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HR Advertising Solutions for Schools with case studies

Coach House Media Why choose us? CHM has been established for over 20 years; ‘so what’ I hear you say, well during this time we have built up a wealth of experience in a rapidly changing industry dealing with all types of advertisers. We find clients like to leverage from the experience of others. As they face new challenges, we provide a unique opportunity for them to do this. With time being the enemy of sanity for the busy professional. We see an increasing demand for business partners who are easy to work with and who can be relied upon to inform, educate and deliver. And, as your HR advertising partner that’s what we will do.

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Coach House Media Our Service You don’t sign any contracts with us, we are confident that our service and the results you get will be enough on their own to maintain a great on-going relationship. We take on the whole advertising process; research, budget, buying, creative, artworking, media delivery and more. All we need from you is the brief. You will have your own experienced account manager as your main point of contact. We’re used to working to tight deadlines, we’re flexible, efficient and we have a reputation of being a good agency to do business with by both advertisers and media owners alike.

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Coach House Media Using us You benefit from access to specialist knowledge in the key areas of advertising. Each client has their own needs and preferred way of working. You choose the services you need from: Media Planning and Buying, Design, Artworking, Copywriting, Research, Production, Marketing and more. We work in a wide range of media including: Press, Magazines, TV, Radio, Outdoor, Digital, Print, eMarketing, online and Special Projects. What’s more, for recruitment advertisers

You don’t pay a penny extra to use us. That’s right, we make no charges for our services. *

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Coach House Media How is that possible? As a recognised advertising agency, we receive a small commission in the form of a discount from the media owners when we buy the media. They do this in return for the savings they make from not having to service the advertiser directly, for much reduced artworking and production costs and for reduced costs in servicing the debt. And there’s more! In addition, our clients also benefit from: Simple monthly billing, more favourable credit terms, shielding from media sales calls... and we’re nice people! We’ll identify those areas where you might even be able to save money, like ineffective media and use of space; whilst looking to improve returns on investment in areas such as targeting, impact and message. So what have you got to lose? Have look at the Case Studies that follow, then get in touch and give us a try!

Coach House Media Case Study 1: Colburn Community Primary School l



This North Yorkshire primary school needed to recruit a Headteacher for the following school year and so we came up with a few designs for them to choose from. They chose the ‘daisy’ themed advert and so we used this to update their prospectus, customised their web listing for the TES website and also used it on their Wish List from the pupils, giving the whole campaign a professional, uniform look bespoke to them. We also updated their logo to make it sharper and more user friendly and gave them the file to use as they wished.

Coach House Media Case Study 2: Lymm High School, Cheshire l


This large ‘outstanding’ school in Cheshire needed to recruit for a senior position within the school and wished to use the Gold TES web package. We used their current design, created in consultation with the school, and used it to make bespoke headers and footers to customise their web listing in order to create maximum impact and to maintain the schools’ reputation for being outstanding in numerous areas.

Coach House Media Case Study 3: Garforth Green l l l l

This primary school near Leeds approached us with a senior vacancy to fill and wanted to have a strong design to attract high calibre candidates. Using their logo, CHM provided the school with a selection of designs based around the ‘tree’ theme. A green palette was used not only to tie in with the schools’ name but also to match the logo. The result of the campaign was that they received a much higher number of interested applicants compared to the regional average and appointed someone to the position.

Coach House Media Case Study 4: St. Nicholas Primary School, West Tanfield, North Yorkshire l l


The school approached us to produce an advert for a Headteacher position that was about to become available. Headteacher roles are becoming more and more difficult to fill. We used a quality of life/change of scene theme to attract candidates as this school is set in beautiful surroundings. Using some landscape photos of the local area and some shots of actual pupils, we produced a set of visuals around these in order to show the location as a desirable place to work and live.

Coach House Media Case Study 5: St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Richmond, North Yorkshire l l l Before

New designs were drafted using the Richmond image. Logo was redrawn for advert. CHM advert was smaller and therefore cost less. After

Coach House Media Case Study 6: Bolton on Swale Church of England (VA) Primary School, Richmond, North Yorkshire l l l

This North Yorkshire primary school needed to recruit a Headteacher; several designs were created incorporating the school and landscape. Bespoke header and footer designs were created for the web. School logo was redrawn for advert.

Screen shot of listing on web

Coach House Media For More Information Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries on the details below l


01908 340 870





46 Shenley Pavilions, Shenley Wood, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK5 6LB



* We make no charge for our services. In order to achieve this, we buy the media on your behalf and bill it to you at the same price as if you were to go directly. The only additional costs are any third party charges such as print, radio production, licensing, mailing etc. Any offers made in this document are correct at the time of writing, Jan 2010, may be subject to change in the future.

HR Advertising for Schools  

Human resources advertising solutions for Education with case studies.

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