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Walking on the moon? Eliminating smallpox? Bringing sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf? Once thought impossible, these today are realities. When Christel House began almost 20 years ago, breaking the cycle of poverty seemed a distant goal. Today it is happening with regularity. Christel House graduates have 21st Century skills and are sought - after employees working for multinational companies. They are leaders, achievers and role models. They are taking the values and knowledge gained at Christel House, applying those in all aspects of their lives and becoming self-sufďŹ cient, productive citizens. It is immensely gratifying to see all the years of hard work now bearing fruit. And, this is just the beginning. Christel House graduates are honorable human beings. As they become parents, mature in their professions, take active roles in their countries and communities, the real impact of Christel House will become clear. Transformation has occurred; generation after generation will beneďŹ t; communities and societies will advance. Thank you for being part of this transformative journey. Your support is helping to build a better world and make the impossible possible.


With two learning centers in India, one in South Africa, one in Mexico and four in the United States, our global results prove that the Christel House model WORKS.

*Global Statistics of Christel House for 2017-18


MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE What does it mean to “make the impossible possible” for impoverished children? At Christel House India the employability of graduates is certainly one way. It's a measure by which we have demonstrated unparalleled success. Our students are sought-after employees of multi-national companies. They have 21st century skills. They are also fine, caring and honourable young men and women who feel empowered to make a difference in the lives of others, especially those less fortunate. Dr. Shaikh Reshma, a 2012 graduate of Christel House India, personifies that success. After graduation, Reshma went on to complete her Medical Degree at Belagavi Institute of Medical Science, Belgaum, and has become Christel House India's first Doctor. It's an amazing accomplishment. You'll find her full story on page 13 of this report. But, what stands out even more than Reshma's vocational achievement is her outspoken generosity, acute sense of gratitude, and her innate desire to serve mankind. Reshma will undoubtedly be a flag-bearer of Christel House values. Christel House India has seen significant growth over the last year. Our school in Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh shifted to its new facility and now serves 350 children through Grade 4. Our Bangalore school just graduated its eighth class, with a fifth batch now graduating from colleges & universities. More Christel House students than ever are entering the workforce, and their collective impact makes us proud. Their success is proof – Christel House is breaking the cycle of poverty! As we celebrate our 18th year of making the impossible possible, we extend sincere gratitude to our supporters and well-wishers. Thank you for helping make success stories like Reshma's possible. Sincerely

Christel House India



Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Christel House International

Nancy Gillespie - FLORIDA

Retired Human Development Economist, World Bank

Gordon S. Gurnik - NEW JERSEY President, RCI

Don Harrill - FLORIDA

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Orange Lake Resorts

CHRISTEL HOUSE INDIA Raju Shahani Board Chair, Christel House India Jaison C. Mathew Chief Executive Officer, Christel House India Kunal Chauhan General Manager, The Leela Palace Bangalore

Nelson Hitchcock - NEW YORK

Sunanda Das Executive Director, PDC Services Pvt Ltd

Judith A. Kleiner - NEW JERSEY

Mousumi Kapoor Founder & CEO, Continual Engine

Donald E. Knebel - INDIANA

Radhika Shastry Former Managing Director, India Operations, RCI India Pvt Ltd

Senior Vice President, Scholastic, Inc. Former Senior Vice President, KBC Financial Products Of Counsel, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Martha Lamkin - INDIANA

Retired President and CEO, Lumina Foundation for Education, Inc.

Gail Shiel Mahoney - INDIANA

Suresh Sud Managing Director, Bangalore Fluid System Components Pvt Ltd

Principal, Shiel Design Company

Lucas Montarce - INDIANA

Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Business Development, Strategy and Operations, Elanco

Guido Neels - INDIANA

Operating Partner, Essex Woodlands

Neil H. Offen - MARYLAND

Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Direct Selling Association

Marcia Rowley - ARIZONA

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, International Cruise & Excursions, Inc.

Dennert O. Ware - TEXAS

Retired Executive Chairman of the Board, CeloNova BioSciences, Inc.

Cheryl Wendling - INDIANA

Senior Vice President, Christel House International

Dr. Matthew Will - INDIANA

Director of External Relations and Associate Professor of Finance, University of Indianapolis




The Christel House Model






.. .. .. .



Emphasis on excellence High expectations of students and teachers Academic rigor, mastery of core subjects Focus on English language uency Longer school day and year Technology, arts, sports and culture

Success in Christel House India

Success in Christel House India



Karnataka State - Grade 10 (SSLC) Board Exam Results - July 2018



Karnataka State

60 40 20 0


Two nutritious meals and a snack daily Regular health and dental care Annual physicals, immunizations, vision and hearing screening Social workers and mental health professionals

Karnataka State - Grade 12 (PUC) Board Exam Results - July 2018

80 60

Source: Karnataka State Grade 10 (SSLC) Results May 2018


. .. .

Items / services provided to all students: Textbooks Transportation School supplies Uniforms Nutrition Medical Services

40 20 0


Karnataka State


Source: Karnataka State Grade 12 (PUC) Results May 2018

. .

Honorable character instilled

. .

Service learning

Core values: Respect Responsibility Independence Integrity

Social responsibility


. . .

.. .. .


Career planning starts in middle school Guidance on post-secondary studies Scholarships to support University Education Graduates work, study or do both Assistance continues up to ďŹ ve years

COMMUNITY OUTREACH Children return home nightly Christel House values shared with community Outreach programs for parents and families


Bellahalli Road | Kannur Post via Bagalur Bangalore East | Bangalore 562 419 | Karnataka | INDIA

SUCCESSFUL GRADS SUPPORT FAMILIES BACK HOME They grew up in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Bangalore. Now ďŹ ve Christel House India graduates are creating successful careers in Dubai, one of the world's most modern cities. Working for Transguard Group, the graduates turned internships and apprentice-ships into permanent jobs, often in management positions. But they have not forgotten their roots. Each sends a portion of his monthly salary home to support family in India. "To support my family was always one of my priorities," says Goutham Ganesh.


Abdul Khaliq MANAGER

K. Kishore




Nearly 150 Christel House India graduates are gainfully employed today thanks to the College & Careers program. Preparation starts in middle school. When they graduate from Grade 12, all students have developed carefully mapped career plans, as well as fallback plans if their ďŹ rst option falters.

Goutham Ganesh






Christel House and Lavasa Corporation agreed that responsibility for running the school would be returned to Lavasa Corporation, effective with the 2017-18 academic year. Lavasa admits fee-paying students in grades K-8, but impoverished children from the surrounding villages will continue to receive free education.



IN THE MAKING “Christel House India was never just about an academic education. It was a wholesome environment in which we were brought up. That, for me, is irreplaceable. Every single part of Christel House has impacted who I am today. Because of Christel House I know I can survive and succeed. Without Christel House I would be struggling in a low-paying job. I probably would have dropped out of school at a very early age. I would not have the education, knowledge and way of thinking I have learned at Christel House. I am the oldest of three siblings raised by a single mother. My earliest memories are of mother leaving for work when I was waking up and coming home late at night after we were asleep. She made every effort to educate us, both academically and morally. She sacrificed so much to give us the education she was denied. Life was tough. Some days we survived on a single meal, which might be leftover food from my mother's workplace. I wanted to become an earning member for the family; I had the fire, capability and passion to study. But the opportunity to achieve this dream was not there – until I enrolled at Christel House. I learned independence early. Before leaving for Christel House in the morning, I would do the house work and get my siblings ready for school. When we returned in the evening, I would cook dinner and wait for my mother to come home. Our entire family shared a single mattress. We slept, ate, studied and got dressed in the same room. Through it all, my mother remained my biggest strength and support. Her determination pushed me to stay focused on my education and dreams. After graduating from Christel House India, I pursued a Bachelor of Architecture degree. A year-long internship at the firm of Shilp Shrungar turned into a job as a Junior Architect. When they hired me, they cited my strong character – an eagerness to learn, honesty, responsibility and commitment to work. Christel House taught me all of these values from a very young age, and I am so grateful. Christel House India has given me the opportunity to create a good life for myself and my family.”



Akshay V Company: Shilpa Shrungar Designation: Junior Architect Christel House India Class of: 2012


IN THE MAKING “From childhood I had a dream that one day I would be a doctor, serving those in need. I was told it would be very difficult. but I wanted to take on the challenge. Today, I have achieved my dream. Growing up, my father worked as a driver and my mother looked after our home and my four siblings. My family struggled to make ends meet. When I joined Christel House, I was shy and reserved. I lacked self-confidence. Christel House helped me come out of my shell and believe that I could achieve and succeed. I graduated from Christel House India in 2012. With the support of the Christel House College & Careers program, I pursued the education needed to become a doctor. The school provided me with a scholarship throughout my undergraduate education.


Dr. Shaikh Reshma, MBBS

I am now working as an Intern at the district Belagavi Hospital in Belgaum, Karnataka. Following this residency, I will complete one year of rural service. While completing my internship I am also planning to prepare for the Postgraduate NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) examinations that are required for me to pursue a specialization in either Radiology or Pediatrics. I owe my MBBS degree to Christel House India and I will be forever grateful to them. Christel House is a place where you receive help, support, care, love and encouragement. It is where everyone works for the benefit of others.”

Belagavi Hospital, Belgaum Christel House India Class of: 2012


TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY 2017 Combined and Consolidated Financial Statements of Christel House International and its Affiliates Breaking the cycle of poverty requires tenacity and determination. It requires adherence to rigorous educational and business practices, high measures of accountability and complete transparency. Every Christel House entity’s financial statements are audited annually. Combined Revenue 1 Government2 $12,737,000 3 Founder 7,904,000 Corporations/Foundations 4,611,000 Individuals/Board Members 1,300,000 CH Open/Events 1,096,000

46% 28% 17% 5% 4%



$ 21,040,000








2,004,000 2,431,000 4,435,000 $27,523,000

7% 9% 16% 100%

Combined Expenses Education Nutrition Health, Outreach & Social Services Management & General Fundraising

1. Financial data above is unaudited; when completed, audited financial statements will be available on our website. 2. Primarily U.S. State and Federal charter school funding. 3. Founder contributions, plus earnings on and releases of previously contributed Founder restricted funds. 4. Management & General and Fundraising expenses are covered by the organization’s Founder and CEO.


Note: Christel House International is a registered 501© (3) public charity, number 35-2051932. Christel House learning centers are registered not-for-profit entities in their local countries. The Christel House Registration number with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services is SC 10875.

TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY 2017-18 Christel House India - Revenue (Bangalore & Naya Raipur Centres) Christel House International



Corporations/Foundations/ Individuals/Board Members



Pro-Bono Services and In-Kind Goods





As a result of strong retention rates and high quality education, the cost to produce one 12th grade graduate is nealy 40% lower for Christel House India than for government schools. ANNUAL COST TO PRODUCE A GRADUATE


280 260

2017-18 Christel House Bangalore - Operating Expenses $1,440,000


Management, General & Fundraising *








$ 2,214,000


Health, Outreach & Social Services

2017-18 Christel House Naya Raipur - Operating Expenses Education & Other Programs/ Services

$ 332,000


Management, General & Fundraising *






Health, Outreach & Social Services



$ 432,000


* Management, general & fundraising costs are covered by the organisaion's founder. 100% of the Donor contributions directly beneďŹ t the children. All amounts in US $


Education & Other Programs/ Services


240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100



80 60 40 20 0 Efficacy Study of Christel House Bangalore by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP


A FEW OF OUR DONORS “Karma Group is celebrating 25 wonderful years of operations in India. Whatever you give to the universe comes back - that's where our whole ethos at Karma comes from. Supporting Christel House is our way of helping put back into the community. For me nothing is more important than making a difference in the lives of these children and setting them on a course that will change their lives for the better.”

John Spence Chairman, Karma Royal Group

“Transforming lives is a beautiful and highly rewarding mission. And what better way to achieve this than through education; it is a great equalizer and the pathway to a better life. At RCI, we feel privileged to be associated with Christel House in shaping the next generation. As a value based company that aims to bring positive impact on our communities, we at RCI are happy to support this noble cause.”

Sabina Chopra Managing Director, RCI India “We are guided by the principle that success in business depends on putting human issues first. We believe that high quality early childhood education is essential to a child's success. Christel House has been a fantastic partner. Together we will continue to bring positive changes to


these children's lives.”

Nitin Prasad VP & Hub Leader, Indian Sub-Continent, PVH (India) Limited

“One of my favorite quotes is from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I feel proud of the partnership between Christel House and the Klaus Luft Foundation. By supporting these children with so much potential, we are planting the seeds of opportunity, enabling them to have a positive impact in their communities and transforming their lives.”

Leonor Gonzalez - Luft Klaus Luft Foundation - Germany

“I am privileged to be Dell's Ambassador for Christel House. Looking forward to continued association through the Dell Youth Learning Program. You are enabling communities to thrive and shaping youth for tomorrow.”

Hemal Shah SVP & APJ CIO, Dell EMC

A FEW OF OUR DONORS “At Target, our purpose is to help all families discover the joy of everyday life. For over a dozen years, Target and Christel House have worked together to provide education for underprivileged children. As a global citizen, I'm proud of the difference we're making for families here in India, and I look forward to seeing what these young people will become.”

“FIS is extremely pleased to partner with Christel House India in transforming lives of the underprivileged” K. S. Venkat Senior Vice President India and Philippines, FIS Global

Tammy Redpath President, Target Corporation India Pvt Ltd “Giving is not just about making a donation; it is about making a difference.” “Christel House is an inspiring institution that has helped so many deserving children dream big. We, at IQVIA, are delighted to support Christel House and nurture young science minds through the programmes we support. We commend the academic and support team of Christel House for the impactful work they do.”

Naz Haji Managing Director IQVIA (Quintiles Research India Pvt Ltd).

Launching the

Airbus STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) program at Christel House India reinforces our commitment to the betterment of society. Our employee volunteers are preparing Christel House children for their future.

It is

enriching for all of us at Airbus.”

Dr. Srinivasan Dwarakanath President, Airbus Division in India

“At Northern Operating Services Private Limited (NOSPL), we are very proud of our association with Christel House India over the past 7 years. We believe Christel House has a great impact on the lives and communities of its students. We are glad to have partnered with Christel House in improving the lives of children deprived of quality education. I wish the staff and students of Christel House all the very best for their continued success.”

Mosur Saisekar (Sai) Chief Executive Officer, Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd


LIST OF ALL DONORS For contributions received from April 2017 to March 2018 (Donations in Indian Rupees) * Includes donations of in - kind goods or services

PLATINUM - RS. 10000000 +

BRONZE - RS. 100000 - 499999

RUBY - RS. 25000 - 49999

Government of Chhattisgarh / Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA)*

Accel Partners India LLP Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited Berggruen Car Rentals Pvt Ltd Bramlands (Aviation) Ltd. CEO Forum * Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. Christel House Staff Bangalore ELIOR India Catering LLP Elite Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. Focus Frame Luxury Living Private Ltd. Gokula Education Foundation Hudson Bay Company M K Fasteners M.S. Ramaiah Hospitals * Meritor India Mohitkaran Virendra Gupta Nikhil Johri Purva Star Properties Private Limited Sangita Johri Soukya Holistic Homeopathic Clinic * TATA Projects Ltd

Azim Premji University IHHR Hospitality (Andhra) Pvt. Ltd. Mphasis Limited Muniyappa Murali Sundararajan Saravana S Shweta Nishant Fadia Sunanda Das Udhyam Learning Foundation

DIAMOND - RS. 2500000 + Fidelity Business Services India Pvt. Ltd. Fidelity Information Services India Pvt. Ltd. (FIS Global) John Spence Klaus Luft Foundation Target Corporation India Pvt Ltd Karma Royal Group(Prestige Holiday Resorts)

GOLD - RS. 1000000 + Airbus Group India Private Limited. Bangalore Fluid System Components Pvt. Ltd. Bio-Gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd. Dell International Services India Pvt. Ltd. Give Foundation H & M Hennes & Mauritz India Pvt. Ltd IQVIA (Quintiles Research India Pvt Ltd) KPB Foundation Mast Industries Northern Lights Ltd. Northern Operating Services Pvt. Ltd. Page Industries Pvt. Ltd. Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation RCI India Pvt. Ltd.

SILVER - RS. 500000 - 999999 Apollo Tyres Foundation Srinivasan Raghavan Talisma Corporation Pvt Ltd The Perse School


EMERALD - RS. 50000 - 99999 Ambashree Foundation Bijit Roy Ferns Builders & Developers K.H.T Agencies Private Limited Little Bo Peep School - Poonam Mirchandani Madhavan.S Prabhakar Bothi Reddy Shade Fashions Private Limited Shamsher Puri Sparrow Technologies Ltd. Sudarshan Cargo Pvt. Ltd. Sunil K. Vasant

SAPPHIRE - RS. 10000 - 24999 Christel House Alumni Group Global Giving Foundation Lovely Malhotra Raju Shahani

PEARL - UNDER RS. 9999 Arathi Menon Diya Menon Jaison C. Mathew Katarina Eriksson Satish Shenoy

DUKE OF EDINBURGH CUP – Charity Golf Tournament

DUKE OF EDINBURGH CUP – Charity Golf Tournament Christel House India was, once again, the charity of choice at the Duke of Edinburgh Cup held in Bangalore, India in 2017. The Duke of Edinburgh Cup - an annual international series of golf events is a charity with Royal Patronage and has been running successfully for over 15 years with the very first event held in Portugal in 2001. Each year the World Finals are played at the private course of the Royal Family at Windsor Castle, London. The event was held on 19th August 2017 and witnessed the participation and support of a large number of corporates and avid golfers. The winners of the tournament qualified to play at the world final in Windsor, United Kingdom. Christel House India is once more the charity of choice for the 2018 Duke of Edinburgh Cup.


The Dhiwar family in front of their house.

NEW BEGINNING IN NAYA RAIPUR A family of five lives in a short, flat structure made of corrugated tin, cardboard, and dirt in a poor neighborhood of Naya Raipur. But, there is hope here. The children attend Christel House. Parents Ajay and Shanto Dhiwar know Christel House offers their daughters a chance for a better life. "Christel House is unlike other schools here," says the father. "The girls will learn correctly and it will help them go further in life. They can get jobs and help us."


MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE COMMUNITY OUTREACH OFFERS COMPUTER TRAINING As part of its community outreach in Naya Raipur, Christel House offered computer classes for our students' older siblings who missed the Christel House opportunity. The program proved so successful, the school will continue it with a new group of siblings.


Grade 4 Christel House India - Naya Raipur


Seema was one of the first students to enroll at Christel House Naya Raipur when it opened in August 2016. She lives with her parents and younger sister, who also attends Christel House, in a small mud and sheet metal dwelling in a village near the school. Seema’s father is a carpenter and her mother works as a domestic helper. The family’s income is unpredictable, as work is sporadic. Seema is quite talented. She likes to perform, has a beautiful voice and shows promise both in sports and art. Academically she also does well, showing confidence and a strong work ethic.


Cda. Rufina 40, Col. Tacubaya C.P. 11870, Ciudad de México | MEXICO

HONORED FOR INNOVATION Christel House Mexico has been recognized as an "Innovative School" for its solutions to Latin America's high drop-out rate. The Graduate XXI Initiative cites Christel House for its holistic model, embrace of classroom technology, and rigorous academics that promote English fluency, creativity and character development. "It's such an honor," says Javier Alarcón Benet, CEO. "It means we are a state of the art education model in Mexico."



Swallowcliffe Drive Ottery | Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA 7800


A team of grade 10 students from Christel House South Africa (CHSA) won the World Robot Olympiad in Cape Town. It was the ďŹ rst time students Storm S. and Siyamthanda N. had competed in such a contest, and the class had only been introduced to the subject earlier in the year. Teacher Cedric Esterhusizen is proud. "Teamwork is essential in this competition. It's a 21st century skill we nurture at Christel House."


2717 South East Street | Indianapolis, IN 46225 USA



Christel House Academy South has been honored as a 2017 State School of Character, the only school in Indiana to receive the designation. "Character education is central to our daily routines for students and staff," says Carey Dahncke, Head of Schools. It's evident in classrooms as teachers integrate building character and instilling values into their daily lesson plans. The "CHOW" rubric — Character and Habits of Work — helps educators objectively assess the effectiveness of character education. "Character is just as important as academics for us," says Dahncke. "It helps establish a positive culture that supports learning."


55 North Tibbs Avenue | Indianapolis, IN 46225 USA



Christel House Academy students now can earn a full-ride scholarship to attend the University of Indianapolis. To qualify, graduates must earn an honors degree and be eligible for financial aid. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition. Secondary needs-based scholarships are available for housing, meals and books. In the program's first year, seven Academy graduates took advantage of the opportunity.


Christel House DORS South 2717 South East Street | Indianapolis, IN 46225 Christel House DORS West 55 North Tibbs Avenue | Indianapolis, IN 46222 IVY Tech North Meridian Center Building - 4th Floor 50 West Fall Creek Parkway North Indianapolis, IN 46208

DORS OPENS DOORS TO A BETTER LIFE Noe Martinez dreamed of a better life. But he didn't have a high school diploma and could barely speak English. Then he found Christel House DORS. Taking classes at night, he learned English and worked full time to support his family. Noe graduated from DORS in June. "I'm so grateful for Christel House," he says. Noe is now studying at Ivy Tech Community College to be a civil engineer.


Christel House Dors South

MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE RECORD CLASS OF ADULT LEARNERS GRADUATE Eighty-four adult students earned their high school diplomas, the largest class ever in Christel House DORS' history. Many plan to continue their education. "We stay in contact for ďŹ ve years after graduation," says Emily Masengale, Principal. "We're helping them make transformational life changes."

CELEBRATION MOMENTS INDIA Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Honorable Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Dr. Raman Singh and Honorable Minister, Government of Chhattisgarh, Rajesh Munat with the children of Christel House Naya Raipur.

JAMAICA MEXICO A newly renovated facility for Christel House Mexico was dedicated with hundreds of students, parents and supporters joining the festivities. The larger campus allows for expansion through Grade 12 over the next two years.

The Government of Jamaica and Christel House entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement, clearing the way for the next Christel House learning center. Initial private support for the school will help provide classroom space for kindergarten through grade 2 students, including a lead gift from The Greehey Family Foundation. Christel House Jamaica is scheduled to open in August 2019.



of donations directly beneďŹ t the children of Christel House. Overhead and fundraising costs are provided by the organization’s Founder and CEO. Become a donor today

Christel House Bangalore Bellahalli Road (Off Hennur Road) Kannur Post Via Bagalur Bangalore - 562149, India Phone: +91 76249 99151 / 152 / 153 / 154 Email:

Christel House Naya Raipur Village - Rakhi, Sector - 25 Naya Raipur - 492015, Chhattisgarh, India Phone: +91 771 2120 846 Email:

Christel House International 10 West Market Street, Suite 1990, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2973 Phone: 317.464.2030 | 866.424.5437 Fax: 317.464.2039 Email:

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