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February 28, 2013 / 18 Adar 5773

CJHS Pulls Ahead of Mooseheart to Clinch Sectional Semifinals In This Issue CJHS Vs. Mooseheart Closest Game of Postseason Marty Dello Does it Again! On to Newark! Special Thanks

Tenacious Tigers Do It Again!

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The Tigers walked onto the home court of Why not buy Mooseheart Child City bagels for your favorite and School last night Tiger? For a amidst thunders of donation of $180 applause and cheers for (10x chai), victory! Despite the bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice will be impressive season and served to everyone in honor of phenomenal advantages the famous victories of 2013. An in height enjoyed by our announcement will be made in worthy opponents, the Tefillah and in the dining hall, and the occasion will also be basketball team and its 200 blue-clad fans were listed in our weekly E-News. determined to make this a night to remember. If you have any questions, please call 847.324.3713 or email Order forms are available online here.

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"Load it up, Tigers, we might actually win this thing!" was the word on the fan bus which pulled out of Deerfield to follow our team. Students, teachers, parents and younger siblings, office staff and clergy, alumni from as far away as New York City all filled the Mooseheart bleachers with blue face paint and Tiger decals, hollering and shouting and cheering for victory. "All right, so they're tall," one excited parent was heard to remark, "but if anyone can pull off this victory, it's Coach Marty Dello!"

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are still in it! Let the games begin!

Tigers Fight Till the End Proud Tiger parent Robert Johnston reports from the stands, "The Mooseheart team really was a sight to behold. For you basketball fans: I've seen Bill Russell and David Robinson very close up before, but I've never seen a 7'1" teenager right before my eyes. We were up after the first quarter, but then Mooseheart figured out our tenacious defense and started relying on their best player (the second tallest, at 6'10"), who had 21 points, 14 rebounds, and 4 blocks at the half. With five minutes left, and down 11, it looked like our season was over." CJHS sports correspondent Jackie Geraty ('14)--a veteran of this fall's women's volleyball IHSA Regional Championship-recounts, "The Tigers came up short with 24-33 at the end of the second. But we knew it wasn't over yet: we kept our defense strong and delivered some amazing plays to end the third with 46-50. Their biggest player fouled out, but our energy was still way way up!"

Geraty continues, "With 2:10 left in the fourth, we were down by three points; we called a timeout with 9.7 seconds left, and the clock was set back to 0.2 seconds... our shot!" The tension in the stadium was unbelievable!

The Final Five!

Sports correspondent Jonathan Chasin ('14) reports from the celebratory crowd at the bench, "With three minutes to go and the team down by 10, Coach Marty Dello called a timeout to calm down his players and remind the Tigers to play their game, drawing up the play "highland." Right out of the timeout, Josh Newlander scored a reverse layup to pump up the crowd. Immediately after the astounding layup, the Tigers put on their successful press and Avidan Halivni took a charge against 6'7 forward, Mangisto Deng. The charge lit up the crowd, leading to a short jumper by Jake Newlander to make it a six point game. After another defensive stop, Josh Newlander hit a long three to make the game a three point contest!

The Tigers put on their press again, forcing Mooseheart to take another timeout. With 1:30 to play in the game, Jeremy Goodman stole the ball and Coach Dello called a timeout to draw up a play. Down by three, the Tigers looked for a threepointer to tie the game. Instead of getting the three, the Tigers settled with a great post up move, by the one and only Daniel "Pescadito" Fishbaum. The Tigers put on their press and forced the Ramblers out of bounds. The Tigers got the ball back with 30 seconds left, however immediately turned it over. With 25 seconds to go, Josh Newlander sped down the court and stole the ball and passed it to his brother, Jake, ready to shoot the ball for three. Jake got the ball after a beautiful pass and hit the biggest shot of his career, upping the Tigers by 2.

"The Tigers put on their press again, fouling one of the Mooseheart players. The Rambler made one of two of his free throws with 15 seconds to go, forcing them to foul Jake Newlander driving down the court. Jake Newlander sunk both of his free throws, making the score 68-65 with 5 seconds left. Coach Dello called a timeout, telling the Tigers to immediately foul to prevent them from scoring a three. The Tigers fouled number 24, Mangisto Deng with 3 seconds left. Deng made both free throws, closing the gap up to 1. The Tigers inbounded the ball to Josh Newlander, who

was immediately fouled by a Mooseheart player. "Josh went to the line with 2 seconds left, however missing both free throws. After the second missed free throw, Daniel Fishbaum made a miraculous jump at the ball and hit it to try to run out the clock. Fishbaum grabbed the ball and Mooseheart fouled him with 0.2 seconds left. Daniel Fishbaum made both free throws to put the Tigers up 70-67. The Ramblers inbounded the ball; however there was not enough time for them to put up a shot. When the buzzer sounded, the Mooseheart field house was swarmed by a pack of Tigers, all running and shouting and embracing to celebrate the greatest game in CJHS history and a miraculous upset in the IHSA playoffs."

On to Sectionals! Shabbat ends at 6:25 this Saturday night: light up those havdallah candles and hit the road! We will be back at Mooseheart's stadium, 255 W. James J. Davis Dr. in Mooseheart, IL, at 7:30 p.m. to take on Newark High School for the full sectional title! Game tickets are $5 and can be purchased at Mooseheart.

Tiger-Sized Acknowledgements

Many, many thanks to the hundreds of people who have made these amazing victories possible! Thanks to Coach Dello, Coach Newlander, and Coach Cohen for an amazing season, to the hundreds of fans who have packed every stadium, to the tireless parents who have chauffeurred and fed Tigers and fans alike, and to Coach Gleicher and Mr. Scher for the hours of logistics this took. Thanks to all our volunteer photographers and reporters, to Ms. Seymour, Zach Erlichman, Alana Spellman, Josh "Gingi" Aaronson and the dozens of students manning the Facebook and Twitter feeds! A big huge Tiger ROAR of thanks goes to Tom Snitzer of Snitzer Photography, who has followed our team into the Western hinterlands to document their victory with page after page of professional photos. An equally hearty TODAH RABBAH goes to the Chabad of Naperville who are hosting our mighty Tigers for Shabbat. In the words of Mr. Scher, you're all fabulous!

Stay Tuned... Watch the media stream for more updates from our worldclass CJHS Tigers, and stay tuned for the traditional Purim Edition of the weekly CJHS E-News!

Breaking News: Tigers Defeat Mooseheart  


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