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My TED Story How I use TEDTalks in the classroom to inspire and motivate students

My Involvement in TED Fall 2005 Chris Anderson announces a challenge asking others to create a worldchanging idea to promote the web site In response to this challenge, I commit to build a cross-country bicycle ride to reduce poverty in the developing world.

Summer 2006 The Yes Ride, my commitment from the year before, becomes a reality. It is a 4,300-mile transcontinental movement including 17 riders who raise over 85,000 dollars. It is featured on Sirius Radio, the “Today Show,” and recognized by the UN and the World Bank.

Spring 2008 While applying for a fellowship to TED Africa, I’m propelled to leave academics and embark on a career transition toward social entrepreneurship. While working on this transition, I continue to teach, hoping to inform and inspire my students.

The Community Eatonville, FL One of my classes is at a local high school in historic Eatonville, FL. This town was home to Zora Neale Hurston, and the setting for her book “Their Eyes Were Watching God.�

However, the per capita income is only $11,257 and 25% reside below the poverty line here, according to the 2000 US census.

In the heart of this community is Robert Hungerford Preparatory High School, where I teach economics to dual-enrollment students.

The School Robert Hungerford Preparatory High School In 1999, the school transitioned into a magnet school. The 125 students enrolled here are taught a careerfocused and hands-on curriculum.

There are four specific academies of study, including Agricultural Biotechnology, Global Business, Information Systems and International Culinary Arts.

One of many motivating murals on campus.

How I use TEDTalks In the Classroom Each Friday is devoted to TEDTalks in my dual-enrollment class. We watch a 20 minute talk, then follow up with a 30 minute discussion. I employ TEDTalks in my classroom not only because they relate to economics, but because the greatest service I can provide my students is to get them to believe in dreams, to look beyond what is reasonable.

“These TEDTalks keep us informed and make us want to go out and do something to help change and improve the world. They ask important questions and bring out theories I don’t really get to hear about.” - Robyn Blackman, Global Business

“I really enjoy the TEDTalks, especially about the environment... If we, the high shcool students, are the future, then global warming is a danger to us. It’s great that TED discusses things like this so that the future of the country can be aware.” - Lindsay Keller, Int. Culinary Arts

All text, design and photos by: Chris Markl and Megan Miller.

My TEDTalks Story  

How I use TEDTalks to inspire and motivate my students.

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