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Sugar Bars Saddle Horses Laura Miles


53 Gotta Diamond Leo Buckskin Stallion

2010 AQHA #5286208

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Cut a Sugar Gay Gotta Sweet Guy Lil Brand Gotta Sweet Leo I Am War Leo I am War Jayne Mistc Misty Bar Mid Jeta My Little Midge Queenie Bueno Just a Little Diamond Duster Diamond Jim Just Diamonds Just Spunky Enuff Leo is a super sweet guy. You can catch him anywhere. Take him out of the mares and go riding him. We use him to babysit the colts when we wean. He’s never been mean to them. He has had everything from calves to bulls ropped on him. His colts seem to have his gentle attitude and have been easy to handle. 307-259-2886 or 307-247-4126.

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Matt Wznick


54 Gunduels Buckshot Palomino Gelding

2010 AQHA #5331816

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Freckles Playboy Playgun Miss Silver Pistol Gunduel Dual Pep Dual N Missy Miss Quixote Sails Expensive Hobbit Mias Expensive Mia Okie Dollie Up Mr Baron Red Ima Baron Bay Ima Two Eyed Here is a nice palomino gelding that will stand 15 hh and weigh 1200lbs. This gelding has been used around the ranch for chores including sorting and trailing cattle and dragging calves to the fire. This horse has a very pleasant way of traveling along with a very agreeable attitude and willingness to please, he should fit most levels of riders. Also coming along very nicely heading steers, stays quiet in the box, runs flat and handles cattle with ease. This horse is 100% sound and for more info or to try before the sale please contact Matt at 1-406-489-2414.

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Brian Dunn (Quinton Osborn Agent)


55 Rolling Driftwood Blue Roan Gelding

2008 AQHA #5072076

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Roan Prairie High Rolling Roany Vanzi Reno Bar High Rolling Lucky Yellow Joe Hancock Quintas Lucky Miss Moon Quinta Leo Hancock Hayes Cougar Wood Chick E Wood Cougarwoods Sugar Sonny Sugar High Glitter Dox High Road Big Blue is just that. At 16.1 hands and 1300 lbs., he is very gentle. Big Blue has been my go to horse in a 80,000 head feedyard. Roped hundreds of wheat cattle on him this winter. You can tie off hard and go doctor one. Ride in one hand. Has a good stop for a big horse and can really get around. Blue is a nice head horse, as well. Very cowy with some run. You just have to ask for it. Blue should work for anyone old or young, experienced or not. For more information, contact Quinton at 406-927-7871.

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2016 Sugar Bars Legacy Horse Sale Catalog  

Featuring offspring of the legendary AQHA Sugar Bars stallion, the sale will be held at 1 p.m on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016, in Sheridan, WY.