Mary Welch Fox Stasik

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Ready for Her Closeup

with conceiving her second child. “I

At 20 years old, Mary Welch saw

was afraid I wouldn’t be able to put

Trading Spaces on TLC, HGTV’s

my best foot forward and my strug-

sister network, and decided that’s

gles trying to have a second child

what she wanted to do — have her

would show through on camera..”

own show on HGTV. She studied

But, Melch didn’t want them to give

interior design at Colorado State,

up on her. So she said to not forget

worked for an interior designer,

her and sure enough, a couple years

then a fashion designer, and then

later, the process began again.

in the music industry for a bit. After initially turning HGTV She had so many hopes and dreams,

down, they circled back with Mary

she wanted to do it all. After spend-

Welch like she asked. They started

ing a few years in other industries,

the interview process and began

she returned to design and began

formalizing ideas. It turns out, one

taking projects one at a time. It

of Melch’s friends from childhood

was then that she got a call from a

initially brought her to HGTV’s

production company asking if she

attention. “She worked in produc-

wanted to do an HGTV show out of

tion and told them to reach out

thin air. She turned it down due to

to me,” Melch explains. “It was a

fertility struggles she was having

dream I let go after that conversa-

136 • CH+D • Spring 2021