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5 Spa Treatments to Try After a Day at the Beach in Langkawi Once you’re done checking in your Langkawi accommodation or apartment, there’s no place better to go than at the beach. The stretches of powdery, white sand and crystal blue waters will definitely allure you to go snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopping, or frolicking under the sun. With these activities sure to keep you busy throughout the day, it’s important to find a retreat when all the fun is over. Here are 5 spa treatments that can help your mind relax and your body re-energize for the next day. Sireh Pinang Delight Bath and Scrub After an afternoon of diving or snorkeling with aquatic animals, you might want to try the Sireh Pinang Delight Bath and Scrub. This treatment is perfect for soothing skin inflammation caused by exposure to the sun and joint pains due to swimming for a long period of time. Betel leaves and corn meal are commonly used to scrub the body, which is then followed by a calming head massage also with betel leaves that are paired with lime juice. You can check Casa Del Mar’s The Spa for this service. Bamboo Massage Experience a deeper and firmer treatment with the Bamboo Massage that's offered at Ishan Spa. This technique uses a cane to roll over aching muscles and releases tensions around the joint areas. Aside from removing stress from the body, the use of the bamboo also increases oxygen flow since its pressure is said to be more effective than the use of bare hands and elbows. Kelapa Scrub “Kelapa” is the Malay word for coconut, and the Kelapa Scrub is an exfoliating process that benefits the skin, which the fruit is known for. It works to refresh and invigorate the body, which is good for the island's warm weather. It also works as a skin softener. If you try this treatment at Teratai Spa by the Aspara, you can get a special spa drink concocted by professionally trained therapists. Volcanic Mud Wrap This treatment might sound overwhelming at first, but the Volcanic Mud Wrap is actually a gentle process that stimulates blood flow and eliminates toxins from the body. As the mud absorbs these harmful toxins, your body will feel cleaner, lighter, and tighter, making you feel youthful and ready to hit the beach again. Try this one at The Andaman Spa. Aromatic Treatment Experience a satisfying retreat with the Aromatic Treatment at the Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment & Resort Spa. Using only natural ingredients like fresh herbs, flowers, and essential oils, this relaxing service removes all stress and worry from your mind and body. Guests staying at the serviced apartment in Langkawi can be pampered even further by requesting a session with professional therapists inside a private room. Check the promos from this accommodation in Langkawi that may include this special treatment.

5 Spa Treatments to Try After a Day at the Beach in Langkawi  

The alluring beaches of Langkawi in Malaysia are great spots for island activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and island hopping. After...

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