every Christmas, we come together as a church to give a special offering that helps to fund our mission projects throughout the year. Every dollar you give through your Christ Birthday Offering will deliver hope to those who need it most. While opening gifts on Christmas offers a moment of joy, the gift of hope offers something eternal—lasting more than just one day. Let’s make a difference by doing Christmas different.


Add this gift  to your list.


An orphaned boy in Uganda learns to read and understand God’s love through a Watoto Village. Read about this new partnership on page 28.





 


disasters responded to locally and globally through our partners on the ground

hours which is a value of

 

Number of people we delivered hope to

volunteers served


 59,585 

 $1 894 803 ,




*this value is based on the “Independent Sector” value of volunteer time of $31.80 per hour in 2023.



international mission trips in the countries of Bolivia, Honduras, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda


kids were provided warm meals in

 


different countries through Convoy of Hope


kids and students served


1 million souls brought to Jesus through our partnership with John Maxwell’s leadership nonprofit, EQUIP

hours across our region during our Summer Camps




Reaching Our Region WITH HELP AND HOPE Leading a radical transformation for Jesus Christ in our region and beyond requires strong relationships with those leading the region. Through our partnerships with city officials, local law enforcement, and neighboring schools—we’re able to extend our reach throughout our communities and resource our region with help and hope.



people served through the food truck in 2023



pounds of food distributed across our region through the Missions Distribution Center

high school student-athletes reached through pre-game meals and pep talks from our pastors

990 33

hours invested into kids and students by our pastors in

schools across our region through First Priority Bible clubs


care packages assembled for local law enforcement to distribute to food-insecure families


     

homeless families and individuals fed at the Lewis Center, St. George’s Kitchen, First Presbyterian Church, and the South Florida Soup Kitchen


“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,


if you love one another.” John 13:35 (NIV)



There’s more than enough food produced in the world to feed every person on the planet. Yet every day,

9 1 out of

people goes to bed hungry.

345 

people in 79 countries are facing food insecurity in 2023—which has nearly million tripled from pre-pandemic numbers. Sources: Convoy of Hope, World Food Programme, WorldServe.


790 An estimated

million people in the world live without access to clean water.

These aren’t just numbers. These are children with compromised immune systems, educational delays, and sometimes even death due to malnutrition. While this reality is heavy, every day throughout the year, we’re meeting these basic needs to fulfill the greatest need—the hope and message of Jesus.


Make a Meal Delivering hope to the hungry through half a million meals. In Southeast Asia, the Philippines is hit hard by the hunger crisis. Over 60% of households are food insecure, and it’s estimated that 95 Filipino children die every day from malnutrition. When children are finally rescued, they’re often found searching for something to eat out of rivers of rubbish and dirty dumpsites. The conditions are devastating, and these children are desperate. During our annual Make a Meal serving event, we partnered with Convoy of Hope and Rise Against Hunger to help one less child from going hungry—one meal at a time!

4,976  534,600  volunteers made 14




Christ Fellowship locations

HUNGER Make a Meal provides a warm meal to children in a Convoy of Hope feeding center, like Bayani, who no longer has to dig through dumpsites for his dinner.


Kenya Delivering hope one water well at a time. In rural regions of Africa, millions of people walk miles for water—with women and children primarily carrying the weight of this responsibility, literally. These long treks average four miles roundtrip and cost not only their time but their education, income, and sometimes even their lives. Through our partnership with WorldServe International, we have a goal to help solve the world water crisis by 2030—which would mean access to clean water for every person


on the planet. As Africa’s leading provider of solar-powered water wells, WorldServe builds sustainable solutions through clean water, sanitation, education, and economic opportunities. Over the summer, we traveled to Kenya to be a part of the commissioning ceremony for a water well we funded together through our Christ Birthday Offering. The Isinya Well in Kajiado County, Kenya, will now provide an accessible, clean water source for thousands of villagers, school children, and local churches—solving a 62-year water crisis in just 7 days!

Cynthia’s Story Cynthia, a student at Isinya Primary School, used to miss school to walk miles for dirty water from the nearest river—often getting sick from water-borne diseases. Now, she no longer suffers from dehydration and can focus on her education!

Hear Cynthia share in her own words how this water well built by Christ Fellowship will impact her life!


Zipporah, a water truck driver through WorldServe, prays for the women and children as they wait in line—not just giving water, but sharing about the living water of Jesus!

Delivering hope by going the distance. In remote areas still awaiting water wells, we plan to partner with WorldServe by going the distance so these women and children don’t have to. Through our Christ Birthday Offering, we will help fund getting more villages access to its rapid water supply trucks—a sustainable system that bridges not only the water gap but also the economic gap by equipping and empowering women to lead this initiative in their communities. Together, we’ll deliver practical help through instant access to clean water and spiritual hope through the living water of Jesus.


See how WorldServe’s rapid water supply trucks transform lives through water and the Word of Jesus!

This is more than water. It’s a ministry. Zipporah

Water Truck Driver, WorldServe



Did you know that through our Christ Birthday Offering, we can provide access to clean water for every person on the planet?


TAKE A STEP The sun isn’t up yet. But you are. On your long list of things to do today, most are essential to your survival. One of those tasks is collecting water for your family—but the nearest well is a two-hour journey. While you walk barefoot in the heat, you have to look out for hazards along the way, like animals looking for prey. And not to mention how much the water jug weighs. For 790 million people in the world, this is the reality of just another day. But every step you take is one they don’t have to.

At every Christ Fellowship location, you can experience what it’s like to walk for water.

And through your Christ Birthday Offering, every step you take is one they don’t have to!



Mission Trips Delivering hope from neighborhoods to nations. In 2023, Christ Fellowship Missions resumed international mission trips to Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. Through our various mission partners, 125 people from all generations served over 4,500 hours all over the world!

In October, Christ Fellowship Young Adults partnered with Lifehouse International Church to serve in Japan.

Over spring break, CFStudents partnered with Children’s Impact Network to serve in Honduras.

Over the summer, Crew, Sisterhood, and families partnered with Children’s Impact Network to serve in Honduras.

Over the summer, Pastor Tom partnered with Joyce Meyer’s Hand of Hope ministry and WorldServe International to serve pastors at a conference in Tanzania.

 

  

In August, students from Southeastern University at Christ Fellowship partnered with Children’s Impact Network to serve in Bolivia.

Over the summer, our Christ Fellowship Missions team, alongside Pastors Todd & Julie, partnered with Watoto Ministries and WorldServe International to serve in Uganda and Kenya. This year, in our efforts to Get There First, we launched Family Experience Trips where all generations can make a difference by serving together in our local communities.


This was my first mission trip and it totally changed my life! Lacey


In 2022, our kids and students gave their Christ Birthday Offering to open additional housing at Children’s Impact Network in Honduras— doubling its capacity and giving 60 abandoned and abused children a place to call home. Hear how one of these children, Abigail, has found the love and hope of Jesus! 23

Children & Families Delivering hope to every home. As we declared this year, in the race to the heart of the next generation, the first one there wins—and we want to Get There First. For decades, we’ve partnered with leading organizations to reach every heart in every home with the hope of Jesus. Whether it’s a young mom searching for options for her unborn child, an orphan needing a safe place to sleep at night, or a foster parent preparing to open their door—your Christ Birthday Offering transforms generations and impacts eternities.

We continued our support of crisis pregnancy centers throughout our region, like First Care Women’s Clinic, Care Net, and the Okeechobee Pregnancy Center, in their collective efforts to support women in need so they can choose life and care for their children. Kids participate in First Care’s annual Walk for Life

Through Place of Hope, co-founded by Pastors Tom & Donna Mullins, we provide neighborhood-style foster care with trained, live-in foster parents for sibling groups and children in need of specialized care. Since children in foster care often face placement disruptions, this method provides structure, stability, and consistency. Through our long-standing partnership, we’ve helped care for over 30,000 children and families. In partnership with 4Kids and our efforts to Get There First, 27 families in our church stepped up to become certified foster care parents—with several already receiving placements. Together, we’re supporting the foster and adoptive families in our church through mentorship, resources, “parents night out,” and more as we collectively carry the weight so these families can run this race for the long haul! Through our continued partnership with Hearts for Moms, we’re helping break the cycle of poverty by equipping single moms with life skills and mentorships for personal and spiritual growth. As Hearts for Moms supplements the cost of housing, childcare, education, transportation, and other basic needs, these moms are empowered to complete their education and/or work full-time.


Our church is a tangible support system to confidently walk out what God has called us to as a family! Christy Christ Fellowship Foster Parent

Delivering hope to the hallways. With over 275,000 students in public schools in Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties—we know that we have to reach students right where they are. This past year, because of your Christ Birthday Offering, God has opened the doors for us to deliver hope to the hallways in schools throughout our region. In partnership with First Priority and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), we’re in schools all across our region, reaching students and athletes with the love and message of Jesus.

Christ Fellowship has been a flagship partner to us. We are seeing moments become movements because of your heart for Christ and compassion for vulnerable children! Tom Lukasik VP of Engagement, 4Kids

Through our Christ Fellowship Life Academy in Belle Glade, this after-school program provides daily educational and spiritual impact to 50 students. In partnership with Urban Youth Impact, every week, over 300 inner-city youth are loved, equipped, and empowered to fulfill their God-given purpose. Through Speak Life End Bullying the Musical, this film has been shared with over 16,000 students as we partner with schools to end bullying together.


Crisis Response DELIVERING HOPE TO THE HURTING When a storm arrives or a disaster strikes, we’re positioned and prepared to mobilize alongside our partners on the ground—including relief organizations, local churches, and first responders—to aid in immediate relief efforts. Because of your Christ Birthday Offering, we’re able to deliver the hope of Jesus in the wake of seemingly hopeless situations.

  

When a tornado outbreak touched down in Mississippi…

When a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco…

When the crisis situation unfolded in Israel…

When wildfires devastated Maui…

When Hurricane Idalia made landfall on the Gulf Coast…

In 2023, through our partners on the ground, we responded to



around the world.

We delivered hope amidst disaster

See how we showed up at just the right time to help Andre 26

after Hurricane Idalia!

We can always count on Christ Fellowship to be one of our first partners ready, willing, and able to respond to whatever is needed. Stacy Lamb VP of Disaster Services Convoy of Hope

ISRAEL When the crisis situation unfolded in Israel, through FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries)—one of our partners on the ground in Jerusalem— we responded to those in need around the region with immediate relief efforts, including: • Emergency supplies and shelter for displaced families • Critical protective supplies for civilians in targeted areas • Trauma and pastoral support for people directly affected

“Your support is enabling us to lift the arms of the first responders and the people here on the front lines as they serve their communities.” - Michael Mistretta, CEO of FIRM


Uganda Delivering hope to the heart of the next generation. In the country of Uganda, over 60% of its population are children—making it the largest youth population in the world. But Uganda also has one of the largest populations of orphans, with many of these children having no place to call home. This is why Watoto exists. Watoto Ministries is a church and missions organization in Uganda with the goal of raising


wa·to·to [noun] Swahili

1. Children


the next generation of African leaders. They’ve developed the “Watoto Model,” rescuing abandoned and neglected children and empowering vulnerable women, so that together, they can become leaders who impact their communities and rebuild their nation. At Watoto, children find mothers to love them, education to inspire them, healthcare to strengthen them, and their value and identity in Jesus. Through our new partnership with Watoto, we’re taking the heart of Get There First from our own neighborhoods into the nations of the world!

In Uganda, over



of its population are children.


Baby Watoto Many babies in Uganda are often found abandoned at bus stops, churches, hospitals, and even on the side of the road. At Baby Watoto, these infants are given the best possible start in life through a dedicated nanny, who mothers them as if they were her own until they’re ready to move into a Watoto Village.


Hear from Mama Susan, one of the many moms raising a generation of world-changers through a Watoto Village! 30

Watoto Village A Watoto Village is where a child can truly experience the love of a family. In each house, a Watoto mother raises 8 orphaned children—and collectively, Watoto cares for over 3,000 children. These villages have classrooms, medical clinics, churches, playgrounds, sports fields, and, most of all, a place to call home.

In 2024, we will sponsor a Watoto Village for the year—caring for


children and their village mothers through food, clothing, medical care, and education! 31



Steven’s Story Steven arrived at Watoto when he was just four years old. Having lost his parents, a Watoto Village not only gave him a family but an education, life skills, and his faith in Jesus. As he says, “Everything I know, I learned at Watoto.” Today, he’s a leader in agriculture as a chicken farmer, providing 18,000 eggs each month to feed the very village where he grew up. “When I lived in Watoto, I had eggs on my plate but didn’t know where they came from. Now I’m supplying meals for these kids on the plates I once ate from.”

If you invest in the next generation, it will change a nation. Steven

Steven is just one story of how Watoto raises Africa’s future leaders. Hear Steven share how Watoto equipped him at every age!


The Power of Partnership In addition to our partnerships with Convoy of Hope, Watoto Ministries, and WorldServe International, every day of the year, we partner with strategic mission organizations to deliver the hope and message of Jesus to those in our region and all around the world. Your Christ Birthday Offering is maximized by using their expertise in working with local churches, cultures, and governments.


A21, founded by Nick and Christine Caine, exists to fight human trafficking in all its forms. As one of the fastestgrowing transnational organized crimes, an estimated 27 to 50 million people worldwide live in modern-day slavery. Through Sisterhood, we partner with A21 to eradicate human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare.

Association of Related Churches

Through our partnership with the Association of Related Churches (ARC), we planted 39 churches this year in the U.S. and abroad. One of the churches that our Christ Birthday Offering went toward planting was LIIV Church in the heart of Atlanta. On opening Sunday, they had over 700 people join, and in their first year, they have seen over 400 people give their lives to Christ!

Children’s Impact Network

Children’s Impact Network (CIN) is a nonprofit organization that demonstrates God’s love through mission projects around the world to children and youth that are at risk—and trains, equips, and networks leaders to do the same. Through our partnership with CIN, we provide a place to call home for 113 abandoned, abused, and neglected children in Chile, Honduras, and Bolivia.

Hand of Hope

Hand of Hope, the missions arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries, has a goal to simply help as many hurting people as possible. This past year, our partnership reached vulnerable communities in South Africa through Seeds of Hope—a project to provide education, nutritious meals, fresh water, and agriculture jobs.



OneHope has a mission to bring God’s Word to every child in the world. In partnership with OneHope, we will support the vision to reach every child in every nation with God’s Word by the year 2030. In 2023, OneHope reached two billion children with its Book of Hope!


As a founding partner of EQUIP, a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. John Maxwell, we partner to develop and mobilize Christian leaders within their circles of influence through roundtable Bible studies and leader training so they can transform their world. This year, EQUIP reached its milestone one-millionth person for Jesus—Isaac from Liberia!

There’s no place like this place and the ministry we get to do together.

Dr. John Maxwell Founder, Equip

Rock RMS

Through Spark Development Network and Rock RMS, its relationship management system, we equip over 630 churches of all sizes with digital ministry tools that help pastors reach more people for Jesus. Together, we promote collaboration, innovation, and openness for church technology.

Southeastern University

As a Christ-centered institute of higher learning, Southeastern University is committed to providing a Christian college education designed to equip graduates to go into the world as influential servant leaders. Through its Hoskins School of Mission within the College of Ministry & Theology, we prepare crosscultural missional leaders in the U.S. and internationally.

World Help

World Help is a humanitarian organization that seeks to provide impoverished communities around the world with physical help for today and spiritual hope for tomorrow. This past year, we were able to provide immediate life-saving supplies to those impacted by the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria, and Morocco and rescue girls in Thailand from the bond of human trafficking.

Mayo and Kai Sowell, the founding pastors of LIIV, are impacting Atlanta for Jesus through their ARC church plant!


VISION Vision 2024


Every dollar you give to Christ Birthday Offering will make a difference toward continuing our impact both locally and globally, and supporting additional initiatives like these… Through our continued partnership with WorldServe, Christ Fellowship Kids and CFStudents will be a part of building additional solar-powered water wells in Kenya as we help solve the world water crisis by 2030.

In partnership with FIRM we will continue to provide long-term relief efforts for all those directly impacted by the crisis situation in Israel.

In partnership with Convoy of Hope, we will continue to be among the first on the ground delivering hope amidst disasters and feeding over 533,000 children in 33 different countries on a daily basis. Through 4Kids and Place of Hope, we will expand our foster care initiatives across our region—helping every child find a home and equipping every home with the resources they need. In partnership with local schools, sports teams, and Bible clubs, we will continue reaching the hearts and minds of the next generation as we Get There First. Through our new partnership with Watoto Ministries, we will sponsor a Watoto Village for a year—caring for 72 orphaned kids and their village mothers through food, clothing, medical care, and education. In partnership with Embrace a Village, we will support its shoe van ministry as it travels to different communities in India, providing critical supportive footwear for leprosy patients in need. Through our various partners around the world, Christ Fellowship Missions will lead international mission trips to Africa, Asia, and South and Central America.


  

Every Christmas season, we celebrate our impact over the last year and anticipate what God wants to do in the next. But our Christ Birthday Offering is more than just an offering. It’s hope for the hungry, the hurting, and the helpless. So as you’re making your Christmas list and buying gifts for the ones you love, we want to challenge you to include those that God loves and has called us to reach—from right here in our own neighborhoods to the nations of the world. Together, let’s

make our Christ

 

Birthday Offering

the greatest gift on our list because the joy will outlast and outlive any other gift we will give. Merry Christmas! - Pastors Todd & Julie


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Ways to Give Make Christmas last more than just one day by giving above your normal tithes and offerings in one of these ways:

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And his name will be the hope of all the world. Matthew 12:21 (NLT)


From neighborhoods to nations, you can make a difference by serving with Christ Fellowship Missions!


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