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October 3, 2010

WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? Message by David H. Roseberry In Chapter 17, Jesus is finishing a long section of teaching that includes some of His best-known parables. The Parable of the Prodigal Son, the Unrighteous Servant, and the Rich Man and Lazarus are all included in the preceding chapters. Here Jesus sums up some critical components of the life of a disciple. 1. Read Luke 17:1-10. Notice the three sections of these verses: Don’t temp another person to sin; the power of faith; and the relationship of the servant (us) to the master (God). 2. What (in your opinion) would be worse: committing a sin or drawing another person into the same sin? (Cf. Matt 18:7; Luke 22:22) Read especially Matt 13:41. Is this view of God something that is widely held today? How serious does God treat sin and those who lead others into sin? 3. Jesus says, “Pay attention to yourselves!” In the context of the passage, what does this mean? What is He trying to teach? Read Paul’s injunction in Eph. 5:19. Is Paul saying the same thing? 4. Concerning Luke 17:4: Who in your life has needed forgiveness the most? From whom have you continually sought forgiveness? 5. I mentioned in the sermon that “pound for pound, faith is the most powerful force in the world”. I had Jesus statement on faith in verse 6 in mind. Do you agree with my statement? Why or why not? What kind of power does faith have? Give an example of the power of faith in your own life. 6. What is the point of Jesus mini-parable in verses 7-10? In your opinion, what is our “duty” to God that we should be doing? Read John 14:15, 15:14-17, Matthew 28:16-19, and Luke 24:49. How are you doing with your duty? 7. Reflect on the lyrics to the song, “Wait” by Josh Havens and The Afters. If you can listen to it or play it for your group, do so. What will it be like to hear those words spoken to you? Do you truly trust that those words will be spoken to you over your life? How is this hope the cornerstone of the Christian faith? Go here to listen to the song online.

Luke 17:1-10

Wait (by The Afters) Wait, I can hardly wait To look into Your face When the world disappears into Your eyes. Wait, I can hardly wait To hear Your sweet voice say, “You've done well, my good and faithful son.” Breathe, I can hardly breathe in anticipation Waiting for the day to come When You will shine on me Wait, I can hardly wait To bow down at Your feet Kiss the scars that bore my sins away. Breathe, I can hardly breathe in anticipation Waiting for the day to come When You will shine on me… Wait, I can hardly wait

What Did You Expect