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rotecting the well-being of our employees and neighbors always comes ďŹ rst and is something we will not compromise. We ensure that everyone who sets foot on a Chesapeake location is properly trained, and with almost 12,600 employees and countless contractors and vendors, this can be a daunting task. To help meet this challenge, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team offers more than 80 courses covering a wide range of topics from ďŹ rst aid and CPR to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance and emergency response through our internal, behavioral-based Chesapeake SAFE (Stay Accident Free Everyday) program. In addition to these training efforts, our safety and environmental programs continue to evolve and improve. For example, our EHS Department recently established a three-tiered audit system to ensure that Chesapeake’s sites are safe and in compliance with state and federal regulations. This auditing system includes: Ä‘ĆŤ %!( ĆŤ%*/,!0%+*/ĆŤ+"ĆŤ/%0!/ĆŤ5ĆŤ0.%*! ĆŤ,!./+**!( Ä‘ĆŤ ĆŤ!#1(.ĆŤ,.+#.)ĆŤ1 %0/ĆŤ+"ĆŤĆŤ/%0!ĆŤ#%*/0ĆŤ0$!ĆŤ+),*5Äš/ĆŤĆŤ,+(%%!/ĆŤ Ä‘ĆŤ  ĆŤ +*/%/0!*0ĆŤ.!#1(0+.5ĆŤ1 %0/ĆŤ0+ĆŤ !0!.)%*!ĆŤ+),(%*!ĆŤ3%0$ĆŤ1pational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency requirements.



ecause our employees are our biggest asset, Chesapeake is committed to providing award-winning health and wellness facilities, initiatives and programs. With a state-of-the-art, 72,000-square-foot ďŹ tness facility, on-site health center and dozens of health and wellness programs, such as Living Well which pays employees to lead healthy lifestyles, it’s no wonder Chesapeake is continually recognized as a premier place to work. From free Weight Watchers at Work and our Quit for Life smoking cessation programs to ďŹ eld ďŹ tness and health coaching, we are committed to providing the resources and positive reinforcement our employees need to live happy, healthy and well-balanced lives.

Chesapeake SAFE As the foundation for all of Chesapeake’s internal safety efforts, the SAFE (Stay Accident Free Everyday) program focuses on keeping employees safe and accident free through knowledge, empowerment and accountability. At Chesapeake, everyone is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment. With more than 7,400 employees having completed our SAFE training courses since 2010, the program is garnering tremendous results. Typically in our industry, increases in workforce lead to increases in total recordable incident rates (TRIR). Thanks to the SAFE program, however, Chesapeake has enjoyed a 25% increase in workforce during the last two years — while realizing a 60% decrease in TRIR. This phenomenon has also held true for our affiliate companies, with Nomac and Great Plains recording a 67% increase in manpower and a 46% decrease in TRIR. Thanks to support from senior management and throughout the company, Chesapeake’s SAFE program is helping the company take the steps necessary to reach our zero-incident goal.

Your Life Matters We launched the award-winning Your Life Matters campaign in 2010 to help employees balance a career and family, while addressing the normal stresses of life. The program provides information and resources for those who may be struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction or ďŹ nancial stress. As part of this successful endeavor, Chesapeake’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free, conďŹ dential services including consultation on legal and ďŹ nancial matters, help locating child care, assistance for estate and college planning, resources for purchasing a home and other life events or issues. Employees and their dependents also can enjoy six free counseling services per year. In 2011 alone, our EAP received more than 4,000 online requests and 800 phone calls. Originally designed as a one-year campaign, Your Life Matters met with such an overwhelmingly positive response it has been extended indeďŹ nitely.

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