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Issue 45 Sheffield . Bradford

Flaunt | Fashion |Cuisine| Beautify | Tresses | Spotlight | City Break | Reviews

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Welcome Editor’s Letter What a month; we can all now breathe a sigh of relief after the unprecedented success of the London 2012 Games, and a sterling performance from Team GB, we’ve every reason to celebrate. Yorkshire has more reason than most to feel proud of their athletes; if Yorkshire were a republic we would have finished twelfth in the national medal tables, from Alistair Brownlee battling the odds in the Triathalon, to Sheffield’s own golden girl Jessica Ennis showing Steel City grit to bring home the Heptathlon gold, the games were a joy from start to finish. Somehow, between the close of another cracking Tramlines Festival and handing Rio the Olympic torch, we’ve found a way of putting together another great issue of Chic Lifestyle Magazine, for you, our lovely Chic readers.

Flaunt | Page 6

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A sneak peek at the unmissable events occurring across Yorkshire this month

Aiden Grimshaw | Page 12 The former X Factor star is currently on the rise up the charts, we made sure we caught him while we could!

This month, while our travel editor has been scouting out the best eateries and attractions in our fair capital city, the Chic chef has been soaking in the summer sun, rustling up a delicious, succulent Pan Seared Tuna Steak – don’t say we don’t look after you.


Our cover star - former X Factor contestant Aiden Grimshaw – released his début album, Misty Eye, late last month,it is a wonderfully unexpected dance-pop gem, so we jumped at the opportunity to catch up with the young star and find out what makes him tick. It’s hard to believe that it has been over a month since the city shut down to welcome in Tramlines Festival. 2012 proved to be a vintage year for the festival and the Steel Streets throbbed to the sounds of rock, pop and dance. We take a look back at some of Chic’s Tramlines highlights. As always, our beauty and fashion editors are on hand to give you their top tips to looking and feeling your best. We’ve been scouting out the finest restaurants and salons to to share with you, as well as giving you our hot picks of the month’s gigs, films and events in our regular Flaunt feature. For a while now we’ve wanted to include music reviews in our magazine - we’re all “wired for sound” here at Chic HQ - so it’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you our brand new album review feature. For it’s début appearance, we cover three corkers, from Bloc Party, Passion Pit and Frank Ocean.

Jessica Ennis | Page 16 Were Yorkshire a republic, we’d have come twelfth over all at the London 2012 games, thanks in no small part to golden girl Jessica Ennis’ stunning Heptathlon feat. Last month she arrived home to a misty-eyed Sheffield crowd

We hope you enjoy spending an hour or so with Yorkshire’s number one for lifestyle and culture. As always, Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any feedback or suggestions, and we look forward to seeing you again same time next month.

Issue 45

Flaunt | Fashion |Cuisine| Beautify | Tresses | Spotlight | City Break | Reviews

Sheffield . Bradford

Your editor

Kieran Smith Want to ask me a question?

Cusine Review| Page 31

Email me at

The Team Managing Director Hussain Shafique


Kieran Smith

This month it’s the turn of Uncle Sam’s Chuck Wagon on Ecclesall Road to be put to task by the Chic foodies

Tramlines | Page 20 It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month now since the city was closed down and the streets were alive on the sound of music. We take a look back at the biggest date in the Sheffield calendar

Design Director Shane Gilmartin

Junior Designer Scott Wheeler

Web Designer Francesca Cirillo

Beauty Tips| Page 34

Sales Manager Melanie Jackson

Our in house beauty expert gives her hot tips for beating those post-holiday blues


Kelly Markell


Kate Hobson, Joe Davis, Rebecca Needham, Jeremy Williams, Tarquin Clark, Melanie Jackson

Special Thanks

Chuff Media, Aiden Grimshaw

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Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

Fashion | Page 24

Beauty Review| Page 35

Doing our best to keep in the Olympic spirit, we’re going gold, silver and bronze this month

Chic’s resident beauty critic pays a visit to The Hilton’s stunning Essence Spa

Music | Page 29

Tresses| Page 36

The latest releases from Passion Pit, Bloc Party and Frank Ocean have soundtracked the Chic offices this month, we give you our verdict

We put West One’s glamorous Wigs and Warpaint to the test

Cusine Recipe| Page 30

City Break| Page 40

Our resident chef walks us through a mouthwatering Pan Seared Tuna Steak

For the past few months it’s felt like the centre of the universe; our wonderful, vibrant capital, London

Layar An interview. Flip. A piece about a concert at the weekend. Flip. Some review for that new Chinese restaurant down the street. Flip. An article about the sun kissed beaches of Turkey, somewhere you’re not going anytime soon. Flip. OK stop now, there’s only so much you can take without your eyes melting. It’s the same things over and over again. Print media has been said in recent years to be dying a slow, painful death at the hands of interactive web based sources of information and the sad thing is that most print mediums are barely fighting back, until now.

“Read your way into the Future with Chic Lifestyle Magazine”

Chic Lifestyle Magazine has decided to follow in the wake of the great magazine houses in the capital itself, and introduce Fully Augmented Reality to its readership. One of the first magazines in the entire Yorkshire area to embrace the new revolutionary technology, Fully Augmented Reality is a smart phone based technology which allows the reader to access web content on their phone that is specifically linked to the content of the particular magazine article they happen to be reading. Want to know more about the new comedian you’re reading about? Go to their official website. See a great new deal from a magazine advert? Check out the finer details on the web. Reading about a new pop star ascending through the charts? Check out their latest chart smash on YouTube – it’s really that amazing! The way it works is quite simple really, once you get your head around it. You start by downloading the ‘Layar’ app onto your smart phone, don’t worry it’s free and can be found in all app stores. Then it’s quite easy really, open the app and a phone camera like screen will appear on your phone which you can then use to scan pages in the magazine. Here’s the cool bit. When you use the ‘Layar’ scanner on a page in the magazine, relevant three dimensional ‘button’s’ will appear on your phone screen on top of the picture of the page. Then all you need to do is click on the button you wish to explore and it will whisk you away to a relevant webpage. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or a whole host of other interconnected pages, you can use the app alongside the article you’re reading to get extra information, to literally and figuratively make your reading experience three dimensional. Use the ‘Layar’ app on a classic piece of Chic editorial and it will open up a link to our magazines official website. You will get the chance to check out the magazine’s online features alongside our print version to fully immerse yourself in the world of Chic Lifestyle. Or buttons to our Facebook and Twitter pages will open up, ready for you to either ‘like’ or ‘follow’ respectively. But the best bit, the bit that’s bound to rock your world with Fully Augmented Reality we make adverts something you want to read. Use the ‘Layar’ scanner feature on an advert page and it will take you to their official website, where you can check out all their latest offers and deals to get the best out of all your Sheffield amenities. You need to know when you can use Fully Augmented Reality? We kindly are putting an official ‘Layar’ app symbol next to the page numbers of participating pages so you know when you can use the technology to enhance the print media experience. So Fully Augmented Reality in a nutshell? A revolutionary technology that allows you to break the limitations of print media to connect to the World Wide Web whenever and wherever to find out whatever you need to know!

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


Flaunt | Preview

Richard Hawley “Hawley redefines the musical landscape”

Richard Hawley / Sheffield City Hall

Sunday 23rd September and Tuesday 2nd October / 7.30pm / Tickets £22.50 /

Sheffield’s favourite son is returning to the City Hall this month for two nights that promise to be the Steel City’s hottest ticket of the year. Richard Hawley’s impressive solo career is now in its second decade; his most recent record Standing at the Sky’s Edge – released in May - has received unanimous praise across the board, as once again, Hawley redefines the musical landscape, taking the bold step to


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

challenge himself and his audience. It’s a euphoric album, a sonic assault on the senses, channelling elements of psychedelia, space rock and ragas with heavy riffs and raw, visceral guitar solos as well as more familiar, tender moments and of course that trademark Steel City croon is still in tact. Hawley’s love for his city has dominated his solo output,

with each one of his seven albums titled after an area of his beloved Sheffield. The love is reciprocated, naturally, and fighting off tough competition from Cocker and Turner, these City Hall gigs act as a coronation for Hawley, who takes up his throne as Sheffield’s premier wordsmith and their most esteemed native. Back in 2007, Hawley sang, “tonight the streets are ours”. They were always yours, Richard.

Flaunt | Preview

Malcolm Holcombe The Live Room

De:Bug Presents DJ W!ILD and Huxley The Fez Club

Sunday 23rd September / 8pm / Tickets £9 / Living Room, Bradford,

10.30pm – 7am / Tickets £8 / 6th October Sheffield

Malcolm Holcombe looks almost remarkably like Neil Young, and calling your record “Down the River”, isn’t going to do anything to quell comparisons to one of the greatest living songwriters. Fortunately for Mr. Holcombe the comparisons aren’t all that far from the truth; Rolling Stone Magazine has called his music, “haunted country, acoustic blues and rugged folk”, while Acoustic Magazine described his songs as being “frightening in their intensity”. BBC Country comments that he is “renowned for live performances that glow with gospel fervour in a voice that has been described as ‘half howl, half hosanna’”. Holcombe is now ten records into a career full of left-turns, and finally getting a hint of the credit that everyone in the Country scene knew he deserved years ago.

The Fez Club is proudly presenting another explosive début for Sheffield courtesy of De:Bug; the enigmatic DJ W!LD of Cocoon and Circo Loco is being unleashed on the De:Bug Faithful. W!LD’s trajectory increased considerably in 2009, when he was called upon by the powers that be, at the infamous DC10, to become a resident for one of the biggest movements in house and techno. Later the same year Sven Vath picked up on the acid doused vibes that were fast becoming W!LD’s trademark sound and was quick to add him to the Cocoon family where he still resides today. Now recognised as one of France’s underground house heroes, to say we are excited about W!LD’s Steel City début is a understating it a little.

Malcolm Holcombe was born and raised in the Blue Ridge town of Weaverville in North Carolina, and thanks to his hard-nosed work ethic and consistent output is coming to be recognised critically by contemporary US and European critics as a performer of international repute – that outlawcountry music legend Steve Earle turned up to lend his support at Holcombe’s latest album release, speaks volumes about the man’s growing stature. Malcolm Holcombe will play the intimate Live Room at Bradford’s Caroline Club this September – don’t miss out.

As if that weren’t enough, Huxley is tagging along to make his De:Bug début too - there is not another DJ in a richer vein of form right now, with massive releases already this year on MurMur, 20:20 Vision, his own Saints & Sonnets imprint, along with one of the biggest tracks of the year, ‘Let It Go’ on Hypercolour. This party is kicking off one of the most exciting seasons the Steel City has ever witnesses, and promises to be an unforgettable night, or one totally forgotten, depending on your preference of course.

Chicago The Crucible Theatre / Sheffield

Macbeth The Crucible Theatre / Sheffield

Cabaret Saltaire Caroline Social Club / Bradford

Let’s play guess the musical; “He had it coming! He had it coming! If you’d have been there, If you’d have seen it! I bet you, you would have done the same!” - or - “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be Roxie!” - no, wait - “He’s loves me so, that funny honey of mine.” Have you guessed yet? Please tell me you have. I’m a musical theatre enthusiast myself so you can’t blame me for being ecstatic - Chicago the UK tour is coming to Sheffield!

The Bard’s shortest play and perhaps his most notorious, Macbeth is steeped in a theatrical history of superstition and myth. The tale of a Scottish lord, corrupted by the enticing prophecies of three witches is one ingrained in popular culture, not least because of the play’s position as a GCSE staple. No amount of classroom scrutiny could temper the power and fiery passion of The Scottish Play though, which arrives - with a looming black cloud – at Sheffield’s Cruicible Theatre for a month long run, beginning on Wednesday 5th September.

The spotlight hits and the tension is so thick you could hack at it with a chainsaw and it wouldn’t scratch a dent. The brassy sounds of the big band start up as the crowd wait with baited breath. Then a young girl steps forth into the spotlight and bursts into ‘Maybe This Time’, à la Sally Bowles in Cabaret. That is the image most of us get into our heads when we hear the word ‘cabaret’, but times have changed, and so too the art of Cabaret. Should you want to experience the frivolous thrills of the late 19th century art, all with a contemporary twist, then Bradford’s Cabaret Saltaire might just be for you.

Monday 24th September – Saturday 30th September/ Tickets £10 - £34 / /

Running from the 24th-30th September at the Crucible theatre, the latest UK production of the infamous prohibition era musical ‘Chicago’ - which incidentally was based on a play of the same name written in 1926 by reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins about the real life crimes she reported on – threads a timeless yarn of love, lust and greed, told through a blistering array of now classic musical numbers. The production, which promises to be an absolute smash, stars Sarah Soebert, who trained at the English National school of Ballet and whose West End credits include Iris in ‘Fame’ and Lois Lane in ‘Kiss Me Kate’, as Roxie. As her rival-cumpredecessor Velma, we have Rachel McDowall, who boasts a stellar CV of stage and screen credits to her name. And as the dashing, razzle-dazzling, crooked lawyer Billy Flynn, a former Grease ‘Teen Angel’, Robin Cousins. With amazing talent, a gripping tale of fame hungry criminal divas and more classic tunes than you could shake a stick as, this promises to be a night in the cells that will leave your head spinning for days.

Wednesday 5th September – Saturday 6th October / Tickets £17-£25/

This Sheffield Theatres’ production of Shakespeare’s foray into the macabre cast’s former RSC performer, Geoffrey Streatfeild as the eponymous tyrant, while Lark Rise to Candleford star Claudie Blakley takes the demanding role of the deliciously unhinged Lady Macbeth. Expect war, lust, blood and magic being dished out by a capable cast, reaffirming the genius of the Bard in his bloodiest tragedy - it promises to spook, thrill and question in equal measure, The Scottish Play always does.

Saturday 15th September / 9.00pm / Tickets £12 /

The Cabaret Saltaire is a regular event at The Caroline Social Club, next taking place on Saturday 15th September, kicking off at 9.00 and running through until wee small hours. Retaining the glamour of traditional Cabaret, with one foot firmly in the 21st Century, Cabaret Saltaire comprises a mix of musical comedy with host Squinty McGinty and acts such as The Everley Pregnant Brothers, Justin Moorhouse and Saltaire’s own version of the Full Monty. The night guarantees gut-busting laughs and rivers of tears in equal measure.

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


PARADISE FOR STUDENTS! FORGET CRAZY GOLF THIS IS ADVENTURE GOLF! We’ve got two amazing indoor adventure golf courses set amidst a tropical paradise at Valley Centertainment, Sheffield FANTASTIC



LOW For bookings and enquiries call: 0114 256 0950 or find us at: Valley Centertainment, Broughton Lane, Sheffield, S9 2EP

2FOR1 ENTRY OFFER Terms and Conditions


COURSES OFFER Terms and Conditions


The voucher allows 2 people to play 1 round (18 holes) for the price of 1 (cheapest goes free). The voucher must presented at our paybooth prior to payment. The voucher is only valid at

The voucher allows up to 4 people to play 2 rounds (36 holes) for the price of 1 round. The voucher must presented at our paybooth prior to payment. The voucher is only valid at our

conditions apply.

conditions apply.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf Valley Centertainment, Broughton Lane, Sheffield, S9 2EP, 0114 256 09 50

My colleague and I sat in the car, the heat was boiling and we were making our way to Paradise Island Adventure Golf, the latest establishment in a chain of golf parks, that opened its doors at Valley Centertainment in February 2012. We weren’t sure what to expect – both a little rusty, neither of us had played crazy golf since summer holidays in Skeggy. On arrival, a riot of colour and sound immediately assaulted our senses as the world did a Wizard of Oz on us, and bled Technicolor into our line of sight. Needless to say we were dumbfounded as we were handed our clubs, golf balls and score sheets and we went to go start playing our game.

“The Chic Lifestyle Team Who Never Grew Up”

As we stepped onto the golf course, Paradise Island stepped up their game; the remains of several ancient cultures leapt out at us. Your adventure starts marooned on a desert island, bamboo walls, straw huts and clunky wooden walkways galore. As you play through the course, relics from an ancient past begin to rear their dust covered, stone heads to visually stimulate the senses; from the elongated faces of Aztec statues, delightfully beatified, full rounded Buddha monuments, or the stone faced, stoic visages of the the infamous Imperial Chinese ‘Terracotta Army’, you really begin to feel that you are Indiana Jones and that Paradise Island is your ‘Temple of Doom’, to be traversed. Mel and I were thrilled and delighted at every turn, as yet another surprise would creep into our line of vision while we played. The course itself actually turned us into big kids. Faux miniature golf courses greeted us at every turn, with their own specifically built hills and dips to emulate real golf courses, sans the water traps of course. With aspects of crazy golf thrown into the mix - such as two holes where you can hit your ball up a steep hill, only for it to slide down a tunnel hidden in the hill onto the green below - the courses proved fun and engaging, gripping the imagination of children and adults alike. We ended up getting slightly competitive (read, I ended up getting very competitive), as we battled it out to prove who between us on the Chic Lifestyle editorial team was the best golfer. At one point I was enraged - I got six strokes on a three par course. At one time I was delighted - I got a hole in one on a two par hole. We ending up drawing on fifty-three each, which we both agreed meant Tiger Woods has little to worry about. Although Mel did manage to get us a free game on the last hole. Overall Paradise Island Adventure Golf is for everyone, it keeps the kids occupied and is so fun adults seem to forget that they’re not kids themselves!

Prices : Under 5 £3.50 5-16 years £5.50 Student £6.00 Concession £6.00 Adult £7.00 Family of 4 £21.00 Group of 4 £25.00, price per round (18 holes)

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 12pm – 10pm Friday 12pm – 11pm Saturday 10am – 11pm Sunday 10am – 10pm Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


With every tiny move they make, your eyebrows speak volumes for you. Don’t they deserve the bespoke HD Brow’s brow treatment? Of course they do!

For perfectly groomed, high-definition eyebrows, call your official HD Brows brow stylist today.

0114 270 0336 / 0114 278 0702 Now at

SAlON OF tHe YeAr 2008-2012 Download our iPhone/Android app for offers/loyalty discounts. West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield, S1 4JB

Showroom Showcase

Playing at The Showroom Cinema this month:


Anna Karenina


Berberian Sound Studio

Lawless is the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers: bootlegging siblings who made a run for the American Dream in Prohibition-era Virginia. In this epic outlaw tale, inspired by true-life tales of author Matt Bondurant’s family in his novel The Wettest County In The World, the loyalty of three brothers is put to the test against the backdrop of the nation’s most notorious crime wave.

Leo Tolstoy’s epic love story, adapted by Academy Award winner Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love), from the director of Atonement. The story unfolds in late 19th century Russian highsociety and powerfully explores the human capacity for love, from the passion between adulterers to the bond between a mother and her children. As Anna questions her happiness, change comes to her family, friends and community.

Pilar spends her retirement trying to straighten up the world. She is troubled by her neighbour Aurora, an eccentric octogenarian who frequents the casino and suspects her maid of practising voodoo. Before dying, Aurora makes a mysterious request - she wants to find a man she shares a secret past with. The story begins like this, “Aurora had a farm in Africa at the foothills of Mount Tabu…”

To Rome With Love

Hope Springs

Killing Them Softly

About Elly

A kaleidoscopic comedy set in an enchanting city. The film introduces a myriad of characters - an American architect reliving his youth; an average middle-class man who suddenly finds himself as Rome’s biggest celebrity; a young couple drawn into separate romantic encounters; and an American opera director endeavoring to put a singing mortician on stage.

Kay and Arnold are a devoted couple, but decades of marriage have left Kay wanting to spice things up and reconnect with her husband. When she hears of a renowned couples specialist in the small town of Great Hope Springs, she persuades her sceptical husband to go along for a week of marriage therapy. The challenge is to re-ignite the spark that made them fall for each other in the first place.

Two petty criminals - who think they have a no-risk plan - are recruited to rob a high stakes, Mob-protected poker game causing the local criminal economy to collapse. Brad Pitt plays Jackie Cogan, the enforcer hired to track down the culprits and restore order, in his own unique way. Based on George V. Higgins novel, Cogan’s Trade.

From the Oscar-winning director of A Separation comes another gripping tale of secrets and lies. Sepideh is the young matriarch among a group of friends who are taking a trip to the coast. Elly, a reserved, gentle soul – at least on initial inspection – is blissfully unaware that Sepideh is setting her up with recently divorced Ahmad. This small deception ultimately leads to a shocking twist.

A sonic descent into the darker recesses of cinema as a naïve sound engineer from Dorking, UK loses his grip when he takes a job on an Italian horror film in the ‘70s. As actresses deliver one ear-shredding scream after another, and knives repeatedly hack innocent vegetables during effects recordings, Gilderoy confronts his own demons to stay afloat in an environment ruled by exploitation, both on and off screen.

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine



Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

Getting misty eyed with

A I D E N G R I M S HAW When you know where you want to go but are lost for directions, life can take you on some bizarre routes. So it was with Aiden Grimshaw, who at the age of 18 found himself preened and prepped on The X Factor stage, emoting his way through a renowned adaptation of Tears for Fears’ poignantly titled track, ‘Mad World.’ Stepping away from The X Factor mould with a major record label under his belt, the singer’s latest endeavours are set to spurn the short lived stigma attached to TV talent shows, and prove just what can be done with a dash of diligence and a touch of authenticity. Aiden’s debut single, ‘Is This Love’ entered the UK chart last month, positioned at a prestigious #35. Injected with a measure of that smouldering intensity reminiscent of his X Factor days and a fresh fusion of clever riffs and dark lines, the star’s innovative sound is making waves on the music scene. After taking a two year sabbatical to pen his debut material, Aiden is out of the studio and ready to give free reign to his brand new album, ‘Misty Eye.’ Becky Needham caught up with the man himself to discuss lyrics, love songs and life in the capital. It’s been two years since we saw you on the X Factor – how have you been? I’ve been great. I’ve moved into my own flat in London, learned how to change light bulbs, pay bills and do my own washing, that sort of thing. I’ve been doing a lot of writing in the studio and I’m really just finding my feet and learning how this industry works. I’m discovering how to write good songs and make good music.

You’ve been so busy over the last two years – have you had much time to yourself? It’s been alright actually, nothing’s been too hard. I had a lot of time to just go away, grow up and do the teenage thing. I’ve really developed as a person and learned more about the skills of creating music.

Your first single, ‘Is This Love’ is so different to the covers we heard from you on the X Factor – can you explain what the song is about? Yeah, it’s the second track on the album. The album kind of reflects the question of love. It’s about questioning love, relationships and ideals – It reflects the place where you are when you’re in the process of going through a break up and the real question, is this love? It’s about me, I wrote it after a drunken night out when I was feeling a little bit moody, so yeah, it’s just a nice opening to the album and it’s a little bit angry (laughs).

How did you come to find your own musical style – and do you feel this type of music is more suited to you personally? I don’t know really, I might not have felt the same two years ago, but it feels right to me now. I’ve grown up a lot and I’m writing about the things that feel relevant to me at the moment.

You’ve co-written all of the songs on your upcoming album, including the first single – is this process one that comes naturally to you, or is it something you’ve had to work hard at to develop? It’s something I’ve had to develop a little bit and I’ve had two years of trying and improving. It was very stressful when I started, but things improved when I met my producer in November and started to write songs with him.

You’ve been working with songwriter and producer, Jarrad Rogers who has been linked with the likes of Lana Del Rey and Tinchy Stryder – how has that experience been for you? It’s been cool, we really gelled and it’s been a great experience. It was basically just me and him sat in a shed at the end of his garden, he had the beats, I wrote the words and it just kind of happened.

Who are your musical inspirations – and have they remained the same throughout your life or changed as you’ve grown up? They’ve always been the same, I guess. I’m into all sorts of music; I like a lot of acoustic stuff and also drum and bass. I got a lot of inspiration from my parents when I was growing up. My dad loved his indie rock and punk music, my mum would play a lot of Chaka Khan around the house, or if I was round at my grandma’s house she’d have Maggie May and all the golden oldies on, it was mental. But yeah, I’ve just taken inspiration from all the best bits.

What can we expect to hear from your album, Misty Eye? Are there any underlying themes and concepts? The whole thing has a narrative that kind of played out as we were writing. It’s about love; being in love, and dealing with relationships. I’m only 20 so it’s one of the only things I’ve experienced in life that’s worth writing about. I wrote a lot about my own experiences and how they have affected me. It’s basically the journey of a question, exploring the ideals that come with romance and asking, what is love? I guess it’s a break up album, really.

You’re releasing your new single, Curtain Call, this week – can you tell us a little bit about it? How does it differ from your debut single? It’s the last track on the album, so it’s totally the opposite end of the scale. I wrote it in my bedroom and I had this image of being on my knees in the rain reading an epic love letter, like Hugh Grant at the end of Love Actually. He ends in the exact place that he started, but he just feels better for getting it off his chest – so yeah, that was part of the inspiration behind Curtain Call.

You’re a keen Tweeter – have you found that your online fans have stayed with you through your journey since 2010? Yeah, the amount of support I’ve had over the last two years has been amazing. It’s mind-blowing to think I actually have that much support. They’ve all been really nice, they’ve stuck with me and let me do my own thing. They’re like a tribe of warriors!

You’re planning a UK tour for September this year – are you looking forward to it? Yeah, it’s going to be amazing – I’m excited. It’s so different to get out there and play your own music, it feels really honest. I think people are genuinely going to be a little bit surprised by the album, and when we get out there and they hear it live they’ll be even more surprised. I’ve got an amazing band joining me on the road; they’re three lads who are my close friends. I’ve got a really good team around me at the minute so I’m really lucky.

What can we expect from your live shows – has your performance style changed since The X Factor? I don’t know really, I guess it has stayed similar. My performance style comes natural to me and it’s something I can’t really help.

Well we were fans of that cool, intense style you had going on anyway… (Laughs) Thank you!

And finally, what are your hopes for the future - more of the same? I’m just happy to be working, and happy to be getting an album out there. I’m hoping it goes well and I’m just taking each day as it comes. The album comes out next weekend, and I’ve got the tour to look forward to – everything is all happening at once. I don’t really want to plan too far ahead or I might lose what I’ve got in the moment. Aiden’s debut album ‘Misty Eye’ is out on August 13, and his UK tour kicks off on September 20.

Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45



Enkahnz 106 Listerhills Road, Bradford, BD7 1JR Situated on Listerhills Road, Bradford, EnKahnz is the UK’s leading accident repair centre and vehicle customization boutique. Founded in 2003 by the awardwinning creative talent Naveed Khan - something of an automotive Michelangelo - driven by his artistic flair, intimate knowledge of his field and a passion to be the very best at what he does - vehicle restoration and customisation. First class service and surpassing customer expectation is EnKahnz’s number one priority, Naveed’s passion for quality workmanship and intricate detail is contagious, an attribute shared by the entire EnKahnz team - EhKahnz work for the discerning clientèle who appreciate perfection to the last detail. Over the past decade, Naveed and his team have invested significant time, effort and money to create one of the most technically advanced state of the art workshops in the North of England, utilising the very best technology, award winning technicians, as well as manufacturer approved tools and equipment. Progression and expansion is a constant at EnKahnz, from new branding, major renovation in the workshop, their own training academy, as well as the increasingly popular ENK clothing line. EnKahnz offer a range of services, but Naveed’s biggest passion clearly lies in customization, utilising their unique boutique to turn clients’ vehicles into a piece of unique automotive art. All aspects of a vehicle can be customized, and the EnKahnz team are happy to work within any budget to ensure individuals get exactly what they want. Each vehicle is only accepted as a project after an initial consultation with the team’s chief designer, explaining the wide range of styling products available; through this discussion the clients desires and aspirations are explored and understood. This is followed by a design assessment, in which a client’s vision becomes manifest. The vehicle is then ready to enter the EnKahnz state of the art workshop, where all work will be handled in house, by a team of award winning technicians. Alongside their customisation services, EnKahnz provide a complete professional one stop accident management service - from the recovery of your vehicle, first class repairs, to dealing with your insurer and providing you with a courtesy car or a like for like replacement vehicle in a non-fault accident. EnKahnz understand the inconvenience caused by road accidents, and are keen to ensure you carry on with your daily routine, while helping you recover any losses incurred. Celebrities, athletes, musicians and businessmen worldwide have taken advantage of the unique workmanship and personal service the EnKahnz team have to offer. A sense of pride in their work is palpable amongst the EnKahnz team, who are consistently surpassing industry standards and setting their own benchmarks. If you want to ensure your marque is in the best possible hands, there is only one place to go. Barugzai is our own range of custom body kits for the true individual , we are aiming to provide a unique image for those who endeavour to be different. These kits are coming soon so watch this space !


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

“The Savile Row of vehicle styling.”

In Car Entertainment Exhausts Interior Tailoring Alloy Wheels Privacy Glass

Engine Tuning Vinyl Wrap Swarovski Crystals Bespoke Vehicles Body Kits

Celebrities, athletes, music artists and businessmen around the world take advantage of the unique workmanship and personal service the EnKahnz team have to offer. Enkahnz 106 Listerhills Road Bradford BD7 1JR 01274 735 999

Monday - Friday 08.30 - 17.00 Saturday 08.30 12.30

Olympics | Jessica Ennis

“Amidst the Fanfare and Pageantry, Jessica Ennis Remains a Humble Inspiration”

London 2012 has been a game changer. An Olympic games that gripped the UK like never before, London 2012 has held the country enthralled for 15 days with its narratives of triumph, failure, strength, determination, victory and defeat. It will truly be lauded, revered and ultimately remembered by generations to come; our children and grandchildren will ask us about the Olympic games that we were lucky enough to live through and it will live in Infamy. That’s ultimately what the Olympic Games, especially one hosted by an athlete’s home country can do for said athlete. It can lift them beyond the realm of the mundane into the upper reaches of cultural legend itself. Sheffield is lucky enough to have played birth place and nurse maid to the woman who became the face of her own home nation’s stab at the Olympic Games, Jessica Ennis. Sheffield’s new favourite daughter caught national attention by claiming the gold for team GB in the Heptathlon, a special combination of seven athletic events that are the ultimate test in strength, endurance and determination. What an inspiration! They have been the words that have reverberated around the concrete metropolis of Sheffield ever since Ennis took the Gold and when the opportunity presented itself for us local citizens of the Steel City to show Ennis just how much we admired her, we took it with both hands and welcomed Ennis back into the arms of her hometown in a way only Sheffield ever could. The gold was everywhere. The trees themselves were lined with light ribbons of gold, a picture that could have been taken from the set of Shakespeare’;s A Midsummer Nights Dream’. Vendors were out in full force in Barkers Pool, where the homecoming ceremony took place, selling mounds and mounds of replica gold medals and even the crowd itself displayed the victorious hue, as many were asked to and obliged to wear gold to welcome our champion home. Along with medals, vendors were selling everything from balloons to party packs and streamers to get Sheffield jumping up and down in the party spirit. Not that most people needed it, as the Square near the town hall was crammed full so thick it was standing room only if you were lucky, and the crowd itself thrummed with joy and anticipation. Opening up the night were sets by musical acts, Hot Soles’ and ‘Sarah Mac’, who absolutely delighted as the opening acts and brought the atmosphere to a fever pitch, ready for the main event. Then she appeared. Jessica Ennis strode up onto that stage amidst ear splitting fanfare. To her credit you could tell she wasn’t expecting that level of devotion. She stood shell shocked and awed as Sheffield welcomed her home. Then as the crowd died down to listen to what she had to say, Ennis described the experience as one ‘which I can’t describe in words’. It was clear throughout her speech that everything her victory has brought into her life hasn’t really had a chance to even sink in yet and that she is still getting used to just how much her life has changed. Following speeches from the Sheffield City Lord Mayor and Sheffield City Council Leader, Julie Door, Ennis was awarded with a plaque that will sit on a Hollywood style Walk of Fame outside the City Hall in recognition of her achievements. As she was sped off inside the hall for a special civil ceremony and dinner, The Everly Brothers performed a song written especially in Jessica’s honour. A woman who encompasses everything we hope the people of Sheffield to be, strong, determined, dedicated, humble and victorious, Jessica Ennis has done us proud and we welcomed her home amidst the glitter of gold;§ fitting for an Olympic Gold medallist, don’t you think?


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

Olympics | Jessica Ennis

Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

13 17

New shop opening in Sheffield Training

Martial Arts



Pro-X Sports, one of the country’s top online specialists for Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Nutrition Supplements, Fitness and Training Gear, are bringing their first retail outlet to Sheffield this Spring!

What’s more, a former world class Taekwondo champion who competed for England will be managing the shop! So you can expect highly personalised service and get real insightful tips and advice from Shabir Akhtar and his experienced team.

The 1000 square foot shop on London Road will be home to what promises to be the largest stock of equipment and clothing in South Yorkshire.

Did you know that Shabir, a keen boxer, was the first person in the country to have won both the heavy weight title for the ITF BTC Championship in England and the WTF BTC title (Olympic Style Taekwondo)?

Pro-X Sports’ extensive stock means that for virtually anything you need, For the very best in martial arts fightwear, you’ll find it! At knock-out prices. boxing gear, fitness and training Customers can expect to choose equipment, nutrition supplements and from over 2000 products ranging from much more – head to Pro-X Sports, on gloves to training weapons, sparring 35a London Road, from 31st March! and weights to name but a few. Pro-X Pro-X Sports – knockout also offers a great selection of clothing and uniforms from leading brands. prices whatever your game!

Join us on Facebook to get a 10% discount!

0844 800 1724 ProXSportsUK


Tramlines | A Month Of Memories


Photos by Tarquin Clark

A July Saturday, the sun is splitting the stones, the Steel City streets are lined as though Mardi Gras was about to hit and the treble and the bass of some of the best acts in the country bleeds from the very foundations of the city itself. It was of course Tramlines, the biggest event in Sheffield’s musical calender and fast becoming a summer essential nationwide. Now in its fourth year, the festival continued its urban party tradition, closing down the city and filling the the swollen streets with music. From the intimate acoustic sessions at the warm, welcoming Library Theatre to the throbbing crowds at the Main Stage headliners, Roots Manuva, We Are Scientists and local lads, Reverend and the Makers, 2012 was a vintage year for the festival. The Steel City was united as some one hundred and fifty thousand music lovers took in old favourites and discovered new gems across Sheffield’s countless music venues. We took the opportunity to get the thoughts of a few of our favourite acts at this years festival which you can read across thew page, while we start to get ourselves ready for next year.


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

Tramlines | A Month Of Memories

SMOKE FAIRIES It is festival season at the moment-what for you makes a good festival? Discovering new music is always exciting, it’s great to come across a band for the first time and go away feeling like you have a new perspective. Hidden hip flasks are also important as well as wellies without holes in and ear plugs for when you finally want to go to sleep. And of course the feeling that you are a million miles away from normal life.

What has been your festival highlight to date?


Latitude was a definite highlight. There was a great atmosphere in the tent we played in and the line up included Josh T. Pearson and Sharon Van Etten, so that was exciting to be a part of. Afterwards I took a boat across the lake and then it all goes a bit hazy until later in the evening when I watched someone performing with a giant wolf puppet.

What for you makes a good festival?

What are your impressions of Tramlines?

What has been your festival highlight to date?

It’s great that people can see so many acts for free. Sheffield is somewhere we always like to return to - the music scene seems to be very vibrant.

What would be your dream festival line-up? If I could curate a festival Dolly Parton would headline, there would be a monster truck arena, a falconry display and perhaps a workshop from Muppet, Swedish Chef to provide some culinary education.

Do you prefer large festival stages or intimate venues? They both have their own merits. We have had some great experiences playing in very small tents with very attentive crowds. Right now I am really appreciating bigger stages though. With a five piece band its nice to have the space to move around without getting hit on the head wuth the neck of a bass or tripping up over guitar leads.

Mike: A good mix of music and food that isn’t extortionately priced. Bernadette: A good festival is one where you discover new bands and fall in love with their music. Good festivals are also sunny!

M: Probably Kid Conventional at the Lantern Theatre (Friday of Tramlines). It’s a beautiful little venue and there were some other really great acts there that night. B: Yeah we spent most of this year’s festival watching acoustic acts to be honest, it’s been really nice to escape the city centre madness and chill out with some mellow acoustic music. Notty House was good for that on Saturday. I’m a huge fan of hip-hop though so I really enjoyed the Cool Beans DJs at the Great Gatsby on Saturday night.

What are your impressions of Tramlines? M: It’s great that there is so much different music on and that it spreads quite far out into the city too for those who aren’t fans of large crowds. B: There’s a great sense of community in Sheffield at the time which is great.

What would be your dream festival lineup? M: I’d like to see a mix of good hip-hop and funk; probably Tower of Power and Biggie Smalls just to witness the incredible jam session at the end. B: I agree with Mike - there should definitely be a lot of hip-hop and funk to brighten up the inevitably grey British weather. I’d also really like to see The Mars Volta, Rage against the Machine, System of a Down, Alanis Morrisette. If we’re allowed to have dead people in our line - up can we get Kurt Cobain back? I bet there’s someone out there who could make us a hologram.

Do you prefer large venues or intimate venues? M: Intimate venues. I like to feel as though I’m one of only a few people to have an experience. It makes gigs a lot more special. B: I think there’s a time and a place for both. As a performer I guess there’s nothing more moving than looking out on stage to see/hear a whole load of people singing your songs back to you, but the smaller venues often show the music off in the best light, and are a more pleasant experience for the audience.

7 Tors

What are your impressions of Tramlines? It’s got such a feel-good community buzz about it and best of all it’s free! It’s an amazing opportunity to see bands that you wouldn’t usually get the chance to see. Plus it’s safety first with Tramlines, where else would you get stewards with megaphones advising you not to get run over?

We prefer more intimate gigs because you can really appreciate when a musician is talented and it can be more emotive. Although for a heavier hitting band you can’t beat the atmosphere of an open air large festival venue! We’re probably less keen on arena gigs as they can be a bit claustrophobic (we wouldn’t turn down playing one though).

What for you makes a good festival? Some really good quality portaloos and somewhere to plug in your hair straighteners. But after that, we love a variety of acts - its always great when you go to a festival to see certain bands but then spot something new you haven’t heard before

What has been your festival highlight to date? At tramlines one of our favourites was Cats:For:Peru who had some great new music. We also loved Screaming Maldini who played at the Weston Park bandstand in the sun with lots of feel good summer songs. Both bands are from Sheffield - it’s good to hear the local talent.

What would be your dream festival lineup? Seven Tors playing Main Stage; Led Zeppelin, Muse, Black Keys, Rolling Stones, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Bjork, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Fratellis, Goldfrapp, Bombay Bicycle Club, Friendly Fires, Those Dancing Days and Justin Bieber - just so we can feel his silky hair.

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine

Photos by Jeremy Williams

Do you prefer large festival stages or intimate venues?


Fashion | Ladies

Be a Fashion Front Runner and go for

Gold Silver Bronze Reminiscent of the Olympic medal extravaganza, the dazzling metallics are something that have caught the eye of the designers and for you fashionistas here’s your chance to streak ahead of the rest in our choice of the best!

Victoria, Victoria Beckham Dropped-waist, Jacquard dress £675

Alexander McQueen Continental Metallic Leather Wallet £450

Rupert Sanderson Exclusive Silver Strip Strap Shoe £365

Vivienne Westwood Boudicca Dress £255

Alexander Mcqueen Perforated Leather Box Clutch £995

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watches 10th Anniversary watch silver £250

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Bronze Glitter Cardigan www.eton-clothing £85 in sale


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

Loeffler Randall Pointed leather ballet £210

Fashion | Mens

Suits Shoe Sir


Every man needs to have certain shoes in his wardrobe -- a shiny sleek pair of dress shoes; a comfortable pair of every-dayers; a pair of attention-grabbing boots and some cool as f**k sneakers. Take a look at our favourite picks of men’s footwear, go and treat yourself fellas so you can open up your closet with confidence, and venture into the streets with your head held high-and remember if you’re out on the pull unfortunately it’s one of the first things you’re judged on so choose wisely.





1. H by Hudson . Gould Derby Shoes . £120 . 2. KG by Kurt Geiger . Maddison Shoes . £95 . 3. Alexander Mcqueen . Lace-Up Leather Shoes . £370 . 4. Polo Ralph Lauren . Vaughn Trainers . £75 . 5. Dior Homme . Oxford Cap Trainers . £400 .

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


Talk through all your options calmly and in confidence

If you’ve had an abortion and are feeling confused afterwards we can help

Ring for an appointment or chat

0808 802 5433 Text ‘LIFECARE’ followed by your message to


Alternatively drop in every Thursday 11am - 2pm

Life Care Centre, 22 Norfolk Row, Sheffield, S1 2PA (off Fargate)

Scan here to view our website LIFE does not refer for abortion

Registered National Charity No.1128355 in England and Wales and No.SCO41329 in Scotland

Music | Reviews

Frank Ocean Channel Orange

Bloc Party Four

The world is a fast place, technology is advancing at an outrageous rate, putting the modern world in a state of contsant flux - nothing staying the same, everything changing. Modern media has been most drastically altered; downloads are quickly replacing physical formats, online sources are ushering out print and even video games are rapidly becoming the exclusive domain of the World Wide Web. The television is the true symbol of the onset of modern media; it heralded the beginning of the technological age and a channel-hopping lifestyle, something so mundane in nature has come to symbolise the modern western mindset - never satisfied, always looking for something new.

We are all supposed to have a direction in life, at least that’s what society tells us. We’re supposed to know what career we want before we’re out of our teenage years, marry in our twenties and be parents by thirty. Even though we’re supposed to have direction, most of us in fact don’t, the real question is, is that a bad thing? A question Bloc Party have gone some way to answering on their latest release.

That’s the focus of Louisiana born rapper Frank Ocean’s début LP ‘Channel Orange’. Lyrically the record explores American society through themes of love, money, excess, social deviance, social conventions and intimacy. The fascinating thing about this body of work is the way it’s held together - as tracks draw to a close electrical sounds bleeping, static, television tuning noises etc. - are heard just as the track fades out, only to be followed by a track with no discernible resemblance to the previous. The result? You feel as though you are channel-hopping as you progress through the album. This means that your attention is never lost, you always have something new on the horizon to discover and it falls into modern conventions of the ‘short attention span’ - fast, furious and ever changing. Structurally this album is caught in constant metamorphosis and is littered with short mini tracks amidst the real attention grabbers (‘Start’, ‘Fertilizer’, ‘Not Just Money’, ‘White’) which act as palette cleansers. The fascinating thing is that it is with these tracks that Ocean gets truly experimental, using silences, off the wall monologues and even volume control to throw the listeners off their game. As for the longer tracks the album opens with classic narratives (Thinkin Bout You’, ‘Sierra Leon’) which incorporate a Justin Timberlake style smooth R&B vocal in juxtaposition with outrageous concepts exploring Ocean’s take on love and life. As the album progresses, Ocean hones his attentions onto the root of all evil, money (‘Sweet Life’, ‘Super Rich Kids’, ‘Pyramids’ and ‘Lost’), exploring through different vocal styles and instrumentations the negative effects of money on various areas of the American populace. This is followed by a more reflective section which considers philosophy and religious concepts as an exploration of the nature of hedonism, intimacy and relationships (‘Monks’, ‘Bad Religion’ and ‘Pink Matter’). This is the point where Ocean begins to ask the serious, hard hitting questions that engage the listener, forcing difficult questions about the world around them. The album then draws to a close (‘Forrest Gump’, ‘End/ Golden Girls’), experimenting with funk, electro and ‘alternative’ music. In tone these tracks lift the listener out of the darkness, in a stuttered, muted manner and leave the listener feeling as though they have lazed under the sun with Frank himself, journeying through the hard times by his side. So the album is one big experiment. Musically, conceptually and lyrically it doesn’t ask but demands the unexpected and the final result is a body of work that embraces modernity to grab its listener’s attention in a whole new way.

Bloc Party released their long awaited fourth studio album, ‘Four’ on 20th of August. It is by nature an ambiguous piece of work that in some ways tries to conform to what it believes rock music should be, but in others jumps about to and fro constantly, never stopping, never settling. It’s a contradiction in every way, but I would say that in some ways it at least reaches a conclusion, although even that leaves the listener somewhat confused. The album is a constant push and pull between two strong musical styles. On the one hand we have the light, reflective, sound that is indicative of contemporary indie music and more to the point - classic Bloc Party (found on tracks ‘Octopus’, ‘Real Talk’ and ‘Day Four’). This is symbolised by mid-tempo soft, insistent drums, breezy guitar hooks and light, stuttered vocals. This is what we expect of Bloc Party as a band and it works, especially when accompanied by the contemplative and occasionally confused lyrics.

Although this sound dominates the beginning of the album - not always light but always wistful - as we reach into the album’s latter half, it takes a decidedly darker turn. This begins with ‘Kettling’ which displays a rabid sound, with heavy guitar and rolling, booming drum beats. Alongside such tracks is a clear message of anarchy and destruction; even through the lyrics are calling for action, there remains ambiguity, as though Bloc Party are leading us musically, by knife point to the edge of a precipice. As the LP winds down it does reach a sense of conclusion (‘Truth’, ‘The Healing’) both musically and lyrically as you can really feel a sort of consensus being reached and Bloc Party healing over the cracks of confusion that dominated earlier. However the last track (‘We Are Not Good People’) again throws a curveball with fast paced, furious guitar, dark vocals and heavy drum beats – is this a new anarchic Bloc Party? That’s what this album is, non-conformist in every way possible. It casts aside the rules, reaches into the unknown and brings something new to the table both lyrically and musically. I get the feeling that it is supposed to leave us dazed and confused. Not immediately attention catching, nevertheless ‘Four’ is a grower, and something that could be heralded as a masterpiece, or derided as a failure. Even that is unsure. I think that’s the point.

Passion Pit Gossamer Just how much crazy can you really fit onto one disk? Onto one album? Even onto one song? Passion Pit have attempted to answer all those questions and more with their latest offering, Gossamer, released 20th July. Experimenting with contemporary electro, eighties synthpop and sixties girl-group sounds, Gossamer is an exploration of one strand of life, with all its twists and turns, the highs and lows. The electronically inspired musical production adds to this, forging a narrative that explores the familiar; how life never runs smooth, even when you want it to, that life doesn’t stop, that it will always throw roadblocks into your path. The opening tracks offer nothing new lyrically - an introduction to the protagonist’s life (‘Take A Walk’), a deeper portrayal of his crumbling heart (‘I’ll Be Alright’) and the introduction to the love of his life (‘Carried Away’, ‘Constant Conversations’). Whilst lyrically simple and to the point, musically they are littered with the high ting of the xylophone, off the wall drum beats and smooth, yet somehow stuttered synths.

Then the breakdown of the relationship, as troubles begin to arise; communication problems (‘Mirrored Sea’) and the tearful fallout (‘Cry like a Ghost’), before we have the literal and figurative parting of the ways (‘On My Way’) and requisite self reflection in the aftermath (‘Hideaway’). Musically, the record descends deeper into madness, with Fat Boy Slim inspired intros, electro gospel style backings, clacking flamenco beats, deep dark vinyl-scratch style sounds and climatic drums and electric keyboard. As it nears its end, the record becomes more self-reflective (‘Love is Greed’), where the nature of the beast that is love is debated in the contours of the mind, a finding of the strength of your own spirit (‘It’s Not My Fault I’m Happy’) and the obligatory resolution (‘Where We Belong’). Here we see more musical abstraction with the introduction of dub-step style breakdowns, stuttering high synths and high xylophone beats interspersed among the introspective lyrics. With Gossamer, Passion Pit have reached for the stars and gone to some far out places musically. It shouldn’t work, but happily it does! Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


Cuisine | Recipe

Bask in the summer sun with Pan Seared Tuna Steaks with warm Tomato, Basil and Olive Salad. The heat of the season is upon us – the sun bears down and most of us are dreaming of heading off to the sun kissed shores of the Mediterranean for a few weeks of pampered luxury. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, but if you have a go at making this taste bud tickling Pan Seared Tuna Steak with Tomato, Basil and Olive Oil Salad recipe, you might just get a taste of the Mediterranean right in your very own kitchen!

Ingredients 4 x 150g boneless, skinless tuna steaks Salt and freshly ground black pepper 40g extra-virgin olive oil 1 medium shallot, finely chopped 200g cherry tomatoes, halved 30g sliced pitted green olives, such as picholine or Cerignola 40g finely chopped fresh basil 10g fresh lemon juice


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

To Cook Serves 4 . Approximate cooking time 15-20 minutes 1

Season the tuna with 1 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper.


Heat the oil over medium-high heat.


Griddle the tuna for three to four minutes for medium rare.


Transfer the tuna to a large plate.


Add the tomatoes, olives, basil, 1/2 tsp salt and a few grinds of pepper; cook until warmed through and the tomatoes are just softened - about 2 minutes more.


Remove the pan from the heat and gently stir in the lemon juice.


Transfer the tuna to plates, top with the tomato salad, and serve.

Cuisine | Review

Uncle Sam’s

298 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield . 0114 266 8588

Traditional American eatery, Uncle Sam’s is renowned for its classic burgers, notorious cheese sauce, and most notably, its ever-mounting record of returning customers.

Uncle Sam’s boasts a welcome sized dining area with deep red décor, chunky wooden panelling and a little toy train which chugs perpetually around a track suspended from the ceiling. With odes to the fifties and sixties, the restaurant is scattered with grainy snaps of golden Hollywood icons, such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis – and The Beatles, just to mix things up a bit. A dimly lit room adjacent to the dining area beckons those who like their poison a little stronger than a strawberry milkshake with all the trimmings – although, we can’t deny they are delicious. The fully licensed bar is loaded with an assortment of beers, wines and cocktails, ranging from £1.90 per beer bottle and £11 per wine bottle. The staff at Uncle Sam’s are upbeat and polite, yet not overly persistent – happy enough to smile while they take your order and to hand over the pickle tray, but not eager enough to ask your opinion of the food while you have a mouth full of guacamole – a fact you may or may not favour. In keeping with its honest American-diner aesthetic, Uncle Sam’s menu is packed with classic dishes ranging from tasty burgers, steaks and pizzas, to traditional Tex-Mex tasters including burritos, tortillas and wraps. There’s a lot to get excited about both before and after the main course, with a persuasive pick of starters such as chicken strips, cheese sticks and supreme nachos, and a tempting array of desserts including cheesecakes, puddings and ice-creams – although if you can’t quite make room, there are free lollipops by the till as you leave.

Want to be reviewed in our magazine? Contact us on 0114 261 07 08 or email us at

Located at 298 Ecclesall Road, this quirky burger joint has been a firm family favourite in Sheffield for over 30 years.

Uncle Sam’s is a forte of Ecclesall Road, and is a friendly spot to stop for a drink and a bite to eat as much as it is a restaurant – a fact that contributes to the lively, vibrant atmosphere. Prices range between £1.75 to £2.99 for a starter, £3.99 to £7.99 for a main course, and £2.20 to £3.25 for a dessert. Good, simple grub and cost savvy for all the family. After a visit to Uncle Sam’s, you’ll leave satisfied and wanting either to go back or to visit our Yankee friends across the pond. I don’t know which is more likely. Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


Maybe it’s lively atmosphere that makes the Mogul Room so special or perhaps it is the open-hearted service team that makes dining here so worth while. The menu is unique and unparalleled in Sheffield. The food is both fresh and mouthwatering. The flavours are fused magnificently. Yet there is only one way to decide what makes the Mogul Room stand out, and that is to experience its charms for yourself.

The Mogul Room, 282 Sharrowvale Road, Sheffield, S11 8ZL, Tel: 0114 267 98 46 book now. WWW.MOGULROOM.COM

Beauty | Tips

Beauty Tips Summer is reaching a close; after topping up the tan your body beautiful may be feeling more than a little sun exposed and gagging for an energising boost of care and attention. This calls for you to smother yourself with moisture and treat your bod to some TLC, repairing the sunbathing effects and returning to tip top condition. With that in mind, this month we aim to target those post-holiday blues, offering solutions to your beauty conundrums. As usual, our beauty team have been out sampling the pampering possibilities of the city, this month reviewing Essence Spa at Hilton Sheffield , and we’ve scoured the beauty shelves to discover the latest must-have products of the season.

TIP OFF Ciaté Velvet Manicure

Post Holiday Blues Jetted back from blue skies and seas refreshed and relaxed but looking a little less than polished? Erase any sign of post holiday problems with our quick fix tricks.

Cult British nail brand Ciaté have hit us once more with a new, lustful finish, taking inspiration from the crushed velvet trend of the McQueen, Balmain and Gucci runways. Ciaté Velvet Manicure dusts nails with a matte, textured appearance, looking and feeling like peachy velvet. Available in Mink Cashmere, Berry Poncho and Blue Suede, the kit launched in August and promises to be the latest desirable talon finish.

Problem . Flaky Tan Solution . Moisturise, exfoliate, moisturise! And

Problem . Dry Hair Solution . Sea salt and hot sun got the better of

cheat… once that golden glow starts to fade switch to a moisturiser with a subtle fake tan inside like Dove Summer Glow – Medium to Dark, £5.69 to fill in the white bits and keep your colour for as long as possible.

your luscious locks? Inject some moisture into your battered strands with an intense conditioner, such as Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus.

Problem . Sun-Drenched Skin Solution . Frolics in the sun can leave you

Problem . Dry Heels Solution . If all that flip flop wearing and barefoot

Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Cream

The invention of the BB cream has taken the beauty shelves by storm, and the latest option from Sleek MakeUP promises not to disappoint. Their new Be Beautiful Blemish Balm promises to be the ‘muti-tasking goddess of the product range’, moisturising, concealing blemishes, anti-ageing, protecting from sun damage and providing full coverage, whilst being available in shades suitable for both darker and fairer skin tones.

sunkissed and glowing but neglect of your normal beauty routine can also uncover some lines and wrinkles. Smother your face in love in the shape of a luxe skin serum, like Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector, £39.50 – three drops, twice a day for a return to skin radiance.



Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

beach wandering has rendered your feet into dry, chapped shadows of their former selves, give them some well-deserved love. Scrub off those unsightly hard bits with a blast from Lush Stepping Stone Foot Scrub, packed with pumice and jojoba oil, then soothe with an ice cool mask like Lush Volcano Foot Mask, with china clay, pumice, papaya and tomatoes.

. w w w. b o o t s . c o m . w w w. c i a t e . c o . u k . w w w. r e d k e n . c o m . w w w. l u s h . c o . u k

Beauty | Review

Essence Spa LivingWell Health Club, Hilton Sheffield Furnival Road, Victoria Quays Sheffield, S4 7YA 0114 252 5566

With therapists trained in a full range of Elemis treatments, Essence Spa specialises in relaxation and spa therapies. Sumptuous brand Elemis has developed their spa therapies to work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind, respecting the body’s complex physiology. Elemis is one of the only brands developed with extensive research and clinical trials to produce effective products with natural and organic ingredients. My therapist for the day was Charlene, who had recently moved to Essence Spa having been working at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Prague. With five years’ experience in beauty therapy, her soft tones and friendly smile immediately put me at ease. Being treated to a massage and facial, Charlene led me into the treatment room and left me to get comfortable lying on my front underneath a towel on the treatment bed. Charlene started by skin brushing my back, using a skin brush made of cactus bristles, which helps to stimulate lymph and blood circulation, removing impurities from under the skin’s surface and decongesting all systems of the body, whilst encouraging cellulite deposits to disperse. She combined this with the Tea Tree S.O.S. Spray to naturally disinfect the brush. Charlene began the Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage, a therapy different to the usual Swedish massage as it combines Eastern philosophies. She chose to use the Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt as my elbows were a little dry; this product is an exquisite skin treatment blending Coconut Coprah Oil and sweet scented Frangipani flowers, sealing in moisture and releasing happy hormones with the pre-blended essential oils. Using firm, smooth movements, Charlene massaged and kneaded my back, neck and arms, noting an area of

tension around my shoulder blades and teasing out the knots. I hadn’t noticed these knots before but I could definitely feel them once she started working on them! After a welcome drink of water, I flipped over and Charlene started the facial. She tailor-made the facial via a consultation and skin analysis; this is best, says Charlene, as many people come in for facials thinking they have a specific problem, for example dry skin, then after analysis discover this isn’t actually the case and require a completely different treatment. Using a variety of Elemis products, Charlene combined the Modern Skin Facial with the S.O.S. Purifying Facial, helping to remove toxins, regenerate skin cells and re-balance pores. Over the course of 1 hour 15 minutes, Charlene used a variety of sweet smelling products, starting with the Soothing Camomile Cleanser and Soothing Apricot Toner – a soothing, non-drying toner, giving a natural glow with the Sweet Betty Flower. She opted to use the Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash as my skin did not require a full resurfacing facial and to avoid drying out my skin, and the ProRadiance Cream Cleanser helped to remove any lingering make up, whilst essential plant extracts purified the skin. My face was re-energised with the Skin Buff and Papaya Enzyme Peel, and the Herbal Lavender Repair Mask rebalanced and repaired; a powerful, oil-absorbing mask containing antiseptic Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender essential oils. Charlene applied Elemis’ signature product, the Cellular Recover, Skin Bliss Capsules, to help counteract the damaging effects of pollution, packed with the miracle Moringa Oil. She finished off with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream to transform the complexion, plus the Absolute Eye Mask and Absolute Eye Serum to brighten the area around my eyes.

Elemis Facials Herbal Lavender Repair (60mins)

Deep cleansing to draw out skin impurities, this facial will help reduce unwanted shine, refine the pores and treat skin breakouts.

Off peak £40

Peak £43

Fruit Active Glow (60mins)

Skin is deeply cleansed and stimulated by Specialist Eastern massage techniques, whilst powerful conditioning actives nourish and renew vital radiance.

Off peak £40

Peak £43

Exotic Moisture Dew (60mins)

Following a specialist facial massage, the skin is fed with thirst-quenching actives that will bring back that healthy, dewy look to the skin.

Off peak £40

Peak £43

After the treatment I was incredibly relaxed, as during which I had almost fallen asleep! My skin was left glowing and radiant, feeling silky soft. What impressed me most, however, was Charlene’s passion for her profession and knowledge of the Elemis products – she certainly knew her stuff and put me in no question that the treatment would work wonders on my skin. Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

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Hidden deep within Hilton Sheffield lies Essence Spa, a secret retreat of pampering and indulgence encouraging total relaxation. Not just offering a full range of beauty and spa treatments, Essence’s position within the LivingWell Health club also allows clients to combine a pampering session with a dip in the pool, sauna, steam room Jacuzzi and gym.


Tresses | Review

WIGS & WARPAINT 11 West One Plaza, Fitzwilliam Street Sheffield, S1 4JB 0114 252 5566

Once more the Chic Lifestyle hair and beauty belles have been glossing up in the city’s finest salons, to find the best places to pimped and preened. This month, we popped in to award-winning salon, Wigs and Warpaint, for transformation of our straggly mane. Stepping into the salon your eyes encounter a burst of sixties inspired colour and design; bright orange, yellow and brown, designed around a circles theme; bright lights highlight the wide, modern spatial design, with three lines of cutting stations lining both the walls and the centre. The atmosphere of the salon hits you as soon as you step in; the busy chatter and smiling faces of stylists and clients alike fill the space with energy, whilst relaxed house beats add a chilled vibe to the background. Wigs and Warpaint operate a successful training programme, nuturing all stylists and constantly adding to their self-proclaimed ‘family’ of stylists and technicians as they achieve their Wigs Wings. This Wigs community is as the stylistscheerfully chat to each other; curling tongs, hair grips and brushes swifly change hands as the hairspray is constantly in demand.

My stylist was Steve Capill, who’s been working at Wigs and Warpaint for two years. We decided to create a big style with the wow factor, something photo shoot worthy, oozing glamour. My hair is pretty limp and lifeless, so Steve opted to boost in some volume with a shot of curls. He didn’t wash the hair as this would make the hair too shiny, instead keeping in the existing product to help the style to stick. To create the curls, Steve used a wand – a heated curling tong with a tapered barrel. Separating the hair into sections, he gave me a headful of tight curls, using a generous spray of Bumble & Bumble Does It All spray – giving control and helping hair respond to heat styling, giving grip for easier styling – before and after every curl. Steve then back brushed the curls, brushing out the perfect spirals and creating more of a cobweb effect. He scrunched in a sprinkle of American Crew Root Boost Powder to give more volume, then twisted and pinned the hair up on one side, creating a big sweep of curls on the top and one side. He then finished with a spritz of Wella Superset hairspray to hold in place and the look was complete. The result? Beautifully brushed out curls, with oodles of volume looking catwalk ready. Definitely a hairstyle to show off! Wigs and Warpaint’s awesome atmosphere gave a hairdressing experience to remember; a busy, cheerful space filled with glossy locks and smiling faces – and everyone leaves with a wig to be proud of. Opening Hours Monday 10am - 6pm Thursday 10am - 8pm Tuesday 10am - 6pm Friday 10am - 8pm Wednesday 10am - 8pmFriday 10am -9am 8pm- 4pm Saturday Saturday 9am - 4pm


Chic Lifestyle Magazine | Issue 45

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On entering the salon I was warmly greeted and offered a seat and drink from the menu in the waiting area. The salon’s awards and achievements fill the space and I watch as clients amicabilly greet their stylists and their locks are beautifully transformed into silky tresses.

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German Marques

Unit 1, Fell Road, Sheffield, S9 2AL Phone: 0114 327 2027 Having only been open since July 2011, German Marques is fast becoming the principal place to take your luxurious set of wheels to. The business specialises in German makes, including BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche Volkwagen, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mini and Maserati, although all cars are welcome. High-performance cars need high-performance treatment, and the team at German Marques have the passion and attention to detail needed to provide your vehicle with the care it deserves.

“German Marques pride themselves on their extensive knowledge, quality customer service and competitive rates.”

Owner Gary is more than qualified to handle any motor, having been a mechanic for several years, as well as having worked at the Mini factory in Oxfordshire. After leaving his previous job last May, Gary decided to use his impressive auto experience to open his own business with German Marques. Highly trained technicians, Gary and his team undertake all work with care to produce perfect results. Offering all service, repairs and maintenance, including diagnostics, engine tuning, modifications, body repairs, resprays, restorations, wheel refurbishments, paint-free dent removal and stone chip repairs, German Marques pride themselves on their extensive knowledge, quality customer service and competitive rates. Even if your ride is exclusive, the repair costs needn’t be at German Marques, with their rates easily bettering that of the dealers’. For a top notch service, look no further than German Marques to treat your exclusive vehicle with the respect it deserves.

Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


City Break | London

- Kick It in the Capital City Break

With the hysteria surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games, London is possibly the most talked about city in the world right now. It’s a cosmopolitan mix of the prosperous and the humble, the mulishly traditional and the proudly avant-garde, the ‘average Joes’ and the Olympic Champions. But somehow, between the palace walls and the West-End pubs, it all unites to form one of the most culturally enriched cities in the world.


he world’s attention may be centred on the capital in awe of sporting victories, but its global reputation for excellence branches far beyond the Olympics, dominating the fields of history, entertainment and the arts.

Travel down to this multicultural haven of excellence for as little as a tenner by train if you catch a good deal on a low cost train fare website, or if you can’t, catch a last minute deal for around £60 from any standard train station throughout the Sheffield area. Once you get into the city you’re going to need a place to stay, and what better place than the illustrious Victoria and Westminster, central for all underground routes and a place unrivalled throughout London for its historical impact and significance. Drop off for a stay at the area’s Topham hotel on Ebury Street. A four star paradise housed in a classic London Townhouse, the furnishings scream modernist glamour with splashes of pristine white splattered artfully throughout the rooms amidst the elegant post modern decor. With every amenity possible from wi-fi to room service a stay at the Topham starts from £90 a night; trust me, you get what you pay for. If you prefer to be closer to the city’s famous West End, renowned for producing some of the top theatrical productions in the world then stay at the Charing Cross Hotel on the Strand. More traditional in decor, the hotel boasts rooms that scream of old imperialism, all impressive chandeliers


Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine

and gold accoutrements. Traditional, yet modern The Charing Cross boasts all the necessary amenities including internet, air con and safety deposit boxes. Get all this from £89 per night. Once you’re settled into the luxury of one of the world’s oldest cities, you might feel like getting a bite to eat and as luck would have it London is one of the culinary capitals of the globe. With everything from first-class restaurants to home’y pub lunches, you’ll find traditional dishes from every continent. For an impromptu dinner in the jungle, head to Piccadilly Circus’ very own Rainforest Café. Launched in 1997, this quirky spot is London’s largest family restaurant. Nestled in the basement of the gift shop, the café exhibits a colourful array of moving animals, swaying trees and waterfalls – complete with jungle sound effects. Who wouldn’t want to eat Calypso Chicken and Wild Wok Noodles to the sound of trumpeting elephants? From the Savannah to the patio grill, with sweeping views across the river, the Southbank Centre’s Skylon Grill is the perfect pit stop for a pre-theatre meal. It is the informal sister of the fancy Skylon Restaurant and is located within the Royal Festival Hall. The Skylon Grill takes its decorative nod from the Festival of Britain era, just as the restaurant’s name is inspired by the festival’s famous space age sculpture – this eatery is something special, even in its informality.

City Break | London

Space age modernity is a current theme throughout London eateries, especially with Inamo, a restaurant created by a forward-thinking pair of Oxford graduates, which is a cutting-edge pan-Asian restaurant and bar with a cybernetic twist. The Soho eatery sports virtual menus that are projected onto the tables. Orders are placed directly from table to kitchen and can be seen prepared on not-so-candid ‘Chef Cams.’ Unveiled in 2008, the interactive experience has become increasingly popular, and Head Chef, Alexander Ziverts is an added attraction, renowned for his expertise in the world of Asian fusion cuisine.

Nightlife Expertise is a particular trait of the natives of London, as the capital city is also a hub for all kinds of entertainment, home to countless cool bars, clubs and hidden events. If dance music is your thing, super club, Fabric, is the place for you. Feel the beat (quite literally) in your feet through furious frequencies emitted from 400 under-floor bass transducers on Europe’s first “bodysonic” dance floor. With a capacity of 2,500, the venue is armed with five sound-systems and three bars over two levels and a 24 hour drinking license so clubbers can party all night. On subject of partying ‘til you drop, club Aquarium is perfect for those who truly believe the weekend really isn’t long enough. The venue’s main nights run from Thursday to Sunday with a range of parties and themes. Situated in Shoreditch, the party spot features five rooms including; two dance floors, a chill out room and VIP lounge. Its main attraction of course, is in the name. The club is the first in the UK to have its own swimming pool and Jacuzzi which is open every event night and comes complete with a complementary towel and (loan) life guard. Jumping from relaxed and peaceful to thudding up and down along with the rhythm, London is long since famed for its music scene, so if live gigs are more your thing, the capital can accommodate. KOKO makes for a smooth transition from dance club to concert hub, boasting a mixture of party nights and live shows. This renowned venue is nested in the heart of Camden and has catered for headline acts including the likes of Coldplay, Madonna and Prince. For a free night out, keep a look out for recordings of Channel 4’s Album Chart Show, exclusively at KOKO. The thud of the charts can get a bit grating after a while and for those looking to step away from the club scene entirely, London is plentiful in pubs and bars that are keeping the live music scene well and truly animated. Head to Camden’s

Dublin Castle, to see a three band set for no more than £6, or stumble upon The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, which NME branded “the coolest pub in the world.” In the past it’s seen performances from the Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, the Young Knives, and astonishingly, tickets rarely cost more than £5. However London isn’t just famous for the whole host of musical acts it attracts, it’s pretty famous for its actual attractions as well. Spanning 1,577 square kilometres, London is a city that exhilarates and intimidates in equal measure, a grand Monopoly board studded with stellar sights. Visitors tend to make maximum use of the underground train system; however, if you’re a first-timer in the city and scared of dislocating the geography, the big red tour bus services provide a leisurely way to get orientated and make an informed choice of what is likely to be of interest to you. Hop on the red bus and visit London’s historical heart. Generally speaking, royal and traditional London is around Westminster and Victoria. Get acquainted with the city’s near two millennia history via the likes of the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. If these aren’t enough, branch to the outskirts for a glimpse of Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. If you’re a fan of West-E nd theatre and cinema, head to Covent Garden and Soho for a double dose of drama. These are the hot spots for pied productions and are home to St. Martin’s, the Lyceum and the Palace theatre, amongst others. Get into the innovative heart of the city and visit the huge arts complexes on the South Bank and in Barbican, or the art galleries around Trafalgar Square and the East End. These parts are buzzing with things to see and do all year round; free events, music, film, exhibitions, dance, festivals and all sorts of family fun. Universally known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, a trip to London wouldn’t be fulfilled without a spot of retail therapy. Spots such as Oxford Street and Westfield specialise in serving fashion to the masses, scattered with landmark stores amongst an array of high street chains. Uncover countless independent boutiques and hidden gems with outings to Brick Lane, Camden and Spitalfields: famed for quirky and rare finds at bargain prices. Or if you’re looking for designer goods, check out Mayfair’s Dover Street Market where the window displays alone are nothing less than artistic installations. Art is what defines London in every way. London throughout the ages has housed every type of artistic genius there can possibly be from great architects to ground breaking musicians and iconic actors. The city is a true Icon in and of itself; it must be seen to be believed. Issue 45 | Chic Lifestyle Magazine


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Chic Lifestyle Magazine Issue 45