2016 The Times Cheltenham Science Festival brochure

Page 44

SUNDAY 12 JUNE mcphersonstevens.com

Box Office 01242 850270

10-11am Family


The 3D Space Tour EDF Energy Arena £6 Res plus transaction fee* Ages 8+ Emma Wride and Paul Roche from Science Made Simple present a three-dimensional tour of the universe through a combination of live action and short 3D films. Look around the International Space Station, visit some of the most unusual places in our solar system and discover just how small the earth is as we explore the scale of the universe.

10-11am Family 8-9pm Space


The Universe In Your Hand Helix Theatre £10 plus transaction fee* What do we know about the beginning of the universe, and how will it end? With internationally renowned astrophysicist Christophe Galfard, be transported to the surface of our dying sun, fly to distant galaxies, find out what it would be like to be in the deathly grip of a black hole and get a glimpse of the beginning of time and the future of humanity in this wonder-filled journey.


8.30-9.45pm Variety


Over-Ambitious Demo Challenge 2016 The Crucible £8 Res plus transaction fee* Steve Mould and Andrea Sella host the infamous Science Festival Demo Challenge, our annual contest for the most spectacular, impressive and showstopping demonstration that our invited scientists can conceive. Expect madness and mayhem as this year’s contestants Brian Mackenwells, Suze Kundu and 2015 defending champion Marty Jopson try to outdo each other – who gets your vote?

*Fees are £2.50 for online and telephone sales, and £1.50 for in person sales with credit/debit card. No fee for cash sales.


Why Messiness Always Wins Helix Theatre £6 plus transaction fee* Ages 11+ In the battle between order and disorder, science predicts that messiness will always win. Join our previous FameLab contestants to find out how six coins all coming up heads, the beautiful patterns in flowers and leaves, and the number of TV channels you can squeeze down a cable are all connected to this weird measure of messiness called entropy.