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CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORPORATION AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – (Continued) In connection with the spin-off, we entered into several agreements to define the terms and conditions of the spinoff and our ongoing relationship with SSE after the spin-off, including a master separation agreement, a tax sharing agreement, an employee matters agreement, a transition services agreement, a services agreement and certain commercial agreements. These agreements, among other things, allocate responsibility for obligations arising before and after the distribution date, including obligations relating to taxes, employees, various transition services and oilfield services. •

The master separation agreement sets forth the agreements between SSE and Chesapeake regarding the principal transactions that were necessary to effect the spin-off and also sets forth other agreements that govern certain aspects of SSE’s relationship with Chesapeake after completion of the spin-off.

The tax sharing agreement governs the respective rights, responsibilities and obligations of SSE and Chesapeake with respect to tax liabilities and benefits, tax attributes, the preparation and filing of tax returns, the control of audits and other tax proceedings, and certain other matters regarding taxes.

The employee matters agreement addresses employee compensation and benefit plans and programs, and other related matters in connection with the spin-off, including the treatment of holders of Chesapeake common stock options, restricted stock and performance share units, and the cooperation between SSE and Chesapeake in the sharing of employee information and maintenance of confidentiality. See Note 9 for additional information regarding the effect of the spin-off on outstanding equity compensation.

The transition services agreement sets forth the terms on which we provide SSE certain services. Transition services include marketing and corporate communication, human resources, information technology, security, legal, risk management, tax, environmental health and safety, maintenance, internal audit, accounting, treasury and certain other services specified in the agreement. SSE pays Chesapeake a negotiated fee for providing those services. This agreement was terminated in 2015.

The services agreement requires us to utilize, at market-based pricing, certain SSE pressure pumping services. See Note 4 for a summary of the terms of the services agreement.

We have also entered into drilling agreements that are rig-specific daywork drilling contracts with terms ranging from three months to three years and at market-based rates. We have the right to terminate a drilling agreement in certain circumstances. As of December 31, 2015, the aggregate undiscounted minimum future payments under these drilling agreements were approximately $227 million.

In 2014, our stockholders’ equity decreased by $270 million, net of $151 million of associated deferred tax liabilities, as the result of the spin-off, and we recognized $15 million of charges associated with the spin-off that are included in restructuring and other termination costs on our consolidated statement of operations.


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