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Talk About Concrete Details es deep and can go as far as 12 inches deep. The thickness is dependent on both your insulation preferences as well as the number of levels in the home. Work with your designer to make sure you get the floor space you need in relation to the thickness of the walls. This fire-resistant material will start to melt at about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is seven times the ini-

tial combustion of wood products. ICF is also 10 times stronger in wind currents than a stick-built home. The sealed nature of concrete prevents air leaks which allows stable temperatures to remain. For more information call Crosby Creations Home Designs at (843) 514-7354 or visit

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Insulated Concrete Form Construction, more commonly referred to as ICF, is a way of green-conscious home building. The Roman structures we still see standing today are an older version of this process, we’ve just made room for modern conveniences. ICF structures are naturally more soundproof because of the thickness of the walls, which start at four inch-

Watch Your Wash There are constant home updates you can make on a home to make it work in the best way possible for your family. A fullscale renovation may not be possible due to time or budget, but small projects like replacing old appliances with updated and energy-efficient ones, can go a long way to making the home operate like a welloiled machine. EnergyStar appliances are thoroughly vetted for their green qualities, such as water and energy usage. Choosing EnergyStar appliances can reduce energy consumption while still getting clothes clean, food cooked, and Samsung EnergyStar Washing Machine

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dishes washed. Researching a variety of options can ensure that particular needs are met. EnergyStar washing machines, in‌g‌ eneral, use 33 percent less water than other appliances. The best place to start is either the oldest appliance or the one you use most because they are likely the ones using the most energy or water. If you’re unsure which appliances are the best fit for your eco-friendly home, consult an expert. For more information, call Wholesale Appliance Center at (843) 556-0917 or visit

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