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AUGUST 5, 2020

KLAN from Page 1 cars and trucks began circling in the parking lot, some mistakenly thought that perhaps the two groups had chosen to unite By late Sunday morning an SOS went out from the Friendship-West Facebook page urging members to pray for a rapidly evolving situation: “Friendship-West Family & Friends come if you may have been made aware of a Blue Lives Matter rally happening on our church grounds. Please note that this is not the church and our pastor is working to handle the matter immediately! Please be in prayer!” It was clear. The morning event was not an effort at unity, but a stunt, to intimidate members of the church, who clearly supported the Black Lives Matter Movement. Folks took to social media calling for supporters to come out in a show of support for Friendship-West. The media was alerted and gathered where a diverse group expressed their displeasure of the intimidation tactics. And Dr. Haynes was vocal and fearless as he called the earlier gathering of mostly motorcycles and trucks, a “Klan Rally.”

The pastor, who was on vacation, said he began receiving calls as members reached out to him at home following the airing of the church service. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the church has held virtual services so a small crew has been on hand at the facility. Talking on Roland Martin Unfiltered, Pastor Haynes said the Dodge Ram Club asked to use the parking lot as a pit stop for 30 vehicles. Those 30 vehicles increased to 1000, with over 3000 people flooding the premises. While he said he has heard from some participants who have decried the entire gathering, saying they were misled, Pastor Haynes acknowledged that the incident “enraged” him. But something good will come out of the incident, he said, adding that there’s a “reckoning going on” and even white allies of the Black Lives Matter movement joined others who gathered at the church, after hearing of the “intimidation tactics.” The pastor, who talked about a Black Lives Matter theology, assured members that they would continue supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement, focusing on racial injustice, police misconduct and police brutality.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price arrived at Friendship-West

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