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Chicago Jazz Magazine October 2012

Mike Jeffers CEO, Chicago Jazz Publishing and Entertainment The past couple of months have been jam packed here at Chicago Jazz Magazine. The new issue of Chicago Jazz Magazine, the September/October issue with Roy Haynes on the cover, is a hot item for jazz fans across the country.

We had an incredible response at our “Jazz Oasis” performance space at this year’s 2012 Chicago Jazz Festival. The two day event drew over 200,000 people and our space was filled to capacity each day from 11am-5pm watching musicians perform. We will actually be featuring some video from the “Jazz Oasis” on in the

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The Chicago Jazz Magazine “Jazz Oasis” at the 2012 Chicago Jazz Festival.

coming weeks so keep an eye out for it. If you couldn’t make it down to the festival you missed a large assortment of Chicago jazz musicians at the “Jazz Oasis”. I want to thank everyone who performed at the festival in the “Jazz Oasis..lePercolateur, James Sanders with the Kevin O’Connell trio, Roger Harris Quartet, Nanette Frank Quartet, Spiral, Sam Fazzio, Arlene Bardelle Quartet, Tom Muellner’s Jazz Artistocats, Heather Moran Quartet, Shawn Maxwell Quartet, Jeff Mackevich Quartet and the Paul Abella Trio. Also a special thanks to Gallo Wine, Andy’s Jazz Club, Viper Alley and Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums for sponsoring the “Jazz Oasis”. I look forward to next year and making it even bigger! Interested in Advertising in Chicago Jazz Magazine or Call us at 773-927-0396 or e-mail We can help.

October 2012

Chicago Jazz Magazine

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Chicago Music Revealed… New Online TV Show coming to a Website Near You! A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have a radio station in Chicago give me my own Jazz Radio show, "This is Chicago Jazz". It was on Avenue 950am every Tuesday from 8pm-10pm. I hosted the show with the help of Charley Krebs and Chicago Session’s very own Nick Eipers who was the producer. From the start I wanted to base this show off of what I love to do, talk about Jazz with people. We were able to feature many of Chicago’s well known musicians in a casual setting where they joked around and felt comfortable talking about many in depth issues. The station was bought out by Relevant Radio a year after my show launched. They did not think a jazz talk radio show would work with their new all religious format, and “This is Chicago Jazz” was canceled. So for the past year I have been trying to figure out a way to bring the show back on the air but unfortunately I am still looking for the right fit. It seems the idea of a talk show for jazz that is fun, promotes the artists and venues and already has advertisers is a hard sell to mainstream radio companies. They would rather stick to their regular programming that consists of playing the same tunes over and over again. Their LOSS! Since I am tired of waiting and searching for a place to air the show I have decided to take the same concept of the original “This is Chicago Jazz” and turn it into an online TV show called “Chicago Music Revealed”! The show will offer the viewer a unique inside look at venues and musicians from the Chicagoland area. We have started shooting episodes and are looking at launching the show on and a few other websites in the middle of November.

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That being said if you have a unique story that you think would be perfect for the show please send us an e-mail at The few episodes that we have shot so far have been a blast! It is fun visiting venues and talking to Jazz people that would never get the opportunity to be on camera. Make sure you are a fan of ours on Facebook and also be sure to sign up on our e-blast list so that you can get information on the latest show!

Chicago Jazz Magazine What’s New in the Chicago Jazz Magazine World…

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The November/December issue of Chicago Jazz Magazine is coming out on November 6th and our feature interview is with Chicago legends, Geraldine and Eddie DeHass. Both Geraldine and Eddie could have been featured individually but we decided that having them both together in one interview would be a very interesting idea and it proved correct! Also in this issue we will be listing holiday performances, New Years Eve shows and jazz gift ideas. The deadline for advertising is October 23rd so don’t miss this opportunity to advertise for the holidays! Speaking of Chicago Jazz Magazine…The next issue of the magazine will be placed online in a new viewable version. We have tested it and it looks great! All the ads will be clickable links so if you are advertising in Chicago Jazz Magazine your ad will also be clickable online as well! Watch for the new issue to hit the internet November 6th! Joe Wensell has taken over as the new administrative coordinator for Chicago Jazz Magazine. Joe has a long history in the jazz world and has been able to help update our systems so that things are already running smoother. In addition he also is a graphic artist and web designer who works on many projects for musicians throughout the country. If you would like to submit performances for the weekly e-blasts or to be placed on’s online calendar send Joe an e-mail at info@chicagojazzcom. Chicago Jazz Magazine is sponsoring two new nights of live jazz at Bar Umbriago, 6 W. Hubbard in Chicago. Tuesday nights vocalist Stephanie Browning performs from 8pm-11pm and Thursday nights the funk/jazz group Spiral performs. Visit for more information. Chicago Jazz Magazine is getting new offices!!! Yes we are moving on up! Well actually we're moving to a 3rd floor loft space, but it is pretty exciting. The new building we are moving into has some famous movie history, “ Hoffa” and “Fast and the Furious” both had scenes filmed there. By the way one of the tenants mentioned that Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito were very cool, but Mel Gibson was not as personable. Once we are moved in we will post some photos on

Chicago Jazz Magazine October 2012

What’s Inside??? • Re-cap of the Chicago Jazz Festival and the “Jazz Oasis” performance space. • New Online TV Show about to Launch…“Chicago Music Revealed”

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• What’s in the new issue of Chicago Jazz Magazine

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Chicago Jazz Magazine Newsletter 2012  

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