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Be Kind to Your Yard Story by Alli Steinke • Photography Provided by ProGreen Synthetic Turf

When taking care of your landscape, there are a variety of ways to be kinder to the space while also helping the environment.

Save Water, Save the Planet uses of water. It can get expensive when you look at your water bill, and you don’t always see how much water you’re actually using. Experts say at least one inch of water should be applied to your grass weekly during hot and dry periods. To provide your lawn with that water, it takes over half a gallon per square foot.

By using artificial turf in your yard, you are saving all of that water you use to keep your lawn green. This not only helps save you money, but it also helps save the planet. For more information, call ProGreen Synthetic Turf at (843) 494-5092 or visit

Story by Alli Steinke • Photography by Ebony Ellis

Water scarcity is an issue occurring throughout the world. Certain things like turning off the water when brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and maximizing your laundry loads are just some ways you can limit our water usage. You might not think about it, but lawn maintenance is one of the heaviest

Eco-Friendly Pest Control It’s all about the practice when it comes to eco-friendly pest control. When using products to prevent pests, it’s important to use products that won’t cause harm to other species and plants in your yard. Ecovia wasp spray 72 • CH+D • Summer 2021

is all natural so it doesn’t exude toxins. It’s thyme or soybean oil based. Other pest control products that are safer for the environment include Eco WP which is a wettable powder to protect your crawlspaces and attics from

unwanted pests, and an Eco Via MT product for mosquito and tick control. For more information, call Ledford’s Termite and Pest Control at (843) 766-8298 or visit