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Sailing through Life

After College I went to London to study architecture at the Architectural Association in Bedford Square and ended up designing floating offices in Canary Wharf as well as restaurants, clubs and offices. The client was Olympia and York but unfortunately their projects never materialised. Eventually I settled down in 1992 in St Johns Wood with my now exwife and two boys Alexander and Lucas. I had set up a small property investment company and my work was dealing with rental and management with great help from Brian Lack and Winkworth agents. We left London in 2003 and moved back to live in Hong Kong having been away since 1973, but of course we had frequently visited HK during that time. Today I run a company called Sunseeker Asia, which is the distributor of Sunseeker Yachts for the Asia region; including Singapore, Maldives, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Korea, Japan and China with our head office based here in HK. But how

Gordon giving daughter Victoria a lesson

their Asia distributor when I moved back to live in HK in 2003 with my fourth Sunseeker Predator 55. During all this time, boating has given my two older boys Alex and Lucas the opportunity to experience water sports with their friends. They have also learnt how to handle performance boats.

Gordon’s sons, Alex and Lucas in 2004 did I become a luxury yacht distributor from being an architect? An early passion My boating experience began when I was about three years old, a young boy growing up in HK. Even today decades later, I still have many fond memories of spending weekends with my parents out boating. Activities such as swimming, dinghy sailing, water skiing and snorkelling were wonderful especially for young and active children like my brother and me. My passion of power boating began when I was about 8 years old, the popular boats in the 70s used to range from the high speed Cigarettes power boats to various American built and HK built cruisers. My parents had a wooden displacement trawler yacht called American Marine; she was steady but very slow. However, they also had a 17ft ski boat and a 20ft Cigarette power boat so we grew up learning how to handle these small speed boats and we became attached to boating from a young age. Sadly after my father passed away in 1992, the family sold the slow displacement yacht and I was introduced to a high performance power boat called Sunseeker from Poole with their new Tomahawk, Apache and Superhawk models whilst living in London. Sunseeker was a breath of fresh air with its speed and high performance that blew me away, even better than the already amazing American power boats such as the Cigarettes and Donzi. My passion continued, as I was their customer from 1992 till 2002 and I eventually ended up representing them as

I am married to my second wife Joey and we have a three year old daughter called Victoria. We are planning to offer her the same experience especially when she is a little older and learns how to swim properly. Sunseeker Asia began with six boats imported into HK in 2003 and slowly over the years we have reached 204 Sunseekers in Asia with 124 units in HK, sizes ranging from 40ft to 131ft. The most popular place for boating is still HK, with other ports in China such as Hainan, Shenzhen, Xiamen and ports in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia also popular. I never expected my passion would turn into a business which is challenging at times but very enjoyable. It’s great to see our brand advancing constantly with new design and technology surging ahead but we mustn’t forget the great founder Robert Braithwaite MBE the innovator who started with the Sovereign 17ft speed boat and who is still playing an active role. Today’s 131ft Sunseeker motor yacht is very complex to operate and manage which is an amazing comparison to how they all started in 1992 with their 37ft Tomahawk. ■

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I attended Cheltenham College from 1975 till 1980. Prior to College I had spent two years at a Prep school near Rugby called Dunchurch Winton Hall which eventually closed down and became an old people’s home, it had perfect and beautiful surroundings for a home. During my time at College I enjoyed playing rugby and rowing in the A team and had fun in the CCF. Boyne House was a great house with a nice building and the closest to College. Five years flew by and I had thoroughly enjoyed my time there and, thanks to Facebook, I have managed to find quite a few of my long lost friends from those days.

By Gordon Hui (BH, 1980)

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The Cheltonian Society Magazine with articles from the full range of Society members, from pupils to parents, OCs and staff.