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Roads, education focus for region Neil Walker A VICTORIAN budget dubbed “a budget for the ‘burbs” has seen the Labor state government splash taxpayers’ cash across Mordialloc, Carrum and ultra-marginal sandbelt seats along the Frankston line ahead of November’s state election. Mordialloc Labor MP Tim Richardson hailed the budget, announced last Tuesday (1 May) by Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas, as “getting things done for Kingston”. Millions of dollars for classroom upgrades at several Kingston area schools have been allocated in the 2018-19 state budget. Pupils at Chelsea Heights Primary School, Edithvale Primary School and Mentone Park Primary School will benefit from improvements to classrooms. “This budget invests in the things that matter to our local community – good schools, new skills and better sporting facilities,” Mr Richardson said in a statement. Carrum Primary School, Rowellyn Park Primary School, Patterson Lakes Primary School, Seaford Primary School and Bonbeach Primary School in the Carrum electorate will also benefit from upgrades. A $1.3 million plan to modernise classrooms at the Nepean Special School in Seaford was also confirmed in this year’s state budget. A long-awaited duplication of Lathams Road in Carrum Downs, from Oliphant Way to Frankston-Dandenong Road, adding two lanes to increase a

Way ahead: Mordialloc MP Tim Richardson with Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan. Picture: Gary Sissons

2.5-kilometre stretch of the road to four lanes was also confirmed in the state budget. A new bridge will also be built over Peninsula Link as part of the Lathams Road upgrade. Carrum Labor MP Sonya Kilkenny said “people in Melbourne’s south-east will spend less time in traffic”. The Committee For Greater Frankston welcomed the Lathams Road duplication, estimated to cost more than $80 million, formally announced by Victorian Roads Minister Luke Donnellan on Tuesday 2 May. Committee for Greater Frankston CEO Ginevra Hosking said the announcement was “fantastic news” for Carrum Downs Industrial Estate businesses and commuters. “Lathams Road is the backbone of the precinct and its duplication will provide a massive boost to productivity by reducing traffic congestion and increasing access at peak times,” she said. “The industrial estate is one of our region’s economic success stories. It generates $2.85 billion a year and employs

almost 6000 people. Jobs growth in the precinct has risen 6.5 per cent each year, 13 times greater than the southeastern region’s jobs growth of half a per cent.” Ms Hosking said traffic congestion on Lathams Road and surrounding streets had restricted the growth of industrial estate businesses. The committee, which has long lobbied for the Lathams Road upgrade, states it is “independently funded and bipartisan [and] brings together prominent local business and community leaders to drive strategic change”. Ms Hosking said VicRoads getting on board to duplicate Lathams Road had been pivotal in getting funds allocated to the project. The state government also announced road safety upgrades on Golf Links Road from Peninsula Link to BaxterTooradin Road and Grant Road from Baxter to Frankston-Flinders Road in Langwarrin South. “The committee thanks MPs Sonya Kilkenny and [Frankston MP] Paul Edbrooke as well as VicRoads’ regional

director for metro southeast Aidan McGann and his team.” The $75 million needed to upgrade the Mordialloc Bypass, now a freeway, was also allocated in the 2018-19 state budget. “Labor’s Mordialloc Freeway will mean no traffic lights from start to finish. Importantly, it will also give local roads back to local people,” Mr Richardson said. The state budget also included money to establish mental health crisis hubs in hospital emergency departments, including at Frankston Hospital, and $172 million to “make priority TAFE courses free”. TAFE courses regarded as a priority and offered free of charge to students include agriculture, construction, engineering and nursing courses. Municipal Association of Victoria president Cr Mary Lalios said the state budget is “impressive” in funding transport infrastructure and services. The peak body representing councils urged the state government to invest and take action to help tackle the recycling crisis caused by China no longer accepting most of the glass and plastics in recycling materials exported from Australia to China. “A recycling crisis has swept across Australia following China’s import restrictions. The State Sustainability Fund must invest in new initiatives to ensure our recycling industry can be sustainable,” she said. “We call on the government to allocate urgent funds for priority projects once the state’s recycling taskforce submits its report in the coming weeks.”

Consultation on concept plan PEOPLE can have a say on a draft concept plan for Patterson River at a public forum event or by completing an online survey. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is hosting the “Open House” event at Patterson Lakes Community Centre on Thursday 24 May. “We are presenting to the community a draft concept plan with around 50 options for development or improvement,” DELWP land and built environment program manager John Downs said. “The survey allows the community the opportunity to select their preferred options in both upper and lower project precincts. “In the Lower Precinct, the options include a fenced picnic area, a non-powered only boating zone, a multi-use path, and improvements to parking arrangements.  “In the Upper Precinct, options include upgrading old buildings and the access road, adding benches along the north side of the river, and extending the jetty at the launching ramp.” See to see the draft concept plan and complete the survey between 11-27 May. The Open House survey will be hosted by the DELWP on Thursday 24 May, 11am-4pm, at Patterson Lakes Community Centre (meeting room 1), 54-70 Thompson Road, Patterson Lakes. The final concept plan will be released at the end of June.


Your Hearing Questions Answered Is it important for patients to see an audiologist if they think they may be having difficulties hearing? Yes, if you are starting to notice difficulties it’s important to have a full hearing test. We don’t just test which sounds you can hear, we also check how clearly you can understand speech, in quiet and in background noise. Some common indications that you may have a hearing loss are: Turning the TV up Frequently asking for repeats Not being able to hear properly on the telephone Difficulty in noisy situations such as restaurants Missing out on important parts of the conversation Often your partner or a close family member may be the first person to notice that you are having difficulty hearing. Is it true that a lot of patients don’t actually need hearing aids? Yes. Probably 25 percent of those that we see do choose to get hearing aids. Some people have a little bit of hearing loss that we just need to talk about, and continue to monitor.

you can see the faces of the people that you are taking to. This can make it easier to follow what they are saying. With the television, if you’re not ready for hearing aids, we can get a set of cordless headphones. These can be one of the best options for hearing the TV clearly. Are there ever very simple solutions to hearing loss? Yes. Sometimes a hearing loss can be caused by ear wax blocking the canal. If someone needs a hearing aid, should they always choose the most expensive, top-of-the-line model? Most people don’t need the most expensive hearing aids, fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. It really is patient specific. You don’t always need the absolute top-of theline hearing aid technology, if the features that you need are available in something less expensive. At Chelsea Hearing, we always offer you a range of options, and it is up to you to choose something that you are comfortable with. You should never feel pressured to proceed with hearing aids that you don’t feel ready for.

that the very small, comfortable hearing aids are suitable for most people these days. How much do hearing aids cost? Most people who are on a Centrelink pension (such as an age pension or a disability pension) are eligible for the Office of Hearing Services Voucher program. This enables them to choose from a range of hearing aids that are “free-to-client”. These hearing aids have improved significantly over the past few years, and a lot of people are pleasantly surprised at how natural they sound, and how small and comfortable they can be. Pensioners can also choose to contribute to more expensive hearing aids if they wish. For people who are not eligible for the voucher program, hearing aids typically start at $2,700 for a pair. What brand of hearing aids to you recommend? Chelsea Hearing is an independent clinic. We fit hearing aids from all of the major manufacturers. Our recommendations are made after we have tested your hearing, looked in your ears, and had a discussion about the things that you want to hear well. We also take the time to consider your preference for style and size of the hearing aids, as well as your budget. We will recommend the most appropriate hearing aids for you, and we will always give you a range of options to choose from.

What is your philosophy on health care? If I wouldn’t do it for my Mum or Dad, I don’t do it for a patient. When I’m making recommendations for a patient, I think “if this was my mum or dad, with this hearing loss, and these difficulties, would I be making the same recommendations?”. If the answer is “yes”, then I know I’m doing my best for a patient. What does the relationship you have with your patients mean to you? The patient comes first. The patient is your customer and you want to have the healthiest, happiest patient that you can. That makes me happy as well. To know that we are helping that patient to be happy is just rewarding. What is one thing about your job that really sticks out in a positive way? It’s really nice to be able to make a difference for people. Often the partner of the person with a hearing loss may have been repeating themselves and having to speak louder for years. When we help with a hearing loss (often with hearing aids) it’s often the family members who notice the benefit first. Suddenly they don’t have to repeat everything, and they don’t get so tired from speaking loudly all day. It can make a big difference for the whole family.

the right pace of the individual patient. Some people come in here, and they know they want to get hearing aids and they want to get it all happening as quickly as possible. Other people come in, and they are having some difficulties hearing, but they don’t know if they have a hearing loss. They may need a little bit more time to understand their hearing loss, and the options available. It doesn’t help anyone to push someone in to getting hearing aids before they are ready for them, or to pressure someone to purchase hearing aids that cost more than they are comfortable with. Sometimes the best thing to do is explain what’s causing the problem, and what solutions are available. It can also be helpful to bring your partner or a close family member to your appointment with you.

Shoes for all reasons and seasons Are there steps people who aren’t ready for hearing aids can do to help combat hearing loss?

Are smaller hearing aids more expensive?

Generally, the style of the hearing aid does not have very much impact on the price. There are very good, small hearing aids available at all price points. Larger hearing aids are not necessarily less expensive either. The good news is

Do you have rules that you live by

treating patients? Bayside Shoes will endeavour to offer you a shoe men. Thewhen podiatrist designed Vionic and Revere Your audiologist, Cathryn Williams My number one rule is to take things at Yes. Pick a seat in a restaurant where for all reasons, as well as all seasons whether it is range deliver a unique orthotic technology that is for a special occasion or just pure comfort to suit built directly into their comfort and sports shoes as your specific foot type or size. well as sandals to give natural foot alignment and Taking care of our feet is a key part of our health elevated support. and quality of life with a good shoe fitting. BayThe Vionic and Revere range have been side Shoes has focused its “foot solutions” service designed to relieve heel and knee pain and coron delivering comfort with quality at an affordable responding back pain through its biomechanical price whatever your foot problem or shoe size. footbed to support your foot from the ground up. Bayside has specialized in orthotic friendly and The Natural alignment ensures Perfect Balance Chelsea is accredited theflexible Office of Hearingessential Services large size shoes to meet your needs whether it is Hearingthrough a firmbybut midsole, provide services to eligible pensioners. work, play or that special event and pridestoitself stability through its deepThis heelincludes cup andfree fulltocontact client hearing tests hearing on finding a solution that will meet your specific archand support to aids. evenly distribute pressure as well shoe needs and budget. We have worked closely as enhanced metatarsal support. with podiatrists and manufacturers to assist in the The Vionic and Revere range also bring a fashdesign shoes that not only give the functional ionable look back to orthotic shoes with an elegant • ofHearing tests for adults and children support the specific foot problem but range of sandals and shoes suitable for work or • required Hearingfor aids also deliver a range of elegant options in sandals, casual occasions. Vionic also offers an exceptional • Hearing classes shoes and even thongs. sports shoe with its innovative footbed designed • Custom earplugs for swimming, musicians These include Alegria, Axign, Arkoo, Cabello, to provide you with proper foot alignment that can and communication earpieces Jaco, Propet, Pure Comfort, Romika, Scholl, Step reduce common aches and pains as you exercise. Lite, Taos and Via Nova to mention some of our Bayside Shoes is located at 103 Railway Parade, leading orthotic support brands. Seaford on the corner of Clovelly Parade with its Open Monday - Friday, - 5pm appointment call Cathryn 8740 2135 In collaboration with Vionic,9am Bayside has To make anbusiness hours contact 03 9785on 1887. launched a new range of orthotic friendly, comfort Trading hours are 9am to 5.30pm Monday to work and casual shoes and sandals for women and Friday and 9am to 3.30pm Saturdays.

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Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 9 May 2018


9 May 2018  

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 9 May 2018

9 May 2018  

Chelsea Mordialloc Mentone News 9 May 2018