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C H E TA N K A A N A D K A S H I VA R A M A E D U C AT I O N MASTER IN STRATEGIC PRODUCT DESIGN | 2008 - 2010 Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands 8.1, cum laude (Distinction) M SC. (Engg) IN NEW PRODUCT DESIGN | 2004 - 2006 M.S.R.S.A.S, Bangalore, India (Degree awarded by Coventry University, UK) 77.8%, First Class with Distinction B.E. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING | 1999 - 2003 R.V.College of Engineering, Bangalore, India 80.74%, First Class with Distinction

WORK EXPERIENCE C O N TA C T ADDRESS: 93 Prof. Telderslaan, 2628 VZ, Delft, The Netherlands.


MOBILE: +31 68159 1234

BUSINESS MANAGER, CODEMA SYSTEMS GROUP BV, Netherlands | Since May 2011 • Develop branding and marketing strategies. • Manage business development activities for Indian market. • Core Activities: Market research, Opportunity mapping for new product design, Business model innovation, Product & service launch strategy, Marketing and branding strategies. CONSULTANT – DESIGN STRATEGY, Delft, Netherlands | Oct 2010 – Sept 2011 • Clients – Codema Systems Group BV, Fair Climate Fund BV, Climate Focus BV and TU Delft. • Services Offered – Co-editor of evaluation and valorisation report for investors and funding organisations, International market research, Customer research, Business model development, Develop strategic roadmap. GRADUATE INTERN, TNO-ICT, Netherlands | Feb 2010 - Aug 2010 • Project - “A strategy to automate the monitoring process of small scale CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) biogas projects for carbon trading” SUMMER INTERN, EVENING BREEZE BV, Netherlands | July 2009 - Sept 2009 • Developed direct marketing strategy to penetrate markets in Asia, Africa and South America. • Developed an online customer data acquisition and product suggestion tool. CREATIVE DIGITAL SCULPTOR, GM DESIGN STUDIO, India | 2006 – 2008 • Digital modelling of interior trims and garnish for GMC trucks, Chevrolet SUV’s (Alias Studio Tools). • Digital modelling of interior & exterior components like seat back trims, consoles, alloy wheels, etc. • Project manager for the styling project of Chevrolet pickup truck for GM Brazil. • Trained and assisted new trainees and employees on job.

RESUME PRODUCT DESIGN ENGINEER, BANG DESIGN PVT. LTD., India | 2005 – 2006 • Conducting market study and user research. • Identifying trends and developing design themes and directions. • Conceptualisation in form of sketches, 2D and 3D renderings (Solidworks & Pro-E). • Generation of CAD files and drawings for prototyping and manufacturing. • Communicating the design requirements to domestic and international vendors and suppliers. GRADUATE INTERN, BANG DESIGN PVT. LTD., India | 2005 • Project - “Design and development of data storage and security device for mobile phones” PRODUCTION ENGINEER, KAR MOBILES LTD., India | 2003 • Managed three production lines for automobile engine valves. • Team leader for process redesign projects to improve production and reduce wastage. • Active member of the TPM & TQM implementation committee. • Mentor for the production labourers Kaizen teams. • Customisation and commissioning of special purpose machines.


• Graduated with cum laude in the Masters program at TU Delft (in the top 5% of a class of 300). • Huygens Scholarship awarded for the year 2009 – 2010. • Second Prize winner of Delft Tableware Design competition (Feb 2011) • Most promising design concept - awarded by Dutch Railways (NS) (June 2009). • Member of editorial team for IDE COMPASS, online quarterly magazine for international students for TU Delft (2008 – 2009) • TU Delft Faculty Scholarship awarded for the year 2008 – 2010. • Gold Medal for the best overall performance in M. Sc. (Engg.) in New Product Design. • Successfully held a photography exhibition at ‘Chitrakala Parishat’ in Bangalore, India (July 2008).


• Consumer behaviour study & market research - (Qualitative & Quantitative Research) • Facilitating participatory and creativity workshops • Business Model Development • 2D and 3D design Software knowledge (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Solidworks, Pro-E, Alias) • Visualisation and presentations skills - (Illustrations, Infographics, Story boards, Model making)


• Photography, Video editing, Model toy construction, Cycling, Trekking & Experimental cooking

M Y J O U R N E Y S O FA R . . . .

Internal Research project at CMRTU, RVCE

Graduation Internship

Graduated with Distinction

Graduaion Internship

G with



June 2003 Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering R. V College of Engineering, Bangalore

Kar Mobiles Ltd., Bangalore

Jan. 2004

Aug. 2005

M.S. (New Product Des M.S.R.S.A.S, Bangalore

Award winning concept for Dutch Railways

Branding Solution

Graduated h Distinction

sign) e

Graduation Internship

Summer Internship

Gold Medal

IDE Faculty Scholarship

Huygens Scholarship




Feb. 2006 Bang Design Ltd., Bangalore

Sept. 2006

Sept. 2008 General Motors Design Studio, Bangalore

Graduated Cum Laude

Aug. 2010 M.Sc. (Strategic Product Design) TU Delft, The Nethrelands

IC T 4

Context |

Periodic monitoring of small scale CDM biogas projects constitutes nearly 21% of the total transaction cost of the project. An Indian NGO has adopted a robust and effective daily monitoring process plan to monitor its CDM biogas projects. This process is very labour intensive, complex and has several levels of data transfer. This system is difficult to be replicated by other small NGOs in India as it needs large capacity building along with well trained staff / volunteers.

Data Generation

Data Gathering

Data Transfer

- Sytems installed

- Daily/weekly visits

- Data entry to book

- Data sorting

- Systems Operating

- Weekly meetings

- Data entry to forms

- CER calculations

- Usage Hours

- Interviews & discussion

- Data entry to Computer

- Energy produced

- Maintenance & repair

-Stratified sampled survey

Design Direction |

Data Storage

- Storage & Archiving

- Generate and publish monitoring report

- Biomass consumption

Problem Definition |

Data processing

ICCO and FCF approached TNO to help them develop a low cost automated monitoring system to simplify and standardise this labour intensive monitoring process.

The high cost incurred in carrying out monitoring activity can be reduced by increasing end users involvement. Automation can be used to facilitate end user involvement in the data gathering and data submission phases of the monitoring process.


Data Generation



Data Gathering


Data Transfer

Data processing

Data Storage

IC T 4

Design Solution |

The result of the design process based on the above framework is a strategy called ‘ICT4UP’. It is a set of 4 decision making tools, to be used by ICCO, FCF, TNO and local project proponents. The strategic decision making tool helps ICCO and FCF to select the most potential partner to implement biogas project and to support the social network based daily monitoring process plan. Further, it helps ICCO, FCF, TNO and the selected local partner to choose the most appropriate monitoring system for the context. It then guides them to design a customised technology intervention that might be needed to trigger end user involvement in the selected type of monitoring system for the context.

Context |

Conpax Verpakkingstechniek BV is located in Barendrecht, Netherlands and specializes in the food packaging sector. Their business model comprise of distribution of packaging machines and materials, manufacturing and distribution of few machines under their own brand name and installation and servicing of the machines. For the last years there has been a decline in sales of machines by Conpax. This is due to the fact that supermarkets do not package products freshly but buy them industrially pre-packed.

Project Brief |

Conpax wants to develop new and innovative packaging concepts to target the fast growing organic food market in the Netherlands.

Business Model |


Raw Material Supplier

A system based approach was taken to develop a conceptual business model for Conpax. A high level business model and plan was proposed to be gradually developed over a time period of 10 years based on ecodesign innovation model.

Ma c Ser hine Ma vice teri al


Bulk ging packa

ts en tri Nu

pa Reta ck il ag ing

Green House




Retail Section

Used Packages

Home or Community Composting System

Consumer Used Packages Nutrients

Collection Systems

Composting Industry

Packaging Design |

A unique packaging concept was developed, which uses a combination of PLA and a natural dried leaf as packaging materials. The food container is thermoformed with PLA and the natural dried leaf is used to make the closure lid for the container. The moulds are designed such that a set of packages with equal volume but slightly varying shapes are generated. This design concept aims to inspire Conpax Verpakkingstechniek BV to explore newer materials and uniques shapes/forms for food packaging, to attract the niche customers from the orgnaic market segment.



1.5 mm


4 mm


5 mm 3.5 mm


Arekana Leaf Mould

Jigsaw based mold

Jigsaw based mold Thermoform PLA container

Context |

Evening Breeze BV was looking for potential dealers and customers in their target markets. They wanted to collect data about high profile customers and try to identify some potential and resourceful customers to begin their relationship based marketing strategy. The Evening breeze website gets numerous visits everyday from interested customers, dealers and agents. But there is very little interaction with the frequent and interested visitors. This makes it difficult to precisely identify and keep track of the frequent visitors and their interests. It takes considerable time and effort for Evening Breeze to gather sufficient data to create a profile of their potential customers. They wanted to establish an easier and simpler way of capturing customer profile data.

Project Brief |

Develop an online interactive customer data acquisition tool which can be integrated with the existing web-site of Evening Breeze.

Context |

Peteri BV produces boiling water taps under the ‘Quooker’ brand name. To understand and analyse the branding strategy adopted by Peteri BV, we had to understand how Peteri BV identified themselves as an organisation and what are the values and promises they are trying to deliver to their customers through the products under Quooker brand name. This was done by understanding various aspects surrounding their business through Customer analysis, Marketing strategy, Competitve analysis, Distribution strategy and Future plans and strategies.

Project Brief |

Develop a design strategy intervention to help Quooker communicate its brand values and promises effectively to its customers.

Design Strategy |

The team chose to adopt a transformational approach against the transitional approach which is already being followed by Quooker. Tranformational approach tries to answer the question “What the business should be?”for Quooker. The answer we arrived at was; “To sell the benefits and convenience of boiling water”. In this approach we explore both the internal and external opportunities available for Quooker. The internal opportunity is finding more application for • The novel idea of instant boiling water and • The patented HIVAC insulation technology in the kitchens. The external opportunity that we chose to explore is the future trends in the kitchen. Quooker should not just focus on selling the boiling water taps to the kitchens. They should recognise the fast changing trends in the kitchens and accordingly align their products to suit these kitchens and address the needs and aspirations of the customers.

Context |

StraksStrak B.V. is a startup company (2007) in the domain of core stability training. Beat Belly is its first product which is aimed at a belly-and-back fitness program in a fun way. Beat Belly helps to train muscle fibres which are otherwise very hard to train through traditional exercises and that it can fit into the home as well as the commercial fitness setup equally well.

Project Brief |

Develop a product and brand launch strategy for BeatBelly in Dutch, German and Swiss markets

Design Output |

• • • •

B2B Launch event plan Co-branding and partnership strategies B2C marketing and launch strategies Post launch marketing and distribution strategies

Design Statement | Design Thinking |

Design Output |

“I want people travelling by train to experience happiness, which is the result of their own making, by being thoroughly focused on the present�.

1. Provide an environment that allows people to generate their own goals. 2. Provide hidden or selectively revealed information. 3. Including randomness as an element to keep people involved and surprised. 4. Generate curiosity by varying visual effects, including paradoxes and incompleteness in the environment. 5. Create an experience which gives constructive and encouraging feedback.

To achieve the above design statement, I have redesigned the NS train ticket. A portion of the existing train ticket was used to build in a matrix type visual puzzle. The game can be torn out of the ticket for more flexibility. This game is so designed that it can be played only while traveling by NS (Dutch) trains. The game is day specific and has to be played by looking for hints that will be flashed by NS on that particular day. The hints can be flashed inside the train or outside along the tracks or in the railway stations. These hints are customized logos and icons, which cannot be seen anywhere else.

Context |

With introduction of Highend Bluetooth and data enabled mobile phones in the market during the year 2004-2005, UK saw a sharp rise in mobile theft. Research showed that the vicitms who lost their mobile phones valued the loss of crucial and sensitive data more than the loss of the device itself. There was a cear need for a solution which will help people secure and regain the data from their lost mobile phones.

Project Brief |

To design a data storage and security device for Bluetooth and data enabled high end mobile phones

Design Solution |

The solution was to design a data storage accesrory for mobile phones which syncs with the mobile phone via bluetooth to create a secure data backup. This accesory also acts as a remote wireless lock for the mobile phone to enchance the data ssecurity for the mobile phone.

3D Model Rendering and Assembly exploded view SLA Functional Prototype

Context |

BPL, an Indian Electric and electronic appliance company and a leading manufacutrer and supplier of industrial batteries wanted to enter the market of Home power backup system. The power backup system market in India was very unorganised and flodded with products from many small and unreputed local brands. There were only few strong brands but majority of the market was still under the unorganised sector.

Project Brief |

To design a new Home power backup system which clearly differntiates from the existing branded and unbranded products.

Design Solution |

The new home power system was designed to adress some of the common problems that the users faced with their current branded and unbranded systems. A thorough user research was carried out to identify the real needs and problems with the exisiting sytem with the users perspective in mind. The design tried to find a balanced solution between the expensive maintenance free batteries and the inexpensive but unreliable tubular batteries to reduce both cost and maintenance burden on users.

Context |

Eureka Forbes is a household name for warer prurifers in India. Their most famous model of water purifier (Aquaguard) was using an outdated and inefficient technology. They saw a need to improve their product offering to the market, equipped with better perfomring technology built into it.

Project Brief |

To design a new domestic water purifier for Indian market that adresses the consumer and user needs and demand that were unmet by their current water purifiers.

Design Approach |

• • • • •

Customer survey User Research Technical study of exisitng prodcut Concept design and Concept modeling Technical and embodiment design

Project Brief |

Design a Voip Phone for D-Link which will help the brand to create its own identity in the Indian and international market against the established and leading brands in the IP phone segment.

Design Approach |

• • • • • •

Customer brief Competitive benchmarking Reverse engineering Concept design (2D & 3D) Surface modelling & rendering Generation of manufacturing drawings

CHETAN SHIVARAMA 93 Prof. Telderslaan, 2628 VZ, Delft, The Netherlands. +31 68159 1234

Chetan Shivarama - Design Portfolio  

A compilation of som of my works as a Strategic Product Designer and New Product Designer.

Chetan Shivarama - Design Portfolio  

A compilation of som of my works as a Strategic Product Designer and New Product Designer.