Spring 1969

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Meyer, Charles R. Sorrow that Sanctifies, Lost Virtue? Obedience in the Modern World, Ordained Women in the Early Church, Status of Grace Today, Signs of Times: Theological Overview Motherway, Thomas, S.J. Supernatural Existential Munson, Thomas, S.J. Marxist A. theism: Reflection in the Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy in Ecumenical Dialogue Murphy, Roland, O.Carm. Divine Afflante Spiritu--Twenty Years After Reichter, Robert. Priest in Civil Rights Demonstrations, Collective Bargaining and Church-related Institutions, Social Origins of Seminarian.~, Priests and Community Organization : A Dissent Siedlecki, Edmund J. Liturgical Reform: Diagnois and Prognosis, Fifty Years Towards Breviary Reform, Renewing the Sacraments ( 1) Sarno, Roland A. S.J. The Word of God and the Mass Media Schiltz, Michael E. A Million More Catholics Schokel, Luis Alonso, S.J. Toward a New Synthesis? Schumacher, William A. Parish Summer Institute Sigman, Louis A. Roman Catholic Converts to the Episcopal Church Stevens, Clifford .. Portrait of a Contemplative Stokes, Edward J., S.J. The Aggiornamento of the Code of Canon Law Tavard, George H., A.A. Ecumenism and Religious Indifference Vader, Anthony J. The Catholic Church and the Negro Community Wassmer, Thomas A., S.J. Is Intrinsic Evil a Viable Term? Weber, Gerard P. Pastoral Catechetics, A Changing Parish Yzermans, Vincent A. The Priest and the Press, Cardinal Meyer's Interventions at the Vatican Council, The Reluctant Leader: Albert Cardinal Meyer 1903-1965 Zogby, Edward G., S.J. Vatican II, the Anawin and Christian Holiness Apologetic Survey nos. 1-5 Doctrinal Survey nos. 1-5 Liturgical Survey nos. 1-3 Moral Survey nos. 1-3