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CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORPORATION AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS – (Continued) The volumes remaining to be delivered on behalf of our VPP buyers as of December 31, 2015 were as follows: Volume Remaining as of December 31, 2015 VPP #

10 9 4 3 2 1

Term Remaining


Natural Gas



(in months)





74 62 12 43 40 84

1.0 0.7 — — — — 1.7

29.6 59.0 7.3 17.5 9.8 78.3 201.5

3.6 1.6 — — — — 5.2

57.4 72.4 7.6 17.5 9.8 78.3 243.0

13. Spin-Off of Oilfield Services Business On June 30, 2014, we completed the spin-off of our oilfield services business, which we previously conducted through our indirect, wholly owned subsidiary COO, into SSE, an independent, publicly traded company. Following the close of business on June 30, 2014, we distributed to Chesapeake shareholders one share of SSE common stock and cash in lieu of fractional shares for every 14 shares of Chesapeake common stock held on June 19, 2014, the record date for the distribution. Prior to the completion of the spin-off, we and COO and its affiliates engaged in the following series of transactions: •

COO and certain of its subsidiaries entered into a $275 million senior secured revolving credit facility and a $400 million secured term loan, the proceeds of which were used to repay in full and terminate COO’s thenexisting credit facility.

COO distributed to us its compression unit manufacturing business, its geosteering business and the proceeds from the sale of substantially all of its crude oil hauling business. See Note 16 for further discussion of the sale.

We transferred to a subsidiary of COO, at carrying value, certain of our buildings and land, most of which COO had been leasing from us prior to the spin-off.

COO issued $500 million of 6.5% Senior Notes due 2022 in a private placement and used the net proceeds to make a cash distribution of approximately $391 million to us, to repay a portion of outstanding indebtedness under the new revolving credit facility and for general corporate purposes.

COO converted from a limited liability company into SSE, a publicly-traded corporation.

We distributed all of SSE’s outstanding shares to our shareholders, which resulted in SSE becoming an independent, publicly traded company.

Following the spin-off, we have no ownership interest in SSE. Therefore, we ceased to consolidate SSE’s assets and liabilities as of the spin-off date. Because we expect to have significant continued involvement associated with SSE’s future operations through the various agreements we entered into in connection with the spin-off, our former oilfield services segment’s historical financial results for periods prior to the spin-off continue to be included in our historical financial results as a component of continuing operations. For segment disclosures, we have labeled our oilfield services segment as “Former Oilfield Services”. See Note 21 for additional information regarding our segments.


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