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Vol.: 4, Issue: 1, Jan - Mar 2015

Pass the faith, trust and belief; Pass the music, songs and the stories; Pass the love, care and kindness; Pass the memories, visions and the journey. They are priceless, worth sharing, They are free, found in our hearts & souls; They need be nurtured and carried along; They ought to be preserved, practiced and passed. So Pass them on...

Welcome Hi Everybody, Greetings in His precious Name. More often we forget our responsibility about our kids and the next generation kids of how they will be when we are long gone. So I picked this theme “Pass it on” would best address today’s needs. Myself, Justin and Immanuel have focused on this theme. Poems, thoughts and short notes, pictures are housed in this issue. Chordiels Family came together for a dinner and had loads of fun and memories. Also we have an update from Chordiels Care about the happenings during last Christmas. So enjoy reading the Magazine, and forget not to write to us at Pleased to serve the Lord and the society with the skills He has bestowed on me. This year we are practicing and planning with prayers for the concert doors and hearts He will open for us, so that His Word could be sung, and preached.

All we could ask you is, put Chordiels Music in your prayer list. God Bless You all.


Magazine Vol. 4, Issue 1,

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Reuben & Judith Wishing the couple for a blessed married life.

Jan - Mar 2015

9 Editors Dr. S. JUSTUS Prof. V. IMMANUEL

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Christopher Samuel Introducing new Baritone


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Head Publishing Shri. L. CHARLES SELVARAJ Article Contributors Dr. S. Justus Shri. Justin A. Raj Prof. V. Immanuel


The Responsibility of Passing it on Justus shares what is passed on to him.


Passing the Faith Justin biblically explains what is it passing.


Upon the Hill A Picturesque Poem.

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Chordiels Care 2014 An update from Care wing.


Family Get Together Chordiels Family outing - updates

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Near the Cross Lenten Message from Prof. Immanuel

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Reuben & Judith Our dear brother Reuben, singing baritone with Chordiels Quartet, and Ms. Judith Gacia, are married on the 29th of Dec 2014, at the Holy Trinity Church, Palayamkottai. We welcome Judith Reuben to our Chordiels Family. Reuben is one of the finest Gospel musicians in Chennai, and in the whole of Tamilnadu. He brings his musical expertise to Chordiels while we try to harmonize or do some choral arrangement. He also brings his strong, solid baritone voice to the Quartet. Chordiels Quartet is privileged to have such a warm-hearted, committed and God-fearing guy who sings and travels and share fun and laughter as we work in this singing team. Now on an official assignment Reuben is traveling to UK for the next six months, and will be working for CTS from UK. So he will be on sabbatical from Chordiels from Feb - Aug 2015. In UK he will be attending the Organ training, vocal training and choir conducting trainings as well. We wish him all success and best stay in UK, and await to hear from him on his new musical learnings. Reuben will be available in Chordiels Quartet from August 2015, soon after he returns to Chennai, India.

Christopher Samuel Chordiels Music is happy to introduce Mr. Christopher Samuel as our new Baritone, who will be filling up Reuben’s position in Chordiels Quartet. Sam has already toured with Chordiels during the 2014Christmas season, and is much used to this kind of male-vocal singing. Sam has been into choir singing right from his schooldays, and has been an active member in his Church Music Band of St. Patrick Church, Tuticorin. He joined as a tenor in Pearl-City Music Association Choir, and was trained by Mr. Victor Thangadurai, director PCMA. Now when he moved to Chennai he joined the Andrew’s Kirk Choir and now trained by Mr. Arul Sironmoney. We welcome Samuel to Chordiels Quartet and wish all the best for a good stay and best of his singing with the team.

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by Dr. Justus

My Grandpa, my Dad and many others passed on what they had best. What do I have to give the next Gen, to my own child?

Before choosing this title, I was reminiscing my golden days with my Grandpa, my faithful days with my Dad, and dreaming what will I be to my son. Grandpa Mr. Victor Ponnudurai, after serving the Indian Army for more than 12 years, joined as a Crane Pilot in Tuticorin Port Trust. Very hardworking, hard-stuffed, very tough guy - at workplace and at home. He taught me some great values - work hard, listen a lot, read a lot, never rest unless your body asks for, and be tough. I cherish his attitude when he passed on to me some of these values. Dad, Mr. Selwyn Navamani, served the traffic department in Tuticorin Port Trust for 25 years, and voluntarily retired to carry on the Lord’s ministry. Faithful in serving the Lord, sacrificing for the family, again hard-work even in ailments, and dedication in carrying the Gospel to unreached places. In addition to these two men, there are several great men who keep passing my life, and I admire everyone of them for their distinct qualities. Some of them are Mr. GJ Moses, DM, Tamilnadu Transport, Dr. Samuel Lawrence, Professor in English, Mr. Prakash, Mr. Stephen Thiagarajan, Mr. Victor Thangadurai, Dr. Samathanam, Mr. Paulraj, and the list goes on. Now the question is: What have I got to pass on to my son, to the next generation kids? The responsibility in passing everything I got from my seniors, lessons learnt, values gained over the years and the great love of God. I am responsible for the kids who look at me as a teacher, as a musician, as a brother, as a citizen. I need to take up the onus on passing the faith, trust and belief I have on Jesus, the one who took me up from the dust. The more I hold on to Him, the more I tell others “He is the One whom we need the most”. I pass on the music, the songs and the meaning it brings. The best of all these need be passed on. Many young kids doesn’t even knew what it is like making music for the Maker. Not everything we hear is music. But the one that praises His Name is music, and that need to be taught to the next Gen. I pass on ‘responsibility’. It is an persevered act that sustains relationships, happiness, and life as a whole. The responsibility of being responsible at home, at workplace, while playing, singing, while none is watching, and while everyone is watching - is one of the essence that need be taught. Finally, pass on the Good News, “Jesus loves you”. How about passing this love of Christ to everyone around us? The mind of Christ proclaiming He is the only One who died for all, and still He loves us all. So pass on this great news to the next Gen - the Gen X and Gen Y kids. They will remember this forever. Let’s take some responsibility in passing these on.

Passing the Faith Justin A. Raj works with Infosys Ltd, Chennai. He is an active member of Vincet D'Paul Society. He is a kind hearted and soft-spoken friend who never hesitates to share the Word. He can be reached at

Hebrews 11:1 says “Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it”. Each one of us believe in Jesus Christ and we are sure that son of God who had died to redeem us, had resurrected and will come again, during secret rapture. This faith needs to be passed by every believer in family, church, workplace/school/college and society. In Mark 16:15 Jesus says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”. Each believer in Christ needs to lead a witnessing life following the footsteps of Jesus. In Mark 1:38 Jesus says, “ Let us go somewhere else- to the nearby village so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.” Mat 4:23 says, “ Jesus went throughout Galiee teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people”. Jesus walked according to the will of the Father, throughout the 33 and half years He spent on earth. We have experienced and have been experiencing His love and presence every day. This love needs to be flown to this world, in the form of preaching the word of God, through our actions. We need to reflect Christ in our day to day life. If you are a leader in church, you need to show the leadership qualities like Jesus He washed the feet of his disciples. This humbleness needs to be emulated. If you are a leader, first learn to be a servant. In the family, you need to reflect the qualities of Jesus- loving God whole heartedly, sharing the burdens, regularly doing personal and family prayers, meditating the world of God, leading a holy life, praising and giving thanks for each new day and obeying the commandments diligently. While trying to lead a witnessing life, you will certainly meet challenges. But our living Lord will help you to overcome every challenge and will recover the things that were lost, as said in Mark 10:29-30 “Truly I tell you, on one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or fields for me and the gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and fields along with persecutions and in the age to come, eternal life”. Inheriting the eternal life is every believer's spiritual goal. Mark 8: 35 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. Am I spending my talent/ treasure/ time/ life to spread the word of God? and to proclaim the Good News (Jesus) to others? Let us ponder for a while. While healing the beggar, Peter said, “silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk”. Whatever be our level of faith may be, we need to move up to the level of Peter. That is what is expected out of every one of us. Whoever is given more will be expected more. So, let us not become weary of passing the faith. The living, everlasting spring of water is there to support us. The role of the Holy Spirit is important in passing the faith. I Corin 12:6-11 says “There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work. 7Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. 8To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, 9to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, 10to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. 11 All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines. With the help of Holy Spirit, we need to identify our gift and use it for the needy people they can be poor, sick, orphan, prisoner, oppressed, helpless, weak people. Jesus came to this world to spread the good news to the poor. Let us follow his footsteps preaching the word and reflecting faith Jesus in our day to day life in family /workplace/ church/ society. May the living Lord guide and strengthen us. Glory to Jesus.

Upon the Hill Lynn Barany The roses smell so sweetly Behind the picket fence, The grass is rich and green It gives off a fresh cut scent.

She enjoys her solitude Each and every day, She is seen sometimes at midnight I heard a neighbor say.

The lilacs are in full bloom The veranda has been swept, One glance the eye can see How well the garden has been kept.

As the watch her in the moonlight They say it gives them chills, For she is intently speaking To someone upon the hill.

The shadow in the window Shows and old, but gentle soul, I heard she took up residence Not too long ago.

I hear she turns quite beautiful When the moon shines down so bright, To me there isn't any doubt To whom she speaks at night.

No one seems to know How she keeps her home alive, There is never any outside help And no visitors' stop by.

I'm told she's still in good health Violets bloom on her window sill, And I think she owes it all To her friend upon the hill.....

Source: Family Friend Poems

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22nd December 2014, we went to “The home” in Padapai to meet the children and spend a day with them before we left for Christmas holidays. We gave them a big surprise by giving them Christmas Gifts. Guess how the kids reacted. They were filled with great joy. They didn’t expect such a nice shirts and pants, chudidhars and shawls. The smile, and the wide-opened eyes, brought tears in our eyes. How much they longed for this? Hepsiba gave the gifts to each child, and appreciated their year-long perseverance in waiting on the Lord’s blessings. The more we give, the more we are happy; the more we spend time with these kids, the more we pass the values of live’s lessons to our own kids, teaching the real meaning of life. We thank all the sponsors who gave these wonderful dresses for these little ones. Their hearts and homes will be blessed richly with heavenly showers.

In addition to the Christmas Gifts, we offered a non-vegetarian lunch. What a joy to share a meal with these kids. We sat together with the kids and enjoyed the lunch. Each kid is unique, helping each other, passing chicken pieces, made the room clean. Our dear friends from Vizhuthugal ministries also joined us for the lunch. Then the kids sang a few songs, danced, told Bible verses. Bro Irudhayaraj prayed for the kids, their studies, health, protection and everything that these kids need. Also he prayed for Chordiels Family, Ministry, and wisdom for the Almighty. We thoroughly enjoyed, and had a meaningful Christmas this year.

Joel, Sanjay, Gokul, David, Dany, Prithvi, boys having fun & food. Look at the smiles and happiness on their faces. Remember them in your prayers.

(from Left to Right) Justus, Handel, Hepsiba, Reuben, Judith,

Immanuel, Priya, Judah Sam, Sweetlin, Alden, Manley, Meshak, Mahizh, Nancy, Vasanth

Chordiels family get together 2015 - Chordiels members came with their families for a dinner at Mount View Hotel. The dinner table was filled with everything on earth - fun, laughter, pulling legs, kids crying, songs, and what not? the fellowship of Christian brotherhood. Keep Chordiels and their families in your prayers.

Passin' the faith along to my brother Passing the faith along Helping to Build the faith of another Passing the faith along Sharing a word of hope with my brother Helping to make him strong Passin' the faith along to my brother Passing the faith along Running of a relay, finds in his baton Purpose for the running and strength to carry on We hold within our grasp the thing that makes us strong And like the relay runner, we seek to pass it on. Countless generation of Saints have come and gone A spark ignites as an ember fades and the flames continues on. A challenge to the young, and a assurance for the old, The flames burns ever brighter each time the story's told.

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Near the Cross Keep me Near the Cross

There stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. John 19.25 This is one of the classic verses in the Holy Scripture. Not too many people chose to stand by the cross of Jesus. Not too many people were given the opportunity to stand near the cross. We see just four people standing before the cross and all the four were women. He chose twelve disciples. He healed hundreds. He was known to everybody. Multitudes followed Jesus. But, only four stood before the cross.This is a world that has no idea of the cross of Jesus. That is why we have become a bunch of powerless people. Cross seems to be a symbol of shame and failure. Yes, for or all those who stand far from the cross, it is a symbol of failure. If only a person can have the privilege of looking upon Jesus on the cross, what great power will be released from his life! Peter ran away from the cross. Judas did not live to see the cross. All the other disciples proved disloyal. All those who availed healing did not know to react to the scene of the cross. However, The Lord had four valiant people who chose to gaze their Lord. Blessings of standing by the cross: They heard the seven last words: All the seven words that Jesus spoke would not have been heard, if they stood far from the cross. Just imagine if we would have missed out such precious words, we don’t have a Good Friday service today. There is a complaint in the world that God is deaf. It is wrong. We stand far from the cross that we don’t hear what God speaks. Mary: She is the only person on earth who saw Jesus from birth to death. She played the role of a mother and a sinner. She availed salvation and meaning in life by looking at the cross. Mary Magdalene: It must be the prayer of everybody that God must make us like Mary Magdalene. This extraordinary woman managed to prove her love even unto the cross. She was weeping. Luke 16.9 says, Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene after resurrection. God will honour and make them glad who stand before the cross and weep. John: He was given the responsibility to take care of Mary, the mother of Jesus. God gives us a share in His work. This disciple was revealed everything about the second coming. Friends, there is unlimited blessings by meditating the cross of Jesus. Learn to go to the cross every day. There are unexpected blessings, rich resources. But, recognize the price He has paid. The only place in the world where freedom from sin is freely granted - the cross. Your personality as a whole is renewed to the image of Jesus when you see God himself dying in a place where you should die. May you get a glimpse of the cross today.

Prof. V. Immanuel is teaching English in Loyola College, Chennai. He is a writer, preacher, orator and a good friend. He writes and delivers speeches in conferences of International ministries. He is part of the RZIM ministries, writing columns for their annual fellowship gatherings. He has submitted his PhD thesis on Jewish Literature. Write to

We are not

Alone We are not alone in this Journey of life. We have been given something from our fathers and forefathers in the past. The many things they have taught us - values, responsibility, love, respect, obedience, prayers, spiritual life, and the list goes on. We have learnt to acquire them over the years as we get matured through our experiences. Certain of these things would have been too tough to practice. However, they taught us the practice and passed those precious gifts to us. As we run over the years, there is a next, future generation that need to be taught of these high qualities of life. They are eagerly waiting for us. The only thing is that we see them as little kids with less responsibility. No they are not. They need to be woven with these values that we have as our character and quality. It is not meant to be in us, but to be passed on. Call them, put your hands on their shoulders, give a big smile, and impart the greater qualities of life’s values you have to your kids, to the youths in the Churches, to your students in the your class, to your neighbours’ kids, to your friends’ kids. Teach them, pass on them the faith, love, respect and obedience. Someone who have gone before us taught us, let us pass on these values to the someone who will follow us. We are not alone. So pass it on...

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Vol.: 4, Issue: 1, Jan - Mar 2015