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Chicopee Colleen C O R O N AT I O N B A L L




Brenda -

Congratulations on being named the 2020 Chicopee Parade Committee President Wishing you a successful Parade Season! Mom & Dad


Laurie & John

Alyssa & Katelyn

Congratulations To The 2020 Chicopee St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee & The New Colleen and Her Court

Marvin Kathleen, Richard, Thomas, Carly, Mahin Michael, Lili, Persephone, Maxwell, Samuel Bailey & Tootsie 3

Welcome to the 2020 Chicopee Colleen Coronation Ball Good evening, Tonight's the night! We crown our 2020 Chicopee Colleen and celebrate our new Colleen Court and many accomplished Award Winners! Sherry and I are excited and grateful to be here with you this evening to celebrate these young women, who are such an essential part of our community. We congratulate all the contestants and extend our gratitude for your willingness to represent our City with such enthusiasm. You must all be commended and celebrated! On behalf of the City of Chicopee, I extend congratulations to the honorees, thanks to the Chicopee St. Patrick's Day Committee for their efforts in organizing this and many other events leading up to Parade Day, and finally congrats to President Brenda Pauze Guiel for another successful year! Sincerely,

John L. Vieau, Mayor


Brenda Pauze Guiel

2 0 2 0 PA R A D E C O M M I T T E E P R E S I D E N T Good evening. It is an honor to welcome you to tonight's Chicopee St. Patrick's Parade Committee Colleen Coronation Ball. Tonight we welcome 20 of the finest young ladies in the City of Chicopee. It takes a lot of confidence and courage for these young ladies to present themselves in front of the judges and everyone in attendance. Feel free to encourage them as they make their way across the stage this evening. To the families and friends that are in attendance, thank you for sharing such an important evening with us. We have enjoyed getting to know each of them and have watched their progress over the past couple of weeks. Even though only one contestant will be crowned as the 2020 Colleen, they are all beautiful, talented, intelligent young women with bright futures ahead of them and should be extremely proud of themselves. Through this experience they have learned life skills, developed friendships, and created a memory to last a lifetime. The Colleens, courts, and young ladies who have been contestants in the past, present, and future are the most intelligent, giving, and caring young ladies you will meet and have represented our committee and the community with dignity and pride. From visits with our elderly residents, doing crafts and parades with our preschool children, visiting Sunshine Village, to attending many social events in the community. We are extremely proud of these young ladies. I would like to congratulate and thank this year's award winners, new members, current members, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers, judges, and all of you in attendance this evening. Just as it has been said that "It takes a village to raise a child", it can be said that "It takes a community to crown a colleen." Without each and every one of you this would not be possible. We could not build those award winning floats, continue our fundraising efforts, give out scholarships, put on the largest Colleen Contest in the area, and continue to impact our community in positive ways. We are blessed to live in a community that supports these young ladies along with this committee and everything it stands for. To my fellow officers, board of directors, and committee members, thank you for all your hard work, dedication, and countless hours making sure even the smallest detail is addressed. I am honored to take on the role of your 2020 President. Our work is far from over, but what we've accomplished together as a committee has made a difference in many people's lives and in the community. bain sult as do oĂ­che! Brenda Pauze Guiel President Chicopee St. Patrick's Parade Committee



PA R A D E C O M M I T T E E & H O N O R E E S




Standing (left to right): Treasurer Kathy Sliwa and Secretary Michelle Liswell-Zimmek Seated (left to right): President Brenda Guiel and Vice President Haley Jarvis

Standing: Woods Award Recipient Edward Kenfield Seated (left to right): Sara Gilpatrick, Meara Award Recipient; James “Jim” Kelly, Parade Marshal; Joel Rodowicz, Atkinson Award Recipient; and Joshua Malone, Meara Award Recipient

Photos courtesy of Live, Laugh, Photograph Studios


James “Jim” Kelly 2 0 2 0 PA R A D E M A R S H A L

When James “Jim” Kelly was notified by Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee President Brenda Pauze Guiel that he had been selected as the city’s Parade Marshal for the 2020 Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade, his enthusiasm was unmistakable. “As a kid, I grew up in the Elmwood Section of Holyoke. This is where the St. Patrick’s Day parade begins, so for me, there is a certain emotional tie to the parade. In my neighborhood, you would live it and breathe it – every year. In fact, I met my wife 24 years ago during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. So, everything surrounding the parade—has a special place in my heart!” President Guiel referenced Jim’s role as a community leader as a major factor in his selection. As President and CEO of Polish National Credit Union (PNCU), he spends most of his days out in the community. Over the course of the year, he along with PNCU employees have personally visited businesses of all sizes across Western Massachusetts, offering a handshake and lending an ear to their concerns, while delivering local produce such as tomatoes, blueberries and corn in the summertime; chocolates and candy during Halloween; and bread and apple cider donuts from local bakeries in the Fall. Jim is known by many for his big smile and friendly “drop-ins.” He has continuously advocated for the development and growth of the communities in which he serves. Kelly has also actively participated on many Boards, countless community events and encouraged employee participation totaling over 1,500 volunteer hours. Under his leadership, PNCU has hosted many educational workshops including Elder Financial Abuse workshops, Paralegal Breakfasts, Cybersecurity trainings, HR Director Updates and high school financial literacy workshops. PNCU has invested in numerous resources and tools for its members, teachers and youth, including GreenPath Financial Services and Banzai Financial Literacy. Jim kick started the Chicopee Comprehensive High School internship program in which the Credit Union selects three graduating seniors to work at the school branch to learn what it is like to work at the Credit Union. They learn priceless business and people skills over the course of this yearlong internship. Over the last calendar year, the Credit Union has donated over $100,000 to different organizations in need, including the Chicopee Book Mobile and upgrading the sports facility and playing fields at Chicopee’s Nash Field. Looking forward to the 2020 Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade, Jim will lead the Chicopee contingent, walking with his wife, Ann, and their adult children Erin, Maureen, & Daniel. “As a young boy growing up in Holyoke, I could never have imagined I would someday be the CEO of the Polish National Credit Union and lead the Chicopee Contingent as Parade Marshal. In many ways, I haven’t journeyed far at all. In fact, on March 22nd I’m returning to the Elmwood Section of Holyoke – where it all began – which is the ultimate honor!”


Edward Kenfield

2 0 2 0 W O O D S AWA R D R E C I P I E N T Edward Kenfield has received the Jack Woods Award. Named after one of the founding members of the committee, it recognizes an individual who has actively served ten or more years on the Committee. Ed joined the Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Day Committee 15 years ago, and served as President in 2018. He has been a member of the float committee for many years, also serving its Chairperson most recently. The float committee has won multiple awards including 1st place Colleen float and 1st place open in Holyoke, as well as 4th place national from the supplies vendor, Victory Corps. He has also been a member of the contest committee, on the Board of Directors, and has helped on any subcommittee where needed. A native of Flint, Michigan, Ed moved to Holyoke, MA with his father when he was 10 years old. He moved to Chicopee when he was in his 20’s where he has lived ever since. He has been married to his wife Theresa for 27 years. They have 2 daughters, Dawn and Tabitha, 2 sons-in-law Tino and Pete, plus their pride and joy, granddaughters Makenzie, 16 years old, and Kinsley Amari, 2 months old! Ed is currently employed at Lancer Transportation & Logistics of Springfield, Ma. He was a volunteer at the VA Central Massachusetts Healthcare System (formerly the VA Medical Center) in Northampton, and has assisted with projects for the Disabled American Veterans and Auxiliary. In his free time, he is an avid hunter for deer during hunting season. Ed is usually seen behind the wheel of the truck pulling the Colleen’s float, but this year, he will be marching in the Parade in a place of honor. When notified that he was chosen as this year’s Woods Award Recipient, he stated how proud he was to receive this honor by the Committee.


Joel Rodowicz

2 0 2 0 AT K I N S O N AWA R D R E C I P I E N T The Atkinson Award was created by the Parade Committee to honor the late George Atkinson, who was a founding member, and his son, George “Buddy” Atkinson Jr., and is given each year to a person who is not a committee member, but has supported its functions and events. This year’s recipient is Joel Rodowicz. For the past eleven years, he has taken photographs of parade committee activities for the Colleen Ball Program book, news releases and social media. A Chicopee native, Joel graduated from Chicopee High School and attended Springfield Technical Community College and Holyoke Community College. He worked in the printing industries for 45 years, retiring from AM Lithography in 2018. He is currently an amateur musician, playing guitar and bass, but played professionally in bands and as a DJ in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and enjoys just about every kind of music. His favorite hobby is photography, and he has brought his cherished camera with him to photodocument his travels throughout mainland US, Alaska and Hawaii; Europe, and Canada and Mexico. Joel has been married to the former Mary O’Brien for 36 years. They have two children: a son, Brian, a pharmacist with Trinity Health in Livonia, MI; and a daughter, Kate, who works at Springfield College, and is an artist. In 2008, Kate entered the Chicopee Colleen Contest, and was selected as a member of the Court. It was after that parade season that Joel began to use his photography skills to assist the committee, and he has been doing so ever since. His selection as Atkinson Award recipient came as a surprise, but he is most grateful for the honor: “For many years, I watched the parade from the sidelines with my family. After 2008, it has been a pleasure to take photos for this committee, helping them while doing something I really enjoy. I look forward to marching in the parade, with my camera, on March 22, 2020…hoping for a mild, sunny day!”


Sara Gilpatrick & Joshua Malone

2 0 2 0 M E A R A AWA R D R E C I P I E N T S

Jim Campbell recalls going to a birthday barbecue on a sunny Sunday last July, but little else after he jumped feet first into the pool to cool off. His longtime girlfriend, Gisele Gilpatrick, and others at the party became alarmed as the Amherst resident was not moving and began to turn blue. Quick action by family members Sara Gilpatrick and Joshua Malone, who jumped into the water, dragged Jim out of the pool, and began CPR as they waited for paramedics to arrive, saved his life. “I wouldn’t be here talking with you today if it wasn’t for Josh and Sara. I was in cardiac arrest and taken to Baystate Medical Center, where I stayed for a week. Other than a few cracked ribs, I was OK, thanks to them.” Jim’s story reached the Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee, which then chose Sara and Josh as recipients of the Meara Award, given to a member or members of the community, not to preclude public safety officials in an off-duty capacity, who performed an act of selfless courage, bravery or heroism. It is presented in memory of William R. Meara Sr. who was one of the founding members of the Committee. As she looks back on the situation, Sara remembers feeling a sense of urgency, but she did not panic. “I kept calm… I knew what I had to do and I thank God for my training as a first responder.” The daughter of Ron and Simone Gilpatrick, she is a 1999 Chicopee Comprehensive High School graduate and went on to Holyoke Community College, where she received an Associate’s Degree in 2001. She served in the United States Navy for four years as an Aviation Ordnanceman, and was promoted to the rank of Third-Class Petty Officer in 2008. Sara then went on to receive a second Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice, and is now working toward a second Masters’ Degree in Education in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. She has worked Oregon Department of Corrections as a correctional officer. Joshua is the son of Gisele Gilpatrick, and is married to the former Laura Cloutier. He graduated from Chicopee Comprehensive High School in 2007, a 3-sport athlete, and went on to Elms College where he played soccer and coached volleyball. He has been employed as a correctional officer at the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department since 2012. In 2017 he was promoted to the rank of Corporal and was a member of the Special Operations Response Team. In March of 2019, he was promoted to the Intake Training Corporal on the second shift. Joshua has also worked for Pro-Tech Waterproofing Solutions, a family business, and for over 17 years. Sara’s and Joshua’s experience and education served them well during a critical moment back on that sunny July day. As Josh recaps: “I helped Sara drag Jim out of the water, and then we started CPR. I did what I was trained to do.” Both are appreciative of the recognition they are receiving from the parade committee, and will be proudly marching with their family and friends on parade day. 10

Proud to provide safe, elegant transportation to the Chicopee Colleen and Court throughout the Parade Season!

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In honor of Barry Corridan Long time friend and supporter of the Chicopee Parade committee

D. Barry Corridan 1953-2019

The Chicopee Parade Committee is proud of its commitment to award generous scholarships to our contestants each year. The following scholarships were awarded in 2019: William and Ruth Corridan Family Scholarship - Shania Pinero Fernandez William and Ruth Corridan Family Scholarship - Emily Dupont William and Ruth Corridan Family Scholarship - Sydney Demers Maura Culloo-Burns Scholarship - Victoria Guay Rodowicz Family Scholarship, in memory of Leo O’Brien - Amelia Gibson Parade Committee Scholarship, in memory of founding member Jack Woods - Hope Gauthier


CHICOPEE CULTURAL COUNCIL P.O.Box 888 Chicopee, MA 01021 mass-culture.org/chicopee • chicopeeculturalcouncil@yahoo.com The Chicopee Cultural Council's mission is to advance excellence and access to the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences. The Council strives towards good stewardship of our community by contributing to our economic vitality by leveraging the power of the arts, culture and creativity to serve a broader agenda for change, growth and transformation. The Chicopee Parade Committee would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Chicopee Cultural Council. Their generous grant program allows us to keep Irish culture alive through the building of our Colleen Float.



Thanks for capturing our committee memories throughout the years - your time and talent are greatly appreciated! 14

Chicopee Police Patrolmen's Union Local 401 is proud to support the Chicopee Parade Committee


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Congratulations to the 2020 honorees


From the Ruth Corridan Family

Ruth, Rosemary, Stephen, Cynthia, Judith & Jennifer


Jim Kelly Thank you for all that you do for our community! WE ARE HONORED TO MARCH BEHIND YOU ON PARADE DAY!




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Congratulations to our very own

Joel Rodowicz

2020 Atkinson Award Recipient

Over the years, your photos have captured the best moments of the Chicopee St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee! With love from your family, Mary, Brian, Kate and Seth We also congratulate all the VIP’s… and may the Luck of the Irish be with each and every Colleen Contestant tonight!


We've found the end of the rainbow right here. Westfield Bank is proud to support the Chicopee St. Patrick's Parade Committee. Congratulations to the 2020 Colleen and Court who represent the best of Irish culture, a tradition of service, and great potential for our communities in generations to come.



W hat better banking's all about': Iii.a'


-, rn.'iir.:FDIC

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To the Chicopee Parade Committee: Thanks for all you do!

Congratulations to our 2020 Colleen, her Court, Parade Marshal Jim Kelly, and all of the award winners!

Keith Rattell, Chicopee City Clerk 24

Congratulations to Jim Kelly, Marshal Joel Rodowicz, Atkinson Award Recipient Sara Gilpatrick & Joshua Malone, Meara Award Recipients and to Ed Kenfield, our Woods Award Recipient Thank you for your heartfelt commitment to your family, your friends and your community. Sincerely,


In Memory of James F. Waldron, Stephen E. Waldron and James McCarthy

“The Consummate Irish Gentlemen” From their Loving Family 26

Past Parade Marshals 2019

John "Jack" and Eileen Kelly


Sr. Nora Harrington, SSJ


Laura McCarthy


Atty. Michael J. Murphy


Kathleen Ryan-Balakier


Brian Q. Corridan


Timothy O'Grady


Atty. John P. Moylan


Rep. Joseph F. Wagner


Hon. Robert F. Kumor, Jr.


Denise Doyle Nowak


John (Jack) Moran


Timothy O’Shea


Atty. Wilfred P. Conlon


Sr. Mary Reap, IHM


Herbert Curry


Atty. Susan Conlin Philips


Grover O’Brien


Fr. Rick Turner


Atty. Thomas D. Murphy, Jr.


Edward Murphy


Martin Sweeney


Thomas F. Moriarty


Richard Sweeney


John O’Connor


Rev. Father Daniel A. Doyle


William Wagner


Edmund Dowd


Captain Brian McCue O’Malley


Sister Mary Dooley


Captain Christopher Robert O’Malley


Donald Tylunas


Neil F. O’Leary


John F. Corridan, Jr.


Sr. Edie McAlice, SSJ


Thomas Casey


Thomas P. Collins


Daniel D. Buckley


Sr. Kathleen Keating, SSJ


Clifford Brochmyre


Mike Hurley


John Saunders


Bill Hurley, Jr.


John L. Fitzpatrick


James E. Doyle


Roy Scott


Rev. James J. Flahive


Richard Balakier


Daniel O'Donnell


Cornelius W. Phillips


Atty. Thomas D. Murphy


Cheers To The 2020 Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee!

Best Wishes

To all of the 2020 Chicopee Colleen Participants


State Senator Jim Welch

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Past Woods Award Recipients

E. Jack Woods

A distinguished service award will be presented each year to a member in good standing of at least ten (10) years of the Committee who has rendered extraordinary service to the Committee. This award shall be known as the E. Jack Woods Award.

Michelle Liswell-Zimmek Marvin Hill John Beaulieu Elin Gaynor Joe Morissette Dan O’Reilly Paul Rouilliard Raymond LeHouiller John “Jack” Kelly Judith Corridan Danek and William Corridan Robert Liswell William Keating Joe Couturier Gerald & Anne-Marie Darcy Peter Graham Bernice and Daniel Shea Tom Conroy Timothy A. O’Grady Judy & George Green

Cecilia & Edward Costello Tim O’Shea Mike O’Brien Larry Perreault Richard J. Dupuis Jack Thomson Paul Mettey Joseph (Gene) Brassard Fran Cerruti Thomas (Tommy) Collins Mike Regan George Atkinson Bill Meara Mike Cavanaugh, Jr. Bernie Kane Don LaDuke Daniel O’Donnell Henry Kopeski Kevin Topor



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A Meghan Kalbaugh

Congratulations to the 2020 Colleen and Court!

May all of the Irish angels Smile upon you on this day. Have a great night!

Board of Directors and Employees of Sheridan Circle


In loving memory of our dear friend Jack Woods

Laura & J.J.

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T H E C H I C O P E E S T. PWelcome AT R I C K ’ S PA R A D E C O M M I T T E E TheW Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade welcomes E L C O M E S Y O U T O TCommittee HE ANN U A L Cyou O LtoL the EEN 47th Annual Colleen CONT E S T Coronation A N D C O and R O Awards N A T I OPresentation. N BALL We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who so generously gave

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who so generously gave of their time and effort to help make this such a success. year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities such a success.

of their time and effort to help make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities

The selection of our new Colleen and marching with the float in the St.

The selection of our new Colleen and marching with the float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade are special highlights, but there that goes intomore the work thisinto committee. Our appreciation goes is so much thatof goes the work of deep this committee. to Our all the family and friendsgoes of our and volunteers deep appreciation to members all the family members who and shared theirfriends loved ones with us...longand hours building who the float, planning Irish night, of our members volunteers shared their loved hosting a special Mass, andhours coordinating takes timeIrish and talent. ones with us...long buildingthe thecontest float, planning Night, hosting a special Mass and coordinating the contest The businesses and individual sponsors you talent. see in this book make it possible for Chicopee to takes time and Patrick’s Day Parade are special highlights, but there is so much more

continue the tradition, involving families, neighbors, and daughters of Chicopee as we work to keep our Irish heritage close tosponsors our hearts. Additionally, aremake most grateful for for their support as The businesses and individual you see in thiswe book it possible Chicopee to it allows ourthe organization provide families, importantneighbors scholarship opportunities forChicopee colleen contestants. continue tradition, to involving and daughters of as we workPlease to keep our Irish these heritage close toand ourlethearts. Additionally, we ad arewhen mostyou grateful support businesses, them know you saw their do. for their support as it allows our organization to provide important scholarship opportunities for colleen contestants. Please support these businesses, and alet them note knowofyou sawtotheir ad Kivel, whenBall youChair; do. Denise The Committee also wishes to extend special thanks Laurie Noble, Contest Committee Chair; Kristen Hubert, Contest Coordinator, as well as their teams

The Committee also wishes to extend a special note of thanks to Elin Gaynor, Ball Chair, who worked so hard to make this evening a success. Thank you also to the staff of the Castle of Brenda Guiel, Contestant Coordinator, and Lisa Smith, Contest Chair, as well as their teams Knights, to the high school students who are filming the event, and to the committee members and who worked so hard to make this evening a success. Thank you also to the staff of the Castle volunteers who - at this very moment - are working to prepare our contestants for their time in of Knights, to the high school students who are filming the event, and to the committee memthe spotlight. special thank you our judges, who have thecontestants most difficult bers and volunteersAdditionally, who - at thisa very moment - aretoworking to prepare our fortask for tonight’s their time in thecontest. spotlight. Additionally, a special thank you to our judges, who have the most difficult task for tonight’s contest.

At the end of this evening, we will welcome our incoming Colleen. The Committee is very grateful to

At the our end2019 of this evening we will welcome our incomingthe Colleen. The is very so ably Colleen, Madison Hartling, for representing Chicopee St. Committee Patrick’s Committee grateful to our 2013 Vershon, for ladies representing the Chicopee St.this Patrick’s throughout theColleen, year. We McKenzie thank her and the young who served in the Court year: Nyah Committee so ably throughout the year. WeDemers, thank her and the young who be served in ifthe Martineau, Catalina Ulloa-Hiltz, Sydney and Kayleigh Dion.ladies We would remiss we did Court not this also year:thank Taylor Berube, Laura Gibb, Kari Ribadeneyra, and Ashley Sanocki. We their families who supported them throughout the year. would be remiss if we did not also thank their parents and families who supported them throughout the you year.enjoy tonight’s Colleen Ball. We hope Thank We hope youyou, enjoy tonight’s Colleen Ball. The Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee

Thank you, The Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee Members 35

2020 Chicopee Colleen Contestants O R D E R O F P R E S E N TAT I O N

1. Hailey Prive

11. Makenzie Hernandez

2. Mackenzie Feeley

12. Tatyana Santiago

3. Natalia Wloch

13. Julianna DeGray

4. Sophie Warren

14. Taylor Gawron

5. Ava Baron

15. Joanna Mienkowski

6. Caitlin Mogilka

16. Lillian Doherty

7. Melissa Carson

17. Kimberlee Harrington

8. Karoline Klaus

18. Meghan Kalbaugh

9. Lauren Tilbury

19. Erin McCormick

10. Hannah Provost

20. Makayla Hammon

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Program Welcome Remarks

9 Announcements and Introductions

9 Presentation of Contestants

9 Brief Intermission

9 Announcement of Five Finalists

9 Crowning of Colleen and Court

COHOSTS Judith Corridan Danek | Bernie St. George | MaryLynn Ostrowski Ireland, PhD

PRESIDENT’S WELCOME Brenda Pauze Guiel CONTESTANT COORDINATOR Ms. Kristen Hubert TABULATOR Ms. Beatriz Gonzales JUDGES’ LIAISON Ms. Laurie Kivel PANEL OF JUDGES Jonathan Berthiaume Matt Griffin Milagros Johnson Jennifer Provost

COLLEEN ESCORTS Kyle Jones, Chicopee Comprehensive High School | Caleb Dion, Chicopee Comprehensive High School Kyle Ingram, Chicopee Comprehensive High School | Brendan Tadeo, Chicopee High School Carlos Patrico Barriga, Chicopee High School Tonight's elegant music is courtesy of 2019 Atkinson Award Recipient Daniel J. Mashia


Awards and Prizes THE COLLEEN’S GIFTS Crystal Tiara Presentation Bouquet Large Engraved Revere Bowl Provided by Mayor John Vieau Gemstone Necklace Courtesy of Furnari Jewelers Portrait Session and 8x10 Color Picture of Colleen and Court Courtesy of Live, Laugh Photograph Studios

THE COLLEEN’S COURT GIFTS Engraved Revere Bowl Provided by Mayor John L. Vieau Irish Theme Fine Jewelry Courtesy of Furnari Jewelers 5x7 Color Picture of Colleen and Court Courtesy of Live, Laugh, Photograph Studios

The Colleen and Court are provided with their gorgeous ball gowns courtesy of Bridal Corner. Tuxedos for the escorts are provided courtesy of Ron’s Formals. Each contestant, escort, and judge will receive a memento to remember this special night courtesy of Furnari Jewelers.

SCHOLARSHIPS All contestants are eligible to apply for the Parade Committee Scholarships provided by: William and Ruth Corridan Scholarship Fund Maura Culloo-Burns Scholarship Fund Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee Rodowicz Family Scholarship, in memory of Leo O’Brien


Dear Lillie, Best Wishies for a Wonderful Evening. I admire your Grace, Courage, Kindness and Compassion!

The parade committee would like to offer A SINCERE THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR POLICE OFFICERS, firefighters, and first responders WHO RISK THEIR LIVES TO KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE

Love, Mom

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Past Atkinson Award Recipients Daniel Mashia

Chicopee Herald

Exclusive Limo

John Dumont, Chicopee Schools Director, Channel 5

Tom Knightly

Noel Laflamme, Laflamme’s Heating, Inc.

Jay Buckley Isle Brassard and Darlene Cortis Marty Topor – Central Oil Bud Shuback, Shuback Photography Johnny Yee Foundation Tina Piersol, Mathis Olds Buick Cadillac, Inc. Ted & Barbara Hebert John Geraghty, Package Machinery Health New England John Whalen, formerly City Clerk Dennis Croteau, McClelland Florist & the Ingleside Gift House

John Saunders, former of A.G. Spaulding, Co. James E. Doyle, Doyle Travel Center

John & Christine Malikowski, Ryans Jewelers

Captain John Quinn, US Air Force, Westover Analia & Bernie St. George, Bridal Corner & Ron’s Formal Wear

Richard Balakier, Balakier’s Department Store

Chicopee Electric Light Department

Joseph Batista, Chicopee Undergarment

Ladies of the Colleen Contest

Ron & Terry Boudreau, The Bridal Shop

Allen J. Chandonnet, AJC Limo Robert Gaboury, Greater Media Cable Chicopee Falls Moose Family Center #1849

Tiger AC, 1995 Board of Director

W. Guy Ormsby, Knowing you l Knowing you loved thisChicopee Savings Bank Zenon & Jane Lemanski, Sign Tech time of year s time of year so much… Joe Solock, K of C Elder Council 69 The Topor Family

David Grey, Empire Limousine Chris Buendo & Dan Buendo,

The Atkinson Award was created by the Parade Committee to honor the late George Atkinson, who was a founding member of the committee, and his son, George “Buddy” Atkinson Jr., and is given each year to a person or organization that is not a committee member, but has supported its functions and events. George “Buddy” Atkinson, Jr.

George Atkinson, Sr. 41

George Atkinson, Sr.

GeorgeGeorge “Buddy” Atkinson, Jr. “Buddy” Atkinson, Jr.

Congratulations to the Colleen and her court!

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Love, Mom, dad and your entire family


Congratulations to 2020 Chicopee Parade Committee 2020 Colleen & her court 2020 Woods Award Ed Kenfield



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Congratulations 2020 Chicopee Parade Committee, 20 20 Colleen and her Court!

Designer Hair Cutting * Customized Hair Coloring * Spa Services Full service salon for Men, Women, & Children



We Salute Our Past Colleens 2019 Madison Hartling

1998 Jordan Boesh

1977 Linda Tuzzor

2018 Katherine Wagner

1997 Brianna Kane

1976 Kathleen O’Donnell

2017 Finn Murray

1996 Maura Culloo

1975 Elizabeth Lacoste

2016 Kyleigh Morin

1995 Tara Hamre

1974 Patty Rosenbalm

2015 Shannon McAndrew

1994 Eva Szulc

1973 Susan Menard

2014 Kristen Hubert

1993 Michelle Carvalho

1972 Angela Ondrick

2013 McKenzie Vershon

1992 Angelica Gorman

1971 Denise Laflamme

2012 Erin MacDonald

1991 Michelle Pelland

1970 Kathleen Wytrych

2011 Amber Legare

1990 Shannon Holt

1965 Judith O’Connor

2010 Tanya Hryn

1989 Wendy Tolpa

1958 Judith Buckley

2009 Kristy LaPlante

1988 Erica Banas

2008 Jennifer Welsh

1987 Martha Potyrala

2007 Maura MacDonald

1986 Melissa Ann Holt

2006 Rachel Feyre

1985 Corina Cutter

2005 Kara Aberdale

1984 Mary Duval

2004 Julie Wightman

1983 Debbie Jamrok

2003 Megan Hill

1982 Maureen O’Boyle

2002 Jennifer Kuc

1981 Pamela Schot

2001 Amanda Foisy

1980 Joni Streit

2000 Toni Ferreira

1979 Virginia Kapinos

1999 Darlene Darcy

1978 Denise Lampron


431 Granby Rd, Chicopee, MA 01013 (413) 592-1849 • bpoe1849@gmail.com

Landry's Catering

All Occasions from Weddings to Jack and Jills Funerals and Private Parties

Tom Landry Kitchen Manager - Elks Club, Chicopee, MA (413) 575-9529 45

Your heroic actions have made us so proud! We're honored to have you representing our city and the committee as our 2020 Meara Award Recipients. YOUR FRIENDS ON THE CHICOPEE PARADE COMMITTEE


Analia, Thank you for making us look and feel so beautiful! Bridal Corner has been providing gorgeous gowns for the Chicopee Colleen and Court since 1984.


Good Luck Julianna

Ida Gamidova

We are very proud of you

205 Grattan St. Chicopee, MA 01020


Work: 413-534-6500 Cell: 413-221-4482

Mom, Dad, and Amanda

Weddings, Anniversaries, Funerals, Memory Lamps and More! www.GoldenBlossomFlowers.com

Quinn Family Dental Dr. Maureen Quinn-Sheehan D.D.S. Dr. David Vanderboom D.M.D. 1146 Memorial Dr. Chicopee, MA 01020 Website: quinnfamilydental.com Phone: 413-593-8904 Fax: 413-593-5366 48

Hours M-F 7am-4pm Sat 8am-12pm (closed in winter on Sat) 100 Sgt. TM Dion Way Westfield, MA 01085

413-562-0193 www.360recyclingllc.com Soil Products Top Soil • Compost • Garden Soil (50/50 mix of top soil & compost)

Mulch Products

Colored Mulch Red, Black, Brown Hemlock 100% Hemlock Bark Natural All natural dark brown double ground mulch



$10 - 31 CHANCES TO WIN! • $300 St. Patrick's Day Jackpot • • $200 End-of-month Jackpot • • $100 Fridays & Saturdays •




Congratulations and may the sun shine brightly on all of you! From Ronnie and Rebecca King



Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee & Colleen Ball Executive Board:

Glen Olbrych - President Daniel McQuade - Vice Pres Joshua Provost - Secretary Thomas Canaday - Treasurer


Station 1 Director - John James & Jeffrey Dias Station 3 Director - Jon Goudreault Station 4 Director - Howard Beaudry Station 5 Director - Timothy Zabik Station 7 Director - Matthew Morrissey Station 8 Director - Scott Loughman


Best of Luck Melissa! We are very proud of you.



to the Colleen & her Court

Mom, Dad, Matthew, and family.

Jim Kelly, Chicopee Parade Marshal Ed Kenfield, Woods Award Honoree Joel Rodowicz, Atkinson Award Winner Sara Gilpatrick & Joshua Malone, Meara Award Winners From

Assessor Laura McCarthy, Chicopee Parade Marshal 2018


Family jewelers for over 40 years. Fine jewelry at the best prices. Visit our two locations. Anthony Furnari 1189 Memorial Dr. Chicopee, MA 413-593-6506


Joseph Furnari Enfield Square Mall 90 Elm St Enfield, CT 860-741-6897

Good Luck to all the contestants!! Congratulations to Brenda Guiel the 2020 Parade Committee President and the Colleen and Court!!! 55

600 Springfield Street, Chicopee facetonails.com Sincere thanks to Face to Nails for making this year’s Colleen Contestant Irish Tea special by generously donating a gift certificate as raffle a prize.




Proud to Support the Chicopee Parade Committee

Chicopee Electric Light

Established in 1896 as Chicopee’s public utility, CEL continues to operate in the best interest of our rate payers. We work hard to keep our rates low, our response times fast, and our services reliable and up-to-date. After all, this is our community as well. The Parade Committee is grateful for the longtime support of our friends at CEL - thank you for keeping the lights on!




➤Live Mariachi Band Every Week ➤Best Margaritas in Massachusetts

In Western Mass.

Best Mexican Restaurant

7 consecutive times

Thank you for your business and voting us

Awards Won:


Keeping the Irish arts and culture alive The Irish Cultural Center works to preserve, share, and promote Ireland’s cultural heritage, for all to experience its rich legacy. Our programs and events offer education and entertainment.

Irish House Restaurant and Trinity Pub 429 Morgan Road West Springfield, MA

413-333-4951 irishcenterwne@gmail.com IrishCenterwne.org

Visit our website for more info about our new home, restaurant, and events.

We invite everyone to visit for dinner or a drink and experience our Irish hospitality, plus our weekly Wednesday seisiún and live music evenings. Available to rent for private events.

Become a Patron Today Support from our Patrons is vital for the ICC’s operating expenses, museum/library renovation, program development, and building improvement. The Irish Cultural Center of Western New England is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Donate online, or give us a call!


Congratulations to all of the 2020 contestants!


Congratulations to the 2020 Chicopee St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee & The New Colleen and Her Court

Best of Luck Makenzie!

U Love, Dad

Timothy J. Gearin Jr. DMD Family Dentistry

And Staff Tim, Becky, Kayla and their Families 5 McCarthy Ave., Chicopee, MA 01020 413-536-8800


LODGE BINGO WEDNESDAY NIGHTS • 6:20pm Thursday afternoons • 12:30 pm Free coffee & tea • kitchen open • door prizes

244 Fuller road • chicopee • (413) 592-6285 60

Brenda -

Thank you for being our fearless leader this year! In your role as "Colleen mom", you've inspired and helped so many young women in our community. In your role as president, you've inspired and motivated our committee - we're honored to be led by you!


Best Wishes

and Congratulations on a Great Parade Season! Congratulations Johnny B, our 2020 Daniel J. Gallivan Award Winner!

from your friends at the Holyoke Parade Committee! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Parade on Sunday, March 22!




Parade Day 2019 HIGHLIGHTS


Colleen Coronation Ball 2019 HIGHLIGHTS


Colleen and Court Events 2019 HIGHLIGHTS


In memory of Thomas Collins

is proud to sponsor the Chicopee St. Patrick’s Parade Committee!

Congratulations to the 2020 Colleen and Court! From everyone at

Offices in Springfield, Westfield, and Amherst dunnandphillips.com 68


Elder Council No. 69 Knights Of Columbus


Catholic Men for Knights of Columbus 413-534-9609 • KOFC69.ORG

Congratulations to Bobby Liswell on a well- deserved honor from your friends at the Elder Council 69 Home Association


K of C Elder Council 69

Every Monday Night All Paper Bingo Food Concessions • Free Coffee •Air Conditioned Doors open at 4:00 pm - Games start 6:20 pm Door Prizes - Weekly scratch ticket raffle Telephone: (413) 594-9848 • 460 Granby Rd., Chicopee, MA 01013


2006 Parade Committee Atkinson Award Recipient

Providing Gowns for the Colleen and Court since 1984

a day to remember. MAKE YOUR WEDDING Analia Dias-St. George, Proprietor

We have a large selection of dresses for the Bride, Bridal Party, Mothers, Proms, First Communions and other Special Occasions 413.593.6425 • 720 Memorial Drive, Chicopee


720 MEMORIAL DRIVE CHICOPEE, MA 413.593.6425 Bernie St. George, Proprietor

The Parade Committee would like to thank Ron’s Formal Wear for adding to the distinction of the Coronation Ball by outfitting the gentlemen of the committee and our escorts in their tuxedos. 71

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