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Hesitation of Chinese Women -To Choose A Chinese or Foreign Husband? Facebook Founder Found This Chinese Wife

The 28-year-old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg married his long-time Chinese girlfriend Priscilla Chan in May. As co-founder of the Facebook company, Zuckerberg is now known as "the second Bill Gates". When people are surprising at another success love story of a Chinese Cinderella and a western prince, Priscilla just follow her heart and chose the man she falls in love with, then supports him to climb onto his first career peak. One's matching criteria develope as s/he grows up and has a tide connection with his/her culture background. So let's take a look at how Chinese ladies see gentlemen from China and the western world.

Chinese Men: Conservative, Family Oriented, and Shoulder Excessive Pressure

In the eyes of Chinese ladies, men living around them are traditional creatures with male chauvinism. They have harsh requirements for their future wife: tender, virtuous, 100% obedient, dedicated, and most importantly, she has to be beautiful. Because for Chinese man, a young and beautiful woman is an attached pride, a show off of their achievement in survival competitions, just like their luxury car and house. Therefore, many women in their 30s are already considered as leftovers in China. And once a lady became their girlfriend or wife, she has to keep distance with other men, in order to show mutual respect. Maybe you will doubt whether men in China are really looking for a wife or are they just looking for an life accessory. But when you come to know more about their stresses, you will understand them more. Living in China, men are facing double stresses from family and career. Following the rules of their ancestor, they will have to 1) build up their own family, 2) have their own kids and 3) step onto their career peak at a certain age, most preferably before 30. In order to preserve their family face and personal pride, they are pushing themselves forward everyday and treats marriage as a goal that can be achieved by ticking all the criteria boxes. They will choose a lady from a similar family background, and at a similar financial status, because they believe similar background helps mutual understanding. Also, among the three goals, descendent and career are more important. So love actually play a lease important part in their marriage. This is how Chinese couples struggle for life inside the triangle of kids, money and face even if there is no love among them.

Western Men: Simple, Honest, and Look for a Life Partner

Growing up in the western world, foreign gentlemen are very different from Chinese men. They have an honest and simple attitude towards marriage. Putting more stress on inner beauty, they are looking for a life partner who has similar mind and interests to walk together till the end of life. Western men pay more attention on the quality of marriage life, they are looking for a life they want, not just a two people combination to survive their lives. As for matching criteria, western man has a much simpler list. Nationality, job, and appearance are not matters for them, they are looking for freedom in love. More than that, they truly feel that age is not a problem in a relationship, and regard Chinese woman's charm as more important. Chinese women at their 30s and 40s are just beautifully blossoming in their eyes. At the same time, western man care less about lady's previous marriage or relationship. They believe love is the most important link in marriage, true love worth more than anything else. Setting love apart from other things, westerners think that a love and marriage relationship should not affect their contact with friends of the opposite sex. But they don't have a strong sense of family and responsibility in marriage like the Chinese do. When love fade away, divorce will b the only solution to their sick marriage.

Dating Tips on How to Select a Compatible Life Partner

To find a compatible partner for the rest of our life, we need to be prepared: 1. An Usual Mind Most of us are ordinary people. We are looking for a partner to share everyday life, not super stars. So, don't expect him to be Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. And men are not supposed to search for Marilyn Monroe or Angelina Julie either. 2. Accept His/Her Virtue and Fault Everyone has his/her advantages and disadvantages. He cannot be tough, fast, manful, while at the same time to be caring, soft and humble. The same is true, she cannot be a perfect combination of young, beautiful, gentle, traditional, while mature, thoughtful, obedient and passionate. 3. To Take and Give We are not looking for a Meal Ticket, or emotional-saving ring. We need to be able to live and have fun by ourselves. And we also need to share, to learn to make him/her happy. 4. Be Active and Positive How many frogs do we need to kiss before we finally find our prince? No one can give an answer. All we know is that we need to try, to move on, to catch every chance we are given. We do not when luck will come. But when it knocks our door, we always need to be prepared that our heart is open. 5. To Be a Better Man/Woman for Her/Him To win his/her heart we need to be a better partner ourselves. You can impress him/her that life will be much better if you are staying besides her, and you are his/her best

choice. 6. Be Responsible Attention and responsibility is attraction. Do all your things well, either at home or life. Reaching for what is beyond one's grasp is always looked down upon by others. Don't imagine you can do great things if you cannot even arrange your daily life. 7. Be Honest It is not strange that men pay more attention to face issue. They need compliment and acknowledgment from others. But vanity like bubbles may explode when it goes too far. It is said you will need 10 lies to cover an original lie, and you will be worn out instead of maintaining a relationship. Just follow your heart and show the real you, and she will accept you as who you are! 8. Be Forgiving to Mistakes Every one makes mistakes. Treat others as what we would like to be treated. Don't be too critical over non-principle issues. People will appreciate and you will win admiration.


In a word, true love and happiness deserve every effort we make. It is necessity and luxury. Life will be empty and meaningless without love. So, don't be afraid to be hurt no matter how many times we fail. Just set your heart free, to love bravely, to know who we are and what we are looking for. Then there he/she will be, our destiny.

Hesitation of Chinese Women to Choose a Chinese or Foreign Husband  

We have to admit that Chinese women are currently likely to seek foreign men for date or marriage. What are the reasons behind the fact? Rea...

Hesitation of Chinese Women to Choose a Chinese or Foreign Husband  

We have to admit that Chinese women are currently likely to seek foreign men for date or marriage. What are the reasons behind the fact? Rea...