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2011-12 ANNUAL REPORTS 2012-13

• HEAD OF SCHOOL What an historic time for our school! We began 2011 with great energy, successfully preparing for the groundbreaking we anticipated would begin in early 2012. We began the 2012-13 year with great expectations for new buildings on our own four acres. Instead, we joyfully ended the year as landowners of the entire 16-acre parcel! Throughout the many ups and downs of our CHArting the Future journey, our students thrived – they grew socially, emotionally, and academically under the guidance of our faithful faculty and staff.

Ann Gillinger

Perseverance was a core value we saw in action from our devoted Board of Trustees and the school community as unanticipated events and challenges arrived, were evaluated, and then overcome. Community and commitment were stronger than ever as we supported one another and celebrated 35 years of excellence in education, coalescing around our vibrant themes of Olympics@CHA and USA@CHA. Students excelled in their classroom programs and on the playing fields, and our wonderful graduates were welcomed into the high schools of their choice throughout the city. What an affirmation of CHA resiliency! What a pleasure to work with our wonderful students and faculty. During all of this we launched our iPad initiative funded with a Disney grant, began the self-reflection on our School’s progress for our CAIS/WASC renewal report, and launched a new School web site. Students won honors in the Los Angeles County Mock Trial competition and wowed us on the stage with their performances. With the continued support of our community, we look forward to building on our recent successes as we create our Master Plan for the next 35 years at Chatsworth Hills Academy. Appreciatively,

Ann Gillinger Head of School

Historic Times... 2•

• PRESIDENT, BOARD OF TRUSTEES As I reflect on our journey over the past two years—a road that led us to becoming owners at last of our entire 16-acre campus—I am astounded by the commitment, energy, and dedication that our faculty, families, and administration bring to CHA each and every day. I came to CHA because of its strong community feel. It is because of this community that CHA is in the incredible position it is today. Thanks to the dedication and passion of a faculty that continued to deliver an excellent program, the perseverance and dedication of a board and administration that refused to buckle under the most Scott Rabin challenging of circumstances, and the incredible support of parents who believed that CHA was the best place for their children, CHA stands strong and well positioned for a future of excellence and growth. To build upon our continued vigor and ensure we move forward with the strongest of foundations, we will work on improving our current facilities, growing enrollment, planning for our long-term development, and evolving our program. On behalf of the board, I thank the administration, faculty, parents, and students who make CHA the special place that it is. I look forward to continuing to serve as your president. Sincerely,

Scott Rabin President, Board of Trustees

• Board of Trustees 2011-2012


Scott Rabin, President Erich Miller, Vice President Jennifer de Caussin, Vice President Peter Schifrin, Treasurer Pete Robbins, Secretary Bruce Bailey Michelle Baron Marilyn Burman Don Measures Robert Mitas Kathy Nikolai Imad Rasool Angie Roman Chris Stickney

Scott Rabin, President Erich Miller, Vice President Michelle Baron, Vice President Peter Schifrin, Treasurer Robert Mitas, Secretary Bruce Bailey Daniel Bernstein Marilyn Burman Kevin Cope Don Measures Glenn de Caussin Renee Durlester Richard Levin Shonna Owen Imad Rasool Angie Roman


• CHA BUYS CAMPUS How fitting that in the 2012-2013 school year – the year of our 35th anniversary and the year we embraced all things American – we realized our own American dream of being the owners of our land. We could not have envisioned a more wonderful gift. It was equally fitting that our previous year’s theme honored the Olympics, for it was a truly Olympian task to get to where we so happily stand today – on our own 16-acre wonderland. We started the 2011-2012 school year confident in and dedicated to our mission of building entirely new facilities on our lower four acres. Consolidating our operations onto land we owned would get us out of a burdensome and rapidly escalating lease, ensuring our ongoing security. We worked passionately on all fronts: designing elegant facilities that met our needs for 21st century learning while maintaining the outdoor feel we prize, Students Celebrate CHA's Campus Purchase navigating the project through all the permitting and other bureaucratic requirements while gaining city support, and successfully implementing the beginning phases of our capital campaign. We ended the year focused and optimistic about our plans going forward. In 2012-2013, after a string of initial successes, we began facing challenges from a landlord that could not afford to see us go. These challenges at times seemed insurmountable. Yet with each new hurdle, rather than give up we dug in deeper, working around the clock to identify new solutions and show our determination to succeed. And succeed we did. Thanks to a loyal group of angels, the assistance of an incredible councilman, and the joining together of the dedicated CHA community who showed their support through pledges to re-enroll, we achieved success beyond our wildest expectations. Today we own not just the lower four acres, but an incredible 16-acre campus. We end the 2012-2013 year deeply grateful for the incredible support of our angel funders who gifted us with the best present imaginable, for the dedication and determination of our industrious Board and Administrators, and for the loyalty and support of our faculty, parents, and vendors, who stayed with us during the most challenging of times. Thank you one and all.

Councilmember Englander Congratulates CHA

A Bright Tomorrow... 4•

• GIVING ANNUAL FUND Founder’s Society $50,000 and above Dr. Imad and Mrs. Araceli Rasool ’12 1977 Society $10,000 - $24,999 James and Nohemi Harrison ‘12 CHA Circle $5,000 - $9,999 Daniel and Heike Bernstein ‘12 Mr. Manny Freiser and Dr. Suzi Milder ‘12 Dr. Brian and Mrs. Nicole Jacks ‘12 Daniel and Kathy Nikolai ‘12 Chaparral Club $2,500 - $4,999 Rob and Michelle Baron ’12, ‘13 Ann and Bill Gillinger ‘12 Eagles Club $1,000 - $2,499 Bank of America United Way Campaign ‘12 Greg and Jeanne Morgan ‘13 Scott Boroczi and Lisa O’Connell ’12, ‘13 Glenn and Jennifer de Caussin ‘12 Howard and Renee Durlester ’12, ‘13 Richard and Jill Levin ‘12 Mr. William Reynolds and Dr. Kristina Bostrom ’12, ‘13 Roll Law Group ’12 Richard and Cathy Shapiro ‘12 Joseph and Lynette Tamusaitis ‘12 United Agencies ‘13 Wells Fargo ‘12 Benefactor’s Club $500 - $999 John and Lynn Eissele ‘12 Tim Gerrity ‘12 Dr. Brian and Mrs. Nicole Jacks ‘13 Steve and Johanna Johnston ‘12 Dennis and Suzanne Kasimian ‘12 Robert and Lisa Mestepey ‘12 The Mook Family ’12, ‘13 Other Gifts Kaila Akbaroff ‘12 Frank Avina ‘12 Bank of America ‘13 Holly Barnhill ‘12 Allison Bellon ‘12 Shelley Bloom ‘12 Phil Blowey and Raquel Mendoza ‘12 Mr. and Mrs. David Bobrosky ‘12 Cyndy Brown and Ed Hopkins ’12, ‘13 Marilyn and Anastasia Burman ‘12 Dr. Paul and Mrs. Gina Buzad ‘12 Nick and Lila Carone ‘12

Eric and Donna Carpenter ‘13 Allen and Deborah Chase ‘12 Brant Childers ‘12 Raymond and Paulette Collins ‘12 Kevin and Jacqueline Cope ‘12 Joshua and Mary David ‘12 Donald and Anne deCampos-Measures ‘12 Michael Deocales and Gisel Loera ‘12 Dole Food Company ‘13 Walter and Linda Doyenart ‘12 Will and Lisa Effertz ‘12 Dennis and Jan Epping ‘12 Fardad Farhat and Becky Breitbarth ’12, ‘13 Lane and Sherri Fife ’12, ‘13 Anthony and Oksana Frolov ‘12 Manuel Garcia-Guzman ‘13 Nora Gerson ‘12 Mike Gillinger ‘12 Bernard Glass and Maria Palma ‘12 Bob Gossom and Diane Zwemer ‘12 Pam Green ‘12 Jeff and Sinthia Haber ‘13 Lee Ignacio ’12, ‘13 Anita Jackman ‘12 Bongsoo Ju and Li HaiYing ‘12 John and Terry Kamp ‘12 Teresa King ‘12 Ardyth Larsen ‘12 Drew Lichtenberger ‘12 Samantha Loy ‘12 Judie Malkin ‘12 Yoram and Marie-Elena Manzur ‘12 Marilyn Maron ‘12 Michael and Kim McIlvery ‘13 Darrow Milgrim ‘12 Erich and Beth Miller ‘12 Kirstin Miller ‘12 Alice Min ‘12 Robert and Gioconda Mitas ‘12 Lori Monkarsh ‘12 Claire Moolenaar ‘12 Greg and Jeanne Morgan ‘12 Gary and Jennifer Ogata ‘13 Joy Orosky ’12, ‘13 Patricia Palm ‘12 Maria Pavell ‘12 Malia Remo ‘12 Marc and Melissa Riches ‘13 David and Catherine Rojo ‘12 Antonio and Helena Romano ‘12 Lani Sakiyama ‘12 Nancy and Bill Salyers ‘12 Rob and Leila Shalhoub ’12, ‘13 Carol Shibel ‘12 Dawn Tittiger ‘12 Michelle Warburton ‘12 Douglas and Cynthia Washburn ‘12 Susan Washton ‘12 Cathy Weinstein ‘12

2012-2013 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN COLLECTIONS Pathfinder $9,000 - $24,999 Eugene and Diane Arnold Victor and Susan Cosentino Dr. Brian and Mrs. Nicole Jacks Supporter $1,800 - $5,399 Greg and Sharon Bier Kevin and Jacqueline Cope Joshua and Mary David Ann and Bill Gillinger Richard and Jill Levin Bill Guss and Angie Roman Richard and Cathy Shapiro Friends of CHA $1,000 - $1,799 Scott Boroczi and Lisa O’Connell Marilyn and Anastasia Burman Mr. Mark and Dr. Stacey Cohen-Maitre The Mook Family Roll Giving Tim Rusche and Shonna Owen Todd and Michelle Sardella Other Alan and Karin Alpanian Varuzhan Bagtatlyan and Azatuhi Budagyan Holly Barnhill Allison Bellon Shelley Bloom Cyndy Brown and Ed Hopkins Eric and Donna Carpenter Allen and Deborah Chase Donald and Anne deCampos-Measures Michael Deocales and Gisel Loera Lane and Sherri Fife Sherri Gershon Nora Gerson Pam Green Scott and Jennifer Hubbard Lee Ignacio Anita Jackman Andrew and Jennifer Krowne Ardyth Larsen Drew Lichtenberger Samantha Loy Judie Malkin Yoram and Marie-Elena Manzur Medtronic Lori Monkarsh Matthew Moore Greg and Jeanne Morgan Adrian and Alissa Nunez Joy Orosky Mr. William Reynolds and Dr. Kristina Bostrom Pete and Angie Robbins Lani Sakiyama Wayne Scheff and Robin Monick David and Susan Scully Carol Shibel Dawn Tittiger Michelle Warburton Nicole Waxman Cathy Weinstein Arthur Windus and Jennifer Silver



Contributions and Gifts 9%

Auxiliary, Camps and Misc. 5%


2011-2012 • Net operating income was among the highest in CHA history. • Three-year Technology Initiative was successfully completed.

Net Tuition and Fees 86%

Auxiliary, Camps and Misc. 5% Facilities 18%

• CHA launches Phase I of the Capital Campaign.


Many Thanks

Programs and Supplies 15%

Faculty and Administration 62%

Incredible Support! 6•

CHA relies on charitable donations in order to maintain its small class sizes, innovative program, and beautiful campus. All donors receive tax benefits for their gifts of cash, stocks, or other capital assets. For further information on giving, please contact the Development Office at (818) 998-4037 x231.


Contributions and Gifts 10%

Auxiliary, Camps and Misc. 7%


• Fundraising efforts focused on the Capital Campaign, which exceeded $1 million in pledged support.

Net Tuition and Fees 83%

Auxiliary, Camps and Misc. 6% Facilities 18%



• Gala proceeds resulted in a completely refurbished Computer Lab with all-new work stations. • CHA wins a grant from The Walt Disney Company to extend its iPad Initiative.

The Annual Report acknowledges contributions received between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2013. We make every effort to publish accurate information.

Programs and Supplies 13%

Faculty and Administration 63%

If an error has occurred, please accept our apologies and feel free to contact the School Office at (818) 998-4037 regarding any corrections.

Heartfelt Gratitude! •7

Highlights2011-2012 ! • CHA opened its Olympic-themed year with a torch run, parade of nations, and release of doves. Students were grouped into one of six countries (one per continent excluding Antarctica) to continue mixed-age learning, competition, and revelry. The year culminated in a festival featuring songs and dances from each representative country and an all-school sports competition. • Work on CHArting the Future (CTF), the School’s plan to build a new campus on land it owns, moved full steam ahead. The CTF team worked non-stop finalizing the architectural designs, which were introduced to parents via detailed campus tours and scaled models, while executing all project requirements such as environmental surveys, traffic assessments, and more. • CHA successfully negotiated its campus build project through the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council, the Chatsworth Land Use Committee, and finally to Los Angeles City Hall, which unanimously approved the project, granting CHA the crucial Conditional Use Permit. • Thanks to a gift from the previous graduating class, SMART Boards were introduced into all classrooms from kindergarten up. Additionally, iPads were introduced for the benefit of all students.

8th Graders visit Washington DC during Trip Week

• In addition to their monthly Core Values, students began learning and practicing monthly Habits of Mind, which provide them with tools to help them navigate their way through times of uncertainty. • Middle School students got to experience new electives, such as the extremely popular “How Does it Work?” in which students were able to take apart a variety of electronic and mechanical objects. • In only its second year, the 6th-8th grade Mock Trial Team progressed to an advanced stage of competition.

4th Grade Flag Folders

• 5th Grade Boys became San Fernando Valley Private School League Champions in Basketball. • Students were recognized for their artistic abilities. Third grader Lauren C. was awarded Honorable Mention in a California state poster contest. Additionally, 4th grader Junhe J. received a Chairman’s Award, while his classmates Devin A. and Ronnie O. received Chairman’s Special Mentions in the Best of the West Poster Contest. • Directed by CHA’s extremely talented Brandi Williams, the 3rd/4th Grade Chorus was awarded “Excellence in Performance” at the Forum Music Festival. Soloist Natalia M. was additionally honored with an “Outstanding Musician Award.”

Mock Trial Team at LA County Superior Court

How Does it Work Elective

3rd/4th Grade Basketball

Alice in Wonderland Jr.

• Seventh grader Rebecca B. placed second in the Scripps Los Angeles County Regional Spelling Bee. • Japanese children affected by the country’s devastating earthquake and tsunami sent their thanks to CHA for the supplies and “tags of goodwill” that traveled 6,000 miles to reach them. In addition to helping their Japanese peers, CHA students assisted MEND, Children’s Hunger Fund, Save Chatsworth, Shane’s Inspiration, and more in service to the community.

Honoring the de Caussin Family

• The community celebrated “A Taste of California” at the Gala, honoring Glenn and Jennifer de Caussin. This was just one of the many memorable events hosted by CHA’s dedicated PTO. • CHA introduced the concept of “graduation by demonstration.” Each 8th grade student gave a CHApter presentation that demonstrated his or her mastery of all core academic areas in a paradigm that reflected his or her unique style and interests.

Award-winning 3rd/4th Grade Chorus

Olympics @ CHA

A Taste of California Gala

Highlights2012-2013 ! • CHA celebrated a major milestone during a milestone year: the purchase of the full 12-acre campus – plus an adjacent 4-acre parcel – during its 35th year of operation. Happy birthday, CHA! • Students, faculty and parents embraced this year’s annual school-wide theme USA@CHA with a mock presidential election; the States & Capitals Challenge; Americana activities that included square dancing and quilting; a curricular focus on American artists, novelists and inventors; a community festival; and more. • Thanks to a grant from The Walt Disney Company, the entire student body benefitted from an augmented iPad program that was used to further enhance and enrich daily learning. • CHA hit the national stage when, after winning the Los Angeles County Scripps Regional Spelling Bee, 8th grader Rebecca B. went on to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, placing 43rd out of 281 entrants worldwide.

Halloween Carnival

Capital Campaign Event

• While the Arts are always showcased on campus, this year they reached a new level of visibility with The Great American Art Show, which featured art in the style of great American artists as interpreted by CHA’s own Early Childhood through 8th Grade artists. Seventh grade docents enhanced the collection with information on the artists, including their biographies, the styles they represented, and their contributions to the art world. • Combining the Arts with Community Service, Middle School students finished a 28’ by 8’ mural commissioned by Save Chatsworth to help beautify the area and protect against graffiti.

4th Grade Girls Basketball Undefeated League Champs

• Students sang, danced, and acted on various stages, performing in grade-level plays and musicals, 3rd / 4th grade chorus, middle school Glee Club, and the middle school drama Annie Jr. • CHA fielded 16 sports teams that participated in the San Fernando Valley Private School League. Kudos to the 4th Grade Girls Basketball Team, which secured the League Championship after an undefeated season. • PTO was more active than ever with a full roster of events that included Movie Night, Book Fair, Halloween Carnival, Generations Day, Holiday Boutique, MotherSon Bowling, Father-Son Hike, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Tea and, of course, this year’s Gala honoring the Nikolai, Morgan, and Flynn families.

Art Teacher Shelley Bloom at the Great American Art Show

Rebecca B. Competes in Scripps National Spelling Bee

Remembrance Assembly Honoring First Responders

• CHA congratulated this year’s exceptional 8th graders, who were accepted to top high schools across Los Angeles, adding new schools to our roster. We wish them well on their journey and look forward to seeing them at our next alumni event! • Special thanks are due to the numerous volunteers who continued to help in the classroom, host social events, help with facilities maintenance, and contribute their time and talents in all aspects of daily CHA life and operations. Their contribution is immeasurable and has won our gratitude. Presidents on Parade

2nd Graders Donate their Hair to Locks of Love

Halloween Carnival

Community life was as rich and active as ever...

Save Chatsworth Mural Project

• GRADUATES Congratulations to the classes of 2012 and 2013, who were accepted into these top programs: Army and Navy Academy, Bishop Alemany High School, The Buckley School, Campbell Hall, Chaminade High School, Crespi Carmelite High School, El Camino Real Charter High School, Flintridge Preparatory School, Granada Hills Charter High School, Harvard-Westlake School, Louisville High School, Marymount High School, Milken Community High School, New Jewish Community High School, Notre Dame High School, Oaks Christian School, Santa Susana Arts & Technology Magnet, Sierra Canyon School, Viewpoint School.

CHA Class of 2012 grads This school is like a bird’s nest…nurturing us and protecting us, but also pushing us to spread our wings. – Jordan M., Class of 2013

CHA Class of 2013 grads

CHA is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and is accredited by both the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

• MISSION STATEMENT Emphasizing character development and critical thinking, Chatsworth Hills Academy's mission is to provide opportunities for our students to fulfill their individual potential in a supportive, natural environment.

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Continuing Success…

Cha annual report 2011 2013  
Cha annual report 2011 2013