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Autumn 2018 • Issue 2



New school year, new term, new kids activities





‘Perfect introduction to the theatre’

‘A truly theatrical feast’

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The Gruffalo © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 1999 – Macmillan Children’s Books.



‘Everything good children’s theatre should be’ The List

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Room on the Broom © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 2001 – Macmillan Children’s Books



The Gruffalo’s Child © Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler 2004 – Macmillan Children’s Books

Based on the picture books by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Real people. Real lives. Real stories. by Two Babies One Pram

Contents Autumn 2018 • Issue 2

While everyone is talking about colourful leaves and long autumn walks, we, the parents of North London are secretly cheering with joy that school is open again. Routine is now back in play and we can now go to the toilet on our own. Parents with mini ones, your toilet freedom will come, I promise. There is so much to look forward to this time of the year. I believe it’s only a matter of weeks before we start seeing – dare I say it – Christmas decorations! But for your own sanity, I suggest you put that to the back of your mind, just for a few weeks at least. Before then, you can dress your children in the most ridiculous outfits for halloween, take a million pictures and save it for an embarrassing moment. Find a local fireworks display, round up a large group of friends and “oh” and ah“ at the sky together. Make memories with the special people in your life, unfortunately as much as we want to spend every living second with the ones that make us smile, life does get in the way and we can’t always find the time. Well, now you have an excuse, get those dates in the diary and have something to look forward to. Meanwhile grab a hot beverage or glass of wine, if that’s your preference, find a quiet corner of the house (not the loo, you know the kids love it in there) and read the second edition of Cherubs. Your support hasn’t gone unnoticed and your comments were gratefully received, we were overwhelmed with the response and will continue to deliver you good, quality information on a subject that we are all learning about together. It may not be plain sailing but at least we have each other to support us through the most challenging, yet rewarding, time of our lives.

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Here’s to parenting… here’s to winging it!

Sevim x

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There are ways of taking the heat or confusion out of the situation. We asked other parents how they cope. Their tips and suggestions are included below. Making homework a part of the routine Give children a chance to talk about their school work – make it a natural part of asking how their day was. Even if you know nothing about a particular subject, you can still help just by talking and listening and helping them find their own answers. If you do not understand the work they have been given, use the internet or ask friends and family to take a look. Once you have an understanding for the work, you may be better placed to support your child. Help your children take responsibility for organising and doing their homework. Never forget to praise your child for their hard work. Many schools have a homework diary, or daybook for parents to sign each day. This helps you and your child know that their homework is being monitored.

Creating the right environment for homework Help your child keep to a routine. Some children prefer to do homework straight after school whereas others prefer to ‘unwind’ first, and then do homework later. Let your child decide what is right for them. Try to create a suitable place where they can do homework, ideally somewhere with a clear work surface, good lighting and no interruptions. You might have to live with some music as many children like to work with music on to keep them company.

to help them complete the work. Find out if your school has a club like this, as it could help to minimise conflict at home. Many schools have introduced homework that can be completed online and this is what may be set for your child. If you are struggling, speak to the school and get some advice sooner rather than later so they can help. If you do not have internet access for online homework, you can usually book a computer for your child at your local library.

Some children prefer If your child has to study alone, others specific learning needs “Getting them to settle down with friends or family. and you feel the to homework seems to be a bit If there isn’t space in homework is an issue, your home try a local make an appointment of an uphill struggle. And as library or homework with the teacher and club. Visit the local SENCO as soon as for the maths and science - I library with your child you can. Discuss your couldn’t even help them out!” and encourage them concerns with them to use it. They can use and ask for some - Family Lives computers there to advice on managing get on the internet if this. It may be that you don’t have access at home. The internet they can do some of the work at school to can be great for looking up information and help relieve the pressure at home. They finding out more about a topic, but do note may struggle with mainstream homework that it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for and may need an alternative. doing the work – downloading course work or essays from the web will be viewed as cheating by schools and colleges. Nearly all of Family Lives services are Getting help from your school accessible at no charge to parents and you Many schools have lunchtime clubs can contact them 365 days a year. specifically for children who struggle to do 020 7553 3080 their homework at home or need support

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Sometimes homework can become quite a battle between parents and children. Kids often appear to put off homework to the very last minute or don’t do it at all, while their parents fear that they may fail at school if they don’t get on with it. The result can often be conflict and strife. As parents, we can sometimes be concerned about not understanding the homework that has been given to the child.

Family Lives is a charity with over three decades of experience helping parents to deal with the changes that are a constant part of family life. Here, they offer advice on the struggles of homework and a few easy steps to make life a little simpler.



Open Days Enfield

Alma Primary School Between October and December

Ashmole Academy Wednesday 3rd October

Broomfield Secondary School Tuesday 9th October

Eversley Primary School End of September (no exact date)

The Compton School Thursday 4th October

Chace Community Secondary School Wednesday 3rd October

Grange Park Primary Between October and January

Edmonton County Secondary School Thursday 27th September

Enfield Grammar Secondary School Monday 8th October

Grange Park Prep Open Days are held on the first Tuesday of each month (during term time). For 2018, they are on the following dates at 9:30am and last for approx one hour. • Tuesday 2nd October 2018 • Tuesday 6th November 2018 • Tuesday 4th December 2018

JCoSS (Jewish Community Secondary School) Thursday 27 September

Highlands Secondary School Monday 15th October

Keble Prep School Saturday 3rd November

Lea Valley High Thursday 4th October


Enfield County Secondary School Monday 8th October

Oasis Academy Enfield Tuesday 2nd October Palmers Green High School Saturday 13th October Southgate Secondary School Wednesday 3rd & Thursday 4th October St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls Monday 1st October (Lower school site) Winchmore Hill Secondary School Wednesday 26th September

The Totteridge Academy Secondary School Thursday 4th October If you are unable to attend, see the school in action during morning tours with the Principal which are available 5th - 18th October 2018. Ark Pioneer Academy Secondary School Thursday 4th October

Haringey Hornsey Secondary School for girls Thursday 11th October Highgate Wood Secondary School Monday 8th October Park Wood Secondary School Wednesday 10th October Woodside High Secondary School Friday 5th October

Hertforshire The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School Saturday 6th October for Senior and Preparatory school Lochinver House School Saturday 29th September

East Barnet Secondary School Monday 24th September

Please check school websites to confirm in advance of visiting advertised open days. Listings are subject to change.



High academic standards Small classes 11+ preparation Specialist subject teachers

PLEASE CONTACT US TO ARRANGE A VISIT 13 The Chine, Grange Park, London N21 2EA T: 020 8360 1469 E:

• Competitive fees • Extensive extra curricular programme • Wrap around care 7:45am - 6:00pm




Top tips on

Choosing the right Nursery How do I choose the right nursery for my child? A question which plagues many parents.

Make a shortlist and read the recent Ofsted reports.

Finding good quality childcare can be a difficult task and there are lots of things to look out for and questions to ask when you visit a childcare setting.

When visiting the setting ask questions about procedures and routines. Staff qualifications, note if staff appear attentive to the needs of the children. Do the children seem happy and engaged in activities.

Angela from Right Start Nursery in Botany Bay has provided our readers with a few tips to help start you off.

Ultimately ask yourself if you would be happy to leave your child there. The right nursery is the one that feels right.

Timing - Make sure you start early enough to give yourself time to research. Don’t leave it till the last minute as it may limit your choice. Think about what is important for you and that the setting can meet your requirements. For example do the operating hours suit your needs, will the journey be manageable, is parking available?

So the answer to the questions is - go with your gut feeling, it is generally the best judge. Angela Palmer Right Start Montessori 020 8367 7538

Our Reception Class provides the best start for a young mind The Early Years Team aims to provide a stimulating, active and enthusiastic approach to the boys’ learning. Our experienced teaching team delivers a curriculum that focuses on developing boys academically, physically, creatively and socially in small class sizes (an average of 15 boys per class) Keble Prep really is a school that brings together all areas of learning, providing boys with a solid foundation to realise their potential, developing Keble boys who will




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As part of our commitment to develping the whole boy we are now about to embark on a large and exciting redevelopment of the Reception playground, splitting the space into two areas to allow for free-flow indoor/outdoor play. We think this area will give the boys almost limitless opportunities to enhance their learning through play, exploration, problem solving, collaboration and, most of all, fun! Call Jane Wicks for more information and a prospectus.

Tel: 020 8360 3359 Email:

KBL165_ad_136x190.indd 4

12/01/2018 16:26


Saturday 3rd November 2018 10.00am to 12.00pm

Keble provides an excellent all-round education, in small class groups, combining high academic standards with opportunities for boys to achieve in Sport, Music, Drama and a broad extra-curricular programme. We are now taking registrations for 2018 and have occasional places in other year groups. For further information please contact Jane Wicks on Tel: 020 8360 3359 or Email: Keble Prep, Wades Hill, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1BG Tel: 020 8360 3359





Supporting your child through the change to secondary school Starting secondary school is a significant milestone in a child’s life. It marks a passage into adolescence and brings about several significant changes. They will go from being the oldest in school to being the youngest, having to find their way around a large new school with different teachers for different subjects. They will also have to take more responsibility, such as: • Taking a new and unfamiliar route. • Planning for each day’s timetable. • Making sure they have the right books and equipment. • Doing homework most evenings, which has to fit into their routine alongside other interests. All of this will have to fit into your child’s new routine, alongside their other interests and the often daunting prospect of becoming a teenager. It can take time for children to adjust to these new responsibilities.

Planning the journey to school Try to find at least one other neighbouring pupil who is going to the same school so that your child has a travelling companion. If the Local Education Authority (LEA) provides transport costs, make sure to apply for a bus pass in good time and impress on your child the importance of keeping it in safe place. Make sure your child always has ‘emergency money’ (separate from any other money, eg lunch money etc) in case she or he forgets their pass, needs alternative transport or has to phone for help.

Staying safe at school You may worry about your child’s personal safety at secondary school and it is important to ensure your child knows they can turn to you if they are concerned about anything. Bullying can happen face-to-face or online (known as cyberbullying), or in any indirect form that makes your child feel uncomfortable. It may happen on or off

school premises or on the way to and from school. Tell your child that bullying in any form is always wrong and that they can tell you or another adult if it happens to them. Children may find it hard to talk about bullying, but there are signs to look out for that may suggest there is a problem. We have a website dedicated to bullying with lots of information for parents, children and schools. Please visit Bullying UK to access further advice.

Stay connected Once your child is at secondary school, you may feel more isolated and out of touch with other parents and carers as well as with the school. It may help to: • Check the schools website for details of events and attend as many as you can. • Contact the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). • Talk to your child’s form tutor about any problems. • Make sure the school is aware of any

Settling into secondary school The move to secondary school can come as a shock to both parents and children. You may feel your child isn’t ready to take the responsibility for what is probably a longer journey to school, perhaps using public transport. They will usually have more books and equipment to carry around and may find it difficult to stay organised. At secondary school, your child will be expected to take greater responsibility for their own organisation. You can help to encourage this at home with the following tips: • Encourage your child to get organised for school the evening before. This can save them (and you) a lot of undue stress in the morning. Remind them to check their timetable for the following day, pack their bag and lay out their uniform if necessary.

• Try and resist the temptation to do everything. Your child needs to learn to manage their time efficiently and they won’t if you get everything ready for them. • At this age, children start to want more privacy when they’re getting ready. Consider organising a schedule for the bathroom in the mornings so no-one is made late by waiting. • Your child will probably have several homework tasks to complete each night, and most schools record this in a homework diary. Make a note to yourself to read and sign the diary at least once a week to make sure your child is keeping up with their assignments. • Have a calendar on display at home clearly marked with different equipment needed for different days (sports kit, music, projects etc.) Encourage the habit of looking at the schedule the night before and organising school bags there and then. • If your child is getting to school on public transport for the first time, find out if any friends live nearby so they can travel together. • Use every opportunity to keep in contact with the school – this may be more

difficult now that classes are bigger and your child has many different subject teachers. However, if the school has a website, be sure to check regularly for information updates and news. Once your child has started school, make time to talk and listen to your child each day to check how things are going. Just giving attention in this way can help your child feel supported and more confident. However, resist the temptation to ask too many questions, especially when a child first gets home from school and is likely to be tired, hungry and short-tempered from coping with many new people and things. If your child is attending boarding school, make arrangements for him or her to be able to contact you or other members of the family on agreed days and times, providing him or her with a phone. For any issues around your child’s school life at any stage, you can contact Family Lives confidentially through our Family Lives Helpline on 0808 800 2222

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changes at home, such as parental separation. Where relevant, make sure the school also contacts the non-resident parent.





with Dr. Andrew Sergis

Have you met our local scientist Dr Andrew Sergis? We went to visit him at his Academy and were extremely impressed with what he had to offer. The Dr Sergis Academy is committed to providing excellent tuition that is affordable to everyone in order to build success. Dr Sergis provides high quality teaching and professional guidance throughout his lessons. We wanted to learn more about our local scientist and find out more about his life when he was growing up.


D r Sergis, you are a scientist as well as a teacher and lecturer, but growing up, many of us want to be many different things; a vet, a doctor etc. Did you ever want to be something other than a scientist when you were growing up, or has that always been your ambition?


I was always a very curious and imaginative child. I remember looking at some old, secondhand encyclopedias to see what the planets were made of when I was eight. I also remember making a scrapbook on astronomy, including the Apollo mission to the moon when I was nine. I also loved studying and drawing natural life, particularly whales and dolphins. Having no siblings, I grew up with cats and many pets, including hamsters, goldfish, gerbils, turtles, guinea pigs, rabbits and a dog! I loved animals so much that I always said I wanted to be a vet when people asked me. By the age of fifteen, I knew I wanted to study and be a scientist, but I didn’t know what type of scientist. However, my parents wanted me to become an accountant.


Studying and revising can be a bother for some people, especially near exam time. What motivated you at school to keep studying and what do you consider most important when revising for exams?


I knew that in order to achieve something worthwhile in my life and to be happy, I had to study hard and pass my exams. I saw many kids in my class, especially the boys, fooling around and wasting time, and I knew I didn’t want to be like them. I think it’s important to allocate one or two hours each day revising for several topics after school, preferably after dinner. It’s important to revise in an active way by writing down notes and revision cards, not just passively reading your notes. It’s always useful to do questions at the end of each chapter in a textbook and check the answers at the back of the book.


From your earliest memory, what interested you in science and what continues to interest you now? I think I was always inspired by nature and reading books about animals and plants from the public library. This, and a very curious mind, probably helped me to eventually decide to become a scientist later in life. My desire to always wonder about many things when I was growing up, including whether animals think like us, is still something I always think about. Perhaps I always hoped (and still do) that science may find answers to everything!


What are your ambitions for the future, in terms of research?

I have many ideas concerning research. I plan to develop better methods for producing biologically important compounds, including proteins, lipids and polysaccharides. I hope my efforts will prove beneficial to society and medicine and provide more efficient methods of developing therapeutically important compounds, including anti-cancer drugs. I do plan to work as a consultant and advise people from industry, academia and research institutes on improved methods of producing useful compounds for society. Our well-equipped and modern laboratory facilities would also be very useful for training science students and for our A Level Chemistry students, as practical assessment forms an integral part of their examinations. The Dr Sergis Academy 52E Southbury Road, Enfield Middlesex EN1 1YB 020 8362 1398 07951 579245


A school for our community

Thinking about Secondary School options for September 2019? Come and visit Broomfield and see our amazing school in action.

Tuesday 9th October





A School

You may worry about choosing the right school; how you can help your child prepare and how to help them get the most out of secondary education. Choosing a school can be really difficult with many open days and visits to prospective schools and a tight deadline for applying. The following top tips may help to make the process a little easier.


Make time to talk to your child about what they want out of secondary school. You and your child may have different reasons for picking a school and it is important to discuss these together.


Do your research. At the end of year 5 or the start of year 6 your local authority will produce a booklet giving details of secondary schools in your area: their open evenings, their admissions criteria and important dates for you to remember. You can also check the schools’ websites.


Ask other parents or your child’s primary about their experiences of local secondary schools.


Visit potential schools with your child in year 5 and then again in year 6 so you have plenty of time to consider your options. Talk to your child about what they want to know before you visit any schools.


Make sure you get your child’s application form in on time. Some Local Education Authorities (LEAs) prefer these

sent via the internet - ask at your primary school or local library if you need help.


Don’t pin all your hopes on entry into one chosen school. Try to have at least one second choice that you’ll both be happy with to avoid the disappointment of missing out.


It is possible to appeal against the decision if your child doesn’t get their chosen place. Talk to your school about what you need to do next in order for the right steps to be taken.


OPEN MORNING SATURDAY 13�� OCTOBER 2018 Lower & Senior School - 10am-12noon Nursery - 11am-1pm \\pghs-sr-admin\shared_docume...\Day2PG2.jpg


Excellent/outstanding ISI inspection Academically selective/outstanding exam results Small class sizes/excellent pastoral care Competitive fees/value for money Ranked 2�ᵈ in  The Sunday Times national league table for small independent schools “The Nursery is a great start to early years with wonderful teaching staff.” Parent “It is an amazing and supportive school and is easy to fit into.” Year 7 pupil “Going to PGHS was honestly the best decision of my life." Year 11 Leaver

Palmers Green High School, 104 Hoppers Road, London N21 3LJ PGHS Nursery, 85 Wellington Road, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, EN1 2PL

Tel: 020 8886 1135



Does Your Baby Plank?



Most babies do at some point. Planking in the buggy, planking when you are trying to get them dressed and, the hardest of all, when you are trying to get them in the car seat. Not only do you have a rigid baby who simply refuses to bend in the middle, but there is the car door and sideways funny angle to deal with too. If you’re really unlucky, there’s a supermarket car park full of shoppers giving you ‘the look’ too.

little one start waving about 10 minutes after granny/friends/the nice man in the corner shop said goodbye? That’s because they need time - longer than you’d think. Try giving even just a count of 20 seconds between giving an instruction and expecting

However, there is a reason little ones plank, and it’s not to be awkward or to test your physical/mental strength or stretch your parenting skills. Honest! All behaviour is communication. Planking, just like throwing themselves on the floor, is their way of saying ‘WHOAAA, hold on. What are you doing?’ or ‘I really, really need a sleep/ drink/nappy change/cuddle/ food, why don’t you know what I’m telling you? ’ Our tiny humans have needs and interests, just like we do – the difference is, we are usually able to communicate with the people around us to share those emotions and desires. But just imagine for a moment how you’d feel if you lost that ability – how frightening and frustrating it would be to desperately try to tell people what you need but to be ignored or misunderstood. It turns out that there’s a really easy solution to this problem. Baby signing is a brilliant way of giving little ones the tools to share their inner world with you, allowing you to communicate with them before and during speech development. Babies and toddlers have control over their hands much sooner than they can control their voices. Using a recognised set of signs from British Sign Language means that you have a system ready and waiting for you. Once you start using sign, you will also begin to realise how long it takes for little ones to process information. Ever seen your

I was so impressed with how powerful Baby Signing is, I have started teaching it. In my toddler classes, I give the general guidance to allow 10-14 days to see a change (smaller babies will usually take longer, but at least they are a little less inclined to plank!). However, more and more parents are telling me it was a matter of a couple of days, not weeks before their toddler was more comfortable about getting in their car seat, or putting their shoes or coat on, and there were less planking and floor beating happening in the house. Mealtimes were less stressful, bedtime less shouty, playing became more fun as little ones start to realise they can really interact with their carers and their environment in a meaningful way. So, if you’re dreading getting your little one’s hat, coat and shoes on, if getting in the car is a battle and tantrums are a regular feature of your day, perhaps signing could help. Give your little one the tools to tell you and you’ll be surprised at how ‘chatty’ they are once they start!

a response. Do nothing else while you wait – just give the information and wait quietly for a few seconds – see what happens. Still planking at the car door? Try signing with them a few minutes before you step outside – or even as you’re putting their shoes on. Show them the sign for the things you’re about to do. Remind them. Show those signs again, a minute or two later. As you get them ready, talk to them about getting in the car and show them the sign again. Now, I’m not promising instant cooperation on the first attempt! Possibly not even the second or third attempt, but our little ones are SMART. Work with them, give them the tools, respect their processing time, use repetition and sign with them consistently and they WILL pick it up.

Written by yummy mummy Jo Emmerson from Little Signers Club – North London For more information pop over to

All gone







An inclusive environment is particularly important because children need meaningful and accessible exchanges with those around them if language and learning are to be achieved. The paradox is that most deaf children (approximately 90%) are born to hearing parents who may have no prior knowledge of sign language; the families of children with special needs are also likely to be new to signing, creating a situation where all family members are themselves likely to be in the ongoing process of learning it alongside their children. Teaching sign language to all children makes so much sense, not only for their own benefit but for that of others who depend on it. © Cath Smith - Let’s Sign BSL series 01642 580505 Facebook: /DeafBooks Twitter: @DeafBooks

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BSL is essential for young children who are deaf and is also now increasingly used to great effect with children who have additional speech and language needs – in fact, children with no additional needs can also benefit. There are many advantages to learning BSL and fingerspelling that can prove an asset to all children’s development. Signing can aid communication with pre-verbal infants. Furthermore the visual and kinesthetic elements add extra dimensions to language and communication that some children are extremely responsive to, and all children can potentially benefit from. BSL is proving to be a valuable learning tool for all children and encourages an inclusive environment for children who depend on signs to access communication and education.


Eat / Food

Sign languages are essential and greatly valued all over the world by the deaf communities who use them but they are not all the same language. They are visual-gestural languages with their own grammar and are influenced by the spoken languages of their country. They do share similar features and structures but each has its own vocabulary and variations – even other English speaking countries (such as America) have their own separate sign language and fingerspelling alphabet. British Sign Language (BSL) uses a two-handed alphabet but most other countries use one-handed systems.

Sid Sloa





Special offer to Cherubs magazine readers Sid is offering an exclusive 15% autumn booking discount for Cherubs magazine readers. Click now to see the many ways Sid TALKS is inspiring and motivating pupils in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

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I grew up on a London council estate in a time when it wasn’t strange to be openly abused physically and verbally for my skin tone. It’s what you might call character building, the sort of experience that might prepare one for being a parent. I am being facetious but in a way it’s true, in the sense that all of life can be character building. I mean, it wasn’t like someone said to me go back to where you came from and, by the way, these comments are going to determine a certain level of tenacity and create a strong sense of justice within you – so be grateful. I wrote a poem to my son, which I now dedicate to all children in one of my motivational speeches. It’s a rhythmic flow of words encouragingly beseeching them to get out there and be the best expression of self. Within the poem I’m offering an insight to options and ways of adopting a meaningful inner dialogue. Due to my ‘glass half full’ approach to life, I value results based personal development, and I believe considering how you see the glass is a potential key to understanding your core values. As a teenager I flunked out of school at the crucial exam year, though I do think learning is our default, I was just a late developer. Having a positive mental attitude helped me to accept that view. Reminding kids that application, dedication, perspiration, motivation and incubation takes inspiration, helps them open up to solution-focused thinking. I qualified to be a Life Coach in order to understand models of behaviour in adults I could potentially re-frame for kids, and that’s exactly what happened, albeit some eleven years later. Sid TALKS in schools has a positive impact on children, helping them build confidence and creative learning through practical talks or workshops modelling tools to meet and beat challenges, such as overcoming fears, maintaining perspective and target setting. What does it take to be a good parent? We all have differing views and some of us will agree on a certain moral standing, though I fear we may be losing a common ground. In my humble opinion the word humanitarian is better suited to the task of being a parent. It makes the task more understandable and therefore more achievable.

My interactive presenting style makes working with children exciting and inspiring and as a CBeebies presenter I’ve had the privilege of understanding responsibility towards communicating with little learners. Let the children lead is my motto, I’ve learned it’s an absolute must because ownership of ideas creates investment in the outcome. When I interviewed for the CBeebies job my son was three and it was handy being a veteran of parent/toddler groups. When asked how I’d describe the colour red to kids I said I’d use their interaction with normal everyday objects. Then one interviewer sneezed so I offered “Or if you have a cold you might sneeze a lot which may make your nose red.” I’m told by my teaching friends this is known as the teachable moment. Anyhow it didn’t cause offence and I found myself auditioning on camera the following week. On the day of my audition, while being shown out of the iconic and now no longer existing BBC Television Centre, my exit was delayed due to Her Majesty The Queen pulling up outside, which I secretly took as a royal seal of approval for me. Eleven years later in my final year with the channel I was asked to be on a team welcoming ‘her madge’ on her visit to the CBBC studios in Media City. I was desperate to thank her for seeing me in and out of the job, however we were instructed not to speak unless spoken to. Very challenging, as she paused to say something to me but changed her mind and I was left teetering on the edge. I’ve met so many brilliant people and travelled to some wonderful places filming for CBeebies, including the Masai Mara. And I still present the CBeebies Africa channel for BBC Worldwide, which is recorded here in the UK Media City studio, but I digress. As mentioned, my parenting style of choice is to involve children in the process, get intimate and add dollops of love. For me a good attitude is everything so I’d encourage my son to try anything to work on temperament. He didn’t always like the things I thought he would, or find cool what I thought was cool, but it was important for him to feel safe deciding. Surprisingly I learned a lot about myself in the process. Any book on parenting would be better entitled nurturing, caring and loving a precious life, as it takes a lot of patience and tolerance. I sincerely hope to meet and possibly motivate your kids along the way on their precious journey.

Learning how to parent with CBeebies

Health & Wellbeing


Health & Wellbeing

Our Yummy Mummy Den from @fitasyougomama brings you simple exercises that you can do whilst strolling with the little one and your buggy! A great workout for you whilst your child gets some fresh air (and hopefully falls asleep!) Drop Deniz a DM on instagram to find out where she holds her Fit As You Go Buggy Mornings and recieve your first session for FREE!


Help the flexibility of the hips and hamstrings, and the strength of the buttocks, hamstrings and hip flexors. REPS: 12x3 • • • •

Holding firmly onto the handlebar. Engage your core. Stand upright. Step forward with one foot. Make sure your legs are aligned - your front knee should be aligned with the foot. • Lower your back knee towards the floor. • Push back up to the starting position. • Focus on squeezing your buttocks to push yourself up, and keep the abdominals sucked in and remain in an upright position, avoid leaning forward.


Target the Quads, Hamstrings, Erector Spinae REPS: 15x3 • Hands firmly on the bars, brakes on... • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart (bear in mind - you still have relaxin in your joints, so in the earlier months keep the legs hip width apart). • Engage your core. • Squat down, bending at your hips with your back straight and looking forward. • With a quick pause at the bottom, push up with your feet back to standing position.

For a harder workout, turn these lunges into walking lunges. Instead of returning to starting position, just walk through the lunge to the next leg, 20 straight lunges, repeat 3 times.

Back leg raises

This exercise strengthens your buttocks and lower back. REPS: 12x3 • • • •

Stand behind the buggy, holding on for balance. Brakes on. Engage your core. Slowly lift one leg straight back without bending your knee or pointing your toes. Leaning slightly forward, so as not to put the strain on our back. The leg you are standing on should be slightly bent. • Hold the position for a couple seconds, lower and repeat.


Strengthen your arms and chest muscles. REPS: 12x3 • • • • •

Brakes on. Hands either side of the buggy bars or find a sturdy log. Engage your core. Body in straight plank position, diagonally toward the pram/log. Bend arms, lowering body down but not touching, then pushing with your hands to raise your body until your arms are straight. Do not lock the elbows!

Feel free to give the little one a kiss when you’re down there – don’t kiss the log!


If you’ve had a caesarean, think of the first six weeks or so as time for your body to heal. Wait until after your postnatal check, between six and eight weeks before taking up exercise other than Kegels (pelvic floor) and walking. Check with your GP before you do anything else. If you’ve had a natural birth make sure you have clearance from your GP/Health visitor before considering any exercises.

PELVIC PAIN IN PREGNANCY Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), or pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPGP) is very common, affecting up to 1 in 5 women in pregnancy. During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is released to help loosen the pelvic ligaments to allow the pelvis to open when you give birth, but it can mean the ligaments in your pelvis loosen too much and too early and suddenly your pelvis is a bit more flexible, making it unstable.

Health & Wellbeing


Symptoms of SPD?

Pain in the pubic area and groin are the most common symptoms, but patients also complain of: • Back pain, pain around the sacrum, buttocks and hip. • A grinding or clicking sensation in your pubic area. • Pain down the inside of your thighs or between your legs. • Pain that’s made worse by parting your legs, walking, going up or down stairs or moving around in bed.

• SPD can occur at any time during your pregnancy or after giving birth.

SPD treatment options:

• Exercises to strengthen your spinal, tummy, pelvic girdle, hip and pelvic floor muscles. These will improve the stability of your pelvis and back. You may need gentle, hands-on treatment of your hip, back or pelvis to correct stiffness or imbalance. Water gymnastics can help. • Acupuncture may help reduce the pain and is safe during pregnancy. Make sure your practitioner is trained and experienced in working with pregnant women. • Other manual therapies, such as osteopathy may help. • A pelvic support belt may give relief, particularly when you’re exercising or active.

What can I do to ease the pain? • Be as active as possible within your pain limits, and avoid activities that make the pain worse.

Barker Gooch & Swailes Solicitors

• Stick to the pelvic floor and tummy exercises your therapist recommends. • Try to sleep on your side with legs bent and a pillow between your knees. • Rest regularly or sit down for activities you would normally do standing. By sitting on a birth ball or by getting down on your hands and knees, you’ll take the weight of your baby off your pelvis. • Try not to do heavy lifting or pushing. • Wear flat, supportive shoes. • Sit down to get dressed – for example, don’t stand on one leg when putting on jeans. • Keep your knees together when getting in and out of the car – a plastic bag on the seat can help you swivel. • Take the stairs one at a time, or go upstairs backwards or on your bottom.

Written by Meyram Yalchin and Ben Ludlow The Mobile Osteopath Meyrem 07944 780162 Ben 07812 541080

On The Green at Winchmore Hill for over 40 years

If you are looking for advice on any aspect of family law including divorce, separation, children and related financial and property arrangements

Contact Angela Bogan family law solicitor and member of Resolution on tel: 020 8886 5928 or email: Initial consultation £75 plus vat

Our team of solicitors also provide a wide range of other legal services

Woodside House, 37 The Green, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1HT







Carefully pick out any obvious Lay your baby face down on objects with your fingertips. your thigh & support their head. Up to 5 blows between their shoulder blades.



Using 2 fingers, give up to 5 chest thrusts. Check the mouth. If the obstruction hasn’t cleared call 999 for an ambulance.

We offer a 12 Hour qualification, Ofsted compliant & Accredited by the Association of First Aiders Course: Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Duration: 2 days Accreditation: AOFAQ Price: £99.99/p plus vat

Building 3, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, New Southgate, N11 1GN FOR MORE INFO PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CALL 020 3330 0985, EMAIL INFO@NLDC.ORG.UK

Health & Wellbeing



EXERCISE AFTER THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS By the time the end of September comes around with its shorter days and autumnal weather, we will have well and truly settled back into a work or school routine. Our summer fun becoming a fading memory and stress levels slowly rising again. But we all love to reminisce on a lovely summer holiday, don’t we? The children having tons of laughs and us mums and dads just kicking back and enjoying the benefits of an all-inclusive break. Rest and relaxation are the order of the day. So, what happened to our health and fitness regime? God forbid the thought, which most likely drowned, while sitting by the pool sipping on that third Pina Colada. Let’s face it, who really exercises on their holiday anyway? Erm, well, maybe, your personal trainer does, but let’s move on to you. Autumn time is the best time to dig out and dust off your workout gear and get back on track with some much-needed self-care. This season is undoubtedly all about the kids. With half-term holidays, Halloween, Fireworks Night and dare I say it… Christmas, fast approaching, there is almost an urgency to think about yourself and claiming back that ‘me time’. Don’t know where to start? Let me give you

some tips on how you can get back onto the exercise bandwagon, even if you have got little ones hanging round your ankles.


First and foremost, I guess those of you with young children might need a babysitter. Grandparents would normally be your first port of call but for one reason or another, it might not always be possible to enlist them. Mums and dads with young children will have lots of friends in the same boat, so how about doing babysitting swaps and that way you can both work out. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Schedule in your first workout. Don’t ask why, just do it. Right now. Where there is a will there really is a way so grab your diary and block out at least one hour per week if this is all you can manage at first. Consider two half hour slots instead if this makes it easier.


So now you have allotted time and that’s great. Next, think about what you enjoyed doing before and ask yourself why you enjoyed it? It’s a well-known fact that getting back into a routine is difficult initially, both physically and mentally. This has a lot to do with your self-talk. Make a commitment. If you need to book yourself into a group class, then do it before you change your mind.


On the evening before your first workout have your clothes and trainers ready so that when you get up you will have no choice but to dress in that outfit. You are more likely to stick to the plan if you are appropriately dressed and I can almost guarantee that you that you’ll feel the endorphins the instant you don the Lycra.


Working out in the morning is best. There is no real hard evidence and there are conflicting studies, but most would agree that if you exercise in the morning you’re revving up your metabolism early and you will continue to burn calories throughout the day. Another good reason is that you won’t feel like your workout is going to disrupt your schedule. From my experience as a personal trainer, the client most likely to cancel is the one whose training is scheduled either in the afternoon or evening.


Making yourself accountable to others will mean that you’re more likely to be consistent with your routine. Make the commitment by telling others, in particular family and friends, and then talk about your progress frequently. Support and encouragement from others close to you can be extremely helpful especially if you’re ever feeling less motivated.

Photo credit: Emma Simpson


You are doing just great and should be proud of how far you’ve already come. Ok, so you might not have formed a routine just yet, but you should already be in a good place and are hopefully well on your way to forming a long-term sustainable habit. By now I’m guessing that exercising has become a little more enjoyable and less of a tedious chore. Your self-belief and self-motivation should have increased considerably so don’t falter; continue crushing your demons by making effective daily affirmations. Write these

onto sticky post it notes, place them strategically around the house and say them out loud for maximum effect.


This is going to sound completely ridiculous and wacky but wearing your keep fit clothes whenever possible, keeping your workout mat visibly handy and leaving your Fitbit or Garmin by your bedside are all easy peasy things you can do to keep your mind on the matter. It will be like wearing a uniform or a different hat with the idea of stepping into a role. The props and equipment will also act as

WITH MARY HUCKLE Mary Huckle is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor from Enfield, North London and is the founder/owner of Breakthrough Fitness. She is married with three children. Her passion for anything health and fitness related has been a lifelong affair. After working in finance for many years she eventually changed her career path in 2003 when she left the world of finance to retrain as a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the YMCA. She is also qualified in prenatal, postnatal and children’s fitness. Instagram @maryhuckle Facebook @breakthroughfitness1

triggers or reminders. Trust me, this approach works.


Everyone has a ‘to do list’ either in their mind or on paper. Keep your workouts at the top of your list and make them a priority. Life will continue to throw curve balls at you and if you’re a tired, sleepdeprived parent, life can be especially taxing. Even when the going gets tough, being healthy and remaining active can be your saviour. Persistency and consistency are key.

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Now that you’re in the swing of things it’s time to get serious and set some SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. This is a really important step as it’s going to get you from A to B. Goals give you a sense of purpose and keep you focused; without a goal you will more than likely get distracted and even worse just give up your hard work. Start with small goals if necessary and ensure you monitor and record your progress.




TRY A 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP TODAY* Contact David Lloyd Enfield and quote “Cherubs” to book your free day* 0208 364 4332

*Terms and Conditions apply. Monthly rolling contract a 3 month initial commitment. Activities and facilities vary by club.

Eat Happy Feel Good WITH CHRISTIANNA I love cooking with my children, both of them really enjoy it but on this particular afternoon Leo decided building an all green Lego house was more fun. So it was just the girls and we made Sofia’s favourite treat of the moment, baked cinnamon doughnuts. The thing I love most about cooking with my children is how much we talk. It means it takes longer, we usually create an almighty mess and often make mistakes with the recipe because we get distracted but its all part of the experience. I hope to pass my love of cooking on to my children, to get them truly engaged with preparing their own food and I’ve learned that they are far more likely to eat something if they’ve helped prepare it. The first time Sofia tried a raw pepper was the first time I let her chop one. I wonder if that would work with sprouts?

Yummy Rice Pudding This rice pudding is an absolute favourite in our home. So tasty it can be a dessert but we often have it for breakfast. Vegan, healthy and deliciously filling.

Makes 4 portions Ingredients

Health & Wellbeing


• 1 cup short grain rice • 4 cups almond milk (I use alpro roasted almond original) • 1 vanilla pod • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar


Baked cinnamon spelt doughnuts Baked cinnamon spelt doughnuts, definitely one of my kids’ favourite treats but healthy enough for breakfast. Enjoy them as they are or top with honey, peanut butter, maple syrup, bananas... All you need to make them is silicone doughnut moulds, just few pounds from Amazon.

Makes 6 doughnuts Ingredients • • • • • • •

2 1/2 cups spelt flour 1 tablespoon cinnamon 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup almond milk 1/3 cup agave syrup 1 large ripe banana

• • • •

1 teaspoon vanilla 1 large egg 3/4 cup canola oil 3 cups spinach (150g). Make sure you pack the cups really well with the spinach.


• Preheat oven to 180C and line a muffin tray with muffin cases • Sieve the flour, cinnamon, salt and baking powder into a large bowl • Put the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Blend till mixed well and all the spinach is completely broken down. • Pour the wet mix into the flour mix and using a spatula, mix till combined. • Pour into your lined muffin tray and bake for about 25 mins. They keep well in an airtight container for a few days (but never last that long in our house)

• Rinse the rice till the water runs clear • Put the rice, sugar, one cup of milk, and vanilla (slice the pod down the middle and scrape out the seeds) into a large pan. • Over a medium heat, cook the mixture till the liquid is absorbed. Stir to make sure it doesn’t stick. • Add another cup of milk and cook gently, stirring till the milk is absorbed. • Repeat till you’ve used up all 4 cups of milk. • Top with whatever you like and enjoy! For breakfast I like to add fruit, seeds and honey. It’s delicious hot or cold.

Beef Hotpot Makes 6 portions Ingredients

• 1kg braising steak, trimmed and cut into chunks • 1 onion finely chopped • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped • 2 tablespoons rapeseed oil • 1 large white onion, chopped • 400g carrots (peeled and chopped weight) • 1 tablespoon plain flour • 1 tablespoon tomato puree • 1 cup red wine (optional) • 2 cups beef stock • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme • 1 kg potatoes (I use Maris Piper) peeled and sliced • 1 tablespoon butter


Fruit Salad Candy Nature’s candy! Using a melon baller to prepare a fruit salad makes it that little bit more interesting and appealing for children. I served it with these cute little bird pics which my kids loved and made their healthy snack feel like a fun treat. Fun is so important when it comes to kids and food, it encourages them to try new things, learn to love healthy food and truly enjoy it. And when you see their little faces when you present them with something that looks a little different and is fun… it’s worth the extra effort.

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• Preheat the oven to 175 C • Season the meat with a little salt and pepper. • Put half the oil in a large casserole dish over a high heat. Brown the meat in batches. Make sure you get the pan sizzling hot and don’t over crowd it. That crust on the meat is where so much of the flavour is going to come from. When you have finished browning the meat, take it out of the pan and set aside . • In the same pan, put the rest of the oil and add the onion. Cook for a few minutes till softened but not browned. Add the carrots and cook for another few minutes. • Lower the heat and add the garlic. Cook for another minute. Add the tomato puree and cook for another couple of minutes. Add the flour and cook for another minute, mixing constantly to cook out the flour. • Gradually pour in the wine and stock, mixing constantly. If not using wine, add a glass of water. Add the thyme and return the beef to the pan too • Bring to the boil, lower the heat and simmer for about ten minutes. Taste for seasoning and add if needed. • Transfer the meat to an ovenproof dish and arrange the sliced potatoes on top. • Cover tightly with foil and bake for an hour. • Remove from the oven. Melt the butter and brush over the potatoes. Return to the oven and bake for another half hour till golden brown. • I serve it with broccoli or peas.






1 2

Choose paint that is washable, even scrubbable and resistant to scuff marks. Also make sure the paint is low VOC so it doesn’t give off toxic fumes. A chalkboard painted wall is a great feature, encourages creativity and allows a neat way to keep all those scribbles in one place, avoiding having to Blu Tack paper on the wall to exhibit those works of art.

3 4

Murals are a good wall feature, there is a really good range of design-led themes on the market.

When deciding on flooring keep in mind that carpet is great for sound insulation and cosy under bare-feet, but staining can be a pain. Wood flooring is more durable and a must if your children have allergies.

5 6

We love using large trunks to get those toys stored away that won’t fit in normal cupboards. They can also double up as a seat or bench! Allowing your child’s creativity and play to come out is incredibly important; a few pieces of ‘fun-iture’ will do more than just transform a space, they will be incredibly important for their growth and development (and fun for the parents).


Finally, if a child can add their own personal touches, whether it be a picture or a chosen piece of furniture, they’ll end up with a room they are truly proud of. Contact The Interior Design House London or visit them in store to have a chat about your requirements. There is only so much thinking a parent’s brain can handle; sometimes it’s best to leave it in the hands of the experts. 20 Crescent West, Hadley Wood, Herts, EN4 0EJ 020 3912 6312

Services include: kitchens • bathrooms • home cinemas • gyms • conference rooms • window treatments • flooring • gifts • furniture • soft furnishings • architectural detail • handles & fittings • feature walls • spacial planning • floor plans

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Start your young ones off on the right foot with a stylish space of their own. Designing and creating a space for them can be a challenge, especially when there are so many trends to keep up with. A child’s room is the perfect place for them to express their real characters and explore imaginative ideas. The space should be a reflection of their evolving personalities and a place they can grow into. Step away from the Peppa Pig wallpaper and design a room that your kids will love and which you won’t have to change everytime a new character becomes the must-have bedsheet!


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Houndstooth is big this season, give the trend a nod with practical and comfortable footwear.

Wrap yourself in lightweight layers as the mercury begins to drop, extra points for wearing the hue of the season.

Belted High-Waist Trousers

Box Croc Shoulder Bag


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Keep those summer vibes going for a bit longer with a pair of culottes, a versatile choice between seasons.


Add a touch of lady-like glam to your autumn wardrobe with a Mad Men inspired bag.

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Get organised and create storage space for hats and coats with boho inspired storage.



As the evenings draw in, good lighting becomes essential, curl up with a good book under this high in style, low in price lamp.

Pro-Collagen Super Serum Elixir


The Green Fairy Hand & Lip Balm



You’ve got to love a multitasking beauty product, this one from MOA is 100% natural and produced in the UK.

ORIGINS A serum that works and will work hard to keep your skin in nourished during the harshest months.

Charcole Honey Mask to Purify & Nourish


ORIGINS Keep that summer glow going for a little bit longer with clean and nourished skin.

Antonia Sanchez-Toomey ‘Founder of Tinker Tailor, lifestyle store and online destination’ For daily inspiration follow her Instagram: @tinkertailoronline

How to achieve a fresh face in the


I know first hand how important sleep is for a glowing face. However, as mummies, the last thing we tend to think about is our own beauty regime. Believe it or not, you don’t need to spend a vast amount of money on skin care products. Some key ingredients I advise to look for in products are hyaluronic acid, retinol (aka retinoid) and Vitamin C. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is an absolute must for the skin. Two of my go-to brands and favourites amongst celeb make-up artists are ‘Liz Earle’ and ‘The Ordinary’. The latter contains all the ingredients needed for fresh looking skin, no matter how many sleepless nights you’ve had! There are a few key tricks you can use to help awaken the skin using just a few makeup products. An under eye brightener is essential in your make-up routine. I absolutely love Becca under eye brightener. Apply this product very sparingly

BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector £21

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer £24

BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector £12

under the eyes and allow to ‘set’ for a minute. Then go over it with a concealer of your choice. ‘Tarte’ cosmetics have some amazing concealers. Ideally, your concealer should be two-three shades lighter than your complexion make-up. Reason being, you ideally want to brighten under the eyes in order to give the illusion of a ‘lifted’ area. I also use a colour corrector before applying concealer, especially for photo shoots. A colour corrector counteracts discolouration such as dark circles. Becca, Smashbox and Mac cosmetics have some amazing colour correctors to even out the skin under the eyes. You can also brighten the under eye area by ‘setting’ the area with a translucent powder. My alltime favourite is Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, which can also be used all over the face, and Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Both are absolutely amazing on all tones and neither cause any back flash. Happy days!

TARTE Shape Tape Contour Concealer £22

LAURA MERCIER Secret Brightening Powder £22

MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter £21

LAURA MERCIER Translucent Loose Setting Powder £29

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ello, beautiful ones! One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is ‘How can I achieve a fresh face in the morning?’

Cherubs has teamed up with the beautiful Elena, a local makeup artist to give you, our readers, a few tricks to help brighten under those eyes. For more beauty tips and tricks follow her on Instagram @elsbellesmua!

TGB... WHERE MEN BECOME GENTLEMEN With the concept and first salon established in 2010 by Andreas Aristidou and boasting a brand new addition in Fitzrovia, The Gentleman’s Barber has become one of London’s most popular and trusted men’s grooming institutions. Andreas’ personal philosophy is that if a man looks his best he’ll also feel his best. This is at the core of TGB and how we work. Our professional and experienced staff are experts in both traditional and modern men’s grooming techniques. At TGB, we use only our own range of top quality branded products ensuring every client gets the VIP treatment. Offering a range of services including hot towel shaves, waxing, colouring, beard grooming and many more, we have something to suit every gentleman.




0203 302 8996

0207 323 1343

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Credit: Do it later illustration - Laura Cruttenden

Shamefully, I have to admit that before I had my first baby I think I may have been a little judgemental.

My partner read the books, too. I remember being on holiday, five months pregnant, both of us lying on our sun loungers giving each other parenting advice, noses stuck in books. “Listen to this,” he would say “all you have to do when a baby is crying is just pause. Don’t go and get them when they cry. Leave them for a few minutes and they will stop.” Simple. Oh, we were so excited. Not only to meet our little bundle of joy but to implement all these tricks and secrets that the rest of the world just couldn’t get the hang of. But we were going to – you just watch us! Our baby was going to be swaddled within an inch of her life, was going to be sleeping through the night at six weeks old and not really cry.

Now let’s all laugh together. To my surprise, our baby girl had not read the books while in utero and therefore would not co-operate. She had her own ideas about how the next few months were

I didn’t do any NCT classes, so I didn’t have a group of mums who I could talk to about all the questions I had that the books couldn’t answer. I turned to the forums. Endless conversations and scrolling later, mumandbabyboo65has the answer – I’ll try that… It was only a few months later when I stopped flicking through the books, scrolling through the internet and throwing money at any gadget that promised more than two hours sleep at a time, that it dawned on me. It was the books that had made me feel like this. They made me feel as though there was a certain way you should look after your baby and baby would respond accordingly. Perhaps if I hadn’t read anything and didn’t have any preconceptions I wouldn’t have felt as though I was failing. If we don’t have any expectation of babies sleeping through the night, settling themselves to sleep, being happy at all times, minimal tears and

four hourly feeds, then we wouldn’t feel so isolated and stressed when our new baby wakes every hour, seems uncomfortable and cries a lot. Well, unsurprisingly, the books went out the window and I basically unlearnt everything I had read in the previous nine months. The baby started sleeping in my bed, which meant that I could grab a few more hours sleep here and there. I relaxed. I accepted that babies cry. A lot. It doesn’t mean they are not happy and that you are a bad mother. They cry for all sorts of reasons. I bought a sling and wore my baby all day, every day. I started to enjoy the hours and hours spent nursing her, when some days that’s all she wanted to do. There was no way I could implement a routine. I got used to the slower pace of life, relishing every precious moment I had with her. I even started to enjoy the nightime waking. She was waking up at night because she is in a big scary world that is very different from the cosiness of the womb. She wanted to be attached to her mother and that was fine. It didn’t matter that she wanted to sleep on me all day and all night. I didn’t care about what I should be doing. I was doing the absolute best thing I could possibly do for my baby, by being there and allowing this tiny new life to feel comfort in my skin, my touch and my smell. I stopped worrying about sleeping through the night, nap times and schedules and eventually everything fell into place. My baby knew more than the books and I trusted her to lead the way. This was only the beginning of a relationship where we continue to learn so much from each other. It was the very first page of the best book I will ever read. Neve Faulkner

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I looked at the mums whose babies wouldn’t sleep and thought, “Oh it can’t be that hard you just need to help them enjoy bedtime and read stories, dim the lights and make bedtime a comfortable and happy place.” I certainly would never be one of those mothers who, God forbid, CO- SLEPT! Oh no no no no no. Children need to be in their own bed. You just need a routine. I had a plan. I had read the books. I knew what I was doing. How hard could this be? I was so maternal anyway, so that combined with my highlighted baby manuals meant everything was going to be absolute bliss.

going to pan out and made it very clear who was in charge. If I dared step any further away than two centimetres from her she would cry so hard and so loud for so long that, in the end, I would do whatever she wanted in seconds. Pausing was not an option. Hurriedly I flicked through the books to find the answers. What happens when she just won’t stop crying? Do baby’s come with actual remotes with a pause button? (We can dream!) I was lost. I felt cheated by the books. I felt embarrassed. Nothing that I had read was working. Our baby hated being swaddled. She wouldn’t lie down on her own. She cried in the pram. She cried in the car seat. She cried in the moses basket. She couldn’t settle herself to sleep and she cried when I detached her from my breasts. The only temporary quiet was when I was nursing her. But surely I can’t nurse her practically all day every day? There is a routine she is supposed to be following, and I needed to get in the shower at some point.


HEALTHY CHOCOLATE Ever wanted to have guilt-free chocolate? Ever wanted to let your children have chocolate and not worry about their refined sugar in-take? My recipe for a raw chocolate is below, with some ideas to add flavour and make alternative chocolate treats.





Stevie’s Pantry offers bespoke cakes, french macarons, biscuits and healthy treats! As a busy mum of three Stevie still finds time to create masterpieces from her very own kitchen and we were surprised to learn that this lovely North London mama taught herself all she needed to know. Follow this yummy mummy to see what amazing creations she produces while juggling mum life! Instagram @steviespantry or Facebook @steviespantry

Step by step... Picture 1-2 Add all of the ingredients into a saucepan Picture 3 Add a very low heat to slowly melt the coconut oil, butters and other ingredients together – only for approx 1 min. Picture 4 Mix the ingredients together with a whisk, so that any lumps have been mixed in. At this point turn off the heat, and keep whisking so that the chocolate is silky smooth. Picture 5 Pour a little ladle of the chocolate onto a silicone mat (alternatively you can use parchment paper). Picture 6 Use a spatula to spread out the chocolate to your desired thickness and size. Don’t worry if it has gaps in the at this point. Picture 7 At this point, add in whatever you would like to your chocolate. I’ve chosen to add in roasted hazelnuts, but you can add in a mixture of nuts, sultanas, other dried fruit, ginger stem, desiccated coconut etc.

Picture 8 Once you have added in your nuts, or anything else you like onto the chocolate, ladle on top another lot of chocolate. The second layer will cover all of the gaps and you’ll be able to thicken up the slab of chocolate. Picture 9 Once you’re happy with your chocolate slab, place it in the fridge for approx one hour, or in the freezer, until it completely firms up. Picture 10 Once the chocolate slab has firmed up, you can remove it from the fridge. Peel off the silicone or parchment paper and break up your chocolate slab into pieces. At this point, the chocolate should taste delicious with your chosen addition into the chocolate. I keep my chocolate pieces in a glass container in the fridge, so that the chocolate stays firm and delicious. If you don’t eat it all right away, the chocolate pieces will last at least two weeks.

Other ideas I keep my chocolate in a jar so that I can use for other treats and desserts whenever I need to. I have previously added peppermint extract to my chocolate, to make mint chocolate treats, you can also add orange extract for a chocolate – orange taste. Other additions could be rose water extract, ginger extract, vanilla extract the list is endless and this raw chocolate works so well with any of these additions. If you melt the chocolate in the jar (picture 11) over a bae-marie then you can use it as a sauce to pour on top of pancakes or waffles or use to dip fruit in – strawberries and bananas are my favourite! I have also previously poured this chocolate into moulds to make mini chocolate bars (picture 12), and chocolate spoons which my children have stirred into their hot chocolate and watched melt – yummy (picture 13). Be sure to tag me on instagram or facebook with your creations @steviespantry














You will need... Ingredients (Pic 1) 1 cup of raw coconut oil 5 tbsp raw cacao powder* 3 tbsp maple syrup 3 tbsp date syrup 2 tbsp nut butter (cashew or almond)

I use all organic ingredients and I find the flavour of this chocolate amazing, try to use the best ingredients you can for this, so that you get the full delicious flavour and chocolate experience. *raw cacao powder is classed as a superfood, its rich in protein and minerals. The nutrients in cacao powder remain intact in the coldpressing processing, which makes the powder raw in form and very good for you. To advertise email

40 Lifestyle

Ghost Halloween Scareberries by Berry World



• 200g white chocolate • 20 strawberries (approx) • 20g dark chocolate


• Start by melting the white chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Make sure the base of the bowl does not touch the water. Break the chocolate into small pieces and allow to melt slowly without stirring. While this is happening, lay a piece of greaseproof paper down. • Once the chocolate has melted, remove from the heat, and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Holding the strawberry by the leaves dip the strawberry completely into the chocolate, right up to the top, so just the green is left. Hold the strawberry up and allow the excess to drip off. • Carefully lay the strawberry down onto the grease proof paper and allow to cool completely. Continue with all the strawberries. • Melt the dark chocolate in the same way. • Pour the dark chocolate into a disposable piping bag. Snip a tiny hole in the end of the piping bag, and decorate the chocolate strawberries with a ghost face. • Allow to set completely, and enjoy these strawberry ghosts.

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Grand Jester Studios Sally Vinyl Figurine


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Bat Felt Bucket


Serves: 2


• 2x 330ml bottle Vanillalicious or Top Banana Shaken Udder Milkshake • Various food colourings • Whipped cream • Strawberry sauce • Halloween sweets


• Pour the milkshake into 2 glasses and add a few drops of food colouring until it turns the desired colour. • Top with whipped cream, squirt over the strawberry sauce and top with the sweets.


Gift Giving

Halloween Pumpkin & Spider Tinsel Wreath


John Lewis

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Halloween Freak Shakes

Grand Jester Studios Jack Skellington Vinyl Figurine

John Lewis






Skiing with children means that you have to be prepared and so packing adequate provisions will make for a happier ski holiday for all. Remember the following and you’ll not go far wrong… •

Layers Packing lots of layers means that you’ll be ready when children inevitably fall over when learning how to ski. Don’t forget to pack vests, long sleeved t-shirts, light fleeces and leggings. No one likes being cold and wet, especially not children! So be prepared with lots of layers which they can strip off when hot or replace when wet – you’ll hear less moans we promise. High Factor Hypoallergenic Sun Cream Yes it’s snowy, but the sun glinting off that crisp white powder can create quite the glare and sunburn is a real risk for children skiing unless you’re properly prepared. The price of sun cream in resort can be extortionate, so make sure that you pack it before you leave home. Thermals We recommend packing less ‘normal’ clothes, and more thermals. Children are more than happy stripping off and playing in the chalet in their thermals before re-dressing to go back outside so lots of thermal layers are essential. And they’ll keep little bodies extra warm too!

Favourite Toys There well maybe a selection of books and games in your chalet to keep everyone entertained and happy, but if your child has a favourite teddy or toy don’t forget to pack it! Footwear Don’t forget to pack wellies/ snow boots so that children can play in the snow and walk about without getting wet feet. Child-Friendly Medication Just in case your little ones sustain an injury or fall unwell here in the mountains, it’s always a good idea to have your own stock of junior paracetamol, plasters and ointments. There’s nothing like peace of mind when it comes to your little ones’ health and well-being and you don’t want to be caught short on holiday and searching for a European equivalent! Two Pairs of Gloves Cold hands will make a child’s day miserable, so bring two pairs of gloves when skiing with children as they will likely get wet and may not dry in time for the next day’s snowy adventures. Swimming Gear For days when the kids need a bit of a rest away from the slopes, swimming will be at the top of the list for children of all ages. Lots of people wouldn’t think to bring swimsuits and trunks when on a skiing holiday, but we think swimming is an essential way of resting those aching limbs after a hard day on the slopes.

BE REASONABLE IN YOUR EXPECTATIONS There’s no doubting that skiing can be exhausting, even for the fittest most accomplished experienced skiers among us. Going up and down a mountain all day wearing lots of heavy clobber and breathing all that beautiful fresh mountain air can really take it out of you – and children especially feel tired and in need of a break when learning how to ski. When you’re planning your trip be sure to factor in lots of rest. Plan other activities for the afternoon, as children can only manage a couple of hours on the slopes at a time and they’ll soon tire if you try to push them too hard.

EXPLORE AND BOOK YOUR CHILDCARE PLENTY IN ADVANCE If you’ve got a baby or toddler(s) you really do need to factor in childcare, or you won’t get a chance to ski at all. Choosing a ski school or opting for playgroups can be daunting however, there are many different forms of childcare and ski schools available that will allow you some time to enjoy the mountain on your own.

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Despite any prior doubts and worries a family-friendly ski holiday sometimes presents, skiing with children often creates one of the most memorable family holidays you can imagine. Ski Basics have teamed with Cherubs to bring our readers some great Top Tips that must be noted before that all important trip! Take note.


5 E P O M

or y f ce n a n mp erie ily o c m p ne s’ ex ng fa ldren g o i r i be year ski r ch ludin s, m e nu r 35 r th s fo , inc dler ur e d o e s e o h s t h ov gle f ervic year d to ged f reat i KI. Wit y an are s o 12 an en a or g and S IT kiing everhildc ths t abieschildrubs. F care nded R P S rs c n b r cl ild u ES mily covecated ee mo for ses fotivity ng ch ave ro Fa prit edi thr ies clas ac nni e h ts… Es th d rom rser t ski filled -wi es, w esor wi ed f Nu spri fun- ward mili ure r ag prit ive E ll as s, a or fa w-s Es clus s we ition ties f sno ex s, a ond tivi five plu ow c of ac top sn nty rit’s ple Esp up


T RO Travel



FRANCE VAL D’ISÈRE, FRANCE The ultra-high altitude skiing of the legendary Espace Killy ski area virtually guarantees the very best conditions for Val D’Isère right from late November to early May, whilst the superb high-tech ski lift system whisks skiers rapidly up to a world with guaranteed snow on the Pissaille Glacier. This season will welcome a new ten-seater gondola featuring Wi-Fi and heated seats following a 10 million euro investment to upgrade the system after 52 years. The new cabins will take the overall passenger transport rate up to 2,800 people an hour (compared to 933 before) and will take 4 mins 30 secs to reach the top (compared to 9 mins before). Furthermore, for the first time ever, Esprit Ski is offering ‘Buy One Get One Free‘ on six-day adult lift passes for the Espace Killy ski area for those staying in Val d’Isère departing on 9th and 16th December 2018. This offer is in addition to the ‘Buy One Get One Half-Price’ offer on six-day Espace Killy adult lift passes available for bookings to Val d’Isère departing on selected dates between January and March 2019.

COURCHEVEL, FRANCE Courchevel is one of the world’s bestknown and most exclusive ski resorts, with its four chic villages perfectly placed in the 600km Three Valleys area. The resort is set to achieve a record year this season with inches of snow still falling across the valley and more still to come. The snow conditions are expected to continue well into April and historically spring often sees lovely sunshine and stunning blue skies thanks to the north-facing slopes which means skiers can easily follow the sun around the mountain.

LES ARCS, FRANCE With sensational skiing, the guaranteed snow of the Varet and Bellecôte glaciers and unparalleled views of Mont Blanc and its surrounding peaks, Les Arcs is a great option for late season skiing. Sitting at 2,000m at the highest point of the resort and 3,225m at the highest peak, Les Arcs offers fantastic snow conditions well into April. The cable car link with La Plagne means there are 425kms of wonderful pistes on the ‘Paradiski’ lift pass for skiers to explore.

AUSTRIA OBERGURGL, AUSTRIA Obergurgl is one of Austria’s most famous and sought-after ski resorts, boasting an enviable snow record often stretching into May thanks to its high altitude slopes. The resort is perfect for all types of skiers set in a traffic-free village which is particularly great for families, offering an excellent ski school and beginner runs as well as a choice of red and blue runs and a few blacks and challenging moguls groups or more advanced skiers to get the adrenalin pumping! This week, Resort Rep Oliver Revett says “As Obergurgl is starting to move into spring, other resorts may struggle with warmer temperatures, but the snow here is still phenomenal and there is plenty still around!”

ST ANTON, AUSTRIA Part of the biggest ski area in Austria, St Anton is on the Arlberg lift pass which also includes the nearby resorts of Stuben, St Christoph, Lech and Zürs, offering skiers 340km of pistes and 200km of unpisted deep snow runs. Mid-March has seen a huge amount of snowfall with even more expected in the coming weeks with blue skies and cool temperatures also forecasted. April is also when St Anton’s aprèsski culture really comes into its own with skiers partying away into the late afternoon sun.



48 Hours in…

Bath A whimsical mix of cobblestone streets, historical sites and romantic architectural styles, Bath is a British city famed for its history and natural hot springs. It’s also the only destination in the UK where the entire city is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

historic attractions. You can no longer bathe in these waters, as they haven’t been treated, but you can tour the site and learn about its fascinating history. Visit the Pump Rooms afterwards for a bite to eat, and to sample treated mineral-rich spa water, which is thought to have healing properties.

On the first Saturday of each month, the museum also runs a sketching class (free with museum entrance — sketchbooks and pencils included).

TIME TO CHECK IN: The Gainsborough Bath Spa is a stunning five-star luxury hotel with a unique twist. Built in a Regency architectural style, it centres around its own naturally-heated pools with direct access from several rooms — meaning you can run your bath with the mineral-rich thermal waters.


Day One 09:00 HIT THE SPA Any weekend in Bath must start with a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa. Arrive early to beat the crowds and make your way to the open-air rooftop pool (pictured right), where you can bathe in mineral-rich waters heated to 33.5-degrees Celsius, all the while enjoying panoramic views of Bath. 11.30 TRY THE HEALING WATERS Once you’ve dried off, it’s a short walk to the Roman Baths, one of the city’s best-known

14:00 GET CRAFTY After lunch, try some glass-blowing at Bath Aqua Glass where you can watch a demonstration from the experts before trying to blow your very own glass bauble. 16:00 Fashion through the ages Style your way through the Fashion Museum and its collection of historic clothing, including replica Georgian and Victorian outfits that visitors can try on.

Book a space on the Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk. This popular hour-and-a-half walking tour departs each evening at 8pm and offers a lighthearted, alternative look at the heritage city. Prepare for stunts, jokes, and lots of laughs.

Day Two 10.00 CITY TOUR After breakfast, jump on a ‘hop-on, hop-off’ City Sightseeing bus for a relaxing tour of the city’s must-see attractions, including Bath Abbey, the Abbey Cemetery and


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the architectural splendour of Bath’s Royal Crescent.

14.30 TEA AND TALKS Pop into the Jane Austen Centre and learn all about Bath’s most famous former resident. Enjoy the talks, displays and activities centred on the author’s celebrated works, then stop for a cup of tea at the Regency Tea Room, where staff serve you in period costume.

17:00 BRIDGING THE GAP You’ll have worked up an appetite, so stop for lunch at Sally Lunn’s famed ‘eating house’, one of the oldest buildings in the city and home to the famous Bath Bun. It’s named after a French girl called Sally (real name Solange) who worked in the bakery kitchen in the 1660s and created a soft, fluffy brioche-style bread that locals fell in love with. Today, the ‘Sally Lunn Bun’ — still made from the original recipe — can be enjoyed with a selection of sweet or savoury toppings.

Wander along Pulteney Bridge, considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world and one of just a handful with shops built into the design — there are worse places to browse for gifts than among these specialist shops and boutiques. Head home, happy, refreshed and relaxed.

Autumn Activities


Autumn Activities



Guess How Much I Love You - Arts Depot

5 Nether Street Tally Ho Corner North Finchley London N12 0GA

Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st October Box Office 0208 369 5454 or book online at

Wolf at The Dugdale

39 London Rd, London, Enfield EN2 6DS A fiery explosion of Hip Hop Dance, Physical Theatre and Rap performed by four kids who revitalize the tale of Wolf and the three pigs, with a contemporary new script. Thursday 25th – Saturday 27th Oct Book online at

The Enormous Turnip - Stuff and Nonsense at Jacksons Lane 269a Archway Road, London N6 5AA

Living in their tiny shed squeezed in amongst the garden tools, Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s amazing prize-winning vegetables have taken over everything. Before they retire, they can’t resist planting one last seed to try for one more champion vegetable and one more trophy… Tuesday 23rd – Saturday 27th Oct Box Office 020 8341 4421

Jekyll & Hyde at Chickenshed

Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE Chickenshed is proud to present a fearless and innovative new production of this utterly iconic story, boldly told with music, movement and a youthful vigour that honours the breathless and remorseless pace of the original novella. Tuesday 25th Sep – Saturday 20th Oct Box Office 020 8292 9222, Email: or book online at

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“I love you right up to the moon – and back.” Join Little & Big Nutbrown Hare, from the bestselling Guess How Much I Love You and I Love You All Year Round collection, as they leap off the page and onto the stage in this magical journey through the seasons.


Autumn Activities


THE BENEFITS OF AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS AND CAMPS After a crazy day of fun and games, 3.30pm has yet again come around too quickly. Adults are eagerly waiting at the door to see their little ones and hear all about their day at ‘camp’. “Harry!” we call, waiting for the shy boy to appear, who was dropped off this morning, hidden behind his mother’s leg. However, instead we see a young boy bounding over with a huge smile and big rosy cheeks rewarded by the day’s events. “Mum, I had the best day ever!” he shouts. The lady looks at us with pure happiness. “Thank you so much” she says, as she cuddles him out the door. These small moments are the gems we look out for at our holiday camps. We have parents looking for something for the kids to do, and often wonder if summer camp is the right choice. Isn’t it just glorified babysitting? Will they just run around all day? Will they even learn anything? Having run our holiday camps and after school clubs for nearly 2 years, we know it is all of the above and more. It’s a special type of community where kids come together to have fun in a safe environment. Children gain and build on their self-confidence as they learn a new variety of skills. May that be social, communication or conflict resolution! Although every camp is different, you will find the same set of skills that your child

will develop while being there.

KEEPING ACTIVE The children of this generation spend so much time these days (especially in the UK) inside and sitting down. Camps provide an amazing opportunity to get moving. Playing different games, investigating the outdoors, making up adventures, or even talent shows. Camps provide the right facilities for the children to enhance their body movement. Having all this choice of ‘exercise’ gives the child a chance to discover exactly what they enjoy doing.

BECOMING MORE CONFIDENT Camps are known for helping children build self-confidence and their self-esteem. By removing the academic and fairly strict structure you see in schools today, and having a relaxed and entertainment-filled day is a ground-breaking way for children to boost themselves without the worry or concern of getting something wrong. There are many ways children can succeed at camps, even by having a chance to try something new. That in itself is an accomplishment. Having leaders that encourage them throughout setbacks of ‘I don’t think I can do that’ gives them a safe space. It helps conquer fears.

TECHNOLOGY FREE These days, children under the age of 10 have never lived without the modern internet-based technology. Having a break from phones and the internet, children discover the power of their own imagination and engage in the real world. Even as simple as having a conversation with another child, being involved in real activites and can see there is fun when real things are happening in front of them!

MAKING TRUE FRIENDS Camp is the place other than school where they have a chance to develop true friendships and meet people from different backgrounds. Keeping the fun factor at camp eases friendships and brings everyone together. It’s a great way to help them develop social and communication skills, through the art of having fun. Genius, we know. Neverland Events does bespoke parties, after school clubs and day camps in and round London. Check out their website at: Subscribe to their YouTube channel, which publicly launches on the 24th September. Follow their social media for the link. FB: Instagram: @nleventsuk



THE GRANDPARENT HUB As the autumn is upon us and the nights are getting darker, we can’t help but start to think about Halloween. When we were younger we didn’t do so much for Halloween, there was much more focus on Guy Fawkes, so it’s great for us to now be able to be part of the fun with the grandchildren, they love it (and we do too)!

We do this each year with the grandchildren, so we wanted to share our top tips on pumpkin carving fun!

1) Firstly, one of us adults takes the knife to cut off the top of the pumpkin. We then put this to the side so we can put back on the top of the pumpkin at the end. 2) Once this is done the grandchildren can then scoop out all of the insides of the pumpkin – we have a bowl nearby which they can then put all of the insides into (it definitely makes cleaning up easier). 3) At this stage you can then use a template and scorer to outline the shape wanted. We don’t usually use a template and let the grandchildren go freehand. 4) Once the outline is scored out then carefully, with adult supervision, the grandchildren can use a small knife to carve out their shapes in the pumpkin. However, you know the capability of your grandchild, but please only let them use the knife if they are old enough and able to do so safely. 5) Once it’s carved out we can then put a tealight inside it, put the top of the pumpkin back on and wait for it to go dark outside so it can be lit.

Have fun! The Grandparent Hub x

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And here’s what we do:

• A pumpkin (or two). • A sharp knife for use by an adult only. • A chopping board. • A clean table or sideboard. • A scoop, which usually comes in the kits we buy, if not we find spoons are just as good. • A bowl to put the inside of the pumpkin in. • A scorer and small knife which usually also come in the kit but again, you can use what you have in your kitchen. • A tealight.

Our grandchildren dress up at nursery and school, make spiders on sticks and bake scary cup-cakes but we enjoy our roles – Chief Pumpkin Carvers – the most!

Now, we find the key is a good firm pumpkin and we also like the little carving kits you can get from the local supermarket. We don’t tend to use the templates you can find, we like to let the kids use their imagination. However, for older, more experienced grandchildren, templates can be great as they can be quite tricky and make them concentrate.

Here’s what we make sure we have:

Book ahead for Christmas

Christmas Ballet

Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake at Sadler’s Wells Theatre 4 Dec-27 Jan

Experience an iconic reinvention of a ballet classic as Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake graces the stage this Christmas in London. This version of the dance show is famous for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with an all male cast.

English National Ballet’s Nutcracker at the London Coliseum 13-30 Dec

Autumn Activities


Step into a magical world where toys comes to life in The Nutcracker. More than 100 dancers and musicians tell the story of a young girl’s Christmas adventure that begins in snowy Edwardian London.

FamilyChristmas Shows Disney on Ice presents Dream Big at The O2 26 Dec-6 Jan

See your favourite characters, including Moana, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin and Olaf, in Disney on Ice presents Dream Big. Figure skating combines with spectacular sets in this show filled with heroes, heroines and Disney magic.

Room on the Broom Live at the Lyric Theatre 23 Nov-13 Jan

Join a witch, her cat and the friends they meet as they travel on their broomstick, in Room on the Broom Live. This Olivier award-nominated stage adaptation is based on Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s picture book.



Included at your party:

Room set up with throws, cushions & decor Silky kimono & headband for each guest to wear Special tiara for the birthday girl Toast to the birthday girl in pink champagne flutes & sparkly water Lip balm making Making & applying face mask Hand & arm massage Foot soak with magazines Nail painting & glitter tattoos Photo shoot with props & a polaroid picture to keep Organic & vegan products available

Call Eliz: 0737 888 7636

New School Year, New Term, New Kids Activities By Andrea Krase – Families Guide Columnist Owner and Founder of Sophia’s Diary Everything Child and Family Related in North London

How quick did the summer holidays whizz past? Now the kids are back at school, there is still the opportunity for them to have a good time, find something they love doing, and keep them away from the screen. What are the best classes in North London? Sophia’s Diary can recommend a variety of classes for any age and interest.

Autumn Activities


Baby Classes

North London is rich with baby classes. They can be great for boosting development, socialising and enhancing bonding with baby and parent too. Baby Sensory, Caterpillar Music, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Jack and Jill’s, and Monkey Music are all very popular. If you are a parent that likes to try something different, our language classes that are suitable for babies, Asterakia and Boogie Bear, are extremely popular too. Early Years Drama class, Debutots, deliver unique interactive storytelling and dramatic play sessions, including movement to music, action songs, bubbles and parachute for babies from 6 months. Planet Play is Chickenshed’s new magical world of sensory learning, wonder and exploration, for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 years. These 45 minute sessions will encourage young children to develop and explore the world around them through song, music, movement and a truly sensory experience.

Toddlers and Pre Schoolers Classes are a great way for our active little ones to burn some energy. They are fantastic at developing early social skills and putting a smile on their faces too. Fine motor skills can be developed at ABC’s and 1,2, Please. Children will love upbeat music at Zip Zap Kids and go on adventures at Move, Play, Learn. Get Set Boogie also have different themes each week that will excite little ones too. There are numerous stay and play groups in North London too. These are informal and more affordable too. It is also worth having a look at the activities of your local children centre.

Dance Dance is fun, encourages teamwork, improves fitness and also makes children feel more confident. There are some exceptional dance schools in North London that offer several styles of dance class. Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street Dance and Modern are just a few options. The Dance Studio, Dance Stables, Impulse Dance, Streetz Ahead, Platinum Performing Arts, and Impress Theatre Arts all have outstanding reputations. Not only do students have fun in class, there is also the opportunity to perform in shows and events too, which is great for boosting confidence. The Crafty Chefs Cooking dance schools mentioned also offer preschool classes too.

Performing Arts

Award-winning school Platinum Performing Arts are acknowledged for sessions that are fun, friendly and enjoyable. Continued on page 56...

Venues such as Jump In and Flip Out Brent Cross also have Toddler Time during term time, and this is usually at a reduced rate. Children can have hours of endless fun at local soft plays such as N20 Kids Club and KB02, and events are often hosted there too.


Baby Classes

Learning to cook is fun and enhances essential skills for children. It provides knowledge about healthy eating and has elements of maths and science in classes. Children can learn how to cook, enjoy craft making, listen to stories and take home what they have made, at popular class Crafty Chefs Barnet.

Dance Stables Halloween

...continued from page 54

They are specifically designed to develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and rhythm. Students take part in Dance, Drama and Singing classes. They will also l perform an urban pantomime Moana and her Incredible Friends at the Millfield theatre in January, an event not to be missed. Children can learn to sing, dance and act at Musical Theatre sessions at Impress Theatre Arts. It is a great way to introduce children to performance whilst learning new skills. It’s also fantastic in building children’s confidence and expressing their personalities.

Award-winning school Platinum Performing Arts are acknowledged for sessions that are fun, friendly and enjoyable. They are specifically designed to develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and rhythm. Students take part in Dance, Drama and Singing classes. They will also perform an

Children can learn to sing, dance and act at Musical Theatre sessions at Impress Theatre Arts. It is a great way to introduce children to performance whilst learning new skills. It’s also fantastic in building children’s confidence and expressing their personalities.

Empire Cheerleading Academy

Pro Elite offer classes from 18 months – 7 Years at various venues. Children are taught dribbling, striking, goal-scoring plus movement, coordination and stability.


Sport 4 Kids Enfield have just launched children’s football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance classes, from toddlers to older children. Older kids also compete in children’s football, rugby and take part in S4K tournaments and competitions.

Swimming is not only fun and good exercise, it is an essential life and safety skill too. If you are interested in your little one learning from a young age, Turtle Tots North London offer classes for babies and toddlers at different venues in North London. Swimming Class UK also offer individual and small private group lessons, that accelerate the learning process.

Learn jumping, stunts, tumbling and cheerdance, at Empire Cheerleading Academy. Continued on page 58...

Sport Sport is effective in ensuring children are fit, have good self-esteem, develop team working skills, and grow healthier too. There are some amazing sports classes across North London for all ages.

Pro Elite Football

Autumn Activities



urban pantomime Moana and her Incredible Friends at the Millfield theatre in January, an event not to be missed.

A new musical version of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, set in the 1930s

21 Nov - 5 Jan

For ages 5+

Sponsored by

Box Office: 020 8292 9222 Registered charity no:1012369

‘It is impossible to watch this production without a big beaming smile.’

Tales from the Shed Interactive and entertaining shows for 0-6 year olds!

Every Fri & Sat 7 Sep - 27 Oct Plus Half Term Dates Box Office: 020 8292 9222 Registered charity no:1012369

25% O FF

to reade rs with cod e CHERU B

...continued from page 56

The moves and routines children learn are sensational and cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

to conduct experiments. If learning a language is something that children wish to acquire, Parla Italiano runs courses too.

Children can attend courses such as Gymnastics, Trampolining and Badminton at various locations with Active Enfield.

It is fair to say that there is a vast amount of choice for kid’s classes in North London. It is great that children are provided with the opportunity to develop a passion from a young age.

Developing a passion for a subject

Follow us for more ideas for things to do you’re your little one SophiasDiaryCommunityGroup

Autumn Activities


Some children develop a great interest in a specific subject. Fun with Phonics run classes on the weekend for kids that love English. Dr Sergis Academy delivers science tuition, and students have the opportunity

All classes can be found here: Many classes offer a special offer for Sophia’s Diary Discount Card Holders

Remember, remember the 5th of November Take the kids down to your local park, enjoy displays in the back of the garden or visit one of central London’s big displays, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide it’s going to be a great night with smiling crowds, warm drinks and plenty of family fun.



The Lord Mayor’s Fireworks, Victoria Embankment Saturday 10th November

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November Walker Cricket Ground Saturday 3rd December

Other religious festivals for your diaries Diwali on Trafalgar Square (DOTS) Sunday 28th October

Profile for cherubsmagazine

Cherubs Magazine - Autumn Edition 2018  

Cherubs Autumn 2018 is now ready for you to enjoy and read. This season we have some wonderful recipes to get those taste buds going, a guid...

Cherubs Magazine - Autumn Edition 2018  

Cherubs Autumn 2018 is now ready for you to enjoy and read. This season we have some wonderful recipes to get those taste buds going, a guid...