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Celebrating the Bundesliga's 50th Campaign 1963 - 2013

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The Long Struggle for the Bundesliga


FC Köln a long way from their successful past


MSV Duisburg/ Meidericher Spielverein


Eintracht Frankfurt


Borrusia Dortmund Profile


Conditioned for Success - Olly Bartlett


VfB Stuttgart - Taste of success lingers for ambitious Swabians


Hamburger SV


TSV 1860 München Profile


Schalke 04 Profile


1. FC Nürnberg Profile


SV Werder Bremen - Klaus-Dieter Fischer


Eintracht Braunschweig


Ottmar Hitzfeld talks to Bundesliga Football


1. FC Kaiserslautern - Profile


Marco Haber talks Kaiserslautern


Karlsruher SC - Sean Dundee


Hertha in the Bundesliga - Instability to rely upon


SC Preußen Münster


1.FC Saarbrücken Profile


The Future of the Bundesliga


The bundesliga in Pictures


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JUBILÄUM 50 Credits


Credits Editor:

Allan Edgar


Sub Editor:

Ross Dunbar

would like to offer special thanks to :


Christopher Boud Sean Dundee Olly Bartlett Neven Subotic Klaus-Dieter Fischer

Contributors Christopher Gallagher

Marco Haber

Ross Dunbar

Ottmar Hitzfeld

Allan Edgar

Dieter Linder

Louis John McCaffrey

Alfred Pfaff

Stefan Bienkowski

Eyjólfur Sverrisson

Christopher Boud

Alex Leppert

Translation: Holger Ruhl

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JUBILÄUM 50 Welcome


Editor’s Introduction

Above: Bundesliga 50 logo Below: The Meisterschale/ Championship trophy/ ’’salad bowl’

Welcome to our Bundesliga 50th campaign anniversary magazine.

We have tried to cover all original 16 members of the league with input from players, coaches, fans and commentators

Whether you are a regular visitor to our site, a listener to our

both past and present.

podcast or a Bundesliga sceptic a little bit lost online - we hope you will find our content both informative and

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the Bundesliga and some omissions we attempt to cover by providing a reference list at the back which will go into more

In the following 63 pages we have tried to shed some light

detail than we could even dream of.

on the development and evolution of the professional game in Germany. We are particularly grateful for the insight

The most important thing for us is that we can provide a

offered by those who spoke to us on their widely differing

magazine which can start the 50th anniversary celebrations

experiences in and out of the Bundesliga and the unique

of this superbly entertaining, emotionally charged and

perspectives offered.

sometimes peculiar league.

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Editor, Bundesliga Football





FC Köln legend and World Cup winner Pierre Littbarski

DFB Pokal Winner 1 Runner-Up 2 UEFA Cup Runner-Up 1 Fifa World Cup Winner 1 Runner-Up 2

Foreword from Pierre Littbarski The 50th season of the Bundesliga is

football. For many years, too much

But they need to be patient. The fans

certainly going to a special one.

money was spent on players, when

will not want to see big changes

that money was not there ‒ so we

because it will take the identity away

are in a healthy position going into

from the club.

Of course, the formation of the Bundesliga was not just a huge step this season. for the country in a football sense,

In any case, it is good to see the

but Germany came through a lot

It is very similar now to the English

2.Bundesliga and 3.Liga ‒ and even

after the Second World War,

Premier League where we have four

amateur leagues ‒ become stronger.

including a difficult recession

or five clubs who are more than

The new TV contract coming in next

amongst other changes.

capable of winning the league.

season will not just be great for the

Football is something Germans hold

I don t think we are surprised at

on to quite tightly and the start of

Bayern Munich s fall from being the

Already, we have great clubs and

the Bundesliga was certainly a big

number one club because the people

great fans in the 2.Bundesliga so we

step for everyone concerned. We had

at Borussia Dortmund are very good.

can have a very strong league in

Bundesliga but for smaller clubs.

other problems too with debts, and

years to come. The key word, I guess, is patience.

then with supporters, but I think after Things are looking bright for the 1990 World Cup and 2006

Dortmund were patient by keeping a

tournaments, we moved in the right

stable club over the last few years


and now, are looking strong with

We have had so many exciting

everyone in German football. I hope the 50th season provides the same some great coaches and young

creativity and excitement of previous years. players. There are many teams, like seasons and the increasing TV money can only be a huge thing for German

FC Hansa and others, who have huge fan bases, to learn from Dortmund.

Enjoy the season!

pre Bundesliga

JUBILÄUM 50 Pre Bundesliga


Suspendisse feugiat mi sed lectus The long struggle for the Bundesliga Stefan Bienkowski

Hans Passlack, Willi Hübner, Franz Kremer, Ludwig Franz, Walter Baresel and Hermann Neuberger.

Like the history of

became the super power

could use a

Germany itself; football

and corner stone to the

football team

has walked a long, bumpy

sport in Europe that it is

‒ the exciting new sport

and frustrating road since


that the English were

the first ever official football ground in Berlin

finding so fascinating. It The sport began, like it did

first cropped up in Berlin

in most European

where young sides would

countries, in the middle of

be found engaging in



century within the

military parade grounds


minds of intrigued middle

on a Sunday morning ‒


class student s who felt

since gymnastic clubs

their local sports club

didn t allow football

ago, until it


pre Bundesliga

JUBILÄUM 50 Pre Bundesliga

BundesligaFootball games on their grounds ‒ where it would later spread to Hamburg, Stuttgart and then south to Baden and Karlsruhe. By the dawn of the 20th

FC Köln vs FC Bayern in 1901

century, the German game had its own words such as

flocked to

40,000 spectators ‒ a far

Sturmer and Tor, or

Nuremberg s Zabo

cry from the 6000 or so

Eckball, meaning Forward,

Stadium to watch their

that had attended the last

Goal and Corner

side face off against

pre-war final ‒ as the sport

respectively, to

Tottenham Hotspur. The

once again found its

accompany the eighty six

game ended 1-1 as the

footing throughout the

football clubs spread

third friendly match

country. With this success

throughout the land, and

between the German side

came the ever-growing

the newly formed

and English opposition in

pressure of

Deutscher Fussball Bund

as many years. Two

professionalism in an

to govern. Football was

months later the two

amateur sport. Despite the

finally German, and thus

countries were at war.

idea of a footballer earning

the sport never looked back.

a wage being a part of the The Great War acted as a

sport in England and

catalyst to many things in

Scotland since the 1880 s,

From there, fussball

Germany; political parties

German football was still,

integrated itself in to

found themselves on new

in structure, an amateur

German life and grew

ground as the monarchy


throughout society from

was tore down in favour of

the grass roots up.

the ill-fated Weimar

Based on the athletics of

Beginning with basic clubs

Republic. The strong

old, and governed by a

dotted around the

middle-class had spent the

generation that put local

country, a network was

duration of the war

pride before morality, the

soon threaded together

desperate basic amenities

DFB s original

and before long, regional

and now found

constitution from 1900

leagues known as

themselves below any

stated that Every

Oberligas , and

sense of a poverty line,


competitions were in full

and football, a sport still in

association or local


its infancy, was adopted as

club can become a

part of a greater

full member of the

By 1914, German football

programme of escapism

DFB, provided

was alive with the

from the post-war reality.

none of its

infectious fever of

members are

domestic football. In May

The first cup final after the

of that year, 8000 fans

war attracted close to

professional players. Yet,

pre Bundesliga

JUBILÄUM 50 Pre Bundesliga

BundesligaFootball by the mid-twenties, the

guilty of 14 of their

mandate was already

first team players

sounding a little outdated.

receiving expenses greatly in excess of

Clubs such as Schalke were

what is acceptable,

bringing in regular crowds

which led to their

of 30,000 and travelling

exclusion from the

throughout the country

West German FA, and

yet their players weren t

organised football. The

allowed to earn a single

local clubs, in an act

penny for their

often described as

performances. Even early

heroics but more likely

participants of the national

a simple opportunity

team were expected to

to mask their own

pay their own way to away

activities, condemned

grounds, and accept the

the decision and

loss in earnings while they

threatened to form a

were away.

breakaway league. With the Western

Most clubs got around this

clubs from the Ruhr ‒

by helping first team

the true heartbeat of

players set up their own

German football ‒

local businesses, or

demanding an

offering generous

alteration to the

donations to certain

constitution and the

organisations, and

approval of paid

effectively offering a basic

players, and the North,

wage or income to offset

East, and Southern FA s

the time for a full-time job.

refusing to budge on the

This of course, was never

issue, the DFB arrange a

going to offer a solution,

general meeting to solve

and was rather a simple

the issue of

transition towards the

professionalism in the

inevitable conclusion that

sport for the 25th of May

the sport would


eventually have to start paying its star players.

Schalke were found

Above: The Yugoslavia team celebrate their 1:0 victory. The loss helped push the drive for the bundesliga

Von Hindenburg s office in Berlin, a young Adolf Hitler was being sworn in as the new German chancellor and the issue would become trivial in the subsequent years.

Domestic football under the Third Reich was often

Unfortunately for German football, three months before the clubs could even sit down to solve the

In late 1930,

Top:Uwe Seeler takes on Vlatko Marković as Germany olay Yugoslavia in the 1962 world cup quarter final.

issue, 515 kilometres to the east in President Paul

heralded as a public banner or propaganda machine for the Nazis during the war. T continued throughout the

pre Bundesliga

JUBILÄUM 50 Pre Bundesliga

BundesligaFootball duration of the conflict, but

from the German leagues

domestic league, and later

by 1945 when Germany

overcame the famous

by Franz Kremer of the West

surrendered to the allied

Hungary side of the time.

German FA in 1961, who

troops, the sport was on its knees and desperate for aid.

proposed an official motion Yet this wouldn t last long,

to consider the formation of

and like the initial DFB

a nationwide, professional

The beautiful game, like all

constitution rulings that


sport, was initially banned

thwarted the league s

under the allied occupation,

progression in the twenties,

On July 28th, 1962 - 75 years

but within a few years the

German football found itself

after the formation of the

regional Oberligas were

hit a glass ceiling and slowly

English football league, 72

back up and running and by

demise as players began

years after the formation of

1948 Nürnburg and

moving abroad in favour of

the Scottish Football

Kaiserslautern were battling

larger contracts from Italian,

League, and 34 years after

it out to become the first

Dutch and Spanish

the formation of the Italian

champions of this new

counterparts. Coupled with

Serie A and Spanish Primera

Germany. Having lost the


Division - 129 officials

Viktoria trophy during the

performances in Europe

from clubs all over

war, a new cup was forged

from Germany s domestic

Germany sat down

and named the

sides, and the German

to a DFB council

Meisterschale to represent

national team s forgetful

meeting in

the national champions.

performance in the 1962

Dortmund and voted

The trophy that Jurgen

World Cup and before long,

103 to 26 in favour of

Klopp and his Dortmund

the campaign for change

a new national,

squad lifted not three

was gathering pace.

professional football

months ago after winning

league in Germany. It was

the Bundesliga was the very

Lobbying from influential

same Salad Bowl .

members of the sport

called the Bundesliga .

proved successful, initially

As one chapter of

The 1950 s offered a

from national team coach

Germany s footballing

welcome golden age in

Sepp Herberger who

history was closed, the

German football when the

passionately believed that

modern-era began.

player under contract rule

die Mannschaft would

was introduced, finally

only ever be as good

allowing clubs to pay their

as the nation s

players a minimum wage as the domestic game began to rebuild itself once again. This came to a climax with the World Cup victory in 1954 where a squad of semi-professional players

FC Köln celebrate winning the first ever bundelsiga

1. FC Köln

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Köln


FC Köln fans bringing the RheinEnergie Stadion to life

FC Köln a long way from their successful past Christopher Gallagher May 5, 2012 was a disappointing

Bundesliga. Cue plumes of black smoke,

between the the first and second tier of

day to be a Köln fan. The final game of

a pitch invasion and the locals battling it

the Bundesliga. Opening with a dismal

the 2011/12 campaign gave the Billy

out with riot police. A disastrous end to

1-0 defeat to Eintracht Braunschweig on

Goats an opportunity to save

the season, which

themselves from the nightmare of

summed up the

relegation. It would be Lukas Podolski s

embittered feeling of

final match in front of the RheinEnergie

betrayal the supporters

Stadion faithful, before his move to the

have for the clubs

champions won t be

English Premier League with Arsenal.


involved in the league as it

the opening weekend, the

1. FC Köln where the first side to win the Bundesliga

The stage was set for a grandstand finale but unfortunately for Köln it was not to be their day.

more mature fans will reflect with sadness that the inagural Bundesliga

celebrates its 50th season. In recent years, Köln fans have been at odds with the club they love;

Golden Era

disharmony behind the scenes, a poor In a sub-standard display in front of

product on the pitch and a lack of action

their devoted support, the home

to match high ambition has resulted in a

Competing in the Oberliga West before

side were soundly

tepid atmosphere between the fans and

the induction of the Bundesliga, The

beaten by Champions

the boardroom.

Billy Goats were crowned champions of

League finalists Bayern Munich, resulting in relegation to 2.

The 1960s was FC Köln s golden era.

their regional division in its final four The modern era has not been kind to Die Geißböcke with the club flitting

years of existence. Going on to compete in the National German Championship,

1. FC Köln


JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Köln

the club would make it to the final three years out of four.

between themselves and Meidericher SV,

1968 they would win their first DFB

in second place, a comfortable six points.

trophy, convincingly defeating VfL Bochum 4-1 in the final.

1962 saw Köln win their first national

As German champions, Köln would

championship, defeating Nuremberg by

represent Germany in the European Cup.

Double Success

four clear goals in the final in Berlin. It

The club would be better equipped than

was third-time lucky for the club after

in their previous campaign, progressing

they suffered defeat to Hamburg in the

to the quarter-final stage were they faced

clubs history was the double winning

1960 final and were unable to get out of

Liverpool. The German and English

campaign of 1977/78. In one of the

the group stage in 1961. The title

champions played out two goalless

closest run Bundesliga seasons ever, Köln

triumph would see Köln compete in

draws in North Rhine-Westphalia as well

won the title on the last day of the

European football for the first time, it

as on Merseyside.

season due to a superior goal difference.

The most successful season in the

would end in early disappointment though after a preliminary round defeat

Unable to be separated over two

Going into the final match of the

to Scottish side Dundee 8 -1 on

legs, the tie would be decided by a

championship, Köln were equal on


playoff in Rotterdam. The match finished

points with main title rivals

in a 2-2 draw, the victors would be

Borussia Mönchengladbach.

decided by a coin-toss, the English side

Köln, with a vastly superior

saw Köln make history, as they were

had the luck and progressed at the

goal difference, defeated St.

crowned its first champions. Die

expense of Köln.

Pauli by five clear goals.

The introduction of the Bundesliga

The other deciding

Geißböcke dominated throughout the entire first season, losing only two league

Incapable of retaining their title the

match saw

games all season. They outscored

following season, it would be some time


everyone in the league with the gap

before Köln would get their hands on the

defeated by Dortmund, a

biggest prize in German football again. In

league record 12 goals to nil. However, it wasn t enough and Köln were crowned

Club At a Glance

Bundesliga champions for the second time.


Founded 1948

The club would go on to complete the domestic double by defeating

2 Top Scorer Hannes Löhr


Stadium RheinEnergieStadion 50,000

Fortuna Düsseldorf 2-0 in the final of the DFB Pokal. Köln would become only the


second team in history to do the double in Germany alongside Bavarian giants Bayern Munich. They have since been joined by Werder

1. FC Köln

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Köln

BundesligaFootball Bremen (2004) and more recently Borussia Dortmund (2012).

Of the ten cup finals in the

match would finish 3-3, setting up a European Record

In the twenty seasons Köln

two-legged final with Real Madrid.

The first-leg of the final took

1970 s Köln would be involved in

have competed in European

place in Madrid and a 5-1 defeat all

five of them, lifting the trophy twice

competition, they have reached

but ended Köln s hopes of lifting

after consecutive victories in 1977

four quarter-finals and six semi-

the trophy. The return saw the

and 1978. The club also reached a

finals. The 1985/86 season was their

German side regain some pride as

further three DFB cup finals,

greatest ever European campaign,

they defeated the Spaniards 2-0 but

victorious in 1983 and runners up in

reaching the final of the UEFA cup

it wasn t enough, their first and

1980 and 1991. Köln are the fourth

against the mighty Real Madrid.

until this point, only European final

most successful club in the history of the DFB with ten overall

ended in disappointment. Negotiating their way through

appearances, four victories and 6

the early rounds, Köln disposed of

final defeats.

Sporting Gijon, Bohemians 1905

in European football was a run to

and Hammerby. A quarter-final tie

the semi-finals of the much-derided

against Sporting Lisbon brought a

Intertoto Cup in 1997. With the club

in the Bundesliga in 1982 as well as

3-1 aggregate victory. A semi-final

in its current state of disarray and

finishing in second place two years

tie against Belgian side Waregem

with promotion to the Bundesliga

running in 1989 and 1990. The club

was over after the first leg as Köln

their primary, European football is

would be a mainstay of the

romped to a 4-0 victory. The return

but a distant memory for fans of the

Köln would finish as runners up

Bundesliga until the 1997/98 season, when they were relegated to the second tier of German football not returning until 2000/01. The passionate support has stuck by Köln through every relegation and promotion, with average gates of around 41,000 whilst in the second division articulating the passion of the local crowds.

Billy goat fans celebrate promotion to 1.Bundesliga in 2008

Köln s most recent adventure

Billy Goats.

MSV Duisburg

JUBILÄUM 50 MSV Duisburg


MSV Duisburg/ Meidericher Spielverein Christopher Boud

The 2011 MSV Duisburg vs Schalke DFB Pokal Final

Formation ‒ Bundesliga

the club merged with Sport Club Viktoria Meiderich.

The Zebras (so called because

The reorganisation of German football by the Nazis in 1933

of their striped tops) started life

The club performed admirably

as Meidericher Spielverein.

in its early years building from

Meidericher Spielverein was

strength to strength. By the

formed on June 2, 1902 and

1920 s, playing in the Lower

was admitted to the West

Rhine district class, the club

German Football Association in

earned the nickname eternal

September of the same year.

second after a series of runner-

Meiderich, which was an

up spots. The Zebras would

independent municipality, was

soon put this name to bed with

incorporated into the city of

a string of victories, winning

Duisburg in 1905 at which time

the District league in 1929, 1931 and 1932.

led to a downturn in fortune for the club. They missed out in qualification for the top league, the Gauliga, which meant top players leaving to seek a higher level of play with other clubs. This downturn wouldn t be reversed until after the Second World War.

MSV Duisburg

JUBILÄUM 50 MSV Duisburg


It wasn t until 1946 that the

in the new league and used a

match day, Meidericher

Allied Forces allowed the

complicated points system

Spielverein received

formation of football

based on each teams

confirmation that they were to

competitions. The people of

performance over the last ten

be admitted to the Bundesliga.

Duisburg, still recovering from

seasons. With things tight in

Meidericher s gain was

the destruction of the the war,

the rankings all was to play for

Alemannia Aachen s loss, a loss

were not overly enthused by the

in the final season before the

that was taken bitterly - "the

league. After a 5th placed finish

Bundesliga kicked off. Things

Potato Beetles" (Kartoffelkäfer)

in the first official season the

started badly for Meidericher

actually finished fourth in the

club failed to qualify for the new

Spielverein taking five points

rankings whereas Meidericher

Oberliga West, which was the

from five games. Their season

Spielverein came in sixth,

highest rung in

however the


ranking system

Club At a Glance


deemed any

After four years

club within 50

in the lower leagues the club managed to qualify for

other where

Top Scorer Ronald Worm

the Oberliga


West and,

Stadium Schauinsland-ReisenArena 31,500

with the exception of one season, managed to

points each


Founded 1902

No Bundesliga, DFB Pokal or Major European Trophies. MSV have been runners up in the Bundesliga once and in the German cup on four occasions. They have also won the Intertoto cup on three occasions

ranked equally and the 1962/63 season league position was used to determine the qualifying team. Having scraped

stay there until the formation of

started to pick up

the Bundesliga.

but with the winter break effectively extended to three

Qualification and early seasons of the Bundesliga

months due to harsh weather conditions [with just one match

Qualification to the Bundesliga

taking place between 14th

wasn t a sure thing for

December and 18th of February]

Meidericher. Oberliga West was to provide five of the 16 teams to participate

the fans had a long wait to get a conclusion to the qualification saga.

through to Bundesliga qualification the Duisburg side were seen as prime candidates for instant relegation but would shock the nation by finishing in jointsecond place along with Eintracht Frankfurt. The best defensive record in the league was pivotal in securing their surprise runner-up spot and

Performances improved and after victory on the penultimate

intrinsic to the

MSV Duisburg

JUBILÄUM 50 MSV Duisburg

BundesligaFootball team s fantastic defensive

the inaugural Bundesliga season

now named Ennatz. Dietz is

record was coach, Rudolf (Rudi)

was not to be repeated it was

considered by many as the

Gutendorf. At 36-years-old, he

clear that Meidericher

greatest defender to have

was the youngest coach in the

Spielverein was now the team

graced the Bundesliga, he was

Bundesliga and was chosen due

that represented all of Duisburg

certainly Honours one of the most

to the defensive tactical flair he

not simply the region of

prolific, scoring 77 goals (70 for

had demonstrated whilst

Meiderich. In 1967 the official

MSV Duisburg) during his

managing TSV Marl-Hüls. His

name change to Meidericher

Bundesliga career. He was

defensive tactics earned him the

Spielverein 02 e. V. Duisburg

originally a striker converted to

nickname Riegel-Rudi or Bolt/

(MSV Duisburg) took place.

left-back which explains his


clinical finishing ability. Dietz MSV Dietzburg

Also playing a major role in that first season s success was German legend Helmut Rahn. Known as the Boss , Rahn was signed up just before the Bundesliga kicked off from Dutch side, SC Enschede. Famous for scoring the decisive goal in the 1954 Miracle of Bern , the 34-year-old marquee signing brought great

The club would remain in the

accruing just 11 yellow cards

top-tier of German football for

and no reds in his time in the

around two decades however in


the 1969-70 season the team found themselves just four points from relegation. This led to an evaluation of how the club was running and a new drive towards utilising young players. Encapsulating this new

leadership skills and was known as a bit of a joker. Meidericher s opponents weren t laughing though as Rahn put in some superb performances and notched up eight goals for the

was also a very clean defender,

Although the team wouldn t achieve any higher ranking than 6th in the Bundesliga, Dietz had overseen some memorable highs for the club. As well as making the DFB-Pokal final in 1975 for only the second time (at that point) in their history

Milan Sasic enjoys a beer courtesy of Olcay Sahan following the semi final victory over Energie Cottbus, May 2011

season. Rahn also managed a

(defeated by Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0), the team also managed their best ever European showing, a

Bundesliga first, becoming the

approach was


first man sent-off in the


appearance in

Bundesliga, conceded during a

Ennatz Dietz.

the 1979 Uefa

3-1 home defeat against Hertha

He was so

Cup. However

Berlin on the 14th September.

important to the

Dietz s most

The season was a great success and had seen home crowds averaging around 25,000 a game. Although the success of

team that during his 12 years at the club they were nicknamed MSV Dietzburg and the club mascot, a zebra, is

memorable match from his time at the club is most

MSV Duisburg

JUBILÄUM 50 MSV Duisburg


likely the nine goal thriller

relegated again, to

against Bayern München on

Oberliga Nordrhein.

May 11, 1977. Dietz opened the

After three seasons

scoring, before Rainer Kunkel

in the wilderness of

drew things level. Gerd Müller

third-tier football

grabbed a brace for Bayern,

they managed

punctuated by Dietz s second.

promotion back

With the Bavarian side ahead for

into 2. Bundesliga.

the second time at 3-2 Dietz

MSV set a target of

went into overdrive and scored

a top-flight return

another two goals, in a two-

after two years and

minute spell, putting Duisburg

managed to

ahead by four to three. Ronald

succeed, earning

Worm and Norbert Stoltenberg

promotion for the

finished up the scoring to give

1991 season. Things started very

season. They do however have a

MSV a 6-3 victory. As well as

well with the club sitting in

number of reasons to look to

Müller, Bayern boasted two

second after match day 13 and

the future optimistically; having

other 1974 World Cup winners;

it was reasonable for fans to

replaced their stadium in 2003

Hans-Georg "Katsche"

assume they were back for the

they have modern, up-to-date

Schwarzenbeck and Sepp Maier

long haul. However

plus the 22-year-old striker Karl-

infighting seen the

Heinz Rummenigge.

side once again mired in a survival

Elevator Club

battle they would

Dietz s time at the club

final day after

With the club under significant

a 0-1 defeat to

financial strain it was not


expected that they would


return to the Bundesliga

Thus began

were to be further

facilities. After restructuring in 2010

MSV Duisburg v Eintracht Frankfurt - 31st August 1963

they have improved finances and in 2011 they managed to

lose on the

ended with their relegation.

immediately. Fans

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge nearly takes Bernard Dietz’s head off as he scores the first goal in Duisburg’s famous 6:3 victory over Bayern München

the elevatorclub culture that has seen MSV Duisburg relegated or promoted nine times in the last

reach the club s fourth DFB-

20 years.

Pokal final, although the 5-0

disappointed however when after four campaigns in 2. Bundesliga the club were

defeat at the hands of Schalke MSV seem to have settled into a mid-table slot within 2. Bundesliga finishing tenth last

04 in Berlin s Olympiastadion may be something the fans would rather forget.

Eintracht Frankfurt

JUBILÄUM 50 Eintracht Frankfurt


Eintracht Frankfurt Ross Dunbar

Far Left: Jürgen Grabowski lifts the DFB Pokal Centre Top Dieter Linder shows off his skills[L] & a signed Linder sticker. Centre Bottom Commerzbank-Arena. Right: Frankfurt vs Kickers ProgramStielike [R]pose with the

It was only fitting that in the 50th season


of the Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt

explains the character and style of the

secured a quick return to the top-flight

1959 title-winning side.

"They were all mainly Frankfurt boys, and we all had normal jobs." Linder said.

had some of their best success on the

"Some were clerks or public servants,

domestic and European stage - including

there was a locksmith, Kress was a

a showpiece European Cup Final in 1960

pharamcist, Pfaff was a gastronome. Only

at Hampden Park, Glasgow. Of course,

Istvan Sztani was without a job. We

they took a 7-3 hammering from Real

played a great season and an incredible

Madrid but it is widely-regarded that

group stage.

the highlight of Eintracht's 50 years since

soaked Glasgow in May, 1960.

The German champions were written off in the semi-finals against Glasgow Rangers but thrashed their Scottish opponents 6-1 in Germany to reach the prestigious

Eintracht played a massive part in making one of the most entertaining

"It was jublilation everywhere. Some fans

matches in the history of football.

ran on to the pitch, and the singing

Eintracht were German champions in

seemed never ending. I was the

1959 after beating local rivals Kickers

youngest in the team and felt a lot of

Offenbach in the one-off final in Berlin.

pressure fall off our shoulders. In the

The Frankfurters were unbeaten in 30

changing room, I cried."

league that season. Star man Dieter

German titles to their name. However,

1963 came in wind-swept and rain-

new league structure in 1963, Die Adler

matches with a total of 71 goals in the

championship was not their only success in the 1950s, with another five South

after a 12-month stay in Division Two.

In the years before the formation of the

Their first national German

final at Hampden. The famous Real Madrid side included the likes of De Stefano, Puskas and Gento which dazzled the 130,000-strong crowd.

Eintracht Frankfurt

JUBILÄUM 50 Eintracht Frankfurt


He insisted

"Well later, when we won the German title

Eintracht's strong-

I was 34 years old. You do not want to

friendship between

move far away then, there were some

the squad was key

offers but I was always very attached to

to their success in


1960. After the swinging-Sixties, Eintracht He said: "That was

Frankfurt never reached the same heights

the case, yes. With

in Europe and could not dominate the

Eintracht anyway,

national game. They won the DFB Pokal

but also with the

four times between 1974 and 1988 and

German squad, that

collected the UEFA Cup in 1980. The

was a good bunch of Eagles came close to the Bundesliga guys. There was no

championship in 1992 when they finished

trouble or jealousy.

just two points behind VfB Stuttgart.

We all had daytime

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Real Madrid match Program

jobs as well, it is not

After 33 years in the top-flight, they were

like today where

relegated to the second division in 1996

players do nothing

and have since bounced between the two

else than training

divisions, making a return to the

and football. We

Bundesliga this summer for the

worked all day and

anniversary campaign.

then we went to training.

But it was the Germans who took the lead

Thanks to Holger Ruhl for translating the exclusive Eintracht interviews. Follow

on 18 minutes through Kress which

him on Twitter @biggrabowski.

sparked some historic football from the Castillans. They scored six goals without

Club At a Glance

reply, before Eintracht's slight hopes were dashed late in the match. All of Real's seven goals were netted between the legendary Hungarian Puskas and De Stefano.

Alfred Pfaff was the club captain for the final and had been with The Eagles since he


Founded 1899 Top Scorer Bernd Hölzenbein 201 Stadium Commerzbank-Arena

was 10 years old. The inspiring midfielder was also a member of the Germany 1954 World Cup winning side.



Borussia Dortmund

JUBILÄUM 50 Borussia Dortmund


Clockwise from Right: Signal Iduna Park. Dortmund Champions league victory; they defeated Juventus 3:1. Jürgen Kohler(L) is pleased with Ottmar Hitzfeld (R) after said victory. Murdo MacLeod unleashes a shot.

Borrusia Dortmund Profile Louis John McCaffrey Borussia Dortmund are the

who wished to leave their

infamous yellow and black was

current Bundesliga champions

current football team Trinity

displayed as the new club

after winning back-to-back titles

Youth . Trinity Youth was a


in the past two seasons. The

Church sponsored football team,

team is young and exciting to

however due to strict leadership

The next two decades in the life

watch, a result of major changes

from the parish priest, many

of Borussia Dortmund brought

at Dortmund in recent times. Die

young men were unhappy and

little significant success to the

Schwartzgelbe have had a

sought to form their own club.

club. Local league football was as

number of highs and lows

After what seems to be a German

high as the club could play in

throughout their history,

past time of forming sports clubs

German football.. Recognising

however they are one of the

in pubs, Borussia Dortmund

that major success would only

most successful German clubs.

became a reality. Despite todays

come by recruiting better

iconic yellow and black strip,

players, the club decided to

which is globally recognized as

take a gamble and sign a

Dortmund s, it was in fact a blue

number of pro footballers.

The sports club Ballspiel-Verein

and white strip with red sash

This unfortunately was to

Borussia 1909 e. V. Dortmund ,

which was originally worn by the

backfire on the club as the

known as BVB, was founded by a

first Dortmund playing squad. It

team failed to perform to the

group of young men in 1909,

wasn't until 1913 that the now

level many had


Borussia Dortmund

JUBILÄUM 50 Borussia Dortmund

BundesligaFootball expected with their new players.

troubled times. A

This failure caused severe

club president

financial damage to the club

was sacked and

and the possibility of

replaced when he

bankruptcy was acknowledged

refused to swear

as a real possibility. However a

allegiance to the

local businessman who covered

Nazi party. In

the debts of the club to place

1936 the football

Dortmund on a sound financial

league in

footing rescued the club.

Germany was

Program from the the European Cup Winners Cup played at Hampden Park, 1966. Dortmund won 2:1 After Extra Time

restructured as World War 2/Post-War

the Gauliga, and

club disbanded

this is where Dortmund

in an attempt to disassociate

The 1930 s saw huge change

developed its intense rivalry

themselves with the Nazi past. It

within the German game as the

with Schalke 04. Titled the

didn't take long for the club to

Third Reich fundamentally

Revierderby due to both teams

be reformed and as a result

changed German society,

being located within the region

Ballspiel-Verein Borussia made

including a restructure

of Ruhr, they enjoyed a fierce

their first appearance in a

of the football

rivalry particularly during the

national league final in 1949,

Gualiga era of the game.

which they lost to Mannheim.

Schalke were the most

Despite losing in the final, this


successful/dominant team of

gave the club ambition and

members had

the time and displayed their

hope for the future.


superiority - winning 14 of the

leagues. The Dortmund

altercations with the Nazi party during these

first 16 encounters, Dortmund s

The 1950 s saw the creation of

first win against Schalke came in

the Oberliga West , a first

1943. Post-War society saw the

division league which Dortmund played in. This league

Club At a Glance

was hugely popular at the time with Dortmund winning the league in 1956 to record their

Top Scorer Alfred Preissler

first national title. The very next


Founded 1909

season Dortmund managed to


win the league for a second time in a row with the same


Stadium Signal Iduna Park 80,720


playing squad from the previous season. Their third national title

1 1

came in 1963 which granted them entry into the soon to be Bundesliga.

Borussia Dortmund

JUBILÄUM 50 Borussia Dortmund

BundesligaFootball further two years later and

Dortmund finish 4th in the

Dortmund were back in

league, however they

the Bundesliga after

managed to reach the final

The formation of the

clinching promotion. The

of the UEFA cup, however

Bundesliga in 1963

80 s brought about yet

they lost that final to

presented Dortmund with

more financial uncertainty

Juventus. Despite the

the opportunity to play in

to the club, and the

disappointment of losing

the top-tier of German

football team failed to

in the final of a major

football. Friedhelm

record any major

European competition,

Konietzka scored

achievements, other than

Dortmund earned 25

Dortmund s first ever

a German Cup win in 1989.

million Deutsche Marks as


Bundesliga goal in a match they lost 3-2 to Werder

a result of their European Golden era

Bremen. 1965 saw

endeavours. This new found fortune gave

Dortmund win their first

In 1992 Ottmar Hitzfeld

Dortmund the financial

German Cup. The

took the reigns at

power to sign a

following year they played

Dortmund and in his first

crop of top

Liverpool in the European

season with the club


Cup Winners Cup, which

guided them to a second


they won. However

place finish, narrowly


Bundesliga results started

missing out on the

won the

to slide towards the end of

championship on the last

Bundesliga title

the season and the club

day of the Bundesliga

in both 1995 and

lost 4 of their remaining 5

season. 1993 saw

1996 with one of

game to squander their lead at the top of the league and as a result finish in second place. The 1970 s brought tough financial times to the club which effected the playing squad. Dortmund were relegated from the

Right: Dortmund defeated Köln to win the last German Football Championship

Bundesliga in 1972. Two years later optimism was renewed as the club opened its new stadium, the Westfalenstadion. A

As is evident the “Salad dish/ bowl” predates the Bundesliga. It was created in 1949

Borussia Dortmund

JUBILÄUM 50 Borussia Dortmund


their star names, Matthais Sammer, being named European Footballer of the Year. Champions League glory still evaded the team from Germany, however in 1997 they managed to reach the final and create history. Playing against Italian side

Above: Celebrating the 88/89 DFB Pokal win

Juventus, Dortmund out fought the favourites for the trophy and won the final 3-1 to win their first Champions League title. Dortmund also became the second German

same season as Dortmund


reached the final of the UEFA

In 2006

cup, unfortunately losing to

the stadium was renamed

Feyenoord in a thrilling final.

Signal Iduna Park after a local insurance company

team to win the Intercontinental Cup as they beat Brazilian side Cruzeiro 2-0.

Turn of the Millennium

After welcoming the turn of the Millennium, the decision was made to make Borussia Dortmund a publicly traded company, meaning it would be traded on the German stock exchange. This was a bold decision for the club to make as they were and still are the only publicly traded club on the German stock market. In 2002 after a close competition between themselves and Bayer Leverkusen, Dortmund clinched their third Bundesliga title. European success came close in the

Financial problems troubled

purchased the naming rights.

the club throughout the 00 s,

The years that followed

with poor financial

brought little success to the

management off the pitch

club. The team failed to

and failures on the playing

challenge for the

side as they failed to qualify

Bundesliga title,

for lucrative European


competitions. In 2005 the


club looked to be flirting with


bankruptcy however this was


avoided due to a number of


severe cost cutting measure, such as a playing staff wage


cut of 20%. The clubs

from the

stadium has always been a


proud asset of the club as it is

began a real possibility

the largest football stadium

in 2007/2008; thankfully the

in Germany with a capacity

club managed to avoid such

of 80,720, however in order

a decline, and even reached

to help balance the books,

the final of the German Cup

and pay off club debts, the

in 2008, which they lost in

decision was made to sell the

extra time to

naming rights of the Westfalen to the highest

Borussia Dortmund

JUBILÄUM 50 Borussia Dortmund

BundesligaFootball Bayern Munich. This

talent in German football

thrashing Bayern in the

appearance in the final

within the playing squad

final of the DFB-Pokal.

gained Dortmund entry to

and the financial prize of

Dortmund have attracted

the UEFA cup the following

reaching the group stages

and developed young


The Klopp years

With the resignation of coach Thomas Doll in May 2008, Jürgen Klopp took over to spark a revival at

Above: Jürgen Klopp looks happy with himself, as he should be. Right: The Dortmund squad celebrate another victory

players who are regarded as not only some of the of

Dortmund. Klopp brought a new footballing

the Champions League,

philosophy to the club,

Dortmund has been

injected the team with a


crop of young talent from

best talent in Germany, but in European football. The likes of Mats Hummels, Mario Götze and Marco Reus are all top quality

both Germany and abroad.

Last season Dortmund

Klopp brought about a

managed to win the

renewed hope and unity

Bundesliga title for a

among supporters and

second year running, much

players. In 2010/2011,

to the disappointment of

Klopp guided Dortmund to

league rivals Bayern

their first Bundesliga title

Munich. Not only did

in nine years to confirm

Dortmund successfully

the clubs return to

defend their Bundesliga

prominence. With some of

title, but made it a first

the most exciting young

league and cup double by

players with great potential at a young age. Jürgen Klopp has returned Dortmund to the summit of German football and with his guidance Dortmund will now be looking to emulate.

Ollie Bartlett

JUBILÄUM 50 Ollie Bartlett


Conditioned for Success

A victorious and youthful Dortmund side led by captain Sebastian Kehl who personally recommended Bartlett after working with him at Germany

Borussia Dortmund’s fitness guru Oliver Bartlett gives Bundesliga Football the insight into the champions’ preparations. By Ross Dunbar Just five  German  sides   have  secured  the  famous   ‘double’  in  the  same  season.

staff ahead  of  the   2008  European  Championships  in  Austria   “I  was  working  at  the  rehab  centre  and   and  Switzerland.  Despite  losing  in  the  final,   Borussia  Dortmund  added  their  name  to  the   taking  care  of  athletes  and  being  reasonably   there  were  encouraging  signs  from  the   illustrious  list  with  a  5-­‐2  annihila?on  of  FC   successful.”  BartleO  said. rapidly-­‐changing  na?onal  side  with  a   Bayern  Munich  in  the  DFB  Pokal  Final,  just  a   number  of  the  beaten  finalists  never  playing   week  aHer  geJng  their  hands  on  the   “I  was  asked  by  the  club  and  athletes  to   for  the  German  side  again. Bundesliga  crown. work  for  them  full-­‐?me.  That  was  the  ?me   when  Jurgen  Klinsmann  was  head  of  the   The  familiarity  and  consistency  of  BartleO’s   As  part  of  spor?ng  director  Michael  Zorc’s   Na?onal  Team  and  puJng  a  bit  more   training  methods  between  the  U21  and  full   revamp  of  Borussia’s  football  opera?ons,   emphasis  and  public  focus  on  fitness.   na?onal  squad  allowed  an  easy  transi?on   the  addi?on  of  athle?c  coach  Oliver  BartleO   for  so  many  of  Germany’s  prized  young   has  been  a  vital  component  of  their  current   “Therefore,  crea?ng  an  interest  in  the  world   assets  in  the  current  na?onal  setup. success. of  soccer  in  Germany  on  the  fitness  side  but   taking  it  another  step  forward  again.  More   But  it  was  a  glowing  reference  from  one  of   Born  in  London  with  a  German  mother,   clubs  became  more  aware  of  puJng  more   Germany’s  more  experienced  interna?onals   BartleO  had  an  interest  in  the  science  of   focus  on  the  fitness  aspect  of  football.   that  preceded  a  call  from  Borussia   sports  from  an  early  age  aHer  spending   Dortmund. most  of  his  childhood  in  Darwin,  Australia   “We  managed  to  keep  Osnabruck  in  the   where  his  father  worked  in  a  local  hospital. second  division  because  everyone  was   He  explained:  “It  was  a  follow-­‐up  from   looking  at  us  going  down  due  to  the  limited   being  busy  with  the  U21s  and  the  personal   BartleO  studied  Biology  at  the  University  of   financial  means.  We  successful  defended   experience  of  Sebas?an  Kehl  with  the   Adelaide  before  finally  making  the  move  to   our  posi?on  in  the  second  league.” na?onal  team. Germany  to  enter  a  more  sports-­‐specific   fitness  degree  at  the  highly-­‐ He  was  draHed  in  by  the  DFB  to  take  charge   “He  was  very  posi?ve  about  the  work  we   regarded  University  of   of  the  fitness  aspect  of  the  German   were  doing  there  and  tried  to  bring  that   Cologne. Na?onal  Team  and  the  U21  squad.  BartleO   back  to  the  club  as  an  asset  for  Borussia   had  instant  success  with  the  youth  squads   Dortmund  so  it’s  his  personal  experience   But  the  43-­‐year-­‐ as  the  U21’s  cruised  the  2009  U21  UEFA   from  the  training  that  we  do  and   old,  who  was   European  Championship’s  with  the  likes  of   recommending  me  to  the  club.” brought  up  in  a   Manuel  Neuer,  Mats  Hummels  and  Mesut track-­‐and-­‐field   Özil  showing  early  promise. The  Dortmund  skipper  has  suffered  a   background,   number  of  serious  injuries  in  recent  seasons   soon  made  his   From  the  star?ng  XI  that  thrashed  England   and  has  a  lot  of  his  ?me  working  with   first  strides  into   4-­‐0  in  the  final,  just  Sandro  Wagner  has  not   BartleO  on  his  way  to  recovery. German  football   been  capped  at  full  interna?onal  level,  with   His  arrivial  at  Signal  Iduna  Park  coincided   with  VfL   Fabian  Johnson  and  Sebas?an  Boenisch   with  the  start  of  Jurgen  Klopp’s  era  at  the   Osnabruck  and  his   choosing  to  play  for  the  United  States  and   work  crucial  in  their   Poland  respec?vely.  BartleO  was  high  on  the   club  aHer  joining  from  FSV  Mainz  in  2008.   BartleO  and  Klopp  had  never  worked   ?me  spend  in  the   list  to  join  Joachim  Löw’s  new  coaching   2.Bundesliga.

BundesligaFootball - Oliver Bartlett - Ross Dunbar

Ollie Bartlett

JUBILÄUM 50 Ollie Bartlett

BundesligaFootball together before  their  switches  to   Dortmund The  London-­‐born  athle?c  coach  is  now  in   charge  of  fitness  and  condi?oning  in   Klopp’s  backroom  staff  for  the  first-­‐team   squad,  as  well  as,  the  Dortmund  youth   setup.  The  duo  were  quick  to  sing  from  the   same  hymn  sheet  as  Die  Borussen  thrived   from  BartleO’s  well-­‐planned  fitness   regimes  which  had  an  immediate  impact   on  the  intensity  of  Dortmund’s  game. “We’re  trying  to  make  athletes  feel  beOer   and  perform  beOer  and  give  them  the   feeling  that  they  can  perform  beOer  which   gives  them  more  confidence  to  play  at  a   higher  pace  and  compe??ve  level.   “If  the  players  feel  that  and  can  connect   that  to  what  we’re  doing,  that’s  what  we   want.  It’s  to  help  the  player  perform  beOer. “It  always  depends  on  what  a  coach  wants,   of  course,  in  a  strategy  or  the  type  of   tac?cs  he  implements.  That’s  the   philosophy  of  the  coach. “But  it’s  my  job  to  make  the  athletes  able   to  perform  at  this  level  and  to  this   standard,  week-­‐in,  week-­‐out.  For  that,  you   need  to  analyse  the  pre-­‐requisites,  what  is   needed  from  the  player,  how  do  you  train   it  and  how  do  you  train  it  so  a  player  can   perform  every  week  at  this  level  without   geJng  injured  or  having  fluctua?on  in  any   level.

“On top  of  that,  it’s  more  about  how  the   coach  wants  to  train.  You  need  to  adapt   these  ideas  to  soccer  training  and  how  it   needs  to  be  played.  It  needs  to  fit  this   whole  system.   “That’s  probably  the  trickiest  part  –  how   do  you  fit  all  of  this  in?” The  connec?ons  between  BarteO’s  training   philosophy  and  the  incredible  progress  of   the  German  na?onal  team  is  no   coincidence. At  club  level,  Borussia  Dortmund  have   excelled  since  BartleO’s  arrival  in  2008  with   their  financial  woes  forcing  the  club  to  look   for  a  long-­‐term  strategy  to  allow  them  to   compete  on  both  a  domes?c  and   con?nental  level. Indeed,  it  could  be  compared  to   Barcelona’s  footballing  philosophy  –   without  the  said  La  Masia  conveyer  belt,  of   course.  

07/07 - 06/08 07/07 - 06/08 06/08 - 09/10 07/08 - 06/12

One of  Dortmund’s  best  signings  in  recent   ?mes  has  been  Japanese  aOacking-­‐ midfielder  Shinji  Kagawa  who  joined  from   Cerezo  Osaka  for  just  £300,000.  The  23-­‐ year-­‐old  was  a  perfect  fit  in  the  system   with  incredible  dynamism,  pace  and  flair   which  are  integral  to  allowing  non-­‐ Dortmund  trained  players  to  integrate  into   the  star?ng  eleven. But  the  blow  of  Kagawa’s  transfer  to   Manchester  United  has  been  soHened  by   the  incoming  Reus  who  has  had  the   experience  of  working  under  BartleO  on   interna?onal  duty  and  his  physical  abili?es   are  almost  uncanny  to  Kagawa  who  has   been  a  revela?on  in  the  side. The  22-­‐year-­‐old  star  from  Gladbach  has   the  same  dynamism,  pace,  accelera?on   and  skill  as  the  Japanese  midfielder  and   should  be  a  perfect  fit  into  Dortmund’s   aOacking  line-­‐up.  The  energy  and  pace  of   Großkreutz,  Götze  and  Kagawa  have  been   integral  to  Klopp’s  high-­‐pressing,  high-­‐ tempo  style  of  football  in  the  last  two   seasons.

For Kevin  Großkreutz,  Mario  Götze  and   Mats  Hummels,  the  task  of  performing  at   such  an  intense  pace  and  compe??ve  level   is  helped  by  the  familiarity  to  BartleO’s   training  methods.  The  aforemen?oned   trio,  plus  the  likes  of  Marcel  Schmelzer  and   the  new  arrival  of  Marco  Reus,  have   worked  with  the  43-­‐year-­‐old  for  around   five  years  in  the  German  setup.

The lucra?ve  signing  of  the  Dortmund-­‐ born  aOacker  is  another  milestone  reached   for  Dortmund  aHer  years  of  financial   insecurity  in  the  last  decade.  The  German   champions  fought  off  a  challenge  from  FC   Bayern  for  Reus’  signature  which  marks  an   incredible  rise  to  the  summit   of  the  na?onal  game.

“To be  able  to  do  this,  and  get  to  the  next   level,  that  takes  a  while.” VfL Osnabruck Germany U21 Germany Borussia Dortmund

And more  impressively,  the  aOen?on  to   detail  in  player  recruitment  under  spor?ng   director  Michael  Zorc  needs  to  be  admired.

But for  Dortmund  to  be  so  successful,  it   requires  immense  prepara?on  and   understanding  of  each  player  that  is  signed   to  suit  a  specific  role  in  the  team.  The   Jurgen  Klopp  football  culture  requires   younger  players,  eager  to  learn,  with  the   required  dynamics  able  to  perform  in   Dortmund’s  flourishing  4-­‐2-­‐3-­‐1  system.  

BartleO added:  “ The  most  important  thing   is  that  the  players  will  allow  themselves  to   do  our  intense  programmes  in  training  and   get  adjusted  to  it  and  to  get  them  to  reach   the  next  higher  level.  

Oliver Bartlett

I’m able  to  do  more  and  for  the  players   because  they  can  perform  beOer.”

“That’s one  of  the  things  we’ve  done  very   successfully  and  it  helps  when  I’ve  been   able  to  work  with  them  at  U21  level,  as   well  as,  with  Dortmund  and  the  German   Na?onal  Team.  It  works  for  me  because  

And aHer  two   championships  in   consecu?ve   seasons,   including  a   historic   double  this   campaign,  the   focus  will  be   on  conquering   the  con?nental   stage  –  like  they   did  exactly  15  years   ago.

BundesligaFootball - Oliver Bartlett - Ross Dunbar

VfB Stuttgart

JUBILÄUM 50 VfB Stuttgart


VfB Stuttgart - Taste of success lingers for ambitious Swabians By Ross Dunbar VfB Stuttgart were one of the leading

to secure their first crown in the new

in the following campaign. The German

sides in Southern Germany in the lead-

format. In an unprecedented campaign,

champions were 3-0 up after the first-leg

up to the formation of the Bundesliga. In

the top five clubs were separated by just

against Howard Wilkinson's Leeds side

the post-war years, the Swabians

three points, with Stuttgart clinching the

but even though they lost 4-1 at Elland

collected two German cups and clashed

crown having scored seven goals more

Road, Stuttgart would have gone

in a fierce rivalry in the regional division

than Hamburger SV.

through on the away-goals rule.

Incredibly, Helmut Benthaus' side failed

However, Christoph Daum's decision to

Despite winning

to win in their last three matches but 18

introduce Serbian defender Jovo

the German

goals in the four matches prior proved

Simanić on 83 minutes - their fourth


to be just enough for the club to win

foreign player on the pitch - meant that


their first Bundesliga title.

Stuttgart had to play a one-off match in

with Stuttgarter Kickers.

twice in the 1950 s, Die Roten were forced to wait two decades after the inception of the Bundesliga

Barcelona against Leeds. In the end, they Their 1991/92 title triumph meant they

were beaten 2-1 by the English side.

would be the first German representatives to participate in the

Icelandic striker Eyjólfur Sverrisson

newly-formed UEFA Champions League

joined Stuttgart in 1989 and made 31

JUBILÄUM 50 VfB Stuttgart

BundesligaFootball appearances in their title-winning


campaign of 1992. The forward talks,


exclusively to Bundesliga Football, about

was good

his five-year spell with the Swabians.


Germany team mates Mario Gomez and Sami Khedira

Christoph "I settled in fairly quickly actually. There

Daum. He

isn't much of a difference and most

worked with

Icelandics are able to settle wherever they

the team

are. After a few weeks, I felt at home.", he

very well


and he is a terrific motivator. He had a big

featured in the

role in the championship we won in

Champions League twice and is still

"Having Asgier there helped make things

1991/92 and the first German champions,

regularly competing for Europa League

comfortable. I learned the language very

in the united country.


within a few weeks. I think that is very

Success for Stuttgart was rare in the lead-

But with Fredi Bobic and Bruno Labbadia

important for any player in a new country

up to the new Millennium with just the

at the helm, the club is aiming to make

that if you can learn the language quickly,

1997 DFB Pokal added to their honours

the lucrative fourth Champions League

you are able to communicate."

list. However, they qualified for the Group

position a

Stages of the UEFA Champions League for


"I came from the second division in

the first time in 2003 under Felix Magath


Iceland and I was the top scorer there, but

and then secured a surprise Bundesliga

coming to the Bundesliga was a huge

championship win in 2007.

quickly so I was able to speak German

competing against the

step. It's a big difference. We had some

likes of

fantastic players, like Matthias Sammer, he

Goals from Thomas Hitzlsperger and Sami

was very skillful. He was a world class

Khedira on the final matchday against


Energie Cottbus secured their fifth


German title. Since then, the club has

and high-spending



Club At a Glance

Stuttgart are a club who continue to develop, now playing at the impressive


Founded 1893

Mercedes-Benz Arena in front of an average of over 55,000 fans fortnightly,

3 Top Scorer Karl Allgöwer

have the infrastructure of to make them a real force in the league.


Stadium Mercedes-Benz Arena 60,441


Bringing through top players such as Sami Khedira and Mario Gomez, perhaps in future Stuttgart will be able to retain players in that mould and achieve their ambitious aims with them at the club.

Hamburger SV


JUBILÄUM 50 Hamburger SV

In the lead-up to the formation of the Bundesliga, Hamburg were at the top of the German game with two national championships in the 1920s, 10 Northern championships in 12 years and a further 15 Oberliga-Nord titles in 16 seasons. Added to that, Hamburg scored over 100

Hamburg legend Kevin Keegan sports a rather fetching perm

times in five of these campaigns in the 1950s and 60s, with the legendary Uwe Seeler at the fore-front of their incredible scoring records ‒ he netted 404 league goals for HSV between 1953 and 1972. The Red Shorts were a sleeping giant of German football until they enjoyed some captivating success in the 1970s. Firstly, in 1976, Hamburg won the DFB Pokal for the third time in their history, before adding the European Cup Winners Cup, just a year

Hamburger SV Current custodians wrestle with significant change whilst protecting proud history of Bundesliga ever-presents.

later. Kevin Keegan s arrival at the Volksparkstadion brought a sustained period of success on the domestic and continental front. Following years of average league finishes, Hamburg soon become a prominent fixture in the German top-flight and they secured their first

Ross Dunbar

Bundesliga championship in 1978 under immensely proud of their 50 years in the

the pragmatic eyes of Branko Zebec. The

most successful clubs will have a

German top-flight which is unmatched by

Yugoslavian coach is well-known for his

double-celebration this coming

any club in the country. In the last few

strict and regimented training

season, commemorating the 50th

decades, they have been dwarfed by the

programmes and Zebec built a side

campaign in the Bundesliga and

stunning domestic success of FC Bayern

capable of becoming one of the best in the

their own 125th anniversary.

but HSV can hold claim to being one of the


The Kings of the North are

biggest clubs in German football.

In domestic terms, they held their own at

Hamburger SV, one of Germany s

the top of the Bundesliga into the 1980s

Hamburger SV

JUBILÄUM 50 Hamburger SV

BundesligaFootball with two consecutive second-placed

Champions League and the development

Arnesen becoming the club s sporting

finishes but they were pipped again in

of German football, economically, allowed

director. Arnesen promised a fresh

1979 by the resilient FC Bayern.

them to expand their Volksparkstadion to

mentality, with an increasing focus on

Keegan s spell in Hamburg had a lasting

a 55,000-seater arena which is now used

youth development, due to the inability to

legacy on the club and the

promise regular Champions League

supporters. The Northern


German side in the end

However, Arnesen and Hamburg

recovered from his departure in

had a scare in 2011-12 with Thorsten

1980, where they lost the

Fink s side locked in a relegation

European Cup Final, and then

battle until the last few weeks of the

lost the UEFA Cup in 1982.

campaign. The club has added a

Arguably, Hamburg s finest

handful of new players but even in

moment in their history came

their historic 50th

when Felix Magath scored a

campaign, their

historic goal against Italian

short-term stay

giants Juventus to secure the

in the

European Cup in 1983.

Bundesliga is far

Their European success came

from secure.

when the club appointed Austrian coach Ernst Happel as

Sporting Director Frank Arnesen [left] and Head Coach Thorsten Fink [right]

their new boss. Under Happel s reign between 1981 and 1987, Hamburg won two Bundesliga titles, a European Cup and the DFB Pokal in his final campaign. They also finished second in the league on two occasions, were

Their unbroken Bundesliga status is

for various football matches, events and

something which the fans

concerts. In 2011, Hamburg opted for a major overhaul of their football operations with former Chelsea director of football Frank

cherish and the current custodians of the club will be fully expected to retain the unique honour.

runners-up in the Super Cup, UEFA Cup and Intercontinental Cup. In the decade after, Hamburg failed to pick up a single trophy and were unable

Club At a Glance

to compete at the top of the Bundesliga or at the latter stages of European competition. The club went through


Founded 1887

seven coaches in the 1990s and only Ralf Schehr ‒ who was in charge for two matches ‒ could manage a win record of

Top Scorer Uwe Seeler


3 3

over 50%. Heading into the new millennium, Hamburg were still without another German Cup or championship after their flirt with success in the 1980s. But die Rothosen became regulars in the modern

Stadium Imtech Arena 56889

1 1

TSV 1860 München

JUBILÄUM 50 TSV 1860 München


The Allianz Arena turns a brilliant blue when TSV 1860 München play

TSV 1860 München Profile Louis John McCaffrey Turn-und Sportverein

club occurred as a result of

The football team within

München von 1860, more

a meeting within a local

the club was established in

commonly known as TSV

Munich pub during the

March 1899 however had

1860 München, are often

time of revolutions. Despite

to wait three years before

discarded in favour of their

the creation of the Physical

playing against other

more illustrious rivals FC

fitness and gymnastics

opposition. 1911 was a

Bayern. Currently the

association in 1848, action

significant year for the

football team plays in

was taken by the Bavarian

team as they further

2.Bundesliga however they

Monarchy to ban such an

established themselves as

association due to what

a serious footballing side.

founding clubs

they described as

The side, as well as the

of Germanys

republican activities being

famous Lion as their team

top football

undertaken by the sporting

crest, adopted the name

league, the

club. It was not until 1860

TSV München 1860, the


that the club became

same crest they use to this

officially re-established, as


are one of the


The founding of the sporting

well as a merger with other sporting associations

1860 Munich started to

within Munich.

play competitive football during the 1920 s,

TSV 1860 München

JUBILÄUM 50 TSV 1860 München

BundesligaFootball featuring in the Bezirksliga

In the post-

Bayern, which was the

war period,

highest association football

1860 Munich

league in Bavaria between

played in the

1923 and 1933. The team

Oberliga Süd,

managed to reach two

and in 1963

national semi-finals

they were

however failed to progress


to the final each time. 1933

league champions. It wasn't

The rest

saw German football re-

just the achievement of

of the 1960 s saw the team

organized by the third Reich

winning the league which

from Bavaria earn numerous

into 16 divisions called

1860 were rewarded with

achievements, such as

Gauligen, TSV were part of

though but also an

winning their second

Gauliga Bayern and

invitation to play in the new

German cup in 1964,

performed well throughout

national professional

winning the Bundesliga title

their time within the

football league, the

in 1966, and finishing

division. They managed to

Bundesliga. One rule the

league runners up the

achieve second place in

governing body enforced

following year.

1934, 1938 and 1939

was that only one team per

however the real ambition

city could feature in the

Despite such positive

was to top the division and

Bundesliga, therefore as a

results in the 1960 s, the

become champions, a

result of 1860 s entry to the

following two decades will

dream that was realised in

league, Bayern Munich were

be remembered for a


refused, much to the

number of relegations and

amusement of their arch

trouble both on and off the


park. 1860 went through a


The King of the Lions, former president Karl-Heinz Wildmoser 1939 - 2010

long period of yo-yoing between divisions, which as a result damaged the

Club At a Glance

commercial side of the club and in 1982 the club were


Founded 1848/1860 Top Scorer Rudolf Brunnenmeier Stadium Alllianz Arena


forced into the third amateur tier of Oberliga Bayern.

1860 were absent



from the Bundesliga for 12 years however that ended in 1994


when they gained promotion. Club president Karl-Heinz

TSV 1860 München

JUBILÄUM 50 TSV 1860 München

BundesligaFootball Wildmoser and team

took the decision to

players who have came

coach Werner Lorant

ground share with local

through 1860 s own

began to change things

rivals Bayern Munich in

football academy. 2011

for their future survival

the newly built Allianz

saw the club again flirting

within the Bundesliga. The

Arena. This decision

with insolvency however

concept of mixing

sparked outrage from

thanks to yet more aid

talented youth players

supporters of both clubs

from Bayern Munich the

with more quality-

as they protested the

club was able to prevent

experienced professional

actions of club officials.

such serious actions.

was quickly adopted, and

Yet more financial

Recently a Jordanian

it came to fruition. 1860

difficulties emerged as the

investor, Hasan Abdullah

managed to turn

team on the pitch failed to

Ismaik, purchased a

themselves into a decent mid-table team throughout the remainder of the 1990 s. European football was the next ambition of the club and they finally got their opportunity to

Hey indeed, Striker Benjamin Lauth models the reversible 150th anniversary top

experience European footballs elite

excite the fans with

majority stake in the club,

competition, the

their performances.

which has given the club

Champions League in

Bayern Munich became

and its fans optimism for

2000 as they finished

unlikely saviours of 1860

the future. From 2008,

fourth in the Bundesliga

as they bought out the

1860 have managed to


clubs stake in the Allianz

stabilise their position in

Arena, which alleviated

2.Bundesliga, and last

some of 1860 s financial

season they finished 6th in


the league.

Modern day 1860

TSV 1860 Munich look to


After managing to establish themselves in the Bundesliga for the

be finally growing closer

last decade, the

1860 have remained in

to a long awaited return

2003/2004 season saw

2.Bundesliga since 2006

to the Bundesliga with

1860 suffer relegation

despite the introduction

relative financial stability

again to 2.Bundesliga.

of several new managers

edging closer and a

With financial issues at

targeting promotion. The

young, home-grown

the club growing, Club

current playing squad is

squad turnout out for The

President Wildmoser

made up of home-grown

Lions each week.

Schalke 04

JUBILÄUM 50 Schalke 04


Schalke 04 Profile Louis McCaffrey looks at the evolution of FC Schalke 04 as the club continue to strive for a Bundesliga success which has thus far eluded them.

Dangermen Raul [L] & Huntelaar [R] The original team colours of Schalke were not the current blue and white but red and yellow. The majority of the playing staff lived locally in Gelsenkirchen, many of which worked within the coal mines, hence


the nickname Die Knappen (Miners). The club recorded its first honour in

Schalke were founded back in 1904

1923 as the team was

with the title, Westfalia Schalke , by a

crowned champions

number of school students. This was an

of the Schalke

amateur team with big ambitions

Kreisliga. In 1924

however they were refused entry into

Schalke took a

official footballing associations and as a

major step in

result played their football within one of


the wild associations of the game in


Germany. It wasn't until 1919, and


various mergers with other sports clubs,


that the club officially started its life

club we

within Germanys football league



today. The

sports club was separated with the footballing side of the club taking the name FC Schalke 04 , as well as changing their team colours to blue and white. Schalke enjoyed immediate local success, dominating the game and reaching their top regional league of the time, Gauliga Ruhr.

Era of Domination

With a new stadium built and the club rising in popularity, the club tried to connect further with their local region and its inhabitants by renaming the club FC Gelsenkirchen-

Schalke 04

JUBILÄUM 50 Schalke 04

BundesligaFootball Schalke 04. Despite not playing a


out to Bayern Munich to finish in 2nd

competitive match in almost six months


for disregarding a strict wage structure,

In the post-war period, German society

Schalke s popularity was at an all time

took a long time to recover. Football clubs

The early 1970s also found Schalke at a

high, and when the team did return to the

were no different, Schalke themselves

new home, the Parkstadion, built

field of play, 70,000 fans flocked to see

took until the 1950s to recreate the quality especially for the 1974 World Cup. The

them. The 1930s saw Schalke begin to

they possessed before the war. After

club went through a difficult period on

dominate the

and off the pitch during

Club At a Glance

German game. After league

the 70 s however they did manage to finish runners

restructuring in

up in the Bundesliga in


Founded 1904

1933, Schalke found



themselves in

Top Scorer Klaus Fischer

the Gauliga Westfalen. Schalke's


within their league was


The 1980s weren t kind on the club from

Stadium Veltins-Arena 61673


1977, behind winners


Gelsenkirchen either, as they suffered relegation to the second tier of

remarkable, and

German football, gained

is still the most

promotion to the

successful period in their history. The team won the league year-on-year and reached 14 out of 18 national finals. Schalke were clearly a cut above the rest, never losing a home game in the league

appearances in the German Cup final and close finishes in the league, Schalke finally secured the national

ever national championship.

within the Gauliga Westfalen.

162 of their 189 league matches, drawing 21 and losing six. The team also managed to score 924 goals whilst only conceding

1997 saw Schalke earn their first major

Inter Milan in the final of the UEFA Cup. This triumph was largely thanks to then

With Schalke finishing in the top four the previous season; they were invited to be one of the founding members of

From 1933 to 1945 Schalke won

repeat its self throughout the decade.

honour since the 1970 s as they defeated The Bundesliga Years

same time period, and even went unbeaten throughout 6 whole seasons

again. This was a habit that seemed to

championship in 1958; this was their last

throughout 11 seasons. They managed to lose just 6 games away from home in the

Bundesliga, then suffered relegation

Germany s new top-flight football league. Schalke didn't enjoy much success in the early years of the Bundesliga; in fact it wasn't until 1972 that Schalke managed to finish in a respectable league position. In 1972 though, Schalke were league leaders for the majority of the campaign losing

coach Hubb Stevens as he transformed Schalke into a strong defensive unit. The system and style Stevens implemented during his time with the club had a last effect not only on the club but also on its fans viewing him still as a hero. The dawn of the new millenium brought about much needed change to the club, particularly as a commercial entity. The

Schalke 04


JUBILÄUM 50 Schalke 04

season. Felix Magath took control at Schalke after turning VfL Wolfsburg into a Championship winning side. Magath lasted two seasons with Schalke and was soon replaced by Ralf

Oops! Schalke general manager "Rudi" Assauer damaged the German Cup in 2002 whilst celebrating

Rangnick. Rangnick made an notable

Head Coach Huub Stevens

impact, which saw Schalke defeat Inter

two seasons between 2010 and 2012.

Milan to progress to the semi finals of

Rangnick announced his resignation

the Champions League in 2011.

from his post at Schalke due to health

Schalke were paired with Manchester

concerns and former manager Hubb

United in the semi-final and despite a

Stevens replaced him.

valiant performance, lost the tie on aggregate. One notable former player club set about establishing itself as one of Germany s major footballing forces. 2001 and 2002 saw back-to-back German Cups as well as second place Bundesliga finishes in 2001, 2005 and 2007.

Modern Schalke

In the 07/08 season, Schalke managed

Last season Schalke

who had a large impact on not only

finished 3rd in the

Schalke but also German football as a

Bundesliga, gaining

whole was Raúl, formerly of Real

them entry into next

Madrid. Upon leaving Real Madrid

seasons Champions

where he played continuously

League. The lure of

throughout his professional career, Raúl

European football

choose to sign for Schalke. This move

continues to progress

was hugely successful for both player

Schalke as they seek a Bundesliga title

and club as he became one of the key

which has thus far eluded them.

players and a fans favourite during his

to progress from the group stages of the Champions League, and then made it to the quarter-finals after beating Porto on penalties. The run was to end there as they were defeated by Barcelona in the last eight. 2006 brought real hope for the future of the club as they signed a sponsorship deal with Russian oil company Gazprom. This deal was to see Gazprom pledge investment of €125 million into the club. The past few years have seen several managerial changes at the club. Mirko Slomka was sacked as headcoach after a string of heavy defeats that included elimination from the Champions League. Fred Rutten was next to be given the hot seat however he too was dismissed after just one

Below: After dogs were released at an earlier fixture between Schalke and Dortmund, Schalke decided to up the stakes by borrowing a Lion from the local zoo

1. FC Nürnberg

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Nürnberg Profile


Club fans would like the Stadium named after club legend Max Morlock, However the club have so far ignored these pleas preferring to

use the naming rights as an income source

1. FC Nürnberg Profile Christopher Gallagher It s one of the most

Like most major European

significant cities in German,

cities, it takes pride in its

if not European history. It s

football team. The iconic

twinned with iconic towns like Prague, Venice and

FC Nürnberg or Der Club as its affectionately known is an important part of the

Glasgow. It s

city s makeup. An all-

located in

conquering force in the

Bavaria and

1920 s, it has found success

known for it s culture.... welcome to Nürnberg.

hard to come by in recent times.

Season 2011/12 saw Nürnberg finish in 10th position in the Bundesliga. Having flirted with European qualification throughout the campaign, they missed out by a mere six points. Der Ruhmreiche s current three season run in Germany s top division has seen them grow from relegation

1. FC Nürnberg

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Nürnberg Profile

BundesligaFootball candidates to mid table

in the third tier of German

when they adopted the


football in 1996, they set up

phrase "The club is an idiot"

a trust to assist and

which was coined by a local

The club is currently moving

represent their loyal

commentator after

in the right direction but

followers. Since 2000 the

Nürnberg were relegated

the supporters are well

club has employed a fan

from the Bundesliga in

aware they re never far

representative to liaise and


away from becoming relegation fodder once again. A run in the top division between 2004 and 2008 saw the club strengthen, earn

Former club president, michael A. Roth spent over 30 year on the board and in that time seen 15 coaches come and go.

two top ten finishes, win a trophy and qualify for Europe. It also saw them relegated at the end of the

keep a clear communication between the supporters

Demotion to 2.Bundesliga

and the club.

that year was bad enough but an investigation into

2007/08 season.

The fans are a huge part of what Nürnberg is all about. When the club was playing

Known for their self

financial improprieties lead

deprecating humour, fans

to the club being docked six

of The Club have seen it

points and a further

all. Their fun spirit can be

relegation, this time to the

summed up beautifully

third tier of German football.

Club At a Glance Founded 1900 Top Scorer Max Morlock 588 confirmed - est 700 Stadium Stadion Nürnberg 48548

Banishment to the Regionalliga Süd


took its toll on the


club but, with the help of the fans, they


regrouped and within two seasons were back in the top division. The last two decades have seen Nürnberg staggering their

1. FC Nürnberg

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Nürnberg Profile

BundesligaFootball time between the

The team celebrate their only Bundesliga victory. After which Manager Max Merkel decided to refresh the squad, a disastrous decision as the team were

Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga, finding it incredibly difficult to consolidate in the top league.


Der Altmeister did consolidate themselves at the top of the tree in the 1920 s, winning five

three separate occasions

round of

national titles between

defeating Fortuna

matches, they would

1920 and 1932. It may

Düsseldorf in 1936 and

remain there until the end

have been six had it not

losing twice to Schalke in

of the season. It would be

been for the judgment

1934 and 1937.

Der Club s first Bundesliga trophy and their ninth

taken by the DFB to award Hamburg the 1922 title.

The formation of the

German national

Due to injury, the inability

Bundesliga saw Nürnberg

championship overall.

to make substitutions and

invited as part of

referee incompetence, the

the Oberliga

decision was made that as

Süd draft.

Nürnberg were down to

Initially they

seven men they couldn t


continue. The decision


was contested but the

nothing more

Bavarian club renounced

than a mid table

the title in the name of

team, struggling


to really assert

The 1930 s and early 40s was a

The euphoria of 1. FC Nürnberg have the dubious honour of being the only team to be relegated as defending Bundesliga champions and also as reigning DFB Pokal winners.

winning their first, and at this point only, Bundesliga title would be overshadowed a mere twelve months later when, as German

themselves but that

champions, FC Nürnberg

would all change in the

were relegated.

1967/68 season. A positive start to the

period that had In a remarkable campaign,

current Bundesliga

under the guidance of

campaign will likely be

Max Merkel, Nürnberg

taken with a pinch of salt

would be dominant.

by a very unique group of

their peers. Nürnberg

Sitting atop the

fans, so seldom seen in

would contest the final on

Bundesliga after the fifth

the modern game.

a dominant Schalke win the championship more than any of

Werder Bremen

JUBILÄUM 50 Werder Bremen


SV Werder Bremen - Klaus-Dieter Fischer Allan Edgar

From Top Left to Right: Head Coach Thomas Schaaf, fans celebrate the historic Double, players lift the DFB-Pokal, General manager Klaus Allofs,

Werder Bremen President

is now in his sixth decade

talks to Bundesliga

Current club President

with the club, attributes

Football about striving for

Klaus-Dieter Fischer kindly

their continued

success at Werder Bremen,

spoke to Bundesliga

relative success to a

but not at any cost.

Football about Werder s

number of

evolution since the advent


One of the most

of the Bundesliga.

prominent and consistent


clubs in the Bundesliga,

Aside from an ultimately

Werder Bremen were the

productive one-year stint

second side to win a

in the second division in

Bundesliga title. The

1980/81, Werder have

success would be the first

been a mainstay of the

of four Bundesliga titles

Bundesliga and have

and came on the 1,000th

enjoyed significant success

anniversary of the city of

both at home and in

Bremen in 1965.

Europe. Herr Fischer, who

advises that their success is derived, unsurprisingly, from a number of factors,

Werder Bremen

JUBILÄUM 50 Werder Bremen


some of which may even frustrate the fans at the Weserstadion.

I think it is very important that Werder did not take part the rapid economic development like some other clubs in the Bundesliga. We have never been trend-setters in this field, indeed, we reacted relatively late in this respect. That is

Islanders push for domestic success but Herr Fischer

not at any cost and it is a policy which

“I think it is very important that Werder did not take part the rapid economic development like some other clubs in the Bundesliga.”

may frustrate some of their fans. Fischer

partly because of the Hanseatic commercial behaviour that we have here in Bremen.

however reserved special praise and credit for the fans who have backed their side continually in his reign as President.

The fans always support the calm and reflective behaviour of Werder Bremen,

even in difficult situations. You can see that in the situation we have at the moment. After two not- so-

Fischer s assertions ring true in an era when

successful seasons, there are very few less fans

Bundesliga clubs, particularly those with European

backing the club.

endeavours, in the last decade can expect to see a sustainable and substantial income. In the last ten years, Werder have spend

Club At a Glance

approximately €137 million on new players, averaging just over €14 million each


Founded 1899


year. In the same period though they have taken in around €160 million in transfer fees - showing a positive balance between acquisitions and sales.

Top Scorer Marco Bode



Stadium 1

Weserstadion ! ! 42,500

Whilst other clubs have taken significant risks in the same period (both with and without success), Werder have continued to remain a force in the Bundesliga; they finished runners-up to Bayern Munich in both 2005/06 and in 2007/08 and narrowly missed out on UEFA Cup success in 2008/09 to cashrich Shakhtar Donetsk.

Werder s hierarchy fully support the River

When discussing consistency and Werder, Thomas Schaaf is seldom far from the discussion. At 51-years-old, Schaaf has spent a staggering 41 years with the club - his development and footballing evolution has occurred exclusively with Werder. Fischer s praise for the current coach could not be higher.

He took over and established his quiet and meticulous way of coaching and as

Werder Bremen

JUBILÄUM 50 Werder Bremen


of yet, I cannot see any signs

that he took charge of the

an expression here in

of fatigue. He always feels up

U-17 team as well as his role

Bremen that describes our

for the new challenges and

in the first-team. It is a

belief in unexpected

he stays calm in critical

decision which has perhaps

success. We call it

situations. That is typical for

gone on to define Werder

Miracles of the

Werder Bremen as a club

Bremen in the preceding

Weser ".


quarter of a century. Fans will

Schaaf brought the club

The story of Schaaf and

cling on

arguably its biggest success

sporting director Klaus Allofs

to the

when they won a domestic

goes a long way to defining


double in 2004, capturing

the modern Werder Bremen.

of the

the Bundesliga title and the

In footballing terms though,


DFB-Pokal. The appointment

2004 will seem a long-time

hoping for

of the second team coach

to the fans who visit the

another such

Schaaf in 1999 was justified

Weserstadion each week

miracle in the near

immediately but in 2004 the

and the current squad seems


coach affirmed his status as

ill-equipped to come close

one of the Werder greats.

such a feat again.

Fischer recalls Schaaf asking

Whilst their fifth Bundesliga

for a new contract in 1987

title seems a long way away,

and looking for an extra 500

Fischer retains faith in a

Deutsche Marks per month,

model that has served their

around £200 pounds, and

club well since the formation

Fischer agreeing on the basis

of the Bundesliga: We have

When Werder won the double in 2004 they were only the Third team to do so. Bayern München and Köln were the others. Dortmund joined the elite group in 2012.

JUBILÄUM 50 Eintracht Braunschweig


Eintracht Braunschweig Left: The controversial & immensely talented Paul Breitner [C], Friedhelm Haebermann [L] & Uli Stielike [R] Below: The Eintracht Braunschweig squad pose with the salad bowl

Eintracht Braunschweig Allan Edgar Being only the fourth team to Eintracht Braunschweig are one

Football to take us a little deeper

of the founding members of

into the history of the club.

Bundesliga and won the famous salad bowl in 1967 - it would be

Lower-Saxony club proudly sing about the title-winning side at

The memory of 1967 is very

their only top-flight title. It

prevalent but we have to

remains to this day the clubs

remember that this success was

greatest achievement and is

over 45 years ago Leppert said.

fondly remembered by their fans.

win the Bundesliga, fans of the

every match in the 67th minute as a tribute. Clearly the shadow of that success looms large over the club and whilst they have not played in the top-tier since 1985, only recently

Just over 45 years since that momentous victory though, Eintracht ply their trade in 2. Bundesliga and have flirted with relegation to the Regionalliga in recent years. Eintracht Braunschweig historian and author of Ein roter Löwe auf der Brust (A red lion on the chest) spoke to Bundesliga

Eintracht Braunschweig

JUBILÄUM 50 Eintracht Braunschweig

BundesligaFootball have expectations been suitably

Bundesliga as 3. Liga champions

to develop these players and


in 2010/11. A respectable 8th

make them into 2. Bundesliga

finish upon their return to 2.


Just as important a date for the

Bundesliga suggests

future of the club though could

Lieberknecht is a promising

With an average age of 25.10 in

be May 31, 2008. The 2007/2008

coach at only 38.

the current first-team squad,

campaign of the Regionalliga was to be its final as the third-tier

Lieberknecht has clearly Leppert enthuses about the

assembled a side developing

of German football with

organically - it is the

the introduction of 3.

only way a club like

Liga from 2008/09. The

Braunschweig can

top two sides from the

attempt to

league would be

compete as they

promoted to 2.

have watched the

Bundesliga. Clubs

likes of 1899

finishing 11th - 19th

Hoffenheim and

would be relegated to

fierce rivals

what would be the

Hannover 96 pass

fourth-tier of the

them by in their

league system.

charge to the Bundesliga.

Braunschweig managed to finish 10th, a mere three goals separating them

Eintracht haven t Eintracht Braunschweig squad displaying their new team badge. The team swapped their lion logo for the Jägermeister stag for a reported 100,000 marks in 1973

from 1. FC Magdeburg who would face relegation. Winning two of their final three matches, new coach Torsten Lieberknecht (who had

club from straying into the fourth-division for the first time in their history.

Braunschweig have improved year-on-year under Lieberknecht finishing 13th, 4th and then finally being promoted to 2.

whilst Hoffenheim,

ethos in which the current regime at The Lions now operate with the emphasis upon developing players.

under benefactor Dietmarr Hopp, have spent around €70

In the recent years, our players had to come from the Bundesliga or have played there before. They were expensive but they were not particularly good. Since 2008

Since those tense final days,

for a player under the current coach

just been promoted as under-19 coach), had spared the historic

paid a transfer fee

though, we have a new way. Now we look for free players or cheaper players, sometimes from the fifth league where nobody knows them. Lieberknecht looks

million in the same period. Despite the clear disparity in financial might and Hoffenheim s top-tier status, both clubs

Eintracht Braunschweig

JUBILÄUM 50 Eintracht Braunschweig


have similar attendances with the Red Lions attracting around

Club At a Glance

25,000 each home-match in 2. Bundesliga. Hoffenheim can expect an average of 28,000 per week at the Rhein-Neckar Arena in the small town of Sinsheim.

Clearly this difference between the two sides is a concern for fans of Eintracht as they fear a growing gap in finances between


Founded 1895 Top Scorer Ronald Worm



Stadium Eintracht-Stadion 25540

Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga sides and even between the top and bottom half of the Bundesliga.

West. After a friendly between

however there has been no clear

Dynamo Berlin and FC

evidence presented.

Kaiserslautern, Eigendorf opted Whilst Eintracht fans will never forget their glorious past, they are clearly recalibrating their expectations and won t measure

not to return to the East and

Eintracht are a club that have

instead remained in the West

been through testing times on

where he would play in the

and off the field, and at times

Bundesliga with Kaiserslautern.

flirted with the relative

the current success against that of the past.

Eintracht s history though, like many other German clubs, carries with it the scars of a

anonymity of the Regionalliga The defection was particularly

and financial ruin. Under their

embarrassing to the GDR and

current coach though The Lions

particularly their Ministry for

look a side comfortable with

State Security who were so

making small steps in the right

closely linked with Dynamo

direction that leave them with a

Berlin. In 1983, after only eight

sustainable long-term future.

games for Eintracht, Eigendorf was killed in a driving collision.

turbulent 20th Century. In 1982, midfielder Lutz Eigendorf would join Braunschweig but only a year later he would die in suspicious circumstances.

In March 1979, Eigendorf defected from the East to the

Whilst they look back to their glory days in the formative years

Heribert Schwan s 2000

in the Bundesliga and the big-

documentary The long arm of

names signings such as Paul

the Stasi and the fall of Lutz

Breitner from Real Madrid in

Eigendorf and the 2010 court

1977, the current coach is a

testimony by Karl-Heinz Felgner

sobering influence not only on

certainly suggest that Eigendorf s

the clubs hierarchy but also,

death could have been

crucially, the legions of Eintracht

orchestrated by the Stasi

fans who revel in their former glory.

Ottmar Hitzfeld

JUBILÄUM 50 Ottmar Hitzfeld


Left: Ottmar Hitzfeld Below: Paul Lambert Lifts the UEFA Champions League Trophy

Ottmar Hitzfeld talks to Bundesliga Football Ross Dunbar The mantlepiece in the Hitzfeld

Hitzfeld's old clubs - dominating

tell them what do you no. They

household boats some of the best

the Bundesliga landscape. The 63-

know enough.

honours in world football. In nearly

year-old coach knows how much

seven-and-a-half years in Bavaria,

of blow finishing second for two

he won five Bundesliga

seasons running will be.

championships, three DFB Pokal

Apart from that, they have already got a very skillful Swiss national team player

cups and a Champions League

Speaking exclusively to Bundesliga

winners medal.

Football, he said: It is very hard for

And of course, the

this club to end up with no title.

Swiss international

During his first spell in Munich,

They could have won 3 of them ‒

mentioned by the

between 1998 and 2004, Hitzfeld

the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and

experienced coach

created a super-power in German

UEFA Champions League. At the

is the young,

football and the legacy of his

end, the success wasn't there and


mentally-strong, self-confident

the disappointment huge - since

Xherdan Shaqiri, who

sides are still felt in Munich to this

Bayern is obliged to win at least to

will bring a refreshing


win one title in a year.

option for Jupp Heynckes next season.

But in recent seasons, success has

When asked about how FC Bayern

evaded the 22-time German

should improve for next season, he

However, one of Hitzfeld's best

champions, with a new-look

added: Yet, it is not up to me to

imports whilst at Borussia

Borussia Dortmund - one of

Dortmund was Scottish midfielder

Ottmar Hitzfeld

JUBILÄUM 50 Ottmar Hitzfeld

BundesligaFootball Paul Lambert who helped Die

mates in the dressing rooms,

host of other awards, including,

Borussen to become Champions

taking care of both young players

World Coach of the Year on two

League winners in 1997. The

and those who played under the

occasions, FC Bayern's greatest-

Baden-born coach led the club to


ever coach, UEFA Coach of the

two Bundesliga trophies in the 1990s, as well as, the 1996-97

Year and German Football Coach He was what I call a 100%

Champions League, won in his

of the Year.


future home in Munich.

And despite collecting a plethora Hitzfeld is joined in a select camp

of honours in Germany, Hitzfeld

He was impressed by Lambert

of Dortmund coaches to win back-

feels his successes in Switzerland

during Motherwell's UEFA Cup

to-back titles by current coach

were just as important in his early

clash with Dortmund in 1994-1995

Jurgen Klopp. The 44-year-old

development as a coach.

and just 12 months later, Hitzfeld

secured the club's first title in nine

pulled out all the stops to sign the

seasons before clinching their first-

"Yes, of course, these wins are very


ever double-winning triumph. The

important for any team manager.",

Champions LeagueLambert spent 12

he said.

winning coach is

months in Germany before returning to Scotland with Celtic but he made a telling impact, winning the

"That year in Germany changed my life forever and for the better, and I'll always be grateful for what they did."

Champions League and the Bundesliga in

impressed by what

"However, I do not like listing titles

Klopp has achieved at

in some sort of a top chart. When I

Dortmund over the last

started my career as a team

four years.

manager in the early 80's I gave myself five years to settle in this

He added: They have

Paul Lambert

the same season. His


done very, very well indeed in the

"Lucky enough, I was able to win a

former coach in Dortmund, who

championship. They may have

title with my first ever team Zug,

spent most of his playing career

taken advantage of an early drop

then a title with my second team

with FC Basel and VfB Stuttgart,

out in the UEFA Champions

Aarau, then I could move to the

believes Lambert played an

League, whereas Bayern kept

famous Grasshopper Club in

essential, and under-rated, role in

going on to the final and being

Zurich. So these first wins with

his Champions League-winning

part of three competitions.

small clubs in Switzerland are very


important ones, too." As expectations grow in times of

Being a player, he used to think as a team manager. , he noted.

success Dortmund need to do better on the international carpet, whereas Bayern have got used to it. In the Bundesliga, though, the

Teams Managed SC Zug


those teams again, I am sure. And

FC Aarau


has been

remember, FC Bayern have always

Grasshopper Club Zürich 1988–1991

successful since

given good answers to questions

Borussia Dortmund


he became a

like yours.

Bayern Munich


Between Dortmund and Bayern,

Bayern Munich


Hitzfeld won 16 major honours in



So it is no

way to the victory leads across

surprise that he

coach now. He was a leader on the pitch and outside of it, speaking to his team

German football and racked up a

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Kaiserslautern

1. FC Kaiserslautern

1. FC Kaiserslautern Profile Christopher Gallagher Originally playing in the

legendary forward spent

were one of the big

Oberliga Südwest from

his entire career at the

players in German football

1945 until the formation of

club scoring a remarkable

with admittance to the

the Bundesliga in 1963, FC

380 goals in 411

Bundesliga guaranteed in

Kaiserslautern were

appearances. The


crowned champions of the

Kaiserslautern native is

German Southwest league

held in such high regard

Having dominated

on 11 different occasions.

by the club, the stadium

their regional league

The Rhineland-Palatinate

now bears his name. The

so overwhelmingly,

club would go on to lift

Hero of Berne never got

would Kaiserslautern



n a t i o n a l championship twice during this period, in 1950/51 and 1952/53.

The club’s top Goal scorer, Fritz Wlater, didn’t have the opportunity to play in the Bundesliga

the opportunity to

find the same success



on a national level? Sadly


for them the answer is no.

retiring before its

In fact it would be several


decades before the club


from Germany s South The Bundesliga

West would win another

The spirit of Die


Roten Teufel throughout




their regional days could

remarkable 11 titles from a

The 1960 s saw

be summed up by one

possible 18 in the Oberliga


man, Fritz Walter. The

Südwest, Kaiserslautern

struggle in the

Below: Westkurve Kaiserslautern

1. FC Kaiserslautern

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Kaiserslautern


Bundesliga with their only

defending champions Bayern

consequential drop to 2.

notable performance coming

Munich, put them top of the

Bundesliga followed. In what

in the 1966/67 season, securing

Bundesliga, a position they

was a bitter sweet season for

a top five finish. The 1970s and

would hold until the end of the

the side, they also lifted the

80s saw the club finish mainly


DFB Pokal for the second time

in mid-table in Germany s top

in their history, defeating

flight but they did have success

It was an exceptional title

Karlsruher SC by a single goal

in the DFB Pokal, making it to

triumph for a club that hadn t

in the final.

the final in 1972, 1976 and

tasted championship success

1981. Sadly they were on the

since 1953. The Kaiserslautern

Starting life in 2.Bundesliga in

losing side on each occasion.

fans, renowned for their

September 1996, no one could

knowledge and passion for the

have predicted they would be

The 90 s would start with a

game, could only dream of

crowned German champions at

bang for the club, as the

such success.

the end of the following

1990/91 season heralded their first ever Bundesliga title

season. In an unprecedented The Highs and Lows

feat, new manager Otto

victory. The previous campaign



saw the club win the DFB cup,

Having competed in the

Kaiserslautern to promotion to

yet avoid relegation by a mere

Bundesliga since its inception

the Bundesliga before winning

point. With no expectation

in 1963, Kaiserslautern were

the title itself.

on their shoulders a great

part of an elite group that had

start to the 1990/91

never experienced relegation.

In a squad which included

championship was

However, in 1996 that all

Swiss midfield maestro Ciriaco

compounded in March

changed when they finished

Sforza, Bulgarian international

when a victory over

16 th in the table and the

Marian Hristov and veteran Andreas Brehme, the quality of the players was balanced by

Club At a Glance

Rehhagel s

Offensive or controlled attack approach. The club lost only


Founded 1900

four matches all season,

2 Top Scorer Fritz Walter


Stadium Fritz-Walter-Stadion 49,780


remaining top of the table on 32 out of the 34 match days. On their return to the


Bundesliga they were crowned champions making history in the process.

The "Westkurve" section of the Fritz-Walter-Stadion was said

1. FC Kaiserslautern

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Kaiserslautern


to be comparable to the

shortfall in television

An uninspiring push for

Kop at Anfield throughout

revenue due to the


the season, as the fans

collapse of KirchMedia, as

Kaiserslautern languish in

took on the role of the

well as a cost spiralling

the second division for

team s eleventh man. The

renovation of the Franz-

three years, until the

electrifying atmosphere

Walter-Stadion in

2009/10 season when they

generated by the

preparation for the 2006

gained automatic

Kaiserslautern faithful



p r o m o t i o n .

helped the team record

Kaiserslautern on the brink

Kaiserslautern s run in the

important victories against

of bankruptcy.


top division

Dortmund, Hamburg and Mönchengladbach on

A consortium took

their way to the title.

over the reigns at the club and in

The Cost of Success

order to relieve some



lasted only two

The Fritz-Walter-Stadion was originally called Sportplatz Betzenberg and is built upon Betzenberg Hill, hence its nickname "Betze". The name change took place along with renovations in the mid 1980’s

seasons; they now


themselves facing life in



The Bundesliga winning

financial burden,

season of 1997/98 has

sold the stadium to a

to an abysmal showing

become a distant memory

specially-created company

in 2011/12.

to the fans of the club, as

in which the city, the

they have never hit those

regional government of


heady heights again. The

Rheinland-Phalz and local

Kaiserslautern fans

following campaign the

banks would take shares.

can again only

The Red Devils competed

In a further move to raise

dream of being one of

in the Champions League,

funds the club sold the

Germany s top side, they

making it as far as the

transfer rights of Miroslav

need only to look back on

quarter-final stage before

Klose to the regional

the glorious 1990/91

being humbled by

branch of lottery company

campaign for inspiration.

compatriots Bayern

Lotto, for €5 million.

For the moment though, 2.

Munich by six clear goals on aggregate.

once more due





Bundesliga is The Red The perilous financial

Devils reality.

situation took its toll on The departure of Otto

the team with the quality

Rehhagel in 2000, as well

of player being recruited

as some key players, would

dropping significantly. The

see the Rhineland-

fears of the fans were

Palatinate club start a slide

recognised as the club was

down the Bundesliga table

relegated from the

from which they wouldn t

Bundesliga at the end of

recover. To add to the

the 2005/06 season.

woes on the field, a


Fritz Walter with the world cup after the Miracle of Berne

Marco Haber

JUBILÄUM 50 Marco Haber


Marco Haber talks Kaiserslautern Christopher Gallagher

The ‘91 Kaiserslautern squad celebrate their victory

Marco Haber spent six years with Kaiserslautern from 1989 till 1995. During his time at Die roten Teufel the Grünstadt native won the Bundesliga title and the DFB Pokal. The former German International is currently team manager at The Red Devils and looks back at his playing days with the club affectionately.

Bundesliga Football: What is your fondest memory of your time at Kaiserslautern?

MH: In 1991 we won the German championship and our fans went totally nuts. Believe me, starting in Cologne where we won the last match, during the long ride home and then for more than a week, it was like the worlds biggest party in one of the smallest football towns. Bundesliga Football: The Kaiserslautern fans are notoriously passionate, what was it like playing in front of the famous Westcurve? MH: I was born close to Kaiserslautern and played for the club s

Marco Haber

JUBILÄUM 50 Marco Haber


youth teams. As a young guy I myself was one of the spectators on the Westkurve. It is like a natural force to play in front of them and as a player you sometimes feel a push of energy rushing through your veins anytime the crowd is extremely passionate. Bundesliga Football: What players did you enjoy playing with most during your time at the club? MH: I enjoyed playing with many players but not one in particular. We always played as a team and were successful as a team. This is what FCK is famous for, being a real team and fighting until the very end. Bundesliga Football: Having won the Bundesliga in the 1997/98 season and then playing in the Champions League the following campaign, can you ever see theclub hitting those heights again? MH: To be honest, football has changed an awful lot and the business side of the game becomes more and more dependent on money and economic factors. We are in a very good position, due to the fact that we modernised the club down to the core, but to be as successful as we were years ago? I don't see it in the near future. Bundesliga Football: The 2011/12 season saw Kaiserslautern relegated to the2.Bundesliga. How equipped are the club to regain promotion to theGerman top flight? MH: We have done our homework and are going to fight for promotion. Bundesliga Football: The upcoming season will be the Bundesliga's 50th anniversary, how do you think it compares to Europe s other top leagues? MH: If you take a close look at the Bundesliga, you'll see that it s the most professional, most successful, most attractive and most competitive league in Europe an football and possibly the world. Maybe the Bundesliga doesn't have the worlds greatest players in it but the stadiums are class A and nowhere else are so many spectators attending the matches. Even with the recent economic downturn, the Marco as coach [above] and in his playing days [right]

Bundesliga is prospering.

BundesligaFootball - Marco Haber- Christopher Gallagher

Karlsruher SC

JUBILÄUM 50 Karlsruher SC


Karlsruher SC - Sean Dundee Allan Edgar

15,343, the club attracted

The 1990 s is perhaps one of

Karlsruhe struggled in the first

the most fascinating eras in the

five years of the Bundesliga,

development of the modern

not managing any better than

Bundesliga; reunification of

a 13th place finish before

East and West re-introduced

being relegated to the

an old dynamic, the TV boom

Regionalliga Süd in 1967/68.

under Premiere Sports and

They would not return to the

success at both the 1990 World

Bundesliga until 1975 and

Cup and in Euro 1996 made

consistently dropped between

German football once again

the Bundesliga and the newly-


formed 2.Bundesliga before

an average gate of 28,833 in the 1994/95 campaign.

Sean Dundee joined Karlsruhe from TSF Ditzingen at the start of the 1995/96 campaign; the South-African forward spent 16 of his 17 years in professional football in Germany and spoke to Bundesliga Football about his time at Karlsruhe.

settling into a top-flight Despite being one of the

continuity under head coach

original members of the

Winfried Schäfer.

goals in 34 Bundesliga Süd games made him an attractive

league, Karlsruher SC (based in the south-

Karlsruhe s relative success in

west of Germany)

the mid-nineties Bundesliga

would make this era

may have been modest but by

their most successful

their current standards, it could

one after three

be defined as a golden-era.

decades in which they struggled to remain at the top-tier of the

professional game.

Dundee s prolific record of 24

Compared to last season s average attendance of

proposition to Karlsruhe but the forward was as excited by the move as his new employers.

As a young player playing for a team where one of my heroes played was a moment in my career I'll never forget. Before leaving South Africa I had

BundesligaFootball - Marco Haber- Christopher Gallagher

Karlsruher SC

JUBILÄUM 50 Karlsruher SC

BundesligaFootball pictures of Thomas Häßler on my

secured a seventh place finish in

fans a glimpse at the level

wall at home so going to

1996 and sixth in 1997 to

expected of top-

Karlsruhe then was a dream and I

secure European football

tier sides.

looked up to so many players

as well as suggesting a

that played there when I was

long-term stay in the

Dundee returned

there and learnt a lot.


to Karlsruhe in 2004 and began

Häßler joined Karlsruhe in 1994

Karlsruhe, though, were

after spells with Juventus and

unable to take their

to notice changes which Sean Dundee : “ ... football in Germany has got a lot better ..”

Roma in Serie A. The midfielder

momentum into the

he can see to this

was German Footballer of the

1997/98 campaign, in

year in 1989 and 1992, winning

which, a promising start

the 1990 World Cup before

did not continue and by March

somewhat surprisingly moving

1998, the club hero Schäfer was

to Karlsruhe in a record-deal in

relieved of his duties as the club

1994. The previous year,

hovered above the relegation

Germany has certainly got a lot

Karlsruhe reached the semi-finals

spots. The change in personnel,

better, the development of

of the UEFA Cup including a

though, would not herald a

young players is paying off and

stunning 7-0 aggregate win over

revival and the club were then

every season there are groups of

Valencia. Clearly, Karlsruhe were

relegated in 1998.

young players coming through

day in the German game

a team looking to define

and how it is viewed.

Well I see that football in

and doing well. Even in South

themselves as one of the top

Since that relegation in 1998,

Africa it's becoming very

sides in Germany.

Karlsruhe have spent 11 of the 15

popular, during the

subsequent years in the

Euros the amount of

Dundee would go on to score 33

2.Bundesliga with a brief two-

people that spoke

goals in 61 games for Karlsruhe

year spell in the Bundesliga again

about German

between 1995 and 1997. KSC

between 2007 and 2009, giving

football had increased since the

Club At a Glance

World Cup.

While German football as a

Founded 1894


whole is well-set to remain at the top of the game for the foreseeable future, the same

Top Scorer Emanuel Günther 139 Stadium Wildparkstadion 29,699

cannot be said for Karlsruhe. One


of the founding members of the league will look to return to the second-tier this year - the heights of the Bundesliga and glory nights in Europe seem a long time ago.

Hertha BSC



Hertha in the Bundesliga - Instability to rely upon Ross Dunbar Hertha Berlin may not have been one

Hertha s timeline was postponed until

championship s with Tennis only two

of the top sides in the Bundesliga for a

sporting institutions were giving

triumphs coming in 1932 and 1941

few decades now but The Old Lady has a

permission to re-form in

rich history of triumphs to add to their

the late 1940s.


But, even though the

Before the Second World War, Hertha

war had concluded in

were by far the most successful team in

1945, Hertha s location in

Berlin with 12 Oberliga Berlin

the capital, when Berlin

championships and a further four Berlin

was split between the

Cup victories. The era of the Third Reich

Allied Forces meant there

and the years

of war meant that

against the dominant Old Lady.

The Olympiastadion was built for the 1936 summer Olympics and has been Hertha Berlin’s home since 1963

were significant political

The long-term dominance of Hertha BSC meant they were awarded entry to the newly-formed Bundesliga in 1963. After a spell of consistent football and success, Hertha s history

barriers that had to be hurdled in order to

faced another hurdle when they were

play football. The Blues found a sturdy

demoted from the top division in 1965

local opponent in Tennis Borussia Berlin

for bribing players to play in the hostile

when they were banned from competing

city, following the erection of the Berlin

against East German clubs in the 1950s.

Wall. Despite a return to the league in

Tennis Berlin collected a host of

1968-69, Hertha were involved in more

honours in the fifties including 16 Berlin-

controversy, as part of a match-fixing

Landespokal s which is a record, to this

scandal in 1971 where the sale of their

day. However, Hertha were still on top

former ground

when it came to Berlin league

Hertha BSC



raised enough finance to keep the club afloat. The seventies, though, brought

Club At a Glance

some of Hertha s greatest sides under the management of Georg Kessler and Kuno Klötzer, with four UEFA Intertoto Cup victories, a second-placed Bundesliga finish in 1975 and a place in two DFB


Founded 1892 Top Scorer Michael Preetz



Pokal finals, in the space of three years at the end of the decade. At the heart of this positive era were the likes of Erich Beer, Ludwig Müller, Norbert Nigbur and

Stadium The Olympiastadion 77,166

Karl-Heinz Granitza ‒ all of the former were voted into Hertha s Team of the Century in 2011.

and the club invested heavily in

New boss Jos Luhukay, who led FC

international stars, such as, Brazilian

Augsburg to the Bundesliga last season,

be continuous though. They spent much

attacking-midfielder Marcelinho. Jürgen

has been handed the task of leading

of the 1980s in the 2.Bundesliga with 13

Röber s tenure at the Berlin

Hertha back to the top-flight over the

of 17 seasons in the second division.

Olympiastadion took Hertha into the

next 12 months. The Old Lady have not

However, led by head coach Werner

UEFA Cup and in 1999, the UEFA

been shy in showing their ambition with

Fuchs, they returned to the Bundesliga in

Champions League where they faced

the likes of Sami Allagui, Ben Sahar and

1990, just months after the dramatic

Barcelona and Chelsea in the group

Sandro Wagner joining the club over the

events in the centre of Berlin. They

stages. Two of the current coaches in the

close season.

returned to a league where East German

Bundesliga, Huub Stevens and Lucien

sides were not playing against their

Favre, had successful stints in Berlin with

20 years in the second

Western counterparts.

the current Borussia Mönchengladbach

division since the

coach, Favre, leading Hertha to a fourth-

formation of the

place finish in 2009.

Bundesliga, this

Hertha s relative success would not

It was a brief stay in the league though as the romance of the capital side did not translate onto the pitch, they

Since then, Hertha have bounced

Having spent well-over

will be familiar

were relegated in the same season. Like

between the top and second divisions,

territory to the

many other clubs in Germany, Hertha

returning to the Bundesliga in 2011

most successful side

suffered some financial difficulties in the

under Markus Babbel and then dropping

from the German

mid-90 s and they plunged into 10m DM

back to the 2.Bundesliga this season,

capital. Berliner s can again

(around €5.10m) worth of debt before

following the controversial promotion/

look forward to a derby between

returning to the Bundesliga in 1997.

relegation play-off against Fortuna

Hertha BSC in the West and FC Union

Dusseldorf in May 2012.

Berlin in the East.

The millennium brought a change in direction and ambitions for The Old Lady

JUBILÄUM 50 SC Preußen Münster


SC Preußen Münster

SC Preußen Münster Christopher Boud

Münster fans eager for a look at the 100,00 mark line

Hundred-ThousandMark Line , a precursor to the likes of the Galácticos of Real Madrid. This was a forward five consisting of: right winger Felix Fiffi Gerritzen, Borussia Dortmund legend Alfred Adi Preißler, striker Rudolf Schulz, left wing Joseph "Jupp" Lammers and inside forward Siegfried "Sigi" Rachuba. Briefly included in the group was Altona 93 s impressive forward, Werner Erb. Erb Although known as

ranks with German

couldn t reproduce the

Die Adler (the Eagles),

Football tradition and

form he had shown for

at one time SC Preußen

decided to augment

the Hamburg club

Münster had a good

and improve the team

though and only

claim to Bayern

with the purchase of

managed four starts in


the year he spent with

München s now famous nickname, FC Hollywood. It was during Hollywood s own Golden Age that the Prussian club broke

The significant break


from amateurism

The Hundred

started in the 1940 s

Thousand Mark

under suspicion and by

moniker was an

1951 this spending

indicator of just how

resulted in the

valuable this all-star

formation of what

ensemble was, rather

became known as the

than actual cost to

JUBILÄUM 50 SC Preußen Münster


SC Preußen Münster

assemble the players. Bringing the stars of the day in what was still an amateur environment required some ingenuity on the behalf of the Prussian club s board; the player contract statute of the day meant players could be offered a maximum of 320DM a month including a 10 DM match-day bonus (around £458 today). Led by club chairman and engineering magnate Josef Granpa

Above: a ticket from one of Münster’s 1.Bundesliga games, a 0:2 defeat to Eintracht Braunsweig. Helmut Hosung and Hans-Georg Dulz scored in the 83rd and 87th minute respectively

Oevermann who had helped forge the Prussia-ring a group of local businessmen

change to SC Preußen Münster took place. The

willing to provide incentives for players to ply

club became the first team [along with their

their trade for Münster. The club supplemented

opponents] to have one of its games broadcast

incomes with rent-free, furnished flats and

live on German radio ‒ they played Arminia

offered to help provide future careers for players


by helping set up businesses, from painting companies to petrol stations. According to Adi Preißler (petrol station proprietor) they also received some additional benefits:

With the restructuring of German Football that took place under the Nazi regime, Preußen found themselves in the Gauliga Westfalen, one of the 16 topflight leagues that were created

"After the training we were given a bottle of milk

throughout the country. In what was an

and a sausage with potato salad.

indicator of their, soon to be, elevator-club status between 1933 and 1941 the club were

Innovative, controversial and initially successful, Münster were one of the greatest German front lines and managed to make it all the way to the national final in 1951 where a fantastic 1.FC Kaiserslautern defeated them. 107,000 spectators watched as Münster took the lead only to lose to a second half resurgence from a team that included five of the future Miracle of Bern team.

relegated twice. After the Second World War had ended they managed to return to the top flight to what was now the Oberliga West. The club s reemergence in the 1948-49 season tied into the teams period of

The final in Berlin s Olympiastadion was one of

spending. After impressive

the club s finest moments. They had humble

second and fourth place

beginnings, formed as FC Preußen in 1906 by a

finishes the club settled into a

group of students at Johann-Conrad-Schlaun

mid-table placing. To the delight of the club s

Grammar School. The team quickly tasted

supporters those results where enough for Die

success becoming Westphalia Champions in

Alter to be included in the inaugural Bundesliga.

1914 and again in 1921. It was in 1921 the name

pattern of

JUBILÄUM 50 SC Preußen Münster


SC Preußen Münster

That first season started reasonably well for

than one occasion during the 1970 s the club

Münster, the opening game of the league was

have spent most of their subsequent seasons

located in the Preußen-Stadion as Die Alter faced

moving between the second and third-tiers of

Hamburg SV. In another set of firsts, it was the first

German football. In 1994 the team lifted the now

ever-recorded Bundesliga match and also the

defunct German Amateur Championship, with a

only sell out of the first round. The match ended

1-0 victory over Kickers Offenbach.

in a one-all draw with Preußen striker Falk Dörr In their centenary year, 2006, the team had the

grabbing a late equaliser. Unfortunately for

misfortune to be relegated to Germany s fourth-

Münster fans the rest of the season was not so enjoyable; the team only managed seven victories

tier, the decisive defeat [a 2-1 reverse against Wuppertaler SV Borussia], took place on the very

that year and suffered a number of poor results

day of the association s 100th anniversary.

such as the return leg against Hamburg, where Preußen were destroyed 5-0. Finishing 15th in the

After that embarrassing event the club tried to

16 team league they shared the dishonour of

emulate the success of the 1951 Hundred-

relegation with 1. FC Saarbrücken. They do not

Thousand-Mark Line team by spending,

however share with anyone the dubious honour

relatively, big and bringing in players with

of being the only founding Bundesliga

experience of playing in the second and third-

member to have

tiers. It was an expensive failure as the team failed

played just one

to gain promotion. The board took a new

season in the

direction and installed the young Roger Schmidt


as head coach. Schmidt rejuvenated the side,

Although coming close to promotion to the Bundesliga on more

utilising younger, less expensive players. The team showed gradual but marked improvement and the board continued this trust in youth policy replacing Schmidt with Marc Fascher, and Fascher with Pavel Dotschew, both young managers who have continued

Club At a Glance Founded 1906 Top Scorer Siegfried Rachuba 97 Stadium Preußenstadion 15,050


Schmidt s good work at the club. Fascher gained the side promotion to 3.Bundesliga in the 2010-11 season and he and Dotschew managed to secure a

No Bundesliga, German Cup or European Trophies.

solid 12th place finish this season. SC Preußen Münster fans will hope that with continued hard work they may see their team once again grace the heights of the Bundesliga.

1. FC Saarbrücken

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Saarbrücken


Above: Tony Yeboah Left: FCS fan set off flares at SV Eintracht Trier 05

1.FC Saarbrücken Profile Ross Dunbar There is not a club, like 1.FC

War, 1.FC Saarbrücken returned ‒ but

representing the region in UEFA

Saarbrücken, who can symbolise the

in the French league system. With

Competitions and winning the

fractured nature of Germany s

Saarland still occupied by French

Ehrenliga in 1951.

political and football history.

forces until 1957, die Molschder had a

Saarbrücken is the capital of the

spell in the second division across the

Saarland state which lies precariously


The rest of Germany had been planning for the inception of the Bundesliga for a number of years, to on the German and French border with just over one million inhabitants

Progress was being made in mending in the region. broken relationships

replace the Although Saarbrücken won the French Ligue 2, they were denied entry to Ligue 1, possibly to avoid the embarrassment of having a German team win the French Championship

Before the First World War, Saarland

with the German FA

did not exist and the population was

but Saarland became

split between Prussia and Bavaria. It

an autonomous

did unify with the rest of the German

region, establishing

states in 1935 but was soon at the

their own FIFA membership and

heart of the struggles between the

competing in the Olympic Games and

two neighbouring countries in the

World Cup of 1952 and 1954,

1940 s.

respectively. At club level, Saarbrücken were obviously the

After being banned by the authorities in the late years of the Second World

dominant force in Saarland,

complex regional system that had been in place for nearly six decades.

Herrmann Neuberger was the influential figure in, not just the league s formation, but securing a place for Saarbrücken, amongst the

1. FC Saarbrücken

JUBILÄUM 50 1. FC Saarbrücken

BundesligaFootball 16 other clubs ‒ even though, they

Hamburg (3-2) in back-to-

were weaker than a number of other

back matches in March.

rivals from Saarland.

Roland Stegmeyer scored 35 Bundesliga goals in his

Despite being one of the founding career and netted four members, Saarbrücken s spells in the against the Bavarians in German top-flight have been limited, their home win. with just five seasons there since 1963. The club was relegated in the

Their following season in

first year of the Bundesliga, finishing

the Bundesliga would

bottom of the table after 30 league

eventually end in relegation


but many fans might have been content given that

Saarbrücken returned to the Bundesliga in 1970 s and spent two

Krafft s side defeated FC Bayern (2-1), Hamburg (2-1) seasons under the stewardship of and Schalke (2-1). Manfred Krafft. In 1976/77, they Germany vs Saarland Program

After a short spell in the Amateur

provincial German

Oberliga s, Saarbrücken returned to

clubs. They failed to

the end of the

the Bundesliga for two more spells in

meet the DFB s

campaign. Although,

1986 but dropped back to the second


division in tame fashion. Having been

requirements in 1995 and were forced

up some

relegated in 1993 from the Bundesliga

to drop back into the regional leagues


in their most-recent period in the top-

which proved to be an immense blow

flight, Saarbrücken plunged into a

for the club.

survived by just a few points, finishing in 15th place at

Saarbrücken did pick

victories, hammering FC Bayern (6-1) and

financial crisis, like many other

They have yo-yoed between the 2.Bundesliga and Regional Divisions

Club At a Glance Founded 1903 Top Scorer Herbert Martin 253


for the last two decades, spending four years in the second-tier, including an eighth-place finish in 2001. The introduction of the 3.Liga came as a welcome boost for die

No Bundesliga, DFB Pokal or Major European Trophies.

Molschder who have become a solid mid-table side in the third-tier since 2010. That said, in their first campaign

Stadium Ludwigsparkstadion 35303

in the 3.Liga, they finished in an excellent sixth but fell another four places at the end of the following season.

JUBILÄUM 50 The Future of the Bundesliga


The Future of the Bundesliga

The Future of the Bundesliga Allan Edgar whole reality. Last year, there were a number of In our own short-time covering the Bundesliga, we have been continually reminded by our readers and listeners of the strengths of the German model of

protests by different sets of top-flight supporters to defend the affordable pricing structure offered by clubs.

football. Fans of both Borussia Dortmund and Hamburger SV It is easy to see why; the regularly cited benefits including a more fan-orientated, cost-effective and welcoming environment for the fans. There is a real feeling amongst football fans in other parts of Europe, most notably for us in the UK, that we are merely consumers.

With such vocal support from beyond the borders it is easy to be swept up in the idea of a Utopian football structure and league. That however is not the

were appalled at the ticket hikes, of up to 54% percent, for their match at the Imtech Arena last season. Fan-backing is vital to the clubs even although ticket sales are not quite as lucrative as they are to their European counterparts.

Should the primacy of the fan in the Bundesliga pyramid be altered, they key difference between

The Future of the Bundesliga

BundesligaFootball German football and other

JUBILÄUM 50 The Future of the Bundesliga

European leagues may well be blurred. An average of 44,293 fans attended each Bundesliga match last-year, the closest competitor in Europe was the

Logo of the The ‘Kein Zwanni‘ Protest - no to €20 campaign

English Premier League with an average of 34,601 at each match. The last trophy for the German Whilst Bundesliga clubs are now run on a more sustainable business, it is a continual fight

national side came at the 1996 European Championships, held in England. The impending era of UEFA s

between securing a long-term future and achieving success. Bundesliga coaches are as expendable as there peers in neighbouring leagues and are subject to the same pressures.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, German success in Europe has been sparse with

Although German sides have

Financial Fair Play (FFP) has

continually populated the

been largely welcomed by

latter stages of European

German clubs, feeling their

competition, it is an area which

relative prudence (against

they have been unable to excel

European counterparts) may

in. Spanish sides have won 10

now have a tangible and not

of 26 possible UEFA honours

just morale benefit.

(Champions League and UEFA/ Europa League) since 2000.

sceptical of the ability of UEFA Bayern s 2001 Champions League victory the only European trophy success. Since that success, Bayern have finished runners-up

Whilst many have been

That volume of success dwarfs

to enforce a level financial

what Bundesliga sides have

playing-field, the early signs

been able to achieve, relying

are perhaps encouraging. 23

heavily on the continuity of

clubs, including Europa League

Bayern Munich to maintain a

winners Atletico Madrid, had

German presence in the latter

prize money withheld as they

stages of the Europe s premier


club competition, the Champions League.

twice and Bayer Leverkusen also lost out in the 2002 final. There have been UEFA Cup (and latterly Europa League) runners-up spots for both Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen since 2000.

Although the funding gap which may be required to achieve European success will need to be bridged somehow, fans groups will continue to fight to ensure they are not the main source.

The DFB Pokal

The Future of the Bundesliga

JUBILÄUM 50 The Future of the Bundesliga


Reus, Höwedes and Götze the young stars of Germany who promise a bright future failed to pay out important payments to other clubs, employees or national authorities. The development of the Bundesliga has not always Such a move appears to suggest that UEFA, on the

been as forward-thinking and productive as the last

face of it at least, are determined to impose more

decade but the fact that it is at that stage now

responsible financing upon clubs. Clubs will be able

suggests the Bundesliga s status as one of the most

to circumvent the rules, particularly the top-end

successful professional sports leagues in the world is

clubs but the new moves could possibly see an

all but assured.

aggregate improvement for German clubs who are, at least somewhat, better equipped to welcome the new climate.

Despite only now celebrating a 50th professional anniversary, German football could be described as a market-leader in a number of fields including structure, solvency and crucially, product.




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Jubiläum 50  

Celebrating 50 years of the Bundesliga and BundesligaFootball explore the Bundesliga and her inaugral clubs. Exclusive...

Jubiläum 50  

Celebrating 50 years of the Bundesliga and BundesligaFootball explore the Bundesliga and her inaugral clubs. Exclusive...