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Readiness in the legal profession comes from an exceptional legal education. Instruction from top legal scholars who practice what they teach. The opportunity to gain relevant practical experience during law school. A legal writing foundation that is second to none. A chance to argue in trial competitions with teams consistently ranked in the nation’s top 10.

As one of the few U.S. law schools that is part of a tech university, Chicago-Kent College of Law graduates students who are thoroughly ready to innovate in the rapidly changing legal industry. And with Chicago’s dynamic law community surrounding them every day, our students learn to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Do you want a different kind of legal education— one that will prepare you to excel in the legal profession not just now, but 20 years from now? With a degree from Chicago-Kent, you will be ready.

What does it mean to be ready? To be truly prepared, equipped, and confident in your ability to hit the ground running.


Clinics and Externships

Many law schools have clinics. Chicago-Kent’s clinics are unique, in a practical sense: most of them are housed within the C-K Law Group, an actual law firm staffed not simply by academics, but by practicing attorneys, some of whom allow first-year students to work on a wide range of cases or other legal matters alongside them. You will find specialties for most every interest—criminal defense, civil litigation, employment and employee benefits, tax, environmental and energy, family law, intellectual property, immigration, business transactions, probate and estate planning, and mediation—each headed by experienced practitioners who are leaders in their fields. The impact of such exposure to real-world law on your early career and networking cannot be overstated. Whether you’re certain of a specialty or simply curious, our clinics let you try them on for size.

If that’s not enough hands-on experience for you, take advantage of an externship. Chicago-Kent’s deep connections within the Chicago legal community—the third largest in the nation—allows students to work not only in the chambers of federal and state judges, but also for organizations such as the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, the United States Attorney’s Office, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Justice, and various county prosecutors and public defenders. Private law firms, corporations, and a wide variety of advocacy organizations are also part of our extensive externship network.

READY to Practice

ENRIQUE ESPINOZA ’22 took part in Chicago-Kent’s 2020 Immigration Law Clinic, through which he stood before judges representing asylum seekers who he had interviewed and coached along the way.

“Our supervising attorney was able to expose all of us to cases that were heartbreaking, but they were real. Real cases, with real consequences. It’s hands-on from the beginning: you really are fully into every single aspect of the case, from intake to discovery to filing documents. You can sit at the bench in front of a judge and present the case with your supervising attorney. To this day, I think it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had.”



Chicago-Kent is the team to beat in advocacy competitions. Our trial advocacy and moot court teams are a case in point: they are ranked among the best in the nation.

Want courtroom experience, arguing in the hot seat before a panel of veteran judges? Care to test your rhetorical skills against some of the top competitors in the country? A season on one of Chicago-Kent’s trial teams will hone your courtroom demeanor until it’s as persuasive as possible—and your brief writing will never be sharper.

We won’t lie: joining our competitive teams is hard work—but also well worth it for those who wish to gain invaluable courtroom experience. And you won’t go it alone: our alumni and former champions volunteer hundreds of hours to help you bring out your best.

Cutting-Edge Courtrooms ›

The Judge Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Courtroom integrates design features from the best courtrooms and trial advocacy training facilities in the country. Additionally, the Bruce M. Kohen Courtroom incorporates the latest computer and audiovisual technologies to keep Chicago-Kent students on the cutting edge.

READY to Compete

ZOE APPLER ’22 won the 2021 edition of the renowned Top Gun National Mock Trial Competition, which pits the best of the best trial advocates in the country against each other.

“For me, a big reason why I chose Chicago-Kent was the trial advocacy program. I was aware of its reputation and national ranking. Not only do you learn to think on your feet, you also get to learn very technical things like a cross examination or a closing argument, which are skills that apply to every area of law no matter what you practice. And for me it was a huge selling point in terms of employment. I’ve already gotten my offer for post-graduate employment at a really large trial firm.”



Chicago-Kent’s trial advocacy program is currently ranked #7 in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2023 rankings and the appellate advocacy program is ranked #6 in the country according to the 2022-23 Hunton Andrews Kurth Moot Court rankings.

During the 2021–22 academic year, Chicago-Kent’s trial advocacy and moot court teams reached the finals in four competitions and the quarterfinals or higher in nine more.



Chicago-Kent’s focus on foundational skills and the future of law is exceptional among law schools. This focus prepares our students to tackle emerging legal issues in a rapidly changing economy. Chicago-Kent’s highly regarded legal writing program was the first in the United States with a three-year requirement. You’ll learn how to research and craft compelling briefs, present persuasive oral arguments, and refine your courtroom skills, all with the most advanced technological tools available. It will be the foundation of your legal skills and a cornerstone for your career. Additionally, reflecting our affiliation with a tech university, we teach our students about new technological developments and how they affect the practice of the law: from virtual court hearings to automated document review to online contracts and the concept of online consent, our students gain a deep understanding of the ever-changing tools of legal practice.

As part of your J.D. studies, you also have the opportunity to pursue a certificate in one of 12 specializations, including:

Intellectual Property

Chicago-Kent’s Intellectual Property Law Program is consistently regarded as one of the best in the country; it is currently ranked #12 in the U.S. News & World Report 2023 rankings. In addition to the IP-Patent Clinic and externship opportunities with Chicago’s many IP firms, you can gain even more experience participating in the school’s pro bono Patent Hub, through which you’ll interview inventors and learn the patent process.

Labor and Employment Law

With an employment law program that has consistently received a rare A+ grade by preLaw magazine, Chicago-Kent benefits greatly from prominent alumni practitioners who will familiarize you with current trends in the discipline. And at the college’s renowned Institute for Law and the Workplace, you’ll have access to a national center for research, training, dialogue, and reflection on the law that governs the workplace as well as to mentorships, journal editorial board opportunities, conferences, and special scholarships.

Legal Innovation and Technology

How has technology—from Zoom courtrooms to automated document review—changed the law, and how will it in a future world that will be changed by COVID-19 and other unforeseen circumstances?

Chicago-Kent faculty include legal scholars who specialize in the leading-edge intersection of law and technology, a Law Lab that is recognized for its international research on the subject, experts who study the ever-changing case law surrounding online

contracts, and more. Additionally, Chicago-Kent benefits from its affiliation with Illinois Institute of Technology, a nationally ranked university focused on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Public Interest Law

Being in Chicago offers a big advantage to those who are passionate about public interest law. Chicago-Kent partners with numerous agencies and nonprofits in the city such as Legal Aid Chicago, where those exploring the field can be plugged into various internship and fellowship opportunities. Faculty and staff help students identify an area of public interest that they are passionate about. We offer a series of public interest events and practicums that allow students to network with those in the field and stay apprised of current legal issues. Chicago-Kent encourages all of its students to explore volunteering and pro bono opportunities, such as its self-help resource center at the Circuit Court of Cook County, where students assist those trying to navigate the court system.

And more…

Business Law

Criminal Litigation

Environmental and Energy Law International and Comparative Law Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Praxis Program

Privacy Law Workplace Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution


READY to Make a Difference

JAYLIN D. MCCLINTON ’22 has worked closely with Chicago-Kent’s public interest program; he secured a Public Interest Law Initiative internship at the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois.

“After going through Chicago-Kent’s program, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their strong commitment to public service and public interest. There was involvement from alumni across the spectrum in organizations like Ascend Justice and Equal Justice Works; there are just so many different fellowships that I could go on and on. The [Chicago-Kent] staff has a full understanding of what’s out there, and they work very hard to make sure we’re not only aware of the opportunities, but actively competitive in them.”


Our innovative 1L Your Way program lets you customize your first-year coursework, or even get an early summer start. In the spring, you have the option to take a course in a specialized practice area or to work on real-world cases for credit in one of our legal clinics (see page 2). It’s entirely up to you.

For those who don’t have time for a full course load, our highly ranked part-time program offers the same high-quality education at a convenient schedule that puts a law degree within reach for working professionals.

READY to Work

HAYDEN DINGES ’21 took every legal writing course he could. He won three highly competitive best brief awards, including the top award at the 2021 National Moot Court Competition. He is now working for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

“I chose Chicago-Kent specifically because of [its] legal writing program; it’s well known for its innovative courses. You take legal writing your entire first year, not just one semester. By the end, you’ve gotten great feedback on your writing—and in addition to becoming a really good writer, it teaches you to think like a lawyer as well. It’s a springboard for the rest of your education throughout law school. When I was an intern, they really did rely on me for my writing abilities, more than anything.”

“Chicago-Kent is the foundation that enables our students to be ready. Ready to practice, ready to excel, and ready for the future.”
ANITA K. KRUG, Dean of Chicago-Kent College


You want your Chicago-Kent degree to not just land you a job, but also kick-start a fulfilling career. That’s why we emphasize practical, handson experiences throughout school, and ongoing relationships and access to job resources years after you graduate.

Our Career Services Office sets you up for success beginning in year one, when you’ll be assigned a career advisor who will help you create an agenda for carving out your career path throughout your years at Chicago-Kent. Beyond that, our career services team offers individual career counseling and career planning advice to connect you with the career opportunities available in Chicago and beyond. And you can access the career services that we offer—including access to online job postings—throughout your professional career.

Whatever your passions or ambitions, the Chicago-Kent community is your pathway to the right externship leads, networking opportunities, and alumni relationships.

READY to Succeed

Before coming to Chicago-Kent, PALOMA YANEZ ’21 graduated from a small liberal arts college where she was used to one-on-one attention. What she received at Chicago-Kent was a step above that. After she graduated, she was offered a position as an assistant attorney for the Cook County State’s Attorney Office.

“My career counselor has saved my life on more occasions than I can count. The kind of relationship she established with me was outstanding. I emailed her once a week, even on holidays, and she responded. I’m not kidding. Rain or shine, I could count on her and the entire office.

“In terms of presenting me with options and networking, she was amazing. She’d answer my questions, then send me five other contacts: alumni in the field. I have my job because of her. If it were not for her, I may not even have received an interview. She prepped me for every stage of the interview; she followed up with me about the little things.”



Detailed employment statistics are available at

91.4% total employment rate for 2021 graduates 10 months post graduation in bar passage required, J.D. advantage, or professional positions

81.1% full-time, long-term employment rate for 2021 graduates 10 months post graduation in bar passage required or J.D. advantage positions



Chicago. If you’re like many of our students, it will be part of the reason you come. It’s a bustling, vibrant city known for its music, food, sports, theater, and world-class museums—and also a city that’s home to one of the top legal markets in the nation, ready to challenge and support you as you start your career.

Chicago-Kent is located within the downtown “Loop,” blocks away from the city’s courthouses, government centers, and countless law firms. A thriving nightlife and restaurant district lies within walking distance—and public transportation can conveniently take you anywhere from Lake Michigan’s iconic beaches to the city’s many diverse neighborhoods.

And when you graduate, the city is home to thousands of alumni: fellow legal professionals who are ready to help you find your footing in one of the most dynamic and hardest-working cities in the world.


“There’s so much here. Chicago has a very defined identity, a neighborhood feel, a broad-shoulders appeal where people really put their head down and get to work.”

’21, former president of the Hispanic Latinx Law Student Association; now an associate attorney in Schiff Hardin’s Chicago office



Chicago-Kent’s worldwide alumni network is more than 15,000 strong, with alumni in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. They work in businesses, prestigious law firms, government agencies, and public interest organizations, and hold political office and judicial and academic positions throughout Chicago, the Midwest, and across the country. As a graduate of Chicago-Kent, you will join roughly 70,000 additional Illinois Tech alumni around the world.

And Chicago-Kent’s alumni are known for keeping strong ties: each year hundreds of them volunteer to assist with activities ranging from coaching trial advocacy teams to mock interviewing to hosting networking dinners to participating in our annual Alumni-Student ConneKtions Week.

Before and after you graduate, you’ll feel the strength of Chicago-Kent’s alumni network.

14 195 6 32 3 0 12 9 3 2 5 72 61 99 850 International Alumni 15,141 U.S. Alumni Armed Forces (the) Americas 1 Armed Forces Pacific 3 Virgin Islands 3 Puerto Rico 4 14
17 14 2 1 45 7 1 3 7 14 6 45 202 15 19 3 4 3 3 1 5 2 97 71 116 100 218 106 21 7 250 322 119 4 9 8 5 181 114 34 23 57 455 2 8 3 10, 472 103 9 14 14 195 6 32 202 3 0 15 19 3 4 12 9 3 2 5 72 61 99 3 3 119 4 2 8 3 Chicago Metro Area 9,655 15


While you attend Chicago-Kent, you won’t be on your own. Our dozens of student organizations allow you to grow and participate as an active member of our community. You’ll find personalized attention from world-class faculty who are recognized not just for their scholarship and achievements, but also for their compassion for and mentorship of our students. Our professors have a deep connection with the surrounding legal community and readily plug students into that pipeline.

And Chicago-Kent doesn’t just celebrate diversity, we live it: the first female student was a graduate of the class of 1891; Ida Platt, the first African-American woman admitted to the bar in Illinois, was a graduate of the Class of 1894; and Robert S. Abbott, the founder of the Chicago Defender newspaper, was a graduate of the Class of 1898. Today, in our 716-strong J.D. student body, 33 percent are persons of color and 55 percent identify as women. They come from 39 states and are citizens of 23 countries. Our numerous student organizations reflect this.

But we’re always striving to do better, supporting a wide array of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, including a new student diversity social, annual diversity week celebration, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Forum, and a multicultural graduation celebration. Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Affairs, and Professional Development implements strategies, programs, and other services to celebrate and embrace diversity at Chicago-Kent, including through pipeline programming targeted at high school and college students. It’s all part of Chicago-Kent’s commitment to

have the confidence to succeed after graduation.

Other support programs include: Academic Skills Program (ASP) Bar Prep Faculty Advisor Program Peer Advisor Program Wellness@CK Program 8.9:1 Student to faculty ratio #3 in Chicago and #40 in the country for the scholarly impact of our faculty Sisk et al., Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2021: Updating the Leiter Score Ranking for the Top Third (2021) 16
providing you with a well-rounded legal education so that you

“I know the faculty and staff at ChicagoKent College of Law, and they are an amazing group of people, in terms of both their scholarship and thought leadership and their always going the extra mile for our students. The level of commitment and compassion I’ve seen makes me honored to be a member of this community, and I promise to ensure that we uphold our well-earned reputation as an institution that supports our students, both in law school and beyond.”

“We have an obligation as an educational institution to prepare our students to practice law in an increasingly diverse society. While we focus on creating an environment of inclusion where everyone feels they belong and their perspectives are heard and respected, we aspire to do more. You’re not an effective lawyer if you don’t have enough intercultural sensitivity to work with people of different backgrounds and experiences, and understand how the law has perpetuated inequities within historically marginalized communities.”

“There are many programs at Chicago-Kent that have and continue to address both of these goals. People who care about these issues will be able to make a difference at Chicago-Kent.”

Anita K. Krug, Current and First Woman Dean of Chicago-Kent College of Law

Why Our Students Love

“A great law school for both academics and practical experience. Students are encouraged to try a variety of fields of law through hands-on opportunities throughout Chicago. Chicago-Kent has a great reputation in Chicago and a wide network of employers, which reflects that reputation.”

“It’s got the pulse of the city, and they make lawyers who are ready to practice. They teach what you have to do and focus you on what matters so you don’t get lost in the clouds.”

“An incredible sense of community.”

Love Chicago-Kent

“Chicago-Kent’s professors and teaching assistants are incredibly supportive and are always available to help us learn. I am extremely grateful for the small-group Academic Skills Program sessions that my teaching assistants held. They helped me develop essential legal analysis skills that are not only useful academically, but will also be highly applicable in my chosen career path.”

“It’s a school focused on training lawyers to be innovative and use technology in new ways.”
“It’s an awesome school that is diverse, has great professors, and has one of the best trial teams in the nation and one of the best moot court teams, too.”


Are you ready to start your legal career with Chicago-Kent?

Schedule a visit at our modern campus in downtown Chicago. You can attend an open house or information session, take a campus tour, or set up a meeting with an admission counselor. Let us help you prepare for one of the most important decisions of your career.

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Tour our beautiful Conviser Law Center campus in downtown Chicago. Our modern law school building supports first-class legal education: our classrooms, courtrooms, and library feature the latest technology for teaching and research, and our brand-new on-site fitness center allows students to work out between classes. In fact, preLaw magazine listed the law center as one of the best law school buildings in the country (spring 2022 edition).

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Founded in 1888, Chicago-Kent College of Law at Illinois Institute of Technology is the secondoldest law school in Illinois. Chicago-Kent is a national leader in legal education, recognized for its scholarly excellence, practical and hands-on education, future-focused programs, and outstanding foundational skills training. The school is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools and the Order of the Coif.

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