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June 2014

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SUMMER FUN! Jump Roping with the Bouncing Bulldogs

Piedmont Wildlife Center


Cover Art: Chapel Hill Textile Collage Artist Elaine O'Neil

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

COVER ART: “Turtles Returning to Bald Head Island” textile collage by Elaine O’Neil

Elaine O’Neil is a Chapel Hill-based textile collage artist who uses fabrics to create beautiful textile collages of fond childhood memories, and whimsical images of the local community and North Carolina landmarks. Elaine O’Neil also is the illustrator of Good Night Carolina, a children’s book written by Missy Julian Fox and Marie Myers Lloyd.

As O’Neil describes it, “Growing up in the countryside of rural Maine, I had an idyllic, perfect childhood. Running barefoot in the green fields, playing hide and seek in our big red barn, picking sweet peas, and eating blueberry pie are fond memories I hold dear to this day. My artistic process begins with those simple, pure moments. I strive to conjure up the essence of those good memories and capture them through whimsey and color, all stitched together with a sense of humor and delight. I call the finished piece, "textile collage". "I began sewing as a girl, winning 4-H contests and making all of my clothes. In college, I designed fabrics, enjoying the created effect of color and texture combinations. Later, while our three sons were little and I was home with them, I began creating "scenes" and portraits of a family boat ride, a cow farm, or a seaside picnic. Those 'scenes' were noticed by a gallery and that was the start of my art career.”


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O'Neil graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, earning a BS degree in textile design. She is great-granddaughter to a lighthouse keeper, granddaughter to a farmer, daughter of an ardent seamstress, and mother to three sons. O'Neil's ties to her past are ever present. Her work has been featured and exhibited in galleries from the coast of Maine to midtown Manhattan to shops in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.

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Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation A Touchstone Energy Cooperative


Mardi Gras Bowling Center

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WELCOME! Hooray for summer! The first day of summer is on June 21st, and there are lots of fun things to do outside with your family and friends in the North Carolina Triangle. Summer brings summer vacation, summer camps, baseball at the Durham Bulls, and the Festival for the Eno River (July 4th & 5th, 2014). (You won't want to miss the 35th Annual Festival for the Eno, so be sure to mark it on your calendar now.)

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Summer also is a perfect time to have a Rainforest Adventure and "fly like a butterfly, swing like a monkey, and jump like a frog" at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences' educational maze for kids (April 20 - September 1st, 2014). Learn more about the Rainforest Adventure educational maze for kids at naturalsicences.org. Early summer is a great time to get outside and play! Get out some jump ropes and practice jump roping with fun games from the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Rope team on page 5. World-renowned fashion designer Alexander Julian recently designed the new uniform for the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Rope team. (He also designed the UNC Chapel Hill men's basketball team uniform.) Read about Alexander Julian's internationally acclaimed, award-winning designs inspired by nature and art on page 11. This month we'll also learn about the Piedmont Wildlife Center (PWC). The Piedmont Wildlife Center in Durham, NC takes care of animals and brings "wildlife ambassador" animals to classrooms so that children and adults can learn about the animals and conservation. Read our interview with Sara Marschhauser, PWC's Conservation Coordinator on page 15, and read about the Eastern Box Turtle on page 7. Have fun with the STEM water games science experiments on page 6, and have a joyful June!

Tests are over! The school year is done! It is finally time to have fun in the sun! Wake up! Brush your teeth! Put on your sunscreen and head outside!!

Don’t take a vacation from taking care of your teeth! Remember: Eat good foods! Brush twice a day! Floss! Floss! Floss!!

Dr. Lenise Clifton & Dr. Charles Mauney 77 Vilcom Center Drive Suite 310 Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919-933-1007

www.cliftonandmauney.com Please like us on Facebook!

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Putting out fires is dangerous work. Each year brave firefighters lose their lives to the fires they fight. The Naval Research Laboratory is developing a robot that can walk directly into flames and see through black smoke. The Navy needs this robot to battle fires on their ships. Once it is ready, it will save many lives.

14-year-old boy from Pittsburg says he’s found a way to save the U.S. government millions of dollars by changing the fonts used in documents. Suvir Mirchandani’s middle school science fair project investigated the amount of ink used by different fonts. He discovered that the font Garamond used less ink than Times New Roman, which is currently used by many government offices.

The robot is named SAFFiR, which stands for Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot. It is made of a light-weight resin and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius (932 degrees Fahrenheit!).

Suvir’s study showed that this switch would use 24% less ink and that $20,000 per year could be saved in one Pennsylvania school district. His study went on to estimate that $136 million per year could be saved if the Federal Government were to switch to Garamond.

Later this year, SAFFiR will be tested on the Navy’s fire test ship, the ex-USS Shadwell, moored in Mobile, Ala.


A plant in Norway now turns household food waste into a liquid biogas fuel to run the city’s 135 buses. This will mean a lot less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and pollution for the city.

©Vicki Whiting

Food Waste Fuels Busses in Oslo, Norway

Etiquette, Ethics, Dance & More Join your friends and learn the basics of etiquette and ballroom dance in a fun environment. The National League of Junior Cotillions classes presented by Debbie Scully begin in the fall. REGISTRATION is going on now for fall 2014 classes. The Junior Cotillion Program is for children in 5-8th grades. The Pre-Cotillion Program (August 11-14 in the mornings) is for K-3rd graders.

Please mention CHillKids when you contact Debbie Scully at: 919-968-8840 or debbie.scully@nljc.com

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Jump Roping

Games for exercise and fun!

Have you ever watched the Bouncing Bulldogs in action? Based in Chapel Hill-Durham, NC, the Bouncing Bulldogs have performed around the U.S. and in countries around the world. The Bouncing Bulldogs' innovative jumping style includes fancy footwork, flips, and other acrobatic skills with ropes of various lengths. The team has won more than 200 national championship awards in both single and double dutch events, and has 18 world champions. Learn more about the Bouncing Bulldogs, visit www.bouncingbulldogs.org. It's a lot of fun to watch the amazing jump ropers leap through the air! The Bouncing Bulldogs inspire us to grab a jump rope and just start jumping for fun and exercise. You can also have fun jump roping with your friends or your family playing jump roping games. Here are some jump roping game ideas you can try at home or on the playground. Freeze Jump Rope A great way to jump and have fun with friends is to play a game called “Freeze Jump Rope.� For this game, you need some friends, upbeat music and jump ropes. To begin, have everyone who is playing spread out with their jump ropes so they have enough space to jump. One person in the game will need to be the person controlling the music. When everyone is ready, the music controller will play the music and everyone will start to jump. The jumpers can do any tricks or steps as they would like, as long as they keep jumping with their rope. When the music controller is ready, they will stop the music and immediately, the jumpers must freeze. The music controller must watch carefully to see who is the last to freeze. When the music controller picks the last person who froze, that person will now help the music controller with their job. Continue this until there is only one person left and they will be declared the winner! Have fun!

Pirate Ship ARRRGGG MATEY, jump into the fun and play Pirate ship with all your friends! It's important to be active, and that is easier to do when you are playing fun games. Pirate ship is a simple jump rope game consisting of few rules. The first thing you need is a really long rope, so all players can fit comfortably inside. Pick two people to become the turners. Each turner will stand on one side of the long rope while the rest of the players line up alongside the rope. Turners will call, "ready, set, go!" and the players will begin jumping up and down at the same time. They will continue to jump until the rope catches someone's foot. When this happens, the player who missed will "jump ship" by exiting the long rope and call out some kind of pirate lingo. For example, "arrrg" or "ahoy." The game will continue until there is only one pirate left, that player becomes the captain. Feel free to add obstacles for the players by asking them to do tricks while in the rope, jumping on one foot, spinning in a circle, touching the ground, to make it more interesting. Jump roping games contributed by: Ilana Fried, (9-year team member of the Bouncing Bulldogs Jump Roping Team and student at East Chapel Hill High School); Isabel Osborne (9-year team member and student at the Durham School of the Arts); Anna Reeb (9-year team member and student at Carrboro High School); Rebeccah Musson (8year team member and student at East Chapel Hill High School).

JUMP! Another fun jump rope game you can play is "JUMP." This game is similar to the popular basketball game HORSE. JUMP is a fun way to work on different skills and can be played with any number of people. One person starts out and does any skill they want, such as, turning in a circle, squatting down, jumping on one foot, side swings, or any other jump roping skills that person may know. Every other person playing the game attempts to do the skill that the first person did, and whoever does not complete the skill receives a J. The next person in the group does a different skill, and once again everybody attempts to do it, and again whoever does not complete the skill receives a J, if a person already had a J then they continue spelling out JUMP. The players continue going through the group doing different tricks, and spelling out JUMP. The last person to not have JUMP is the winner! Remember to have fun and try to learn new skills from your friends!

The Bouncing Bulldogs have a new uniform! The Bouncing Bulldogs recently debuted their brand new uniform, designed by Alexander Julian. Read about Alexander Julian's designs and his Chapel Hill roots on page 11.

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Mix some ordinary things from around the house Mix some ordinary things from around the house to to cool with Kid Scoop forScoop extraordinary fun! cool offoff with CHillKids & Kid for extraordinary fun!

Fill the cup with water until the water is nearly to the brim. Start adding small pebbles or pennies to the cup. How many do you think you can add before the water spills from the cup?

Water is made up of small particles called molecules that are too small to see. Water molecules are strongly attracted to each other. This explains why water “sticks” together.

You will add lots of pebbles or pennies. The water actually rises above the rim of the cup and stays there! Surface tension holds the water together. Standards Link: Science: Conduct a simple investigation and analyze results to develop a logical conclusion.

The water molecules below the surface pull more strongly than the air molecules above the water, and this keeps the water molecules on the surface from flowing over. As more objects are added to the cup of water, the surface stretches as if it’s made of elastic. When too many objects are added, the pressure to pull the water molecules down becomes too great and the surface bursts, spilling water everywhere. Standards Link: Physical Science: All matter is made up of very small particles called atoms. Atoms combine to form molecules. Atoms exist in solids, liquids and gas.

Rest two pencils on a table (or the side of your bathtub), about 3 inches apart. Stretch a strip of wide, clear tape between them. Using your eyedropper, put a drop of water on the tape. Surface tension holds the drop together and the force of gravity flattens it against the tape to make a lens. Slide a small object such as a postage stamp or a picture from the newspaper under your waterdrop lens. What happens? Standards Link: Physical Science: Understand the unique properties of water.

Ever noticed little beads of water on the sink after you’ve brushed your teeth? That’s surface tension at work.

1. Cut out a boat from a milk carton shaped like this one. 2. Put a tiny chip of soap on the back of the boat. 3. Gently put your boat in water and watch it go-go-go!

Surface tension! Surface tension pulls on things that float in water. Soap breaks surface tension at the back of the boat. Surface tension pulls the front more than the back and the boat moves forward. Standards Link: Investigation and Experimentation: Follow a set of written instructions for a scientific investigation.

1. Carefully set a needle in a cup of water until it floats. 2. Ask another person to do it after you. If you know the trick, his or her needle will not float. 1. Scrape some soap under the nail of your middle finger. 2. Use your index finger and thumb to float your needle. 3. Use your thumb and middle finger to remove the floating needle. The soap under your nail will mix with the water. This breaks the surface tension and the next needle will sink. ©Vicki Whiting

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Eastern Box Turtle

Meet Sheldon & Vinny at the Piedmont Wildlife Center SHELDON - Sheldon is a rescued Eastern Box Turtle from a group of 100 turtles that were surrendered. All the turtles had been living indoors together for about 20+ years. They currently live in an enclosed area outdoors at the Piedmont Wildlife Center and are doing very well. Remember: If you see a turtle, don't remove it from its natural habitat.

Eastern Box Turtles are a native species of turtle that is found along the east coast of the United States, including North Carolina. Their shells have unique markings, with males being more brightly colored than females. Males have brightly colored heads and front legs with red eyes. Females usually have a brown/tan head and front legs. Occasionally females will have red eyes. Males also have a slight indentation on their carapace (the bottom side of shell) as well as having flared scutes on the back side of their carapace (the top side of shell). The Box turtle received its name because it can close completely in its shell. Box turtles are the only terrestrial turtles in the United States (terrestrial means that they live on the land rather than in the water). Box turtles are usually found near wooded areas, but are frequently found crossing streets due to habitat loss. Their population is in decline, but there is a healthy population at Leigh Farm Park in Durham, NC where the Piedmont Wildlife Center is located.

2014 Summer B wling Camp

**************************************** bowling * ARts * crafts * movies * music * snacks june



| july | august 9am to 1pm


$150 PER WEEK or $35 PER DAY

VINNY - Vinny was removed from the side of a highway in Virginia. The people who found him saw him on the side of a busy road and thought they were helping him by bringing him back home to where they lived (in North Carolina). Luckily, they did not release Vinny into their backyard. They researched box turtles, and learned that when box turtles are relocated outside of their (approximately) 1 acre homerange, they spend the rest of their lives trying to get back home. In this time, the turtles will not eat or drink and usually don't survive. So they called the Piedmont Wildlife Center, who were able to take Vinny in to become a wildlife ambassador. (Vinny could not be returned to his home-range in Virginia because the people who brought him to North Carolina didn't remember where on the Virginia highway they had picked him up.) Photos courtesy of the Piedmont Wildlife Center. To learn more about the Piedmont Wildlife Center's conservation efforts, visit www.piedmontwildlifecenter.org/box-turtle-project/ Read more about the Piedmont Wildlife Center on page 15.

Connecting People and Nature

Nature/Wildlife/Wilderness Skills Summer Camps ages 4-14 plus Teen Camps ages 13-18 Wake & Durham Locations Meet the amazing teachers that are hidden in plants, shadows, sunlight, and wildlife. Come ready to get dirty, have fun and take part in an incredible foray into the wilds.

June 9 - August 22 Umstead Park Leigh Farm Park

EACH child gets a goody bag at the end of the week! register at www.mardigrasbowling.com

a $75.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration

camp open to AGES 4-12 - children must be potty trained

**************************************** Check out our full schedule of programs at www.piedmontwildlifecenter.org (919) 489-0900

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This is one way to make a splash.

Making a splash has two different meanings. One is to actually splash water and make the droplets fly.

This is another way to make a splash.

Number these pictures in the correct order.

The other is an idiom, to make a splash, which means to get attention and do something significant. Last summer, eight-year-old Joshua Bayer wrote a book about monsters. “M-M-M-Monster!!!” was created to raise money to help save the lives of abandoned pets.

Neha Gupta, a 13-year-old from Pennsylvania, started when she was just nine years old. Since then, her non-profit has raised $30,000 for orphans in India thanks to Gupta’s fundraising activities: selling handmade greeting cards and wine charms.

The book was sold in local stores in his hometown. All of the money went to animal rescue organizations.

Use the math code.

Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Know the sequence of events in a story.

Neha’s fundraising goal is:

= 29 - 19 - 10

= 15 - 12 - 3

= 17 - 13 - 3

= 19 - 14 - 5

II am boy who likeslikes music amaa12-year-old 12-year-old boy who music and doesn’t and global warming. likedoesn't globallike warming. Aitan Grossman teaching his music to kids in Botswana. Credit: Lauren Grossman

I am not old enough to solve the problem. But I am old enough to convince others to try by having school children from Africa, South America, Europe, Asia and North America sing my 100 Generations song with me. That way, the world can hear that children everywhere care about nature. You can be a part of this project by singing the song, sharing videos of kids around the world singing it and even by buying the song. Fill in the missing letters to discover from which countries Aitan has received videos of people singing his song. (Use the floating letters.) Standards Link: Spelling: Spell grade-level appropriate words correctly.

©Vicki Whiting

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June Word Find Find the words by looking up, down, backwards, forwards, sideways and diagonally.






Jump Roping Summer Camp Ballet Gymnastics Baseball






Beach Lighthouse Sand Swimming Vacation






Turtle Eno River Festival Hiking Nature

Reprinted with permission.

We love to publish your original art work, letters, poems and stories! Ask your parent/guardian to send or email your original art, along with their signed permission to publish, to the CHillKids mailing address on page 2.


GLAZED expectations Creative Summer Clay Camp




• Camps • Birthday Parties • Girls & Boys Gymnastics • Parent & Tot Classes • Preschool Classes • Tumbling Classes • Kids Night Out

(919) 942-3655

205 W Main Street, Suite 104 • Carrboro, NC 27510

(919) 933-9700 • www.glazedexpectations.com

7405 Rex Rd, Ste 207 Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Conveniently located near the I-40/Hwy 86 interchange, at the corner of Eubanks & Millhouse Roads.

June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news


©Vicki Whiting

Kevin has to get across the creek. Help him by drawing a line from rock to rock. The correct path will add up to 37.

M Mr sEhRi p s U S be



403 Westbrook Drive • Car rboro, NC 27510 • 919-929-5248 10 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014


The Art of Color: Alexander Julian's Classic, Colorful Designs

Alexander Julian is famous around the world for his award-winning classic clothing designs and his innovative color palettes and fabrics (inspired by art and nature), furniture designs and even sports uniforms. Alexander Julian grew up in Chapel Hill, and attended local schools for some of his formal education, including Chapel Hill High School and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. His father Maurice Julian graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1938, and in 1942 opened a clothing store called "Julian's" on Franklin Street. Alexander Julian's parents were very creative and both worked in the store.

Alexander Julian's work is inspired by the colors and forms in nature and in art. When he looked closely at Monet's paintings in museums, he saw that Monet used many different layers of colors to create an effect. Alexander Julian does the same thing with cloth. Inspired by nature and art, he creates blends of many colors to create a single thread, and he takes the textures and different weaves of the cloth to make new color effects. For example, each of his "Monet Solids" soft linen shirts has over a 100 colors blended to create a beautiful, complex solid color.

When we talked with Missy Julian Fox about her brother's inspirational designs and his amazing career, Missy's advice for each of our readers is to remember that "We are all designers! We each have our own unique creativity and talent."

After growing up spending a lot of time with his parents in the store, as well as working there, Alexander Julian opened his own clothing store Image courtesy of Julian's Store. several blocks away (also on Franklin Street). The store now is called "Julian's" and is located at 135 East Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. In 1975, he moved to New York and founded the Alexander Julian Company. He set out to modernize traditional men's wear with new kinds of creative fabrics and silhouettes (shapes and designs). In 1977, (while still in his twenties) he won the first of his five Coty Awards. (Coty Awards are like the Oscars of fashion). In the 1980s he introduced jewel tone colors to modern men's wear, including a menswear clothing line called "Colours by Alexander Julian." Alexander Julian was the first American fashion designer to design his own cloth, working with European Mills to incorporate a broad range of colors. He has won many awards for his designs, and his textile design (fabric) is part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. He accomplished all of this without formal training. (The first time he went to design school was to teach classes!) As Julian explained in his TEDx speech in Chapel Hill (February 2013), "I was designing fabrics before I knew how to weave. I was designing sweaters before I knew how to knit. I could see them in my mind's eye."

"We are all designers!" Alexander Julian's sister Missy Julian Fox is the Director of UNC Visitors' Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a co-author of the children's book, Goodnight Carolina. She and her husband Michael Fox ran Julian's from 1993-2007. She also worked for years as a reading teacher at Seawell Elementary School in Chapel Hill.

Monet-inspired fabrics and soft linen shirts, AlexanderJulian.com.

Alexander Julian also is known for his modernized argyle diamonds (especially Carolina Blue argyle) and herringbone patterns. He brings the beauty of nature's colors into man-made products. He also thinks about how his designs can help the person wearing the clothing feel better about themselves. Alexander Julian has designed a hundred different categories of products, and thousands of items in each category, including: • Men's & women's clothing designs (including hats, tuxedos, rain coats), and fashion designs for film. • Furniture designs & home furnishings (as well as flooring, roofs, ceilings, paint colors). • Sports team uniforms , including the uniform for the Charlotte Hornets in the early 1990's when they joined the NBA and the iconic re-designed UNC Tar Heels men's basketball uniforms.

Hey, Kids! PUBLISH YOUR DESIGNS Draw your own COLORFUL fashion design or your own fabric pattern (in color, on unlined paper) and send it to CHillKids at our address on page 2, along with your parent/guardian's permission to publish. We'll publish local school children's fashion/pattern designs in a future issue! • Race car colors and uniform design for superstar race car drivers Mario Andretti & son Michael Andretti and crew (for the Newman Hass racing team, which was co-owned by actor/philanthropist Paul Newman). He also designed Paul Tracey and Nigel Mansell’s race uniforms and car colors. He was the first professional fashion designer to win the "Motorsports Designer of the Year." • A baseball stadium! He designed the stadium seating for the Charlotte Knights baseball team in 1990, with 14 colors of seats (for which he won the American Institute of Architects award). Alexander Julian also recently designed the new uniform for the Bouncing Bulldogs! (Read about jump roping with the Bouncing Bulldogs on page 5.) Learn more about the designs and career of Alexander Julian at Alexanderjulian.com and Julianstyle.com.

June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news

















2 6 – S E P T E M B E R


Fizz Boom Read! l


Durham County Library Summer Reading 2014

Kickoff at Northgate Mall 1058 W. Club Blvd. Durham 27701

Saturday, June 14 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


12 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014



at least five 1 Eat 2 servings of fruits




and vegetables every day!

National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month


Birthday of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, age 7. Wright. Design the house you would like! Wright's "Fallingwater" design.

15 Happy Father’s Day! Write a poem on the topic of “Wishes for My Dad.” Make the day special for your dad!


Tune to music radio and dance along for some fun exercise. Radio was patented on this day in 1896.



Donald Duck Day!

Take a parent to visit a pond or lake and feed the ducks.

16 Ages 3 – 6 Mondays & Tuesdays 10:30 am – 11:00 am ALSO Tuesdays 3:30 pm - 4 pm Chapel Hill Public Library

23 Take three bean bags or balls and see if you can learn to juggle today.


Write or tell a tall tale today about someone you invented who is “larger than life.” PaulBunyan Day (June 28)

National Yo-Yo Day


Story Time

For tonight’s movie, let dad choose one of his favorite films.

Do you know what it means to “walk the dog” and “shoot the moon”?








Ask your parents what happened in the news/ history on the day you were born. Then ask them if they know what happened on the day they were born.




13 The Soccer World Cup begins today in Brazil.


Full Moon

Make this a day without using the car. Walk to school if you can or ride a bike.

Offer to help cook dinner tonight, set the table or clean up afterwards and include in your meal your favorite vegetable.



Ask your parents if you can take over a section of the garden. Dig it over and plant some flowers, vegetables or seeds.

(Every) Day

Take a jumprope outside and skip as fast as you can for ten minutes and then slowly for another ten minutes.

Chapel Hill Public Library




Time to clean Helen and tune up your Keller's bicycle and helmet Birthday (1880) for the summer months. Bicycle Patented in 1819

Find a hiking trail near you today and celebrate National Trails Day! Durham County Library

Summer Reading Kickoff

at Northgate Mall 10am - 1pm

Durham Parks & Recreation Rock the Park Reggae Concert Rock Quarry Park, 701 Stadium Dr. 6pm - 8pm



Take your kites out on a hillside, park or beach. Have a friend run with the kite as you hold the string. Take turns flying your Eat YourVegetables kite.

Ages 3 – 6 Tuesdays 10:30 am – 11:00 am and 3:30 pm - 4 pm


Aesop's Birthday Make a list of things you Aesop was The United Nations would like to do during a famed storyteller designated this as who lived in ancient your Summer Vacation. World Environment Greece. He wrote Day. This year's fables -- stories and theme is about characters that wasted food. Discuss described right and with your class how wrong behavior. to prevent wasting Read one of food. Aesop's Fables today.

Take a field trip to a museum with a family member today. First plan your day, your lunch and which exhibits you would particularly like to see. For museum info visit www.CHillKids.com.

Story Time


Helen Keller, 8 years old Close your eyes and listen carefully and in silence for at least 3 minutes. Then discuss what you could hear.

First Day of Summer!

On this day of the year, the sun is farthest north. Have everyone put an idea in a hat of how to celebrate the day. Choose one.


Durham Parks & Recreation Rock the Park Family Friendly Movie Durham Central Park, 502 Foster St.

Visit your local library

Find a way to stay cool without air Fun activities for all ages every day at Kidzu's conditioning. Make a fan HUGE new space at University Mall. or a gentle (Visit the Kidzu Makery & make something cool!) water spray. www.kidzuchildrensmuseum.org

for fun events and programming for children and teens all summer (crafts, LEGO building, story time, family movies, science programs, & lots more)! View the library calendars online at:

DurhamCountyLibrary.org chapelhillpubliclibrary.org www.co.orange.nc.us/library/

June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news


 Math-A-Muse Look for Math-A-Muse Answers on page 21.

By Evelyn B. Christensen, Ed.D.



   

 ¢ 

20 ÷ 5

18 ÷ 9

54 ÷ 9

12 ÷ 4

21 ÷ 7

25 ÷ 5

16 ÷ 4

18 ÷ 6

16 ÷ 8

48 ÷ 8

28 ÷ 7


    

32 ÷ 8


15 ÷ 5

14 ÷ 7



27 ÷ 9

36 ÷ 6



40 ÷ 8


    




4 6÷6






8 

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Durham - Chapel Hill

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Whether your student needs a solid review of previous material or a preview of upcoming concepts, Mathnasium can help. We will build a customized learning program for your student to meet them exactly where they are, close gaps, and take them where they need to go. Students learn math in a way that makes sense to them.

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14 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014


Meet Sara Marschhauser, Conservation Coordinator for the Piedmont Wildlife Center

The mission of Piedmont Wildlife Center is to foster healthy connections among people, wildlife and nature, through education, conservation, and promoting the care of injured and sick native wildlife. Located in Durham, North Carolina with log cabin offices at Leigh Farm Park, Piedmont Wildlife Center offers classes for children and adults, classroom visits with "wildlife ambassador" animals, and youth programs including after school programs and summer camps. Sara Marschhauser is the Conservation Coordinator for the Piedmont Wildlife Center, in Durham, North Carolina. Sara grew up in Apex, North Carolina and loved the natural world from an early age. She attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington where she received a B.A. in Psychology, and went on to complete her Master’s from North Carolina State University in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, where she studied Loggerhead sea turtles on the NC coast. She joined Piedmont Wildlife Center in the summer of 2011. As part of her work at the Piedmont Wildlife Center, Sara teaches children and adults about the PWC's wildlife ambassadors and about the importance of wildlife conservation.

CHillKids: How did you first become interested in conservation and wildlife protection, and what does it take to have a career in conservation? MARSCHHAUSER: As a child, I always had a love for nature and animals. I remember playing outside in the woods with my friends, exploring creeks, not wanting to go back inside. We didn't have an agenda, we were just connecting to nature. When I wasn't in the woods I had cats, dogs, fish, hermit crabs, and school pets to keep me company. In elementary and middle school, my favorite class was science, at least until I started high school. As a freshman, we took biology, which was a lot of fun. I didn't enjoy the required high school chemistry and physics classes. When I went to school at UNC Wilmington (UNCW), I thought about majoring in biology, but knew I would have to take chemistry and physics, so I decided that biology wasn't the right path for me. I took a few courses in Psychology, and after taking an Animal Behavior course, I had found my passion. I knew I needed to study animals, but wasn't sure how. I found NC State University's Fisheries & Wildlife Biology graduate program and was accepted! I knew my career would focus on wildlife conservation, but wasn't sure what type of job I would get coming out of school. CHillKids: What was your favorite subject in school when you were a child? MARSCHHAUSER: Science, just not Chemistry or Physics! CHillKids: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? MARSCHHAUSER: A teacher. CHillKids: What do you do on a typical day as Conservation Coordinator for the Piedmont Wildlife Center? MARSCHHAUSER: There is no typical day at PWC. One day I may be out in the field training conservation interns how to track box turtles, the next day I may be teaching six wildlife ambassador programs at a local school. CHillKids: What is your favorite hobby or thing to do when you are not working? MARSCHHAUSER: I love bird-watching and fishing, really anything outdoors. I have a niece and nephew that are getting to the age where I can get them involved in some of my hobbies, and it's a wonderful feeling to be able to share it with them.

CHillKids: What is the best part of your work? MARSCHHAUSER: There are so many great things about my work, but I'll just name two. 1. Working in a park and being outdoors. If I start to get stressed, I'm able to find my happy place getting lost in the woods. 2. Working with our wildlife ambassadors. We have native snakes, turtles, a dove, and a rabbit, but we also are fortunate to have native raptors (owls and hawks) that we use to educate people of all ages. CHillKids: What advice would you give to kids who are interested in pursuing a profession in wildlife conservation? MARSCHHAUSER: Please do! We need more and more people to get involved in wildlife conservation. If we don't have people that care about our environment and that are willing to protect it, we won't have anything left to protect. Seek out volunteer opportunities and internships that can give you a feel for what wildlife conservation really is and if this is a field you love. There's not a lot of money in this career, but the perks of the job (being outdoors) tends to help! CHillKids: Thank you for talking with us about your work as Conservation Coordinator for the Piedmont Wildlife Center!

Piedmont Wildlife Center's Wildlife Ambassadors The Piedmont Wildlife Center in Durham, North Carolina is the home of "wildlife ambassadors" who visit schools and community events so that we can learn about the animals and about Otus wildlife conservation. PWC's (Eastern Screech Owl) Wildlife Ambassadors are animals who were rescued but would not be able to survive if returned to the wild. (For example, if they are injured; or a bird that cannot fly.) Pictured here are just a few of PWC's Wildlife Ambassadors. The Piedmont Wildlife Center offers classes and summer camps where you can meet the animals and have fun as you learn about nature and conservation. Ivan (Red-Tailed Hawk)

Miracle (Silky Ringneck Dove)

Nessie (Bearded Dragon)

TEACHERS: PWC also comes to classrooms to give presentations, bringing wildlife ambassadors to meet your students. Teachers can call the Piedmont Wildlife Center at 919-489-0900 if you would like to have any of the PWC "wildlife ambassador" animals visit your group or school.

June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news


How many differences can you find between these two pictures? Look carefully, then have a friend or parent try it.

Step up to the plate for some baseball-themed brain teasers with Kid Scoop!



2. The ground adjacent to first and third base bordering the field is called 2 foul ________________ . 3. Making it all the way around the bases on a hit. 3 6. The area a pitch has to be inside for the batter to hit. 8. Color of stitching on a baseball. 6 9. Number of feet bases are apart. 11. This happens if there are four balls pitched.







8 10

11 1. Name of player positioned between second and third base. 4. The number of players on a baseball team. 5. Which team bats at the “bottom� of an inning. 6. Batter is called this if he reaches the base before the ball. 7. Part of the field closest to the bases. 10. If a runner in between bases is touched by a ball or a glove with the ball in it, it is called this.

The names of nine Major League teams are hidden in the grid. The letters in each word connect but not in a straight line. Can you find them all?

Boston Red Los Angeles Cincinnati Tampa Bay Atlanta Texas Houston Kansas City 16 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014

A Humanoid in Space Gets Its Legs Alex H. Kasprak, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The latest shipment to the International Space Station blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida late last month. On it was the usual cargo: repair parts, basic supplies, and a bunch of cool new experiments. But it also included something a little bit out of the ordinary—a pair of humanoid (robot) legs. They are for a human-like robot named Robonaut 2, or R2. Since 2011, R2 has been busy in the International Space Station learning how to operate in space. Because there is so much to learn, both for the human astronauts and for R2 itself, it began this process with only a (robot) torso. But R2 has made great progress since it arrived at the space station. The time has come for it to try out some robotic legs! With only a torso and robotic arms, R2 has already made quite an impression on the human astronauts in the space station. The idea with R2 was to create a robot that is so humanlike that it can use any human tool, and react to it its environment and the people around it. To be a worthy companion up in space, it has to be strong, but it also has

Learn about other space robot projects while putting together a fun puzzle at the Space Place: http://spaceplace.nasa. gov/space-robots. In the three years R2 has spent in space, it has proven to be an able helper, taking care of boring jobs like measuring airflow around the station and learning how to vacuum. With a brand new pair of legs, tested on other R2s down here on Earth, NASA hopes Robonaut 2 at work on the International Space Station. Credit: NASA. that it could one day perform to be able to perform very delicate tasks. R2 has to be complex and dangerous repairs aware of its own strength and it has to know when to be outside the space station. NASA even envisions a future careful not to use too much of that strength. for humanoid robots further away in the Solar System. These robots wouldn’t replace humans, but they could be The ultimate goal is to have humans and robots used to help astronauts set up and prepare for missions working side by side. NASA would like robots to perform on other places like Mars or the Moon. But before any of some of the more mundane repetitive jobs in the space that happens, of course, this Robonaut is going to have to station, to free up astronauts for other scientific tasks. learn how to walk.

CFL Charlie’s

Summer Word Search 98% of Customers say they would book a GameTruck party again

Hey kids! Looking to stay cool over the summer? Here are some tips on how to do that while saving energy.

One phone call and you’re done

1) Turn your thermostat up a few degrees -- it can save you a lot of money! If you're still hot, turn on a ceiling fan or have a popsicle.


(919) 578-4210


2) Make sure to turn off things like your TV and shut down your computer -those make a lot of heat if you leave them on. 3) Replace your regular light bulbs with CFL or LED light bulbs - these save energy and aren't as hot. Help CFL Charlie find the words highlighted in red in the Summer Word Search puzzle (below).



Game up to 16 Players Video Game Truck, Ultimate Laser Tag or Both Multiple Systems and Game Modes Powered by Silent Sound Stage Generators Fully Insured

Visit Piedmont Electric's KidZone website for fun games and for energy saving tips! Teachers can visit for conservation lesson plans and more.


Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation A Touchstone Energy Cooperative

June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news


Hidden Picture Puzzles by Liz

How many hidden items can you find?

EARLY LEARNERS S is for Sunflower s is for sunflower

Sasha is proud of her sunflower garden. Circle the sunflower that is the biggest. Draw a square around the sunflower that is the smallest. LOOK SHARP: Can you find the little mouse hiding in the garden?

Learning Buddies: Read the two phrases aloud. Have your child read with you. Trace the uppercase and lowercase letter S. Say the letter as you trace it.

How many words or pictures can you find on this page that have the sound that the letter S makes in the word sunflower? How many “Shall I sing?” says the Lark. “Shall I bloom?” says the Sunflower. “Shall I come?” says the Sun. “Or shall I?” says the Shower.


How many


How many


Learning Buddies: Trace and say the number. Read the questions. Touch and count to find the answers.

©Vicki Whiting

18 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014

By Jan Buckner Walker

The Original Crossword Puzzle for Kids and Their Favorite Adults

The across clues are for kids and the down clues are for grown-ups!

Camp Crossword

Kids Across

1. A camper's "companion" that is almost always right behind him (carrying a lot of his gear) 3. The "toothy" tool a camper might use to cut a limb from a tree 5. It's the hottest season for camping 7. The type of pollution-free power that can run a camper's high-tech radio on a sunny day 8. Walk this way: It's a camper's round device that points her in the right direction 13. A bug that bites and leaves you itchy 16. The part of a tree that turns red, yellow or orange in the fall

(or Tiger on the links) 5. Perch's place to live and swim 6. Nature's night light 9. Early bird campers rise with it 10. Lantern liquid 11. Beverage made of brewed goldenrod blooms 12. Angling for bass (or trawling for trout) 14. Invisible contents of a high-altitude hiker's canister (It doesn't weigh a thing) Parents Down 15. Sound of the serenity of 1. Hiker's trusty footwear the night 2. Feeling a camper gets 17. Stone for a spark (or from falling temperatures Michigan city) or ghost stories 18. Grill power: Propane and 3. A camper attaches it to butane his binoculars to make 20. Number of folks in a sure that they hang around standard size sleeping 4. Trees' unspoiled habitat bag, in Spanish

19. A family trip to a campground or ballpark (It's not the opposite of an "inning") 21. Any plant that is safe for a hiker to eat is _______ 22. Canoeing, kayaking or sailing 23. Stone search: Campers at some campgrounds can look for topaz, emeralds and other _____

This Week’s Solution


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KAPD ebooks now available on www.kapd.com

Chapel Hill Pediatrics

triangle youth ballet

& Adolescents


Story Dance Theatre Camps The Sleeping Beauty Twelve Dancing Princesses Cinderella

including all holidays Same-day appointments available

Summer Ballet Academies Don Quixoté Le Corsaire Cinderella


... . . m a e

dr a s i ce n a d if 1708 A East Franklin St. Gateway Commons Chapel Hill, NC 27515

The Triangle Youth Ballet is a 501(c)3 non-profit and a member of the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits.


Monday – Friday mornings 7:15 – 7:50am & Sat/Sun 9am - 2pm

Photography by Rosa Ashdown

Regular Classes all summer!!

"Walk-in availability" for established patients:


Care from birth through college Comprehensive sports & camp physicals International adoption care Convenient parking

TWO locations welcome NEW and established patients

205 Sage Rd., Suite 100 Chapel Hill, NC 27514

249 East NC Hwy 54, Suite 230 Durham, NC 27713



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A tornado is a violent storm that creates a rotating column of air that spins at tremendous speed. Often it will rain, hail and produce a great, roaring sound at the same time. When a tornado touches the ground, it can cause a path of damage up to 50 miles long. Most tornadoes last less than 10 minutes.

When the warm air from the ground meets a dark thundercloud, it creates an updraft.

A storm forms quickly, bringing rain, hail, thunder and lightning.

Standards Link: Science: Students understand atmospheric processes that cause weather.

Do the math. If the statement has an evennumbered answer, it’s TRUE. Odd numbered answers are FALSE. Tornado comes from the Spanish word tronada meaning thunderstorm. Tornadoes rotate counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Winds on the outside of a tornado can reach 250 mph. The United States has about 1,200 tornadoes each year.

The updraft meets a cold downdraft and begins to spin. A cone shape becomes visible.

Go into a ___________ or a below-ground shelter.

If you are inside a building, crouch down and cover your ________ with your hands. Stay away from walls and __________.

Shelter in an inside closet or bath. Cover yourself with a _____________ or blankets as protection from flying debris. If you’re in a car, get out. Lie in a ditch and cover your head with your ________. After it has passed, watch out for downed power lines, broken glass and _________ structures. Standards Link: Health: Know concepts and practices concerning injury prevention and safety.


by Betsy Byars, illustrated by Doron Ben-Ami This great read aloud chapter book starts as a tornado is approaching and the family rushes down into the storm cellar. As the storms roars overhead, Pete the farmhand, tells stories about Tornado the dog— how he came into Pete’s life during a tornado, how he and the cat were rivals and how he saved a turtle’s life.

The rotating air forms a vertical funnel. It sucks in warm air, making it spin faster. When it reaches close to the ground, it is a tornado.

Replace the missing words.


weatherwizkids.com/weather-tornado.htm A basic explanation of tornadoes, how they happen and their parts. Scroll down to learn about funnel clouds, supercell thunderstorms, mesocyclones, wall clouds, waterspouts and a section on facts about tornadoes and what to do in the event of one.

Tornadoes 101

video.nationalgeographic.com/video/kids/forces-of-naturekids/tornadoes-101-kids/ National Geographic has video showing how tornadoes form and how to get out of their way.


www.ready.gov/kids Be a hero! Fema has a great site for kids that relates to any kind of natural disaster and how everyone should be prepared and be prepared to help.

©Vicki Whiting

On a hot day, ground temperature increases and starts to rise.

20 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014

Even though tornadoes have occurred in all states of the U.S., the middle of the country has the most tornadoes. Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico meets cold air coming down from Canada, creating instability in the atmosphere.

1 3

2 4 5

Unscramble the names of the states where tornadoes regularly occur each spring.


Standards Link: Geography: Know natural hazards that occur in physical environments.

KID’S MEALS… more than just yummy!

©Vicki Whiting

Durham Parks and Recreation presents:

Rock the Park


concert and movie series CONCERTS Saturdays (6 p.m. - 8 p.m.) June 14 (Reggae) July 12 (Jazz) August 9 (R&B/Old School)

• 12 choices! • Free of: Artificial Trans Fat Processed MSG High Fructose Corn Syrup Artificial Colors & Dyes • Many less than $ .00! • KID’S MEALS INCLUDE choice of Organic Apple Juice or Organic Milk


MOVIES Saturdays (8:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.) June 28 (Family Night Movie) July 26 (Date Night Movie) August 23 (Kid-Friendly Movie) Please bring blankets or lawn chairs. Food vendors will be available. No alcohol or smoking allowed.

And so much more... 5408 New Hope Commons Dr. 919-493-3350

Fun stuff with JD Kids! http://www.jasonsdeli.com/JDKids

Due to licensing laws, DPR cannot mention the name of the movies on its promotional materials. Call or visit our website for movie titles.

www.DPRPlayMore.org (919) 560-4355

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Encourage reading at home with Kid Scoop Encourage reading at home with CHillKids News thisinvolvement family involvement and thisand family activity! activity!

Make your own tornado in a bottle! You’ll need: • Two 2-liter bottles • Metal washer • Electrical tape • Glitter or food coloring • Water

ub a comb with a piece of wool. Then touch the comb to a metal doorknob. Watch sparks jump between the knob and the comb.

Fill one of the bottles about 2/3 full with water. Add glitter or food coloring. Place a metal washer over the opening of the bottle. Carefully balance the empty bottle on top. Tape together. Turn the bottles over, giving a small rotation and watch what happens!

Now, imagine the huge sparks that form when thunderclouds bump against each other. That’s lightning! Standards Link: Physical Science: Energy can be carried from one place to another in an electric current. Visual discrimination.

Most of a housefly’s head is covered by its eyes. Houseflies have compound eyes, which means that each eye is actually made up of 3,000 to 6,000 simple eyes.

large family. There I come from a very 00 species of flies are more than 120,0 in the world!

Each simple eye has its own nerve and six-sided lens. When a housefly looks at an object, it doesn’t see one smooth picture, but a mosaic made up of thousands of pieces of that picture. Compound eyes permit a fly to see in many directions at once. Each lens points in a slightly different direction, making it possible for a housefly to see above, below and to the sides, as well as to the front. That is why it is hard to sneak up on a housefly!

es were symbols In ancient Egypt, fli ldiers were given so e av of bravery. Br golden flies. n of wealth and es were seen as a sig fli , ars ye ny n had, the more ma r rso Fo re livestock a pe mo e Th e. tun for good d. flies buzzing aroun FLY-O-VISION!

Do the math to find out which part of the housefly’s body senses each of the following: How does a housefly walk upside down on a ceiling and straight up slick glass windows? At the end of a fly’s foot are two tiny, sticky suction cups called pulvilli (pull –VIL-eye) and two claws. The claws help the housefly grab onto rough surfaces and the pulvilli allow the fly to stick to smooth surfaces.

©Vicki Whiting

A housefly lives for about 21 days!

22 www.CHillKids.com/news June 2014

June 2014 Flick Picks Maleficent (In Theaters: May 30) A retelling of the Disney classic, "Maleficent" focuses on the Sleeping Beauty story, but from the perspective of the villainous Maleficent (starring Angelina Jolie as the title character). Maleficent is the evil fairy who curses baby Princess Aurora with eternal sleep. The retelling shows the complicated story of Maleficent's own life, that led the once peaceful fairy to grow so bitter, dark and vengeful that she curses the infant princess upon not being invited to the baby's welcoming party. Elle Fanning plays the role of the sweet and curious teen Princess Aurora, and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (now 5 years old) plays the role of the younger Aurora. Angelina Jolie has said that all of the other little actresses who auditioned were too afraid to come to her when she was made up as Maleficent, but Vivienne was not afraid, making her the perfect young Princess Aurora. Some of the scenes are dark and may frighten younger kids, especially during battles between the kingdom and the magical creatures of the fairy world. But the movie's overarching message focuses on redemption and love, and the power to choose to stay in the light, even when surrounded by darkness. The song for the film is "Once Upon a Dream," performed by Lana Del Rey. Rated PG for some scary images and mild peril. 97 min. (Walt Disney Pictures.)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (In Theaters: June 13) The dragons are back! Set in a mythical world of Vikings and wild dragons, and based loosely on the book series by Cressida Cowell, this action comedy sequel to 2010's smash hit "How to Train Your Dragon," picks up the story five years after Viking teenager Hiccup (voiced by Jay Baruchel) and Toothless (his faithful dragon) helped unite the dragons and Vikings of Berk. Racing dragons has become the most popular sport on the island, but Hiccup prefers to explore new places with Toothless. During one of their expeditions, Hiccup and Toothless happen upon an amazing discovery that will change Hiccup's life, and help to save the inhabitants of Berk from an enemy who threatens their way of life. This sequel brings back the familiar, loveable characters and dragons from the first film, along with a whole new world of dragons, action and adventure. Rated PG for adventure action and a bit of mild rude humor. 1 hr. 45 min. (DreamWorks Animation)

The Blue Traveler

A Trip Through the Water Cycle

Tell Us What You Think


Do you have a free online game you like to play? Send your reviews and recommendations to woodword@ editor@CHillKids.com. kidscoopnews.com

4 1 6 3 5 2 2 3 5 1 4 6 6 2 1 5 3 4 3 5 4 6 2 1 5 6 2 4 1 3 1 4 3 2 6 5

discoverwater.org/blue-traveler/ ŠVicki Whiting


COIN CAPER ANSWERS: Quarter, Dime, Dime, Dime, Penney

ADDITION SQUARE ANSWER 6, 3, 5, 9, 4, 11, 28


June 2014 www.CHillKids.com/news



th Annual Festival for the


Friday & Saturday July 4 & 5 2O14 1Oam – 6pm daily

Kids 12 & under FREE!

Advance tickets available in stores & at enoriver.org thru 6/28: $15 single day • $25 two-day pass At the gate: $20 per day • $30 two-day pass Teen Tickets (age 13–17) just $10 Single-day tickets good for either day West Point on the ENO, Durham City Park

7O Performers on 4 Stages: Hackensaw Boys, The Beast, Stooges Brass Band, Orquesta GarDel, South Carolina Broadcasters, Paleface, Megan Jean & the KFB, & More Tons OF KiDs AcTiviTiEs: Live Critters,

High Strung Instrument Petting Zoo,

Hands-On-Clay, Face Painting, Mill Tours, & Hands-On/Feet-Wet Demos & Activities

PLUs: Beer Garden & Food Trucks, Craft Artists, Canoe/Kayak Demos & Rentals—All on the Banks of the Beautiful Eno River. Proceeds are used to protect the water and lands of the Eno River basin.

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CHillKids Magazine June 2014 Chill Kids  

Local Family Fun Educational Magazine of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Orange County, Durham and the NC Triangle

CHillKids Magazine June 2014 Chill Kids  

Local Family Fun Educational Magazine of Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Orange County, Durham and the NC Triangle

Profile for chillkids