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Diary of Projects Chia-Yun Lee 2012/2013

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1988/02/23 Fukuoka, Japan Taiwan (R.O.C.) Rm. 2, 12F., No.51, Minsheng 2nd Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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Language Idustrial Design, Chang Gung University, BA 2006-2010 Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven, 2011-2012 MAS LUXE, ECAL(Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne), 2012-2013 Chinese Taiwanese English

Index Window Display Ice Tea Carafe Silver Container Hair discovery Studio Shooting Diploma Project


As my first time designing vitrine, I am glad that Hermès gave me a chance to discover the world of window display. Different from designing product, vitrine design has to make people dream, even something that is impossible in the real world, it is a scene that communicates to the viewers at a first glance.

Cycling The concept is to emphasize that sport is not only about competition, but also leisure, travel and adventure. Using the same bike for all vitrine, I tell different stories by adding distinctive elements to transform the bikes. For instance, adding wings to fly, or buoys to float. Showing the aesthetic of these utopian bike inventions let people imagine where are they traveling to and what kind of adventure will happen. The vitrine lead people to dream and make their own story with sport and leisure.

top / top right Bike transforming tryout bottom right Model making

Vitrine drawing


SPECIAL T is a company specializing in teas from around the world. The aim is to design a carafe that helps turn the hot tea made by the SPECIAL T machine into ice tea through cooling. It is a project about the process of ice tea making; from producing the ice cubes to pouring the ice tea into cups.

Raindrop I took my inspiration from falling rain to design a carafe with a filter, which creates a " shower effect " when filled it with tea. This allows the tea to cool down faster by dispersing it as it pours, while the effect also highlights the tea's beautiful color. The filter also acts as a block for the ice cubes once the ice tea is ready for serving.

top / left Pouring test

Silver Material combination Container

Working with French silverware brand Christofle, the aim is to combine silver with natural animal hair, such as goat and horse to explore a new form of luxury container.

Project Hair The combination of soft and hard material, the touch of cold and warm. While animal hair is normally used as a brush, for me it is a material full of attraction which makes me keep touching it. Employing the same technique as is used to make brushes. By discovering the making process of a simple brush I introduce "hair" as a new material into the luxury industry of silverware, and so design a stationery receptacle whose hairs can hold writing instruments or even memo papers.

top Reference elements of brushes, hairs and volume mockup top right Craftsman of Cristofle bottom right visiting the shop in Paris

top Stationery, such as pens or even memo cards stand just by being put inside the fluffy hairs right Technical drawing


193.5 A

R5 11




A 201




A-A 40


This is a project extended from Project Hair: delving further into the making and molding process of hair within the stationery universe. Instead of a brush, a receptacle? Why not?!

Project Hair II Animal hair is a soft material which is really hard to control; it gets messy and spreads everywhere easily. It is a challange to mold the hairs into different shape especially when they are short. In this project I develop a method to mold the hairs into pieces of different shape at the same time using the advantage of the hair's softness for its protective function.

Studio shooting Silver object Model styling

Playing the role of director of a poster shooting, managing from concept, to modle casting, styling to the whole scene; In detail from the model's nail to big considering the whole frame, it is a fresh and interesting experience to work with lots of professionals of each field make-up artist, model and photographer.

top / left Model styling

top Studio setup right Model makeup

Diploma Project


I like to travel, for me travel doesn't have to mean going somewhere far away, it is to go out and enjoy the atmosphere, observe other's behavior, relax and escape from everyday regular life. I call myself as "urban nomad" , or even "global nomad" since I began my studies in Europe. By traveling I experience things that I couldn't feel and learn from a book or the internet, especially the kindness of people. My backpack is my constant companion, it experience my travels with me: the scratch of the cat that I tried to play with, the flavor of the apple juice I put in it, and of course the color from the pen whose cap I lost. Lots of marks and countless memories, couldn't say how important it is to me.

Global nomad refers to people who are living an international lifestyle.

Unlike traditional nomads, global nomads travel alone or in pairs rather than with a family and livestock. They also travel worldwide and via various routes whereas traditional nomads have a fixed annual or seasonal pattern of movement, and although pastoralists are professional travelers, they move in relatively limited areas mostly walking or riding donkeys, horses, and camels. Global nomads, on the other hand, travel worldwide.(1) The modern-day global nomads' lifestyle has become possible because of fast and relatively cheap transportation methods as well as the communication technologies that enable people to connect in real time across wide geographical distances.(2) (1) Khazanov, Anatoly M. 1994. Nomads and the Outside World (2nd edition) [1983], translated by Julia Crookenden. Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press. (2) Korpela, Mari 2009. More Vibes in India: Westerners in Search of a Better Life in Varanasi. Tampere: Tampere University Press.

I began my journey by observing how people travel.


The catalyst for this project is the traveling of nomads. I was fascinated by the way nomads move around and especially how they deal with their belongings. They wrap, gather, and tie: simple but efficient. I began to rethink how my own luggage is: sometimes I have a big bag and I just stuff everything in it, this means I often need to dig inside to find the things I need. The other situation is when I am more organized, I classify my things within small bags, and stuff them into a bigger one. After my analyzes, I decided to design a different form for the bag: why not gather several classifying bags together? Congregation!

Tried to assemble everything in my room together.

Had a lot of fun playing cardboard.

Met a wonderful leather craftswoman and her magical workshop.

Thank you

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Projects From 2012-2013