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Chag Sameach, Tigers! 11 Nissan, 5774

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April 11, 2014

Tiger TV Premieres!

Alumni Trivia Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach

Save the Date Sunday, April 13 ACT at CJHS Monday, April 14 Sunday, April 27 Pesach Break Monday, April 28 School resumes Wednesday, April 30Thursday, May 1 Physics Expo

P.O. Corner The P.O. is pleased to continue the gift card "Gelt" program. This program is designed to help families earn money toward their children's junior year Panim program and/or the Senior Israel Experience. Faculty and staff can also buy Gelt to support programs provided for the school by the P.O. By buying things you ordinarily purchase anyway, you can earn money which will be credited to your family or class for designated school trips. Contact Sheri Sandrof at or call her at 847.324.3723.

Community News and Events Chicago Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration

Lights, camera, action! There was magic in the air Thursday morning as members of Ms. Seymour's Multimedia Arts class rolled out the red carpet for the official premier of Tiger TV (TTV), the first CJHS video production! Fa ns and paparazzi gathered around the red carpet greeting students and faculty as they made their way through the lively hallway and into the CJHS 'theater'. Cameras flashed, music blared and students gleamed with excitement! All-star reporters, Aaron Drexler and Benjy Salzman, captured the fun live with the help of videographers, Matt Dulberg and Max Gruenberg. As the interviews came to a close and the lights dimmed, Tiger TV made its debut stealing the laughs from the CJHS community.

Anshe Emet Synagogue Monday, May 5 6:15 p.m. Jewish National Fund invites you to the Chicago Yom Ha'Atzmaut Celebration! There will be Israeli Hors D'oeuvres, a Declaration of Independence Megillah Reading by Jewish Community Leaders, a presentation of 66 Words in Honor of 66 Years by the rabbis of Chicago, followed by Israeli music and a dessert reception.

Congratulations to the Multimedia Arts class and special thanks to Lily Zoberman, Gita Karasov, Michele Agbodza, Bruce Scher, Sheri Sandrof, Inez Drazin, Alex Kosarev, Igor Burda and Rabbi Silver for making this event possible. Be sure to check out the first episode of Tiger TV by clicking here. Stay tuned for the next episode of TTV coming soon!

Spring Sports Say 'W'!

No cost to attend; dietary restictions observed. Register online here!

Hebrew Ulpan at the JCC

JV men's volleyball continued their winning streak on Monday against Gordon Tech 25-18 and 25-20. Varsity onlywon the first game on Monday 25-16, but redeemed itself against Holy Trinity in the conference match, where the Tigers won in three matches. Jonathan Schrag had five aces on Tuesday against Christian Heritage, while on Thursday, JV won again against Latin.

Conversational Hebrew classes in Skokie, Lakeview, and

Northbrook start May 12. Connect to Israel and Jewish culture! Spring Mini-Session: 5 Classes for $150. For more details or to register, call 847-763-3627.

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Sponsor Breakfast What's better than a birthday celebration with friends? Celebrate your student's birthday or other milestone with a special breakfast at CJHS.

What an incredible week for women's soccer! The Lady Tigers beat Ida Crown 4-2 on Sunday, with all four goals shot by superstar Jordan Krauss. They then went on to defeat Chicago Hope Academy on Monday 5-0, with high scorers Jordan Krauss and Arielle Kaye. Lena Rabinowitz reports, "It was a great week: the team really worked hard and was determined to win from the start of the game." Thursday's match against Our Lady of Tepeyac crowned a week of triumph for the soccer team, as Jordan Krauss brought in two more goals for a 2-1 victory! Now, that's spring fever! After a weather-delayed start to the season, the CJHS men's tennis team came out firing on all cylinders Thursday afternoon. Winning every single game, the Tigers defeated Maine East and improved to 10 on the young season!

Studio Art Show For a donation of $180 (10x chai), bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice will be served to everyone. Announcements will be made in Tefillah and in the dining hall, and the occasion will also be listed in our weekly E-News and on the school announcement board. If you have any questions, please call 847.324.3713 or email Order forms are available online here.

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Ms. Snyder's Studio Art class opened their spring show RUBED on Thursday at lunch. Fusing mechanics and art, students designed Rube Goldberg machines in acrylics, mixed media, and sculpture. Viktor Cin slyly introduced his project, a three-dimensional fusion of electronics and traditional art materials inspired by the process of cell phone charging; Gavi Schankerman demonstrated his "Girl Scout Cookie Stealing Machine." Other artists in the show included Jacob Dayan, Adam Gilman, Jonah Karoll, Eliana Kharasch, Jake Lankford, Justin Lanoff, Nina Levine, Shira

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:: 847.470.6700

Romanoff, Yoni Shapiro, Jon Silvers, and Sara Splansky. CJHS is proud to report that Nina Levine and Sara Splansky have entered their contraptions in the 10th Congressional District's Art Show! They are being sponsored by our Congressman Brad Schneider. Good luck, artistes!

IFYC Aviva Hirsch reports, "In light of the upcoming holiday of Passover which commemorates the Jewish people's Exodus from Egypt, IFYC hosted yet another compelling, thought-provocative event. On Thursday evening, CJHS students gathered together with students from the Universal School and Loyola Academy to speak about the Exodus narrative in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We began with a panel of teachers to explore both how the story appears in the religions' holy texts and also to reflect on the psychological themes that the narrative of the Hebrew Bible offers. Through a panel and constructive dialogue, we explored themes of enslavement and liberation from different religious perspectives and answered questions such as: how can our Exodus story serve as a model for our own pursuit of justice? Is there ever a tension between freedom and submission? How does the concept of being 'strangers' manifest in our own lives? The participants expressed their astonishment at the remarkable parallels between each narrative and were open and excited to hear new insights." Rabbi Silver concludes, " The conversation reflected deep thinking both about the particular identities of each religious tradition and also universal ideals of freedom and redemption."

STAND Sleep-In

This past Saturday night, a group of upstanding CJ students arrived at school for the annual STAND Sleep-In, a night of human rights education and advocacy. Months in the planning, the night was an incredible success! Some highlights from the night include the speakers from the Kurdish Cultural Center, the late night socially-conscious

wraps, and the poignant movie, "The Act of Killing." For a complete account of the many educational and interesting activities of the night, check out the CJHS STAND Blog at Thus, as this Passover arrives, and we recall the narrative of our people's oppression and subsequent redemption, let us keep in mind those in the world who are still in Mitzrayim: those whose rights are denied, who are oppressed by their own government or fellow citizens and are unable to stand for themselves. And let us make a call for action, and recognize our unique ability to educate ourselves on these issues, and to advocate for our fellow humans. For we can take them out of Egypt. Chag Sameach from STAND! Have a great break! A Day in Springfield Junior Morgan Michelson-Kelly reports, "CJHS's environmental club took a trip to Springfield for a day, and it was quite the adventure. Faith in Place was the interfaith environmental advocacy organization that took us to Springfield. On the bus, we trained in pairs as to what we were going to say to our representatives. We wanted to be succinct and intriguing about our topics, so we practiced and laughed along the way. Once we got to Springfield, we headed straight to the Capitol building, which is truly gorgeous. Everyone broke off into their districts and went to find their reps. We lobbied for bills such as SB 3424, which will ban fracking on public lands, and SB 3049 which will welcome back black bears, wolves, and mountain lions to Illinois. A value we took away from this trip was always make sure your voice is heard. You can always make a difference, so never give up on what you truly believe in. All in all it was an amazing day! We worked hard, our voices were heard, and we had fun doing so!"

Science Careers in Search of Women

Yesterday, Mrs. Levinson took chemistry students Sarah Comar, Aviva Hirsch, Melissa Levin, Hana Lieber, Celia Pivo, and Emily Reisler to Science Careers in Search of Women conference at Argonne National Laboratory. The goal of this annual conference is to inspire the next generation of women scientists and engineers. Students toured the lab and attended motivational talks by amazing speakers including Cristal Thomas, Deputy Governor of Illinois, and Kawtar Hafidi, an Argonne nuclear physicist. The girls had lunch with scientists and then attended panel sessions and career booths. All CJHS students felt it was worthwhile and recommended that students attend every year!

CJHS in the News Thursday morning's WFMT morning broadcast (and by this we mean pledge drive), hailed our school twice in a 90-second piece touting our students' enthusiastic presence at this past Wednesday's Live From the Met screening of La Boheme. The station was very impressed with our students' response to the opera as they celebrated the future of the performing arts. As soon as we get back from break, CJHS will be hitting the road again to attend Cosi fan Tute on Wednesday, April 30. Email Ms. Friedman for tickets, and many thanks to Ms. Friedman for organizing these trips and covering the arts beat!

Bike the Drive

Become a Chai Cyclist and raise money for an important cause while biking on the world famous Lake Shore Drive on Sunday, May 25. Students, siblings, friends, teachers and parents of students are encouraged to join a ride which you will never forget! Click here for more information or to register directly. Chai Lifeline's website will help you raise money for the event, and all donations can be sent directly to the Chai Lifeline website.

Alumni Trivia Way back in the day, which CJHS alumnus did his leyning in sonorous Italian trope? Hint: he's one of the future English teachers of America!

CJHS Blood Drive!

The CJHS Va'ad HaStudentim is partnering with Heartland Blood Centers to collect blood donations from CJHS students, parents and faculty. The Blood Drive will be at CJHS in Room 244 on Wednesday, April 30, from 11:45 4:00 p.m. Help us reach our goal of 40 donations!

  

A single donation can save up to three lives. 43,000 pints of donated blood are used each day in the U.S. and Canada About 1 in 7 people entering a hospital will need blood

You can schedule your appointment by clicking here. You must be at least 16 years of age to donate and EVERY student donor is required to have a parental permission slip. Don't forget to eat a good meal and drink extra water on the day of your donation! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Mazal Tov Mazal tov to Dakota Miller ('07) on his recent marriage to Mira Schwartz. Congratulations to the whole Miller family on this wonderful milestone, including siblings Kayce Miller ('09) and senior Baye Miller.

A Taste of Torah For the Wagner Essay Contest this year, juniors and seniors answered the following question in the form of a poem: How does the experience of being a stranger inform who we are as Jews? Students drew from primary sources to answer the question, annotating the sources in footnotes. Reading the poems has given me new insight into my favorite line of the Pesach Haggadah: B'chol Dor Vador Chayav Adam Lirot Et Atzmo Keilu Hu Yatzah m'Mitzrayim. In every generation one must see herself as if she personally left Egypt. I think this for two reasons. Firstly, as is a daily occurrence at CJHS, my students have yet again taught me - this time with new ideas about how to read the narrative of the Exodus, one generation teaching the next. Secondly, these poems speak to the most important word of this sentence, ke'ilu as if. Because, after all, we were not in Egypt. But we must envision ourselves as if we were there. Couched in a deep understanding of the intertextuality of our tradition, our students craft new midrashim about their experiences of the Exodus, how they experience this journey in their lives. Please take the time to print these poems out and use them as supplements for your own seder. Click here to read all the poems. --Rav Beit Sefer Zach Silver

Alumni Trivia Yaakov Calamaro ('09) graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in philosophy. "After finishing with my undergraduate degree," Yaakov reports, "I took some time trying to figure out what what kind of work I'd want to go into. With a strong desire to improve the moral outlook and literary future of teenagers, I have decided to go into teaching. I am now in my second semester at DePaul University working on a Masters in Secondary Education. I plan to teach high school English! Besides graduate school--which is now taking up most of my time--I am really looking forward to Pesach. I cannot wait to have all of my family in town for the best meal of the year. Chag Sameach to every CJHS student, alumni, and faculty member, past and present!"

Sponsored Breakfast Happy birthday to Jonny Chasin. Many thanks to his family for sponsoring bagels in his honor.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach Candlelighting tonight, Shabbat HaGadol, will be at 7:10 p.m.

Let Us Go! Temple Beth Am (Warshawsky Productions), Passover 2014

Chag kasher v'sameach from all of us at CJHS E-News--and from the pint-sized little cuties studying music with pre-rabbinic CJHS alumnus Josh Warshawsky ('08) at Temple Beth Am in L.A. May our souls be free of pride and vanity, our houses be free of crumbs, and our Feast of Freedom truly be liberating.

Chag sameach from tiger tv  

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