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November 2011.

The dino-tastic trip By Amira On Thursday chestnut class went on a trip to Manchester museum with 4 teachers and 1 parent. First we went on the coach and had a chat. Next we got out of the coach and Hannah took us into a huge room and showed us lots of fossils that were

very old. Then we investigated a dinomurder and we had to fill in a sheet. We had to find out who was the guilty one and who was the victim. After that we had lunch and it sure was yummy because I was so hungry. Then we went and split into two groups. My group went and looked at

rainforest animals, meanwhile the other group were looking at stuffed animals but then we switched places. Finally we came back to school on the coach. ‘I had such a good time’, said Husina, ‘I would definitely like to go there again’. I had such a good time myself because it was interesting and fun.

Some of Chestnut class with “Stan” the T-Rex.

The Magical Museum. By Leah. Chesnut class went on a trip on 10th of November with four teachers an Leah‘s mum. First we went to a coach and set off. Next we got off the

bus and lined up on the wall. Then we went into the place and entered a room. After that we looked at fossils the clues were to guess what it was and who it belonged to. Finally it was dinner

time. After dinner we looked at real live animals from the rainforest. I really liked learning about fossils and seeing real rainforest animals. I enjoyed it very much, I didn't want to go home . Spot the fossil in this photo.

Our Castleshaw Adventure. By Esha. On Tuesday we went to Castleshaw with four teachers and one parent to learn about habitats. When we got there we met a man called Nick. We talked about stuffed animals, there was a fox, a badger, a rabbit and lots more. When we went outside we had a long walk, there were mole holes and a stable. Along we stepped in squishy mud, it was slimy and squashy and we saw some cows. After diner we went to the adventure playground and after feeding the goats we went back to school. I really enjoyed it.

By Husina. Butterflies can fly and balance on flowers. Additionally they fly around landing on flowers to collect their food. You can only find butterflies in warm times like spring and summer however you won’t find them winter because their wings might freeze. I really enjoy watching them fly around because their wings move really fast. Butterflies are beautiful because of all their coloured wings . There are lots of purple butterflies and they are my favourite.

A view of Castleshaw valley and reservoir.

by Haider I already know some things about habitats. The things I know about habitats are that habitats are important to all animals and plants. If we did not have a habitat we could die easily. My sister said if we didn’t have a habitat we wouldn’t have a place to live. Rainforests have different types of habitats because there are lots of different types of species of animals, like tigers, monkeys, birds, butterflies, snakes and many more. My favourite thing about habitats are what we do in our habitats.

Habitats. By Sohaib. Tiger: most tigers live in Asia, specifically throughout South East Asia, China, Korea and Russia. Tigers like to live in swamps, grassland and rainforests. Usually where tigers live there are trees, bushes and clumps of tall grass. It shades the tiger from the sun when it’s extremely hot. Polar bears: polar bears main habitat is on offshore pack ice, and along coasts and islands of the Arctic region. Over 40% of all polar bears living today live in Northern Canada ,on pack ice and along the shores of the many islands there. Polar bears prefer the ice pack to other parts of there because it allows them to remain in close contract with their main food source.

Bin Weevils By Huzain. First we have to buy some money, to buy some money we have to complete games and level up. Next we have to buy things for our nest. Then we have to go to places. After that we can be a bin tycoon and finally you have to go to the special oppmission. Then we have to solve extremely hard riddles and missions. TIPS . You find clues like a spade, you can even find mulch [money].

Manchester Museum. By Udan. On Thursday 10th November Chestnut class went to Manchester museum with a few teachers and Leah’s mum. First we went on the coach to get to Manchester museum Next we got off the coach and went to a room and a girl called Hannah helping us around the museum. Then we went into a room and describe some fossil. Soon we went into an enormous room and saw Stan the t.rex. Meanwhile in school they were doing work but we were looking at dinosaur and fossils and school were busy working.

Later that minute we had to fill up sheets. After that we went into a room to eat our dinner later we went into a room to get into groups one group went into the rainforest with poison dart frog lizard, Suddenly we went into a nature room and saw different habitats. Finally we went back to the coach to go home. My favourite part is when we went into the rainforest.

This is Stan and some girls.

THE AMAZING FERRARI. By Jamal. THE ENZO FERRARI is a 12 cylinder mid engine Berlinetta named after company founder: ENZO FERRARI. It uses Formula One technology such as a light carbon fibre body electro hydraulic shift transmission and carbon fibre reinforced silicon carbide (c/sic) ceramic composite disc brakes. Also used are technologies not allowed in F1 such as active aerodynamics traction control.

The trip to Manchester Museum by Rahdia This is all about Manchester museum. On November 10th Chestnut class went on a trip to Manchester museum and we went with four teachers and Leah’s mum. First we went on the coach and had a chat. When we arrived at Manchester Museum we all lined up but we had to be careful because it was very busy. After we all lined up and went inside and we went downstars to hang our coats. Next we all went to the toilets, after we came out a member of staff called Hannah showed us around and put us in a big room with fossils. What we had to do is guess what’s inside the fossils . Then we went in a room with the oldest tree, real fossils and dinosaurs.

What we had to do is a dinosaur murder. What we did is our groups got a sheet to write which dinosaur we think is the murderer. After we finished the front we went in a other room and then we did the back page. When we finished that we chose someone to say who we think is the murderer. All of us said different things but we don’t know because dinosaurs were born in cretaceous times. After that we ate lunch and looked around fossils again

Forest school. A report by Arif. In forest school you have to listen to the rules. Don’t go in the bushes until an adult tells you to go. We collect bugs, worms, slugs and spiders. You put them in a glass and talk about what we have found. When we have finished we put them back where they belong. We do knots like a stop knot. We collect leaves and put them in a rope. Two weeks ago we cut logs. Then last week we had to colour the log and draw the tree and it said “Forest School 2011.”

Arif and Tomas cutting logs with Mr Cameron. The results. ˃

Book Report: The Hodgeheg. By Leah. My book report is about The Hodgeheg. It is a book by Dick King Smith. One day Max (a hedgehog) went out without his mum and dad’s permission and tried to get across the road. But the road was too busy. On the other side there was a woman with a big wand and children. When she went across the road the cars stopped and the

children went. He went as well but he was too slow. A bicycle came but saw Max and went around him. Then a truck came and squashed him. His mum and dad came and took him home. He got words mixed up because he had hit his head. That’s why it is called The Hodgeheg. I found this book funny because he got words mixed up.

The Dino-tastic Museum. By

J os hua .

Last Thursday November 10th Chestnut class went on a trip to Manchester museum with four teachers and Leah’s mum. First we went into a room and were shown some fossils about dinosaurs. After that we had to do a dinosaur murder- it was fun. Then we had dinner and then we got free time to look around, after that we looked at alive animals. We looked at poisonous dart frogs and it was hard to spot the big one. Then we got our coats and went home on the coach.

Stan the t rex

The Red-eyed tree frog. By Mutahir.

The red eyed tree frog is located in southern Mexico, Central America, including but not limited to Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama. Diet Red eyed tree frog is carnivorous and eats mostly insects, including crickets. They will also feed on other smaller frogs. Habitat Red eyed tree frogs inhabit lowdown rainforest areas near ponds, streams and rivers .The red eyed tree frog will be near water sources that its off-

By Nazir Last week on Thursday Chestnut went to Manchester museum. First we all went on the coach. Next we all got there and we all lined up on the wall. After that we went inside the Manchester Museum and we saw a deer. All of Chestnut class

Size and description Red eyed tree frogs will grow to be 2cm (male) and 3-4cm (female) in length. The red eyed tree frog is well known for its bulging red eyes and beautiful blue streaks and orange toes.

waited till someone came to take us around but Hannah came and took us to the cloakroom and we all took our coats off and Hannah gave us some stickers to wear. Then we went to a room and we split up to four groups and we looked at fossils and we had to touch them. When we did that we went to discover who killed the T-Rex. After the

dinosaur murder we had dinner and we had to go to look at alive animals. Then we all lined up to go back to school.

German football. By Niclas. Mario Gotze. Date of birth 03.06.1992. Place of birth Memmingen. Age.19. Height 1.76. Nationality Germany. Position midfielder attacking midfielder. Foot. Both. Market value. 26.500.000 - 30.000.000. Players agent: Sports total. Thomas Muller. Fußball-Club Bayern München e. V.. February 27, 1900; 111 years ago. Ground Allianz Arena Capacity: 69,901). President Uli Hoeneß. Manager Jupp Heynckes. League Bundesliga.

A Dino-tastic Trip By Nafeesa On Thursday Chestnut class went to Manchester Museum. First we got on a coach then we set off to Manchester Museum. When we got to Manchester Museum we went into a room full of fossils and Han -nah said we could touch the fossils when we sat down. Then we went in the dinosaur room, then we sat down and looked at the dinosaur foot print .

Then we had some questions and when we did it we had 5 minutes to look around. Hannah took us into a another room and looked at more dinosaur things. At last it was dinner time and I had for dinner four sandwiches and one carton of juice and chocolate cake and some fruit . After dinner time we went in the galley and we looked around and then we went in the room where we put our coats and we went back on the coach,

then we went back to school. My favorite part was the big Stan T-rex bones. It was amazing! Esha said, “My favorite part was the Rainforest animals.”

United news BY RAMZAN, DEAN & ISA.

DETAILS: FULL NAME: Manchester united football club!!! CITY: Manchester!!! FOUNDED: 1878!!! STADIUM: Old Trafford!!! (76,000) COLOURS: Red, White, Black!!! PREVIOUS NAMES: Newton Heath!!! (1878-1902). Manchester United represents the only football club in the world with an honest chance at challenging Real Madrid for the title of “biggest club in the world”!!! Manchester United‘s emblem is similar to the coat of arms of the city of Manchester but in 1973 the three yellow diagonal stripes on a red background were replaced.

Chestnut meets a T-Rex! By Tomas. Chestnut class went on a trip on November 10th with four teachers and Leah’s mum. First we went into a room and were shown some fossils. We had to look at four fossils and guess what they were. Next we saw a T -Rex foot and then the lady told us there

had been a dinosaur murder. We had to decide who had killed TRex. While we were there we saw a giant Trex skeleton. After that we went into a room with five suspects and we had to find who had killed TRex. Then we looked at real animals and we saw a tiger, polar bear and elephant. We also saw a spider crab. Finally we got our coats

and went home. I liked the trip because it was nice. My favourite part was the fox and the rabbit.

Chestnut Class Magazine  

Articles written by members of Chestnut class, Broadfield Primary School, Oldham.

Chestnut Class Magazine  

Articles written by members of Chestnut class, Broadfield Primary School, Oldham.