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Prescribed burning to take place in Chetwynd over spring

FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012

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Fuchs charged with attempted murder

BY NAOMI LARSEN Chetwynd Echo Editor –––––––––––––– MOBERLY LAKE – Eighteenyear-old Benjamin Fuchs has been charged with attempted murder following a stabbing over the

weekend in Moberly Lake. Chetwynd RCMP responded to a 911 call at the 5300 block of Lakeview Subdivision and upon arrival arrested Fuchs who had stabbed a Moberly Lake teenager several times in the head.

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Fuchs appeared in Chetwynd Provincial Court Wednesday. “Anyone with further information in regards to this matter is asked to contact the RCMP at 250-788-9221 or Crimestoppers,” Cpl. Jim Toye of the Chetwynd RCMP said.

The victim uploaded a photo to his Facebook page showing one of his stitched up wounds and wrote he had been stabbed including once in the neck, once in the temple and once on top of his head. The fight, he said was over a girl.


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Prevention of Violence Against Women week proclaimed April 15-21

More burns expected to take place next Monday

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – If any residents drove or walked past the Post Office on Tuesday April 10, the scene may have appeared exciting and unsafe. For the next two weeks, the Chetwynd Fire Department will be lighting fires around town in otherwise potentially dangerous dry areas. A few prescribed burns happened around 8 pm on Tuesday April 10 adjacent to the post office and the Northern Lights College as well as near the 7eleven

parking lot. Training officer Mark Foster says Chetwynd has been running prescribed burns for several years. He says it reduces the amount of midnight grass fires set off by teenagers. Any burn area is less than a football field in size in order to manage the burn. A crew of six fire fighters worked to control and extinguish the dry field on either side of the railway tracks and it was all over within in half an hour. Foster says more prescribed burns will likely take place next Monday around town,

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Mayor Merlin Nichols proclaimed the week of April 15 to 21, 2012 as “Prevention of Violence Against Women Week.” It recognizes that violence against women generates suffering; inequality and that women must be free from violence to reach their own potential. The proclamation addressed the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and a person’s right to security. In Chetwynd, the Safe Home and Outreach Programs and the Chetwynd Victim Services are working to prevent violence against women and their children.

Beelyne Executive Services Ltd.

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OPEN Summer Monday toHours Friday:July/August 9 am to 6 pm (open through lunch) Monday - Thursday

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5208 N.Access (Chinook Centre)

“Safety is the

main issue and helping them keep safe and stay out of situations that could be threatening.”

Cheryl Widdicombe, safe house and outreach coordinator will be around town talking with people and businesses about violence against women and the services available. Widdicombe runs the safe house program in Chetwynd and facilitates safe shelter for women and their children in crisis. Alongside Widdicombe, Chetwynd’s children who

witness abuse counselor, Lindsey Sprague will also be a presence about town next week. On November 24th, 2011, a 24-hour census by the BC Society of Transition Houses found that 1110 women, youth and children were supported and sheltered across BC by Anti-violence advocates. There were 124 programs that participated in the census: Children Who Witness Abuse, Transition House, Safe Home and Second Stage programs. The government of BC has announced added funding of $5.5 million in civil forfeiture proceeds for 2011-2012 to support local crime prevention Please see "MANY," page 3

Want to be heard?

You can email us at; mail to Box 750 Chetwynd B.C. V0C 1J0 or drop of your letter at 5016 50 Avenue. All letters submitted must be signed with a return address and daytime telephone number so we can confirm that it came from you. The Echo reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, legality, length and to refuse publication of any submitted material. We may also choose to use a letter as the basis for a story. So, be sure to keep your letters brief and to the point. Letters originating from the Peace region get priority. We encourage new contributors as we attempt to publish a cross-section of public opinion. - Naomi Larsen, editor

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

Many forms of abuse you canĘźt see Continued from page 2

arrangements. Prior to March 2012, women leaving abusive partners had to move out of safe housing after five days. The short time frame is a scramble for women and children to acquire assisted income and other housing said Widdicombe. “It’s a deterrent for women to leave the abusive relationship.� During the week of the 15th to the 21st, Widdicombe and Sprague will have an information table at Tru Valu and IGA with pamphlets on their various programs. She hopes the week will bring awareness and initiate conversations among family and friends about violence and abuse. “There’s a big stigma around family violence. People tend to not talk Lyndsey Sprague and Cheryl Widdicombe look on as about it,� said Mayor Nichols signs the proclamation. Photo by Liz Brown Widdicombe. While bruises are a visihave nowhere to go.� 24 children each year. ble mark of abuse, “there’s The Chetwynd safe They can spend up to 10 so many other forms of housing supports an aver- days in a safe home and abuse you can’t see.� age 24 women and at least then must make other

across BC. One-time grant funding of $5,000 is available for Children Who Witness Abuse programs in their communities, according to the BC Society of Transition Houses. According to Widdicombe, the Dawson Creek head office deals with grants and funding. Widdicombe hopes to eventually introduce second stage housing to Chetwynd, a transition home after women have stayed in a safe home and have nowhere else to go. But she says it likely won’t happen until Dawson Creek has the funds to provide this also. “Safety is the main issue and helping them keep safe and stay out of situations that could be threatening. Our main issue here in Chetwynd of course is housing. Once women leave their abusive partner and once they leave housing they

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Huiyong Dehua gets bulk sample permit

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Canfor attains Tembec mills in Elko and Canal Flats

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BCTF files application for moderator removal



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Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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Ludwig: gone but not forgotten



Naomi Larsen is Editor for the Chetwynd Echo. Contact her at by phone at 250.788.2246 or via email

iebo Ludwig has died.

The controversial antioilpatch activist passed away over the weekend after battling esophageal cancer. A sickness he was diagnosed with last fall. The response to his death is varied across this country. Some either remember him as a martyr, a David and Goliath type scenario, while others saw him as an eco-terrorist and murderer. I found Wiebo articulate, interesting, good with a quote and charismatic, but was probably narcissistic and definitely misogynis-

tic which turned off a lot of And while it may not have people who would have been right, I believe he had supported him. His ego a dream about making was as big as the industry change. He wanted oil comhe fought against. panies to be more accountHowever, as his story able for their actions. That, I unfolded over the years I think was the message he found myself tried to convey. sympathizing However that with his fight. The response to message was About a year his death has eventually a ago I wrote a little lost durvaried... c o l u m n ing the bombadmitting that ings. It blew his actions over the years – up in his face so to speak. albeit stupid – were underThe Northern standable. He felt backed BC/Northern AB landinto a corner. And human scape has changed dranature shows the natural matically in the last 10-15 reaction is to protect your- years. There are flares and self and fight back – and rigs everywhere. Take a that’s what Weibo did. look around the Peace – After trying to get the gov- even in just the last year. ernment’s attention for People say no, but money almost a decade with no talks and government and luck, he fought back the big corporations says yes. only way he thought he There’s no doubt in my could make Big Oil listen. mind oil and gas industry

is the root of many health problems – even around here – and upon hearing of Weibo’s demise to cancer, my first though was “was it caused by the very thing he fought against? Can it be proven?” I guess we’ll never know. At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in – just how you go about doing it. As the years go on, there will be more eco-warriors fighting for the environment and for what is right. And chances are, oil and gas companies and the government will do little to change because in the end, money talks. So will I remember Weibo as a hero or a terrorist? I think somewhere in between. I can say for sure, he definitely won’t be forgotten.

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


So lucky to live in a town like Chetwynd

To the Editor: Some of the words that entered my mind after walking into the Trade Fair were, impressive, organized, colorful, and classy. I was extremely impressed by the displays, and the all around atmosphere of the trade show. We were greeted with friendly hellos, smiles and wonderful conversations. I have not gone for a few years due to having a

small child, so I didn't really know what to expect. I brought my daughter, not expecting a lot for her to do. To my surprise there was a 'Reptile Man' there doing presentations with live reptiles. (Whoever came up with that ideaway to go!) It was fabulous. The Chetwynd Public Library once again doing wonderful things for the community by giving each

child a FREE book, as well such a vibrant community! as having a FREE bouncy house. Sincerely, Payless Welding took Wendy Pohl kids into a secret room to Chetwynd, BC weld their own nameplates. How exciting for kids to be able to do that! loved walking We around, catching up with old friends while eating cotton candy, and looking at all the wonderful displays. Once again, I am one lucky girl to live in

Be very afraid of NDP To the Editor: Be afraid... Be very afraid! That’s all I can think whenever I hear someone talking about the prospect of an NDP government in BC. Especially one headed by someone as slippery and as ethicallychallenged as Adrian Dix. The NDP haven’t changed their socialist political views one iota over the past decade, have they? The preamble to their party constitution makes it very clear that they still adhere to the same “democratic socialist principles” and that they consider these socialist principles to be the only way to achieve social, economic and political progress. The NDP constitution also makes it clear that the NDP still believe in the principle of “social ownership”, along with a belief that the production and distribution of goods and services should not be “for profit.” That’s right! The NDP still believe nothing should be produced or distributed for profit. It’s in their constitution.

That means, in the eyes of the NDP, the profits from your hard work and sacrifice are fair game for “social redistribution” under the NDP. For the benefit of those who don’t speak “socialist”, the “social redistribution” of other peoples profits is an NDP euphemism for heavy taxation. Well, we saw where that kind of NDP thinking got us back in the 90’s. And the economic damage the NDP could do to this province if they were in power for another four years is enough to keep any sane British Columbian awake at night. That damage could well be irreparable. So how can anyone in their right mind think the NDP would be any different this time around than they were the last two times? If the above doesn’t scare you then I don’t know what will. Be afraid... Be very afraid! Fred Reemeyer Coquitlam B.C.

Find us online at Follow us on our Facebook page or Twitter

You can email us at; mail to Box 750 Chetwynd B.C. V0C 1J0 or drop of your letter at 5016 50 Avenue. All letters submitted must be signed with a return address and daytime telephone number so we can confirm that it came from you. The Echo reserves the right to edit letters for clarity, legality, length and to refuse publication of any submitted material. We may also choose to use a letter as the basis for a story. So, be sure to keep your letters brief and to the point. Letters originating from the Peace region get priority. We encourage new contributors as we attempt to publish a cross-section of public opinion. - Naomi Larsen, Editor

C het w y nd Echo

6 Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

We Win!


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5121 44TH STREET

This house is a real crowd pleaser. Located in the desirable Rodeo Sub, this house boasts three nice sized bedrooms and a separate bedroom downstairs with an ensuite and a full bathroom in the basement. Separate entry into the well lit basement and an attached two car garage! Do not wait to see this fabulous home!

$370,000 MLS 135700

Entire Duplex for sale. Rental income = $1,900 /month. New roof 2009. Each unit has been renovated. Basement is ready to be finished into 3rd and 4th units. Washer and dryer included. Instant raise to new buyer’s yearly salary as rental income will be greater than the mortgage payment.

$224,900 MLS 129868

110 Feet of waterfront property. 1152 Square foot home set up on a full basement. Cozy woodstove in basement. (Wett inspected in 2010). Sit out on your deck and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Moberly Lake. Includes a 24 x 16 guest cabin plus a boat house on the lake.

$375,000 MLS 130355

Less than 5 minutes from Chetwynd. 3 bedrooms up and 2 down. 2 baths. 2 decks - one on the front of the house and a large deck at the back 24 x 12. Hot tub outside. Spring fed well, Upgraded windows. New siding, new shingles. 200 amp service.

$339,000 MLS 133015

3 + 2 bedrooms. Large family room in basement with huge daylight windows. Heated 2 car garage. Jet tub in the main bath. Kitchen has lots of cupboards with a walk-in pantry. Comes with 5 appliances. New 2 tiered deck recently installed complete with aluminum railing. Cozy in floor heating.

$339,000 MLS 134534


4712 46 STREET

4741 48A ST

4704 46 STREET


1240 sq. ft. home on the north side of Moberly Lake. Great home with large windows facing the lake. 3 bedrooms up and 1 down, 2 and a half baths. Laminate and ceramic tile flooring. Walk-in basement, huge recreation room with cozy pellet stove. Metal roof recently installed.

$425,000 MLS 129065

New listing!! 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home close to school and rec centre. New flooring. Downstairs is partly finished with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, rec room and work shop. Fully fenced and level backyard that overlooks a green space. 10x20 canvas storage shed. This home offers everything you desire. Call today.

$285,000 MLS 135938

5 Acres of vacant land 1/2 block off of the main highway, just behind KFC. Zoned MI- Light Industrial! Owners will consider renting or leasing this property. Contact the listing office for more information.

$449,000 MLS 134143

3 bedrooms up and 1 down. 1 car garage. Large living room, with fireplace. Master bedroom has a 3 piece ensuite. Spacious kitchen overlooking the backyard. Large eating area. Aluminum railing with plexiglass on deck. Basement has large Family Room, small kitchen. Unique foyer with lots of room for coats and shoes.

$319,000 MLS 136142

149 Acres with a large 4 bedroom 3 bath home. Large kitchen with an island and a dining area. Wood stove. The bedrooms are all upstairs with 2 baths up, one being an ensuite. This home features lots of light and is bright and cheery. Metal roof. Some hardwood and tile and the stairs have been refinished

$349,000 MLS 135398

Congratulations to the winners of the draws at the Talisman breakfast. Huguette Grenier, winner of the natural gas BBQ pictured with Steve Rainey, Operations Foreman of Talisman Energy and Casey Bergen winner of the bike, pictured with at Richard Pfeil, Field Buyer at Talisman. Photos submitted

Venessa Weightman 250-788-6325

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Marlene Boelke


We out sell the competition 2 to 1. Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.ÂŽ






Master bedroom has an ensuite and walk-in closet. Pantry in the kitchen, a circular drive for easy access to and from the place. You can watch time go by on the large 12'x30' porch. An area is cleared and ready for a shop or garage to be built.

$208,000 MLS 133581

Newer 2 bedroom 1196 sq. ft. home with a breath taking view. Kitchen, entry and bathrooms have marble flooring, rest of the home has hardwood. This home has a cold room for all of your canning and storage. 30 x 40 garages all on 4.5 acres.

$289,000 MLS 135221

1 acre lot in desirable neighbourhood - waiting for you to build your dream home on. Call listing office to check out this prime lot

$79,900 MLS 135193

1500 sq.ft. 1 + 2 bedroom home, on 12.33 acres. Spacious kitchen with oak cabinets. Kitchen has ceramic flooring and rest of home is laminate. Living quarters are on the upper level of building. Lower level features garage and large workshop. 200 Amp. Service. Deep well-seller states good water.

$369,900 MLS 133575

5 Acres just minutes from Chetwynd. 3 Bedroom full basement home with single car garage. Basement is waiting to be developed. 2 wells on the property. Sewer system is a lagoon. Quiet setting with good neighbours.

$299,000 MLS 136141

4513 44 AVE

5157 45 AVE

5032 50 AVE

5016 49 AVE

5213 43 STREET

Shop & two lots in the Industrial sub. Shop is 75x 150 steel construction with three 16ft overhead doors, office and storage space. Shop lots is 1.23 acres and the other lots is 1.57 acres and has been built up to road level, fully serviced, plenty of power with three transformers on the property.

$975,000 MLS 135865

3 bedroom home overlooking the town of Chetwynd. New construction with work in progress. Home is constructed of insulated concrete forms. Rooms have insulated sound proof walls. In floor heating. Walkout basement. Nice daylight windows in basement.

$230,000 MLS 134664

Successful flower and gift shop. 2100 sq. ft. of space. Potential buyers must apply to sears, lotto and Purolator for approval of take over. Price includes supplies and equipment only inventory to take before closing deal. This is your opportunity to be your own boss. Call listing office for full details and to view.

$159,000 MLS 135762

Great Location in the desirable downtown area, with zoning allowing for an attached residence to live in. This property has a lot of possibilities with other businesses close by; would make a great location for a business and you could live on the premises.

$35,500 MLS 133653

New listing, large family home in Rodeo Sub. This home has 5 bedrooms 3 up and 2 down. Master bedroom has a walk in closet and 3 piece ensuite. Bright kitchen with access to a large deck. The basement is partly finished with a wood stove to make it cozy.

$219,000 MLS 135153

C het w y nd Echo

Huiyong Dehua gets bulk sample permit, seeks more workers

BY GREG AMOS Ridge Sentinel Editor –––––––––––––– TUMBLER RIDGE – After more than a year in the application process, Huiyong Dehua (HD) Mining has finally received its permit to carry out a 100,000 tonne bulk sample this spring on its Murray River underground coal mine project southwest of Tumbler Ridge. With that in place, the company is now seeking permission to bring in 201 foreign workers from China, in order to fortify its workforce with the underground mining skills needed for the job. The permit to carry out the work was issued on March 15, after HD submitted more information to the Ministry of Energy in January. More data on geochemistry, waste rock management, reclamation, equipment and engineering was submitted, explained Jody Shimkus, HD's vice president of environmental and regulatory affairs. HD Mining submitted two labour market opinion (LMO) applications with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) just

before that permit was issued: one on March 5 seeking 84 temporary foreign workers, and another on March 13 seeking 117 workers. All that expertise will be focused on the Murray River project, which is slated to produce 10 million tonnes of coal per year, from deep coal deposits found in three separate seams, the deepest and richest of which lies between 800 metres and one kilometre underground. It's been a longer road than anticipated for HD, which had aimed to start the bulk sample last June after submitting their Technical Assessment Report. That was re-submitted last October, with more information added. Work on the bulk sample will begin once ground conditions are suitable this spring, said Shimkus. In

The company is now seeking permission to bring in 201 foreign workers from China. the meantime, temporary housing options are being explored for the workers, while a master plan is still in the works with the District of Tumbler Ridge. (Details of that potential real estate deal are still in short supply, as mayor and council have discussed it only during private in camera meetings.) HD Mining is a joint venture announced last June between the Huiyong Group, which runs several underground coal mines in China, and Canadian

Dehua International Mines Group (CDIMG), who had received approval to bring 92 Chinese miners to Canada last fall. Once HD was formed, the six-month approval given to Dehua remained intact, but subsequently expired as HD grappled with permit approval delays and a lack of available worker housing. The Murray River project is one aspect of Premier Christy Clark's goal of seeing eight new mines in B.C. and nine expansions of existing mines, as the province advances its twin goals of mining sector development and stronger economic ties with Asia. Allowing foreign workers into B.C. coal mining projects remains controversial, as questions remain over the labour practices and safety implications involved in using foreign workers.

Read the Chetwynd Echo online!

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


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Local hockey player Liam Beattie qualifies for Male U16 Cup

Submitted –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – BC Hockey has announced the rosters for the Male U16 BC Cup being held in Kelowna April 12 – 15. The teams were selected from the four Region Camps that were held last weekend across BC. This year more than 600 players province-wide tried out in their respective zones and 160 players made the cut to compete in the U16 BC Cup including a Chetwynd player. Local Chetwynd and District Minor Hockey Association Scotiabank Bantam player, Liam Beattie, was chosen from 49 forwards at the Tryout Camp in Vanderhoof to join the North Region of 30 players. Players were assessed by 14 evaluators in game situations based on physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. The U16 BC Cup offers BC's top 15 year old players the unique experience of competing with the best players in their age group from across the province. The BC Cup is a jamboree style tournament in which the 160 players are mixed to make eight teams. Beattie will play for "Team Wild". The four-day event will include on-ice Sessions: two practices and four games, off-ice Sessions: player development, team development and Hockey Futures Presentation. Some notable players that have participated in the

Liam Beattie was selected from more than 600 players. U16 BC Cup include: Brent Seabrook - Chicago Blackhawks, Brandon McMillan - Anaheim Ducks, Brett Connolly Prince George Cougars/Tampa Bay

Lightning. Players advancing from the BC Cup will attend the 2012 Male U16 Provincial Camp. From there 20 players will be selected to represent Team

Photo submitted

BC at the Western Canada U16 Challenge Cup Presented by the WHL. CDMHA congratulates Liam Beattie on being selected from the North Region.

C het w y nd Echo

Dawson Creek Rage folding

Dawson Creek Daily News –––––––––––––– DAWSON CREEK – There will be no further North American Hockey League action in Dawson Creek. Kirk Fynn, Vice-President of Hockey Operations with the Dawson Creek Rage confirmed with the Dawson Creek Daily News the team would be folding. Fynn said he and the team's investors met in a closed meeting Monday with City Council proposing the city fund further Rage expenses. When the city denied their request the immediate choice for the investors was to pull the plug on the team. The details of the proceedings could not be released, including the asking price of the team's proposal, but Fynn explained that the team needed help covering some incurred costs. "We wanted a break in some of those areas that would help us have additional income to offset those expenses," said Fynn, explaining that the team could not cover the extra costs incurred from ticket fees, corporate sales, as well as renting the EnCana Events Centre to the tune of $3250 a game night. He said the team was having difficulty sustaining itself primarily as a result of the NAHL being an expensive league to operate within. Mayor Mike Bernier could not speak further on the details of the meeting, but he did confirm that council has reached a decision to no longer subsidize the Rage. "Council voted to not assist financially into season three or any further with theDawson Creek Rage," said Bernier. This follows the council's previous decision to not subsidize them beyond the money it had already agreed to give the team. Fynn did say the owners would be looking to sell its franchise rights, but said it would be difficult as there are a lot more sellers than buyers in the NAHL at this time.

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


GAME ON! Call us today with your sporting event!


CDMHA Awards Banquet

Junior Referees for 2011-12 Season.

Submitted –––––––––––––– PRE-NOVICE: Most Improved: Cayden Lindstrom Sportsmanship: Jake Douglas Leadership: Logan Fowler Most Dedicated: Joshua Deck NOVICE: Most Improved: Connor Spenst Sportsmanship: Chase Skoreyko

Leadership: Branden Toye Most Dedicated: Pryce Peats ATOMS: Most Improved: TJ Takacs Sportsmanship: Colton Aiers Leadership: Cody Eckel Most Dedicated: Brayden Sims PEEWEE Most Improved: Kyle Eckel Sportsmanship: Tanner

Photos submitted

Calliou Leadership: Griffin Young Most Dedicated: Brody Kraus BANTAMS: Most Improved: Liam Vanheddegan Sportsmanship: Jason Kearns Leadership: Reign Walker Most Dedicated: Liam Beattie GIRLS: Most Improved: Reece

Mosher Sportsmanship: Chacity Wagner Leadership: Alycia Aird Most Dedicated: Brooke Macmillan MIDGETS: Most Improved: Chris Campbell Sportsmanship: Justin Greyeyes Leadership: Spencer Gover Most Dedicated: Colton Anderson


Tuesday, April 24th Thursday, April 26th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm Chetwynd Rec Centre Curling Lobby

$50.00 Per Player

(BC Care Card # required to register) Players on 2011 Jersey Not-Returned List will also be required to pay $50.00 jersey replacement fee or 2012 registration will not be accepted. Mites Division 8 - 12 years old (born 2000 - 2004) Pony Division 13 - 18 years old (born 1994 - 1999) (Age as of December 31, 2012)

COACHES & TEAM MOMS NEEDED The number of players/teams in each division will be determined by the number of coaches who sign up on registration nights.

Minor Ball is played Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:45 pm - 7:00 pm


John Kearns presents Brayden Sims the Double B Trucking Goalie of the Year Award.

Girls Team Awards: Brooke Macmillan (Most Dedicated), Reece Mosher (Most Improved), Chacity Wagner (Sportsmanship), Alycia Aird (Leadership).


Pre-Mites 6 - 8 years old (born 2004/2005/2006) Pre-Minor Ball Slopitch Development Program run by the Chetwynd Rec Centre Call 788-2214 to Register!

C het w y nd Echo

10 Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

3,744 km in 31 days and 14 hours Chetwynd to Chetwynd

Poppy Winner

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 258 Poppy Chair Karen Buckley and President Anne Steeves present Serena Stokmans, Peace Christian School student with a cheque for $75. Her poem took third place in the Imtermediate group in the BC/Yukon Command District after winning locally. It will now be sent for nationPhoto submitted al judging.

DISTRICT OF CHETWYND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING for Proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 962, 2012 (Multiple Family Residential – High Density / Commercial Mix Zone)

Pursuant to Section 892 of the Local Government Act RSBC 1999, the Council of the District of Chetwynd gives notice that all persons who believe their interest to be affected by the provisions contained in the “District of Chetwynd Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 962, 2012 (Multiple Family Residential – High Density / Commercial Mix Zone) shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained in the Bylaw at a Public Hearing scheduled for the below noted date and place: Date: Time: Place:

April 16, 2012 4:15 p.m. Council Chambers, District Office

Bylaw No. 962, 2012 proposes to amend the District of Chetwynd Zoning Bylaw No. 932, 2010 by establishing a Multiple Family Residential – High Density / Commercial Mix Zone to encourage multi-family housing development(s) to address housing needs and to create related commercial opportunities.

Property owners who believe their interest in property may be affected by the proposed amendment bylaw may view the bylaw and all other written information pertaining to this matter in detail at the District of Chetwynd Office located at 5400 North Access Road, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding statutory holidays.

Any inquiries should be referred to the District of Chetwynd, Telephone: 250-4014100, Fax: 250-401-4101, Email: or by mail to P.O. Box 357, Chetwynd, BC, V0C 1J0 Dated this 26th day of March, 2012. Jannene Disher, Director of Corporate Administration

Members of Team Vet are presented with a cheque for $300 for walking the furthest. BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – Here’s a bubble buster: Another Chetwynd exists outside of Northern BC. Australia, Ireland and the UK are just a few who host a town called Chetwynd in their corner of the earth. The Chetwynd, BC library discovered an existing Chetwynd, ON a couple of months ago and decided to challenge residents of Peace Valley, Chetwynd to walk from Chetwynd, BC to

Chetwynd, ON. The challenge began in February where walkers teamed up for six weeks and tallied their team kilometers. The teams met at the Chetwynd Library on April 4 and celebrated their distances, awarding the winning team $300. About 20 people gathered at the finale celebration where team Vets was awarded for walking a total of 935.5 kilometres. Team Vets came in first, with only four team members, Dana Bergen, Laurie, Spoklie, Wendy Pohl and Miranda Anderson.

Photo submitted

The walking challenge brought out participants of all ages. According to youth services librarian Jocelyn Disher, they are an active office group and the kilometers were attained by walking outside both together and individually. “They had the smallest team, but they walked the furthest,” said Disher. Each team paid $20 and the winning team received the total amount. The winners’ distance was based on an average of Please see "WALKERS," page 11

C het w y nd Echo

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


Annual Adventure Race set for June 17 BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – When the last bit of snow melts, a select group of adventure addicts dust off their bikes, runners, and paddles to train for the Peace Christian School (PCS) Adventure Race. On June 17 the PCS will host its sixth annual adventure race allowing teams or soloists approximately five to eight hours to complete the course. There are six categories: Co-ed adult, men’s elite, women’s elite, co-ed high school, high school men’s elite, and high school women’s elite. Racers have the option to sign up for either an A or B racecourse. While B is less intimidating, organizer Erroll Palipane insists its still a challenging course. If "A" teams miss the cut off time, they automatically fall into the B category and are still able to complete the race.

The race legs, which can be completed either by each member or divided amongst a team include trail running for 12 km, canoeing for eight km and mountain biking for 30km or 45 km for the A course. Last year 27 teams participated, including kids, solos, A and B teams, and

each team took an average of three hours longer than previous years to complete the course due to the excess flood mud. Palipane and fellow race organizar Darren Shankel anticipate a higher number of participants this year and are predicting dry conditions from a mild

Walkers almost made it half way around the world Continued from page 10

kilometres per team member. While Team Vet won for the furthest distance per member, team Geared to Go from the medical clinic achieved the furthest distance, with the help of 20 participants. Geared to Go walked as far as Thunder Bay, ON- only 1,109 km away from Chetwynd, Ontario. Disher organized the event and is considering running it again next year. She’s received positive feedback and felt the timing worked well with the weath-

er. “It was a good time. People were itching to get out,” said Disher. Disher decided to organize the challenge after a co-worker recently quit smoking. The idea was to get her up and moving and the plan was successful, according to Disher. Combining the 15 teams’ distances, walkers totaled 17, 260 km, just shy of making it half way around the world. Disher says she looks forward to next year and hopes to have an even higher number of participants.

winter. Palipane and Shankel initially organized the race to promote and encourage physical activity that was fun and took advantage of the trail systems and Chetwynd’s vast outdoor playground. The two colleagues and friends moved from Kelowna, a heavily

active biking and racing community. Upon moving to Chetwynd, they decided to help promote sport and health through creating an example at the Christian school. Palipane said he became inspired to organize an event after watching the Eco Challenge series.

PCS’ chaplain Palipane and principal Shankel are excited to register for next year’s race assuming all the logistics will be ironed out and their consistent volunteers can take the reigns. Over the next month they are looking for title sponsors and businesses to help grow the adventure community in Chetwynd. Palipane’s tips for training are “get on your bike.” He says most people gain time on the bike because people are unprepared for the 1,000 feet elevation gain occurring in the first 5 km. “The more you train, the more you enjoy the race,” he said. There is no cut off age says Palipane. Last year, Mayor Merlin Nichols qualified as the oldest participant and he was a fun yet tough competitor said Palipane. For more information, contact Peace Christian School at 250-788-2044.

Write us a letter!


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


C het w y nd Echo

Bluegrass open mic set for Sat.

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – This Saturday sees the arrival of the Chetwynd Library’s monthly open mic night. The evening is dedicated to celebrating blue grass themed music, “or whatever other music comes out of the speakers through the night,” says organizer Ian Smith. The

Chetwynd Echo online!

Have a Read

In an unnamed Balkan country, a young doctor sets out in search of clues to her grandfatherʼs death. Wrestling with past conflict and present grief, she recalls stories her grandfather told of a tiger escaping from a zoo in Germany in 1941. Obreht concocts a thrilling story on the backbone of history and fable, including references to Rudyard Kiplingʼs classic The Jungle Book. “Constructed from anecdote and fable, it is sometimes written in a kind of medical poetry, its main characters being doctors whose attention to the permeable line between life and death suits the tales of old and new Yugoslavia that Obreht wishes to tell.” —Lorrie Moore, New Yorker online.

Have a Listen

The Rapture is set to play at the infamous Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California and at the Dublin- based festival Forbidden Fruit. In September 2011, they released a new album where the single, Echoes played in the comedy film Superbad. Post-punk fused with dance and electronic, the Raptureʼs sound morphs from song to song, creating friends and enemies of themselves. The New York based group has released four albums: Mirror (1999), Echoes (2003), Pieces of the People We Love (2006) and In the Grace of Your Love (September 5th, 2011).

evening start at 7pm and entrance is by donation. Refreshments are provided and anyone can stand up to play. Blue grass, a sub-genre of country music has roots in Scotland, Ireland and the United Kingdom as well as the United States since the late 1880s. In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of blue grass music. Need a reference point? The

Soggy Bottom Boys’ twangy sound was showcased in 2000’s film O Brother Where Art Thou. Banjos, mandolins, guitars, fiddles and stand up bass often create this sound. On Robert of the Radish’s music blog, he lists his favourite blue grass bands: The Gibson Brothers, Pam Gadd, Balsam Range, Dailey & Vincent, Lonesome River Band, and more.

Donned a hero at age 11

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– GRANDE PRAIRIE – On Wednesday April 4th, Ty Grant, age 11 received the Governor General’s Certificate of Commendation for a past heroic act. In 2009, Grant, his brother Jace and mom Angie Sanderson were horseback riding. When a dog spooked her horse, she was thrown to the ground. She received multiple leg fractures from the fall and could not move. At age 9, Grant set off on horseback, found help and led them to his mom and brother. Sanderson was taken to hospital and treated for her injuries. Last week, the brothers were recognized for their bravery at Elmworth Elementary School during an assembly. The two boys received a certificate from Fire Marshall Mark Whelpton and got to play Fire Chief for the day, ride in the fire truck and meet the crew. “It is a real priviledge to be able to recognize the quick thinking and bravery Ty displayed in responding to a very serious situation,” said Whelpton. Acting Reeve Leanne Beaupre and Councilor Lois Dueck presented the award in Grande Prairie. The Governor General’s Certificate of Commendation was created in 1993 and recognizes people who sacrifice themselves to help others. Grant’s grandparents Gary and Margie Grant and Doug and Elenor Sanderson live in Chetwynd.

Have a Look

Starring Julia Roberts, the classic tale of Snow White hits big screens in a humorous style. Also starring Nathan Lane and Lily Collins, the sci-fi fantasy is rated PG for family viewing. Shedding her typical romantic comedy cloak, Roberts becomes the evil, jealous queen who is out to remove, destroy or sabotage the young Snow White. Lane, as always provides comic relief as the Queenʼs aid and right hand man. The tale remains the same in frame, but is told in a modernized form. Check it out!

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Rock Climbing season is upon us

Anton Ponomarenko reaches the top.

Photo by Liz Brown

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– HASLER – During the Easter weekend eager rock climbers hit the rock cliffs in the Hasler area west of Chetwynd. It was Vadim Stolyarov’s first time climbing outside and he said the conditions were perfect: “nice and dry.” He drove from Dawson Creek and

climbed Thursday and Friday, Anton Ponomarenko and Chris Chievious from Fort St. John led the traditional-style climbing routes. Also referred to as trad climbing, it involves a technique where the experienced climber places protective gear in the rock face to support the climber. Pieces of equipment called cams are forced into cracks


and crevices until enough pressure exists to hold the piece in place, allowing climbers to weight themselves on the tiny pieces of gear. As summer sits in the horizon, the climbers anticipate Hasler being a busy spot. But for now, Stolyarov said three of them camped over night and the following day 1012 people arrived.

Chris Chievious clips rope into carabener to safely ascend.

Photo by Liz Brown


The Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce is looking for:

Event Coordinator

• Superior Customer Service • Strong Communication Abilities, Verbal & Written • Able to work without supervision and as a team player • Self Starter, Detailed oriented, Organized and proficient in computer skills • Meet deadlines and work with little supervision • This role is responsible for taking direction from the Manager with regards to event coordination planning and executing all activities for the Chamber. Please drop off resumes at the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Centre, 5217 N. Access Rd; Attention Tonia Richter, Manager. Deadline May 1, 2012 We thank everyone for their interest but only those short-listed for interview will be contacted.

4: 6/13/20/27


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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Site C Clean Energy Project

Public Comment Period and Open House Sessions

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (the Agency) and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) announced today that the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Guidelines for the proposed Site C Clean Energy Project are being issued for public comment. The public is also invited to attend Open House Sessions to be held in the project area in May 2012. Public Comment Period The Agency and the EAO are holding a 45-day public comment period on the draft EIS Guidelines for the environmental assessment. The Guidelines provide direction to the proponent and identify the information that is required in the EIS. The EIS will provide a detailed analysis of the potential environmental, economic, social, health and heritage effects of the proposed project. All comments received will be considered by both agencies. Once finalized, the EIS Guidelines will be made public and provided to the proponent.

Written comments will be accepted as of April 17, 2012 and must be received by June 1, 2012. All comments will be considered public and will be posted on the Agency online public registry and on the EAO website. Forward written comments in the official language of your choice to either of the following: Linda Jones Panel Manager Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency 22nd Floor 160 Elgin Street Ottawa ON K1A 0H3

Brian Murphy Project Assessment Director Environmental Assessment Office PO Box 9426 Stn Prov Govt Victoria BC V8W 9V1 Fax: 250-356-6448 On line form : forms/Site_C_form.html

To view the draft EIS Guidelines or to obtain more information on this project, consult the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry at reference number 11-05-63919 or the EAO web site at .

Public Open House Sessions The Agency and the EAO will be holding open house sessions during the public comment period. The objective of the sessions is to provide information on the EIS Guidelines and to inform the public of the environmental assessment process and how the public can participate. The public will also have an opportunity to submit written comments on the Guidelines at the sessions. Representatives of both agencies will be available to answer questions. The proponent, BC Hydro, will also attend the sessions to answer technical questions about the project. The open house sessions will be held in the following communities near the project area: Date/Time Tuesday May 1, 2012

3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday May 2, 2012 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday May 3, 2012 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday May 8, 2012 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday May 9, 2012 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday May 10, 2012 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Location North Peace Cultural Centre 10015 - 100th Ave. Fort St. John, BC Hudson's Hope Community Hall 10310 - 100th St, Hudson's Hope, BC Pomeroy Inn & Suites 5200 North Access Road Chetwynd, BC Sawridge Inn & Conference Centre 9510-100th Street Peace River, AB Best Western Dawson Creek 500 Highway #2 Dawson Creek, BC Prince George Ramada 444 George Street Prince George, BC

BC Hydro and Power Authority proposes to construct and operate a dam and 1,100-megawatt hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeastern B.C.

All submissions received by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office during the comment period in relation to the proposed Project will be considered public. All submissions will be posted to the Agency’s website and to the EAO website.

Canfor acquires Tembec sawmills

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Elko and Canal Flats

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – On March 23, Canfor announced they have acquired Tembec Industries Ltd southern British Columbia interior wood products in Elko and Canal Flats sawmills. The amount is approximately 1.1 million cubic metres of combined crown, private land and contract allowable cut. The transaction includes a long-term residual fibre supply agreement for Tembec’s Skookumchuck mill. Due to Canfor’s large amount of exporting to China, investors are seeing Canfor’s pulp and paper production as profitable. “We take these improving pulp stats as confirmation the bottom in pulp markets is behind us and urge clients to further add to positions in Canfor Pulp,” Mr. Swetlishoff said to the Globe and Mail on March 22, 2012. Swetlishoff is the head research analyst at Raymond James Ltd. in

Vancouver, BC. His team manages 40 researchers and publishers who cover more than 1500 companies. President and CEO of Canfor Don Kayne welcomed Tembec employees and said, “The acquisition strengthens Canfor’s fibre position in BC while meeting the increasing needs of our highly valued global customers.” The added saw mills are expected to add 420 million board feet to Canfor’s annual capacity. Canfor is the leading producer of Kraft pulp and paper, a product that Tembec supplies in ample amount. On Monday, April 23Canfor Pulp Products Inc. will release its first quarter 2012 financial and operating results in Vancouver, BC. The AGM will be held on Tuesday April 24 at 11:30am and a conference call will be held Wednesday, April 25 at 8am Pacific Time. For anyone interested in hearing or participating in the discussion, call 1-866-2237781.



WORKSAFEBC – WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BOARD OF B.C. HEREBY GIVES NOTICE OF PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATION (BC Reg. 296/97, as amended) The proposed amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (“OHSR”) being taken to public hearings pertain to the following items:


• Part 5, Chemical Agents and Biological Agents – relating to correcting the reference to combustible dust and updating the reference to the Electrical Code;


• Part 11, Fall Protection – relating to clarifying whether fall protection anchors must be re-certified annually by a professional engineer in all circumstances;


• Part 12, Tools, Machinery and Equipment – relating to recognizing a riving knife as an acceptable device to prevent kickback on table saws; • Part 12, Tools, Machinery and Equipment; and consequential amendments to Part 23, Oil and Gas – relating to prohibiting applying compressed gas at a greater pressure than the pressure rating for a closed vessel that is not a registered pressure vessel, and requiring such vessels to have appropriate pressure relieving capability; • Part 13, Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms, and Part 19, Electrical Safety – relating to clarifying the appropriate requirements for dielectric testing of insulated elevating work platforms and ensuring consistent requirements in these two Parts; • Part 13, Ladders, Scaffolds and Temporary Work Platforms – relating to the use of work platforms supported by a lift truck; • Part 16, Mobile Equipment – relating to clarifying what equipment must meet and be used in accordance with section 16.3(7); • Part 19, Electrical Safety – relating to replacing current terminology with terms that are appropriate to low voltage electrical equipment; • Part 19, Electrical Safety – relating to establishing a provision allowing the practice of passing the bucket of an insulated aerial working device between energized high voltage conductors if not practicable to do work otherwise, due to terrain or other obstacles; • Part 26, Forestry Operations and Similar Activities – relating to requiring signage on all resource roads in BC showing (1) radio channels when an Industry Canada road channel has been assigned, and (2) radio frequencies when an Industry Canada channel is not assigned, but a radio frequency is. The proposal relating to Part 24, Diving, Fishing and Other Marine Operations, is not being taken to public hearings at this time to enable consideration of the new edition of CSA Standard Z275.4. PUBLIC HEARINGS You are invited to provide feedback on the proposed regulatory amendments. Your views may be presented orally at the public hearings and/or submitted in writing. Please register if you wish to make an oral presentation at the public hearings by telephoning 604-232-7744 or toll free in BC 1-866-614-7744 prior to the hearing. Information on the proposed amendments and the public hearings, including details of registration/ participation procedures, are on WorkSafeBC’s website at PUBLIC HEARING DETAILS Date May 22, 2012 May 24, 2012 June 5, 2012 June 7, 2012 Session Times:

Location Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina 146 Kingston Street, Victoria, BC Best Western Kelowna Hotel & Suites 2402 Highway 97 N, Kelowna, BC Coast Inn of the North 770 Brunswick Street, Prince George, BC Executive Airport Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre 7311 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

WRITTEN SUBMISSIONS The deadline for receipt of written submissions is 4:30 p.m. on Friday, June 8, 2012. Written submissions can be made online or via e-mail, fax, mail, or delivered at the public hearings during the session times. Online: via the WorkSafeBC website at E-mail: Fax: 604-279-7599; or toll-free in BC: 1-877-279-7599 Mail: OHS Regulation and Policy Policy and Regulation Division WorkSafeBC – Workers’ Compensation Board of B.C. P.O. Box 5350, Station Terminal Vancouver, BC V6B 5L5


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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BCTF files application for moderator removal

Vancouver Sun –––––––––––––– VANCOUVER – The B.C. Teachers' Federation is trying to quash the appointment of former university president Charles Jago as mediator in its long-standing contract feud with public school employers. On Thursday, the union filed an application with the B.C. Labour Relations Board asking for his removal. It cites several factors that it says create the impression that Jago, who was named mediator last week by Education Minister George Abbott, is biased. President Susan Lambert said the union has also

asked for an injunction to halt mediation until the labour board rules on Jago's suitability and will await that ruling before deciding on future participation in the process. The BCTF expects the board will hear arguments next week, she said in an interview. The union decided to apply to the labour board to have Jago removed after the former president of the University of Northern B.C. declined a written request that he step down. In a letter Monday, Lambert told Jago that he should quit because he lacks mediation experience and has shown an employer bias, especially in a

“I assure you I am impartial.”


report he penned in 2006 for the B.C. Progress Board - created by former premier Gordon Campbell in 2001 to monitor B.C.'s performance and advise on ways to improve it.

Furthermore, Lambert said she was troubled by Jago's admission that he helped the Liberal government craft the law - known as Bill 22 - that called for a mediator to help the parties

reach a collective agreement and settle other controversial issues. According to a BCTF news release, Jago said he was given the opportunity to review and "wordsmith" a draft of the bill before it was introduced in the legislature. Abbott denied that Jago "had a hand in the construction of Bill 22" and defended his appointment, saying he continues to believe that Jago is the best person for the job. But he did not respond Thursday to a Vancouver Sun question about whether Jago had acted as a wordsmith on Bill 22. In a written response to Lambert's letter, released by the union, Jago stated: "I


13 & 14


3/16, 23,30; 4/6,13,20,27




assure you that I am impartial. From the outset, I have been clear that I will be fair and balanced in mediating this dispute." But Lambert told a news conference Thursday she is not convinced. A study of Jago's 2006 report shows "remark-able parallels" between his findings and government proposals on the bargaining table that have to do with seniority protections, professional development and teacher assessments. The union was also annoyed to find out that Jago was approached in February to take the job as mediator - a month before Abbott asked the union to recommend someone for the job.

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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Tumbler Ridge and neighbours miss out on grants benefit of Fort St. John, Taylor, Hudson's Hope, Fort Nelson and the Peace River Regional District (PRRD).. In all, the funds added up to a $65-million boost for communities around B.C. Being a community of less than 5,000 people, Tumbler Ridge currently pays approximately 35 per cent of policing costs, with the federal and provincial governments picking up the remainder of the bill. That means it doesn't cover enough of the costs

RCMP take down grow operation near Taylor

Energetic City –––––––––––––– FORT ST. JOHN – The Fort St. John RCMP Drug Section has dismantled a marijuana grow operation in Taylor. On March 29, the RCMP executed a search warrant at a rural property located on Pingel Creek Road near Taylor. Once inside the residence, the RCMP found over 130 marijuana plants growing in numerous rooms. On top of the marijuana, a loaded, insecure firearm was located and seized. The plants and the growing equipment were seized and the operating was dismantled. A 54 year-old male was arrested in the residence. The male has been released with a court date set for June 5. The RCMP are recommending charges of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, production of marijuana and possession of a firearm contrary to a court order. If you have any information about drug activity in our community, contact the RCMP or Crime Stoppers

to qualify for the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program, which distributes the money collected from tickets and court-imposed fines back to communities. That was significant money for Fort St. John, which earned $171,486

through the program. The Climate Action program is aimed at reducing local greenhouse gas emissions, and was also significant for Fort St. John (which earned $74,231), Fort Nelson ($41,703), Taylor ($14,822) and the

PRRD ($3,259). The Small Community and Regional District grants, which is money that can be used for any services a local government provides, meant $251,161 for Fort Nelson, $181,202 for Taylor,

$172,962 for Hudson's Hope, $93,329 for the PRRD, and $83,248 for Fort St. John. It's not yet known if the District of Tumbler Ridge applied for the grants or not.

DEVELOPMENT OF A PROVINCE-WIDE PEST MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR BC HYDRO’S FACILITIES The purpose of the proposed Pest Management Plan (PMP) is to control vegetation within BC Hydro facilities, including substations, capacitor stations, microwave sites, repeater stations, data collection sites helipads, office buildings, and storage yards, pole yards, switchyards, dams, reservoirs, dikes, spillways, diversion channels, penstocks, hydroelectric generating stations, thermal generating stations, diesel generating stations, gas turbine stations, cable termination sites, gravel pits/quarries, leased lands for generation development drill sites, till sites, rinse stations, climate stations, existing and proposed transportation corridors and access roads to facilities, using the principles of integrated pest management. The vast majority of these sites are fenced compounds and restricted access areas. The pest management methods proposed for use include: tree removal, girdling, mowing, weed-trimming, hand-pulling, pruning, grass-seeding, parasitic insects (bio-control) and herbicide application. The Pest Management Plan for Management of Vegetation at BC Hydro Facilities # 16-12-2012 applies to facilities within BC Hydro’s service area. The proposed duration of the PMP is from May 10, 2012 to May 10, 2017. The common name and trade name of the pesticides proposed for use under this plan include: glyphosate (Roundup Transorb HC, Roundup Transorb Liquid , Roundup WeatherMAX , Vantage, Vantage Plus Max II, Vantage XRT etc.), diuron (Karmex DF), simazine (Princep 9T), dicamba (Vanquish, Banvel VM), dicamba plus diflufenzopyr (Overdrive), amitrole (Amitrol 240), imazapyr (Arsenal), triclopyr (Garlon 4, Garlon Ultra, Garlon XRT), chlorsulfuron (Telar), aminoyralid (Milestone), clopyralid (Transline, Lontrel 360), flumioxazin (Payload), metsulfuron methyl (Escort), metsulfuron methyl plus aminopyralid (Clearview), mesulfuron methyl, aminopyralid plus fluroxypyr plus metsulfuron (Siteline), trifluralin (Biobarrier), and picloram plus 2, 4-D (Tordon 101). Application methods include: foliar applications, basal bark applications, squirt bottle, injection tools, backpack, power hose spray gun, boom sprayer, cut-surface treatment, hack-and-squirt and wick/wipe-on applicator. A draft copy of the PMP may be examined in detail by asking the person named at the following locations: Tara McCormick Rene Roddick Rhonda Kariz Erik Swanson

400 Madsen Road, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R 5M3 8475 128th Street, Surrey V3W 0G1 1401 Kalamalka Lake Road, Vernon V1T 8S4 3333 22nd Avenue, Prince George, V2N 1B4

250 755 4778 604 543 1533 250 549 8582 250 563 4863

To view the plan online visit A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the pest management plan, may send copies of the information to the applicant within 30 days of the publication of this notice.


BY GREG AMOS Ridge Sentinel Editor –––––––––––––– TUMBLER RIDGE – Tumbler Ridge and the two other communities in the South Peace all missed out on a slew of grants announced yesterday (April 4) for other parts of the region. Three separate grant programs - the Small Community and Regional District Grants, the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program, and the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program – worked to the


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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MM&J & J Computers COMPUTERS 4745 - 51 Street 788-1009

Computers, peripherals, software, and accessories

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Labours Eve


Prenatal Classes offered in Chetwynd. Call to register! Visit us on Facebook

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Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

An education in life

At 44-years old Heather Lirette learns it’s never too late to chase a lifelong dream

BY LIZ BROWN Chetwynd Echo Reporter –––––––––––––– CHETWYND – March 8, marked the 101st International Women’s Day. Upon calling Chetwynd Secondary School, the four elementary schools and two First Nation bands to inquire about special events for International Women’s Day, the common response was “I don’t know, when is it?” They are not alone.

others were Several unaware it was International Women’s Day or that it’s been happening for more than one hundred years. Regardless of Chetwynd joining the international celebration there are exceptional women in town who give their time, run businesses and greatly impact the community. Heather Lirette of Chetwynd is tackling a lifelong dream. She is on the path to gaining a nurs-

ing degree at 44 years of age. She is the oldest nursing student in her class older than her professors. “I don’t feel like an old person, I feel like a nursing student.” She sticks her head out of class to quickly receive a message from the office. She nods as quickly as possible, politely stating, “I’m in the middle of class,” before darting back inside hoping she didn’t miss anything substantial. Married to husband

4 Evergreen Resources Petroleum Division, Card Lock is NOW OPEN!!!

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We will be having monthly draws for great prizes for our customers that spend $40 or more on retail fuel purchases. (sorry card lock clients are not eligible)


Applications for the card lock are available at the General Store or call 250-788-3738 to receive a fax.

Chris for 25 years and a mom to Aarik, 17 and Josey 13, she started the program in September 2011 and is set to finish December 2012. It’s a dream she’s had for years and is now seeing it into fruition, proving that it’s never too late to learn. “I was 14 when I wanted to be a nurse. I was a volunteer candy striper from the time I was 14 to 17. And that’s when I knew and it never stopped. Lirette grew up in the Annapolis Valley, in Nova Scotia and after high school received a full scholarship to study nursing at Dalhousie University. However, love’s unpredictable nature changed her course. Her boyfriend, now husband Chris was shipping off to Germany for a tour of duty with the Canadian Forces. “He proposed to me the week before I started classes,” said Lirette. “I had a damage deposit on my apartment in Halifax. I was ready to go. She originally said no. “How could you do this? How could you ask me to get married right before I’m supposed to start school on a scholarship?” she told him. A week later, she changed her mind and said yes. Lirette’s mom and all her friends said getting married was a colossal mistake – all but one friend.

“I was 14 when I

wanted to be a nurse..thatʼs when I knew and it never stopped.”

“I had one person on my side and that was Mary Munroe. She said to me ‘you can get an education in life or you can get an education at a university. They’re both equal. And that’s what made me realize I wanted both.” Married by age 21, Lirette and Chris lived in Germany for two years and travelled throughout Europe. She was 27 when Aarik was born and stayed home to raise Aarik, his sister Josey and run a daycare. “I was happy being a mother and a wife and I was very fulfilled with that. You know I have zero regrets. Zero. Staying home and raising my kids, they’re really, really good kids.” But the desire to become a nurse never left. Nursing combines her various interests, of caring for people and science.

“First of all I like to care about people…I want to make them not hurt. I want to make them happy. I want to help. Second of all, I have this really weird fascination with everything biological – anatomy, what things are called, where they are, how everything works in relation to each other, the chemicals, what’s going on in your body, what happens to food when you eat – everything biological.” She remembers finding an old hardcover veterinarian book from the 1700s belonging to her mom. Inside were anatomical diagrams with extra flaps and folds showcasing all the organs and systems of various mammals. “I was fascinated with that book. I think I was five when I found that book.” Please see "ITʼS" page 21

Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Itʼs never too late in life to try Continued from page 20

The “snap decision” to apply for nursing happened on a drive to Fort Nelson last year with Chris. They were listening to a radio podcast. “It was saying if you could meet yourself in the future in an alternate universe, would you have anything to explain? Would you have any regrets? I said to my husband, the only regret that I have in my life is that I’m not a nurse.” Chris told her, “Do it. It’s time. There’s no more reason for you to not to do it.’” Lirette couldn’t wait to get back to Chetwynd and apply. She went on the waiting list and had to retake high school biology and chemistry regardless of her decent high school grades.

When her acceptance notice arrived, Lirette didn’t believe it and kept calling to make sure there was no mistake. “They know me by name now,” said Lirette. Six months in, Lirette’s life is all about school. Her priorities are far different from the 20 something leaving home and experiencing a frosh year. “As a mature student you have to leave your kids behind, you have to leave your husband behind…the family sacrifice is not to be taken lightly, said Lirette. “My husband misses me and my daughter grew up while I wasn’t looking. That’s the biggest thing, I can’t wait to come back home.” For the first six months, Lirette lived in Dawson Creek residence from Monday to Friday. Each

day she spent in class or studying from 5:30am until 6pm. Saturday and Sunday, she worked until 4pm. “For 12 and a half hours or more, my brain was on.” While she’s attracted to a busier lifestyle, the stress level was monumental she said. Her daughter Josey says she aged 10 years in the last six months. “I feel that aged me. That much stress is really intense. I didn’t know what I was capable of at that time, but I’ve set into a rhythm now. My confidence is a lot higher now.” When Lirette gets home, she enjoys homemade cakes, steak dinners and clean laundry from her kids and her husband. “My husband has been amazing.” Chris, her “biggest cheer leader,” has their son Aarik doing laundry and

helping cook. “They’re doing all the house work now. I don’t have to lift a finger.” When they lived in Vancouver, Chris commuted to Richmond and missed much of the formative years with the kids, said Lirette. “He feels like now he’s recapturing a lot of what was lost and he likes that. After 25 years of marriage Lirette says school may have even made their marriage better. “I see he’s there for me and I think we appreciate each other a whole lot more… I’ve had a couple breakdowns where I’ve cried about things and he’s very, very good at listening to me.” While Lirette’s ready to tackle anything thrown her way, she’s not looking forward to giving injec-

tions. “I’m afraid of needles. I don’t like to see them. It’s making me uncomfortable just talking about it.” But when the time comes, she says she’ll approach the skill with the same professionalism and determination she called upon to change a colostomy bag every day for six weeks. “But I am loving it. I do I love it,” she adds. Lirette and her family hope to live in Nova Scotia, but for now, she already has a summer job as a care aid. There’s no doubt she knows what she wants. “I’ll talk to anybody I need to talk to. I’ll be the first one there. I’ll be he loudest one.” Lirette says often the battle to trying is in our heads. “If you think you’re unable to do it, then basically you’ve lost the battle.” For those who think it’s too late in life to try, Lirette disagrees. “If you’re happy where you are now, good. That’s great. Enjoy it. But if you’ve got a spark in you and you’ve missed something that you’ve really, really always wanted to do and you don’t think you can do it, there’s nothing – there’s no way that you can not do it.” A Stats Can study showed more women are graduating with post-secondary degrees. “Women have made substantial gains in education over the last few decades and are now more likely to have a university degree than men. In 2006, for every 100 women aged 25 to 49 with a university degree, there were 84 men


with the same level of education.” While going back to school as a mature student is gaining acceptance, having children later in life is the opposite side of the discussion. In North America, more women are putting off having children to advance their careers. Though it may be risky business health-wise, professional women still want the option. In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, TV executive Cari Rosen, 48 did the reverse plan of Lirette; she had her first child later in life and was criticized for her late parenthood move. She says the timing works now. "I didn't meet someone I wanted a child with until I was 39. Before that, the question was: 'Do you have a child with someone you don't want to spend the rest of your life with — or do you cross your fingers that you will meet the right person?' People say it's selfish, but it seems to me more selfish to bring a child into a relationship that is not right. I think some women do make that compromise." While women in North America experience more freedom than many countries around the world, the day celebrates all women in their uniqueness, allowing them to consider what they can bring to the circle. Tawakkol Karman spoke at an International Women’s Day event in Washington with Michelle Obama, and said "Women around the world you have to trust yourselves. Without you, your community could not achieve their dreams.” Karman won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.



Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Wyatt Mallia, Alisha Derhousoff, Don Lasser and Wade Collins

If quality, trust and professionalism are important to you, then there’s only one choice; North Country Rebuilders Ltd. Located one kilometer down Jackfish Lake Road, North Country Rebuilders Ltd is the place to go to get your vehicle worked on by some of the best mechanics in town.

After more than 20 years of serving the community, you can expect satisfaction and dependability with each visit. Owner Don Lasser has over 28 years of experience in the mechanical field. Wade Collins a certified technician and authorized inspector, brings his 30 years of

North Country Rebuilders Ltd.


Not N ot getting g e ttin g e enough nough contact? c o n ta c t? Want W ant market market advice? a d v ic e ? My M y goal goal iis s to to h help e lp y you ou reach reach yours. y o u rs .

Come and refill your bottle anytime with the 24 hour fill station Valley Pure Water 4616 N Access Rd Specializing in Commercial Deliveries

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TD W TD Waterhouse aterhouse – Private Private Investment Investment Advice A d v ic e 400 4 00 Victoria Victoria St. St. Suite Suite 390 390 Prince P rin c e G George eorge BC BC V V2L 2L 2 2J7 J7 Free: F ree: 1.877.838.2166 1 .8 7 7 .8 3 8 .2 1 6 6

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Julie Shaw Healthy Communities Coordinator

Box 357 5400 North Access Road Chetwynd, BC, Canada V0C 1J0

experience, Alisha Derhousoff, a fourth up to 24 inches; year apprentice, with Dealership - exhaust repairs; experience; Trisha Stanley in the office as a - And much, much, more! North Country Rebuilders is completely service adviser and Wyatt an up and coming mechanic. North Country customer driven. While your vehicle is Rebuilders Ltd. is a Licenced Inspection being pampered by these fine mechanics, Facility, capable of inspecting up to 5500 you can sit back, relax and enjoy a movie in the comfort of their waiting room. kg. So let’s have a look at some of the key Equipped with a satellite TV and 200 things that North Country Rebuilders can channels to choose from, you can relax and enjoy a movie and a coffee while your do: -Car and light truck services including full vehicle is being fixed. You need not worry about a thing, North service or quick lube Country Rebuilders is a proud member of -Engine replacment and repair the Automotive Engine Rebuilders -Trans replacment and service Association. Every year they are -4x4 repairs expanding with new equipment and new -Tire changing and balancing - Computerized engine tune ups and ways to serve you better. You can count on North Country engine decarbonizing; Rebuilders to look after your vehicle, so - Brake service; - Suspension, strut and steering service come in and see Don or Wade to improve your vehicle’s future today! with 4-wheel computerized alignments; - Licenced designated inspection facility for vehicle inspections; - Automotive machine shop including crankshaft, Jackfish Lake Road, Chetwynd grinding, cylinder block boring, cylinder head rebuilding (gas and (one km down the Jackfish Lake Road) propane), flywheel grinding

cell: 250-401-3362 office: 250-401-4100 fax: 250-401-4101


Please be advised that the hours of operation for the Recycling Depot are as follows:

Sunday Mo nday Tues day Wednes day Thurs day Fri day Saturday

Cl o s ed 10 am - 4 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 5 pm 9 am - 4 pm


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Use the positive power of a strong negative

Meet the Mayor


with Merlin Nichols

h hectic lives! Time! No time! But time we need – for family, friends, sleep! Ah, sleep! I’m just slipping off; suddenly, wide awake, my senses are on full alert! Danger lurks! Tension mounts! Presently, into the room trailing tails of graphs and charts and dripping fonts, drift two spectres disguised as draft

bylaws. They pause just over the foot of my bed as if to focus their evil energies, then screaming forward they take up aggressive positions on my optic My brain is nerves. revving. Ah, sleep! Out! Get out! Leave! Be gone! Lie on the left side. Lie on the right. Prone. Supine. Fetal. Repeat. At midnight I give up, get up, and wrap up in a blanket with a hot water bottle under my feet and a book in my hand. Eleven minutes later I can’t keep my eyes open. Now get back into bed without alerting the spectres.

Life does get out of focus. Where went the good old days when we had time to visit our friends, picnic on mountain, beach, and river, play with our kids, smell the flowers, skip rocks on the lake, watch grass grow in the meadow, count birds in the bushes? Sleep was sweet then – ah, sweet it was! Now there is scarcely time to eat the bread for which we labour and spectres steal our sleep – ah, sleep, sweet it was then! The eighteenth century poet had it right: in getting and spending we lay waste our powers; we lose

our focus, dissipate our energies, compromise our priorities. Our modern preoccupation with getting and spending isn’t new to this generation although we might have more stuff than our ancestors had to excite their acquisitiveness. Long ago and far away a teacher urged his students to set priorities according to their real value. This teaching is still valid in century 21. We know of a powerful little word in every language on earth and perhaps in celestial realms as well. It is No, and whatev-

er else it may be called; it means just what it says: Don’t ask me again; I’m not buying. I cannot accept another appointment today. No. I will not. I’m not buying outside of Chetwynd. No! In that one little word, used often, convincingly, and in right context, is contained immense power of control over our lives, our time, our peace of mind. Have you lost your focus? Have you discovered that when you think you are seeing double, you really are? Want to get back the focus? Try that powerful little word.


Believe it! Say it with conviction! Once back in focus, keeping the focus is a function of maintaining your value system, of updating it as required, and of using that little negative to carry the message of your convictions to yourself. After all, if you convince yourself, you won’t need to convince anyone else. Use the positive power of a strong negative – when no is yes to life! Disclaimer: The preceding is the opinion of Mayor Merlin Nichols and may or may not reflect the views and/or wishes of council.

The Chetwynd Echo Literacy project

-> Bring a book to our bookshelf

-> Take a book from our bookshelf

-> Leave a donation & support local literacy initiatives


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

C het w y nd Echo

Free English Practice Mondays 9:30 am at Northern Lights College and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at the Chetwynd Public Library Call 250-788-2559

Chetwynd Breastfeeding Support Network meets every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m at the Chetwynd Public Library. Little Giant Air Cadets Mondays at 6:30pm at the Royal Canadian Legion. Ages 12-18. Come on out!

Taking Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Pine Valley Seniors Centre Call 250-788-9563 Pine Valley Seniors Hall weekly activities including Cribbage, Whist, Bingo and Carpet Bowling. Call Anita at 788-5838 for more info.

Chetwynd Society for Community Living Board Meeting. First Wednesday of each month. FREE drop in curling - Wednesday's at 7:00 pm - Clean inside running shoes needed, but all other equipment is provided.

Youth Group for ages 13-18. Mondays 7 pm - 8pm. Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church. Call 250401-7201 Baby’s Best Chance Pregnancy Outreach Program Drop in : Mondays 12 - 2. Weekly Group Sessions Wednesdays 11 am1pm. Located at Kici.

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT Pancake Breakfast April 22 9am -12 pm Royal Canadian Legion Hall

Ca tod ll Th e eve ay w Ech i o pu nt an th yo bli sh d we ur f or it ’l FR here l EE !

Kids New to You sale April 28 Book your table soon! Contact Natalie at 788-1770

Dance at the Legion Hall April 14 9 pm to 1 am

Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce “The voice of local business” Phone: 250 788 3345 Fax 250 788 3655 Box 870 Chetwynd, B.C V0C 1JO

Chamber luncheon at Pomeroy Hotel April 18, 2012 - RSVP ASAP Guest Speaker: PeaceFM Call the Chamber to book your spot!

Proud Sponsor of Community Events

C het w y nd Echo


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012


Pearls Before Swine


APRIL 8 Julian Lennon, Songwriter (49) APRIL 9 Kristen Stewart, Actress (22)

APRIL 10 Mandy Moore, Singer (28) APRIL 11 Joss Stone, Singer (25)

APRIL 12 Claire Danes, Actress (33) APRIL 13 Rick Schroder, Actor (42) APRIL 14 Adrien Brody, Actor (39)

New Double Down Zinger is here! Limited time

KFC Chetwynd 4800 North Access Rd. 250-788-9866



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TEAM! The Chetwynd Echo, Echo a 50-year-old community newspaper prided on its local content, is looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and motivated professional for the position of Advertising Sales Manager.

DESCRIPTION A qualified candidate would be responsible for the sale and development of advertising material and campaigns to serve the marketing requirements of local businesses. This includes working closely with clients and aiding them to develop a marketing ad campaign to benefit their specific needs and then taking those ideas and developing a print product with the company's composing hubs.

QUALIFICATIONS This position involves a high amount of working with people thus the successful candidate should be friendly, enthusiastic, confident and outgoing. The ability to work within deadlines is a must. Strong organizational abilities and adequate written and verbal skills are required. A good working knowledge of computer programs (Macintosh) is necessary. A current driver's license and a reliable vehicle are essential. Prior sales experience is an asset. Training is provided to the suitable candidate.

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FIND US ONLINE AND BECOME A FAN! Financial Planning Centre

Insurance Planning

Investments Estate Protection Mortgage Insurance

• WealthLINK Financial Services • Benefits North Group • Empire Life • Great West Life • Industrial Alliance • Manulife/Maritime • Pacific Blue Cross • Standard Investments • Sun Life Financial • Transamerica Invests


Email: Members of the KHS group

Consultants Gordon Hayward, RHU, EPC Catherine Stovel, RHU, EPC


Woodside Estates 3 Bedroom Town Houses Clean, Quiet, Close to Elementary School Manager on Site.

For more information Call 250-788-7848


The Chetwynd Echo reserves the right to classify ads under appropriate headlines and to set rates therefore and to determine page location. The Chetwynd Echo reserves the right to revise, edit classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Chetwynd Echo. The Chetwynd Echo cannot be responsible for errors after the first publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the appropriate advertising department to be corrected in the next available edition. It is agreed by the advertiser requesting space that the liability of the Chetwynd Echo in the event of failure to publish an advertisement or in the event of an error appearing in the advertisement as published, shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for only one incorrect insertion for the portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect or omitted item only, and that there shall be no liability to an event greater than the amount paid for such advertising. Advertisements must comply with the British Columbia Human Rights Act which prohibits any advertising that discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place or origin or because age is between 44 and 65 years unless the condition is justified by a bondable requirement for the work involved.

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Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

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Work Opportunities. Enjoy children? New York, California, across USA. Salary, airfare, medical provided. Available: Spain, Holland, China, etc... Teaching in Korea - different benefits apply. Hotel

HOMEBASED BUSINESS CONNECTION Your connection to local homebased businesses and services.

Ladies Night Out!

Free bingo, door prizes, raffles and hostess draws. Bring your friends & receive all wonderful hostess rewards.

Pomeroy Hotel conference room April 26, 6:30 pm Contact Brenda @ 250-827-3412 or to book your table


250-788-3992 •

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These spots could be yours for only $7/ week! Contact Naomi today!


Anti oil-patch activist Weibo Ludwig dead


Fri day, Apri l 13, 2012

Calgary Herald –––––––––––––– HYTHE, AB – Wiebo Ludwig, known for decades for his confrontations with the oilpatch, law enforcement and the modern world, died Monday at his remote farm in northern Alberta. He was 70 years old and had been diagnosed with cancer. Two years ago, Ludwig was hauled into a Grande Prairie RCMP detachment, where officers confronted him with DNA evidence found on two handwritten letters threatening Calgary-based energy giant Encana Corp. "All three of those interrogators shoved that under my nose," Ludwig later said. "They said, 'We have you Wiebo, cold turkey.' " The silver-bearded Ludwig chalked up the evidence to a possible handshake, some "unwitting contact" with the real culprit. He was released without charge after 24 hours, though the RCMP insisted they had arrested the right man. Ludwig died at his farm just north of Hythe, 500 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. A former pastor in the Christian Reformed Church, Ludwig emerged as an unlikely ecoterrorist in the 1990s, when sour gas wells popped up near Trickle Creek, the large, selfsustaining farm where his extended family lives. In the years that followed, Ludwig linked flared gas and high-pressure leaks to stillbirths, deformations, and miscarriages among livestock and women. Appeals to the government regulator went

unheard, and a frustrated Ludwig turned to action, releasing a video called Home Sour Home and pouring sour crude oil on the lobby carpet of government offices in Grande Prairie. The late 1990s saw hundreds of acts of vandalism against the natural gas industry in northwest Alberta, many against AEC West, the company operating wells near Trickle Creek. In 1997, days after the collapse of negotiations to buy Ludwig's farm, explosions rocked two of the company's wells 30 kilometres from the farm. "If the oil companies run rough-shod over your lives, you have to take defensive action against them, whatever is necessary," Ludwig said. "You can't just let them kill your children." Ludwig's radical reputation created tension with neighbours, which reached a fever pitch after an early morning in June 1999, when a group of joyriding teens drove their trucks onto the lawn at Trickle Creek. Ludwig called 911, explaining shots had been fired at one of the trucks. Bullets hit two teens, including 16-year-old Karman Willis, who later died. At a community meeting in Bea-verlodge the next week, angry residents spoke of lynchings. No charges were ever laid in relation to Willis's death, a fact that Ludwig's neighbour, Rob Everton, said is "still a sore point" in the area. The RCMP eventually charged Ludwig for an attack on a Suncor well in 1998, days after the still-

C het w y nd Echo

Ludwig died at his home with family at his side Monday. He was 70. birth of another grandson. In April 2000, he was sentenced to 28 months in jail for his role in the bombing. Released 19 months later, Ludwig admitted to explosive rhetoric, but maintained his innocence. Ludwig grew up in the Red Deer area with seven older siblings in a family of Dutch immigrants. He trained for pastoral ministry, beginning at Dordt College, a Christian Reformed college in Iowa, where he met Mamie, his future wife and the mother of their 11 children. Known for his authoritarian leadership style, Ludwig's application for ordination was initially rejected by faculty at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Mich.

He successfully appealed, taking the helm of two churches in Ontario before splitting with the denomination in 1982, amid confrontations and dissent, to form his own group. In 1985, Ludwig retreated to northern Alberta with close supporters and their growing intermarried families. The small farm expanded into a self-sustaining complex that grew by hundreds of hectares and added dozens of buildings, including a biodiesel refinery, a greenhouse and a mill. Things quieted down after Ludwig's stint in the minimum security Grande Cache Institution. But when a series of threatening letters were sent to the Dawson Creek Daily

News and Coffee Talk Express in Chetwynd, B.C., in 2008, followed by six pipeline explosions, Ludwig was once again in the national spot-light. The missives warned Encana to cease operations in Tomslake, south of Dawson Creek, B.C., and threatened further bombings. A forensic analysis found Ludwig's DNA on two letters and RCMP arrested him in January 2010 at the Super 8 Motel in Grande Prairie, where he was waiting to meet police to help their investigation. At the same time, a fourday search involving 100 RCMP officers began at Trickle Creek. Explosive chemicals were found, along with 75 grams of marijuana, some

chemistry books and hand-written notes apparently detailing hiding places for weapons. There were notebooks full of information about Dawson Creek, pipelines, Canada's government, and the oil and gas industry. Ludwig offered innocent explanations. A small amount of potassium nitrate was from toy rockets, the marijuana was an anaesthetic, the chemistry texts were for homeschooling. A book on disruptive terrorism found on his nightstand was a gift. Ludwig announced in late 2011 that he was dying of esophageal cancer. He was at the time touring to prompt Wiebo's War, a documentary chronicling his home life during his last round of police confrontations.

Chetwynd Echo April 13, 2012  

Chetwynd Echo