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Classical Poem The bubbling brook doth leap when I come by, Because my feet find measure with its call; The birds know when the friend they love is nigh, For I am known to them, both great and small. The flower that on the lonely hillside grows Expects me there when spring its bloom has given; And many a tree and bush my wanderings knows, And e'en the clouds and silent stars of heaven; For he who with his Maker walks aright, Shall be their lord as Adam was before; His ear shall catch each sound with new delight, Each object wear the dress that then it wore; And he, as when erect in soul he stood, Hear from his Father's lips that all is good

Jones Very

Heaven River Standing there by running river The sounds of the water beating against the rocks; The rainfall made me shiver. A deer and her youngins drinking Out of the crystal clean stream; While, down further the ducks were sinking. A human, out of the corner of my eye The silhouette of God, Is this real life; I realized I am here because I died.

Stephen Economos

Modern Poem The Jigsaw for Sarah Davis

The portrait of the princess lies In scattered fragments on the floor; Crouched over them a young girl tries Edges that would not fit before, That sulk recalcitrant . . . ah there Two pieces kiss: a greyish mass That could be clouds or that patch where Her dress half hides the shadowed grass. The afternoon wears on: she sifts And sorts; a piece is placed, withdrawn; She sits up suddenly and lifts Impatient arms. A stifled yawn. And stoops again. Here no one wins, It is a world you make and enter. The edge is finished – now begins The serious business of the center. A face emerges and young hands Lie loose against grey silk; the eyes Are guileless: almost there, she stands Bent slightly forward in surprise. Dick Davis

3D Puzzle My head spinning like a merry go round At top notch speeds; My mind set on finish bound To fulfill my needs. Pieces lay scrambled Across the basement floor; I sit there determined Even though my bottom is sore. 3D to make it harder A city in modern Greece; Giving up is not an option I just found the right piece. The first layer is built After the first hour; I grab a bite to eat But the grapes are sour. Here I sit With my right leg asleep; 7 hours down My puzzle in finally complete. Stephen Economos

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Classical & Modern Poems  

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