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it’s Summer Vacationing With Music Know Them Fest 2014 Promise Unparalleled Vol.: 3, Issue: 2, April - June 2014

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Dr. S. Justus Hi Friends, Glad to bring you another issue of Chordiels Magazine. This issue of the magazine is released ahead of the usual date, because we are altering the period of release from July-August 2014 issue. Hence this maiden issue of the Magazine. As all of us in India are planning and some are enjoying summer vacation already, we wanted to have this issue capture on Vacationing. Know a bit more about our guys in Chordiels Music, and their taste for life and the means of enjoying this vacation. Hope you will love it. Coming June, we are completing 6years of singing in harmony, celebrating the love of Christ. We are planning to celebrate Chordiels Fest 2014 by organizing a Singing & Worship concert in Chennai. It’ll be on the 22nd of June 2014, Sunday evening. So await some wonderful songs from Chordiels during this Fest. By the time you are back from vacation, we’ll have some great surprises for you.

So enjoy life, enjoy this summer. And take care



Are you Enjoying the Show ? Life is a show, nature is the settings, and we are all the performers. How we perform, how we love what we do and co-performers, how we love nature and how we enjoy life is all essentials. To love life and do the right things right is the key to the success of the show. So enjoy the show...

Chordiels Magazine Vol. 3, Issue 2, April - June 2014 Editors Dr. S. JUSTUS Prof. V. IMMANUEL

Head Publishing Shri. L. CHARLES SELVARAJ Article Contributors Dr. S. Justus Prof. V. IMMANUEL

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Most of my vacations are centered around family, and hang around with friends. Still, I miss not a minute to listen to a favorite track from Chordiels or Gaithers, Octet Cantabile, Hymns or Tamil Gospel Music.

Atleast twice in a year I plan to travel with my family to my native place, Tuticorin, to spend days with my parents and in-laws. Parents place is always the best ever vacation place where one could do anything at will. Garden, bed-time stories to my kids, big-whole family prayer, my childhood chair at the dinner table and lot more little things that make us happy. I enjoy that 5-day stay with my parents, talking many things that happened over the months, since we met. This is in addition to the daily conversation over phone. Then visiting friends place, hanging around in most favorite restaurants, parks and shopping malls. Whole lot of fun to watch all the kids playing and making friends with each other. At in-laws place, no words to pour the kindness they show on you. Eat, sleep, again sleep and eat. This goes on every day. Still taking wife and Handel to relatives house and visiting churches and elders are all part of the stay in there. No mobile, no social networking site access, no routines but still life is easy, comfortable here. I surprise I am left with lots of time to plan, dream, rest, and refresh my mind and body. Wonderful isn’t it? Now I dig deep into my luggage to find my loving friend music player in Tab/Phone. All my favorite collections are in it. I pick it, switch it on, plug the headphone, and start with “Fully Alive in your Spirit” by the Gaither Homecoming Friends in South African Homecoming album continue to their latest album. Then a bunch of Chordiels album, that brings back memories of composing, recording, and selling them in our concert tours etc. My son would come in the middle and will share the headphone for a couple of his David Phelp’s favorite.

Vacationing with Music One instance I remember when me and one of my best buddies, Geroge Koshi, were vacationing as part of our work travel. He carried his guitar, and I had my usual music in my Sdcard. Wherever and whenever we had time, we played the guitar, sang old country songs, and hymns. He sings well, but doesnt blends with the harmony part. We had lots of fun, singing together. That travel ended with good memories, vacationing with music. Really it refreshed our minds, and later we got back to work.

So enjoy this vacation with loads of fun, travel, food, and memories. But take care of your health, safety, and well being of the kids and family. Enjoy to the fullest. Forget not to Thank God whenever your trips are complete and safe. Start with a prayer as you move on. His presence shall go before and behind thee. Don't forget to pack your headphones, to listen to your favorite music.

Take a good amount of chill water during summer. Try adding in lemon, sugar/salt with a few icecubes, that will taste heaven. As a dear pants for water, so my soul seek for You, Lord. Your presence is like cool streams flowing in the dry land and makes if fertile and green.

Mercy drops round us are falling But for the showers we plead There shall be showers of blessings THis is the promise of Lord There shall be seasons refreshing Send from the Saviour above Showers of Blessings, Showers of Blessings we need Mercy drops round us are falling But for the showers we plead

Bass & Board Member of Chordiels Music Trust Manley is tied up with his little family, fond of good friendships, and excited when he hits the low D in studios and on stages. He loves quartet singing and quickly learns his part and blends well. His strange suggestions are sometimes taken while singing. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Parrota and Curry Health Drink: Orange Juice Vacation Spot: Ooty Hobbies: Long driving, web surfing, listening music, table tennis, snooker Book: Adventures of Tintin Verse: Ephesians 2: 8 Church: CSI st. George’s Church, Chennai Song: Ennalumey Thuthipai Hymn: Abide with me Song Writer: Bill Gaither Composer: Bill Gaither Music Group: The Cathedrals, GVB &and Chordiels Inspiration: Billy John of Octet Cantabile Role Model: William J. Gaither Aspirations: To be a good singer and learn many things in singing


Baritone & Member of Chordiels Music Trust Reuben loves his family more than anything, and the music he makes for the Lord. His passion for harmonizing, orchestration is matchless. He is one the finest musicians in the Gospel music. He speaks softly, sings softly, but his love for Jesus is strong and loud. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Kothu Paratha Health Drink: Fresh Juices Vacation Spot: Home at Madurai Hobbies: Playing Piano Book: Bible Verse: The blood of Jesus, His Son, cleanses us from all sins Church: All Saints’ Church, Madurai Song: Emmanuel (Reuben Morgan) Hymn: How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds Song Writer: Don Moen Composer: JS Bach Music Group: Hillsong Music Australia Inspiration: My Parents Role Model: Bible Faith Heroes Aspirations: Technical Architect, Pipe Organist


Son of Charles Selvaraj Chris, as he is called, is a cute handsome kid and the elder son of Charles Selvaraj. He is multi-talented like his Dad, and hangs around with him. He loves to play drums, and he is going to music classes to learn to handle it professionally. Soon you could find him with Chordiels. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Chicken Biriyani Health Drink: I want to grow fast, so I like Complan Vacation Spot: Palayamkottai and Madurai for Summer vacations Hobbies: Playing Football, Cricket, Chess, Shuttle & Badminton Book: Kids Punnagai & Solve Puzzles Verse: Psalms 23:1 Church: St. Mark’s Church, Selaiyur Song: Yesu Raajanin Thiruvadikku Hymn: As the deer pants Song Writer: Don't know Composer: Justus Uncle and like his music very much Music Group: Chordiels Inspiration: Thomas Alva Edison for his inventions Role Model: Dr. Abdul Kalam Aspirations: Wants to become a Scientist


Director & Board Member of Chordiels Music Trust Charles is well attached to his family. His two boys hang around him all the time, playing and listening to music. Charles has traveled many ups and downs in life to reach where he is now. His faith, fear for the Lord and passion in Music has got him into Chordiels Music Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Mutton Briyani Health Drink: Boost is the secret of my energy Vacation Spot: ECR beach for the sea breeze Hobbies: Electronics, playing Badminton and watching Cricket Book: The very first book that I read in my school days, “The story of a Rail Engine”, still in my memories Verse: John 3:16 Church: SDA East Church, Madurai Song: “Maimala Vazhkai” from the album “Aaythama” Hymn: Nearer, my God to Thee... Song Writers: Vedanayagam Sasthiriar, Mariyam Ubadhesiyar Composer: All composers are great. Music Group: Chordiels Inspiration: Many individuals who fought hard with faith to overcome the limitations Role Model: Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Aspirations: To be a good citizen in this world and the One to come

Charles Selvaraj

Lead & Member of Chordiels Music Trust Given a song, he learns so quick and delivers it with heart and soul. Vasanth is passionate about harmonizing the male voices and enjoys it to the core. With fulltime Pastoral ministry in hand, he participates in all the singing endeavors of Chordiels. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Beef Briyani and Payasam Health Drink: Milo and Fresh Juices Vacation Spot: Goodalur and Ooty Hobbies: Listening Gospel Music, reading Gospel books, and aquarium Book: Bible, Biography of Missionaries Verse: John 15: 16 Church: Everlasting Kingdom Church Song: Kuyavaney, No more nights Hymn: Because He lives Song Writer: Sarah Navaroj, Bill Gaither Composer: Michael Card Music Group: Gaither Vocal Band Inspiration: Missionaries and Bible Characters Role Model: Many Aspirations: Victorious Christian Life


Speaker & Member of Chordiels Music Trust Immi, as he is dearly called, is our best friend and you talk to him on theology, apologetics, English literature, Jewish literature, and he’ll give you lots of new thoughts. He’s got a loving family and a new addition into it recently. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Mutton Briyani, Fish Fry Health Drink: Fruit Juices Vacation Spot: Middle East Hobbies: Listening to Music Book: Bible Verse: Psalms 23 Church: Laymen’s Evangelical Fellowship Song: Maanaanathu Hymn: My Savior I love Thee Song Writer: Sarah Navaroj, Bill Gaither Composer: Not in particular Music Group: Chordiels and every singing group Inspiration: Ravi Zacharias, Rev. Dr. Joseph Daniel Role Model: Jesus Aspirations: To preach Gospel to the Jews


Son of Justus We call him Hans, Joe, Hany boy. First he loves to play cricket a lot. Then he runs after insects, sow seeds and wait them to grow. He hangs with his Dad for music, and with Mom for all the other things. He loves and respects everyone, rich or poor, old or young. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Chicken lollipop & Kabab Health Drink: Orange Fruit Juice Vacation Spot: America, Atlantic Ocean Hobbies: Playing Cricket Book: Bible Verse: Psalms 1: 1-6 Church: St. Luke’s Church, Santhosapuram, Chennai Song: Glorious Freedom Hymn: Jesus loves me Song Writer: Emil Jebasingh Thatha Composer: my Dad Music Group: Chordiels and EHSS Inspiration: David Phelps & Ernie Haase Role Model: Jesus Aspirations: Scientist, Cricketer, Pianist

Handel Jonathan

Director & Managing Trustee of Chordiels Music Trust He dreams a lot, and wants every dream to come true. However gets at least one in year comes true. His style of working is full of experiments, and he tries to do with every little things he has. Going BIG is always in the agenda, but little steps matters the most. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Prawns, Grilled Chicken, Cakes Health Drink: Fruit Juices Vacation Spots: Jerusalem/Israel, Tuticorin Hobbies: Playing shuttle, Watching TV Book: The Holy Bible Verse: Psalms 51 Church: St. Peter’s Church, Madurai Song: He touched me, Lesaana Kaariyam Hymns: Guide me Oh Great Jehovah, It is well with my soul Song Writers: Bill & Gloria, Emil Annan, Sarah Navaroj Composers: Sathy Victor, Rampert Rathnaiah, Augustine Paul Music Groups: GVB, EHSS, Octet Cantabile, and beloved Chordiels Inspiration: William J. Gaither Role Model: my Master Jesus Aspirations: To build big with small things


Bass - Family Band Guest Singer for Chordiels He is practical in everything. And he is full of ideas and fast enough to implement them. His enthusiasm while singing the low notes and when around with friends is boundless. His desire to record Tamil Gospel songs with his deep-base voice is still pending to come live. Here is a bit more to know what’s his favorite.

My Favorite Food: Chappathi & Chicken/Lamb Curry Health Drink: Tender Coconut Water Vacation Spot: Iceland Hobbies: Singing, Wildlife Book: Bible Verse: Psalms 103: 1-2 Church: St. Paul’s Church, Tuticorin Harbor Song: My name is Lazarus Hymn: How great Thou art Song Writer: Bill Gaither Composer: George Fredric Handel Music Group: The Isaacs, Annie Moses Band, Gaither Vocal Band Inspiration: Mahatma Gandhi Role Model: My Dad

Solomon Abraham

Aspirations: To be a practical Christian

Above all This is everyone’s favorite

Celebrations of 6 year singing in Harmony th


22nd June, Sunday 6:30pm at

Emmanuel Methodist Church, Ritherton Road, Chennai Performances by

Lutheran’s Men’s Voices Chordiels Quartet +91-9840454631 +91-9500040359

PROMISE Unparalleled and Beyond

I, the Lord, rebuild ruined cities and replant the desolate land. Nobody can flip through or bypass a word like this, because, only God can speak like this. If we could turn back to the pages of our life, it has more start ups than fair conclusions. A few years ago, I was interested writing a book and it all began well. However, when it firmed up, I was dissatisfied with the substance and dropped it altogether. I took up altogether a different subject to write and that was also left in the heights. It is not just a book or a project. We have too many things that have to be completed before the end of this year. Can you count all the fragments, distortions you had the last year? It can be the minor stuff or can be a very serious issue; it can be a discontinued education or a financial discrepancy. He is the builder. He doesn’t require the things that you require. He takes the help of nobody. It is the spirit of God that constructs. When speaking of an unfinished work, The Lord says in Zach: 4:9.

The hands of Zerubabel have laid the foundation of this temple; his hands will also complete it. Then you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you. Friends, the subject lies in completing what we have started. A Christian's performance cannot be a halfbaked, perfunctory job. It is more than being professional, more than being dutiful and finally, it always completes. We don't have to live in haste; we don't have to live in slack. We need not run before the Lord. The Bible says, I the Lord will hasten it in its time, Isaiah: 60:22 When He builds there is no atomic power that can destroy it. Shall we allow the Lord to build all the desolate parts of our life? Remember the word from Isaiah 45:2 I will go before you, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of bronze, and cut asunder the bars of iron. If you have anything left incomplete in your life, ask the Lord to help you complete that. I am watching people trying to clear their arrears after several years. The Lord is enabling them to do that. We are a kind of people who even forget what we planned or started. The Lord will remind us things that we forsook abruptly. The way we complete brings glory to God. More important is the spiritual life that has to be built. We have the promise from Phil 1.6, I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. A mere decision to live a holy life cannot help us. Only He who began the work must complete the work. Then, it becomes a sign that it was started by the Lord Himself. Let us trust in Him that He is the Builder of our life, The Author and Finisher of our faith and the Hope of our glory.

Prof. V. Immanuel

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