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Friday 28th November 2008

Some of our clients

Client servicing

We develop multi-channel, integrated campaigns that focus on customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.

We believe in open and collaborative relationships with all our clients. It builds confidence in each party’s capabilities, knowledge in their relevant systems and trust in the partnership.

Media neutrality For all our clients, opposite, our approach to idea generation is media neutral because truly integrated campaigns only happen when you think about the customer before you think about the channels. Our process starts with understanding consumer needs and desires, their behaviours and motivations. Once we’ve uncovered the drivers and barriers at different stages of their decision-making journey we create communications ideas which engage and persuade our target audiences towards our client’s goal. This is when we select the most appropriate channels at each stage based on the customer preferences, efficiency and measurability. We see our role as creating a conversation between a brand and its consumers. And, as in any great conversation, it should feel natural. The result is that customers will think they’ve had a good experience and that their needs have been met.

construct the best possible team to ensure it will have a clear understanding of the business unit it is working on and where this business unit sits in the context of the rest of the business.

This greater shared understanding allows for greater two-way engagement 2. Chemistry’s proprietary ‘Twin-Track’ implementation approach (see and more candid discussions of the potential diagram) scopes out a plan and relevant resources for constraints and issues which will always need to be both tactical and strategic work. Its aims are to ensure Twin-Track Approach addressed if the business relationship between us that while there is quick action and focus on meeting Managing the briefs - our Process is to be successful. Which is our primary aim. the clients’ immediate business needs and objectives, there is also a plan and separate resource capability that Immediate / tactical Strategic marketing Resource allocation focuses on the wider, longer-term strategic goals that marketing briefs briefs All clients are different and have a range of different must be developed and secured. Meeting Sustained Market Meeting immediate business needs, of course. But we have created Strategic Advantage business needs 3. A  n established, successful set of operating procedures a systematic, yet non-rigid, process to ensure we and more and account integration plan, processes and evaluation Tactical invest time to immerse ourselves in our clients’ Strategic Council Smart Factory points with defined service and agreed service levels. varied businesses. briefs Immersion involves working in partnership to achieve clearly defined and measured programme goals. We have developed and refined these systems over several years in order that they address process as well as good communication and transparent ways of working.

As req’d Agency Hot Desk

Creative Reviews

Planning Forum

Data Analytics

Quite simply, it’s a more informed and grown-up way of working. Transparency comes through three key things: 1. A  carefully designed account team. We give very careful consideration as to how we structure our teams to best service our clients. We staff and

Best & Brightest


24 Hour Studio

Flexible and fit for purpose We frequently discover, post pitch – and with increased understanding of our new clients’ businesses –that the team structuring may not be quite right. This can be due to a number of reasons, particularly during the more turbulent economic period we are experiencing now. So we change things. However, we are confident in our approach and methodology having developed this from several years of successfully working with and integrating large-scale blue chip clients.

It is all about understanding your business and your particular needs, of course, and being able to respond quickly in adapting to them.

A winning year In this, our eigth year, Chemistry has taken a big leap forward. We’ve seen increases to existing business, new business, agency resources and our position in the industry’s leading rankings. When Orange decided to move their business from their incumbent agency, we were delighted that they chose Chemistry – particularly as they wanted to work with us without the need to pitch.

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147 people


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ISP Agency of th

Chemistry supporting Orange Rock Corps

In addition to Orange, we’ve added Aviva, RAC, Mr Kipling, Design Council, Bounty, Charmin, Cauldron, Hovis and Benecol – real bread and butter accounts! – to our prestigious client list this year. We’ve also seen business growth on a number of existing clients. We were asked to build a radical online programme to support Unilever’s Dove campaign. Diageo asked us to roll out our award-winning Baileys RM programme on a global level. Emirates has added Chemistry to their global roster making us the only UK agency to be appointed.

Billings increase by £32 million

“Chemistry demonstrated that they could add considerable value in helping us drive our customer acquisition and retention campaigns.” Justin Billingsley Brand Director Orange

It’s not just our client list that’s getting bigger. In order to provide the high levels of service our clients expect, we’ve taken on an additional 35 staff in the last two months. Our digital offering has expanded, too, with the addition of 15 new online people over the last three months. All this means we’ve had to increase our office space by 50%, too. As well as being recognised by new businesses, we’ve been recognised by our peers at a number of award ceremonies this year. We picked up a healthy haul of gold this year including The Grand Prix and Agency of the Year at the ISP awards.


Another massive leap for Chemistry this year is our rankings. We’ve worked hard for our reputation and we keep working hard to improve it. That’s why, as you can see, we’ve increased our rankings year on year.

Awards October 2007 – October 2008 AWARDS


The Globes (MAA)


ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards ISP Awards

A great 08! Watch this space. We’re hoping next year will be even better.

Precision Marketing 2008 Precision Marketing 2008 FAB Awards 2007


paign Best Direct Marketing in a Promotion Cam


Brawl in the Hall

Agency of the Year Grand Prix Best Promoter Best B2B Best On and Offline Communications Best Public Services Best Travel and Leisure Best Design and Art Direction Best Sales Promotion

Yell Yell Yell Yell Yell TfL TfL TfL Cadburys

Brawl in the Hall Brawl in the Hall Brawl in the Hall Brawl in the Hall iTunes iTunes iTunes Blast from the Past



MCCA Awards MCCA Awards DMA International ECHO DMA International ECHO

Silver Winner Winner Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Silver Gold Gold Gold

TfL Yell

iTunes Brawl in the Hall

Premier Foods

Blast from the Past

paign Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Cam n paig Cam ed Most Effective Integrat

Baileys Yell

The Baileys Lounge – RM Programme Brawl in the Hall


Best Business and Consumer Campaign Product Manufacturing and Distribution

TfL Baileys

Speed Reduction – Air Driving The Baileys Lounge

Silver Bronze

TfL Yell Yell Baileys

Speed Reduction – Air Driving Brawl in the Hall Brawl in the Hall The Baileys Lounge

Gold Silver Bronze Gold

Best Integrated Best B2B Sales Promotion

Copy B2B Miscellaneous Email Brand Building

DMA Awards DMA Awards DMA Awards DMA Awards




wide, Toronto

*Marketing Agencies Association Worl

“I’ve just had a look at all the work you guys have sent through and wanted to say WOW, FANTASTIC, SUPERB! We are seriously impressed!!!!” Julie Leivers Head of Hovis Premier Foods

ISP Agency of the Year 2008


1. We are extremely proud of our work with Baileys. The work encompasses offline, online and experiential marketing. In some instances responses from certain segments of our membership database have exceeded 30%.

Introduction to our creative work

During the last six years our work has won numerous awards (notably, MCCA’s Most Effective Long-Term Marketing Campaign) and is now being extended across most major European countries to increase membership and consumption.

We have put these case studies together for you to illustrate some of our awardwinning work that we have created for a wide range of different clients.


and k r o w e v i t he crea t f o y t i l proud. a s u u q e s h e t k t a It’s not jus it has won that m nes of above li s the award our work blurs the he channels. ay ding t n e l b y It’s the w l s s seamle , w o l e b and

You will see that we are experts in blending communications that work in different ways and across a broad range of media but which share a common purpose: to acquire, retain and to develop customers for our clients. Mad about results We don’t mind admitting we are obsessive about measuring results. It’s in our dna. We and our clients must know what’s working. So everything we do carries an accountable and measurable element. It has to: we want to demonstrate results and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Whether it’s on paper (an insert, a door drop or a mailing) online (as a viral, a widget, a competition, a banner or an actual website) on mobile (MMS, SMS or entries to competitions) or in-store or at an event. Our focus on recording every customer interaction with our communications is vital. As you will see within the case studies, our focus on measurement is at both a campaign and ‘programme’ level. At a campaign level, we take an immediate view on response metrics such as open rates, click through, response, redemption and interaction. However, this only provides an initial and partial perspective. Our fundamental concern is on the overall commercial aspects of net sales increase, overall ROI, customer retention rates and brand tracking measures. It is against these sorts of measures that we form enduring partnerships with our clients and are remunerated on performance.

Take a tour of our brand new Baileys Lounge (left): 2. Transport for London is a long-standing client for whom we have worked on a diverse number of challenging campaigns. We have included our work on London Speed Camera Partnership as it is another multi-platform, award-winning campaign. It demonstrates how one idea with one important objective (reducing road deaths in London) can be made to work in different ways with different treatments across different media. We are proud of our results in this campaign. Our Auto top-up campaign (‘Whitney Euston’, right) and which is running across a variety of media now, is all about bringing forward consumer revenues to increase TfL’s cashflow in an innovative and award-winning way. 3., a client with whom we worked for over ten years, illustrates how we have built and retained a significant SME customer base through the use of varied channel communications. Our work for Yell has also won several awards including the ISP’s Grand Prix and our being ISP Agency of the Year 2008, for the Brawl in the Hall.

With that in mind, all of the following case studies demonstrate smart thinking, great creative work and successful results. And to highlight just three… In Summary

We hope all of our work demonstrates our creativity and effectiveness, where we have been given permission to share results with you. And at the very least, we hope you like it!


es d o m rt o sp an tr ’s al it p ca e th g in ag r London: man

Transport fo Boy Racer Integrated Communications

Event-based competition to win the value of this car at national venues

London’s ‘boy racers’ kill people. Getting their attention isn’t easy. Our insight was that their ‘street cred’ is all. So we demonstrated what losing that credibilty actually meant to them. We dramatised this loss of cool using a broad range of media and creative including targeted dm, online, a viral game and experiential. Our specially modded-up car caused a sensation when we showed it at public places around London.

Oyster card Auto top-up Sign-up to top-up Our campaign for Transport for London (TfL), in partnership with iTunes, is to offer new customers who register and set up an Oyster card Auto top-up facility the opportunity to download up to five free songs from the library of approximately 5 million tracks from the iTunes store. Name that station!

email drives the recipient to landing page

Online driving ‘anti-game’ (and viral)

The creative idea behind this integrated poster, press, online and downloard campaign for TfL is to combine some well-known artists’ names with famous London tube stations: i.e. Eric Clapham, Lionel Richmond and Lilly Balham. Online advertising for the campaign also allows consumers to come up with their own combinations of singers and stations. Early results indicate that we will exceed targets for this campaign with 38,000 people having signed up to Auto top-up in the first week of activity.

Look at the results: • One in seven 18-24 year-olds were aware of the game (right) • Cost of 1% awareness was ten times less than that for traditional media • Post-campaign research showed that 70% of our audience said that the communication made them think twice about speeding in future.

Backed up with a targeted press insert campaign

Auto Trader ad, placed by a child, dramatising the fact that ‘immature male drivers’ are responsible for the largest number of speed-related collisions in London

“Previously unheard of results by an outstanding team who are also nice people to work with.” Nigel Marson Group Marketing Director TfL



m m ra g ro p M R C g in n in -w d ar aw : ys le Bai Baileys is perceived as a Christmas drink. Our brief is to increase consumer purchase and build loyalty. Our strategy has focused on creating new Baileys ‘occasions’ and serves throughout the year. As well as creating an adoring customer base. From working with Baileys over the last five years, our analytics and modelling programmes have identified a number of Baileys target audiences. The core elements are that they are predominantly women who love to spend time with friends but are often time-pressured and want the occasions they do share to be extra special. And that’s a growth segement! Novelty Following on from this, we have also launched our awardwinning relationship marketing programme ‘The Baileys Lounge’ – an online space dedicated to making their ‘chill out’ time and ‘get togethers’ extra special, enjoyable, and fun in a sophisticated digital world.

Baileys: summer event Whilst building our pan-European customer base is vital, we don’t forget our home markets. Nor do we simply trot out ‘same media’ solutions. Indeed, the more brands go virtual, the more the need exists, we argue, to remind people of something called reality. All of our work with Baileys has been to extend and increase consumer consumption at more than just its tradional period: Christmas time.

Summer guide direct mail featuring radio promotion

Surprising and delighting

Competition microsite

So our Baileys summer special is just one example of how we take the brand to the people in a surprising and ‘getting ourselves talked about’ way. Blending dm with online and a big outdoor summer event in Manchester created buzz, got many more new members signed up and has, as always, increased existing Baileys customers’ love of the brand while bringing on board new members.

Success The award-winning (DMA Gold for long term relationship marketing), four-year, multi-channel communications programme for Baileys Lounge members allows us to deliver variety, fun and interactive dialogue with Baileys members.

On trade activity

Experiential activity

Developing potential in Europe The success of Baileys Lounge in the UK has further led to our developing a new pan-European customer acquisition campaign entitled Million Moments of Pleasure. Our target is to sign-up 1,000,000 new Baileys members. The campaign is currently running in Russian, German, Spanish and Italian. To date we have signed up 1.6 million members. More are forecast! “The creative is right first time and always demonstrates an innovative approach.” Diageo GB Baileys annual review

Sampling at events


n io nt te re d an t en tm ui cr re er is rt Adve Brawl in the Hall

Marketing Direct Intelligence Awards - Best Digital Campaign Gold, Acquisition

We worked with for more than ten years. During that time we have changed the entire process of acquiring, welcoming, developing and retaining business customers whose spend on Yell business increased year-on-year.

Launching into digital, the online version of Yellow Pages, launched eight years ago and Chemistry was appointed to recruit and then retain and extend each subscriber’s value.

Our most notable work, perhaps, culminated in the ‘Brawl in the Hall’, an evening of serious fun and entertainment but with a serious point: to drive home to media gatekeepers and buyers the important message that advertising in was a vital way of communicating with Britain’s millions of SMEs.

The missing millions 4.8m businesses are UK registered, according to Yellow Pages. Automatic online listings are granted for anyone having a business line. But the internet and other ways of selling online has meant only 2.5m businesses are actually registered on Yellow Pages/ So we made the existing customers a priority. was changing to offer more choice to national advertisers, but the media heavyweights were doubtful. 50 Agencies in the UK are responsible for 80% of the online spend so we invited 150 of media’s biggest hitters to a boxingthemed night out to convince them.

Data first We started with Yell’s huge data resource and we: • established what a ‘ advertiser’ looked like • scored prospects, according to a wide range of different variables, based on their likelihood to respond to direct communication.

An optimum, targeted recruitment plan was established, encompassing email, online media, direct mail and insert communications. Eventdriven targeting also proved very successful (e.g. targeting businesses as they move locations).’s newbie recruits had little or no long term plan for how it could help their business. Assurance was needed if they were to renew their advertising year-on-year. A welcome and retention mailing programme was devised. The creative work positions as the facilitator between customers and buyers by exemplifying the idea that ‘some things just work perfectly together’. Results

• •

Acquisition costs decreased year-on-year and stand at 25% of original costs The acquisition programme delivered a 200% return on marketing investment (ROMI). Customer comms programme was extremely successful delivering a 2% increase in advertiser retention rates.

Winner of the 2008 ISP Grand Prix Awarded for creating the most successful experiential event, 2008.

“One of the most innovative and results-oriented agencies I’ve ever worked with.” Scott Maguire Head of Acquisition


Benecol Healthy Times

A monthly email or a quarterly newsletter is aimed at those people who are serious about taking control of their cholesterol. So far, the program has seen above average results in terms of engagement and interaction.

Healthy lifestyle hints and tips from Benecol


Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

The Benecol Healthy Times multi-platform programme aims is to drive regime consumption and AWP through saliency, motivation and entertainment.

Autumn 2008



Mr AB Sample Sample House Sample Street Sample Town AB1 4CD

Mak work and play


A guide to taking control of your cholesterol

Nutrition Information (typical values) Per serving:


Energy value (kJ/kcal)


Carbohydrate (g)




Fat (g)


Of which saturates


Look what’s just arrived

Chilli and lime pan-fried prawns with noodles

Take a clutch of fresh prawns, and add the sharp, tangy flavours of chilli and lime - that’s everything you need for a vibrant, zesty stir fry. Serves 4 75p saving

to enjoy

• •

s on how UE: Tip SU vel expert SS IS IS t with tra ak, a cha competition. ALSO INfrieTH ndly bre cartoon a carbon our new arty plus Paul Gog

• • •

Mr AB Sample Sample House Sample Street Sample Town Sample Shire AB1 3CD AB URN

Method 1. Melt the Benecol® Buttery Taste Spread in a wok or large frying pan, and heat until hot. Add the spring 6 spring onions, chopped onions, pepper and beansprouts 1 red pepper, deseeded and stir fry for 3-4 mins until and sliced softened. Add the chilli, pak choi and prawns and continue stir frying 110g (4oz) beansprouts for 2-3 minutes until the prawns 1 red chilli, deseeded and diced To help us put more stuff you’ll enjoy in every issue of havethat turned pink. 2 pak choi, leaves divided (Pak Times, we’d like to know a little more about you and Healthy 2. Mix the lime zest and fill in yourof interests. If you can together spare a few moments, please Choi or Bok Choy are types juice and soyus. sauce with the this questionnaire and return it to Chinese cabbage) ® SplendaTo orsaysugar. Cook for one thank you we’ll enter 350g (12oz) raw tiger Win a multimedia player. minute hot. your details into a prize draw until to wineverything one of five is multimedia prawns, peeled players. The unique number printed on this form will be used 3. Cook the noodles according to the The finely grated zest and juice your entry. to identify pack instructions, then drain well of 1 lime You’ll be able to playand music, games and videos, to the radio or flick through divide between fourlisten serving ½ tsp Splenda® or sugaryour favourite photo dishes. albums with stylish Top this the super noodles withmultimedia player. the stir fry and garnish with the 2 tbsp light soy sauce coriander leaves. 3 x 150g packs thick noodles

• • AB selcode/ AB seq_num

Welcome back to Healthy Times

• •


Dear Mr Sample

• 2 tbsp of It’s that time of year again. September’s here and with it comes that old familiarcoriander back to leaves work feeling. But don’t let it get you down – because in this latest issue of Healthy Times


• Travel journalist Paul Gogarty and life coach Padraig Hyland tell us about the best bits of their day jobs • Tips on how to choose a carbon-friendly break • Win a three month supply of Benecol foods with our cartoon competition. ®

Plus – tell us what you’d like to see more of in Healthy Times and you could win a stylish colour screen multimedia player for playing music, games and videos, sharing photos and much more. For your chance to win, simply complete and return the attached questionnaire. Good luck! The Healthy Times Editors P.S. We’ve just introduced a delicious NEW Benecol® Dairy Free Drink in Strawberry & Berries flavour. We’d love you to try it, so we’ve included a handy 75p off coupon. Just detach it and take it with you next time you go shopping.


It’s a bit better than other brands It’s no better or worse than other brands It’s not quite as good as other brands It’s definitely not as good as other brands

Q3 Let’s get on to your routine. How regularly do you use any of the Benecol products? Every day Regularly Occasionally Very rarely Never


Benecol Dairy Free Strawberry & Berries Fruit & Soya Drink Valid until 31/12/2008

Q1 Have you heard of or ever Q4 Which of these Benecol products purchased any of the following do you use? (tick all that apply) brands or products? Benecol Yogurt Drink Each contains 1 ¼ Benecol Dairy Free Drink Heard of serving Purchased ® portions of Benecol foods. Benecol Yogurts Yakult Benecol Spreads Actimel/Activia Benecol Cream Cheese Style Spread Muller Flora Pro Activ Q5 What reason did you have for Onken starting to use Benecol? Alpro For me, it’s part of a healthy diet and lifestyle Q2 If you put Benecol up against the We/I have been diagnosed with brands above, how do you think high cholesterol it compares? Other/prefer not to say It’s definitely better than all other brands


Q6 And how many of the people in your household use Benecol? Just me My partner Both of us More than that Q7 Now we’d like you to think about the Benecol brand as if it were a person (we know, it’s a bit weird). Which of these phrases best describes how you’d feel about that person? Really like and have a lot in common with Like and have some things in common with Get along with OK but do not have much in common with

Taking the choleste right amount of Bene rol. Bu t there col ever if you’ are lot re comm s of othe y day will he itted to lp r thing achievin s you ou to lower your g a healt ght to hier die conside t and lif r estyle. Make

Moisten and seal

Wouldn’t actually dislike but would have very little in common with Wouldn’t like and would have nothing in common with Q8 Do you, or does anyone in your household, have any of the following medical conditions: Elevated cholesterol Diabetes Overweight

Q12 How about the different sections of Healthy Times? Can you rate them for us – where 1 is poor and 5 is very good. Pulse (news) Postcard from Finland Dr Ben (product news) Cartoon Mind Gym Offers with other brands

Q9 For each statement below, we would like you to indicate how strongly you agree or disagree, using a scale of 1-5 where 1 means you strongly disagree and 5 means you strongly agree. Benecol lowers cholesterol I see a lot of advertising for Benecol Benecol are expert in cholesterol control Taking Benecol makes me feel I can control my cholesterol Benecol is a brand that I can relate to Benecol is a modern brand Benecol are a pioneer in cholesterol control Benecol contains a unique active ingredient Benecol prevents cholesterol from entering your bloodstream Benecol is a brand I trust Benecol is easy to include in your diet

How you can take control In this pack, you’ll find lots of information designed to help you take control of your cholesterol. You’ll find that taking just a few simple steps can make a real difference.

Q13 Have you done any of the following after receiving these emails/direct mail? (tick all that apply) Clicked through to the website/visited the website Sent it to a friend Talked about it with a friend or partner Just read it myself Deleted it without reading it

• Find out how enjoying the recommended amount of Benecol® every day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can reduce bad cholesterol in your bloodstream by up to 14%*

Q14 Is there anything else you’d like to see in the Healthy Times emails/ direct mail?

• Discover the different products available to you in the Benecol® range – and all the different ways you can enjoy them

Moisten and seal

we’re bringing you lots of tips and ideas to help you enjoy a better work/life balance. In this issue:


Ingredients • 60g (2oz) Benecol® Buttery Taste Spread

• Get advice on how you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle • View details of all the free tools and resources we provide to help you take control * Ref. Law, M. Plant sterol and stanol margarines and health. British Medical Journal 2000; 320:861-864. Visit for more information about the science behind Benecol® and lowering cholesterol.

Now let’s talk about the Benecol Healthy Times emails/direct mails. We want to know how you rate them! Don’t forget, you can get your Healthy Times sent to you by email every month. Just enter your email address below.

Q10 Do you agree that Healthy Times is relevant to you? Agree Neither agree or disagree Disagree Q11 How do you feel about the Healthy Times emails/direct mails? (tick all that apply) They make me feel valued by Benecol I like receiving them I look forward to receiving more No different to other emails/direct mail They are not relevant to me

I am happy to receive further communications from Benecol® via email.

Look forward to

Healthy Times Available every month by email, Healthy Times is an e-newsletter exclusively for users of Benecol®.

In every issue, you’ll find news, advice and mouthwatering healthy-heart recipes – as well as a little bit of healthy fun. Look out for your first issue. To make sure you receive your exclusive Healthy Times e-newsletter, sign up now at

sure you eat fiv vegetab e porti les a da ons of y – the fruit an of heart y can red d disease. uce the Aim to risk drink be tween per da 1.5 y – the to 2 litr cells in es of wa your bo ter dy need water to function properly !

Be seriou s about fitness of exerc – taking ise on 30 minu five or is good more da tes for you ys a we r heart Watch . ek your sat the typ urated e of fat fat int ake – the s found manufac y’re tured goo in animal pro ducts and ds like cake and biscuits.

Avoid sm ok levels and ing – it lowers your HD encourag L choles es blood terol Reduce to clot. your sal t consu how mu mption ch salt – be aw is in the are of food you to eat eat, and no more try than 6g every da If you’ y. d

like to find ou and lifes t more tyle, Be about necol ha s prepar the principles For mo ed some of a he re infor althy die free fa mation ct shee t visit be ts for yo necol.c u.


Moisten and seal

Enjoy a

something for the fridge


Dr Ben says:

the British Support ndation Heart Fou

and tomato Munch onta basil pas

Dr Ben says: Take control and enjoy it every day.




Moving to a full roll out, it’s one of Unilever’s most successful RM programmes.


Take control and enjoy it every day.

The results showed a 15% average AWP uplift against ‘hand raisers’ segment with one in seven consumers on the programme buying a new category.

es Healthy Tim

If undelivered please return to: Benecol®, Freepost, SCE 14638, Bracknell, RG12 2BR

The ‘with Dove’ RM programme uses the hook of emotional engagement with the Dove brand and ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ to generate rational reasons to buy and use Dove products.


In the SME space...

Increasing Orange’s broadband subscriber customer base

ns io at ic un m m co R D d te ra g te in e: Orang

One proposition is to offer free broadband to existing pay monthly customers (PAYM). At the same time Orange wants to increase loyalty in the PAYM sector by offering (‘unexpectedly’) its current customers free broadband to show Orange really cares. So...‘pleasantly-surprised’ customers have a choice: free home broadband; or 3 months’ free mobile broadband. We are also using this campaign to test a Free vs Value message and to assess whether Orange customers respond more favourably to statement messages or personalised DM packs.

We were appointed the agency of record for Orange in June. Our task comprises all offline, online, data analytics and retail support. So we employ direct response press and online advertising driving prospective customers online, into retail or to respond by phone for consumer mobile, residential broadband and SME business audiences, for example.

101008 PAYG1phone250x149 v2.psd

The work involves a high degree of testing and creative rotation on a weekly basis to maximise ROI both online and in press. The online creative approach involves a mix of standard flash banners, including MPUs, Skyscrapers and Leaderboards as well as an increasing use of rich media formats including data capture within banners.

...we blend our communications across DR press, online advertising, direct mail and statement/bill messaging as well as mobile channels and in-store media. Our direct work integrates with Orange’s high-profile ‘I am’ brand proposition and exploits this engaging and original creative platform to drive action in response to a range of tailored messages. £10 voucher mailing Reducing churn is an issue for all network providers. There are, already, a number of trigger communications in place at key stages of the customer journey to encourage renewal/upgrade/uptake of new products and we have also introduced a further stage to thank those SMEs who had recently renewed their contract. ‘Surprise and delight’

Providing more information about the Animal packages

We sent a £10 gift voucher to ‘renewing’ SMEs for mobile accessories to be used at any Orange Shop or on the website. The creative delivered a series of statements about the benefits of mobile accessories that came together to tell a ‘day in the life’ story of our typical customer by personalising it to their location.

Creative is frequently developed for specific audience segments (e.g. youth, SIM, sole traders, students, enterprise customers) and aligned with appropriate media vehicles. The creative often involves multiple variants of tariff, mobile phones and promotional offers with up to 50 different executions running, according to value segments, at any given time in the market.

101008 PAYG2phones+box170x264v1.psd

PAYG SIM card £30 = 1000 Free texts

Orange wants their customers to be happy at Christmas time. So, like Santa, we’re giving them some gifts, of course! We have created new press and online concepts for a number of PAYG and PAYM offers. We have incorporated a PAYG Christmas ‘gift box full of surprises’ when customers purchase a phone worth £49.99 or more to make customers feel valued at this time of year. The aim is to drive-to-retail shops or drive customers online and success will be measured by footfall, traffic and purchase, respectively.


Emirates Keep Discovering Emirates flies to over 100 destinations worldwide. Each new destination is announced via a fully-integrated launch campaign including press and advertising in the local market, direct mail to travel agents and online advertising to attract customers to book.

“The highest scores for thought leadership of ANY of our agencies.” Tim Burnell Emirates International Agency Review


Cadbury Blast from the Past

Velvet Give Baby Panda a Home

On the high street

And a website for loo rolls!

An engaging on-pack promotion allows consumers to collect iconic branded items from yesteryear such as Space Hoppers and Rubik’s Cubes. The campaign capitalises on Mini Rolls’ heritage and fuses this with the ongoing interest and appeal of retro items.

Velvet is proud of its commitment to the environment. This has been recognised by a number of organisations including WWF. The campaign idea was to give away Velvet branded pandas in return for a ÂŁ2 donation to the charity. Each panda was delivered with information and a pass to a secret area on the Velvet website. This area contained a birth certificate for their panda, interesting animal facts, quizzes, and fun activities. Targets for Panda redemptions were beaten by over 50% with over 10,000 visitors registering on the site.

The results were brilliant! The site received 69,522 visits from 42,129 individuals of which 23,614 consumers registered on the site.

There was also one panda reportedly sent to No. 10 Downing Street!


Our free Digital Futurology Workshops 2008, held at Bracknell, Nottingham and followed by London’s BAFTA in June, and at the View from the Top, Nottingham in October, have attracted a wide range of marketeers – both new contacts and existing clients.



Invited speakers have included Kieron Mathews from the Internet Advertising Bureau and Justin Billingsley, Brand Director, Orange.

We run Breakfast Briefings, weekly Brain Gyms, we also have a Cycle to Work staff incentive and offer inclusive away days to get the entire agency understanding and feeling good about what we do. Our agency enjoyed the best of Valencian hospitality for a long weekend away to thank them for all their hard work. Olé!

G N I K R O W T E N rd

en’t ha r a e l p o e istry p m e get up h y C e n h e t , s t Wh r clien u o r o f k r at wo hings t f o s t r o to all s

Valencia 2008

Held in association with our client, Velvet, a September ‘Tree-Athlon’ event was organised with the charity Trees For Cities. Designed to raise money for new tree planting and landscaping city spaces, agency individuals took part in a gruelling three-way combination of jogging (dressed in Velvet branded running gear), drinking and sapling planting in Battersea Park, Leeds and Manchester. Other activities have included participation in Orange’s “Rock Corps” programme. For our team of hard-hatted, rubber-gloved and booted individuals, this meant a voluntary ‘clean-up’ in the local community. In exchange for ridding Clapham Common of litter, volunteers got two tickets to a gig of their choice, courtesy of Orange.

Continual thought leadership with white papers, seminars, forums and blogs.


It sparkles, but it’s flat When we say we work in ‘open plan’ offices, we mean open plan. Our entire work areas are just that. From Joe Garton, our CEO, to the newest account executive , the management structure is…well, flat. It means we can all be available and accessible to everyone else – after all, that’s why we come to work. But it means people have freedom. Freedom to express their ideas, their creativity and their individuality.

Joe Garton – CEO

David Carr – Digital Creative Director

Claire Elworthy - Creative Director

Joe is one of the agency’s founding partners and a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing. He was Direct Marketing Director at Osprey, a director of Data Actif Limited, co-founder and Managing Director of KCJB Data Limited and the Managing Director of Manifesto. Joe is responsible for the group’s direction and overall strategy, mergers and acquisitions and for the agency’s senior client relationships.

David Carr has held a number of senior interactive roles including Senior Interactive Art Director at Publicis Dialog, where he was Creative and strategic lead on the award winning Army account, working across online advertising, eDMarketing, micro sites, iTV, mobile, viral and large scale web build. He was also Brand Guardian on Zurich Insurance, Beam brands and the Post Office as well as producing work for Powergen, Renault, Allied Domecq and HP.

Claire has eleven years’ award winning creative experience. Over the course of her career, Claire has worked on and managed creative departments across a broad range of clients in all media and sectors - FMCG, leisure, service, financial and charity just touches the surface. She has collected silverware from some of the most highly regarded creative awards including golds at the DMAs, ISPs and MCCA to name but a few. Claire is passionate about ensuring insightful, effective creative ideas that forge closer relationships between people and brands.

Because this is what we want, we get the best work done this way. No knocking on doors, no booking appointments through secretaries, no artificial formalities.

He has won multiple awards including two Campaign Digitals, two BIMAs, an IMAA and DMA Silver for the 2007 Army Jobs relaunch.

Most of the time, anyway.

Jason Foo – Deputy Managing Director

Diane Charlton - Managing Director

Jason’s background spans the development of CRM strategies, direct marketing, advertising and sales promotion. Relationship marketing is a field in which he has been passionately involved for the past ten years.

Before managing Chemistry, Diane held a number of senior management roles including Managing Director of TPD Contract Publishing. She has over eight years new media experience, launching Fusion Interactive in the UK in 1996. Her background is in publishing as editor of consumer titles for both EMAP and Dennis Publishing. Diane has managed Chemistry for the past five years’ and holds an MBA from the Open University.

Having worked across a great breadth of industry sectors, Jason has extensive experience of the different challenges and insights that relate to managing customers in business sectors – particularly when the subject matter can be mundane – where the issues of retention and loyalty are paramount.

Tim Uden – Creative Director Neil Cowan – Business Development Director Neil has worked on both sides of the fence: as a buyer for Boots the Chemist’s “proprietary toiletries and cosmetics” and then in the agency world since the late 1980s. Having worked with clients such as British Airways, the AA, Prudential, Henderson Unit Trusts, LloydsTSB, GE, Ricoh and many others, Neil spends his time these days as part of the team that tailors Chemistry’s services to match clients’ developing needs. And he never sits on the fence!

Tim’s award-winning packaging designs and his verve for style and innovative structural solutions singles him out as a bit of a star. His work has been recognised by the trade press and the BBC where he was featured in a documentary about his designs. Being multi-disciplined with a keen eye for graphic design, brand strategy and marketing promotions, Tim takes great pride in his work. “I believe that packaging design must be tackled from all angles. I am passionate about what I do and am currently Creative Director of design within a Top Ten agency.”

Mike Cavers – Executive Creative Director Mike joined Chemistry as Executive Creative Director from Publicis Dialog where he was instrumental in delivering integrated communications solutions across the agency’s international and local client base for Powergen, Allied Domecq Zurich, Renault, Hewlett Packard, McArthurGlen and Nobel Biocare. He has won numerous creative awards and previous senior creative roles have included European Creative Director Integration for TBWA/H Amsterdam and Creative Director for Tequila/Payne Stracey. Mike’s proud to be one of Campaign’s select ‘A-list’ individuals (page 36!). He’s a respected industry player whose stated aim is ‘Do great work and get noticed’ – though not necessarily in that order. Mike sits on various creative awards and judging panels and is a frequent contributor to the industry’s trade magazines.


t en em ag an M y tr is m he C : rd o w l na fi One Ranked 4th in the UK by Precision Marketing, Chemistry’s Senior Management team is continuing to guide the agency through times of enormous change. Both in terms of economic climate and a dynamically changing marketing landscape. We now implement 65% of our work through digital channels. This has required a transformation of our skills, capabilities and processes.




As an integrated agency, Chemistry has built a culture that also integrates all types of personality and expertise. All views are valued from any discipline and any level in the agency. We are not big on status. We are also not big on flash in the pan success. Chemistry’s position has come over a period of more than eight years of solid and consistent performance, leading to continuous incremental growth, development and success. Our management team has been carefully constructed from nurturing internal talent and recruiting from the best within the industry. And not always the immediately conventional choices but rather what we see as the interesting ones that add to our DNA as much as our client profile.

A M D iously. r N e s A y r e v ly.” rk s o u w o i r e e h t s s e s le tak uch “We m s e v l e s r u We take o

Joe Garton, CEO

“Over the past two years, our business has dramatically changed – 65% is now digital.”


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wan Neil Co ctor nt Dire e m p o l s Deve Busines 5 736 535 7 0 2 0 : T 7 89 68 8 3 1 8 7 M: 0 .uk g y r t s i em an@ch neil.cow


S D R A W A | E V I T A E | CR

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Friday 28th November 2008

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