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: Nortel 922-102


: Nortel Converged Office for CS 1000 Rls. 5.x Configuration

Version : R6.1   

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1. The Multimedia Communications Manager (MCM) Rls. 3.0 user account, on the Windows 2003 R2 server, requires privileges to perform administrative tasks on the local machine. Which local groups does the user account need to be in to properly manage the MCM Rls. 3.0 application? (Choose two.) A.local groups: Administrators Group B.local groups: RTC Local Group C.local groups: RTC Server Applications D.local groups: RTC Server Local Groups Answer: CD 2. A company is deploying an Enterprise Edition Nortel Converged Office solution. With this solution, which component balances SIP invites from the Mediation Server and sends them to the least busy Front End Server? A.Incoming Load Balancer B.Outgoing Load Balancer C.Mediation Server D.MCM/Application Proxy Server Answer: A 3. Click on the Exhibit button.

You are dispatched to troubleshoot a Converged Office solution with Remote Call Control. Which component in the exhibit performs the SIP CTI/TR87 functionality?   

A.Application Proxy server B.Network Connect Service C.Network Routing Service D.Signaling Server Answer: D 4. A Nortel Converged Office customer with an Office Communicator Server (OCS) 2007 Enterprise Edition deployment recently experienced a large increase in sales by telephone. Which action provides the necessary configuration to support their increased call volume? A.addition of a Multimedia Convergence Manager/Application Proxy server B.addition of an OCS 2007 Front End server C.addition of an OCS 2007 Mediation server of the Network Routing server Answer: C 5. A large customer needs a Nortel Converged Office solution that will support high availability for their employees and allows for future growth of the organization. The customer currently has 100,000 users, and is forecasting a potential growth of up to 10,000 users. Which Nortel Converged Office deployment option would provide the optimum level of functionality? A.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Consolidated configuration B.OCS 2007 Standard Edition Expanded configuration C.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Consolidated configuration D.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition Expanded configuration Answer: D 6. Click on the Exhibit button.   

A new customer needs a Nortel Converged Office solution that will support 3,000 employees. High Availability is not required. Given the solution shown in the exhibit, which Nortel Converged Office deployment option would provide the optimum level of functionality? A.OCS 2007 Standard Edition (Small Network) configuration B.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition (Medium Network) expanded configuration C.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition (Large Network) consolidated configuration D.OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition (Large Network) expanded configuration Answer: A 7. During an installation of the Nortel Converged Office solution at a customer site you decide to make test calls from the Office Communicator 2007, through the Communication Server 1000E, to your cellular telephone. Upon answering the call, you notice the CLID number is incorrect. You verified the SIP route configuration on the CS 1000E is correct. Which are the proper settings for the Communication Server 1000E SIP trunks in order for the CLID to display proper? A.STRI: IMM and STRO: IMM B.STRI: WNK and STRO: WNK C.STRI: DDL and STRO: DDL D.STRI: OWK and STRO: OWK Answer: B 8. A technician is installing the Nortel Converged Office solution at a customer site but cannot get calls to twin to the Office Communicator 2007 client. When calling the Nortel Converged Office user, only the IP telephone rings. Which settings on the Communication Server 1000E Route Data Block will successfully twin the call over to the Office Communicator 2007 client? (Choose two.) A.NCNA=YES B.NASA=YES C.INST=YES D.NCRD=YES Answer: AD 9. Click the Exhibit button.   

An Office Communicator 2007 user makes a call to an IP telephone user. Both OC 2007 and IP telephone users are talking with one another. Which protocol provides the communications between the OC 2007 client and the OCS 2007 Mediation Server shown in the exhibit? A.TCP B.RTP C.sRTP D.TLS Answer: C 10. While at a customer site installing a Nortel Converged Office solution, you test the Remote Call Control and the Telephony Gateway feature with an IP telephone and Office Communicator 2007 client. You find that the Remote Call Control and Telephony Gateway and Services feature is not working. After troubleshooting you decide to review the basic requirements to deploy the solution. Which Communication Server 1000 software package provides the Remote Call Control Telephony Gateway and Services feature? A.Package 77 B.Package 398 C.Package 406 D.Package 408 Answer: D 11. While on a new Nortel Converge Office deployment, you are preparing to enable the SIP CTI services. After enabling the services you perform a SIPCTIShow on the Communication Server 1000E signaling server but the service does not show ACTIVE.   

Which corrective action will enable the SIP CTI services? A.Reconfigure the VSID and ELAN ID so they are both greater than 32. B.Reconfigure the VSID and ELAN ID so they are both less than 32. C.Reconfigure the SIP CTI configuration for fewer associations per DN. D.Reconfigure the SIP CTI configuration for more associations per DN. Answer: A 12. During the installation of a new Nortel Converged Office solution you decide to perform packet captures while making some test calls. After some analysis of the packet capture, you notice that the dual-forking functionality is not working. Which is the correct Class of Service setting to enable twinning on a PCA Terminal Number (TN) in a Nortel Converged Office solution with OCS 2007? A.PCAG B.PGNA C.PRMA D.PCAM Answer: D 13. Click the Exhibit button.

A technician is in the process of installing the Multimedia Convergence Manager (MCM) Rls. 3.0 software on a Windows 2003 R2 server. The technician decides to use, Use an existing account option to install the software. Which membership must the user account have in order to install the MCM Rls. 3.0 software? (Choose two.) A.local groups: RTC Local Group B.local groups: RTC Local Administrators C.local groups: RTC Server Local Groups D.local groups: RTC Server Applications Answer: CD   

14. Click the Exhibit button.

After a successful installation of the Multimedia Convergence Manager (MCM) Rls.3.0 software your next task is to perform the MCM Rls.3.0 configuration for the Nortel Converged Office solution. Which server IP address is required for the Registration IP address field? A.Direct Connect server IP address B.Application Proxy server IP address C.Front End server IP address D.Network Routing Service IP address Answer: B 15. Before installing the Multimedia Communications Manager (MCM) Rls. 3.0 software, you first need to define the Application Proxy server as either a Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition server. Which command correctly defines the Windows 2003 R2 server as an OCS 2007 Application Proxy server for Enterprise Edition? A.server.msi SERVER=PROXY SKU=EE B.server.msi SERVER=APPLICATIONPROXY SKU=EE C.server.msi SERVER=SKU=EE D.server.msi SERVER=SKU PROXY=EE Answer: A 16. You are dispatched to a customer site to assist with troubleshooting a Remote Call Control problem on a Nortel Converged Office solution. You decide to turn on traces on the Communication Server (CS) 1000E   

side of the solution. Which component on the CS 1000E performs the SIP CTI TR/87 functionality? A.Network Routing Service B.Signaling Server C.Application Proxy server D.Network Connect Service Answer: B 17. A Nortel Converged Office customer with an OCS 2007 Enterprise Edition deployment must add a new Mediation Server to support their increased call volume. Which Nortel Converged Office component requires the manual configuration of the new Mediation Server IP address to support this new configuration? A.Multimedia Convergence Manager/Application Proxy Server B.OCS 2007 Front End Server C.OCS 2007 Mediation Server D.Network Routing Server Answer: A 18. Click on the Exhibit button.

After successfully installing the Office Communicator 2007 client on a users PC, your next step is to configure the OC 2007 client. You chose to use manual configuration, as illustrated in the exhibit. On the OC 2007 client, under the Advanced Connection Settings properties dialog box, what internal server name or IP address completes the configuration? A.Name or address of the Application Proxy server B.Name or address of the Front End server C.Name or address of the Active Directory server D.Name or address of the Domain Controller server Answer: B 19. An Office Communicator 2007 Client RCC user receives an incoming call notification on the desktop   

client, but the pop-up does not appear to allow the user to answer the call. What is one possible solution to this problem? A.Verify access permissions for the Active Directory Object Properties. B.Verify that the user has activated Phone Integration on the OC 2007 Client. C.Verify all component configuration information is correct on the Front End server. D.Verify Host Authorization and Certificates for OCS and Pool. Answer: B 20. A Nortel Converged Office user dials a co-workers five-digit (CDP) extension 22596 using their Office Communicator 2007 client. The co-worker has an IP telephone registered to the Communication Server (CS) 1000E but is not a Nortel Converged Office user. Which number pattern translates the dialed digits, 22596, into an E.164 number format, +14043822596, to send the call over to the CS 1000E for digit translation back to a five-digit number? Translation digits: +1404382$1 A.^22596(\d\d\d\d\d)$ B.^2(\d{5})$ C.^2(\d{4})$ D.^2(\d\d\d\d\d)$ Answer: C 21. An Office Communicator 2007 user dials a seven-digit local call, 3381234. Which number pattern translates a seven-digit dialed number into an E.164 number format, +12103381234, to send the call over the Communication Server 1000E SIP Gateway? Translation digits: +1210$1 A.^(\d{7})$ B.^7(\{7})$ C.^338(\d\d\d\d\d\d\d)$ D.^3381234(\d\d\d\d\d\d\d)$ Answer: A 22. A small Nortel Converged Office customer would like you to install Office Communicator 2007 client software on several remote worker PCs. What is the file name of the Office Communicator 2007 to start the software installation? A.Communicator.msi B.Communicator.exe C.setupCommunicator.msi D.setupCommunicator.exe Answer: A   

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