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SINCE ITS BEGINNING IN 1900, THE COLLEGE OF HUMAN SCIENCES has been sensitive and responsive to human needs. The College has a rich tradition of applying scientific principles and creative advancements to enhance human well-being and improve the quality of life. Students prepare for diverse careers in hotel and restaurant administration; early childhood education; child and family services; interior design; merchandising; apparel design and production; dietetics and medical and allied health fields. Innovative research on the health benefits of certain foods, development of protective apparel and textiles, state of the art facilities for future hospitality leaders and the latest design in early childhood learning environments provide Human Sciences students the tools needed for experiential learning. World class faculty, laboratories, and relevant internships ensure Human Sciences graduates have the skill and knowledge required to solve human problems and enhance human lives in a global context today and tomorrow.

Stephan M. Wilson, Ph.D., C.F.L.E. Regents Professor and Dean College of Human Sciences




Some programs focus on fashion design and others focus on sewn products production, but our program focuses on Apparel Design and Production (ADP). With a degree in ADP from Oklahoma State University, you will gain skills related to design and production of sewn products from the concept to the distribution. Through the program you will learn how to create sewn products of various types and become skilled at using computer-aided design. A required professional internship and courses that incorporate hands-on laboratory experience will prepare you to design for the runway or create and produce designs for specific functions like uniforms or safety gear. If you are fascinated by the design of sewn products, our Apparel Design and Production program starts preparing you from your very first semester at Oklahoma State University.


Many students are looking for a career in the exciting industries of either apparel or interiors that incorporates both business skills and aesthetic sensibilities. The Merchandising (MERC) program at Oklahoma State University will prepare you for a variety of careers from being a buyer for a major retail company, to managing a retail store, or to working on the presentation of merchandise visual displays within stores to attract consumers. Through merchandising courses combined with a variety of business courses you will gain all the necessary skills needed to be a professional in the apparel or interiors industries. A required internship and an optional minor in a business field such as Marketing or Management will help you apply your knowledge to the fast-paced retail environment at the store or the corporate level.



If you are interested in how spaces inside buildings or homes are planned, or you are fascinated how function and appearance are improved through renovation, our Interior Design (ID) program may be perfect for you. With a degree in Interior Design from Oklahoma State University you will become skilled at interior space planning of both residential and commercial buildings. You will also learn about the use of building codes that structures have to meet, computer-aided design, and professional interaction with clients. Through a professional internship in the field and courses that incorporate solving design problems for real clients, Oklahoma State University will prepare you for a successful career in the Interior Design field.

“The DHM department at Oklahoma State University is unique because it is wellrounded. It is a program that has no limits on one’s creativity or design and offers classes to expand your tools of creativity. At the same time, it provides the proper classes that allow one to become familiar with the business side of the apparel industry. In this day and age, it is very important to be a designer that understands both sides of the industry to successfully compete in the fashion world.”  Lindsey Gin, class of 2011

“I chose OSU because I liked the Interior Design program — it was CIDA accredited, offered classes that sounded interesting, and Human Sciences as a whole seemed very welcoming and encouraging. I loved the campus and spirited atmosphere of OSU … and ALL THE ORANGE!”  Tori Bryant, class of 2011

“Knowledge across disciplines must be linked together, initially for the student, then by the student. One outcome of education is having students problemsolve, analyze and make changes to their environment so the body of knowledge is extended beyond what they received from any one professor.”  Jane Swinney, Merchandising Faculty





Many students are looking for a way to serve children and their families in a capacity other than a school system. The Child and Family Services (CHFS) program at Oklahoma State University prepares you for a wide variety of careers serving and assisting the population. With courses covering everything from human development and relationships to social services and research methods, you will gain knowledge on how to work with people in all settings. If you are interested in becoming a Child Life Specialist or social worker or if you are planning on going to medical school to become a pediatrician or to law school to practice family law, this program may be an ideal fit for you.


If you have a passion for teaching young children, you will find the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program at Oklahoma State University is made for you. Through this program you will learn about the development of children from birth through eight years and you will also be certified to teach pre-kindergarten through third grade. You will complete two student teaching experiences, one in a pre-K or kindergarten class and one in first through third grade. Before you complete your student teaching components, you will gain experience in the Child Development LaboratoryRise Program on the OSU campus. The Lab, which holds the highest accreditations from the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, provides undergraduate students the opportunity to interact directly with children ages 12 months to six years. With more than 600 hours of observation and participation in an inclusive program for typically developing children and those living with disabilities, ECE students gain unique, comprehensive instructional and practical experience.


Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) is an academic field that combines aspects of both social and natural sciences. This field deals with relationships among individuals, families, and communities and the environments in which they live. A variety of disciplines are included in this field including: nutritional sciences, parenting, human development, housing and interior design, textiles, merchandising, apparel design and production, hospitality management and related subjects. The two most common careers in Family and Consumer Science Education are Secondary School Instruction for grades 7-12 and Cooperative Extension Service.


As the Baby Boomers continue to live longer lives, career opportunities in the field of aging services are expected to grow. Through the Gerontology (GERO) program at Oklahoma State University you will gain knowledge and understanding of the aging process. As a student, you will learn about policies and programs that impact aging individuals and their families, as well as learn about research used to improve human lives in an aging society. If you are interested in learning more about the aging process or learning more about the individual and family dynamics of aging, you will find this program provides you all the resources you need.

“I chose OSU because once I stepped onto the campus I knew that OSU was my home. The warm, friendly people and open space reminded me of my small town back home. When I first came to OSU, I was planning to go into Public Relations, but realized four days before classes started that I wanted to get a degree to help people. I then went and talked to my Human Sciences advisor and made the switch. I am so happy with my major, and I am looking forward to a bright future thanks to Human Sciences and OSU!”  Seth Tracy, class of 2012

“The Early Childhood Education program at OSU is one of the best education options in the nation in my opinion. With an opportunity to get over 1500 hours in observation and experience, I feel that I will be fully prepared to enter the teaching world with the best education that I can get. The faculty and staff in ECE are beyond helpful and knowledgeable and support me on the path to becoming an early childhood education teacher.”  Madison McKnight, class of 2011

Hotel and Restaurant Administration HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ADMINISTRATION “It takes a special kind of individual to be truly successful in the hospitality industry. You must be a hard worker, fast thinker, have a passion for people and possess strong ethics. You must not only be a leader — you must LEAD out loud! You have to have the ‘fire’ inside to develop people and yourself. You must be ready and willing to serve. That is what makes this industry special … service! OSU HRAD students bring all of these traits and more to the table on day ONE out in the industry. They have solid business and personal skills that allow them to not just succeed but to THRIVE. I am proud to recruit HRAD students from OSU.”  Beth Stephens. National Recruiting Director, Pappas Restaurants

HRAD “The School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration has been a great choice for me because not only are the professors and staff very friendly and helpful, there are so many different opportunities to get involved in. There are countless student organizations and scholarship opportunities, skill development events such as Wine Forum and Chef Events, as well as international study opportunities. The opportunities are endless in the school and that’s truly what I enjoy about HRAD.”  Erin Tapscott, class of 2011

“There are so many opportunities available in HRAD. The program allows you to emphasize your particular career goals by choosing courses that have to do with that area; the options are limitless. Hospitality revolves around working with people and utilizing business skills, and that is just what we learn to do with this degree.”  Paige Castleberry, class of 2013



The Oklahoma State University School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration (HRAD) prepares students to work in the exciting and continually growing hospitality industry. You will learn about the wide variety of career opportunities available in the hospitality field, from managing a restaurant or hotel to event planning and international tourism. This program requires you to learn and utilize hospitality business skills through hands-on laboratory experience in our on-campus facilities, such as the Atherton Hotel and Taylor’s Dining Room. You will also gain field knowledge through 480 hours of pre-internship hospitality experience and a required 320 hour professional internship in the hospitality industry.

“Hotel and Restaurant Administration is a program full of extraordinary opportunities to attain knowledge, build relationships, and gain experience. The solid foundation OSU offers is more than a degree; it is a spring board to begin your hospitality career.” Amanda Moore, class of 2009, currently working for Marriott International


 NSCI “One advantage of the dietetics program is that we collaborate with students in other majors, such as HRAD and HDFS. The nutritional sciences program is filled with some of the kindest students and faculty on campus. This is true because everyone in the dietetics program is here so that they can help others. Our faculty and professors really take the time to get to know you and are always willing to help you in any way possible.”  Emily Sellers, class of 2012



Many students are interested in pre-health careers that require a specialized school. Allied Health is the ideal choice for students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree while completing prerequisites before applying to their pre-health school or program. The Nutritional Sciences-Allied Health (ALHT) option at Oklahoma State University prepares you to go on to nursing, physical therapy, physician’s associate, occupational therapy, dental hygiene or radiology schools. This program is designed for students to meet the prerequisites for their chosen pre-health field while gaining an understanding about nutritional sciences and how foods and nutrition affect human health.


The Nutritional Sciences-Community Nutrition (CONU) option at Oklahoma State University offers you a broad view of nutrition. Nutrition is an ever-growing and changing field, and this program allows you to take your knowledge of nutrition and bring it into the community. In addition to courses on nutrition, students will take several courses that will prepare them for working abroad or for non-profit organizations. Students will gain an understanding and knowledge of the broad scope of nutrition. As a student in this area, you will be prepared to work in a variety of nutrition and health/wellness related fields, from being a nutrition consultant for a company to working in cooperative extension.


If you are interested in becoming a registered dietician and possibly getting certified as an exercise specialist, the Nutritional SciencesDietetics (DIET) or Dietetics and Exercise (DIEX) options at Oklahoma State University may be exactly what you are looking for. A registered dietician (RD) typically works in a hospital setting providing dietary plans and advice for patients with specific health issues. As an RD you may also work for public school systems, assisted living centers or even restaurant chains creating healthy menu items. If you decide to go through DIEX you will get an additional 22 hours of Health and Human Performance courses and an additional nutritional science course on Nutrition for Exercise and Sport so that you have the opportunity to become a certified exercise specialist. With both of these options you will be required to complete additional hours in the form of an internship after graduation in order to take the RD exam and/or the exercise certification.


If you are planning to apply for medical, dental, pharmacy, chiropractic, or optometry school after you receive your bachelor’s degree, you may be looking for a program that will not only prepare you for those schools, but also set you apart from other applicants. The Nutritional Sciences-Human Nutrition/ Pre-Medical Sciences (HNPS) option at Oklahoma State University does just that. You will take all the necessary courses required to apply for the health/medicine school of your choice, and you will take courses on nutritional sciences, which adds another dimension to your preparation for a career in health/medicine. Your Nutritional Sciences degree will stand out among other applicants, and through your many interactions with the Nutritional Sciences faculty and staff, you will also receive personal recommendation letters.


If you have ever thought about being a personal trainer or possibly owning your own gym and having a background in nutrition, the Nutritional Sciences-Nutrition and Exercise (NUEX) option at Oklahoma State University may be what you are looking for. You will take courses on how nutrition affects the human body and personal health. There is an emphasis on exercise with 27 hours of Health and Human Performance courses. In addition, the NUEX option meets the American College of Sports Medicine recommended coursework competencies for exercise specialist certification. This degree option prepares students to work in a variety of nutrition and health/wellness related fields by providing a knowledge base in both nutrition and exercise.

“The College of Human Sciences seemed to provide a more proficient learning atmosphere when I toured the college as a prospective student. I felt that I would learn more in my majorrelated classes with a more focused environment. I chose Human Nutrition/ Pre-med primarily to provide myself with a practical education that I could apply to any future career in the health field.”  Alex Nowlin, class of 2010; currently at OU Medical School

“I believe nutrition is a key component not only in the treatment of diseases and conditions, but in the prevention of them as well. Majoring in Nutritional SciencesHuman Nutrition/Pre-Med has allowed me to study the relationship between nutrition and the human body, giving me a more well-rounded education toward my medical career.”  Andrea Richardson, class of 2011

Diverse Career Options

Having experienced a combination of specialized courses, hands-on projects and career preparation, Human Sciences graduates are well prepared for the “real world.� Human Sciences alumni are currently employed throughout the U.S. and in international locations.



Human Sciences students complete internships across the state, nation and world. Previous student internship locations include Africa, China, Bolivia, Paris, Italy, London, New York City, Dallas, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., as well as Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Internship scholarships are awarded annually.

Both freshmen and continuing students have the opportunity to participate in research projects that benefit society. From developing body armor to preventing food borne illness, research plays an important role in helping to improve the human environment.

Study Abroad

Human Sciences students may participate in a variety of international educational experiences through study abroad at another university or through Human Sciences faculty-led international programs in locations such as Italy, Switzerland and Greece. Study abroad scholarships are awarded annually.

Student Organizations

Human Sciences sponsors a variety of organizations that provide students with leadership skills, networking opportunities and connections to other students in their majors.

Living Learning Community

Human Sciences students may choose to live in the Human Sciences House and enrich their college experience through increased interaction with other Human Sciences students and Human Sciences faculty and staff; they may also enjoy activities, events and student organizations.

Academic Learning Communities

Students have the opportunity to enroll in common courses and participate in faculty-led activities outside of class, resulting in academic support, study partners and lasting friendships.


Each year Human Sciences awards almost $300,000 in scholarships to entering freshmen, transfer students and Human Sciences continuing students.

Oklahoma State University, in compliance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services. Title IX of the Education Amendments and Oklahoma State University policy prohibit discrimination in the provision of services or benefits offered by the University based on gender. Any person (student, faculty or staff) who believes that discriminatory practices have been engaged in based upon gender may discuss their concerns and file informal or formal complaints of possible violations of Title IX with the OSU Title IX Coordinator, Mackenzie Wilfong, J.D., Director of Affirmative Action, 408 Whitehurst, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, (405) 744-5371 or (405) 744-5576 (fax). This publication, Job# 3817 issued by Oklahoma State University as authorized by the College of Human Sciences, Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Services, Dr. Shiretta Ownbey, was printed by University Printing Services at a cost of $1750.00 1M/Oct/2011.

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