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Little Love - Little Things are the real blessings - Fest 2015 - Helen Satya - The Harmonics - Little Helping Hands - Little Faith Showers of Blessings we plead

Vol.: 4, Issue: 3, Jul - Sep 2015

Life is a great Bundle of Little Things

Welcome Dear All, Wonderful Greetings in His Name. After this season of summer and rows of singing, recordings, practices sessions, I am so glad to spend some time on “Little Things” - this issue of Chordiels Magazine. Little did I realize how God has used the very little things in my life to be great blessings. I believe this will be true in every one of our lives too. All big things have started from a first little step. We talked to Mrs. Helen Satya and the Legendary male vocal group The Harmonics, how their beginning was and what they are today. They shared a common note: ‘It was little, but God blessed our little talents.’ We are receiving little mercy drops here and there, but God is gracious to give us the showers. It’s true. We are experiencing in our lives, in family, in workplaces, in our everyday lives. Stories, articles, poems and pictures in this issue are focused on the theme. Read from cover to cover and be blessed. Some of our readers are asking for printed version of Chordiels Magazine. We are praying and planning to produce printed versions also and distribute it on demand. Keep us in your prayers.

God Bless.

Chordielly in Christ,

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Magazine Vol. 4, Issue 3, Jul - Sep 2015


Chordiels Fest 2015 7th Anniversary Concert Celebrations

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Justus writes about his real blessings

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The Story of the Mexican Fisherman Poem from Courtney Carver


Little Faith Justin writes about the four little things


Helen Satya 50 years of Music Ministry

20 Our Special Thanks to Mrs. Helen Satya & Satya Family Mr. Joshua Chelliah Mr. Judah Vincent & The Harmonics

Little things are the real blessings

The Harmonics 37th Anniversary of the Male Vocal Band


Little from Chordiels Chordiels speaks little share


Little Helping Hands Judith writes about helping others


Little Love Story of an old Teacher

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Take Care of Little Things And the Big things will care of themselves


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Little Sounds Sources of sounds from music instruments


But for the Showers we plead Immanuel writes on the showers from little drops

Chordiels Fest 2015 7th Anniversary Concert Chordiels Music celebrated its 7th anniversary of singing together in harmony and making music to the Master on 28th June, 2015, at St. Mark's Church, Selaiyur, Chennai. The church hosted the evening service at 6:30pm for Chordiels Fest 2015. The guest singers for the evening were the Evergreen Sisters. As usual, we are witnessing right from the inception, the evening was blessed with cool showers of rain at 5pm. The four guys Justus, Manley, Vasanth and Leeban, gathered at the Mark's Church campus at 6pm with their families. We were surprised to see some of our friends and fans were already in the Church for the Fest. Glad to meet each of them in person. Rains stopped. Warmups done. Sound checks got well. Blazers on. Guitar tuned. Tracks ready. With short prayer the congregation sang a hymn.

Then Chordiels Quartet opened up the show with quick, live songs. A Cappella of “I Sing the Mighty Power” made the congregation settle down for the rest of the show. The Evergreen Sisters took the stage with their rendition of “When I Survey the wondrous Cross” in their unique recorder-flutes, followed by “Siluvai Naathar Yesuvin”, “Showers of Blessings”, and “Just a little talk”. “Love can turn the world” a powerful rendition of the song, tribute to New Covenant singers singing “Yesuvai Pol Alagullor”, and some more known songs. Chordiels witnessed many ups and downs, and bends in its 7-year journey, but still experiences that the Lord's Blessings are with the music group forever. Hence they concluded the Fest with “Aasirvathikkum Dhevan”.

Justus rendered a note of thanks to the family members of Chordiels guys, director Charles Selvaraj, dear friend Immanuel, and to all friends and fans present there. He also mentioned that Reuben (baritone) is on sabbatical, working on official assignments in CTS, UK. Rev. Lawrence Jebadoss, the worship leader, offered a special prayer for the Chordiels Music group and wished them all success in all future years to come. After the two hour concert got over, everyone spoke with the team members, interactions, exchange of phone numbers, fellowships, laughs, fun and love for eachother. Chordiels Music thanks our Lord Jesus for helping us travel another mile this year. We also pray that God give them strength, wisdom, and talents to praise His glory forever, and be a blessing to many people who listens to them.

I used to admire the little diamond crystal at the head of the gramophone record player, reading and moving along the tracks, one song after the other, as it picks up the vibration and passes to the amplifier and speaker. While traveling by train, I love to watch the train change tracks as it takes turns, and the little stones aside the tracks races backwards as the train moves fast. Love to watch a sparrow build its nest in the ventilator of our living room, and protects its eggs till it hatches, and the little ones sing all day long.

I haven’t missed any of these little things in life, and thoroughly enjoyed whatever I do. Though my friends used to tease me for not going on a picnic because Dad didn’t allow me. He had his valid point, I didn’t score good marks in the exam as he expected. He wanted me to score 100 out of 100, which I haven’t made it out. Friends would show me the photographs they have taken during the tour, and would make me sad. However, I would console myself by practicing more on the violin.

Those tiny little fingers in hands and toes, little eyes and rosy lips and the cute little smiles of our little boy Handel when he was just born, me and my wife would admire him all day, even today. The little savings that we make every month is a joy for a salaried professors like us. The little progress that we experience in our career or in our profession, that little increment. That contract signed to start a little business. The little purchases for our family, that little alms that we lend to a poor man on the pavement, that little smile for our person who hates us. All these little things can make us happy. But often these same little things go unnoticed in the noise of our everyday chores.

During my college days my love for guitars grew, and was craze with bass guitars. I have heard to many bass guitarists at that time, but the one who impressed me was Mr. Lionel Satya. I listen to the gramaphone records, cassettes of Helen Satya, and would closely listen to the bass styles of Lionel Annan. In the meantime I would go on little programs to play bass-guitar, so one or the other bassguitar would be with me in my home for 15days in a month. What I did was funny now. I took an Ahuja amplifier and connected two speakers to it, and plugged in my BG to it. It sounded good for me. Then would play the Satya’s record or cassette, and would play alongside Lionel anna. Was much happy. Later after 25 years when I shared this Lionel annan, he too was happy and laughing at my little interests.

While as a kid we felt happy on many little things. Riding a bicycle, falling down and getting hurt, eating from the roadside eateries, playing cricket in front of the house, watching a favorite movie in a friend’s house. Then some serious little things, helping mom to clean the floors, water the plants & trees, get cleaned and ready for the choir practice, time to do home-works, and time to practice, violin and piano, and above all kneel down and pray before going to bed.

As I listened to their music, all the preludes, interludes and chords got memorized. When my interests shifted to keyboard, I used to play those music. Later in 2011, one of my dreams came true, when I played live the same music for Mrs. Helen Satya during a concert. Didn’t know that those little things and little dreams brought me blessings.

Little things are the real blessings by Dr. Justus Selwyn

After my post-graduation in computer applications, it was hard to find a job in IT during 2001. So I prayed, wherever you want me to go I will go. God opened doors for teaching. I gladly accepted. While teaching in Madurai Kamaraj University, I met this beautiful girl. After two years of courting, married her. We were blessed with a boy child. Then career became my focus. I got registered for PhD, and worked hard. If it wasn’t for my wife Hepsi, I wouldn’t have completed my doctorate so professionally. Whatever I worked on, she was there to support me in all possible ways. Then later I realized she was God’s great blessing for me. More than instrumentalist and composer, I always had a passion for singing. When I heard the Gaither Vocal Band singing all those power packed songs, soul stirring lyrics, simple yet powerful message, I couldn’t wait to sing. I was looking for many openings, as I kept practicing at home, singing for my little boy. He would hear me and try to sing. Then God opened a great, responsible door for me. I obeyed to take up the responsibility. Chordiels Music was born. I am blessed to sing with three other friends who sing in harmony with me. The harmony of the music, the message and the practice of what we preach. Yes we were much more blessed by the little things we do in Chordiels Music. Sometimes when I would think, are these little that we do in Chordiels going to be beneficial to someone. When I am down, God would send an encouraging message through someone saying “Justus we are blessed by your songs in your last CD”, “the Chordiels Magazine was really inspiring”, and things like that. Surely, the little we do for God, sincerely, He who called us is faithful to makes those little things a great blessing in our lives. One other passion that holds me - recording all the songs that blessed me. Since 2006, we made one of our bedrooms our recording room. Should thank Hepsi for she gladly gave her comforts for my passion. For the past nine years it was so, and all the CDs we did record was from that little room. We did to the best of our ability. You know something today surprisingly, unimaginably, undeservingly God has granted us an exclusive recording studio. So much thankful for His mighty blessings. He granted us the desires of our heart. Now I can invite all my heroes who inspired me in my childhood, to come to our studio and record their music. What a blessing it would be? Dear Friend, again I would say, the little things that you do for God with all your mind and soul, and in all sincerity, God knows your heart, your intentions and your inspirations. The almighty Lord Jesus is faithful to make those little things you did for Him as great blessings for you, in your lives, in your family, in your ministry, in all your activities that you do for Him. Stay blessed from the little things in your

The Story of the Mexican Fisherman An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellowfin tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them. The Mexican replied, “only a little while. The American then asked why didn’t he stay out longer and catch more fish? The Mexican said he had enough to support his family’s immediate needs. The American then asked, “but what do you do with the rest of your time?” The Mexican fisherman said, “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take siestas with my wife, Maria, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine, and play guitar with my amigos. I have a full and busy life.” The American scoffed, “I am a Harvard MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat. With the proceeds from the bigger boat, you could buy several boats, eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing, and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City, then LA and eventually New York City, where you will run your expanding enterprise.” The Mexican fisherman asked, “But, how long will this all take?” To which the American replied, “15 – 20 years.” “But what then?” Asked the Mexican. The American laughed and said, “That’s the best part. When the time is right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions!” “Millions – then what?” The American said, “Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, take siestas with your wife, stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play your guitar with your amigos.”


Little Faith I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, ... but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen There are many references to little things in bible. Let us see some of them in this article. The living God has gifted us many little things in our lives. Are we using them to glorify Him? Are we wary of those little things? Lord Jesus has given us time, talent and treasures in plenty. In this article we are going to see 4 little things. How are we using them? Let us introspect. 1. Few things in parable of gold 2. Small loaves and small fish 3. Wood and clay in large house 4. Small jawbone in Samson's hand In the parable of bags of gold (Mathew 2629), Jesus says“The master said, Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!”. This parable inculcates us to be faithful to the creator, even in little things. We need to use the little things (time/talent/money) in the way the Lord wants. If we are clear about God's will in our lives, we would be able to use the little things effectively for God's glory. In John 6:9, we see the miracle Jesus did with little edibles. The verse says, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”. The little stuff when reached the hands of Jesus, came out in enormity and more than five thousand men had enough food and the leftovers were kept in twelve baskets. When we handover the little things to Jesus, and if we believe in Him, He will certainly multiply them and use us a channel of blessing to others.

2 Timothy 2: 20 says - In a large house there are articles not only of gold and silver, but also of wood and clay; some are for special purposes and some for common use. 21 Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepare to do any good work. Let us cleanse ourselves with the word of God and be an instrument of blessings, in the eyes of the Lord. Judges 15:15 says - Samson found a fresh jawbone of a donkey, so he reached out and took it and killed a thousand men with it. With God's power, Samson was able to use a bone to kill the enemies and led Israel for twenty years in the days of the Philistines. Let us realize God's power and defeat the activities of Satan. Like these, we can see many excerpts in the Bible. Am I doing the little things in the way Jesus wants? Do I have little time to meditate word of God daily? Do I do a little prayer before the dawn and before the dusk? Do I live like a useful vessel in church/work place/society? Let us thank the Lord for all little things and be a witness wherever we are. Let us always keep in mind the eternal life Jesus has promised for us. Let us be obedient to Him so that He will use those little things for our eternal blessings. Shepherd David had only little stones. He went with those pebbles to face the great Goliath in the Name of the Might God. He defeated the giant with same small stones. When you go out in the Name of the Lord, He surely blesses those little things you have to overcome the gigantic problems, sickness, poverty or anything that bothers you. So dear brother do not loose heart. Have Little Faith.

Justin A. Raj works with Infosys Ltd, Chennai. He is an active member of Vincet D'Paul Society. He is a kind hearted and soft-spoken friend who never hesitates to share the Word. He can be reached at

Helen Satya

50 years of Music Ministry Mrs. Helen Satya, the legend in Tamil Gospel Music, singing with the Grace Lodge Orchestra for the past 50 years proclaiming the Gospel through Music and Songs. One of the most sought after female voices by Christian homes and Churches. The first two songs that were recorded & printed on 78 RPM disc records were "AANANTHAMEY JEYAA JEYAA" & "AAVIYAI MAZHAI POLA" beautifully sung by Mrs.HELEN SATYA, backed up by the saga of Christian music, Mr.A.J.R.SATYA way back in 1960. Since then many recordings, concert performances and gospel sharing platforms. She is now 78 years old and still sings with the Satya Family Orchestra, with her evergreen voice that echoed the Churches and Christian homes of the yesteryears. Helen hails from Madurai, where she learnt & sang beautiful songs of "The Golden Bells" while studying at OCPM School and later at Lady Doak College, Madurai. The turning point in her life was her marriage to brilliantly talented Mr.A.J.Rajasingam Satya, a qualified musician with an honors in LTCL from Trinity College of Music, London. He being the Director of the famed Grace Lodge Orchestra & The Grace Lodge Choir (founded in 1947), encouraged Helen to sing along with the orchestra. Helen Satya's maiden performance was at IMS Sale concert in Madras, where she sang an invocation song "AA VAARUM NAAM ELLORUM", which was greeted with thundering applause from the audience which included the producer of a Record Company. Soon the musical couple received an invitation from the world famous His Master's Voice Gramophone Record company, to sing Christian songs in Gramophone records, at a period when they were rendered only by cine artistes. Since 1970, the scenario of the orchestra changed when their five children, BETTY, LIONEL, RUBY, JOHN & JIM also began to sing & play musical instruments as they were invited by POLYDOR Recording Company to render LP RECORD ALBUMS such as "UNNATHATHIL MAGIMAI", RATCHIPPIN GEETHANGAL". AZHAIPPIN GEETHANGAL", "SIRUSHTIPPIN GEETHANGAL" etc., By the Lord's Divine plan, even the two sons-in-law PRINCE WILSON & JOHN MARTIN, three daughters-in-law DAPHNE, SHERENE & DEEPA became part of the family music ministry through song-writing, singing & instrument playing. Then began the musical journey of the Satya Family making more albums in Tamil & English in the early 80's and also performing to thousands of audiences - Church celebrations, Anniversaries, Fund-raising concerts for missionaries & wedding receptions. They have widely sang almost throughout South India, Bombay, parts of Andhra & Orissa singing the gospel in various languages : Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu & Oriya.

Now the orchestra has grown in strength to 25+, all Mrs. Helen’s Children, sons and daughters-in-law, grand-kids and great-grandkids. What a joy it should be to be part of this big family band. Every member in the family is associated with music as their career. The Grace Lodge Orchestra, now affectionately known as THE SATYA FAMILY radiates the love and redemptive Power of JESUS CHRIST through the media of music and songs according to the scripture : "As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord". Respected Mrs. Helen Satya says “look, I am 78 now, and am able to sing. God has blessed me so much, and am His loving child that He has given me the voice to sing. Paaril enaku verenna vendum, Uyirulla varai Nin puhal paada vendum, (what shall I need more than to sing for You Jesus as long as I live) as this song which I sung in 1970s, I want to sing for Jesus till to the end of my life.” Mrs.Helen Satya and her family have always had a great impact on the listeners due to their unique style & inimitable way of presenting the Gospel. Its truly the Grace of GOD that the manner, the songs & music emanate with ease and spontaneity from the Spirit-filled hearts of each one of them, as is revealed by their captivating smile & gestures. We all love you dear Helen Ma’am. You are really a legend. Even today in Churches and in homes we can listen your songs. Chordiels Music wishes you blessings from above that you are still a blessing to many of us. We pray Mrs.HELEN SATYA & The SATYA famiy - The Grace Lodge Orchestra many many more blessed musical years down all generations to come.

The Harmonics


37 Anniversary The legendary Male Vocal Quartet, The Harmonics, based out of Chennai is celebrating its 40 years of faithful journey and singing together in harmony, and proclaiming the Good News of our Lord, and passing the message of living in Harmony & Peace.

If you hear FIVE voices in harmony accompanied by a guitar singing your favorite country music or your favorite hymns or your favorite Jazz, it would surely be The Harmonics. Dressed in complete formals, with great smiles, and passionate greetings, one could see these Men in Harmony, ready to sing one of those classic male-vocal stuffs. The most significant thing about the group is, they are singing for the past 37 years. The advent of the Golden Gate Quartette in the gospel genre and others like Seekers in secular music last century inspired many a talented musician in Madras. A number of groups were formed at that time, mainly to do the four part harmony with all male voices. Born in the mid nineteen seventies, the Harmonics was one of the earliest products of this movement. The group evolved through the passage of time taking many shapes as members joined and left. Eventually in the Nineties, it began to acquire a recognizable identity as a niche player in the harmony business. Though not given to traveling wide and far, the group has nevertheless become the toast of connoisseurs in several places, especially in southern India and in Mumbai where its brand of tight harmony with bare voices blending together, is greatly appreciated. A bit of Sunday School, Rock and Roll, Spirituals, Country and Jazz make up the group's overall repertoire; currently a quintette, its mission is to glorify God through music in whatever form, and convey the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in song. These band of committed Men has contributed their best for the sake of Gospel Music and Harmony Music, traveling and singing all these years. Chordiels Music is pleased to wish THE HARMOICS all goodness in wealth and health and pray God that He provide these faithful Men with wisdom, strength and power as they travel and sing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, and bringing more people to His Kingdom.

Band Members Mr. Joshua Chelliah - 2nd Tenor Mr. Judha Vincent - 2nd Bass (1990 - Till Date) Mr. Ebenezer Sathyaraj - 1st Tenor (1994-Till Date) Mr. Godwin Jebakumar - 1st Bass (2014 -Till Date) Mr. Vidyuth - 2nd tenor (2015 - Till Date) Mr. John Chelliah - 1st Tenor (1978 - 2008) Mr. Peter Periyanayagam - 2nd bass (1978 - 1990) Mr. Abraham Chelliah - (1978 - 2014) Mr. Christopher Devairakkam Mr. Rajan Chelliah - 2nd Tenor (2009-2011) (late) Mr. Ranjit Koshi

Awards & Honors The male vocal group “The Harmonics� were honored by The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy, Mumbai, India, in 2014 for their LifeTime Achievement in the field of harmony music & country Gospel.

Contact:, 9840903149, 9952986320

Little from Chordiels Manely - A small prayer before doing anything - The joy of my two little boys - Working on a new job - Helping Sweetlyn with little jobs at home - Helping the poor and needy people around me and making them happy - Was happy when my son admission in a good Christian school - Rehearsing & Singing with Chordiels is a life time opportunity to Praise God Almighty

Vasanth - Uncontrollable laughter of my Children - A small surprise gift to excite my wife - A cup of tea after a heavy meal I know this is not good - Meeting a old friend - Delightful Aquarium - Memorizing songs for Chordiels Program - Innocent talk of Meshach & Mahizh -Finding happy moments for my wife in my tight schedule - Enjoyed staying in Manley's Farm House in Tuticorin - Happy to get a seat in a crowded train

Justus - Early morning cycle riding - I am not regular at it - Begin a day with a hymn - Hanging out with my wife Hepsi - talking unimportant things - Evening walk & talk with my son Handel - A ‘Hi-bye’ phone-call to parents - not long conversations - A little help to someone on the roadside - Out to an eatery with friends - Teach young children those good old hymns & songs - Sleep while Dad is praying in the family prayer - Give a word of blessing and be kind to ‘all’ - practicing - Do big things for Jesus with the little I have

Reuben - Prayer & Bible reading - Thank God for my parents & sister - Spend time with my wife - Aim to set high standards in work / music - Honour fellow colleagues / musicians - Encourage young people playing / singing in Church - Love improvising hymns on the piano / organ - Blessed to sing with Chordiels & accompany the Kirk choir in the pipe organ / grand piano - So thankful, Great is Thy faithfulness

Leeban - Love to watch cricket in live video streaming (inspired from Grandpa's newspaper, and Dad's old-radio's live commentary) - Stamp collection excites when I find a new stamp - Listening to hymns and choral songs - Android Programming - Taking care of family (provide every little things they need) - To spend time with the choir friends after the practice - Love to do Voluntary works for the Church

Little Helping Hands It was about 8 o clock when her son who was asthmatic developed some complications. He had to be rushed to the nearest hospital about 1 km away or else it would be fatal. She called a neighbour who had a car but the neighbour said the car had no fuel. She called the pastor who said he had visiting pastors from USA and could not leave them alone. She decided to carry the son to the hospital. She could not imagine loosing her only child to the same sickness that had killed her husband few years earlier. She had a problem with her leg and could not move fast enough and the son was also heavy for her to move faster. Along the way she met people rushing home from work who just started at her. She tried to beg them for help but they assumed her. She also tried to stop passing vehicles but they never responded she fell many times but she had to keep moving. Then a man who was mentally challenged and used to roam the streets unclad noticed her. He came running towards her and took the son from her.

She could not talk but just pointed the direction of the hospital. The crazy unclad man could understand perfectly well that she meant since he saw the desperate boy struggling for breath. He put him on the shoulder and told the woman "all will be well" as he ran towards the hospital. The doctors on seeing the crazy man knew something was really wrong. They attended to the boy immediately. Ten minutes later the mother arrived and the doctor broke the news. “ If he were brought five minutes later he would have died.� God doesn't have to use Bishops, Pastors, Teachers, family members, Politicians and rich people with cars to rescue or bless you. No matter what may come your way, no matter what you are going through your life is in His hands and he has good thoughts for you. I know you'll make it. For there is a friend in God who will wipe away your tears. God will work with the meanest things.

In the bible, God gives an example for faith from a small mustard seed. Matt 13:31 God is there in our midst when 2 or 3 people pray to him. Matt 18:20 God teaches on knowledge from the ants. Prov 6:6 God serves a mass of people on the mountains with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Luke 9 God teaches us on giving from a widow who gives 2 coins. Mark 12:42 God brought victory to Israelites from 5 small pebbles. I Samuel 17:40 A small throw brought a deep impressions. A small stone brought a great victory. A small life brought a great redemption. God uses little things to make, create big and bigger things in our lives. The more we experience and live with Him, He helps us to find little things and grants us greater victories using those things we found little.

Judith Reuben is a Professor of English at the Madras Christian College, Chennai. She is the wife of Reuben Rhuphus of Chordiels. She is a talented writer, and an Alto singer in the MCC Choir. She can be contacted at

“The Forgotten Message� - an Apologetic Book from Dr. Jenkins, answering Who is God for both Christians & non-Christians Place you order now at

Music Notations Book with 100 songs - 65 Tamil and 35 English songs, vocal arrangements in TTBB & SATB for Groups/Trios/Quartets, Quintetes/Octets/Ensembles/Choirs. Place you order now at

Little Love Phany is a teacher who begins her class everyday with a cute little phrase “Dear Children, I love you all so much. Today you kids are my loving beautiful cute loving”. As days rolled by Phany knew that she’s purposelessly meaning what she was repeating everyday. She knew her words of love are fake, empty, routine, and contain not a drop of essence of love. It was not because she was repeating for the same class for the same students for the whole semester. But she very well knew it was that Teddy in her class. Teddy is bunk, lazy, stupid, ugly, foolish, careless, fit-for-nothing student. Everyday and everytime she says that she loves the kids, this Teddy falls in her eyes, and she would think in her heart “I don't love this Teddy at all”. She was synthetic enough to give a fake not of confidence to the students. She took this issue to the Principal of the School, stating “I don't like this boy Teddy. I can never ever like him to the core. I hate him.” Everyone were took by surprise how could Phany say that to Teddy, cos he was all good, clever and was we well-behaved student in the class. Principal ordered to bring the past one-year’s records of Teddy. Reports of Teddy lay on the table, and Phany along with the Principal browsed through the records. It shows that he was good last year, and this year begining his records are not good, his progress was almost close to none. What happened? Then they found Teddy has lost his mother during the vacation. He loved his mother so much, that her death has made a dark vacuum that cannot be filled or replaced.

Phany’s eyes were filled with tears and she couldn't hold it, that in front of everyone, she bursts crying out loud “I love you Teddy”. Then on Phany went to the class and said, with more of meaning and with a whole heart, “Kids, I love you all. And I mean it for true”. She started to love Teddy and took care of him and his needs everyday, with true love for this little boy. Slowly Teddy showed good progress in his studies and got himself involve in games, and began to smile with other kids. He started to love and admire Phany ma’am’s teaching, care and kindness for him. Most of all the way she showed her motherly care for every kid in the class. One morning in the class, Teddy bought a bunch of flowers, a bracelet and perfume, and walked toward Ms. Phany. He gave her these three gifts he had. Phany asked “What are these things for?” Teddy replied, “these are my mom’s and the flowers are from the plant my mom planted a year back. Please take it.” Phany asked, “but why do you give these to me?” Teddy told with a grateful heart, “Ma’am you are showing kindness and love like my mom would do. If you wear these things, you would smell like my mom. I would feel the presence of my mom in my life everyday”. Ms. Phany accepted his gifts and started to wear them everyday, and took good care of Teddy. After some years have passed by, Ms. Phany received a gift pack wrapped in red. She opened it to find, a golden bracelet, a brand new perfume, and an invite”. She was taken by great surprise. It was the wedding invite from Teddy, who is now in a foreign country. The invite read, “Dear Mom, Thank you for giving a new start in my life. It was in your sweet little loving words and care that made me what I am today. Now I am getting married to a beautiful girl, and I need you to be near me in my wedding day. So please wear the bracelet and perfume and come”. On the wedding day, Ms. Phany entered the Chapel. She was directed to the front row, where she found a special chair written on it ‘for Mom’. Teddy came in and gave a loving hug to Ms. Phany. He said with gratefulness “Mom, you gave me little things in your classrooms and assured us that you loved everyone of us. You loved when I missed my mom. Your love and care are like my Mom, and this special place near me is meant only for you my Mom”. Ms. Phany could now realize that the little things she did for the kids in the classroom have changed a boy, and raised him to heights. She blessed her son and his bride, and lived with them happily ever after.

For many the idea of being a leader—of being in charge, of being the boss, of being responsible for a team or a company—seems overwhelming. And frankly, it can be. It’s a big responsibility. But to be successful, we must be able to get things done and do them well. Leadership is great when leaders are effective and productive. No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Today I am a leader.” Leadership is earned, built and cultivated in small steps, with small things done successfully every day. Emily Dickinson once said, “If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves.” So how do we take care of the little things so that the big things take care of themselves? Block out time for mindfulness. When you’re busy, it’s easy for time to run away from you. Before you know it the day, week, month has passed. As a leader it is important to take the time for mindfulness. Identify what is most important to you.

Think of the little things you care about the most; determine what is truly meaningful. Determine which actions generate effectiveness and productivity and which are wasting your time. This information will help you with making the hard decisions and doing what is really important. Guard your time. Your time is your most precious resource; invest it well. Every minute spent on a task is one less minute of your life. Whenever you’re faced with a new potential project or task, ask yourself a simple question: “Does this task help or hurt of what is important to me?” If you feel something takes away time from your goals, then avoid it. Never let another person’s priorities become your own. Eliminate and delegate. As you look at your list, ask yourself what you can eliminate and what you can delegate. Make sure everything on your personal to-do list is something that either satisfies you or brings you closer to your goals. Don’t spend your energy on things that drain you, but on things you enjoy that bring value to yourself and others.

Take care of Little Things And the big things will be taken care with ease.

Don’t add; substitute. Watching the list of things you need to get done slowly grow is incredibly stressful. So when something new comes along, substitute that task for one that’s not generating results. If it’s worth pursuing, substitute it for another task, action or project and make the time for it. Be honest and prioritize. The best reason for starting small and with what is meaningful is that doing so ensures that you’re being honest with yourself.

If you focus on the things you cannot do, or the things that you think should be meaningful rather than the ones that truly are, you’ll find yourself getting nothing done. So be honest as you identify and prioritize the small things that are important to you. Lead From Within: As leaders with all our responsibilities and our functions, it’s hard to do all things great, but if as leaders we take care of the small things with excellence then we will have accomplished the big things with success.

Lolly Daskal is founder of Lead from Within, a global leadership, executive coaching, and consulting firm based in New York City. With more than 30 years of experience with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, Lolly is one of today’s most sought-after executive leadership coaches and leadership consultants. Her extensive cross-cultural expertise spans several continents, and most every industry. Lolly has worked with a top-shelf roster of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including biomedical, energy, government, pharmaceuticals, technology, banking, finance, nonprofits, and startup entrepreneurs. Lolly uses a unique, and extremely effective heart-based leadership approach designed to help people achieve their full potential while making a real difference in the world. This philosophy comprises the foundation of her coaching, consulting, and speaking assignments. She combines her extensive personal and professional experience with a deep commitment to helping others—producing truly exceptional and successful outcome. Source:

StaffPad StaffPad is an intelligent Sheet Music creator, reading a musician’s free-hand music notation writing. As you write notation using the pen, StaffPad recognizes your handwritten music and converts it into a beautifully typeset score which you can further edit, playback, print and share. StaffPad combines the best of working on paper with the best of working digitally, evolving the same process that's been used for hundreds of years to write countless masterpieces. Natural pen input, detailed orchestral playback and powerful score editing features mean that StaffPad is perfect for professionals, and easy for beginners. For the first time, an entire orchestra is available at the tip of your pen. StaffPad is completely designed around pen input. You can write naturally on the score page, and StaffPad intelligently converts your scribbles into beautifully typeset music. As you'd expect, you can play back your score once you've written it. StaffPad is always saving your score and backing up to the cloud so you never need to worry about losing anything. You can organise your scores into collections for easy project management. Your scores, collections and settings will sync across all of your Windows 8.1 devices, and you can easily step back in time by browsing previous score versions.

StaffPad was designed by composers, for composers. Transposing score toggle, multiple voice layers, quick repeat and editing capabilities, sketch layer support, interactive training and video tutorials, staff mixing controls, smart auto-layout, intelligent symbols and easy editing concepts mean StaffPad is the most intuitive and fluid notation program that's ever been built. When it's time to put your music in front of others, StaffPad automatically and intelligently lays out your score for printing, ensuring crisp and beautiful results. If you want more control over layout, you can export as MusicXML or MIDI into dedicated programs. You can easily email an MP3 or WAV of your score with just a few taps of the share charm. StaffPad requires a device with an active pen and a touchscreen. Active pens have an eraser button, pressure sensitivity and palm rejection - all of which are crucial for digital inking to feel as natural as on paper. We designed StaffPad to work perfectly with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, however any Windows 8.1 device with active pen and touch support should work just fine. If you are in any doubt about your device's capabilities, check with the manufacturer before getting StaffPad.

Little Pick or Pluctrum of a Guitar is little enough to produce the six strings vibrate. So small, cute, easy to hold, smooth on the sides with no sharp corners, pick is the one that makes the guitar sing in harmony. However, there is a right way to hold it: thumb on the top, index finger at the bottom supported by the other fingers. This way of holding it is perfect to strike a chord. We have many little things in our lives to hold on to make our lives happy. But sometimes we are not happy and in peace, because we don't hold those little things the right way. Take care that you hold on to your little things correctly, and then you will see the peace and happiness and joy that you deserve to be filled all your days of

Flute is one the most beautiful, sought after wind instruments. It is the simplest instrument of all. Easy to make. One bamboo pipe, with the right measurement of length, correct, accurate distance of the holes, and the head hole to blow in the air of correct size. In some flutes you will have reeds to vibrate to the amount of air that passes through. Have you ever noticed or tried to play this little instrument. So difficult, very tough to play than any other instrument. The right amount of breath you blow in through the head, and correct position of fingers produces a sound. But to play a song, you will need to master it. Similarly, the little most things are the toughest things to handle.

Hi-Hat, the little part of a Drum Kit. It is the tempo-keeper or the metronome that maintains the basic rhythm. It consists of two cymbals that are mounted on a stand, one on top of the other, and a pedal which can be used to clash and hold the cymbals together. Open and closed hi-hat refer to notes struck while the two cymbals are apart or together (open or closed), while pedal hi-hat refers to parts or notes played solely with the pedal used to strike the two cymbals. These two cymbals in a hi-hat are connected by a string which runs through the middle of the stand, and that makes the movement the top cymbal, producing the desired rhythm sounds.

Vocal Cords are composed of twin infoldings of mucous membrane stretched horizontally, from back to front, across the larynx. The pair is one of the tiniest muscles in the body. They are responsible for the songs we sing and the good sound we produce while we talk and sing.

Sounds There are several little parts in a violin, that composes this beautiful instrument. To mention some are: the four Pegs, that which hold the strings tight, the Tuning Screws, that which holds the strings to the tail of the violin, the SoundPole, stays upright inside the violin body is all the resonates and produces the sound, the bridge nicely crafted, little, but strong enough to hold the strings that runs from the Pegs to the Tuning Screws. The beautifully carved body of the violin and these little things that make it whole are all that titles the instrument “Queen of all Instruments�.

The Hammers in an Acoustic Piano are tiny and complicated structures that strikes the strings that are tightly bound inside the piano. On pressing the key, the hammer strikes the strings to produce sound which then vibrates to the soundboard where it is amplified with the help of the acoustic energy in the air. Thought these little hammers go unnoticed, they are the ones that makes your Pianos to sound more grandeur than any other instrument.

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But for the

SHOWERS we Plead Prof. V. Immanuel is teaching English in Loyola College, Chennai. He is a writer, preacher, orator and a good friend. He writes and delivers speeches in conferences of International ministries. He is part of the LEF ministries, writing columns for their annual fellowship gatherings. He has submitted his PhD thesis on Jewish Literature. Write to

The context of the song, “There shall be showers of blessing “is found in I Kings 18:41-46 For those who do not know this part of scripture, its about a season of drought and thorough famine. God was silent through ruins and loss. The whole country was mourning and there was no food left for anyone, even to the king. Elijah, the prophet had just then performed his mission, by killing the prophets of Baal. After the fall of Satan's dominion over Israel in the spirit realm, God decided to send showers. This prophet sensed that God would flood the land in an hour. Therefore, he said, “there is sound of abundance of rain” (I Kings 18.41). It is interesting to see how this man operated in the spirit world. When no one could hear or see any change, he sensed abundance of rain. He told his servant, “Go up and look toward the sea”. His servant did so and said, “There is nothing”. He wanted him to do seven times. The world calls such people as fools. William Carey said, 'expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”. It is not wrong to expect great things from God if we are willing to do great things for God. The Bible calls our God to be the one “who calls things into existence” (Rom 4:17). George Muller, the father of ten thousand orphans used to make the children sit for dinner when they would have practically nothing to eat. Thus the servant of Elijah did seven times and at last, he said, “there's a cloud as small as a man's hand rising out of the sea” (verse 44). A man like me would not even notice something of that size and would have hastily rejected it. I presume he was reading the mind of God little by little. He knew what that little cloud would soon turn out to be. So he hurried Ahab to leave the place and he also started to run fast. The next verse says, “in the meantime, the sky became black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy rain”. The indications of what we see today are never a guarantee of what will happen tomorrow. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy shall be found in the morning (Ps. 30:5). Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither the heart of man has ever conceived what great things God has prepared to them that love Him ( I Cor 2:9). This is my prayer for a long time, that we shall see true revival in our times. We do have mercy drops here and there. But we long for the showers. When we labour in places, we see souls being touched and saved, but we cannot be satisfied with that. Do we hear t the sound of abundance of rain? Anyone who does not know the life of William Carey should see the measure of work he did for God in India. It all started with three men William Carey, William Ward and Joshua Marshman and the Lord used them as a signet ring in His hand. When David Brainerd prayed in the suburbs and took gospel to the Native Americans, he made tremendous impact on church and on missions. Against all odds, ZieganBalg started to learn the Tamil language and mastered it with dogged study amidst threat from the Danish rebels. We know the result; Tamilnadu has sent missionaries to the whole world. Are we going to despise God's little and choose world's big. The Bible says, for who shall despise the days of small beginnings (Zac 4:10).

God is great, but he is not extravagant. The devil is extravagant; he projects things in a large scale. The Lord always begins with little, insignificant things. It began as a girl's interest (Ida Scudder) to save the dying mothers in India and as a result we have CMC, Vellore. The Moravian missionaries made outreach works into Europe and most of them never saw their loved ones anymore. Hudson Taylor's Inland Mission is an intelligent venture in evangelism, otherwise it would be similar to Indian coastal Christianity (Christians only in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Vizag, Calcutta etc). Leonard Ravenhil describes of a man by name John Geddie, a Presbyterian missionary to the South Seas,“When he landed in 1848, there were no Christians here; When he left in 1872, there were no heathen.” Look at the impact created by ordinary people who had simple beginnings. That is why it is a matter of question if God is to be found in some of the needless paraphernalia which the church of Christ exhibits today. It is an issue of wonder to see what Salvation Army and William Booth did for the Lord in the whole world. His army was stronger than the armies of all the countries put together. I went through a few regions above Tamilnadu and watched Salvation Army schools,hospitals and churches are to be found in every village. It is a pity that we are content with mere clouds. Our meetings are filled with people delivered from tooth aches and headaches. Also, we hear repeated testimonies of those having purchased cars and houses. These are mere clouds. Elijah will not be satisfied with clouds. The Lord wants us to see the conversions of these little things into gigantic proportions. But let us not forget, Elijah was a man of prayer. It is imperative to note that only people of prayer and commitment can achieve things for God. Over years you will see many falling from faith. We already find people missing the mark. If you aim to be superstar, your fall will be sure and severe. It is God who performs great things. He is always the God of five loaves and two fishes. Elijah sent his servant seven times to see if cloud appears. Alas ! I don't have this faith. We want things at the first stroke. We want life to be like watching cricket highlights where every ball goes over the boundary. It appears God is slow or that He has forgotten us. I confess Jer 29.11 which says “I will give you a future and a hope”. Verse 45 speaks of the pace in which God works, “in the meantime (when Elijah was speaking to Ahab). God can work suddenly. He has the whole world in his hands. He will honour His word suddenly. He will fulfill his promises suddenly. The sky that looked like bronze started to melt. Some of us are waiting for jobs and job change. Many others for peace at home and healing from sickness. Others for partners. Do not stop with mercy drops, ask for showers. The Bible says, he is able to do far more abundantly (Ephe 3:20) Over the hills and the valleys, let there be sound of abundance of rain.

Little all day long A day gone without a cup of coffee will not be a day. I love to take a hot sip of it in the cools of the dawn, After a morning walk, tired with a towel on; Sticks to the tongue when the breakfast is over, Merrier will it boast the neurons to get on. Hang around the cafeteria with pals for a coffee, The brown smell and the smoke drives me on; Good if I don't pick one after a filled lunch, Couldn’t resist for one full cup to move on. Tennis in the evening is preluded by the brown drink, Won’t let down a single shot and win on; Dinner with the family will surely be contempt, But this little drink of coffee will stick on. These little lovely things will be in my list, To carry on life with endless bliss; ‘No’ can it never be said, Even when you offer it a hundred.

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