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As a Division I athletics program, the Mocs are a window to, and a reflection of, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. We enhance the visibility for our program and the University, while establishing and promoting an image which aligns with our institution’s mission and values. The Mocs promote and celebrate their people, events and achievements associated with the University’s athletics programs. We provide a consistent “look and feel” which conveys a single and unified message or ideal. The relationships and partnerships UTC athletics establishes advance the Athletics Department on a local, regional and national level. The Mocs have worked hard to become a valued member of the community while adding to the overall student experience at UTC.

Mocs football coach Russ Huesman speaks to the crowd at Miller Plaza at a downtown Chattanooga pep rally.

The Mocs Train is a popular sight, promoting all UTC athletics events Members of the men’s basketball team sign autographs with fans at a local Dick’s Sporting Goods Store in Chattanooga. around town.

Members of the softball team show the fans some appreciation by sign- Tennessee American Water’s Phillip D. Glass, a local Icon on Amnicola ing autographs after a game. HWY/Riverside Drive, now dons a Mocs football helmet each fall.


2010-11 Chattanooga Mocs Year in Review  
2010-11 Chattanooga Mocs Year in Review  

This is the most comprehensive annual recap of all aspects of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Athletics Program.