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Artists have always borrowed from nature and its elements to create masterpieces. Water, an element that is both transparent and opaque, absorbing and reflecting, is much like photography. There are a million ways to approach it. As a fascinating backdrop from Hollywood movies, a dreamy forest brook or maybe as an element full of motion. In Chiiz Magazine Volume 33: Water Special Edition, we discover the ways to photograph water and how it can be seen in various ways. Water is both a beautiful and versatile subject to photograph. It can be as dramatic as a waterfall, predictable as a fountain, vast like the ocean, or just a winding exciting river. Whatever the source, it can be a point of interest in your image or an element of your composition. If you are enchanted with photographing water, you must look at the work of Zay Yar Lin which revolves around the communities ‘Living by the Sea, bearing’. The story of water is sometimes told most effectively through photography. Flip through the pages to find Markus Aspegren’s work on ‘Plastic Waters’ as he shows the creatures of the sea bearing the brunt of our carelessness towards the marine environment.

Krishna Srinivas Amit Gupta

This issue also provides a platform to ‘The Voices From North-East India’ to showcase the winners of the photography contest hosted by Pict-o-real Photography Club.


Chiiz hosted a photowalk in Kulasai covering the Kulasai Dasara which is a festival indigenous to the area. A unique and vibrant festival that hosted a brilliant photographic opportunity. In the pages ahead, is a showcase of the photographic talent of the participants and what the festival looks like from their lens.

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Mukesh Kumar Cover Photo

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Fine art nude is a dangerous territory to tread upon. One wrong move and you could easily cross the fine line between obscenity and art. Ben Ernst has mastered the game of fine art nude and his photographs are on display to attest to that fact. Go ahead and soak in the ‘Bare Art’ that his work is. While there are various elements that are instrumental in transforming a photograph into a work of art, we have chosen water photography in this edition to show the wonders that can be done using water as an element in your photographs. Chiiz Gallery of this Water Special edition offers a variety of photographs in and around water that affirms this. Photographers at chiiz.com contributed their work with elements of water and the gallery is an oasis for parched eyes. Like water, photography has endless possibilities. DIve in and let all of that creativity flow. Happy reading!

Kirill Umrikhin Regards, Kirill Umrikhin

THE VOICES FROM NORTH EAST Pict-O-Real Club is a photography club formed by a few photo enthusiasts from the north-east India whose vision is to promote photography and art. The club had its maiden photography exhibition with 70 photographs at Agartala. It concluded its second photography exhibition - The Lensation last year at Agartala. They also hosted one of the biggest photo festivals which included 170 frames, a photowalk, and three photography workshops for three days. The club has five renowned mentors who have earned fame in their respective genres of photography. Pict-O-Real Club has many projects for the future. Look out for them at www.pictoreal.club FIRST POSITION

Ashraful Islam Shimul Noakhali, Bangladesh

Alin Alsun Barisal, Bangladesh

Target Locked Nikon D7200 600mm F/6.3 1/1000 ISO400

Goutam Maiti Kolkata, India

Sudipta Das Kolkata, India

Fishermen Heaven Canon 750D 18mm F/16 1/667 ISO200

Bidai Bela Nikon D750 35mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO160

Ranjit Mahara West Bengal, India

Cover it Up! Nikon D500 42mm F/8 1/320 ISO160

Predator Becomes Prey Nikon D3400 78mm F/25 1/160 ISO100


Senaritra Dutta Pune, India

Santanu Bose Kolkata, India

Saurav Kumar Boruah Assam, India

Sundeep Kancherla Bangalore, India

The Confluence Image Nikon D850 15mm F/2.8 840 ISO64

Mass Marriage Nikon D7200 11mm F/2.8 1/125 ISO2000

The Window Frame Canon 600D 29mm F/8 1/800 ISO800

Soura Nath Kolkata, India

Beauty Queen Nikon D3400 46mm F/22 1/160 ISO100

Morning Bliss Canon 70D 500mm F/4 1/640 ISO100


Pranay Das Tripura, India

Sourav Dhawa Howrah, India

Bobz Choudhury Hyderabad, India

Tanay Sahoo Kolkata, India

Conversation Nikon D3300 55mm F/5.6 1/60 ISO200

Susanjit Saha Kolkata, India

Brothers Nikon D5600 72mm F/5.6 1/1000 ISO400

Aagomoni Nikon D500 400mm F/13 1/400 ISO200

Survival Fight Canon 70D 400mm F/7.1 1/2000 ISO1000

Face Nikon D810 130mm F/2.8 1/500 ISO400

©Rishika Brahma

Portable TTL light to capture every moment. With a weight of only 2.25 kgs, the Problitz DC400 is a 400Ws battery powered light with TTL and HSS function for professional photographers shooting in studio and on location.

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Lukas Gojda is a 32-year-old photographer who has been working in the field of photography for over ten years now. He specializes in product photography, photomontages, post processing, freeze motion, travel and drone photography. Whether he is on a weekend trip, on a vacation, skiing or cycling, his camera and drone are his constant companions.

Iceland Rivers DJI Mavic 2 Pro 10mm F/4.5 1/200 ISO100

Skier in Italian Dolomites Canon 5DS R 135mm F/6.3 1/1000 ISO100

The Wreck Canon 5D Mark IV 35mm F/16 1/5 ISO100

Geyser Jet Canon 5D Mark IV 35mm F/9 1/320 ISO100

The Geyser Spur Canon 5D Mark IV 200mm F/4.5 1/320 ISO100

Marco Maljaars lives in Velsen Noord, The Netherlands and is a self-taught photographer. Since his teenage years, he was addicted to photography and experimented with long exposure times with an analogue camera. Today, he works with a digital camera. His main interests are seascapes and landscapes with a minimalistic approach and long exposure. You can follow his work on Instagram @marco_maljaars

The Lighthouse Canon 70D 70mm F/7.1 237 ISO100

Out From the Deep Canon 70D 15mm F/9 177 ISO125


Dutch Polder - The Beemster Canon 70D 18mm F/10 125 ISO100

Endless Canon 70D 18mm F/9 1/100 ISO100

The Magnificent Tree Canon 70D 13mm F/8 50 SO100

Moustache Canon G16 7mm F/4.5 1/125 ISO80

Kathrin Landgraf-Kluge, from Leipzig, Germany, was fascinated by nature from childhood. She fell in love with diving when she was 20 years old but her love for underwater photography started only two years ago. She specializes in compact photography and wants to share her passion for underwater critters with the world. You can follow more of her work on Instagram @kathrin_underwater


Grumpy Canon G16 16mm F/8 1/800 ISO160

I See You Canon G16 23mm F/8 1/160 ISO100

Yoga Class Canon G16 14mm F/5.6 1/60 ISO80

Hiding in the Shadows Canon G16 11mm F/4.5 1/60 ISO100

Special Beauty Canon G16 20mm F/2.8 1/80 ISO100

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PLASTIC WATERS Markus Aspegren

Markus Aspegren is a commercial and portrait photographer based in Kuopio, Finland. Markus constantly challenges himself around creative techniques and out-of-the-box approaches in photography by setting up collaborative projects with a potent message for the world to ponder. In his free time, he indulges himself in rewarding outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, running and hiking. 24 FEATURE

Canon 5D Mark IV 135mm F/8 1/125 ISO100

Canon 5D Mark IV 135mm F/8 1/125 ISO100

Canon 5D Mark IV 135mm F/8 1/125 ISO100

Plastic Waters

Nature has always been an important part of my life. Since early childhood I’ve spent countless hours in the great outdoors. All my childhood summers I was boat-travelling in Finland’s lakes and rivers, and sometimes the Baltic Sea. Water has come to be a very meaningful element. It’s a part of me. The plastic pollution of our waters is a global problem. We dump 8 million tonnes of waste in the sea every year, 80% of it plastic. Pollution brings detrimental changes in aquatic ecosystems. Vast amounts of rubbish and industrial waste ends up in the same waters where we take our food and drink. This is my great worry, and it ought be the concern of everyone here on the planet. This is the story of sea creatures, wrought in filth. Story of our waters’ contemporary troubles Canon 5D Mark IV 65mm F/8 1/125 ISO100

Canon 5D Mark IV 135mm F/9 1/160 ISO100

Canon 5D Mark IV 135mm F/8 1/100 ISO160

Amith Kiran Menezes is a nursing officer by profession, rendering his services in Bangalore. He hails from a small village where he grew up seeing nature around him. When he started experimenting with macro photography, Menezes realized that the beauty created by God is seen in the tiniest of things. He considers himself to be an amateur macro photographer trying to capture nature’s beauty hidden in the smallest creatures which are not easily visible to the naked eye.


Erthesina Fullo Nymph, Yellow Spotted Stink Bug Canon 700D 100mm F/16 1/125 ISO200

Caterpillar Canon 700D 1/125 ISO100

Signature Spider with Grasshopper Kill Canon 700D 100mm F/13 1/125 ISO200

Flower Chafer Beetle Canon 700D 100mm F/16 1/125 ISO200

Uloboridae Spider with Kill Canon 700D 100mm F/16 1/125 ISO200

Paper Wasp with her Nest Canon 700D 100mm F/14 1/125 ISO200

Coreidae Canon 700D 100mm F/16 1/125 ISO200

Bark Mantis Canon 700D 100mm F/16 1/200 ISO100

A Colorful Evening Canon 5D Mark III 88mm F/5.6 1/400 ISO100


A Kashmiri Man Fishing in Dal Lake Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/7.1 1/30 ISO200

An Old Man Smoking Chillum Canon 5D Mark III 90mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO100

Ankit Gupta completed his engineering and joined an IT firm to make his career in something he loved doing all those years— building software. However, in 2014, his enthusiasm for traveling and inclination towards exploring the world made him leave his job and landed him in one of India’s top photography institutes in Ooty where he completed his post-graduation in Travel & Nature and Interiors & Architecture in 2015. He has been living a dream life ever since; traveling to exotic locations for shoots, clicking pictures, meeting new people and most importantly, making unforgettable memories.

Kinnauri People Entreating Their Gods Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/5.6 1/250 ISO400

Moonlit Clouds Hovering Over Namgyal Tsemo Monastery, Leh Canon 5D Mark III 200mm F/2.8 1/30 ISO400

Why Saffron? Canon 450D 135mm F/5.6 1/1000 ISO400

Hema Narayanan (AFIAP, EFIP, QPSA, cMOL) is a professional photographer and a published writer based out of Bangalore, India. An engineer by education and an artist by choice, she loves the art of photography and traveling. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), she undertakes commercial photography projects in many genres. She is often invited to panels and expert talks at corporates, institutions, clubs & forums. She inspires aspiring photographers to see the ‘extra’ in the ‘ordinary’, through their camera, during her workshops, photo walks and ‘Experience India’ photo tours.


Drops of Solitude Canon 40D 200mm F/5 1/1000 ISO400

Enlightened Canon 450D F/8 1/10 ISO200

Punting at Cambridge Canon 70D 15mm F/8 1/200 ISO100

Serenity Canon 70D 15mm F/5 1/2500 ISO1000

Metropol Parasol Canon 70D 15mm F/5 1/500 ISO200

App of the Month Huji Cam Category: Photo Rating: 4.4 /5 Platform: Android/iOS Cost: : Free (In-app purchases)

In this month’s issue of Chiiz magazine, we look at Huji Cam, an app that’s inspired a cult following among a certain subsection of influencers for taking photos as if they were just like in the year 1998. Photos taken by Huji Cam bring back the memories of analog film. It is a free app which can be downloaded and installed on both IOS and Android devices. Huji Cam has been downloaded over 16 million times worldwide, and there are more than 12,00,000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag hujicam. Many famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Selena Gomez , Pete Davidson, and musical.ly famed Jacob Sartorius have used this app. It stands in the top 10 of the Photo & Video section on the iTunes App Store. People love this app due to its “vintage” feel and because it has created a buzz in the photography space. But does the app live up its hype? We review the pros and cons to help you decide. While using this app, everyone can take pictures like in the 90s–just without the hassle of developing the images. The app looks fairly attractive. There are buttons for the flash, the shutter and a “lab” that collects your Hujiclick shots. It has a viewfinder, which can be expanded to view the full view of the shot. You can also import photos from your phone’s gallery in its premium package. There are many more features, including a timer and a frontfacing camera option. Every photo you shot with Huji Cam is different. Some may be a little discoloured/distorted, some images may have light leak filters, some may have blurred edges, some may have a date and others may not.

While opening the app, it is difficult to shoot a photo, until we realize that the screen itself is a model of a real disposable camera. There is a small viewfinder in the top left corner of the screen that serves to complete the look, rather than clicking focused and accurate images. It is slightly difficult to know for sure what image the user is capturing unless they squint, but that was apparently a struggle for 90s kids everywhere at the time. Although most of the users are happy but some are also having a tough time with this app, some users are complaining about the sudden crashing of this app, while some have lost their premium package when they changed their phone. There is no sign-in option in this app and all the photos are saved only in the app until you download the photo in your phone, so in case of crashing or uninstalling, you will not be able to recover the photos which you haven’t downloaded. Many users have lost their precious photos in this app and there is no recovery option available. Huji app gives you a perfect feel of the old days and has merged the nostalgic and tinted styles of a disposable camera with the convenience of modern social media. If you are a photo lover and wants a vintage feel in your photos, then it is a good option for you. But if you are not passionate about having that 90’s effect on your photos and want a photo with a good aesthetic, then it’s not for you. But Huji Cam’s success has clearly shown that in this modern age people are obsessed with retro effect and want to go back to the 90’s again.

Gourav Bhat gourav@chiiz.com


Gourav is a freelancce journalist and loves exploring new places and cultures. He also likes photography and wants to be a travel photographer. He also has a business acumen and likes to discuss politics & business whenever he gets time.



Snowboarding in Bubbles Nikon D5 45mm F/22 1/320 ISO400

Kirill Umrikhin is an action sports and outdoor photographer from Russia. A 30-year-old, he is an ambassador for brands like Quiksilver, Nikon Russia and Manfrotto, and is a SanDisk Extreme Team member. His general direction in photography is towards water sports like surfing, windsurfing, sailing and towards mountains photography, snowboarding and skiing. You can follow him on Instagram @kirillumrikhin

Olya Raskina, Sunset Jumps Nikon D810 400mm F/4 1/8000 ISO200

Yin and Yan on Water Sports Festival, Fly Fest Nikon Z 6 50mm F/14 1/2500 ISO400

Rolling Sails on Sedov Barque DJI FC2204 9mm F/3.8 1/320 ISO100

Swimming with Dolphins Nikon Z 6 15mm F/4 1/800 ISO2000

Big day in Nazare Nikon Z6 400mm F/4 1/4000 ISO200

Nikita Martianov, Wakeboarding Nikon D4S 200mm F/2.5 1/4000 ISO160

Duck Dive by Nikolay Rakhmatov Nikon D850 16mm F/6.3 1/4000 ISO500

Nikolay Rakhmatov Surfing Nikon D850 16mm F/8 1/2000 ISO400

Old is Gold

Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare (1932) Henri Cartier-Bresson Speed and instinct were at the heart of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s brilliance as a photographer. And never did he combine the two better than on the day in 1932 when he pointed his Leica camera through a fence behind Paris’ Saint-Lazare train station. The resulting image is a masterpiece of form and light. As a man leaps across the water, evoking the dancers in a poster on the wall behind him, the ripples in the puddle around the ladder mimic the curved metal pieces nearby. Cartier-Bresson, shooting with a nimble 35mm camera and no flash, saw these components all come together for a brief moment and clicked his shutter. Timing is everything, and no other photographer’s was better. The image would become the quintessential example of CartierBresson’s “Decisive Moment,” his lyrical term for the ability to immortalize a fleeting scene on film. It was a fast, mobile, detailobsessed style that would help chart the course for all of modern photography. Cartier-Bresson was very much into the moment. He didn’t like orchestrated images. He wanted to capture everyday life as it was happening, not an interpretation or recreation. Take into account that Cartier-Bresson was using an early Leica for this shot. These Leicas didn’t yet have a rangefinder mechanism and you could only zone-focus with them using the distance scale on the lens. Tack-sharp focus would be virtually impossible and photographers would therefore rely on smaller apertures to achieve a larger depth-of-field. Back in the day, photography was a lengthy process. Early film (actually glass and tin plates) were extremely slow. Fast film was actually a modern marvel during Bresson’s time. He referred to a photographers ability to think fast and get a good picture as “The Decisive Moment”. Here’s what he had to say about that: “Photography is not like painting,” Cartier-Bresson told the Washington Post in 1957. “There is a creative fraction of a second when you are taking a picture. Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera. That is the moment the photographer is creative,” he said. “Oops! The Moment! Once you miss it, it is gone forever.” Funnily enough, Cartier-Bresson originally studied painting and later in his life, he basically ceased photography altogether and returned to painting. There is a strong element of this in his photographs. His sense of composition wasn’t nearly as impromptu as his Decisive Moment would lead you to believe. That moment was only partially about being in the right place when something interesting happened. Cartier-Bresson noticed the beautiful frame from the hardly visible architectural buildings in the background to the pool of rainwater in the foreground. Still, he needed a subject. He waited and waited until a busy businessman ran across the pool of water onto a broken and disregarded ladder. Cartier-Bresson snapped the picture just as man was in the process of jumping from the ladder back into the water, adding a layer of contrast between the man’s hurry and the water’s stillness.

It was more specifically about tripping the shutter in that exact instance when a perfect composition was achieved. Everything about it is marvelous, including the predominantly white tones which gives it this enjoyable lightness and airiness. As he often does, Cartier-Bresson puts much emphasis in the photo’s symmetry. As a fan of aesthetic paintings, Cartier-Bresson frames every feature of the photograph so the viewer follows a directional path that forces him or her to see everything. First, the viewer looks at the subject, the man jumping from the ladder. This forces the viewer to look at the ladder and its subsequent ripples. The ripples guide the eye to both the pile of debris on the bottom and the pile of rocks on top, which point towards both the wall with the “Railowski” poster and man peering through the fence. The fence then points up at the clock tower and its adjacent building and the grey sky. Cartier-Bresson’s oeuvre is simply amazing. The photographer is truly one of the greats, and his development of ‘street’ photography is a major influence on most contemporary photography. His style had a direct influence on some other famous photographers like Robert Frank who took this technique to the next level by adding social commentary in his book ‘The Americans’. He was also heavily influenced by the surrealism movement in the early 1920’s giving his street photography a more candid feel as opposed to the more traditional street photography that was mostly posed. He practically invented the term juxtaposition by combing candid real moments into unusual compositions that took these moments beyond just the simple subject matter. Cartier-Bresson took all these aspects of photography into consideration before snapping every picture. If anything did not meet his criteria, he simply destroyed the photograph. Historians did not dub him the “godfather of candid photography” for no reason; he truly was a master of his craft. Sarthak Square Sarthak@chiiz.com


Sarthak Jain is a filmmaker and a photographer from Kota, India. He has worked on various documentaries on sports and is currently working with Chiiz. He has an avid interest in music. Sarthak has also worked with NGOs to work for the cause of women education in India; it is his way of giving back to the society through photography.


44 Trigger

An internationally published and award winning photographer from Myanmar, Zay Yar Lin fell in love with photography in 2014 and started traveling and shooting ever since. He is currently leading photo tours in Myanmar and abroad. As a self-taught photographer, he gets all his photography knowledge and inspiration through social media and online photography communities. He has showcased his work at many exhibitions. Many of his photos have appeared in international photography magazines. He has won numerous international and local photography awards and had been declared the Best Photographer of the Year by Myanmar Photographic Society twice. Pottery Work Nikon D850 32mm F/5.6 1/100 ISO1250

Paung Long Lake Nikon D850 21mm F/11 1/160 ISO100


Colorful Fish Farms Nikon D750 90mm F/7.1 1/160 ISO200

Flying Nets Nikon D750 102mm F/8 1/250 ISO200

Xiapu Fishermen at Golden Morning Nikon D750 16mm F/8 1/125 ISO200

Lend a Helping Hand Nikon D750 14mm F/4 1/80 ISO500

Movie Review A Spectre of Hope Genre: Documentary IMdB Rating: 7.4/10 Release: 2002 Duration: 52 minutes

A Spectre of Hope is both a remarkable conversation between Brazilian economist-turned-photographer Sebastião Salgado and British art critic-novelist John Berger and a stunning portrait (in Salgado’s pictures) of what globalization really looks like in Rwanda, Mexico, Mozambique, Sudan, and erstwhile Yugoslavia. Salgado and Berger even discuss their mixed feelings about how suffering becomes “beautiful.” During the seemingly endless wars and humanitarian crises of recent decades, some “conflict” photographers have been accused of exploiting their helpless subjects, of purveying “poverty porn.” Doubtless, there are NGOs and other aid organizations that have found photographs of starving children and displaced people to be useful tools in their fundraising. Much of this photographic genre is merely serviceable imagery, but some of it, including the work of James Nachtwey and Sebastião Salgado, is not only closely observed and deeply emotional, but also representative of the highest aesthetic level of photographic art. And there’s the rub! Critics like Susan Sontag and Ingrid Sischy have found it unseemly that the formal elements of good photography — composition, lens selection and light — should be exploited in photographing crises conditions, as if the photographer’s consideration of his own aesthetics were a kind of violation of his subject’s humanity. Perhaps no photographer of man’s displacements and sufferings has been more lauded or more criticized than Salgado, whose black-andwhite images often evoke aching beauty in places of unbearable privation and violence. Sontag, in her book Regarding the Pain of Others and in a distilled article in The New Yorker on Dec. 9, 2002, employed the catchphrase “inauthenticity of the beautiful,” citing Salgado in blatantly judgmental terms. John Berger is one of the world’s leading critics of art and photography. An artist himself, he is perhaps best known for “Ways of Seeing,” his seminal book and BBC series on art criticism. In The Spectre of Hope, Sebastião Salgado joins Berger to talk about Salgado’s collection “Migrations.” Six years and 43 countries in the making (ranging across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America), “Migrations” contains photographs of people pushed from their homes and traditions to cities and their margins—slums and streets and refugee camps.

Sitting at the kitchen table of Berger’s home in Quincy, a village in the Swiss Alps, their intimate conversation, intercut with photographs from “Migrations,” combines a discussion of Salgado’s work with a critique of globalization, and a wide-ranging investigation of the power of the image. It is almost poetic how through close-ups of Salgado’s black-and-white images, we see with unflinching eyes, the plight of displaced peasants, refugees and migrant workers as they move out of their rural homelands and into cities and slums. But as the title suggests, Salgado sees hope - especially evident in his portraits of children - in that the current economic situation is chosen, and therefore changeable. Highly recommended, this powerful documentary is an elegant introduction to the photography and thinking of Sebastiao Salgado. His photography invites us to consider economics in a new way. The film’s quietness works on the soul in striking ways. It is a quiet invitation to consider more fully the lives of those who are captured in Salgado’s photographs and to commit ourselves to do battle against the conditions which sought to destroy them. Simran Kaur simran@chiiz.com


Born and brought up in Delhi, Simran Kaur is a 19-year-old trained in graphic design. She enjoys sketching as a hobby and loves to explore different things. An avid conephile, Simran has a knack of creating magic with her camera.

Hypnotic Look Canon 5D Mark II 275mm F/6.3 1/1000 ISO2500

Luca Bracali is a wildlife photographer who has traveled to 144 countries, published 13 books and has been declared winner of 14 prizes in international photo contests. He has also exhibited in more than 50 showcases around the world, published 15 reportage on National Geographic and 20 TV documentaries. From 2017, he became an ambassador of the non-profit organization, “Save the Planet”. He claims that before being a photographer he is most of all, an enthusiast, in love with our planet.

The Guardian of the Steppe Canon 7D 400mm F/8 1/500 ISO400

In the World of Dragons Canon 7D 280mm F/4 1/400 ISO640

Jungle’s Smile Canon 7D 330mm F/25 1/100 ISO1000


Upon the Air DJI Phantom 4 Pro 24mm F/2.8 1/781 ISO100

Bat-Eared Fox Canon 5D Mark III 800mm F/14 1/320 ISO5000

Drink Break Canon 5D MarkII 800mm F/8 1/2000 ISO1250

Migration Fujifilm X-T3 560mm F/8 1/250 ISO800

FUJIFILM X-T20 10.50mm F/11 1/1000 ISO1000

FUJIFILM X-T20 35.80mm F/16 1/1000 ISO1000

It has been a few years now that Xavier Benech is gradually transitioning to photography professionally. Having an insatiable interest in traveling and understanding cultures, he wishes to touch viewers with a humanistic approach and wishes to give back parts of his experiences to them. His practice is strongly influenced by cinematic photography and always integrates aesthetic elements through the subject, frame or focal length. See more of his work at www.xavierbenech.com

Cuthona Sony Cybershot RX100II 37.1mm F/11 1/500 ISO100


FUJIFILM X-T20 10mm F/10 1/1000 ISO1000

FUJIFILM X-T20 15.90mm F/9 1/180 ISO1000

FUJIFILM X-T20 10.50mm F/11 1/180 ISO1000

KULASAI DASARA Where Gods Come to Life

Maheswaran Karthikeyan Chennai, India

Rajeeb Kumar Roy Bangalore, India

56 FEATURE Feature

Trident Canon 5D Mark IV 229mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO320

The Goddess Kali Nikon D850 24mm F/7.1 1/250 ISO80

The pulsating rhythm of the drums, devotees energetically tapping their feet, some in a trance, others cataleptic of the surroundings entirely, with emotions parading at their peak. Everything appears inimitable and vivid. At times like this, it is hard to digest the scenes around, especially when the Goddess Kali, with her ten hands and her tongue sticking out, is seen walking around in the middle of the crowd. In the Mysuru Dasara, the elephants carrying the goddess Chamundeshwari on their backs, walking triumphantly on the streets with the backdrop of the royal palace is great sight. Likewise, people pandal-hopping, admiring the idols of the Goddess Durga, savouring the finest of sweets, are common to the Dasara in Kolkata. As we go down to SouthIndia, to the quaint village of Kulasekarapattinam, Kulasai Dasara comes to life in its most authentic form.

Avik Datta Kolkata, India

The Transformation Nikon D7200 18mm F/6.3 1/125 ISO1000

Even in the wildest of dreams, one can never imagine the exquisiteness of the Kulasai Dasara of Kulasekarapattinam. It is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety at the Muttaramman temple premises for 12 long days unlike the other regions where Navratri and Dasara are observed for only ten days. Everything at the temple, right from the rituals, traditions, the costumes and the celebrations might seem bizarre to the naked eyes but only when understood completely, does all of it starts to make sense. The Muttaramman temple is flocked with a lakh and half devotees every year during the Navratri festival. As one walks inside the temple, one should be prepared to be stunned at the sight of the devotees dressed in different costumes that ranges anywhere from being the goddess Kali to a vampire!

Maheswaran Karthikeyan Chennai, India

In a Trance Canon 5D Mark IV 16mm F/5 1/500 ISO100

One can also see people walking around wearing costumes like that of police-men, soldiers, doctors, etc. Devotees dressed in tattered clothes and running around the other devotees beseeching for alms is yet another common sight. There is a belief that such costumes are worn to wash away the sins by surrendering to the Goddess Muttaramman.

Mohan Chennai, India

With the Orb of Fire Canon 77D 18mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO3200

According to the folklore, the Goddess Muttaramman had once slayed the demon king Mahishasura to protect the land of Kulasekarapattinam from the evil spirits. The Kulasai Dasara is celebrated as an offering to the goddess with the faith that the goddess would fulfil the wishes of all the devotees who come to seek her blessings during the Navratri festival. The costumes related to the professions are worn to accomplish success in their career. Likewise, the costume that depicts a beggar or a diseased is worn to get rid of misfortunes. The ones who are dressed like the goddess Kali are expected to observe 41 days’ strict ritual as per the temple guidelines. The devotees believe that the goddess Kali herself comes down to the earth in the form of these people during the festival and thus, approach them to seek blessings. Hence, staying away from alcohol and other addictions become pretty important for those who choose to dress like the primordial mother.

Puja Bansal Agra, India

Forms of Kali Canon 80D 70mm F/8 1/160 ISO400

Men walking in glee dressed like a fortune tellers, the mother Kali, fisher-women, etc, with their faces transformed to resemble the goddess by smearing turmeric and vermilion on themselves is unique to this celebration and is hard to come across elsewhere.

The thick anklets and the toe-rings show the unity of the Yin and Yang, the Shiva and Shakti. Dozens of bangles adorn their hands showing the acceptance of womanhood. The women are found to be dressed up like the Lord Krishna and Lord Muruga, thus, symbolising the acceptance of their masculine side. The children also enjoy the occasion completely as they too get dressed up as little Krishna, Radha, Muruga and Hanuman. One can also see the Mangalamukhis (Transgender people) walking around the temple bantering away to glory with the devotees and the tourists. As they walk flaunting their beauty in various costumes, they bless the crowd and demand for photographs as well. The temple premise is filled with homes of costume designers from where the participants rent their costumes. Devotees from Kanyakumari, Tiruchendur, Nagercoil, Tuticorin, etc. come to take part in this splendid affair every year. Some devotees even walk barefoot from their homes till the temple as a part of the temple traditions.

Udayan Sankar Pal Chennai, India

While everyone might look and come across as the most colourful people during these twelve days, we must know that behind every masquerade, there is an untold tale; behind every charade, there is a prayer in silence and behind every facade there is a hope of getting answers from the goddess they believe the most in. To some, this place might seem like a stage and the devotees like the artists;but here, the artists are connected with the goddess not just in devotion but also spiritually and emotionally. Generally, during Navratri, the other parts of the country burn down the effigy of the demon kingRavana who symbolizes ego and bad deeds. But, the Kulasai Dasara makes us more humane by burning the ego in us into ashes and teaches us the greatest lessons of not just humanity but also of acceptance of everything and everyone for what and who they are. Brunda Nagraj brunda@chiiz.com Brunda Nagaraj is a passionate traveler and a travel blogger from Namma Bengaluru. A die-hard fan of the novels “Into the Wild” and “Eat, Pray, Love”, she records her travel experiences on her blog- www.chipumonk. com for her readers. With a philosophy of being a ‘FreeFeet’, she finds that traveling is, “Meditation on the Go” the has made her explore a lot of places in India.

Turmeric-smeared Dreams Canon 5D Mark IV 16mm F/7.1 1/400 ISO100

Rajasimha Sathyanarayana Bangalore, India

Maheswaran Karthikeyan Chennai, India

Goddess’ Wrath Nikon Z 7 70mm F/5.6 1/200 ISO6400

The Test of Fire Canon 5D Mark IV 31mm F/2.8 1/400 ISO100

Amal Alameer Mecca, Saudi Arabia

AdiShakti Canon 5D Mark III 45mm F/8 1/200 ISO400

Serin on the Perch Canon 80D 400mm F/6.3 1/640 ISO1000

Alperen Akdemir is a psychologist and speech therapist, residing in Turkey. A technology and music enthusiast, bird photography caught his interest in 2017. While he loves to capture birds, he occasionally photographs wild animals as well. Primarily a Canon user, Alperen mostly uses Canon 80d and 90d. Sometimes, he switches them with his Sony Rx10 M4.


Watching The Prey Canon 80D 400mm F/5.6 1/800 ISO250

Looking for Water Canon 80D 400mm F/5.6 1/640 ISO640

Whinchat While Migrating Canon 80D 400mm F/5.6 1/1250 ISO200

Goldfinches Feeding Canon 80D 400mm F/5.6 1/100 ISO160

Curios Coal Tit Canon 80D 400mm F/5.6 1/640 ISO160

Getting Ready Canon 5D Mark III 16mm F/2.8 1/100 ISO3200

Prakash Tilokani was interested in photography and movie-making since his childhood. What began as a hobby, has today become a full-time profession. Wedding, life style, portraits, architectural photography and corporate films are his subjects of interest. Prakash believes that style should not be overtly important. One needs to be versatile enough to portray a variety of subjects. The idea is to not just capture the moments but also the emotional ones with behind-the-scenes activity that gives the wedding a new perspective.Designated as a Canon Maestro, he has been a key figure in educating and sharing insightful information for the development and shaping wedding photography.


The Yellow Dance Canon 6D 70mm F/2.8 1/800 ISO250

Sihouettes Canon 5D Mark III 200mm F/22 1/3200 ISO800

Forever Moments Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/3.2 1/80 ISO3200

Witnessing a Union Canon 1Ds Mark III 16mm F/5.6 1/320 ISO800

The Wedding Procession Canon 1D-C 17mm F/8 1/400 ISO3200

Garlic tower: Rohan Builders Canon 5DS R 85mm F/13 1/160 ISO100

Paneer Sabzi: Paras Group Canon 5D Mark III 120mm F/8 1/125 ISO100

Nitin Tandon has completed more than 25 years in the Food & Beverage Industry. Having worked as a chef with Taj Hotels and Hotel Oberoi’s kitchen in the initial 8 years of his career, he was inspired to open his first dessert store in 1992 along with his wife and Baker Leena Tandon. The next three milestones that followed were – Pot Pourri, Lemongrass Café and Seijo and Soul Dish. Currently, he is the founder and chief stylist at “Nitin Tandon Food Styling Company” and has recently ventured into “Food Studios” which is involved in the creation of food videos from ideation to production. Nitin Tandon Food Styling Company has worked on various assignments for industry giants like KFC, ITC, McDonald’s, Amul among many others and styled food for feature films like Ki & Ka, Lunchbox, Robot, Cheeni Kum and Dear Zindagi.


Bhindi Sabzi: Ray Cooking Spray Canon 5DS R 120mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Creamy Ice Cream Scoop: London Dairy

Tacos: BBC Magazine Canon 5D Mark II 84mm F/9 1/125 ISO100

Corn & Multigrain Ingredients: Horlicks Foodles Phase One IQ140 120mm F/14 1/125 ISO100

Roti with Grains: Elite Phase One P 30 95mm F/22 1/60 ISO100

. FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, 2019 , Atacama, Chile Photographer - Edoardo Bauer


Red Bull Pump Track World Championship, 2019, Netherlands Photographer - Jarno Schurgers

Super Formula, 2019 , Stop 6 - Okayama, Japan Photographer - Sho Tamura

Red Bull Ragnarok, 2018 , Hardangervidda, Norway Photographer - Daniel Tengs

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, 2017 , Stop 2 - Azores, Portugal Photographer - Samo Vidic

Rafael Ortiz, 2019 , Prismas Basรกlticos Drop Photographer - Marcos Ferro

Red Bull X-Alps in Bolzano, Italy on August 2, 2016 Photographer - Ulrich Grill

Luca Bertossio, 2019 Photographer - Alex Grymanis

Gelo Santos dons many feathers on his cap. He is not only a multi-award winner Filipino blogger since 2007, but also an author, physician, educator, and a clinical advisor. He is also a foodie and a travel and photography enthusiast who has traveled 49 countries on 5 continents and counting. Currently blogging from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you can follow his work on Instagram at @iamdocgelo, @gelothebear, and @ travelpotraitsbyDocGelo.


Burj Al Arab


The Deep Red Canon 700D 46mm F/5 1/60 ISO800 WINNER

Unfolded Devotees Canon 700D 18mm F/4 1/80 ISO400 2nd Runner Up

Nikhil Jain New Delhi, India

Dushyant Gupta New Delhi, India


Arun Meher Odisha, India

1st Runner Up Aaditya Munjal Delhi, India


Family Gala FUJIFILM X-T100 15mm F/4.5 1/100 ISO1600

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Yana Lisichenko Moscow, Russia


Ahmed Mustafa Elshaikh Khartoum, Sudan

Boats Leica D-Lux5 5mm F/4 1/400 ISO80

Returning Nikon D810 28mm F/5.6 1/100 ISO64

Aniket Pal Lalgola, India

Globule SM-N960F 4mm F/1.5 1/50 ISO250

Arghya Bhakta Kolkata, India

Daily Struggle Sony ILCE-7 75mm F/2.8 1/2500 ISO100

Jevgenij Scolokov Riga, Latvia

Little Monster Canon 5D 135mm F/2 1/200 ISO1600

Sourav Ghosh Hooghly, India

Chhath Puja Xiaomi Redmi 3s 4.22mm F/2 1/20 ISO800

Chinmoy Biswas RitwikKolkata, Ray India Kolkata, India

Rainbow Falls Canon 700D 18mm F/22 1/6 ISO100

Joanna Matuszek Leszno, Poland

Soumyadeep Kundu Kolkata, India

Misty Waters Olympus E-M5 Mark II 42mm F/11 1/1000 ISO200

Swimmers Canon 700D 11mm F/5.6 1/800 ISO400

Soham Banerjee Kolkata, India

Ty O’Neil Reno, USA

Light Rays Photography Mysuru, India

David Miles London, UK

Joy Nikon D3400 18mm F/3.5 1/200 ISO200

Magic Fountain Canon 7D Mark II 38mm F/2.8 1/200 ISO2000

Life on a Boat Canon 700D 250mm F/5.6 1/2000 ISO200

Swan on the Brathay Nikon D5000 28mm F/8 1/50 ISO400

Sourojeet Paul Kolkata,India

Water and Life Canon 200D 21mm F/7.1 1/80 ISO100

Claudio Gennari Forano, Italy

Dog Water Nikon D3 300mm F/2.8 1/1600 ISO200

Sudipta Das Kolkata, India

Rakibul Alam Khan Dhaka, Bangladesh

Splash of Dream Canon 5D Mark II 500mm F/6.3 1/640 ISO400

Work Sector Redmi Note 4 3.6mm F/2 1/556 ISO100

Tatjana Reichgruber-Biermas Cozumel, Mexico

Ujjal Kumar Das Purulia, India

Chinmoy Biswas Kolkata, India

Rupai Saha Mandal Kolkata, India

Water and Sky Nikon 5300 24mm F/11 1/320 ISO200

Stop the Flow Nikon D3300 31mm F/16 1/30 ISO100

Jahangir Alam Onuchcha Dhaka, Bangladesh

Muhammad Amdad Hossain Chittagong, Bangladesh

Shrimp larvae (fry) Collector Boy Canon 5D Mark III 17mm F/6.3 1/320 ISO100

Brother Care Canon 5D Mark II 50mm F/7.1 1/160 ISO320

Reflection Nikon D3100 122mm F/9 1/50 ISO400

Freedom Nikon Coolpix P900 24mm F/3.2 1/1600 ISO100

Sanjeet Tripathy Bhubaneswar, India

Yogi Canon 700D 10mm F/6.3 1/200 ISO320

Ayman Nakib Sherpur, Bangladesh

Biswajit Sahani Bhubaneswar, India

Rice Field and the River Nikon D7000 34mm F/10 1/80 ISO160

Fishing from the SkyCanon 700D 18mm F/6.3 1/60 ISO100

Sonika Agarwal Mumbai, India

Shafiul Islam Shaikot Rangpur, Bangladesh

Reflections in Nature Nikon D5300 18mm F/8 1/400 ISO100

Heart of Nature Nikon D7100 55mm F/16 1/250 ISO100



Cuneyt Ozketen has worked with some of the fashion industry’s most exclusive designers including Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni, and Mango to name just a few. Originally from Istanbul, Cuneyt began his career working for MAC cosmetics in Turkey. He was quickly recognized for his extraordinary passion and creativity and recruited to provide his flawless, unique and one of a kind look to many well known celebrities. His career flourished, providing his make up artistry to Fashion Week not only in his home city of Istanbul but also Milan, India and London where Cuneyt currently makes his home.

Model Of The Month Mili Castagnet


Height - 5’7” Bust - 36” Waist - 25” Hip - 36” Hair - Brown Eyes - Hazel Shoes - 8

Mili Castagnet, an Argentine model and actress, started her career as a child, at the age of six. Owing to her career, she has worked in and known different countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Spain and India, and has participated in different campaigns and television commercials for big and small brands in each country. She has studied architecture and is a fan of extreme sports; With her love for travel, she travels and shoots with Brian Berger (@ brabergel) and is a part time influencer. You can get to know her more on Instagram @milicastagnet and @monquiph.

An IT-engineer-turnedphotographer, Arindam Sikdar is a 24-yearold portrait and fashion photographer/retoucher living in Mumbai. He has been doing photography from last 4 years now and has mastered studio photography and portrait photography. In a bid to spread his know-how in photography, he also organizes workshops every now & then in different cities.


Boss Babe Nikon D850 85mm F/9 1/160 ISO64

Defiance in Her Eyes Nikon D850 85mm F/1.8 1/200 ISO400

Wild Tresses Nikon D850 85mm F/1.8 1/640 ISO100

Thinking of You Nikon D850 85mm F/2.5 1/640 ISO800

Laid Back Nikon D850 85mm F/3.5 1/200 ISO800

Sweet Seduction Nikon D850 85mm F/2.5 1/500 ISO320

BARE ART Ben Ernst

Terms of Endearment Canon 6D 50mm F/10 1/125 ISO100

Ben Ernst is a self-taught photographer based in the Netherlands with over forty years’ experience in photography. Ernst grew up in a small Dutch village near the German border. In 2009, he began to focus more seriously on a photography profession. Over the past few years, nude photography became his main artistic concentration.Ernst is currently in the process of publishing a photo book that captures the unique bond he builds with his models. Focusing on the passersby, the book will showcase the stories of the various models and document their stay at his house. Ben Ernst’s work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions in Haarlem, Rolde, and Brussels. Furthermore, his artworks are in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to this, his images have been published in various international magazines. Some of his accomplishments include being a silver finalist in the conceptual-studio category for the PhotoShoot Awards in 2019.


The Forest Nymph Canon 6D 85mm F/4.5 1/80 ISO200

The Jump, Raw Steel Canon 6D 38mm F/6.3 1/200 ISO200

Could you tell us more about your background in photography? First of all, I have to say that photography was not always my primary source of income. I always saw photography more or less as a hobby. I sell photographs, directly or via my galleries, but I do not make a living out of it. I started art nude photography around 10 years ago, always being interested in art. Visiting museums, art galleries, inspired me to pursue photography but also in sculpting bronzes. I started to ask models for my photography, and slowly I improved. Now, I am often asked to work to improve models’ portfolio, or for private shoots. Where do you see your photography going? What projects would you like to accomplish? I just finished my coffee-table book: Passanten ( Passers by) in a very limited edition. At the moment, I have two projects going on, the working titles for which are: Breakfast Beauties and Round Square. I am planning to make a book of these two projects. I also plan to do a video and book of my photography in 2019. My second pastime is traveling. Sometimes, I make a combination of nude in landscape and traveling. Living close to a nature reserve and the sea, there are a lot of possibilities to shoot. I prefer natural light and outdoor photography. We traveled to India several times, loved the culture of Rajasthan (colors, people, buildings), and landscapes in the north (Himalayas). I can imagine this would be a great backdrop for art nude photography. Photographers say that nude photography is one of the most intimate and difficult. Is it true? For me, art nude photography is building a relation between the subject (model), me (the photographer) and later the audience. I know most of my models for a couple of years, we have worked together several times. Models are often staying with us, we talk, eat and also shoot together. That makes our relationship different from most photographers. Models trust me, they know me and my family.

There is a thin line between art nude, erotism and porn. This line can be at a different point for every individual. For me, lingerie often makes an image erotic, selling a body. That’s not my goal. We can have a long conversation about the influence of religion, culture and conservatism on all kinds of art, certainly at art nude. For me, this often has a negative influence on personal growth. What are the hardest parts of marketing a business like yours in a society where fine art nude photography is a taboo? Photography is not a major source of income, so I don’t know how to make a business of art nude. Making money in art is always a problem, that’s not just a problem in photography. There are just a few artists that can make a living! Fine art nude is in many countries an issue (nudity in general), also sometimes in the Netherlands. Like I said before, narrow minds of conservative religion has a huge impact. What would be 3 tips be for someone who wants to start shooting fine art nudes? The starting point shouldn’t be art nude photography, but photography in general. Despite the fact that I am not a technician, I have knowledge of how my cameras work. Go around and have a look in museums, (photo) galleries, go through photo magazines. Get an idea why or what interests you. Talk to other photographers. Start of making an idea into a concept. See what you need to do to achieve the image you like to make. I often hear photographers say, start shooting portraits of the girl next door. That’s good for fun , but doesn’t help you to improve your photography. A professional model costs money, but if the model is professional, he/she will help you to make better photos. Be humble towards a model, she/he often knows what is best, because of the experience. Have fun, enjoy working with other people, and ensure that the art nude photography does not look cheap. Uzma Majeed uzma@chiiz.com Delhi girl at heart, Uzma possesses a deep appreciation for leisurely reading, tea and hoarding random fun facts. She’s a bit of a gym rat, has a deep seated interest in street photography and sees a future in media and advertising.

Mixed Cultures Canon 6D 35mm F/5.6 1/125 ISO100

Light Canon 5D Mark III 50mm F/4.5 1/60 ISO400

The Door Canon 5D Mark III 85mm F/5 1/500 ISO100



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