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Editors Letter


New year’s resolutions are such a challenge. We all hope to lose weight, run or cycle a bit more, get out and about, help out at local carnivals and festivals - or maybe even try a bit of woodland volunteering for Rusland Horizons. Sadly mine did not quite go to plan. Next year maybe?


Lindal’s Million


A New School Building For Sandside Lodge School

Thankfully that’s all behind us now so with a spring in our step we’re already looking forward to February. For many people this is the time to start looking at a new career ideas or even consider starting a new business. So if you are on the lookout for a new job or training opportunity or perhaps just a bit of inspiration, don’t forget the Jobs Fair in Ulverston on the 23rd of February. It is in its fifth year running and was hugely successful last year.


Can You Help Your Local Hospital Save Money?


Question Time Event


Oops We Did It Again…


Short Lived Disruption For Long Term Development.

Next issue we will feature a number of successful women in business. Do you know of an inspirational lady that we should feature? Perhaps you have started your own business and would like to tell your story. Free coverage is effectively free advertising so why not get in touch.

10 Keep Our Carnival 12 Local Pub Waiting On Green Light For Extension


Keep on sending us your stories, notices and articles - we love to see more. The Post Office’s decision to seek partners for another 37 of their directly managed Post Offices unfortunately includes Ulverston. Ulverston Post Office is thus set to close and the services to be franchised out to a local retailer. A number of staff will be affected by the decision, and of course it will have a measurable impact on Ulverston town centre and footfall for local shops. Local M.P. John Woodcock is working on meeting with the Post Office to reverse the decision and South Lakes MP and Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron rightly called the decision misguided. As with other cut backs such as the loss of bank branches it is another lost point of contact and communication in the local community.


Another recent government decision that will have an impact on all publishers - newspapers, magazines and media firms is the decision to set up a government regulator of the press. In a nutshell the proposed change in the law that comes with it could spell the end for smaller newspapers as they would be forced to cover the legal charge of any claim made against them, regardless of outcome. Congratulations to everyone who contributes to the sense of community in the area. Why not tell everyone in the local area about your news, upcoming events, meetings and perhaps you’ll attract new members or visitors to your event. You can do all this for free through the pages of Dalton and Ulverston Now - your local community newspaper.




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be selling discounted season tickets for 16 to 18 year olds on a trial basis on the Lakes and Furness Lines with effect from January 2017.

Photo: Kevin Milner

Tim told Dalton & Ulverston Now: “The lack of scholars’ passes for 16 to 18 year olds has become a real concern and financial burden to many parents in recent times, particularly since Cumbria County Council withdrew funding for travel to schools for over 16s. This has been debated at recent Community Rail Partnership meetings and I am really pleased that Northern have listened to those concerns and come up with a very welcome product which the Partnership hopes will be well used. Well done to Northern!”

Happy New Year from Northern Rail Dalton & Ulverston Now recently reported on the cost of travelling to sixth form for 16-18 year olds. As we stated previously, education is compulsory until the age of 18 but help with travel costs is not. Championing the case for parents was Tim Owen, Chairman of the Furness Line Community Rail Partnership, who has worked tirelessly on this and has held many meetings with Northern to discuss the issue. We are delighted to report that on Tuesday 13th December, Tim attended a meeting with Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership, at which Northern announced that they will

Sharon Keith, Regional Director for Northern, said: “We understand, and are proud, that the Furness and Lakes lines are the most convenient and popular method

for many schoolchildren in South Lakes. “As such we wanted to introduce a scheme which not only recognised this, but also offered a significant discount - giving families something back for the continues use of our services. “From January 2017 all schoolchildren under 16 who use the rail services to travel to a number of specified schools will be able to apply for a 40 per cent discount on their term-time season tickets. “And, for the duration of the trial, children aged 16-18 travelling to the same schools will be able to apply for a 25 per cent discount on their term-time season tickets.” On the Furness Line the participating schools are: Dowdales, Ulverston Victoria High School, Lancaster Girls Grammar School, Central Lancaster High School, Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Ripley St. Thomas C of E Academy, Lancaster.” The discounts will represent a sizeable saving for many parents. Thank you Northern and Tim Owen!

Lindal’s Million Pound Makeover

Local MP Supports Pylon Protest The previous issue of Dalton & Ulverston Now highlighted the controversy over National Grid’s plans to connect the projected new Moorside nuclear power station to the electricity network. Originally they intended 12.5 miles of overhead cables on giant 50 metre high pylons to pass through the Lake District National Park. After huge opposition from businesses, residents and groups like the Campaign to Protect Rural England and Friends of the Lake District, it was decided that all new lines within the National Park 4

Ulverston now

boundaries could go underground and some existing pylons would be removed. This turnaround still means that 2 lines of massive pylons will pass through south Copeland and Furness, which will dramatically affect views of the Duddon and Whicham valleys even before any other effects are considered. On New Year’s Day a nationally reported walk was held to protest against the pylons. Local MP, John Woodcock, took part and afterwards stressed that the Duddon valley is every bit as special as the Lake District National Park proper. He makes the

point that the government needs to listen to the protestors because while most local people support the new power station, and understand that the power has to go to the rest of the country, they believed that this would be done in a way which would preserve the area’s beauty. The new proposal breaks this understanding when there were viable alternatives to the pylons. The public consultation closed on January 6th, and National Grid will consider the responses before they submit an application to the Planning Inspectorate in April.


A £1 million Highways England project to resolve one of the long-running flooding issues along the A590 at Lindal-in-Furness began on 25th November. Known locally as “Lindal dip”, the junction with Green Lane frequently floods in heavy rain caused by a combination of factors including the carriageway dip and water from several sources collecting on the A590. The work, completion date end of March, involves raising the carriageway by nearly 2m in places and moving it 7m north west of the existing alignment. An innovative ‘infiltration’ system will also be constructed using a 1.2m diameter drainage pipe to help store rain water before slowly releasing it. Several phases of (weather dependent) traffic management has been needed, what remains includes: Temporary traffic lights from 8pm to 6am on 8 February and 14 March

Overnight full closures between 8pm and 6am on 14 and 15th March

Narrow lanes and a 30 mph speed limit until Wednesday 8 February To minimise disruption Highways England and Cumbria County Council are working together by coordinating these works and the junction improvements in Ulverston at Quebec Street.

A NEW SCHOOL BUILDING FOR SANDSIDE LODGE SCHOOL     




Planning applications have recently been submitted for a new Sandside Lodge School building, Views following 15 months of meetings and 3D consultation with pupils, parents, staff and governors of the Sandside Lodge School, Springfield Road,involve Ulverston school. It will be located on the Ulverston Victoria High School site, and the relocation of the school to the new building in 2018.

The Cumbria Specialist Advisory Teacher teams will have a base in the new building,

   








 

 


  

    

  

   

 

   

  

   


 


 

 

 

  

  


 

  

  

 


 

 

 

  

  

  

  

 

  

  

  

 

  

 

 

  



 



  



 

 

  


  

   




  

 

 

  

  


  

  

 

 


 

 

 



  

 

 


 

 

  



 

 

 

  

  

 

 


     

     



  





     


Head teacher of Sandside Lodge, Susan Gill, said, “I am very excited about the design work of the Architects Plus team and the location of the new building, which will provide pupils of Sandside Lodge and its wider community with an inspirational learning space and the facilities the school needs to continue improving on its current successes”.

  

  

  

  


 

 

  

  

 

 

 


 

  

  

 


  

  

  


  


  

 


   

  


 


   

  

   

 

 


  

  

 

 

  

 

 


 

 


 

  


 

 


 

  


 









 Drawin



 







  





     

 

 


 

  

  


 

 

 

   

 

  

 

 

 


   


 

 

 

  

  



 


  

 

 

 

  

  

  

 

 

    

 

  

   


 

 


  

  


 


    

 

 

  


  

 

   


  


 

  


 


Susan Gill continued “Currently, the funding does not include new school furniture. If any local business or individuals are interested in making a donation we would value their support. New furniture really would make an inspirational design motivating for all”.


 Projec

Proposed Ground Floor Plan Sandside Lodge School, Springfield Road, Ulverston


Co-location with Ulverston Victoria High School will enable both schools to work more closely in partnership for the benefit of pupils attending both Sandside Lodge and UVHS, developing the already strong links and providing increased flexibility in ways of working together.

 

   

 


teaching areas for science, art, food technology and sensory work, social areas and therapy spaces. The pupils will benefit greatly from their own on-site hydrotherapy pool, a rebound therapy facility, plus general teaching rooms, corridors, school hall and school library.

   

 


The design includes inspirational learning ews spaces, with general and specialist ide Lodge School, Springfield Road, Ulverston

providing access to advice and support for the Strategic Resource Provision for secondary aged pupils with autism inPLANNING the Furness area which, this academic year,   became an integral aspect of Sandside Lodge School’s work.


All are eagerly anticipating this exciting and well-deserved development for the school, which has three key advantages over the current building, aside from being new and fit-for purpose.

  

  

 

 

   

  

  

 

  

  


 



Proposed First Floor Plan Sandside Lodge School, Springfield Road, Ulverston 








Images Supplied by Architects Plus Drawin






 




 



An extension to Burlington Stone’s quarry at Kirkby-inFurness was given unanimous approval by Cumbria County Council in November. The extension will provide access to greater stone reserves until 2050 and will support further planned investment in the quarry. Burlington Stone announced that one hundred and fifty jobs at Burlington Stone were secured following the approval. Burlington’s natural stone from the heart of the Lake District will continue to be processed by the firm’s own craftsmen, whose skills have been passed down through the generations. Burlington Stone has a strong environmental ethos and endeavours to work sensitively within their natural surroundings. The Council accepted


 

measures proposed by the company to mitigate the environmental impact of the development work at the quarry site. Part of the Holker Group of companies and well known both nationally and internationally, Burlington’s unique stone products are used in roofing, architectural, cladding and landscaping applications. Duncan Peake, outgoing CEO of the Holker Group, said to Dalton & Ulverston Now “This is a hugely positive result for Burlington Stone, and we are now in a position to commence our ambitious development plan for the business. We hope to see many future iconic buildings adorned with Burlington’s range of luxurious and signature British natural stone products”

| 01229 490 000


Dalton Community Centre A shortage of space hasn’t reduced the number of opportunities. To an outsider looking in, placing the town’s library, police station, play-group, as well as a number of youth clubs in to one building, isn’t necessarily the most pragmatic of suggestions. However, once you get beyond the scepticism, you can clearly see that Dalton Community Centre is an integral part of the town. As local resident Brenda Wilson points out, “although it hasn’t always been the most popular of options, the centre is an effective alternative for many local clubs”. Brenda is primarily talking about the library, which earlier last year announced it was to temporarily close and relocate at the Community Centre. “Obviously there isn’t the volume of resources since the move but at least the locals still have somewhere on their doorstep which they can use”, Brenda said. “The library runs entirely on trust

and the good-nature of people. Staff are only here to supervise on a Friday, so the rest of the week is a self-service system”. Across the corridor from the newly located library, is a single office which the police have been using as their base. Since the closure of Dalton Station just over four years ago, the police have used the centre, with three Community Support Officers based there full-time. “It’s actually worked really effectively”, insists PSCO Sam Thomas. “We can now be more proactive and look to help and engage with the community rather than just react to incidents when they happen. People know we are here and subsequently it makes for a safer environment”. As well as a library and a pocket-sized police station, the Community Centre is home to several local activities, varying from first-aid courses to beginner Spanish lessons. Dalton Youth Club also gather every Thursday evenings, with

Independent living with companionship from £200pw ...the view of Lake Windermere comes free!


uu Independent living with companionship uu No maintenance worries uu Safe, quiet and well-run uu Resident House Manager




Ulverston now

Dalton Old Police Station

Dalton Old Library

Can you help your local Hospital save money?

Did you know that you can help the local Morecambe Bay Health Trust to reduce costs? The trust spend £63,000 a year on metal walking sticks, walking frames and crutches, and patients often put them aside when they are better and forget to return them. It is not a new initiative by the trust, they would always want these items back, but return rates tend to decline unless we are reminded!

· Furness General Hospital – Therapy Department, Emergency Department or Plaster Room

· Queen Victoria Hospital – Therapy Department · Royal Lancaster Infirmary – Therapy Department Medical Unit 1 or 2, Emergency Department or Plaster Room

· Ulverston Health Centre – Hospital Outpatient Reception

Rental cost from £200 pw per flat including heating and hot water, home-cooked lunch every weekday and 24/7 emergency service.


Dalton Community Centre

After the sticks, crutches and frames are returned, they are checked for safety and thoroughly cleaned before handed out to the next patient. So if you have a metal walking stick, crutch or walking frame in the back of your cupboard, or under the bed, please return it to:

CALGARTH PARK Calgarth Park is an elegant Grade II listed Georgian mansion situated in lovely grounds with distant views of the lake and fells.

three separate sessions available from 3.30pm to 9pm. Despite many local services having to dramatically down-size, Dalton’s Community Centre remains as busy and vibrant as ever before. An opportunity to learn Spanish in a room next to the local police station? As resident Brenda Wilson says, “it’s a very unique situation indeed”.

· Westmorland General Hospital – Therapy Department

015394 43016


Some occupational therapy aids are not possible to return. But they can take back Metal Crutches, Metal Walking Sticks and Metal Walking Frames. Unfortunately they cannot take back; wooden walking sticks, toileting aids (i.e. seat risers, commodes), dining trolleys and perching stools.


Furness College, 5.30pm on Thursday 23 February 2017

Amazing donations at the Tree Festival

Dalton Town Council’s Christmas Tree at the Festival this year raised £250.95 which has been donated to the Royal British Legion. The beautiful tree was decorated with 176 handmade poppies and name plates to commemorate the 176 local lads who lost their lives in World War 1.

Acacia VW Camper Hire 2 berth VW Auto sleeper Trooper

Photo: David Thexton T & J Photographic

The Furness Branch of the Federation of Small Businesses is hosting its annual Question Time Event at Furness College on Thursday 23 February at 5.30pm. Sold out for the past two years, this event has become one of, if not the most popular, events in the local business calendar. So, with places limited, it is important to book your place as soon as you can – see below for details. FSB Furness Branch Chair, Phil Collier, says: “Once again we are fortunate to have a great panel of local prominent business people who have agreed to participate, thus illustrating the importance of an event like this.”

Mr Collier continues: “As in the BBC Question Time format, questions will be put to the panel by our audience and now that we are starting to physically see evidence of the huge levels of investment heading the way of the Furness area, there is plenty to discuss. Our panel this year covers a broad range of roles within the growing Furness economy so, as with our previous panels, it will be really interesting to hear the views of theses influential local people. “This will the fourth year in a row that this event has taken place and in past years our audiences and panels have enjoyed an entertaining and informative

evening and we are looking to strike the same balance again this time around. I can’t think of many more interesting things to do on a dreary February Thursday evening, so why not come along and join us?”

Local friendly service, free pick up from Ulverston station & free off road parking

From as little as £200 for a 3 night break phone 01229 584086

The evening starts at 5.30pm with coffee and canapés and a chance to network, with the Question Time event commencing at 6pm and running through until 7.30pm.

As with all FSB Furness Branch events, entry is FREE and the event is not restricted to FSB members. To book your place, please contact Sarah Williamson on 07850 308132 or email

FREE no obligation Marketing MOT for small businesses

Call Suzanne 01229 231843 Find me on Facebook

Documents saved & archived for the future With the closure of Ulverston Town Hall and the prospect of developers moving in, members of the Civic Society spent hours getting covered in dust and grime as they retrieved old paperwork which the archives at Barrow didn’t want or couldn’t find space for. The papers are mostly in filthy tattered file envelopes, and the plan is to take them out, sort and catalogue them and then store them in proper archive standard boxes alongside the archive from

the former Heritage Centre. The Civic Society sees this as the first step towards working with interested parties to find a long-term home for the town archive where it will be accessible to the public. Most of the rescued paperwork covers the time from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and seems to provide a mass of incidental detail on Ulverston’s post war development , including Glaxo’s arrival, High Carley

Hospital, slum clearance and the celebrations for the Queen’s coronation. Old forms and obscure ledgers might not seem to be of immediate importance, and were probably destined for a builder’s skip or bonfire. However, the papers deal with places now re-developed and events which will soon pass out of living memory, and as such need to be kept for future generations of local historians and those tracing the history of Ulverston families.

Mon to Fri 8am - 5pm Sat 8am - 12noon

Canal St Garage, Ulverston, Cumbria. LA12 7JZ

We deliver throughout the Furness Peninsular and surrounding area’s.

Tel: 01229 582352 / 01229 585410 Suppliers of Plumbing, Heating, Hardware, Tools, Timber, Agricultural & Building Supplies

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5th annual Jobs Fair Oops we did it again… Ulverston based Chartered Accountants J F Hornby & Co have once again claimed the top prize at the British Accountancy Awards. It’s something of a double double for the firm after scooping the same award last year. The unprecedented achievement saw the business win best independent accountants in the North and then the whole of the UK at a black tie event in London hosted by Jon Culshaw. The judges said Hornby’s was the stand out firm but still retained the feel of a family business. They were also praised for their outstanding work in tax. Hornby’s managing director Paul Hornby attended the awards and was over the moon with the achievement. He said to Ulverston Now ‘before the awards we were chatting with some of

the judges who said the competition was so intense this year – probably the best year ever. Therefore to win the top prize is an incredible achievement. The outpouring of emotion and joy from our team following the results clearly shows the pride and togetherness we have here at Hornby’s and helps us produce the very best results for our clients.’ Hornby’s was started by John Hornby 22 years ago and is the biggest provider of accountancy services in the Furness area. With clients from around the world they are experts in specialist tax and going that extra mile for clients. Now run by Paul Hornby, his wife Beverley and Tom Southward they employ over 40 people and are on the verge of the top 100 firms in the UK.

Ulverston Town Council and Ulverston Community Partnership are working in partnership with JobCentre Plus in Barrow to hold their annual Jobs Fair in Coronation Hall on Thursday the 23rd of February. Doors open to job seekers at 9.30 am and the fair will run until 1pm. If you are a would be job seeker, don’t forget to bring copies of your CV ready to hand to prospective employers!

This is the 5th Jobs Fair held in Ulverston. Previous events have helped many into both jobs, training schemes and voluntary work/charity work places. Last year’s Jobs Fair resulted in a fantastic number of people finding jobs - 75 at the latest count! And an additional number of training and volunteering opportunities taken up.

Companies or organisations interested in attending please contact Mrs Priestly at Barrow Jobs Centre Plus on 01229 893362 for more information.



Multi award winning

Part of your community

Daltongate Business Centre Ulverston Cumbria LA12 7AJ fax 01229 588061 email

call 01229 588077

• Accounts preparation • Payroll • Company formation

• VAT • Taxation • Business start ups

Down Under from Dalton

It’s not unusual on a cold, wet, dark UK winter’s evening to think of moving somewhere warm and dry with plenty of sunshine.

Better Care Together Better Care Together is the name given to a local programme of activity across Morecambe Bay aimed at making our health and care services work closer together.

The programme was set up in 2012 but is now beginning to make improvements to care experienced locally by the Morecambe Bay public.

At its heart – Better Care Together aims to bring care closer to people’s homes, and reduce the reliance on expensive hospitals – unless a patient needs only the services a hospital provides. Already 2,500 local people have seen Better Care Together in action – last year 1,500 patients were treated in the community rather than hospital thanks to a system called Advice and Guidance –

Not all of us emigrate. But after enjoying a couple of holidays in Oz, Helen and Ryan Williams from Dalton decided a break was not long enough. A permanent move seemed unlikely at the time as they had just settled into their new home, the boys had started school and Helen’s business, Ladybirds, was beginning to get off the ground. During the time it takes to complete the necessary paperwork, process visas and sell the house, they had ample opportunity to get used to the idea. They said their goodbyes and arrived in Australia just before Christmas 2011. The holiday feeling was soon replaced with homesickness. However, the children settled into new schools and Helen volunteered there. She missed running her own business so

where a GP can get advice from a hospital specialist. Another 1,000 have been treated at their opticians rather than hospital for minor eye conditions in the first two months of a new scheme which has been put into place locally. A key plank for Better Care Together is that 11 partners – all the organisations providing health and care locally – including social services, community services, hospitals and GPs, are working together as the Bay Health and Care Partners. Another key plank is that they are introducing Integrated Care Communities. These are local clinical staff from across all the organisations working with their communities, charities and elected members, to work on priorities for the local area. There will be 12 communities across the Morecambe Bay area, including:

started afresh downunder, launching “Britishmaid”.

“It has taken five years to feel settled here,” Ryan explained. “We spend a lot of our spare time at the beach or in the pool, which they were glad of on Christmas Day when temperatures reached 41º.” Undeterred Helen turned up the A/C, much as we do with the heating, and cooked a traditional Christmas lunch.

“Where do you prefer to live, Oz or UK?” Helen replied, “That is a bit like asking which of your children is your favourite! They are different in different ways and we love them both.”

If anyone is thinking of making the move, please contact Helen at

• Grange and the Lakes • Ulverston, Dalton & Askam If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting project in support of the communities in your area, you are invited to a meeting of the local Integrated Care Community to take place on: Monday 27th March, The Main Hall. Dalton Community Centre Wednesday 29th March, Supper Room, Coronation Hall, Ulverston The meetings will take place between 6pm and 8pm and light refreshments will be provided For more information contact Angela Robinson from Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group at angela.robinson@, or call her on 01539 777327

Short lived disruption for long term development. Good access to the A590 and so the M6 is vital for businesses in Cumbria and “particularly companies part of Cumbria’s advanced manufacturing sector, several of which are in Ulverston.” Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has secured £4.5m for infrastructure improvements to support economic growth of the town. The A590, part of the Strategic Road Network for England , is managed by Highways England. Enhancements are being carried out, at North Lonsdale Terrace, Lightburn/Daltongate and Quebec Street. Although temporary disruption is inevitable, it is envisaged that this work will be essential for local development.

Are you without an in-house HR expert and in need of advice and support? Turnstone HR is a team of 3 CIPD-qualified HR professionals, carrying out different and complementary roles, making us one of the largest HR consultancies in the county. Whatever your HR needs, we can offer the complete package.

Chrissy Tait MCIPD Director 07725 735581

We have a proven track record based on our combined 60 years’ HR experience. We are valued by our clients for our friendly, professional and discreet approach, for our modest fees and for being easily accessible with expert advice that is tailored to the needs of their organisation. Based in Ulverston, we work with clients from a range of industries right across South Lakeland and beyond. We offer a local, handson service that will leave you secure, confident, compliant with the requirements of employment law and most importantly, free to focus on running your business.

Sarah Goddard MCIPD Director 07715 822216

| 01229 490 000


Keep Our Carnival Dalton Carnival is a great success. Chairman Neil McDougall explained, “Planning is well under way for this year’s Carnival on June 10th. We’ve had great support from the Mayor, Councillor Nick Perie, and we’d like to strengthen our links with the local community and other events in Dalton & Newton. Last year over £2,500 was donated to local charities and good causes, exceeding the previous year’s total, despite the weather. Neil said, “We always aim to keep the money in the Dalton & Newton areas where possible. It’s good to put something back into the town.” But the committee wants to raise more and asks our readers “Why not join us on the day the town comes alive? The volunteers come from a variety of local

The Builders Supply Company

groups who enjoy what they do.” What do Volunteers do?

For 2 or 3 hours, volunteers staff the road closures and the parade route, ensure safety for onlookers and participants and enjoy a fun family day out whilst helping to raise as much as possible for local causes. They collect money, walk alongside the parade or stand at junctions ensuring the parade is free from vehicles. Dalton Carnival has a job for you if you can spare some time on June 10th. Who can volunteer?

Anyone can be a volunteer. Experience is preferred but not essential as instruction and a hi-vis jacket is provided. Beware this is an outdoor event affected by the weather, over which there is no control!!


How can local businesses help? The Carnival is required to employ SIA qualified stewards. If you can provide financial sponsorship, please contact the committee. The Carnival chairman issues this rallying call, “We don’t want to become just another gala day. We want to keep the tradition of the parade through Dalton’s streets. Without stewards, there is a danger the parade won’t take place. The less spent on professional stewarding, the more can be given to local causes.” “We want Dalton Carnival to grow and ensure that it is a safe, family friendly environment that people can enjoy for many years to come.” If anyone can help please contact Neil: 07917728431

Christmas Window Display winners


The Builders Supply Company Your Local Independent Builders Merchant

Building Materials Plumbing & Heating Landscaping Timber & Joinery The Bathroom Showroom The Green Energy Centre Come and visit us at your local branch.... Kendal: 01539 721911 Grange: 015395 34404 Ingleton: 015242 41901

Barrow: 01229 829333 Ulverston: 01229 583847 Settle: 01729 825559 10

Ulverston now


In Ulverston Floral & Hardy’s winning window was inspired by nature and winter wonderland. They also incorporated elements of Christmas and the wedding work they do, giving it that lovely vintage style that they specialise in. The wedding mannequin was done in salal leaves with Christmas spruce and bouquet of silks including anemones, vintages roses and greenery. In Dalton Elegance by Jayne was the well derserved winner, maker of designer bridal, prom and occasion wear, made her window twinkle with humour and Christmas cheer.

Elegance & Style Are Ancient Claims Slowing Development? 10 years of flair

On Wednesday 22nd of February Davenports Boutique in Grange is celebrating 10 years of effortless style and flair. Julia Sawford, a business woman with an exacting eye for design and fashion out of the ordinary, is looking back at a career from wine merchant to fashion and celebrating with a Party for all friends and customers!

With fizz and nibbles throughout the day, gift bags with all purchases made and free raffles to win fabulous prizes, Davenports is a must destination for a day of fun and celebrations. The Managing Director of Colour Me Beautiful (for Europe, Africa & Middle East) Mr Cliff Bashforth will be giving customers advice on colours and style. And don’t miss the new seasons collections that Davenports have just brought in! Julia has made Davenports into the goto destination if you are looking for an exclusive range of fashion pieces, from everyday shirts and dresses to cruise wear, occasion wear and wedding outfits. She has brought in new European designers and introduced an effortless chic far above anything you would find on the high street.

As reported in the previous Dalton & Ulverston Now, information is short on when construction will start on the Premier Inn in Ulverston. A spokesman for Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants said that they were ‘discharging a number of planning conditions’ without giving any more detail. However, at the October Town Council meeting, it was suggested that an issue with ‘mineral rights’ might be a possible cause of delay. Strange though it may seem in the 21st century, in recent years large landowners with ancient claims to manorial rights have been registering their interest in minerals below the surface of lands previously within the borders of their historic manors. It has come as a shock to many people across England to realise that although they might own the freehold of a house or fields or any other land, someone else owns what is underneath their property. Technically, ‘minerals’ refer to anything of value on or below the surface, for example gravel, clay or stone, while the rights to gold, silver and hydrocarbons such as gas, shale gas and oil are held by the Crown. The suspicion arises that landowners are not necessarily interested in valuable minerals but are exercising their ancient rights in order to delay development and profit from it, since they have argued in court that by work like digging foundations developers will damage their property and in effect commit trespass. There was a famous case several years ago in Workington when Tesco were buying a site from the council for a new store. The Countess of Lonsdale, who happened to oppose the development, invoked her rights to minerals under the site, and the council had to rescind the

sale. The case dragged through the courts for over a year before the parties came to a settlement. It is difficult to be certain if something similar is going on behind the scenes over the Premier Inn site. In the 18th century the Ulverston manor title passed to the Dukes of Buccleuch, and in the 19th century the Duke of Buccleuch certainly exercised his mineral rights in Ulverston, taking a royalty for every ton of iron ore mined in the area. The current Duke is one of Scotland’s largest private landowners, but an email enquiry to the Buccleuch estate over whether he still owns these mineral rights in Ulverston has met with no response so far.

A visit to Davenports is worth it for the views alone. So it’s just as well the clothes lining the rails more than live up to their wondrous seaside setting. But it is worth noting that Davenports will only order four of each design to limit the possibility of their customers running into someone else wearing the same outfit. Be it a dinner at the golf club or a local wedding, Davenports keeps a book behind the counter with a note of which outfit has been purchased for which occasion.

Personal service and such a nice place to be. Everyone that comes in gasps at the views, you can take your time; take a seat by the window whilst waiting for a friend or partner.

| 01229 490 000


A Gully Blitz near you? Cumbria County Council is undertaking a special one-off programme of gully clearing to ensure the county’s streets are able to drain as quickly as possible in the event of heavy rain.

Housing versus Flood Risks – the difficult choice

Two pressing issues that have been discussed widely locally, namely SLDC’s drive for new housing in Ulverston to cope with its expected expansion and the risk of flooding, have collided in south Ulverston. Housing developer Oakmere Homes has submitted plans to build over 100 houses at Lund Farm on land which was flooded only last August. This has generated understandable apprehension and opposition from the local SLDC councillor, Andrew Butcher, and residents. It will be of little comfort to people here that they provide a text book example of what is happening nationally. Local councils are under pressure from the government to earmark more land for housing to tackle the nationwide housing shortage, with hundreds of thousands of new houses reportedly needed. At the same time,

hydrologists and forecasters are warning that extreme weather events, including flooding on an unusual scale, are likely to become more frequent. They believe that we will either have to re-think about building on land at risk from flooding or make any new schemes flood resilient by incorporating special features. A proposal to make such features obligatory was dropped after opposition from developers arguing that this would be too expensive. These competing pressures leave SLDC’s planning committee with a crucial decision to make at a time when the Environment Agency is developing a flood map and model of south Ulverston to apply for funding for a flood alleviation scheme. The Agency points out that south Ulverston is reclaimed salt marsh which nature is busy trying to turn into its original state. Among

Photo: August 2016

other flood risk factors such as a complex and neglected drainage system, the confluence of Dragley and Town Becks and silting where water drains into Morecambe Bay, south Ulverston has a very high groundwater table. This has already meant that the former Rascals nursery building cannot be protected and is due to be demolished. However, while the Environment Agency has to be consulted by councils and is responsible for advising on flood risk, it has no power to accept or reject planning proposals. Planners elsewhere have ignored EA advice and allowed housing to be built on floodplains. It is to be hoped that Oakmere Homes will give substantial information on how they intend to deal with the flood risk and that the SLDC planning committee will give full consideration to expert advice.

Local pub waiting on Green Light for Extension A local pub is finalising planning permission so it can extend the area around the bar. The Black Dog Inn, on the outskirts of Dalton is currently undergoing renovation, so it can relocate the bar to a more suitable location.

Owners of the pub, Mark and Christine Corkill, are waiting for permission to knock into the next room, so it can free up 12

Ulverston now


more space for people to sit.

Mark says he is excited by the plans and it shows the pub is going in the right direction.

“If everything goes to plan, the seating area is going to improve enormously. At the moment the bar is placed in an awkward position and a lot of space is wasted. These new plans will make a significant difference”.

The blitz of over 12,000 drains and gullies is in addition to the county council’s standard annual gully clearing programme and started in December (as most trees have dropped their leaves). In South Lakeland some 5,649 gullies should have been cleared by mid-January. The county council has worked with local Flood Action Groups to identify where blocked gullies have previously caused problems. If you are aware of a blocked gully which needs urgent action you can contact the county council’s Highways Hotline via highwayshotline.

COMMUNITY GRANT FUNDING South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) is welcoming enquiries and applications from groups for funding of Locally Important Projects (LIPs). LIPs funding can be used to support the delivery of infrastructure such as additional, or extension of, social facilities, improvements to paths, walkways and the local environment. The deadline for applications in this round of LIPs grants is 12 noon on Monday, 13 February 2017. For more details about LIPs and the application process see the SLDC website: your-neighbourhood/grants/ new-homes-bonus/

Victoria Rd Ulverston Cumbria LA12 0DG

Savari Sands Greystones Westbound Witherslack Grange over Sands LA11 6RJ

Tel: 01229 581 043

Tel: 01539 552 411

Order your made to measure BEDROOM before the end of April & receive FREE fitting

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No one ever regrets buying quality *Offer refers to a standard Exel Ortho Divan Bed & Mattress

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2016 Festival Retrospective 2016 was another vibrant year for our many wonderful festivals. Here we take a look back at a selection from a glorious season of events that brought huge crowds flocking to South Lakes or Furness from all over the world.




“Another tremendous success with a high standard of performances. Entries were slightly increased on 2015 and good feedback was received.” - Keith Butcher - Chair

Despite heavy rain, last year over £2,500 was donated to local charities and good causes, exceeding the previous year’s total. Neil said, “We always aim to keep the money in the Dalton & Newton areas where possible. It’s good to put something back into the town.”

“The carnival, in aid of St Mary’s Hospice, was attended by over 10,000 people and over £3,000 was raised. The town came alive to the floats and dancers who walked through the streets entertaining the packed crowd. Stocks were held on the Market Cross to raise money by throwing wet sponges at local well known people and music was played around the town. A carnival was held on Ford Park field with a stage and entertainers arranged by Bay Radio.” - Bob Qazi - Chairman of the Carnival Committee

South Cumbria Music Festival

UCRG Easter Trail

“Our 3rd annual Easter Trail attracted a record number of schools, groups and businesses. Due to the generosity of the businesses we were able to give all the schools and groups free Eggs to decorate. Over 70 Eggs decorated the towpath over the half term and they looked great! We also had an Easter Trail competition and 4 winners received chocolate bunnies.” Zoe Arnold-Bennett - Committee Member - Ulverston Canal Regeneration

Dalton Carnival

Ulverston Hospice Carnival

Another Fine Fest

“This year, our third year, was our best yet with the highest ever attendance (estimated up to 10,000) and with over 100 acts on show from all over the country. Every one of the 11 official venues and 2 outdoor stages were packed all day and buzzing with live music from all genres, comedy, street theatre, circus acts and more. We even broke the world record for the largest shaving cream pie fight!” - Dave Crossley Festival Director

Summer Buddhist Festival

“2800 people from 52 countries attended a two week spiritual holiday on ‘The Very Essence of Buddha’s Teachings’. Amazing, peaceful and meaningful Festival all run by volunteers!” - Geoffrey Roe Visitor Manager, Conishead Priory & Buddhist Temple

Group April Easter Trail

Flag Fortnight

Businesses and houses were once again adorned with beautiful handmade flags, depicting trades and local activities, bringing a brilliant splash of colour throughout the town.

Furness Tradition

“Nine dance teams all from different traditions and different parts of the

Photo: Kevin Milner 14

Ulverston now


country, three very different storytellers, 12 incredible guest concert performers and bands, two dance bands and two dance callers, one very fine exhibition of art prints, mummers, a Galician bagpipe band, sessions in the pubs, music and story workshops. Absolutely top Shetland fiddle tunes, amazing Swedish music, powerful story events, three great Cumbrian bands at the market Cross. An Ulverston weekend of the highest order – the eighteenth Furness Tradition festival and one of the best yet!” - Gordon Jones - Chairman



Planning has already begun on this years ‘Dog Fest’, a popular event that takes place on August bank holiday. Last year saw the biggest turn out ever, with several live bands playing, an outdoor barbeque and copious amounts of local ale for sale. However, the event which has been running for the past six years, promises to be even bigger than before, owner Mark Corkill says. “We have purchased a 90 by 30 foot marquee, which means we can have the main event in the field opposite, so there is more room. There will be an exclusive bar and an emphasis on real ale. These promise to be exciting times for the Black Dog Inn”.

“The highlights were definitely the glorious weather and the laid back low tec family atmosphere with everyone enjoying the simple pleasures of life and celebrating our horticultural heritage. The apple pressing was hugely popular, we were supported by South Lakeland Orchard Group and with our hardworking volunteers. The press was kept active from 9.30 in the morning to 4pm. It was lovely to see those who had come with one bag of apples from their garden which they really valued, queuing alongside those with a wheelbarrow full! As with all our festivals it was the talented local individuals giving their time for free who were the icing on the cake, Furness Morris , Martin Gilbert’s story telling , Blast Furness and the Iron Shepherds and The Bread of Herron who’ wonderful baking smells lured visitors into the kitchen garden.”

Dog Fest

Retro Rendezvous

“We had some great displays of retro fashions, classic motorcycles, classic cars and a double decker bus! Music over the entire weekend went down well, with indoor gigs, an outside stage on both days and street musicians as well. The classic cycling events were well attended, as was the classic pram parade. The classic film at the special, art Deco cinema the Roxy was a highlight, with a packed house turning out in period fashion to watch Some Like It Hot and enjoy pre-film cocktails and jazz at the Museum. The fashions were lovely to see, parading round the town and ending at the outside stage, with lots from all periods of the 20th century. All in all a good time was had by all. “ Dave Watson Wood - Chairman

Photo: Chris Warner

À L’ancienne Retro Cycling Festival

Apple Day

Alison Alger / Chief Executive Officer / Ford Park Community Group


Lantern Festival “The 2016 Ulverston Lantern Festival continued its epic progress with more lanterns and bigger crowds than at any time in recent years. This year’s theme of ‘Into the Woods’ inspired a fantastic range of lantern creations from a gigantic Gruffalo to a host of animals, bird and insects. There were walking trees and swooping owls, mushrooms swinging from poles, and trolls stalking the streets. The woodland theme also shaped the finale with music and dance in Ford Park and stands of flowing lantern trees, before the firework finish against the backdrop of Hoad Hill, topped by the monument in the glow of its new LED floodlighting. With up to 8,000 people on the streets enjoying the fine evening it was also a good night for Ulverston’s pubs, restaurants and cafes which were packed and forced to turn people away.” Chris Nelson - Chairman of the Lantern Festival Committee


Photo: Lindsay Ward

Dickensian Christmas Festival

Reputed to have one of Englands finest Christmas Markets, the festival attracts thousands of people every year with unique gifts, festive foods, dancing and much more.


Brolly Parade A crowd met at the Auction Mart, paraded down the canal towpath with Ulverston Brass Band and local school choirs.

(part of Retro Rendezvous)

“In spite of the weather, we enjoyed a great day on the Sunday. The event grew again for the third year with the riders taking a full part in the whole Retro Rendezvous experience.” - Alan Brenton - Event Director

Photo: Kevin Milner

Photo: Iain Raven, Boogles and Bump

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On yer bike Venture out for an adventure - or perhaps just around town. So much to see around Furness, South Lakes and even further around Morecambe Bay. Whether young, old or middleaged, cycling is refreshing, fun and a sport almost all of us can enjoy. So why not dust off those pedal pushers and give it a go in 2017?

DC Cycles in Ulverston has been given a whole new makeover by local entrepreneurs Dan Stringer and Jenny Nuttall. Not only will they match you with the right bike, but they will also make sure that it doesn’t just sit in the shed gathering dust. Ulverston Cycle Hub Mountain-biking Dan wants to share his love of being in the mountains, off the beaten trail and perfecting geeky racing techniques. So as well as offering a top quality bike set-up and repair service, coach Dan will be offering rides in the Lake District and taking people to new places that they would never see without a bike. Rides and coaching sessions are available for all levels of rider from total beginners to experienced riders and racers. In Tandem It was through cycling that Dan and Jenny first met and Jenny became one of the first test cases for Dan’s mountain bike coaching. Jenny came to cycling in her mid-30s, having not ridden since she

DC Cycles - Recycled

was a teenager. Thanks to Dan’s amazing coaching, Jenny began entering, and finding herself on the podium in women’s events and more importantly, developing wonderful friendships in the mountain-biking community. She now has her own successful blog, Jozza Guns, is sponsored by Flare Clothing and has been invited to write for magazines like Pedal North. On Yer Bikes Ladies It’s now Jenny’s dream to give other women the confidence to ride and to help them benefit from the mental and

emotional boost that cycling has to offer. So she will be organising monthly women’s only rides and…. wait for it, ladies…free maintenance courses! This is great news for those of us who have the dreaded “fear of riding in case of puncture syndrome!” Jenny says: “Whoever you are, you can still get out. Whatever your age, social situation or experience, it’s never too late to start your journey”. Call in and say hi, there’s a big comfy couch and a cup of proper coffee waiting for you!

Cycling in Winter Winter in the Lake District can be perilous. The cold temperatures, icy conditions on the roads not to mention the wet and the wind.

BIKE HUB & CAFE Call Jon or Caroline on 01229 587829


Station Approach, Ulverston, LA12 0DP


Ulverston now

But that doesn’t mean that cyclists need to hang up their helmets and put the bike to bed for the winter. If the proper precautions are taken, there is no reason why the colder months should be avoided.

Looking after yourself with proper winter clothing such as windproof, thermal and waterproof items can definitely keep the elements at bay. Good quality gloves and overshoes are very useful additions to anyone’s kit bag to keep the extremities warm and to keep your enjoyment factor high! Also, when the night draws in and the daylight hours are reduced, a decent set of lights is essential for those venturing out on gloomy or overcast winter days. Lights on the front and rear of the bike paired with


reflective strips on your kit are as much for your visibility as they are for making you obvious for other road users so they are a must have. Cumbria has some of the most diverse weather conditions in Britain; one minute the sun will be shining and the next, you’re being pelted with hail. The weather in the Lake District can vary between different valleys, so it is important to consider not what the conditions ‘are’ but what they ‘could be’. Finally, legendary leg burners such as Hardknott and Wrynose Pass are considered the pinnacles of cycling in the Lake District, although layers of snow and icy conditions can make these roads and others, absolutely lethal. This being said, any road can accumulate ice on corners or in shaded patches, so take care when planning your

ride, regardless of difficulty.

There are many gems to be found from cold weather riding; a crisp view over your favourite landscapes, the first sip of a coffee in the local cafe, not to mention the rush of warmth when you step back inside your house afterwards! Being prepared for the different winter conditions will allow you to make the most of the weather by getting out on the bike and enjoying the fantastic part of the world that we live in.

Why not have a go yourself?

Surrounded by beautiful countryside and on the fringe of the National Park Ulverston is a Prime location for some great cycling. Here is a route you can try yourself. Thank you to Vertebrate Publishing for allowing us to use this information Gleaston Castle & Watermill 17 miles (28 km) Easy/Moderate Start & parking Market Cross in Ulverston Refreshments Ship Inn, Bardsea. Dusty Miller’s Café, Gleaston. Chandlers at the Candle Factory. For the spur to Furness Abbey there is the Newton Arms PH, the Farmers Arms and Abbey Mill Cafe at the abbey ruins. Places of interest Conishead Priory is a 19thCentury Gothic mansion surrounded by 70 acres of woods and gardens. For many years the priory served as a rest home for Durham miners. It is now being restored by the Buddhist Manjushri Institute. 1. From Ulverston’s Market Cross, go past Nat West Bank on Queen Street. At the A590 traffic lights, go SA onto Princes Street, signposted Railway Station. 2. After 300yds, turn first L onto Lightburn Road. At the X-roads by Bethany Church, turn R. Go under a railway bridge. At the T-junction at the end of Park Road, turn R again (no sign).

3. Follow the A5087 for almost 2 miles then (easy to miss) shortly after passing a turning to Conishead Priory on the left, take the next R, signposted Bardsea. Continue into Bardsea then, 100yds before the Ship Inn and the church, turn R signposted Urswick.

8. At the X-roads, 2 miles after Dendron, go SA signposted 7.5 ton weight limit, then shortly after the start of the descent, turn first R, signposted Bike Route 20, Lindal.

11. After 11⁄2 miles follow the road to the R as it swings past Pennington church. Cross the railway line and immediately after the primary school, turn L signposted Bike Route 20.

9. Easy to miss: after 11⁄4 miles, shortly after a road joins from the right, turn L, signposted Bike Route 20. At the X-roads (white lines across) go SA, signposted Lindal.

12. Follow this lane around two sharp right-hand bends, ignoring left turns. At the T-junction with the busy A590 at the end of Pennington Lane, turn L, walking your bike along the pavement for 200yds. Take the first road L, signposted Tourist Information Centre, to return to the start.

10. At the X-roads with the A590, use the toucan crossing to cross onto the pavement opposite and turn R. Dismount, walk your bike for 200yds on the pavement and turn first L onto Pennington Lane, signposted Loppergarth. Shortly go SA at the X-roads of 11 lanes.

4. At the X-roads of lanes at the top of the climb, turn L. 5. After 2 miles, at the T-junction by a Give Way sign, turn R to go through Scales, then after 400yds, first L (brown and white Watermill sign). 6. Go past the ruins of Gleaston Castle and Dusty Miller’s café. At the T-junction shortly after Gleaston Water Mill, turn R (no sign). Go through the village and at the X-roads at the end of Main Street, go SA signposted Dendron, Dalton. 7. After 1⁄2 mile, at the T-junction in the hamlet of Dendron, with a barn ahead, turn R uphill (no sign).




3 4


Furness Abbey Spur After 11⁄4 miles and soon after going beneath power lines, turn L, signposted Bike Route 20. Follow Bike Route 20 signs, turning R at the Village Inn in Newton, then first L and first R for the abbey. Retrace your route.

8 5



Spur to Furness Abbey

Take a look at Vertebrate Publishing’s Traffic free Cycling guide with many more cycling ideas for the family to enjoy

Come and see our exciting

Morecambe Bay Electric Bike Network Grange Now (sister paper

long wires hanging from

to Dalton the windows, but it turns Ride 5 –& Ulverston Over the hills to Broughton in Furness Now) is delighted to be out that the battery on appointed a charge 25 miles (40 km) as Challenging point for the new and Start & parking: Market Cross in the centre of Ulverstonexciting initiative – the Electric BikeInn,Network for Refreshments: Burlington Ship Inn, Kirkby-in-Furness. Manor Arms, Old Kings Morecambe Bay. Head, Black Cock Inn, Bakery Café, Square Café, Broughton. The network will be

and running in This is byup some way the toughest later of the five rides, but you are rewarded with stunning the spring of 2017 and views of Duddon Sands against a backdrop of Black Combe rising to 2000ft, and amore fine should encourage choice of refreshments in Broughton in to the area. Furness. visitors The steep climb northwest from Ulverston has several false summits – you have TheThe future, bothviews the been warned! reward isfor splendid and a fastElectric descent to Bike Kirkby. Flat lanes lead Network, through to Foxfield and an old byway, taking cycling you closeand to theincreased centre of Broughton. Enjoy the refreshments before the joining the old tourism in the area looks railway for a mile and linking to the network of quiet but steep lanes across Subberthwaite hugely positive and Common. You return to Ulverston by neatly bea delightful of benefit to avoiding should the B5281 on parallel lane to the west of it.

1 From Ulverston’s Market Cross, take the street between the Farmers Arms PH and Bradylls Arms PH, then shortly turn first R uphill onto Stockbridge Lane. 2 many The 3-mile local climb is businesses. split into four sections, with short Now I know downhills separatingyou the are climbs. Ignore turnings to right asking and left. Beyond the summit, descend steeply for going 11⁄4 miles. to is someone At the T-junction with a house called Millview L. to the carry theirahead, biketurnup

Grange/Ulverston Now 3 office (on Main Street in At the X-roads with the A595 by the Burlington go SA, their Grange) toInn, charge signposted Railway station. At the T-junction withdid Kirkby battery? We consider railway station ahead, turn R. installing a lift or perhaps

4 After 3⁄4 mile, at the T-junction with the A595, turn L. The next turn is easy to miss: after 1⁄4 mile, just before a right turn to


an electric bike can be removed and easily brought in for charging. 8 This leaves the owner some time to visit the local cafes and shops, before returning fully recharged!


LARGE SELECTION FROM £599 AGENTS FOR Raleigh, Batribike, Freego, Powabyke, Winora, Cyclotricity, 7 Easy to miss: after almost 1 mile, and shortly after the Mission Cycles, Full size bikes, folders start of the houses in Broughton, opposite a lane to Whitehaven, Workington, turn R and three wheelersthe left, signposted onto a wide stone track by a green metal

Make your bike electric

bench, signposted Bridleway.



Now where do I put that puncture repair kit?

8 After 1 railway zags to At the at the A593, signpo descen

Convert using our crank & hub drive systems


6 Morecambe Way Cycle Way route - which the Electric Bike network will be supporting - www. bay-cycle-way/route 5

SA int refresh


9 After 2 after c turn L yourse

Unit 20, Airfield Approach Business Park Moor lane, Flookburgh, LA11 7NG

015395 59195 or 015395 11 35786

| 01229 490 000


10 Follow steepl the de handm Crook immed


Rusland Horizons

living, working landscape. Local people, agencies and visitors will work together to revive traditional skills, and to learn about, enhance and enjoy the heritage, habitats and wildlife of this quiet and very special place.’

twentieth century. A fascinating evening and an inspiration to those interested working on Hidden Heritage projects.

The Heritage Skills programme focuses on providing people with training and experience in the traditional skills. The Woodlands and Wildlife programme is built around eight closely linked projects of habitat improvements and species monitoring and support. The Hidden Heritage programme involves the local community in exploring the cultural heritage of the Rusland Horizons area. This information is then shared through the Out and About programme which is about improving access to the local landscape heritage. This programme underpins the other three as it focuses on engaging people and getting them involved in the Rusland Horizons’ scheme.

Peeling the Onion - Oral history recording - Oral history research Tuesday 31 January, 7 - 9pm. The final training session so a last chance to sign up to this fascinating project. The session is held at Finsthwaite Village Hall.

Theme - programme of works The Rusland Horizons partnership scheme and its projects are arranged around four inter-connected themes/programmes of work; Heritage Skills, Woodlands & Wildlife, Hidden Heritage and Out & About

Apprentices at Rusland Horizons

Rusland Horizons’ Valley Futures apprentices are more than 3 months into their 18 month apprenticeship and have become a vital and hugely valued part of the Rusland Horizons team. Easily identifiable in their bright green t-shirts, the apprentices have been getting stuck into the schemes’ restoration and conservation projects, making a real difference. Work finished to date includes a 250m stretch of boardwalk across an area of Rusland Moss, restoring the path from a knee deep bog to a now fully usable stretch of footpath. With winter in full swing, the apprentice team have been hard at work on a woodland restoration project and have already reinstated an area of neglected coppice at Sales Bank Wood, near Colton. The scheme will be recruiting another intake of apprentices in Spring 2017. More details on the Rusland Horizon website later in February. In the meantime contact Claire Green at for more information.

Maddy Parkin, Rusland Horizons Apprentice Interested in: I like working in the outdoors and want to learn about the woodland management that is involved within the Park. Previously I learnt about forest management with the Forestry Commission. Why Rusland Horizons?: I wanted to carry on working in forestry/woodland, as I have been studying the subject for the last two years. I applied for this RH apprenticeship as I wanted to gather the beneficial tickets that are needed in the industry. Surprising facts about me: I have already passed my CS30/31 (Chainsaw) and woodchipper assessments.

Rusland Horizons - vision

Rusland Horizons was one of the first community-led and Heritage Lottery funded Landscape Partnership Schemes. In 2010, the local community, Cumbria Woodlands, Natural England, Forestry Commission and Lake District National Park Authority formed the Rusland Valley and Fells Landscape Partnership. The vision shared is that ‘The Rusland Horizons Scheme encompasses a real 18

Ulverston now

Rusland Fell Care Day - A great time was had by all at the autumn Fell Care Day. 188 people took part in the Fell Care Day held in partnership with Friends of the Lake District earlier in November. And the results of the day include 6m of repaired dry stone wall, 40m of hedging, 115m of path, 250m of deer fencing, 53m of boardwalk, 30m of wiring, 200m of coppicing, as well as 12 bags of litter, unearthing of nuts on the nut hunt and archaeological surveying.

Events and workshops

There is a vast range of courses, volunteering, workshops and talks are organised through Rusland Horizons. A quick taste below. Events are free but booking is essential. Please see website, e-mail rusland.horizons@lakedistrict. or contact them on 01539 792698 ext 2759.

Skills & Swills training courses A few places left on Introduction to Felting 11th March, Oak Bark Peeling in May and Charcoal Making in June. More courses planned and advertised in late spring. Volunteers wanted to help prepare and run the programme. If you have a couple of hours a week to spare, contact Rusland. Hidden Heritage - Aspects of Rural Life in South Lakeland in the Early 20th Century talk by Dr Jean Turnbull, Tuesday 14 February, 7.00 – 9.00pm, Carthouse Cinema, Oxen Park. Dr Jean Turnbull is giving an illustrated presentation about rural life in South Lakeland. Weaving in extracts taken from more than 300 interviews in the KOHG archive, Jean will describe the experience of people of all ages living in the country in the early


Lives in the Landscapes - Celebration & sharing of findings from the successful Cunsey Forge archaeology survey & dig on Thursday 9 February, 7 – 9pm, Outback Hall, Levens Valley School. Come along and find out more about the excavation of this 17th century iron forge and the intriguing findings which have exceeded all expectations.

Mapped history project. The musings of a volunteer; ‘This very ambitious project is already showing how partnership between professionals and volunteers can achieve results well beyond the resources of any individual or small specialist team. The primary task was to extract place-names and field names from a base map reduced from the Twenty-Five inch survey maps of Rusland area circa late 1880s. Where did this dozen come from :- Harry Intake, Allen Ridding Wood, Breasty Haw, Black Apple Tree, Bleaberry Hill, Can Intake, Rough Holes, Dale Park Moss, Back Hawthorn Riggs, Rawlinson Nab, New South Wales Plantation and Low Jack Side? Once verified the research will progress to other interesting sources. What old maps do you have in great grandad’s will or in the attic?’

Woodlands and Wildlife - Coupes & Cords Practical Conservation Volunteer Work Party, The first coppice work in the Coupes and Cords project kicked off in November. The apprentices, with help from BHMAT and the landowner, restored 0.2ha of neglected coppice producing 19 tonnes of firewood in the process. A few apprentice versus tree situations occurred with the apprentices coming out on top! Got any neglected woodland? Get in touch, they can help you restore it! Want to get involved with woodland restoration? The work party days will run every second Wednesday of the month, next on 8th February 9am - 3.30pm. Dreaming of Dormice Spring activities planned to build and install


nest boxes, then monitor and record any sightings in conjunction with woodland restoration works. The Peoples Trust for Endangered Species will also run some training. Have you seen a Dormouse? Interested in trying to help find some? Community gathers to help local woodland Out and About Greenwood trail. The working group is now looking at the historical information about the Old Hall Farm route and the design for the walk leaflets. Local school children are involved with helping with the waymarker


Volunteer opportunities Are you able to help coordinate heritage skills training course programme? Rusland is looking for a volunteer to assist with coordinating training courses, up to one day per a week, based at their new office in Haverthwaite and on-site at the courses. Wanted - filmmakers and bloggers! to help share Rusland Horizon’s journey over the next three years. Full training and mentoring provided by local company Whitewood & Fleming.

February is the month that you can start to get excited about spring coming and get the new crops underway. It’s time to dig out and dust off all the seed packets and begin to take over any and every window sill in the house! If you picked up some interesting potatoes from The Rusland Show Potato Day at Greenodd in January, start chitting the seed potato tubers as soon as you have them. From mid-late February, you can start thinking of sowing tomato, peppers, squashes and cucumber seed in greenhouses, window sills or with heated propagators. You can start setting off broad beans, carrots, parsnips, early beetroot, bulb onions, lettuces, radish

and peas now too. Lots of people sow the peas in guttering with drainage holes in the bottom. Peas can be sown in the greenhouse now. Some people use old toilet rolls, or you can also use guttering that has had drainage holes drilled in the bottom. You might have some vegetables that can be harvested like cabbage, kale, leeks, winter lettuce, celery or spinach. Cultivate and prepare seedbeds, covering them with clear polythene, cloches or fleece to warm up the soil before sowing. It’s a great time to do any weeding, prepare beds or make new ones and start any fence or structural repairs. Kay Hebbourn

Planting, picking & plating vegan food, permaculture & green projectsSustainability Blog

Snowdrop Weekends

A rare opportunity to visit the Holker Gardens during the Winter time. The Gardens will be open from 10.30am to 4.00pm on the 17th – 19th & 24th – 26th February Gardens & Park £8.50 adults, children free

Free parking and free entry to the Café, Food Hall & Gift Shop which will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3rd February.

Holker Hall & Gardens,

Cark-in-Cartmel, Grange-over-Sands T: 015395 58328

| 01229 490 000




5 Best of the


STEVE CHAPMAN SMITH Friday 3rd Sports & Social Club - £10 Steve has performed and recorded with the bands Ada Wilson and Keeping Dark, Just Frank, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Ghostdance, Fiat Lux, Stranger than Fiction, and The Troubadors. He has also had the pleasure of recording four John Peel sessions at the BBC Maida vale studios with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Ghostdance. Expect gritty Alt Country, Americana, Acoustic Folk and Blues about real life with no rose tinted glasses! CURRYNATION HALL Friday 3rd In aid of St Mary’s Hospice Coronation Hall - £10 A fun night of real ale, live music and of course curry. There’s also the Hospice Chutney Challenge if you dare to take it? Admission includes curry and a drink. THE PROPHETS Friday 17th Hope & Anchor - Free 23 years in the game! The Prophets have been plying their unique musical trade since 1994 and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Original songs with a Garage / Psychedelic / Indie vibe. With support from Paloma Cafe. KINGS IN CANOES Saturday 18th Piel Castle - Free Providing a fresh and unique take on cover songs from the 1950s onwards, as well as playing original songs. The covers include songs from artists such as the Beatles, Stereophonics, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac all the way to unexpected artists such as Nancy Sinatra and The Pointer Sisters. MONSTER MONSTER PRESENTS LOGISTICS (HOSPITAL RECORDS) Saturday 25th Sun Inn Basement Bar - £10 A massive name on the underground dance scene heads to the intimate confines of the Basement Bar on Market Street. Expect cobble rocking beats from Breaks to Drum & Bass from the residents alongside very special guest Logistics from the award winning Hospital Records stable. 20

Ulverston now

2017 sees Monster Monster raving into its fourteenth year of existence. Since 2003, Dave Crossley and his Ulverston based underground dance collective have hosted parties & DJ’d all over the UK and at some of the most revered clubs and festivals including Gatecrasher, Joshua Brooks, Sankeys, Kendal Calling, Beatherder, Sonisphere, Solfest, Glastonbury and more. After building a cult following in Manchester, the night relocated to home turf in South Cumbria and have been selling out 500+ capacity venues since 2008 including the old Roxy Club, The Canteen, The Nines and most recently the beautiful Coronation Hall, with their unique mix of live visuals, themed decor, drum bands, circus performers, costumed dancers, lasers, DJs and live acts. For their next party, one of only a handful of gigs planned for 2016, Monster is going back to basics and hosting an intimate session within the Basement Bar of the Sun Inn. Following the huge success of the Working Class Heroes tenth anniversary celebrations which Monster Monster was asked to host at the Sun back in November, Monster is keen to get back to the kind of environment where all started for them.

As Dave explains, “We were lucky enough to be able to convince Nu:Tone from Hospital Records to come and play for us at the WCH party. This is a guy who is used to playing in front of thousands on a weekend. I was worried that he might find it a ridiculously long trek from Cambridge to play in such a small club but he absolutely loved it as did we. I think we both felt the energy which can sometimes get a bit lost in a massive room. When the DJs and the crowd are inches away from each other and the ceiling is just above head height, there is an intense and electric vibe which is hard to beat. I made him promise to big up Ulverston and the Basement Bar to Hospital in the hopes of helping us to attract future acts. And indeed, this is exactly what happened as our next guest is none other than Logistics, one of the founding fathers of the multi-award winning Hospital Records! Expect Bass, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Jungle and more on a heavy soundsystem alongside enhanced lighting, live visuals and an up for it crowd. The capacity is only 170 and tickets are selling fast. Sat 25th February - Sun Inn Basement Bar - Market Street - Ulverston - £12 Tickets available from the Sun Inn and All Style Tattoos - Crellin St - Barrow

Turner Prize Nominee George Shaw exhibition in Kendal

Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal has been lent works from the National Gallery for their early spring exhibition by Turner Prize nominee George Shaw. Inspired by woodland scenes in the National Gallery’s collection, Shaw “takes on” the Masters, creating beautiful intimate scenes of woodland near suburban areas. Shaw spent two years as Associate Artist (2014-2016) of the National Gallery in London. The exhibition includes both George Shaw’s work as well as three iconic historic works from National Gallery’s permanent collection. The works in


question are: Piero del Pollaiuolo, Apollo and Daphne, c.1470-80, oil on wood, Nicolas Poussin, Nymph with Satyrs, c.1627, oil on canvas & John Constable, Cenotaph to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1833-6, oil on canvas. George Shaw ‘My Back to Nature’ exhibition runs from 13 January until 11 March. Later in April the Abbot Hall gallery is presenting an exhibition of work by well-known Cumbrian artist Julian Cooper in partnership with Art Space Gallery, London.

Artist of the Month

Simon Hathaway Simon Hathaway has just been awarded the 2016 “Faith through a Lens” award for his image “The Gathering” a fantastic and striking picture which depicts a group gathering for prayers in a church at Lalibela, Ethiopia. Faith Through a Lens is an annual photography competition which aims to profile the positive effects of faith within a diverse range of communities. As well as taking photographs for a living, Simon also runs Zen Meditation classes in Ulverston. How would you describe your faith and how it guides your other pursuits in life such as your photography? First, I would like you to consider what a photographer is. I think that we can have many answers to this question. My favourite answer is that a photographer is someone who sees things that others cannot see and then shows this to them through images. I would like to ask you to try to look in a different way; the way that I have been taught many times by my Zen master. That is, we should try to hear with our eyes and to see with our ears. In this way, we can start to perceive something new that we couldn’t see before. Next, to have faith in something we must first know what it is that we have faith in. Put in another way, it means we must first know what God is before we can pray to Him. How can we pray to, or have faith in, what we don’t know? The Bible says that God is always present everywhere. Then why can’t we see Him? It is not because He hides himself. Rather we can’t see Him as he is. Why can’t we see Him? It is because we also do not see ourselves as we are and we can only see things through ourselves. If we can come to see what we are, then we can know, or realise,

what God is. Then, we can see what we could not see before and we can hear what we could not hear before.

Is photography a meditation for you? When we can practice Zen in the correct way then everything that we do becomes meditation. So, yes, photography can then be said to be a form of meditation.

The Gathering seems like such an intimate moment - were the subjects completely comfortable with you being there? Do you ever have to work hard to put people at ease with the presence of a camera? Yes, it was an intimate moment but the gentlemen were very friendly and approachable, so it was relatively easy to capture this image of them. However, I usually like to talk to people and to get to know them a little before photographing them. Your photography has taken you all over the world, having visited over 100 countries, could you identify any highlights? How about places you have not yet been that you are keen to shoot? I feel that I have been extremely privileged to have travelled as much as I have. Ethiopia, where this image was taken, has been one of the highlights for me. I was also really impressed with

the scenery in Bolivia, Nepal and Tibet. Also, North Korea was in many ways perhaps the most unusual destination that I have visited. There are many other places that I would love to photograph if I have the opportunity in the future. These would include Antarctica and the countries of Central Asia. After being exposed to the majority of our planet, you opted to live in Rusland which is a major compliment for our area - what made you choose here? I lived overseas for 6 years but missed living in the South Lakes and so decided to return to the area and now live in Rusland. Despite all my travels, I still think that this region is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Now you have several awards under your belt including Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) competition in 2010, do you feel like there is anything left to learn or any new skills to gather?

Poem and a Pint

The publication of Rita Ann Higgin’s eleventh collection Tongulish last year confirmed her reputation as one of Ireland’s leading poets. Its poems revel in sweet talk, in babble and blather. It is mischievous and playful and yet at the same time its social comment is, as always, unstinting. This year’s Midwinter Extravaganza will bring Rita Ann to the Coronation Hall’s Supper Room on Saturday, February 11th. Rita Ann’s readings can be raucous, anarchic and witty as she chronicles the lives of the dispossessed, often deriving their characters and settings from own experience of factory and shop work , from the hurly burly of her childhood as one of 11 children and from the tragedies and triumphs of her own adult life. The talented young Cumbrian trumpeter David Griffiths, the customary February contributions by the poets who make up the Poem and a Pint committee, and Ross Baxter’s legendary M/Cing will support Rita Ann’s reading and help provide an entertaining and thought provoking evening. The event starts at 7.30 p.m. (doors open at 7) entry is £6 (£5 concessions), pay at the door, and there is a well-stocked bar. Supper Room, Coro, Ulverston.

Japanese influenced photo exhibition

The Coach House, Ford Park A range of photographs combining a love of gardening and Japanese aesthetic went on view at Ford Park in early January. Created by photographer and artist Jane Lawrence, the exhibition is influenced by Japanese prints – some of these illustrate Haiku, while others are of flowers from the garden which have been frozen to produce images which hint at the transience of life, reflecting the recurring theme in the Haiku. The exhibition is on display at The Coach House, Ford Park, from January 8 to April 2.

Yes, I think that there are always many new things to learn and new skills to practice. I try to make improvements each time that I make an image and attempt to see things in a new light to then share this with others.

| 01229 490 000



FUNDING FOR STUDENTS in farming, forestry and horticulture

Dalton Active Sport Hall - at Dowdales

Students studying for the farming, forestry and horticultural industry are encouraged to apply for funding by Cumbria Community Foundation. The Swales Trust Fund, which is administered by the foundation, provides awards of up to £1,000 to support students who are working towards so called land-based qualifications. Examples of activities supported include study materials, specialist equipment and exceptional study travel costs. Students who are studying in Cumbria will be given priority. Students living in Cumbria but studying outside the county - at appropriate institutions will also be considered. There are no age restrictions on who can apply. In an earlier round of funding, one student received funding towards specialist equipment and clothing whilst studying for an agriculture diploma at Newton Rigg College. Ellen Clements, Grants Officer at Cumbria Community Foundation said: “We’re very proud to be managing the Swales Trust, which helps young people who wish to pursue a career in the land-based sector. Given the rurality of Cumbria, it is essential that we invest in our future farmers, foresters and landscapers.” Applications need to be submitted by Friday 10th March and will be reviewed by the 11th April 2017. To apply see www.cumbriafoundation. org or for more information contact Ellen Clements on 01900 825760 or

It can be extremely frustrating trying to play sport outside of the summer months. The notoriously unforgiving English weather has meant many amateur sporting events across Cumbria, have fallen victim to Mother Nature. However, what if there was a perfect solution which meant you could still play sport at any time of the year, without having to worry about the weather? Dalton Active Sports Hall at Dowdales School is a perfect alternative for any

local sports clubs wishing to train and practice all year round. The DASH centre is run by the school until 5pm, where it is used for extracurriculum activities, before opening to the community every evening until 9pm. Rebecca Cooke, who is manager of the Sports Hall as well as being part of the teaching staff at the school, believes the DASH centre benefits everyone. “The sports hall is ideal because we can accommodate anyone”,

Magnificent - superb - spectacular The feedback to Ulverston Town Council on this year’s new Christmas Lights has been fantastic with superlatives from townspeople, visitors and festival organisers alike. Paid for by the BID (Ulverston Business Improvement District), there was also a lot of

detailed work done behind the scenes by the council in the organising and setting up of the lights. Chris Nelson, Chair of the Ulverston BID board commented: “The new LED lights have had a fantastic reception in Ulverston – and they give the town a

Host Family wanted!

Might you be a fun, caring and respectful host?

Do you have a spare bedroom and would you like to experience the joy of hosting international Students? To find out more why not get in touch

015395 59383


Ulverston now

Three years ago a German friend asked if we would host their 15 year old daughter. Not fully knowing what to expect we agreed! We quickly realised that we didn’t have to be the perfect family, we just needed to be caring, respectful and able to have some fun. Since then we have welcomed 10 students and made some wonderful friends and memories.


Demand has started to grow, and although we would love to welcome everyone into our home, we just don’t have the space! Students are between 14 and 18 years old (usually from Germany) and will attend a local school. All stays are paid. If you have a spare bedroom, then please call Indre Churton on 015395 59383

Cooke says. “We have numerous local sports clubs, such as the Lindal netball team, who make block-bookings, or we have small groups turning up on the day. Although local clubs take priority, we can always manage to find a slot for anyone who wants to use it”. The DASH centre includes a 5-a-side football pitch, facilities for indoor cricket, netball, basketball, as well as a gym. Anyone wishing to use the sports hall can call 01229 469824 to book.

wonderfully festive feel. They should last for a few years and therefore represent a longer term investment to boost what is one of the most important trading periods for retailers. There is also the opportunity to add to them in the future to create an even better display.”

Update at UVHS

All steam ahead after a busy festive period

After the end of a term that saw the school band, numerous smaller ensembles and the various choirs take part in the’ school prize giving awards’, a concert at the Barrow Golf Club, busking at Booths supermarket, singing at St Mary’s Hospice, as well as finding time to put on a full Christmas Concert at the Coronation Hall, you would expect the start of the new year to be a simmered affair. However, with several swing-band concerts, an appearance at Country Fest, the school

national finals to prepare for, a visit from the Royal Marines for a prestigious joint concert, as well as a tour to the Rhine Valley to look forward to, there is no let up for everyone involved at Ulverston Victoria High School. Richard Butler, who is Head of Music at the school said “It is fantastic that the Royal Marines are returning after a memorable concert last year and there are many more opportunities to see any one of the ensembles performing at various different events”. The festive period also saw a considerable amount of money raised, some of which will go towards supporting the music department. “We raised £1100 just for playing in Booths for a day, which is a brilliant effort”, says Butler. If you are wishing to see the UVHS windband in action with the Marines, the concert is at the Coronation Hall on Saturday 27th May. Tickets for the event will go on sale at the end of February, and any further information can be seen on the UVHS and Coronation Hall websites.

Ulverston Schoolchildren Successfully Helping To Stop Dog Fouling Schoolchildren in Ulverston have been doing a grand job of reminding dog owners to take responsibility for their pet’s poo. The young poosaders have been putting up wonderfully creative and entertaining posters around the town to let people know

South Lakes Community Learning & Skills

The New Year has come and gone, January has passed us by, the days are slowly getting longer and spring is approaching. What better time to venture out after rainy days and dark nights in to learn something new?

The vast majority of our Language courses are continuing into Term 2 and we are still taking enrolments for these. Perhaps, you would like to learn a completely new language or pick up where you have previously left off. Courses on offer are; • Spanish for Beginners, Monday 18:00-19:30 & Spanish

• • • • • •

Continuation 19:30-21:00, Ulverston French Continuation, Tuesday 18:00-19:30, Ulverston Moving on with Italian, Tuesday 19:00-20:30, Ulverston Italian for Beginners, Wednesday 18:30-20:00, Cartmel Greek for Beginners, Wednesday 18:00-20:00, Ulverston Advanced French Thursday 10:00-12:00 & Intermediate French 13:00-15:00, Lindale Italian for Improvers, Thursday 18:00-20:00, Ulverston

If you are looking to begin a gentle exercise routine, following illness or rehabilitation after surgery, or simply want to get back into exercising again, then maybe our Healthy Hearts classes may be suitable for you. We have classes on a Tuesdays and Thursdays in

that if they do let their dog foul and don’t pick it up, someone may just be watching them. Teaming up with Rob Kitchen from South Lakeland District Council, the children are aiming to make the areas of Ulverston that are notoriously full of dog poo, like the start to the Cumbria Way, Gill Banks

Ulverston and on Mondays and Thursdays in Grange with our excellent tutors, Elaine Towler and Ann Stemp whom are fully qualified BACR Phase IV instructors. For those of us with a strong creative and artistic side, we have a number of arts and crafts courses and weekend workshops planned for the end of winter and start of spring including Creative Collage, Glass Fusing, Improve Your Painting Skills, Hand Build Ceramics, Sewing, Felt Painting Workshop and Stained Glass Workshop. Before the Christmas break we had a lot of interest and Learners enrolled onto our IPad for beginners and IPad for Improvers courses which we unfortunately had to postpone. Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive an IPad

and Ford Park, much cleaner places to be. If you know of anyone who does let their dog foul, you can help the youngsters with their mission and report it anonymously to SLDC by calling 0845 050 4434 or visiting the SLDC website.

as a Christmas gift and would like to learn how to use it to its full potential. I am confident that we have found a tutor willing and able to deliver courses for us in the near future so please watch this space or contact the office for more details. As many of you are aware we are in the process of moving our Cartmel office to Kendal Library. I would like to reiterate that this is not the end of Adult Education courses in our area. We will continue to provide a full range of courses for all Learners, young and old across the South Lakes area, information on all of our courses can be found online www.cumbria. Kevin Fothergill Community Learning and Skills Manager, South Lakeland.

015395 36323 Mon –Fri 09:00-14.00 (24hr answerphone)

| 01229 490 000





Roxy event PICCADILLY –

Silent film masterpiece from 1929 accompanied by a 5-piece band. Roxy cinema, Ulverston 8pm Currynation Hall, For one night only, Ulverston’s Coronation Hall will become the Currynation Hall - with Real Ale, Live Music and Curry served from 6.30-8.30 pm. Admission £10 to include curry and a drink - tickets available via web link

Furness & South Lakeland Astronomical Society -

Friday 3rd February, 7:30pm until 9:30pm. A meeting place for astronomers of all ages and abilities. At Trinity Church Centre, Warwick Street, Barrow, LA14 5HT (Lower Meeting Hall)


Gonzo Moose – The Thing That Came From Over There –

comedy theatre based on 50’s horror movies, The Coronation Hall, Ulverston.

Understanding the Bay: Documentary Research Training

28th Jan & 4th Feb 10am 4pm. Join Morecambe Bay Partnership as a volunteer to help investigate and collect historical and archaeological information about sites around Morecambe Bay. Over two full day workshops, learn skills required to access archaeological and historical records and documentary evidence of the Bay. MBP asks that volunteers attend all sessions and help to undertake additional research for the project once you have received the training (approx 5-10 hours in addition to the workshops). Enquires to Louise Martin uk - Book online via www. HeadlandstoHeadspace


Cheeki Monkeys - Baby & Childrens Market at Croftlands Community Centre. Lots


Ulverston now

based of female writers of the classics for which the set is completely knitted, The Coronation Hall, Ulverston.

CBBC combining live theatre and animation, The Coronation Hall, Ulverston.



Coronation Hall, Ulverston 10.15am-11.30am. Speaker Roy Wood ‘THE WORK OF A MAGISTRATE’ find out about the work of a local magistrate, and hear about some of the myths surrounding the remit of the job. For information contact Linda Marshall 01229 587712

Mayors car boot cars £5 for 2 spaces and supports the mayor’s chosen charities and causes. 8:00am until 1:00pm at Tesco Extra Barrow, Hindpool Rd, Barrow, LA142NE

Furness U3A Monthly Meeting

Getting Plastered by Dr David Borthwick BA (Hons), MA,

Little Howard’s Big Show for Kids – fun family theatre from

Barrow Mayor Car Boot Sales


Ford Park - Spring Crafts workshop. Family activity for

PhD, ALA, AMA, South Lakeland Decorative & Fine Arts Society (SLDFAS) lecture Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, 1.30pm. £10.00. Contact 01229 468525

accompanied children. £3/ child or £2 with Ford Park family membership, 2-4pm. Booking recommended tel 01229 581666.

Jobs Fair Coronation Hall, Ulverston 9.30am-1pm. Local companies and organisations exhibiting their job, training, workplace and volunteering opportunities. Don’t forget to bring your CV!

Roxy film club MUSTANG –

8:00pm until 9:30pm. Discover the world of model aircraft at the British Legion Club. Meetings take place at The British Legion Club, Holker Street every second Tuesday of each month at 8pm. New members more than welcome. The British Legion Club, Holker Street, Barrow, LA14 5RQ

Dirty Dancing - Signal Cinema

Holker Gardens open for snowdrop weekends. The

of pre loved bargains, complemented with craft & business stalls for you to browse and a bouncy castle (weather permitting) from Kidznhers! Remember FREE GOODY BAGS TO THE FIRST 50 ADULTS too! FREE balloons for children! Just £1 entry for adults & children go free! Stalls available see facebook.

Award-winning Turkish film, Roxy cinema, Ulverston 7.35pm

for so called “grown ups” at Barrow Library. Murder in the library! Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone turns 20 years old this year and we’ll celebrate this with a little fun, frivolity and fatality! Barrow Library Saturday 4th February Doors open 6.30pm, Starting 7:00pm Ticket price £10.00 Refreshments provided.


LipService – Mr Darcy Loses the Plot – comedy theatre

9th Gary Jotter and The Magical Murders A murder mystery


This event takes place at The Drawing Room. 7:30pm until 9:30pm. Join Patrick Swayze for a refreshing alternative to Valentine’s Day with Dirty Dancing cocktails, dancing and promotions. Tickets: £2.50 - on sale at Cooke’s Studios, 104 Abbey Rd & The Drawing Room, 121/123 Duke St, Barrow


Furness Model Aircraft Society



Holker Gardens in Cark-inCartmel, Cumbria will open for two weekends in February 2017 for the snowdrop season. Gardens, Courtyard Café, Gift Shop and Food Hall open 10.30am to 4.00pm. Hall closed. Adult £8.50. Child (up to 16yrs) Free of charge. Groups £6.00. Enjoy free parking and free entry to the grounds and picnic areas, adventure playground, Café, Gift Shop and Food Hall.


Holker Gardens open for snowdrop weekends. The

Holker Gardens in Cark-inCartmel, Cumbria will open for two weekends in February 2017 for the snowdrop season. Gardens, Courtyard Café, Gift Shop and Food Hall open 10.30am to 4.00pm. Hall closed. Adult £8.50. Child (up to 16yrs) Free of charge.

Groups £6.00. Enjoy free parking and free entry to the grounds and picnic areas, adventure playground, Café, Gift Shop and Food Hall.

March 1st

Blood Donations Coronation

Hall, Ulverston 13:45 - 15:45 and 16:45 - 19:15 Appointments www.blood. or call 0300 123 23 23


Antiques Fair, 9:00am until


Just Like That! The Tommy Cooper Show – fantastic tribute

show of one of the UK’s most celebrated comedians, The Coronation Hall, Ulverston Monster Monster, In the Basement Bar for another sweaty rave fest with another of Hospital Records’ finest…. LOGISTICS!! Paper Tickets: Onsale from The Sun Inn

4:00pm. Come along to the Coronation Hall. to visit the Antiques and Collectors Fair. You never know what you might find...


Ford Park - Weave your own rush sun hat - 9am-5pm.

Small group workshop with expert tuition using English freshwater rush, no previous experience necessary. Booking required 01229 581666.

Embroidery Workshops at the Arts Council accredited Quaker Tapestry Museum, Kendal, Cumbria

Often compared with the Bayeux Tapestry, the modern day Quaker Tapestry is a masterpiece of storytelling and a celebration of life, people and events across the centuries. This award-winning museum runs a series of half day and full day embroidery workshops aimed at the complete beginner to those with more experience. In a relaxed and friendly environment museum manager Bridget Guest, and two other tutors, will guide you through Stem, Split, Chain and Quaker stiches and Bayeux Point and Peking Knot – to create an embroidery to take home. Price includes a workshop kit with all the materials needed to create and finish a stitched picture; stitch guide, finishing tips sheet, calico cloth, crewel needle, crewel embroidery wool. Other equipment can be loaned or bought. Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided throughout the session. Lunch and other refreshments are available from the onsite Courtyard Café.

Dates for 2017 include: Saturday 1 April – Spring Flowers, 10am-1pm. £42 Saturday 6 May – Cup Cakes, 10am – 4pm. £84 Saturday 17 June – Creative Stitching, 10am – 1pm. £42 Saturday 29 July – Beach Huts, 10am – 4pm. £84 Saturday 23 September – Autumn Harvest, 10am – 4pm. £84 Saturday 28 October – Winter Wonderland, 10am – 1pm – a registered charity Quaker Tapestry Museum, Friends Meeting House, Stramongate, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 4BH 01539 722975

Weekly events Mondays

• Pie, Peas & Film Night . Visit the Hope & Anchor, Daltongate, from 6.30 onwards for Pie & Peas, then visit the Roxy for the film, All for £10 only on Monday nights! • GOOD TONES Mondays 7pm (back room at Ulverston Methodist Church, Hartley/ Neville Street) songbirdsonsong. or facebook songbirdsulverston • Tai Chi Classes, Croftlands Community Centre 5.10 6.40pm, £6. Contact sarah. or


• Yoga Classes, Croftlands Community Centre 7.30-9pm, £6 drop in (classes are having a summer break Aug 10th - 24th) further info suzanne_ward3@ • French Lessons. Ou La La French Lessons, 3 levels of lessons by native French speaker. At Natterjacks. 01229 582190 • South Lakes Jive, Beginners class 7.45pm, Improvers class at 9pm and after that Freestyle until 10:30pm! Red Rose, Ulverston. £6, doors open at 7:30pm. All beginners welcome


• Creative Support, 7pm until 9pm A fun evening catering for those with learning disabilities. Come and meet others for a drink, a dance and a singalong. Red Rose, Ulverston. £1 per session, for over 18s only. Call Malcolm on 07523 284865. • FEEL GOOD Singalong on Wednesday mornings at 11am (Allithwaite Community Centre) • Open Mic Night, The Mill starting 9pm call for further information 01229 581384 • Knit and natter in the Coach House, 1 - 3pm all welcome please come along.


• Ulverston Outdoor Market • South Cumbrian Retirement Brass Band, 10am. Red Rose, Ulverston. Free tea, coffee and biscuits. • Country Market, from 9.30am to 11.30am in the Coronation Hall. Home made bakes, preserves, craft work, cards, gifts, plants & vegetables. • Knit and Natter at Natterjacks night time coffee house, 7:30pm. All welcome. • Breast feeding group 09.30 11.30 at the Ulverston Library • The FEEL GOOD SINGALONG at Ulverston Methodist Church. £6 Open

to ALL fun seekers, whether you think you can sing or not. Singing popular songs and more. Wheel chair access. Contact or Facebook- SONG BIRDS Ulverston or Please check for running dates. • Coffee mornings are held almost every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year on behalf of various organisations in the Coronation Hall. • Lakeland Orienteering Club NavNight, 6.30pm - 8pm Red Rose, Ulverston, Introducing basic navigation and map reading skills. Contact Richard Lecky-Thompson 01229 716021 or mail • ULVERSTON.NEWS e-newsletter. Keep up with what’s happening in Ulverston. ULVERSTON. NEWS is published every second Thursday. If you’d like to publicise an event, service, special offer, or anything else of local interest contact www. • Choral Society Meetings, The society welcomes new members. 7:15 pm – 9:15 pm. Ulverston Methodist Church, Hartley St. Contact : Pam Gillam 01229 716321. • Poker, Texas hold ’em poker with inclusive supper. starts at 8pm at the Swan, Ulverston


• Children’s story time 09.30-10.30 Friday's during term time at the Ulverston Library. • Yoga Classes Croftlands Community Centre 7.30-9pm, £4 drop in 10am - 11am


• Ulverston Outdoor Market, • Coffee mornings are held almost every Thursday and Saturday throughout the year on behalf of various organisations in the Coronation Hall. • Old Time Dancing 7.30pm-11pm, Red Rose, Ulverston. Red Rose club’s very own night featuring live music from the in house band and dancing to old time music. A great time to be had for only £5/member and £6/nonmembers.


• Pub Quiz at the Swan - Fun pub quiz with gallon of ale prize and inclusive supper. Starting 6.30pm

| 01229 490 000


Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor are published on the understanding that they may have to be shortened to fit available space. Publication of a letter in no way reflects the views of Dalton & Ulverston Now. All letters must be accompanied by name and address even if the correspondent requests anonymity. In this case ‘name and address supplied’ will be added.

Dear Editor

As I am now 80 and in pain with arthritis, I do not get much chance to visit my adopted town centre of Ulverston very often. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when friend came to visit me on Saturday, and we decided to spend some time in town. I rather think that my friend was a little disappointed in the town as although it was market day there were very little signs of it being a market. We decided to look in all the charity shops for books to read and were pleasantly surprised to come across a small shop in Upper Brook Street called Serendipity. I must state here that Serendipity is not a charity shop, but a delight to wander around. What a pity it is hidden up the little side street as there were some beautiful items in there and all made by local people. At lunchtime, we went to eat at the Market Café, the busiest place in town we noticed. Once again though there was a noticeable lack of folk in the indoor market…such a pity as it is a great place to wander around. At last I was also able to find a toilet in the market hall as I understand that the public toilets in Coronation hall have been closed to make an office for the local council….what a backward step that is with so many elderly folk living in that area. My last comment of the day was picked up through a stranger who mentioned that the cottage where Sir John Barrow lived may have to be demolished…..I sincerely hope not…it is well worth keeping and could even be made into workshops for small trades people etc. We left Ulverston town centre at a little after 1pm when the sun was shining and the streets were almost empty. Now come on people, let us make this town worth a visit every day, not just on special days. From Valerie M Hale (Mrs)

MEMORY LANE Facebook site Memory Lane - old photos of Furness and Surrounding Areas’ is kindly sharing some of their photos with Dalton & Ulverston Now readers. The Memory

Lane site shows old images of Furness and the surrounding areas with emphasis on nostalgia and history. It is a friendly and non-political group with discussions on the

New Market Street, Ulverston (1939 to 1945). One of a series of postcards by W Norcliffe who was a Printer, Stationer & Bookseller with a shop on 4 Market Street, Ulverston. 26

Ulverston now


Dear Editor

Beautiful wind turbines? Are we alone in seeing wind turbines as things of beauty. Why is it that so many pieces we read in the media are of such a negative nature. When we see one of these fantastic machines spinning merrily away we never cease to be astonished. We are producing electric power for free (apart from some maintenance costs) and with virtually no environmental impact. Yes of course we appreciate that their construction and erection carry an environmental cost but from then on it is all gain. And if at some future stage they are superceded by a better form of sustainable energy production they can simply be taken down and the concrete base removed. Can we say this about any fossil fuel energy production. Even nuclear, which for some appears to be the only future, has massive and still completely unresolved problems relating to radioactivity and waste. This of course is not just for a few years but for vast periods of time. The cost factor alone in the build and later in the decommisioning of these plants is colossal. Yet despite all of this, despite climate change becoming an ever increasing worry, despite - according to every recent survey - 75% of the British public supporting wind power we are seeing this continuing negativity. We live in a country with huge potential for alternative, clean energy production and yet we have a government that has been systematically reducing subsidies to this industry while at the same time handing out hundreds of millions in subsidy to dirty fossil fuels. We desperately need to change our thinking and attitude to energy production. Peter Howlett, Press Officer Ulverston Green Party

Dear Editor

My internet had been so bad recently ( 0 - 0.1 MB/s!) that I’ve hardly been getting emails. However Kencomp have installed a microwave link today and as far as I can tell I am getting 10 MB/s reliably - bliss. What I don’t understand is why the mediocre service that I had been getting from Sky via BT-openreach suddenly became unusable about 6 weeks ago. They say it must be because more people have been accessing the exchange at Greenodd recently, but I find that hard to believe. I must say I fell the service from Sky and BT was appalling, though individual engineers seemed to do their best. Name & Address supplied

photos posted on the site and welcomes new members. With over 8,000 members already, there is a wealth of knowledge out there. Do you have any old photos you are wondering

about? Contact Memory Lane via their facebook site or let us know here at Dalton & Ulverston Now.

Market Place, Ulverston c1860

Station Road, Arnside, LA5 0HG – 01524 761656

Mobility Scooters

Power Chairs

Classic Canes


Profiling Bed

For all your Mobility Aids We are the Largest Mobility Outlet in the North of England offering a huge selection of Mobility Scooters, all with full guarantees and no pressure sales We also have a large selction of fashionable walking sticks.


and Wheelchair voucher scheme approved

Riser Recliners

Station Road, Arnside, Cumbria, LA5 0HG (Directly opposite Arnside Train Station)

Bath Lifts

01524 761656

| 01229 490 000



Ulverston Hockey Club’s new team kit

Poole Townsend have sponsored new team kit for the Ulverston Hockey Netherwood League team. This year’s team is made up of younger players who the club want to develop in the Netherwood Sunday development league. The Club is very grateful to

Poole Townsend for their shirt sponsorship and look forward to playing in their smart new kit. Club training is on every Thursday evening and starts from early January to the last Thursday in March. Under 12’s 6pm till 7pm over 12’s & seniors 7pm till 8.30pm. All welcome.

Photo of Ulverston Hockey Club’s Netherwood team with Angela Cornthwaite from Poole Townsend.

Running, rowing and cycling for Brathay The Ambleside based youth charity Brathay Trust, who work with thousands of local children, young people and their families every year, has launched a Brathay Challenges website offering running, rowing and cycling challenges in and around Windermere and the wider Lake District. The charity, which is unusual in organising its own fundraising challenges, is drawing on over 10 years’

experience to offer, for the first time, a comprehensive suite of events for individuals and teams - of varying abilities starting and ending at Brathay Hall near Ambleside. As well as the ASICS Windermere Marathon (Sunday 21 May) and the ‘10 in 10’ (10 marathons in as many days), there are two cycling events (Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June) and team rowing events.

Walney Terriers off to a great start this year Our local boys ‘The Walney

Terriers’ who play and practise at Glaxo Sports Club have been very busy in the off-season recruiting new sponsors GSK, The Mill at Ulverton, PYE Motors, Poole Townsend and GT Timber who have all become partners with the Terriers for 2017. January is known as Rookie Season as we open the doors to recruit as many new players as possible. Sunday 15th was the first opening for the new people to try out for the team. A collection of 40 people turned up of all different shapes and sizes and ages. The Terriers, for the first time look set to hold an under 18’s team. We split the group into 6 different stations that teach everything from safe tackling, throwing a football to how to catch and run with a ball. At the end they combine into a miniature game. After training a Q&A in the bar area for the new people and to give positive feedback. The Terriers practise every week at Glaxo Sports Club Ulverston 10:30-12:30 on Sunday. Anybody interested can contact through Facebook or just turn up on Sunday. Look out for our super bowl event on the 5th Feb. The team warmly welcome everyone.


Ulverston now


“It’s so important to have some sort of physical activity in your life. It’s essential for wellbeing and health regardless of your age, ability or gender” said Brathay Trust Operations Manager Aly Knowles. “Why not get started by exploring our new website and sign up for a challenge and be a hero to the young people we work with,” added Aly. To find out more visit www.

Bluebirds focus on Promotion after FA Cup disappointment

Barrow AFC will turn their attentions to promotion to the Football League, after defeat to Rochdale in the 3rd round; saw an end to their brilliant FA Cup run. The Bluebirds were beaten 2-0 by the Greater Manchester outfit in the first week of January, with more than 4400 people packing into Holker Street. The attendance was AFC’s highest in 26 years. However, Paul Cox’s will want supporters to play a huge part in galvanising his side after a recent dip in form, which has threatened to derail the promotion charge. After going a staggering 26 games without defeat, Barrow endured an indifferent January, which has subsequently left them sat outside the play-off places. Lewis Watts, a Bluebirds season-ticket holder, believes

Barrow have to put their ‘cup hangover’ behind them. “Let’s not forget this season has surpassed all expectations so far”, Watts, from Ulverston said. “To be in and around the top 7 is a brilliant; however the side has looked jaded in the past few weeks”. Avid Bluebirds supporter, Malachy Buck, believes February is a crucial month for AFC. “With results not quite going our way in recent weeks, we can’t afford to drop any more points. I think there would be a real sense of disappointment if we failed to make the play-offs after such a promising start to the season”.


Ulverston Library

Philip Caine is returning to Ulverston Library on Monday 6th February at 2pm to talk about his latest novel – Breakfast in Beirut. Tickets are £1 and include refreshments. With over thirty five years’ experience operating oil and gas projects in remote and hazardous locations Philip is well placed to pen gripping novels. Come along and listen to him talk about his latest book and hear about some of his amazing adventures. Ruth Sutton will return to Ulverston Library on Friday 10th February at 1.30pm to talk about her new book – Fatal Reckoning. This is her second crime novel set in Barrow and Whitehaven in 1971, a sequel to Cruel Tide, published in 2015. Ruth is best known for her ‘Between the mountains and the sea’ trilogy which comprised a Good Liar, Forgiven and Fallout. Tickets £1 to include refreshments.

A special health and wellbeing day, ‘Living Well into Later Life’ is planned for Friday 17th March, with displays, free talks and advice for older adults on every aspect of enjoying life and leisure whilst staying fit, happy and active. Representatives of local activity groups will join with health professionals and other experts for morning and afternoon sessions with something for everyone and refreshments. Employability skills course for Job seekers is starting on Wednesday 25th January between 2.30pm-4.30 pm for 9 weeks. Contact Helen Edmonds on 07500 922781 or helen. for more details.

Drop-in Dementia Information Sessions by the Alzheimer’s Society - aimed at people with dementia, their family and carers - have resumed. The sessions run every 4th Thursday of the month between 10.30am to 12.30pm. No need to book just turn up. Community groups meet at the library Adult reading group 13.30 - 15.00pm 1st Wednesday of the month Breast feeding group 09.30 - 11.30am Tuesdays

Children’s story time 09.30 to 10.30am Fridays.

Please visit our Facebook page, or online at For any specific upcoming event or for general enquiries contact us on 01229 404151.

‘Joseph Hardman Lakeland Photographer 1893 – 1972’

by Anne Bonney Published by: Helm Press 2016 £13.50 Many people are familiar with the now iconic Lakeland images such as Isaac Cookson, the Westmorland shepherd, carrying a sheep on his shoulders, or sheep being driven down Allhallows Lane in Kendal in 1953. These photographs were taken by Joseph Hardman, one of the foremost Lake District photographers, and this book tells his story. Born in the mill town of Radcliffe near Manchester, he worked in the mill as a child, then moved with his brother to Kendal in 1911 to set up the Kendal Window Cleaning Company and it was here that he joined the local photographic club. During the First World War he left Kendal to serve in the Royal Marines and took part in the ill-fated raid on Zeebrugge in April 1918 where

he was wounded. Luckily he survived, and his natural photographic ability led to his images being sought after by the local and national press. Included in the book are memories of those who met him and featured in his photographs, and a selection of wonderful pictures of the farming year and rural industries. These beautifully composed images of activities like swill-making, ploughing with heavy horses, shearing, sowing seed by hand, threshing with flails and working with traction engines are instantly evocative of a vanished way of life, and are also now gaining recognition as an important record of land use and climate in the 20th century.

BOOK REVIEW ‘My Acoustic Nemesis – Life Before, During and After an Acoustic Neuroma’

by Russell Holden Published by: Pixeltweaks Publications, retails for £4.99 Facing a potentially life-threatening health problem can be lonely business, especially when this problem is relatively uncommon. After years of painful facial spasms which baffled his doctors, in 2004 Russell Holden was finally diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma, or a tumour, by now the size of a walnut, on his acoustic nerve. Never having heard of this before, he gained encouragement from the online diary of an American who had undergone surgery for the same condition, so he decided to keep a similar diary to share with anyone else confronted with this prospect. His diary takes up the first part of ‘My Acoustic Nemesis’ and is a full, frank and sometimes humorous account of his surgery and its aftermath. While stressing

the positive, it doesn’t gloss over more unpleasant aspects such as damage to his facial nerve, problems with balance and deafness in his right ear. The second, updated, part of the story describes how he eventually decided to have a ‘BAHA’ or Bone Anchored Hearing Aid inserted, and goes through the ups and downs of having this implant. This is a brave and honest account of what it is really like to have a serious health problem, and how even with the best of modern medicine one’s life can be changed in ways one never imagined. Yet, its honesty and ultimate optimism means that it will be a real support for anyone diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, and for their family and friends.

Pixel Tweaks – Turning Writers’ Dreams into Reality Russell Holden, graphic designer, photographer and layout wizard, is rapidly becoming the go-to man for local writers who want the pain to be taken out of self-publishing their work, be it fiction or non-fiction. Through his business, Pixel Tweaks, founded in 2012, he offers authors a complete and affordable book production service from page layout and typesetting through setting up an ISBN to providing printed copies and/or e-book editions. He can cope with anything from a straightforward novel, for which the turnaround can be as

little as a month, to works full of illustrations whose authors change their minds about what picture they want where. To date Pixel Tweaks has produced well over 20 books either under its own imprints, Pixel Tweaks Publications and de Lacy Press, or for other publishers like Handstand Press, and one book, ‘Warbirds of Walney’, was short-listed for the Lakeland Book of the Year Award.

Modestly, Russell calls himself a book producer rather than a full-blown publisher, since although he can arrange for editing services,

his preference is for manuscripts which are ready to print. Two forthcoming books of interest to local readers are ‘Barrow Steelworks – The Open Hearth Years’ and the fascinating sounding ‘Who Does Your Garden Grow’, which looks at women botanists and the plants discovered by women or named after them. Recently he has also produced illustrated children’s books, so if you know someone you think could be the next Beatrix Potter, contact him on info@pixeltweaks. for a friendly no-obligation discussion..

| 01229 490 000



Ulverston and Swarthmoor Methodist Churches

Ulverston and Swarthmoor Methodist Churches offer a warm welcome to all. Find out about our activities on our website www.slakescircuit. Minister is Rev Graham Ransom who can be contacted on 01229 583198. Ulverston worship takes place on Sundays at 10.30am with a Crèche for younger children and on evening’s at 6pm on the first and third Sunday of the month. Swarthmoor’s services take place on Sundays at 6pm Our Messy Church events are for all the family. Next event is on Saturday 18th February from 3pm. Crafts, activities, worship and a meal. Christian Aid Coffee Morning Do come along to a Coffee morning in the Coronation Hall from 9.30 on Saturday 11th February to help raise money for this great charity.


YULE SING HOAD The Ulverston based song group Song Birds held a wonderful Christmas song event just before Christmas - Yule Sing Hoad. Kirsten Taylor, founder of Song Birds says “I am really happy with how Yule Sing Hoad went. We had a lovely group attending the event and they sounded fabulous. What a privilege to be able to sing in a space that has such beautiful acoustics. We did Hoad proud.” Kirsten continues “Whenever I have visited the inside of Hoad Monument and it has been quiet I haven’t been able to resist making a few sounds to enjoy how they carry around the building. This urge made me think other people must feel the same and so I have wanted to gather singers there for a long time. I took Song Birds Women’s Improvisation Group there in November

A Swinging Year in Prospect Members of Ulverston Jazz Appreciation Society have every reason to look forward to a 2017 filled with excellent recordings of jazz of every era. Meeting as usual at Bardsea’s Malt

The Furness Abbey Fellowship

Talk about Old Ulverston at Lower Holker WI

We are embarking on our sixth year as a community group and are looking forward to our 5th Medieval

Wednesday 1st February is Lower Holker WI’s next regular open meeting which will be in Flookburgh Village Hall, where Jennifer Snell will give an illustrated talk “Old Ulverston in Slides”. We start at 2:00pm and all friends and visitors are most welcome to attend. £3.00 including refreshments. The March meeting is at Lower Holker Village Hall, Cark-inCartmel on 1st March.

Furness U3A

Ulverston now

What an amazing year experienced by members of Furness U3A. In May we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a big party with entertainment provided by various member music groups, with play readings and food. A similar theme took place at our Christmas party in December where we were entertained by the Ukelele group and the handbell


and we were able to let loose, making the building resonate beautifully. I realise improvisation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I wanted to enable anyone to join in. That’s how I came up with the idea of singing Christmas songs inside Hoad Monument.”

for all his time and support.

Kirsten hopes to run Yule Sing Hoad again next year and she would like to thank Monument keeper, Les Tallon

Kirsten restarted her singing workshops - The Feel Good Singalong in Allithwaite and Ulverston and Good Tones in Ulverston - in January. If anyone wants to join these sessions they are invited to get in touch with Kirsten. All voices and newcomers are always welcome. Her e-mail address is stentaylor@ or via Facebook - SONG BIRDS Ulverston.

Kiln Village Hall, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month, members will relish The Sound of Surprise throughout the year. The programme for February 23 will include ‘In Search of Soul’, ‘The Big Wide World of Jazz’ and ‘Saxes with Strings Attached’ - most top players, from Johnny Hodges to Charlie Parker, Stan Getz to today’s

new sounds, have made beautiful jazz against string backgrounds. The music begins at 7pm with knowledgeable commentary, on high quality audio equipment. Tasty refreshments are included in the modest charge of £2. For more information phone Roy Booth at 01524 853335, or visit the club’s website at

Fair on 2 September. Our AGM is open to the public and members alike. It will take place on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 7pm at Barrow Cricket Club. For more information and to attend please contact

furnessabbeyfellowship@ so that we know how many we can expect. We will be reviewing the year and electing committee members and will be revealing our plans for the upcoming year.

ringers group playing Christmas carols. There are over 50 interest groups currently and new groups are formed every year. Monthly speakers included some subjects of local interest including Howard Hull from the Brantwood Trust talking about John Ruskin and Ali Alger taking about the history and future of Ford Park Community Enterprise. In October we were impressed with the professional presentation from The Royal Navy and

in November were amazed by the antics of Animals behaving Badly from Dr Michael Leach. So, there is a similar varied and exciting programme of speakers for 2017 including the work of a local magistrate, the history of Ambleside Sports, understanding Islam and a talk by Peter McCall, Police and Crime Commissioner. For more information contact Linda Marshall 01229 587712



MELVILLE & CO CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS. Accounts, VAT / bookkeeping / payroll / personal and business taxation. For free initial meeting telephone 01229 434000.

ANIMAL & PET SERVICES Animal Welfare (Furness) - providing sanctuary for distressed animals until loving forever homes found. Contact Cattery 01229 836955 or Barrow / Ulverston Shops 01229 811122 / 01229 581402 www.


ROGER ARMSTRONG ARCHITECT, Lindale. Design / Property Advice / Applications. Tel 015395 34314.

BOOKS Daisyroots Books Main Street, Grangeover-Sands. Second-hand books. Local History, Climbing, Railways & much more. Full range of OS maps. Open 9:30 - 4:30 Mon - Sat. 015395 38817

Greenlane Archaeology, Lower Brook Street, Ulverston. Secondhand & new books; archaeology, history, geology, topography & engineering, local interest. Open Thursdays 10am–4pm. 01229 588500.

CARPET SERVICES Carpet & Flooring Fitter Underlay & Accessories Supplied Fully Qualified & Insured Call Mike 07999 072 697 ULVERCLEAN Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists. For a true deep clean contact Lee Gundry on 01229 586703 or 07858 757215

CHIMNEY SWEEP ANDREW BACKHOUSE CHIMNEY SWEEP LTD Established 1992. Trading standards approved. All types of chimneys and flues swept. Camera surveys. 015394 45117 or 0776 314 5594 ROB CHAMBERS All types of chimneys and flues Member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps HETAS approved. Fully insured 01229 588025 Mob: 07881 921529


SUE LAWTON (S.R.Ch,D.Pod.M,M.Ch.S) HCPC Registered Chiropodist. Registered & qualified for 26 years. Home visits covering Grange, Ulverston & surrounding areas 015395 83625


CLEAN CHOICE - High Standard Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Service. Contact Emma on 07795 441324/ 01229 889490 or email

CLEANER Quality cleaning and laundry services. Reasonable rates. Hours available. Call Joan on 0770 622 1466 / 07979 127 318 or e-mail

COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES RELAX AND REDUCE STRESS Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki treatments & Relaxation techniques with Caroline at “The Medicine Garden” Ulverston Tel: 07870 594096 or 462193.


VHS Video Tapes transferred to DVDs. £8 per tape. 01229 463375


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Phobias (incl school phobias), anxiety, depression, addictions, confidence and self esteem. Speak to a professional caring therapist. Experienced in working with adults and children 07792 843 807

DOG SERVICES ONE-to-ONE DOG BEHAVIOUR and Training Solutions. Martin Gleadow 015395 63567


EDDIE SHARP ENGRAVING TROPHIES pick up/drop-off Domus, King Street. Contact Kendal Trophies 01539 740217


SITTING PRETTY Antique traditional and modern furniture re-upholstered locally by time-served craftswoman. 20 years experience. Lesley Fursey 01229 464607 www.



DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND ULVERCLEAN can now offer a true deep cleaning service to those dingy looking areas. Contact Lee 01229 586703 or 07858 757215 for a free quote


Rise & Recline Chairs, Electric Beds and general furnishings supplied by Furness Furniture Ltd, 19 Nelson St Dalton 01229 208536. Free local delivery.


GUITAR LESSONS All styles, ages and levels, Ulverston based. Buy six lessons get one FREE! Contact Matt Cowe 0781 748 9391 info@mattcowe. com More info at PIANO, FLUTE, Music theory, ABRSM exams, lessons Ulverston and Dalton. All ages, beginners, returners. Experienced, qualified teachers. Zina + Ciara Preston, phone 588270, or

STAMP COLLECTIONS, OLD COINS / medals and pre-1960 picture postcards purchased. Will visit to view. Tel Smith 07721 651 751 email OLD SUITCASES, trunks, leather bags, wooden boxes, toolboxes, wooden ladders, galvanised buckets, watering cans, kitchenware. Peter 015395 62811

MB Designs Inside and outside Painting Wallpapering l Fully insured Quality work l Free quote & advice 01539 623239 or 07709 977 619


Heydays Care & Support Services Full and part time positions available various shifts to suit, around Grange Over Sands, Newby Bridge or Barrow rates from £7.80 plus paid mileage and travel time. Call Kelly or Dawn 015395 52548 / 01229 808023


Tree Stumps Removed GET A QUOTE ONLINE or call Peter on 01539 720441 GARDEN CLEARANCE Grass and hedge cutting, strimming and fencing. Ron’s Tidy Garden. Tel: 01229 580345 Mobile 07904 151964. Reliable and honest

GARDEN LANDSCAPING AND DRY STONE WALLING. All aspects of stonework and landscaping. Sam Shaw Kilburn 07887243988 Lawns mowed, hedges trimmed, overgrowth strimmed, branches shredded and leaves blown away! Also DIY. Local and friendly. Call Simon on 07950 912212 or 015395 34640.

HANDYMAN SERVICES I’m your local, friendly handyman for painting, repairs and general DIY around the home. I can do most things! All jobs considered. Call Simon on 07950 912212 or 015395 34640.


FREE* HOUSE CLEARANCE SERVICE *Please note: there must be enough items of re-sale value to cover our labour costs and tipping fees. We Buy Furniture ~ Brica-Brac ~ Tools ~ Jewellery ~ Gold & Silver ~ Antiques. Contact Guy for a FREE quote on 01229 715114 / 07990 664476 WA House Clearance & Removals WE PAY CASH FOR HOUSE CLEARANCES! Garages, sheds etc 07528 049 516 / 015395 59469


LOCKS EXPRESS LOCKSMITHS 24 Hour Callout. All Lock Problems Solved; Locks opened, repaired & fitted. Trading Standards Approved & Police (CRB) checked. Domestic & commercial work. Car keys cut. We cover all the Furness area. Tel 01229 550056. Mobile 07886 831336.

Due to continued growth South Lakes Services are seeking dedicated team members to take over a number of new accounts whilst at the same time help drive our business forward.

Grounds Person

We are looking for an experienced Groundsman/Gardener to care for and maintain grounds. The position would suit an experienced, hardworking, highly motivated & enthusiastic individual who is able to work alone and alongside our grounds team. • • •

Driving licence essential (Towing licence desirable) Grass cutting & Strimming experience necessary. 40 hours per week.

Cleaning Support Supervisor

Working alongside our cleaning manager you will learn our business inside out, and be available to help train and grow the business. This is a hands on cleaning position predominantly working Monday Friday, afternoons and early evenings depending on work demand. • Vehicle and driving licence essential. • All applicants must undergo DBS check. • 30 hours per week good rates of pay.

Holiday Property Cleaners

Like cleaning? Take pride in your work?...then why not join our expanding team of holiday property cleaners, cleaning and preparing a wide range of different holiday properties throughout the area. Change over days Friday’s, Saturday’s and Monday’s 10.00am – 4.00pm but other hours and contracts available to suit. All equipment, uniform and training supplied. (Please note this is cleaning only position no laundry required, all done on site). Own vehicle essential.

For more information call

015395 36956

| 01229 490 000








When you’re M.E.L. Furniturelooking Restorers for Blacksmiths 20 years experience in all aspects of furniture restoration. Specialising in a great place all types of seat weaving including hand woven & pre-woven canework to dine out

& Furniture Restorers Specialists in traditional & modern gates & railings including stainless steel glazed railing systems

Enquiries (015395) 36269

Come and see our exciting

transforming lives by design


Enquiries (015395) 36269


Contemporary dining with a Architectural Design Ltd Mediterranean flair



T: 015394 43721



Natural Woodland Burial free Ground initial consultation “Return to the Earth, naturally” Burton-in-Kendal

Call us Today! 01229 464708 W: email: 51 Market Street Dalton-in-Furness Cumbria LA15 8AP

AGENTS FOR Raleigh, Batribike, Freego, Powabyke, Winora, Cyclotricity, Mission Cycles, Full size bikes, folders and three wheelers

0% FINANCE available on certain bikes


cashback 1229



On all Freego bikes purchased before 31st Dec 2016 y table toda Book your

01524 782442

Unit 20, Airfield Approach Business Park Moor lane, Flookburgh, LA11 7NG

015395HEALTH 59195CARE or 015395 35786


l ee ef

dC go o


as flm


“The perfect start to Christmas”


Better Care Together is an initiative that brings together local people with health and care staff from the NHS and Local Government.

The aim is to work with communities to decide how we can collectively promote and maintain health & wellbeing and explore how health and care services might more effectively be provided closer to where people live.

If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting project in support of the communities in the Ulverston, Dalton and Askam area you are invited to a meeting of the local Integrated Care Community to take place on: Monday 27th March The Main Hall. Dalton Community Centre

Wednesday 29th March the Supper Room, Coronation Hall


More information in the next edition of Ulverston Now




ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADVICE Accountants and Business Advisers Whether you require start up advice, help with your year-end accounts, help with your Self-Assessment or a full on-going bookkeeping and support service, we can help you.

015395 36163

Ulverston now es





3 Lowther Gardens, Grange-over-Sands, LA11 7EX

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