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April – June 2012

Welcome Dear All, Warmest Season Greetings! It is with great joy we’ve come to you through this e-Magazine. When the roads were tough, the winds were too strong, and the heat of summer has made our journey challenging, we still depend on the sweet little voice of our gentle savior. Go with your strength is all we heard, and we are on the go with what we have. With the new line-up of Chordiels Quartet, with the new friends we made and meet, we are encouraged to do what we were doing, sing in harmony, and share the good Message. We are still busy with our ongoing projects – a new Audio CD, organizing concerts, and reaching out our helping hands. We, at Chordiels Music are pleased to bring the issues of e-Magazine on track. We will continue in all our best ways to communicate the hope, faith, joy of the sweetest message of all.

Peace, Justus

Meet the

Chordiels Manley Maxy

Reuben Rhuphus

Right from childhood, singing in choirs is his passion, and now in Quartet. He always tries to carry on his Dad’s legacy of cherishing good harmony music.

Reuben has joined as Baritone in Chordiels Quartet. He is an 8th grade pianist, and has a tremendous passion for playing organ. Now he is Manley has joined Chordiels as Bass, and is so excited to sing venturing into harmony singing and enjoys singing in a Quartet where he understands his part is so significant in with the Quartet. His knowledge in western classical bringing up a strong harmony from the group. music and harmonizing are earned over years of Manley is working with an MNC, and is married to Sweetlyn learning from great music teachers. and blessed with a baby boy, Alderin Derick He is working with CTS and loves to play organ in Churches. Lovelyn Martin


With rich experience in Church Music and harmony/choir singing, Lovelyn has been consistently contributing his best to the Gospel music.

Justus - is happy to be part of the Quartet, and leads the group in carrying the legacy of Male-Quartet harmony.

He has accompanied several With this team of singers and International choirs in church services across Canada, Thailand, musicians, he is dreaming of several music activities Indonesia and New Delhi. He is best at his tenor voice. among Gospel music friends, all over the state. He is a Master’s in Business Administration, and works fulltime Justus, Hepsiba and their son Handel are grateful to at Infosys. Lovelyn is married to Ida, and they are blessed with have this music ministry in their lives and to be a little Shiny blessing to others


It is always open for us to hold us and is sure enough to give us hope and assurance to face the future

Beyond the Curtains - Vibin Kumar

It was a quiet and good place to spend a 10-day vacation with the family. Lovely places to see, the climate to enjoy, nice places to eat – a great escape from the city’s hot days. Dad, Mum, I and my brother rented out a guest house on the slopes of the hill, from where we could have the glimpse of the entire ranges of mountains. On the third day of our 5-day stay in the guest house, Mommy was not keeping well in health. She was staying inside, not eating out well which bothered Dad much. We could identify she was infected with a viral fever. We called our family doctor over phone, to find he is out of country. Late in the evening locked inside the room, all we could do is pray for her and keep her calm. Dad left to buy dinner for us. Me and brother were staying close to Mom, watching her asleep in the warmth of the blankets and our love. I dared to walk to the window, and it was frightening for an 8-year old. I lifted the window curtain, and all I could find was my own reflection on the glass window, which frightened me. I cried out loud and came running to mummy. She was still asleep. Dad came in and embraced us in his warm love, and sang for us “Safe in the Arms of Jesus”. I slept listening to him, now feeling safe.

The next morning, I was lying on the bed next to the curtain. The sun beams through the curtains and lighted our room. With hope and assurance, now I slide the curtains to see the freshness, light, and the visibility of the entire ranges of mountains. Our times of trouble, sickness, pain, poverty, bad economy, and every bad thing, cover us with a blanket of darkness. Wherever we turn, we could see no hope. Even to the best place we’ve been will reflect our past life and threatens to ruin our mental health too. But there is always a place to be safe and secure. It is the arms of Jesus. It is always open for us to hold us and is sure enough to give us hope and assurance to face the future. When the night is over, the Son radiates His unfailing love on us, and lightens our life. However it is our part to move away the curtains once the dawn is near, and look through the windows of opportunity that lay outside. 24 years later, when I visit the same place with my family, I believe my son would learn a lesson - this time with his Mum and Dad guiding him.

Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light.. is all we could sing.

Fourth mile With grateful heart, Chordiels Music as a family, Thank our Lord for making us travel this long.


ust couldn’t imagine we have crossed our fourth mile.

It all started in St. Peter’s Church Madurai in June 2008, as a Quartet, with its formal members as Justus, Vijay, Jeyakumar and Prasanna. The Quartet rehearsed as many songs they could and spent hours together, working on the harmony. They witnessed the work of God in the team, as they sing to people. The Quartet was singing in many places, churches, schools, get-togethers, and ecumenical singing sessions. They also were organizing exclusive music concerts. As they were into singing, the leader of the team, Justus wanted to expand the music works of the team, and planned to record an album. Their first Audio CD “Yesuvin Paathathil” was published in August 2008. Since then, they started to record their music in the little studio Justus had in his home. As they believed Little is much when God is in it, they live it. The Quartet travelled to many places for the next three years, recording, singing, publishing music books. In the meantime, Chordiels Quartet was promoted to Chordiels Music. The objective of the Music team was to publish music at its best. Also, Chordiels Music, honored the senior musicians of Madurai during their third year anniversary, Chordiels Fest 2011.

During November 2012, with a vision to expand Chordiels Music to wider boundaries, and due to official offerings, Chordiels Music moved to Chennai. The existing Quartet members – Vijay, Jeyakumar and Prasanna, remain in Madurai, and continuing their Music ministry for the Lord. In April 2012, Justus announced the new Chordiels Quartet members in Chennai. The new line-up of the Chordiels Quartet is – Manley, Reuben, Lovelyn and Justus. This new Quartet is recording a new CD, expected to release in July 2012. With grateful heart, Chordiels Music as a family, Thank our Lord Jesus Christ for making us travel this long. Four years is not a long time though, it is only through the Lord’s will and His purpose, Chordiels Music is continuing to do this ministry. Making music to the Maker is not without reaching people, and helping them out find the goodness and love of God. Sharing the divine love through the universally known language, Music, is Chordiels’ desire for the present and for the future. As Chordiels travel the fourth mile of their journey, all they need is the Lord’s strength, His wisdom, and your most meaningful precious prayers. Indeed, with these compliments, Chordiels will continue to carry the Message as they keep live the spirit of harmony music.

You Know This The Madras Musical Association (MMA) Choir is travelling

The Inclefs Men’s Voices are recording a guest track in

to United Kingdom to be part of the pre-Olympic Celebrations on 7th July 2012.

the new CD “Forever for You” produced by Handel Music Series. Alongside Chordiels Quartet, Prakash and Chordiels Kids, Inclefs are happy in recording anA cappella number.

22 members of the MMA choir are travelling to London, to sing with the 1000 voices-Welsh Choir. The only choir from the whole of Asia, MMA choir is happy travelling and spending time in singing at the South Bank Center on the Thames. The Chennai men will perform special numbers including the well-known “Dheva Pitha Enthan Meipan”, a tamil traditional song. Mr. Edwin Roy will accompany the choir on the piano. The Choir Director Mr. Augustine Paul, is harmonizing and conducting the choir.

Voice of Eden (VOE), a mixed voices choir, started their music journey in the year 2008. With a mighty vision, the Director of the Choir Mr. Nishanth.T.I.F, assembled a 25-member team of singers from in and around St Thomas Mount, Chennai to sing in four-part harmony for the Glory of God. The Choir was accompanied by Mr. Aaron Roberts on the piano. Today, VOE is blessed with people singing hymns, keerthanais, convention songs - all in four-part harmony. Apart from singing, the team does children‟s ministry through which the seeds of God‟s love is planted in the hearts of the young. They visited Erode and Vellore as part of this ministry. In the month of December 2011, VOE organized an event called “Bethlehem in Chennai (BIC)”, in which all the southern CSI church choirs assembled as a mass choir(100 voices) for a Christmas Carol. The proceeding of the program was donated to help build a church in Andra Pradesh. VOE took part in the album “Classic Hymns” organized by Mr.Binu Thomas in the year 2009 and 2011. The team effort and the blessings from God have made VOE what is today.

The members of the group, George, Kingsley, Abhishek and Rahul are happy to be part of this recording, and praising the Lord with the talents He has given them. With a few performances to their credit, the team though working in different places has decided to meet to sing. Rahul and Kingsley have joined college to do their postgraduation while George and Abhishek are continuing working with Infosys, Chennai.

It is our great happiness and joy to congratulate Prof. V Immanuel on his wedding with Ms. Priya, on May 1st, 2012, at the LEF Church, Madurai. Immanuel is presently with the Department of English, Christ University, Bangalore, and Priya is working with TCS, Bangalore. The couple came for a dinner at Justus‟s place and they had good time reminiscing the music ministries they were into. We were grateful to the Lord, that He has chosen God‟s own people in unity and work together for His kingdom.

Immanuel is still with Chordiels Music, contributing his best in sharing the Word for the Winners through his mind-stirring message and heart-nourished thoughts. Once again we wish the couple Immanuel & Priya for a happy married Christian life. May His eternal light shine upon them.

The song “Paramaney Neer Bayanbaduthum” was written and composed by Mr. S. Stephen Dharmaraj. He gladly shares the story of the song. The song is the soul-cry of two friends. One of them was very popular. He was a very good athlete and a university hockey player. He captained college and university hockey teams. He was very handsome, jovial artistic and could play the guitar, compose songs and sing beautifully. He lived as he liked and married the girl he loved. From all points of view he was a successful man. Yet peace eluded him. He finally surrendered his life to Jesus and found peace. So the FIRST VERSE of the song. It starts as “En Ishtam pola vazhnthumey…” (Lived as a desired…) The other friend was not so popular. He was just an average student, an average player and was never distinguished. He also had a lot of dreams but none came true. He was frustrated with life. One day he also surrendered his life to Jesus and found peace and joy in Him. It was then that he realized the purpose of his life. It was to honor and glorify and obey Jesus. God then began to use him. Later this friend also sang, played the guitar and composed songs for Him. So the SECOND VERSE. It goes like this, “Karthaney umami kaanummun kanavugal kandeyney…” (I dreamt before I met you Oh Lord…)

gukNd vd;id gad;gLj;Jk; Lyrics & Tune: Prof. Stephen Dharmaraj. (c) 1981

vd; ,\;lk;Nghy tho;e;JNk fyq;fpNdd; VRNt> Nghjpa ntw;wpfs; fpilj;jpbDk; mikjpAk; fhzyhdNj. Mdhy; fHj;jNu ck;ik fz;Nld; cs;sk; mikjpAk; mile;jJ> cs;sk; kfpo;e;jjhy; fz;Nld; vd; tho;tpd; Nehf;fq;fs;.

gukNd ePH gad;gLj;Jk; ghj;jpukha; vd;id khw;wpLNk. nghd;dhNyh kd;dhNyh ce;jd; ghj;jpuk; MapDk;. fHj;jNu ck;ik fhZKd; fdTfs; fz;lNd> ck;kpNy thoTk; mioj;jjpdhy; fuk; je;J vd;id elj;jpLNk. Mdhy; fHj;jNu ck;ik fz;Nld; ve;jd; fdTfs; fiye;jd. cs;sk; tpopj;jjhy; fz;Nld; vd; tho;tpd; Nehf;fq;fs;.

When both of them found peace with God they wanted to be used by God and only by God. Even if they were not popular in the eyes of men they just wanted to be used by God alone. And so was born bayanbaduthum…”





This song was written in the year 1981. Even after three decades it carries the message of surrendering to God’s will, and let Him use us for His glory. Prof. S. Stephen Dharmaraj was the former Principal of Kamaraj College, Tuticorin. He is a singer, preacher, songwriter and a composer. He is part of the YMCA/YWCA choir, and conducts the choir during special occasions.

This song is recorded by Chordiels in their album “Forever for You”. Order for this CD now:

If you have an original song of your own, and wanted to share it with us and encourage others know about message of the song, write to us at: ,

Chordiels Music is coming up with a new CD titled “Forever for You”, with the Chordiels Quartet performing brand new set of songs in harmony. The collection of songs from this album brings a different color to a Gospel album, singing in fourpart harmony. Hearing one‟s favorite song in harmony, and listening to new songs that will remain in one‟s heart forever and above all, the entire collection of songs that speaks of the One Message of all times, are the outcome of products from Chordiels Music. The new line-up of Chordiels Quartet – Manley, Reuben, Lovelyn and Justus – is happy recording at Handel Studios, some of the old time favorites, some new songs, with a mix of English and Tamil numbers. Inclefs Men‟s Voices, Prakash and Chordiels Kids are also part of the recording, performing each one track. A peep into the tracks: Maananathu, Saranam, are old timers; Paramaney, Irul Soolntha are old convention tunes recorded by Chordiels in new harmony; Sing in the garden, Jesus loves me are traditional hymns, Thank You Lord from Tiras; Forever for you, I thank you, Forever more – Amen are the three songs penned by Justus. One of our good friends, Mr. Simon Prakash is recording “I Thank You”, composed by him and written by Justus. Prakash‟s talents on vocals and guitars are commanding that he could never be second to any solo artist. He is travelling and singing fulltime with Harmony Mission Singers.

Inclefs, is an infant group, but with great vocal talents. The men wing of Inclefs are recording “Heaven came down”. It is an Acappella. Chordiels Kids, Handel and Shiny, are singing the well-known kid‟s song, “Jesus loves me”. Justus expresses, “It is indeed a great pleasure working with new people on newer projects. Every individual is wonderful in their parts, and they are incomparably full of talents”. Amidst everyone‟s busy schedules, all were comfortably able to find „time‟ for recording, listening to tracks, and learning new parts. As a whole, it is going to be the time of fruitful fun. Hope this CD “Forever for you” brings home the message that we raise our voices in harmony to the Maker of all music, forever. With gratefulness and commitment we thank the Lord for our personal lives and for our meaningful life in the society. We submit to Him to enable us to be His unblemished instruments in carrying the matchless Love of God. The CD is expected to be in the market during the first week of August 2012. Reachout collections, East Tambaram, Chennai, is our new promoter for this CD. We have also Promotional Executives spread across the state with whom our music products will be available, and also in a Christian store near you. The CD could also be purchased by placing orders in If you want be become our promotional executive write to us your willingness to

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