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Changing Minds

Changing Adult Behavior To Improve Child Outcomes

Skill Building of Child Care Providers Matters Patrice Robinson, Marketing & Development Director

Imagine this...You are 4 years old and nestled in your cozy pajamas gently waking to the smell of pancakes and eggs cooking on the stove. You slowly rise as your mother calls you down for your favorite breakfast. You enter the brightly lit kitchen greeted by a kiss and hug from your mom and a “how did you sleep?” from your dad. You eat breakfast together then mom heads to work and you and dad have a few minutes to read your favorite picture book together. Dad then gets dressed for his job and you pick out your favorite shirt and pants to wear to pre-school. Dad drops you off at your classroom and you beeline for the Legos because they are your favorite thing to play with your best friend. Dad waves goodbye after he talks to your teacher and says “pick you up at 5.” You spend the day playing, reading, eating, napping, building Legos, coloring, painting and being silly with your friends. Now imagine this...You are 4 years old and are waking up to a silent house. You go to the empty kitchen that makes you shiver because the landlord will not fix the broken furnace. Your mom is sleeping because she had to work the late shift. You open the refrigerator where you pull out a bottle of soda and grab some cereal. There is not a lot of cereal left because your older brother gave it to you for dinner the night before. Your brother then yells at you to get dressed because he has to walk you to your neighbor’s house. Your neighbor is a really nice person who loves children but doesn’t know what to do with you all day. They want you to behave and not make a lot of noise so they tell you to go watch TV, which you do until your brother picks you up on his way home from school. Now believe this...these two very different “scenarios in the life of a 4 year old” happen every day in our community. And I’m pretty sure we all can guess which 4 year old is going to have greater opportunities to become a successful, productive, healthy, contributing member of society. We have been shouting it from the rooftops that the first five years of a child’s life are critical to brain development. We tweet, we Facebook, we write letters to the editor, we speak to anyone who will listen! Why do we do it? Because we care about the children of Central New York. We advocate for them because they can’t advocate for themselves. Because we know that in order for our community to have less crime, a better educated workforce, healthier citizens, and economic prosperity we have to build a strong foundation. This foundation starts to form the second a child is born and in truth it is developing in-utero. (continued on page 10)


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On Monday, August 19th Child Care Solution’s staff met Debbie and Scott Deming, grandparents of Amaya Lynne Beaudreault. On September 11, 2012, two year old Amaya was killed in her home when a 32” television fell on top of her. Losing a child is the greatest fear for any parent or grandparent. When it happens, it is life changing. Debbie and Scott told the story of their loss with courage and conviction leaving barely a dry eye in the room. In honor of their beautiful young grandaughter “Safe and Sound With Amaya was started to help educate parents, grandparents and caregivers, with Sound Ideas for better supervision and Safe Planning for a more secure environment.” Debbie & Scott stressed the importance of preventable accidents. In particular they want to spread the word about securing tip prone furniture like the television that so tragically toppled on top of their beautiful granddaughter. The Deming’s brought with them simple safety brackets (see picture) that are easy to install and help to prevent furniture from tipping. Safe & Sound with Amaya will give these brackets away to anyone who requests them. You can contact Safe & Sound With Amaya at 315-7481015, email: or on their website: (315) 446-1220

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Purchase Tickets for TOT, Titans of Trivia If you read the article on page 2 you know why professional development of child care providers matters. You can support the development of Central New York child care providers by attending TOT, Titans of Trivia on Friday, October 25, 2013 at the MOST. The event will be filled with our mind teasing trivia, food catered by the Bull & Bear Pub, fantastic prizes and our “Taste of CNY” silent auction. Maybe your team will win the Titans of Trivia Trophy this year? Proceeds from the event support child care provider training at Child Care Solutions. We offer high quality, low cost training to the child care providers of Central NY on topics such as health & safety, nutrition, literacy, behavior, learning through play & business management. Your ticket purchase will allow us to continue offering classes, seminars and crucial one-on-one training & modeling at affordable rates. Trained & educated caregivers create high quality child care programs. High quality child care programs support our workforce, businesses, community, school readiness and most importantly the health, safety and development of the children of CNY. Purchase your tickets online today at or by calling Patrice Robinson, Marketing & Development Director, @ 315-446-1220 ext. 354. Discounted tickets available for child care providers. Please call Patrice for more information!


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September 2013-November 2013...Page 4


Child Care Solutions knows that high quality care and education is vital to our economy, community, and children. Part of our mission is to help our community leaders recognize this critical issue. We follow the research of Dr. James Heckman, Nobel Prize winning, University of Chicago Economics Professor.

Changing The Future

The Heckman Equation: A solution for better education and health outcomes, less crime and poverty and greater economic prosperity.

Anyone looking for upstream solutions to the biggest problems facing America should look

Follow Dr. Heckmans work at

We recommend his work to all of those interested in the advancement of early care and education.


to Nobel Prize winning University of Chicago Economics Professor James Heckman’s work. Great gains are to be had by investing in early childhood development — from birth to age five.

The Heckman Equation

Invest + Develop + Sustain = Gain Child Care Solutions

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in educational and developmental resources for disadvantaged families to provide equal access to successful early human development. cognitive skills and social skills in children early — from birth to age five when it matters most. early development with effective education through adulthood. more capable, productive and valuable citizens that pay dividends to America for generations to come.

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Changing The Future

Professor Heckman’s Discovery 1. Intelligence and social skills are set at an early age — and both are essential for success. Many major economic and social problems in America — crime, teenage pregnancy, high school drop out rates, adverse health conditions — can be traced to low levels of skill and social ability such as attentiveness, persistence, impulse control. Professor Heckman found that we are not looking at the full picture when it comes to the development of human potential. We focus on the development of cognitive skills where intelligence can be tested, but we ignore the development of social skills. When social skills are combined at an early age with cognitive skills, they help create more capable and productive citizens. Professor Heckman says that we must invest in the early development of the cognitive and social skills package in order to create better success for individuals and society.

2. Early investment produces the greatest returns in human capital.

Professor Heckman found that early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from birth to age five greatly impacts success or failure in society. The most economically efficient time to develop these skills and abilities is in the very early years when developmental education is most effective. Today’s challenges are real — record rates for high school drop “Starting at age three or four is too little too late, as it fails to recognize that skills beget skills in a outs, a lack of college graduates, increasing rates of obesity and chronic complementary and dynamic way. Efforts should focus on the first years for the greatest efficiency diseases, rising crime and a growing underclass. Professor Heckman’s and effectiveness. The best investment is in quality work proves that enhancement and prevention through early childhood early childhood development from birth to five for disadvantaged children and their families.” development is more life and cost-effective than remediation. It’s time - Professor James Heckman to invest in upstream solutions for future generations while we continue to address today’s problems.

3. America’s advantage will come from helping the disadvantaged.

All children should have effective early childhood development. Professor Heckman shows that disadvantaged families are least likely to have the economic and social resources to provide the early developmental experience every child needs as a basic opportunity for future success in school, college, career and life. Providing developmental resources pays dividends for the disadvantaged child and society as a whole by providing better future outcomes in social and economic productivity.

4. Quality economic returns come from quality investments in early childhood development.

Professor Heckman studied decades worth of data from early childhood development programs that break the cycle of disadvantage by giving disadvantaged children and their families resources for the early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health that lead to future success. Professor Heckman’s value analysis of these programs reveals that investing in early childhood development for disadvantaged children provides a high return on investment to society through increased personal achievement and social productivity.

5. We already have successful programs that can and should be implemented in local communities across America.

Professor Heckman’s analysis of economic return is based on two long-running pilot programs in the United States, Perry Preschool and Abecedarian. Similar programs, such as Early Head Start and Educare, are built on many of the principles Professor Heckman has identified as necessary for an effective investment in locally run and controlled early childhood education. The Heckman Equation Project is supported by the Irving Harris Foundation, The Children’s Initiative: A Project of the J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation, the McCormick Foundation, and an anonymous funder. Connection

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September 2013-November 2013...Page 6


Staff Notes LIUZZI’S LEGACY Peggy Liuzzi, will be retiring as Executive Director effective November 1, 2013. Peggy’s retirement follows more than 40 years working in the field of early care and education starting at Plymouth Day Care in 1971. She served 22 years as Executive Director of Child Care Solutions. She also served 5 years as Assistant Director when the agency was known as the Onondaga County Child Care Council. Increasing the number of children and families in our community who have access to high quality early care and learning programs has been Peggy’s career goal. She has worked tirelessly toward creating an integrated early care & education system in New York State by serving as a member of the Winning Beginning NY Steering Committee, Early Care and Learning Council Board, Syracuse Association for the Education of Young Children, Onondaga County Literacy Coalition, Success By 6 Educare Team, NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council Quality Improvement Work Group, and the Thursday Morning Roundtable. Peggy was a recipient of the Social Justice Leadership Award for Early Childhood Education, presented by the Association for Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS). She was also named a 2010 New York State Senate Woman of Distinction and 2011 NYSAEYC Champion for Children. John McGraw, Child Care Solutions Board Chair had the following to say, “For decades Peggy Liuzzi has led the fight for high quality child care for this community. As a Board member I could not ask for better representation for the agency or its mission than what Peggy so gracefully demonstrates every day. On a personal note, I will miss my interactions with Peggy because every conversation we held made me smarter. I join the rest of the Board in thanking Peggy for her service to the child care community and wishing her many wonderful adventures to come.”

From Top Left: • Peggy, with daughter Carla, Receiving the 2010 Woman of Distinction Award from Senator John DeFrancisco; • Peggy, Husband David Michel & Family; • Peggy at Chase Corporate Challenge 2011; • Peggy receiving the Social Justice Leadership Award from ACTS • Peggy congratulated for 20 years of service; • Peggy and former board members with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton; • Peggy and Congressman Dan Maffei speaking about importance of early care and education.


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Child Care Solutions

Peggy’s plans for retirement include travel, spending time with family and friends, tai chi, and continuing to advocate for the children and families of Central New York. A new executive director is expected to be named by October 1, 2013.

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September 2013-November 2013...Page 7


Upcoming Conferences

“IT’S YOUR BUSINESS” Date: Time: Place:

Saturday, 09/14/13 See Below Schedule Drumlins Country Club, 800 Nottingham Road Syracuse, NY


4 Training Hours OCFS Topics 5&7

Designed Especially for Women Who Own Family Child Care Businesses. Brought to you by Child Care Solutions with support from the Women’s Fund of CNY. 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM

Coffee/Registration/Information Tables Welcome Session A Choose from the following

(A1) Workers Compensation Insurance: Cost & Consequences William W. Crossett IV (Meggesto, Crossett & Valerino, LLP) & Co-Facilitator TBA (A2) Credit Building for Small Businesses Kira Crawford and Thom Dellwo (Cooperative Federal)

Sign up for “It’s Your Business” and/or “Laughter Makes You Feel Like A Tot Again” Today! (1) By Mail Complete the registration form and make check payable to Child Care Solutions Mail to: Child Care Solutions 6724 Thompson Rd. Syracuse, NY 13211 (2) By Web Register & pay online at (3) By Phone Call Child Care Solutions 315-446-1220 or toll free

888-729-7290 Name:

(A3) Your Responsibilities as an Employer Nancy Ansteth (OCC Small Business Development Center)

Name of Program:

10:30 AM Break 10:45 AM Session B Choose from the following

Street Address:

(B1) Business Budgeting & Right Pricing your Services Pat Beck, (Child Care Solutions)

City: State: Zip:

(B2) Making the Transition from Family to Group Family Child Care Beth Henderson (Child Care Solutions) & Kathy DiCosimo (Group FCC Home Owner/Operator)


(B3) Parent Contracts & Policies that Improve Communication and Protect your Business Peggy Liuzzi & Staff (Child Care Solutions) 12:30 PM Lunch 1:00 PM Keynote Speaker Joanne Lenweaver, WISE Women’s Business Center 1:30 PM Door Prizes 1:45

Conference Ends


I Will Be Attending:

□ □

$25 It’s Your Business Conference $50 “Laughter Makes You Feel Like A Tot Again

“LAUGHTER MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A TOT AGAIN”Annual Columbus Day Professional Development 8:30 AM Coffee/Registration 8:50 AM Welcome 9:00 AM Keynote Speaker, The Positive Power of Humor Yvonne Conte, The Little Italian Girl With A BIG Message 10:00 AM Break 10:15 AM Session Breakouts 11:30 AM A Morning/Afternoon At The Improv With Gretchen Kinnell 12:30 PM Networking Lunch 1:15 PM Session Breakouts 2:30 PM Session Breakouts 4:00 PM Conference Ends

Date: Time: Place:


Monday, 10/14/13 See Schedule DoubleTree Hotel 6301 State Route 298, E. Syracuse, NY

(A2) If You Could Change Just One Thing What Would It Be? Understanding & Responding to Abuse & Neglect in Infants & Toddlers Sue DeCarlo & Kass Nethercott, Professional Development Specialists, Child Care Solutions (A3) Let’s Get Back To The Starting Line: Remembering Why You Work With Children Pat Beck, Director of Professional Development, Child Care Solutions is published by

Child Care Solutions

(315) 446-1220

6 Training Hours OCFS Topics 1-9

(A1) Kids Say The Darndest Things: Age Appropriate Humor Katie Howell, Professional Development Specialist, Child Care Solutions



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News & Notes

Our Free Parent Guide To Finding High Quality Child Care is now available in English and Spanish. This comprehensive guide walks parents through the process of searching for and selecting high quality child care. Call our office for copies! 315-446-1220


Hancock Air National Guard is looking for registered and licensed child care providers to care for children of military families required to complete trainings on Saturdays and Sundays once a month. The time frame for care is usually 6:30am until 5:00pm. We have heard the military will pay well for care provided during these trainings. Please contact First Lieutenant Eric Grosso with your name, phone number, adress and email if you’re interested. email: phone: 315-233-2274

Child Care Solutions Will Be Closed We will be CLOSED 9:00AM - 11:00AM For Staff Meetings


Child Care Parent Referral Services Cayuga & Onondaga Counties

phone: 315•446•1220 ext.303

toll free: 888•729•7290 ext.303

web: email: Cayuga: 34 Wright Ave.•Auburn, NY•13021•T-F•8:30-4:00 Onondaga: 6724 Thompson Rd.•Syracuse, NY•13211•M-F•8:30-4:30

HOW CHILD CARE SOLUTIONS HELPS PARENTS Our goal is to help you find high quality child care that best meets the needs of your children & family. Our Parent Services Specialists act as your personal customer service representatives. They are available to assist you by providing information regarding child care programs, community resources and parenting via consultation and referrals. • • • • • •

We will help you evaluate child care options. We will teach you about the types of care available in your area. We will educate you about what high quality child care really looks like. We provide referrals to regulated child care providers. We will inform you of financial aid available to help pay for child care. We provide parenting help & resources through our website and newsletter.

Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter @CCSCNY


Follow us on Pinterest Child Care Solutions

A new agency poster, listing our services is now available. If you are an employer or organization that deals with parents who need child care, call for copies. Great for your breakrooms, watercoolers, bulletin boards, etc. 315-446-1220

Monday, September 16

Monday, October 21

Monday, November 18

We will be CLOSED •

Monday, September 2

Monday, October 14

Thursday, November 28 & Friday November 29

Directors Meetings All Child Care Center, Head Start and School-Age Child Administrators are welcome to attend. No registration is necessary.

Contact Us For These And Other Valuable Services We Can Provide.

Fall meetings are scheduled for:

We do not endorse, recommend or inspect child care programs. The programs we refer to meet the legal standards to operate in New York State per the NYS Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). We strongly suggest you visit and interview as many providers as possible before choosing your child care provider.

Reading, Exercising & Eating

Tuesday, September 17th, 9:30 – 11 am at our Auburn office

Tuesday, October 8th, 9:30 – 11 am at our Syracuse office

Are you reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with the children in your care? Why

Take Your Story Time Farther! not combine your story time with a healthy snack inspired by this children’s classic

by Eric Carle. This was made from Babybel cheese, green apple, a little piece of cheese slice and fruit leather. Pretty fun and healthy, isn't it? Below are some “caterpillar” activities that you can coordinate with the story as well: Caterpillar Crawl: A great gross motor activity for children 3 and up. Have children pretend they are caterpillars, and put their feet flat on the floor shoulder width apart then touch their hands to the floor in front of their feet. Their bottoms should be high in the air at this point. Then ask them to move their hands out 5 steps (great counting opportunity.) Then catch up their feet to their hands. Keep inching along like this until they reach the finish line. Felt Board Provide children with the felt pieces that correspond with “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Hang a felt board on the wall. As you read the story have the children put up the corresponding felt piece. This will help the children with recall. Hanging the felt board on the wall where children can reach it will allow them to cross their midlines when placing the pieces, an important prequel to writing.


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September 2013-November 2013...Page 9


Making Healthy Choices With CACFP

ARE YOU ENROLLED IN Child Care is Now Available in English and Spanish.

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) is a federally funded program designed to improve the nutritional quality of meals served to children in child care centers and child care homes. Providers who meet requirements can receive a monthly check to help pay for the meals and snacks served to children, up to age 13, in their care. In some cases, providers’ own . children may be eligible for payment

“The CACFP food program is a great opportunity not only to receive money back for what you’ve spent on groceries, but to help you make a nutritious organized menu for your children in child care. It gives you ideas on what you can make the children everyday so you’re not scrambling around trying to figure out what the kids are going to eat on a daily basis.” - Sarah Speno, Child Care Provider, Auburn

Who Is Eligible?

• All NYS Registered and Licensed Group Family Child Care providers. • Legally Exempt providers who care for children who receive subsidized care.

Why Enroll in CACFP?

“I enjoy the CACFP program as a provider because it keeps me on point with the nutritional foods I should be serving the children. I also enjoy the program because it helps me to introduce the children to new and different healthy foods.” -Belinda Glass, Child Care Provider, Syracuse

• You will receive a monthly reimbursement check for healthy, nutritious meals and snacks you serve. • You will decrease your business costs. • It is free to enroll. • You will receive a monthly newsletter filled with hints, and recipes. • You receive free training that meets NYS requirements. • CACFP is a great marketing tool for your business. • Parents can trust their children are eating well. • Children in your care will develop healthy eating habits.

CACFP Welcomes A New Staff Member!

The CACFP team at Child Care Solutions is excited to announce that Sara Pastore who currently works in our Legally Exempt department is now sharing her time between the two teams. Sara will be working part-time as a Provider Services Specialist and part-time as a Legally Exempt Enrollment Specialist. She brings much needed support to the CACFP team who have been busy enrolling new providers to the program. Along with her vibrant personality, and black belt skills, Sara brings her much needed conversational Spanish to the team. This will allow us to serve Spanish speaking providers with greater ease. Sara will hit the ground running and start assisting with claims, doing site visits and enrolling providers. She joins Michelle Wolstenholme, the Director of Provider Services, Diane Thomas and Ashley Lenhart, Provider Services Specialists. Please join us in wishing Sara good luck and congratulations!


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Child Care Solutions

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For More Information on CACFP Call Child Care Solutions @ 315-446-1220. Director of Provider Services Michelle Wolstenholme ext. 346 Providers Services Specialists Ashley Lenhart ext. 349 Diane Thomas ext. 323 Sara Pastore ext. 352

Follow Child Care Solutions on Pinterest for recipes and healthy eating ideas!

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Take Action

(continued from page 2) But how can we create better foundations when we know that so many of the children in our community are living with toxic stressors that prevent that critical brain development from occurring? These stressors or “brain development blockers,” include poverty, violence, abuse, neglect, drugs, and mental illness. These are the things we all know exist but often find difficult to confront. In the city of Syracuse 67% of children under the age of five live in poverty. In Onondaga County 20% of families with children under the age of five live below the federal poverty level. Many of these children are also dealing with the other toxic stressors putting them at huge disadvantages from the beginning of their lives. The statistics are overwhelming and I have often heard it said that these problems are too big to tackle. In reality aren’t they too big not to tackle? This is a battle for our future. Now I’m not naive. I don’t think we can wave a “magic paradigm shift wand” and solve these societal problems. But I am intrigued by the work of the folks at Frontiers of Innovation (FOI) at the Harvard Center for the Developing Child. FOI is a “community of more than 400 researchers, practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists, and experts in systems change from across North America. The goal of FOI is to bring about substantially greater positive impacts for vulnerable young children whose needs (or the needs of their caregivers) are not being fully met by existing policies and programs.” FOI is currently exploring 3 methods of improving outcomes that involve protecting children from the impacts of toxic stress. One method that is of particular interest to Child Care Solutions is skill building of adults who care for vulnerable children. Like the neighbor in the second scenario above, many caregivers are well intentioned but they often lack the skills, experience and knowledge to improve the outcomes of the children in their care. This skill building is not accomplished by simply providing information or support; it is accomplished through modeling decision making and appropriate techniques for caring for children. This theory forces agencies like ours to examine the way we train child care providers and parents. We cannot be “passers of paper,” instead we have to use our knowledge and resources in a “boots on the ground” method of demonstrating and modeling the appropriate methods of interacting with and caring for our community’s children. Fortunately we have been doing this for some time, albeit in a limited way. But the challenge is to bring this modeling to the scale necessary to create societal change. It requires funding to support our trainers, support from policy makers and community leaders and the desire to truly start changing outcomes for our children. Now imagine again that you are the child in the second scenario above. The caregiver has done “skill building” with Child Care Solutions. Our trainers visited the home and modeled activities and practices that are easy to implement. Now instead of your neighbor telling you to go watch TV, she has a set of building blocks in the living room and the TV is off. She has a healthy snack waiting for you because she knows you might be hungry. After your snack you go outside for a walk and count the number of objects that are the same colors as the blocks you played with. When you come back you get to color and talk about the things you saw on your walk. These are simple changes, but they have to be taught and modeled for many adults. Don’t these small changes make the future seem a little brighter though?

Dear Friend, The National Women's Law Center (NWLC) is collecting stories to illustrate how quality child care and preschool helps children get off to the right start. As part of the Strong Start for Children Campaign to support a bold federal proposal to expand high-quality early education, including preschool, the NWLC is gathering hundreds of stories from parents, teachers, child care providers and others who have witnessed first-hand how quality child care and preschool helps our youngest learners. The NWLC will turn these stories into a book and deliver them to key federal decision-makers whose support is needed to advance the federal early learning proposal. Be sure to submit your story before September 10 to have it included in this important book. It's easy to do and can help thousands of young children. Please share your story today! Thank you for speaking up to help our youngest children. Sincerely, Peggy Liuzzi Executive Director Share your story online at http://

For more information on the research of the Frontiers of Innovation Visit


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Child Care Solutions

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CONNECTION Member/Supporter Registration

March 2013-May 2013...Page 5

Become a Member or Community Supporter


CONNECTION Name of Program/ Organization Street Address City


(1) By Mail

Complete the member registration form and make check payable to Child Care Solutions.

Zip Code Phone Number E-Mail

I am an early care & learning professional. I would like to become a professional member of child care solutions to receive discounts on training Yes, I would like to become a professional member of Child Care Solutions

New Member

Individuals & Family Child Care

$25 Individual

Mail to: Child Care Solutions 6724 Thompson Rd. Syracuse, NY 13211


$25 Family Child Care Home $40 Group Family Child Care Home (provider & up to 3 assistants) Child Care Center or Organization

$55 per location Small Child Care/Early Education Program with 5 or fewer staff

(2) By Web

$100 per location Child Care/Early Education Program with more than 5 staff

Register & pay online at

$100 per location Non Profit Community Organization

I would like to become a community supporter of Child Care Solutions. My support will allow Child Care Solutions to continue improving the early care & learning system in Central New York through training, education, outreach & advocacy. I would like to support Child Care Solutions:


This donations is being made by a(n) This donations is being made by a(n)






$ 1000


Individual Individual

(3) By Phone

Call Child Care Solutions 315-446-1220 or toll free 888-729-7290 and pay by Visa, Mastercard or Discover

Business Business

Please let us know the name of who we should recognize

I am supporting the child care providers of Central New York by contributing to the Gretchen Kinnell Scholarship Fund. The scholarships will defray costs for financially eligible child care providers, allowing them to participate in Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Credential classes and observation, assessment, & improvement programs sponsored by Child Care Solutions. Participants will enhance their understanding of child development and their ability to foster early learning for the children in their care. My donation will allow child care providers to receive the training & support necessary to create excellent early care & learning environments for the children of our community. I would like to support the Gretchen Kinnell Scholarship Fund:









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Child Care Solutions

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Child Care solutions

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Please call 315-446-1220 ext. 354 with any questions. Child Care Solutions is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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Child Care Solutions 6724 Thompson Road Syracuse, NY 13211

Current resident or:

Our Mission Child Care Solutions promotes early learning, healthy development and high quality care for all children through education, advocacy and support for families and early childhood professionals. Executive Director Peggy Liuzzi ext. 310 Assistant Director Shannon Gillen ext. 307 Finance Director Mike Ransom ext. 304 Director Professional Development Patricia Beck ext. 309

Our Locations & Business Hours

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Nutritionist Pat Kuhl ext. 314

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Parent Services Coordinator Mary Lanno ext. 313

Administrative Team Kay Brown ext. 345 (Accounting Asst) Laura Dixon ext. 301 (Admin. Asst) Suzanne Goodell ext. 401 (Registrar Asst)

Parent Services Specialists Ana Sojo ext. 353 Amie Coffin ext. 320 Mary Marchica ext. 334

(315) (315) (315) (315) (888)

446-1220 446-2010 701-2707 701-1254 729-7290

Director of Provider Services Michelle Wolstenholme ext. 346 Provider Services Specialists Tracey Hare ext. 348 Alexis Hyde ext. 333 Ashley Lenhart ext. 349 Laura Maloney ext. 305 Sara Pastore ext. 352 Diane Thomas ext. 323 Registration Director Beth Henderson ext. 416 Registration Coordinator Siobane Hall ext. 414 Registrars Sue Benjamin ext. 412 Joe Bernazzani ext. 411 Faith Gilliam ext. 405 Selena LaPoint-Dice ext. 430 Casey Miner ext. 436 Becky Oliver ext. 434 Linda Russell Shepherd ext. 438 Janie Wilson ext. 432

Connection Newsletter 9/13-11/13  

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