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INTRODUCTION A summary of CHATA in 2021

TOURISM PERFORMANCE 2021 figures summarized

CORE BUSINESS Take a look at CHATA’s core business




CHATA BOARD Get to know the CHATA board

CHATA TEAM Meet the faces behind CHATA’s daily operations 2021

CHATA ACHIEVEMENTS An overview of CHATA’s achievements in 2021



INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENTS Developments of the Tourism Industry in 2021

CHATA MEMBERS An overview of the new CHATA members of 2021


22 2022 OUTLOOK CHATA’s outlook for the year 2022


FINANCIAL UPDATE CHATA’s Financial Statement and Audit Report

Introduction The tourism industry is one of the most dynamic, resilient and volatile economic pillars of Curaçao. Since the closing of the Refinery and the Offshore sector practically being non-existant, after years of prosperity, the tourism industry has become the main and most important economic pilar. The tourism and hospitality sector is the biggest job provider and contributor to the economy of Curaçao. As every sector, every year it finds itself going through challenges and changes and since the world was hit by COVID-19, the year 2021 was no exception, but with extra challenges as ever before. Nonetheless, stakeholders in Curaçao and the rest of the Kingdom of the Netherlands managed to come together and focus on tourism recovery. And the last half year of 2021, showed a spectacular recovery, even better then many could have dreamed of. Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought, as an association our main focus was tourism recovery and together with our partners, we have been able to make strides to move forward in the midst of a crisis modus. We were compelled to continue to be creative with our members and our partners, to make up for the loss we have experienced throughout the year before. In 2021, we especially focused on strengthening our partnerships and collaborations, as we strongly believe in the power of working together. One of the main achievements of 2021 was achieving the ‘code yellow’ status in May 2021 for our destination. Together with all partners and stakeholders, we persevered to grow the European market again. Especially after the Netherlands put all countries of the world on ‘code red’, which in the end of December 2020 resulted into yet another dramatic amount of booking cancelations.

Working together in times of crisis In order for Curaçao to continue to be an attractive tourist destination,

we have worked together with partners and stakeholders on many advocacy efforts. This includes the above mentioned ‘code yellow’ example, as well as the improvement of the entry process to Curaçao, and the on-island COVID measures.

budget. A draft legislation was finalized this year in cooperation with SBAB, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development. CHATA strives to push for this legislation to be effected in 2022.

Together with the Ministry of Economic Development, tourism partners and stakeholders a ‘Hospitality group’ was formed to create more balance between the crisis team, the government and the sector. This platform offered the oportunity to discuss advocacy matters by providing feedback on important items for the recovery of the sector and resulted in clear achievements in policies for the industry.

The financial support, the so called NOW and TVL, was also an important topic of discussion in 2021. CHATA made sure to provide the government with as much information as possible regarding the urgent need of of the sector for financial support. Despite the discontinuation of this financial support during the second lockdown in 2021, the sector is grateful, as the damage would have been much worst without any support at all.

Improvement of the financial structure of the tourism sector

In spite of the discomfort that the pandemic brought upon Curaçao, renovations and new projects within the hospitality and tourism sector continued, giving the sector hope. We are convinced that tourism will bounce back, as it has in the last half of 2021 in a spectacular way. Many neighbour islands in the region might even be slightly jealous of Curaçao’s great amount of new developments during a pandemic, as these new developments shed a very positive light, optimism and trust in the future of our tourism and hospitality sector.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, CHATA made sure this topic remained relevant. Consequently, the reorganization of the current CTB has been announced by the Minister of Economic Development and with more important items pending to be arranged in the reorganization process, CHATA counts on an open dialogue with the government. In order to realize important improvements of our destination, it is imperative to have a transparant, efficient, and accountable CTB organization in place. An organizattion that markets our destination, with a deemed marketing budget in order to take the necessary steps to further grow our tourism sector.

Level Playing Field Another important topic remains the Level Playing Field. It is imparitive for Curaçao to strive for a ‘level playing field’ in accommodations, dive schools and other branches within the sector. This ensures an equal contribution to our economy and our destination marketing

Financial support

Impressive new developments

In order to ensure sustained growth in the industry and jump start our economy we need structural change on all levels of the community; private – and public sector. CHATA remains convinced that we need increased awareness on the importance of tourism and the collective responsibility we have as a community to develop the sector as well as improve and professionalize our manpower. With all that has happened, now more than ever, we must continue to increase our product quality and for that it is clear that collaboration is essential in order to achieve ultimate recovery. As our 2021 slogan indicates: realizing dreams together.


Tourism performance Tourism Arrivals

Hotel Performance

Since the onset of the global pandemic of COVID-19, 2021 was a year of tourism recovery. Focusing on growth and maintaining our main markets, was the main objective and the achieved ‘code yellow’ was for sure helpful in this regard.

Overall average 2021 Hotel Occupancy (Occ): 51.1% Average Daily Rate (ADR): $163.36 Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $88.12

In 2021 Curaçao registered of total 418,355 travelers to Curaçao. Compared to 2020 (436,244), this is a slight decrease of 4%. However, the Curaçao Tourist Board registered a total of 265,000 stayover visitors who spent a total of 2,851,721 nights in Curaçao. This is an increase of 52% more stayover arrivals and 63% more nights compared to 2020. Furthermore, the Curaçao Ports Authority recorded 146,231 cruise arrivals in 2021, which is 43% less than in 2020.

The average Hotel Occupancy in 2021 in Curaçao was 51.1%, which is an increase of 44.4% compared to the average hotel occupancy in 2020 (35.4%). Compared to the pre-pandemic data (2019: 72.1%) this is a derease of 29.1%. The Average Daily Rate for 2021 was $163.36, which increased with 12.7% in comparison to the Average Daily Rate in 2020, $144.97. Compared to 2019, $158.90, this is a slight increase of 2.8%. As for the average Revenue Per Available Room for 2021, figures indicate an increase of 59.6% compared to 2020. From $55.22 to $88.12. Compared to 2019 ($114.56), before the pandemic, this is however, a decrease of 23.1%.

The Curaçao Tourist Board registered a total of 265,000 stayover visitors who spent a total of 2,851,721 nights in Curaçao.

Hotel Occupancy (Occ): 51.1% Average Daily Rate (ADR): $163.36 4

Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR): $88.12

CHATA’S core business Destination & Product Marketing Ensure that Curaçao and its products are adequately promoted by influencing the marketing strategy set by CTB through active collaboration between both organizations. Pro-actively initiate marketing activities for the sector.

Air Service – Retention & Growth CHATA to secure growth in airlift for the North American, European and South American Market by working closely with all existing airlines and actively search for new carriers together with CTB and Curaçao Airport Partners/Curaçao Airport Holding.

Product & Human Resources Development Create value for all members by providing a platform for collaboration and innovation within the sector. Supporting growth and product development of

members by being a source of quality industry information and analysis. Support all Safety & Security efforts and cleanliness projects. Identify industry educational and training needs and set a strategy together with members to cope with the current needs.

Advocacy & Lobbying on behalf of the Sector Working together is a must, on all fronts. CHATA actively reminds the government, CTB and others on the importance of aligning our efforts and jointly investing in the markets. In addition to this CHATA also makes sure that important issues that affect the tourism industry are addressed by the government and relevant stakeholders.

Communication (Voice of the Sector) CHATA to increase its visibility and recognition as the tourism expert by becoming more vocal and active.


CHATA’S board Maria-Helena Seferina Rojas CHATA Managing Director

Hans Slier Papagayo Curaçao Chairman

Omar van der Dijs Licores Maduro Vice Chairman

Robbin Vogels Avila Beach Hotel

Maylin Trenidad Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino

Rick van der Pluijm TUI

Mimi Luttge LionsDive Treasurer

Peggy Croes Curaçao Airport Partners Secretary

Edward Suares Corendon Hotels

Mark Nooren Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort

Rolf Sorecher Lionstone Development


In 2021 the CHATA Board met 25 times

CHATA’S team Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas Managing Director

Selina Maduro-Gumbs Events & Operations Manager

Crystal Willems Research & Education Executive

Jehizar Nebrus Marketing & Communications Junior Executive

In 2021 CHATA bid farewell to Gedion Verkerk, after two years, and Jihan Hammoud after one year of service to the association. CHATA is thankful for their contribution and wish them the best of luck in their future aspirations.

Gedion Verkerk Communications Executive Resigned in 2021

Jihan Hammoud Partnership & Communications Senior Executive Resigned in 2021

CHATA Interns 2021 Kennely Apostel – Marketing & Events Intern Yoseangela Sophia – Marketing & Events Intern Gabriella Bakmeyer – Marketing & Events Intern Shauntéz Dormoy – Overall Introductory Intern


2021 Achievements CHATA Webinars

Level Playing Field

Recognizing the demand for wellness tourism for individual travel professionals and companies, however, lacking the depth that it deserves, CHATA organized on 30 November 2021 a health and wellness webinar for members and partners, with the aim to shift the perspective on wellness tourism. The webinar was presented by Mr. Lászlo Puczkó, CEO & Co Founder of Health Tourism Worldwide. He provided members and partners the necessary insight to start thinking in terms of opportunities within this niche sector and tools and ideas to implement and integrate in their business. As the further development of Health & Wellness Tourism is one of CHATA goals for 2021/2022, this webinar was one of the first actions to stimulate the development of this interesting niche sector for the Curacao tourism sector.

In July 2021, the new Minister of Finance shared the importance of having legislation in place in this regard, as a fair economic contribution is expected from everyone in the tourism industry. Hereafter, the Minister of Economic Development facilitated for the legislation for Level Playing Field in accommodations to be drafted. Further preparations are in place and the new legislation should be processed in early 2022. CHATA will continue to monitor and advocate for this matter to be affected in 2022, as this will greatly contribute to the island’s economic development and the tourism industry.


CuraçaoNow – CHATA In Room Magazine Preparation for production of the CHATA in-room magazine and visitors guide, CuraçaoNow started in early 2021. This edition of the magazine is different than the previous ones. The magazine would be accompanied by an additional online platform to add more value to the magazine and content for the readers and followers. The CuraçaoNow magazine showcases different experiences and things to do on the island focusing on genuine local treasures and culture. However, due to the pandemic and the challenges that remain a reality, the production process has experienced an unforeseen delay. Consequently, the magazine is envisioned to be ready in 2022.

Annual General Member Meeting On April 22, 2021, CHATA held its virtual Annual General Member Meeting for the second year in a row. During this meeting the members had the opportunity to elect the new board for 2021-2022. Furthermore, the agenda included an update from CHATA’s Managing Director, Maria-Helena Seferina-Rojas, where she also presented the report from the board. Additionally, CHATA’s Chairman of the board, Hans Slier, gave a brief presentation on the outlook for 2021 and his final remarks.

Curaçao Tourism Authority (CTA) The Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) and the CTDF Advisory board finalized a timeline and plan of action to transform the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) into a new tourism authority. The new authority should have an independent status, a board formed by the private and public sector, and it should become self-sustainable within 5 years. This new structure will be the solution for funding, performance, and leadership challenges it faces today, as the Authority will be able to operate independent of political and government influences. Mid-January of 2021, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Curaçao Tourism Board, the Chamber of Commerce and CHATA sat together to discuss the structure of the board and the CTA’s by-laws to move forward with the implementation. Unfortunately, the CTA was not realized during this 2nd year of the pandemic, however, CHATA made sure the topic remained relevant. Consequently, reorganization of the current


CTB has been announced by the Minister of Economic Development. With this, a seat in the CTB Board of Directors, represented by a CHATA Board member has been agreed upon. This seat, which will be the first private sector represention in the CTB Board of Directors, is set to formalize in 2022. Further reorganisation elements are expected to be announced by the Minister of Economic Development during the first half of 2022.

CHATA’s Product Update report Each quarter, CHATA identified key insights on all noteworthy updates and special offers from all CHATA members and compiled these in its quarterly Product Update Report that is shared with tour operators, travel agents, PR agencies and other key stakeholders. In 2021, CHATA has released four editions of the Product Update Report, including the ‘March 2021’ edition, the ‘Summer Vibes’ edition, the ‘September Heat’ edition, and the December ‘T’is the season’ edition.

Stars of the Industry 2021 In 2021, CHATA had the pleasure of awarding 106 industry professionals with a Stars of the Industry award. A heart warm thanks goes out to all the sponsors of the events. To those who sponsored the various locations: Papagayo Beach Club, De Heeren at Sea and Landhuis Vredenberg. Also, to those who provided the nominees with a small gift as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the industry. 2021 Sponsors: Brandsimex, Curaçao Hato Caves, Senior & Co (Landhuis Chobolobo), Licores Maduro, Serena’s Art Factory, JL Penha, Curaçao Sea Aquarium, and LionsDive Beach Resort.


CHATA Trainings & Workshop In its efforts to increase the quality of service in the tourism sector, the CHATA Academy provided her well known language courses to different professionals in Curaçao. A total of 29 professionals attended and successfully completed the various language courses such as: Papiamentu, English, Dutch and German. The groups started in October and finished in December. Furthermore, the CHATA Academy also offered a Smart Pricing Workshop. On September 9th, 2021, 13 industry professionals attended and successfully obtained their certificate of completion for this workshop. Through these courses CHATA wants to equip professionals with the necessary tools to serve the hospitality and tourism sector.

CHATA collaborates with UoC Focusing on the importance of education and investing in our workforce, CHATA and the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC) has a signed Memorandum of Understanding since August of 2020, in support of the new bachelor program titled “International Hospitality and Tourism Management” (IH&TM).

Advisory Board of the IH&TM, which is also involved in the accreditation process of the bachelor program.

CHATA Launches 2 Silent Auctions In an effort to raise funds to be able to continue to contribute to the development of Curaçao’s tourism industry, CHATA organized its annual Silent Auction in November 2021 titled ‘The Black Friday Silent Auction 2021’. The CHATA Silent auction is one of the many fundraising events CHATA organizes throughout the year. During the Silent Auction the local community had the opportunity to bid on various auction items ranging from hotel accommodations to activities generously provided by CHATA members. Additionally, CHATA made it more interesting for bidders and incorporated another Silent Auction titled the ‘Holiday Edition’ in December 2021. The funds raised through the Silent Auction are invested in tourism development projects such as tourism awareness campaigns, human capital development and promotion of the destination. The total amount raised with this event is ANG. 4,649.

CHATA’s collaboration with UoC represents partnership and joint activities that include, but are not limited to advisory board representation for the curriculum, agreements on internships and collaboration within the sector on a variety of areas. In 2021, CHATA assisted the program with various guest lecturers from the private sector for subjects such as: hotel business in general, rooms division operations, recreation and attractions and the future of hospitality and tourism management. Additionally, CHATA took on one intern from the program for an introductory internship at the association. Furthermore, in 2021 CHATA’s Managing Director obtained a seat in the Professional 11

CHATA Gala Benefit Dinner On 29 October 2021, CHATA hosted its first ever Gala Benefit Dinner at CHATA Member, Curaçao Marriott Beach resort with the aim to raise funds to continue investing in projects that are beneficial for the tourism sector and the community. The evening was a success beyond words, as it allowed guests the opportunity to experience an escape from the real world and encounter an extravagant evening filled with insightful conversations, good company, captivating art for auction, and fine dining. There were creative dance performances, a moving art sculpture, and the inspirational and entertaining guest speaker and comedian, Mr. Jandino Asporaat, entertained the guests with an inspirational presentation. The total amount raised with this event is ANG 17,019.


CHATA award - ‘Premio Fortalesa 2021’ On November 18th, together with Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (MCB) and Global Entrepreneurship Week, CHATA held a special award evening at the Avila Beach Hotel. During the evening, each organization awarded an entrepreneur for their hard work, dedication, and determination. MCB gave out two awards, the ‘Premio Komersiante Briante 2021’ and the ‘Premio Futuro Briante 2021’. Global Entrepreneurship Week awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award 2021’ and CHATA awarded the 'Premio Fortalesa 2021' to one of our members who have shown the most resilience during the pandemic. The ‘CHATA Premio Fortalesa 2021’ went to Mosa Restaurant.

Member Meetings In 2021, CHATA held several Member Meetings to provide its members with an update of the industry and the efforts done in this regard. The meetings of 2021 were held on February 25, May 27, September 30, and November 25. CHATA also invited keynote speakers to elaborate on trending topics affecting the industry. This year CHATA selected keynote speakers based on specific topics of interest such as airlift, vaccination, EU tourism subsidy, DMO plans and the CTB representative regarding the new Tourism Destination Development Plan 2022-2026. Furthermore, some of the member meetings also included a panel discussion and break-out sessions on sustainability, education and COVID products and services.


CHATA Taskforces CHATA has many taskforces that focus on the development of specific areas within the tourism sector. These include the Dive Task Force, HR Task Force, Attractions Task Force, Culture, Heritage and Arts Task Force, Mice Task Force, Wellness Task Force, Sustainability Task Force, Safety & Security Task Force, Luxury Task Force, Restaurant & Beach Club Task Force and Restaurant Task Force. Please find below an update on some of the accomplishments of our task forces in 2021.


Dive Task Force The dive task force consists of 15 dive members that work together to further promote Curaçao as a dive destination. Furthermore, they also advocate for the protection and restauration of our coral reefs and protection of our dive sites from marine debris. In 2021, the task force members continued with their monthly clean up events to further protect the marine life and maintaining the environment as a safe and healthy one. Furthermore, on August 4, the Dive Task Force in collaboration with the Curaçao Tourist Board, held a ‘World Café’ session. During this platform both CHATA and non-CHATA members came together to discuss the following dive industry topics: conservation, regulation, legislation, and taxation.

Attractions Task Force The attraction task force focuses on the promotion of on-island activities. In 2021, the goal was to launch an Easter campaign for which the required preparations were made. However, due to COVID19 regulations, the campaign was canceled. Following the cancellation of the campaign, the task force had several meetings throughout the year to continue to find creative ways to collaborate and work together in which they established new goals and objectives. The main aim of the task force became to be more present on social media channels. As a result, social media pages were set up for ‘Curaçao Things To Do’ and a social media planning was created. Furthermore, in July of 2021 the CHATA Attractions Task Force (ATF) set their mark in Germany, literally. Along with the Curaçao Tourist Board in Germany, they collaborated with Timmendorfer Strand to brand one of the beach chairs with the Curaçao Things To Do’s famous postcard. Timmendorfer Strand receives approximately 1,600,000 overnight stays / 350,000 German visitors per year and is considered one of the most fashionable Baltic Sea resorts with a great touristic offer. Therefore, having brand exposure on the beach is a great opportunity for the CHATA ATF to attract German tourists to Curaçao. The attractions task force will continue its efforts on promoting on-island activities as well as working towards creating more brand awareness in 2022. 15

Sustainability Task Force The aim of the task force is to bring awareness to our members in the tourism industry regarding different ways to be more sustainable and to adapt to sustainable practices. After a few months of little activity due to Task Force Members’ availability and new members joining, the task force met in July of 2021. New goals and objectives were set, as the Sustainability Task Force wishes to work closely together with the team set-up by the Government, Curaçao2030, to reach sustainable development goals (SDG’s). The complete restart of the task force is set to move forward in 2022.

HR Task Force In 2021, the HR Task Force continued to focus on the employee status post the COVID-19 breakout. During a meeting in April, the members had a chance to express their concerns and challenges regarding their employees, as well as what was done to maintain the positive spirits in the workplace. A presentation was also given by CHATA to the task force with an update on an employment impact survey results and the various trainings for that year. Additionally, the platform was facilitated to a member to give a presentation on an HR vacancy website proposal. Furthermore, in December of 2021, CHATA organized a roundtable discussion for its HR members. The pandemic brought many challenges and in 2021 many companies had to deal with the question whether they can dismiss an employee if he/she refuses to get vaccinated. The session with the topic “COVID-19 vaccine – rights and obligations on the work floor” was presented by law specialist and attorney of VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, Ms. Daniëlla Engelhardt. CHATA HR members attended this session with great interest and made use of this platform and opportunity to ask questions and 16

get more clarity on the judicial aspect of this matter. With the goal to improve branding, education, and the quality of the sector, in 2021 CHATA also signed an MOU with ROC Mondriaan. This MOU is the first step towards the goal to better match hospitality vocational education with the sector requirements. CHATA will support ROC Mondriaan, together with the Curaçao and Dutch Government, local schools, and partners to turn Curaçao into a ‘Caribbean Educational Hub’ for hospitality.

Restaurant & Beach Club Task Force The Restaurant & Beach Club Task Force was created in 2020 to maintain inclusion within CHATA. The purpose of the task force is to continuously promote more sustainable practices within the restaurants, beach clubs, bars, event promoters, cafés, and nightclubs, as well as the hospitality and tourism sector. Aside from the task force’s main objectives, it has also been set up with the intention to develop collaboration between CHATA and the Curaçao Restaurant Association (CRA).

Marketing Taskforce On 6 October 2021, CHATA organized a virtual Marketing Taskforce meeting for all CHATA hotel GM’s and Marketing Directors. During the meeting CTB presented marketing planning for Q4-2021. The planning included, but was not limited to, the primary actions for 2021, overall performance and forecast, a regional deep dive, destination services overview (press & FAM trips), social media highlights and ample time for questions and interaction wad given.

‘CHATA US Marketing Pilot Campaign 2021 participants

Additionally, on November 25, CHATA and CTB organized another joint interactive Marketing Taskforce session, guided by a moderator, to emphadize and discuss ideas on the Destination Marketing Strategy for 2022 in several breakout sessions. In the second half of 2021, CHATA also launched the ‘CHATA US Marketing Pilot Campaign’, with the aim to find an effective and strategic way to create more demand from the highly needed North American market.

Over a period of 3 months, the partcipating CHATA accommodation members worked on the following objectives: • Monitor and grow monthly searches for Curaçao Hotels and Curaçao Resorts from New York and the vicinity area. • Increase reach of New York, New Jersey, Newark, and Boston audience who are considering travel before they choose their destination • Maintain and further grow/nurture the engagement of these potential travelers. (KPIs include ad clicks, clicks to hotels, comments, likes, and reactions & post shares) • Create traffic to participating hotels • Stimulate hotel bookings During the campaign, the 7 participating hotels were allocated a reach budget that was directly in proportion with their contributed budget. For this pilot campaign CHATA worked with its member Booking Success, who provides a monthly statistics report for CHATA, a monthly statistics report for each participating hotel, one total statistics report for CHATA, and one total statistics report for the participating hotel. 17

CHATA collaborations Focusing on strengthening our partnerships and collaborations, in 2021 CHATA re-established its partnership with the Curaçao Association for Small Hotels and Appartments (CASHA). CASHA is the association for entrepreneurs with small businesses in the tourism sector including accommodations, car rentals, dive schools, taxis, and excursion companies and attractions.

As a result, continuous structural meetings with the CASHA board took place as well as a joint effort in communicating the industry performance. CHATA together with CASHA publish monthly the hotel performance figures, as well as for smaller organizations, car rental, and dive schools. The aim is to provide a balanced overview of the industry performance and the recovery of the tourism and hospitality sector in

Industry development Air Service The pandemic fueled by two (2) variants, Delta in the beginning of the year and Omicron towards the end of 2021, reiterated that airline and airport business remain very volatile and unpredictable amidst recovery. The rapid recovery from the increase of the Delta variant in Q2 2021 due to drastic government measures and a massive vaccination campaign at the end of March 2021 ensured the continuation of passenger traffic growth as of mid-May 2021 throughout the remainder of the year. Curaçao International Airport year end 2021 traffic figures show total passenger movements at 830,145 compared to 548,000 year-end 2020; a 52% increase over 2020. Year-end 2021 passenger traffic recovery compared to year end 2019 was 57%. Year-end 2020 passenger traffic recovery compared to 2019 was 38%. According to Airports Council International (ACI), year-end 2021 overall traffic recovery estimates for the airport industry will be between 45% and 55% compared to 2019. Recovery of air service supported the tourism industry as well. Most airline partners restarted service but not at the service level of 2019. In addition, the route network was expanded with the launch of new routes and additional service.


Recovery – Restart Avianca SkyHigh Air Century American Copa Wingo Air Canada Westjet Surinam FlyAlways


Growth – New Route Jetair AirBelgium Sarpa EZAir Jetair Jetair


to air travel, the journey feels safe and secure. In contrast, those that have not yet flown since the beginning of the crisis tend to be less confident as they have not yet experienced the changes that airports have implemented across the passenger journey. This issue is further intensified by the lack of harmonized measures across governments, particularly regarding international travel. Q4 and year-end 2021 results indicate that passenger traffic recovery remains highly dependent on the pandemic and virus mutations. In comparison to year-end 2020, the severity of the pandemic on public health and the economy, was managed differently and more effectively by governments and health officials. In addition, aggressive vaccination campaigns including booster shots had positive effects on the demand for travel. CAP foresees recovery to remain volatile until traffic stabilizes and that depends on the continued impact of the pandemic, aircraft and crew availability and travel requirements. CAP continues to work closely with tourism partners, CTB, CHATA and CASHA supporting efforts to further stimulate demand and growth of visitors to Curaçao.

‘Airlineweekly’ indicated that industry experts agree that 2022’s pandemic pattern will govern the way airlines operate for the foreseeable future, as Covid-19 goes from being a pandemic to an endemic disease. New variants and outbreaks will occur, and airlines will adjust capacity and schedules in response to demand. A major difference between when the Delta and Omicron variants emerged, Airlift Committee however, is the development and deployment of effective vaccines, which began at the end An Airlift Development Committee was of 2020. formed in 2021 under the leadership of the ACI latest 2021 passenger survey shows Curaçao Tourist Bureau. Curaçao Airport that 48% of respondents have travelled since Holding, Curaçao Airport Partners, CHATA and the beginning of the pandemic. The survey Curoil are members. The committee focuses suggests that respondents who have travelled on the retention and growth of air service to during the pandemic are more likely to travel the destination. by air again sooner and more frequently. These observations highlight that, on returning


Membership Over 200 members and counting

Membership is considered our bread and butter. We rely on the support of our members to be able to voice, act and create on their behalf. As we continue to grow in our membership, CHATA will have a better representation of the sector which means a stronger voice as the private sector. We are proud to be your eyes and ears, and it feels good when you have friends (members) that you can count on.

of the private Hospitality & Tourism Sector. In 2021, 16 new members joined CHATA and 12 members canceled their membership by the end of 2021, and 4 businesses ceased to exist. Therefore, CHATA now counts 238 Members, whereas in 2020 CHATA had 245 Members. Total Value in Membership income: NAF. 773,662

As the CHATA Board reinforced the importance of sustainable membership growth, one of CHATA’s yearly goals is to grow and become a true representative

New members 2021


At your Service Caribbean B.V.

First Impression Cleaning Services

Boarding Pass Travels

Karavaan N.V/BuddhaCorp

Bon Ami Hospitality

Secured Limitless Communication

Boutmy Agencies N.V.

SHOWME Caribbean

Cleanful Hygienic Solutions



Van Loon Recruitment

Curaçao Live Cast


CHATA Financial update CHATA continued to reap its benefits of outsourcing all financial administration tasks with the aim to increase member satisfaction by focusing on membership value. Business Lab is the partner for business administration expertise. Business Lab has been in charge of CHATA’s daily administrative and financial tasks with a strong focus on Membership Billing & Processing.

Accounts Receivables & Cash Flow The year 2021 ended with an accounts receivable balance of NAF. 193,174.

CHATA’s finance saw a increase in membership dues of 6,3 %. General expenses remained well within budget. CHATA booked a positive result of NAF. 46,625 for 2021.

Audit by BDO Audit by BDO Caribbean Audit took place in November 2021 and February 2022, with a focus on a true and fair view of the financial position of CHATA. The audit included an analysis of CHATA’s financial performance and cash flows for the year. Audit was conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing.


Outlook 2022 As we look ahead, we highlight an important takeaway from the year that has passed. According to recent research carried out by the worldrenowned management consulting firm, McKinsey, 2021 was a year of transformation. People, corporations, and societies began to look ahead to influence their futures, rather than just surviving the present. With that in mind and despite the difficulty to make accurate predictions considering the unpredictable world we live in since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, CHATA foresees a year of: • • •

new levels of travel appetite different reasons for tourists to select their holiday destination tourists that seek different experiences from a destination.

With the above, change has accelerated as never before. And while we pass through the variants of COVID-19, we must shift how we see travel and how we can adapt to this shift. 2021 was the first year of economic recovery since the pandemic made its introduction on the island. In 2022 CHATA will remain carefully optimistic and positive for the tourism and hospitality sector in general and continues to adapt to find new ways for growth and development of the sector. CHATA will continue to focus on the various goals in the pipeline to be achieved for the


benefit of the sector. It is a reality that, like the year 2021, world events and decisions that could have an impact on Curaçao’s tourism industry remain a possibility in 2022. As a result of a second lockdown in the first half of 2021, Curaçao experienced another drop in arrivals while the recovery was gradually taking place. And despite the current less strict travel restrictions, the implications of COVID-19 regarding airlift from our main markets (Europe, North America, and South America), countries shifting from pandemic to endemic approach, the effect of the pandemic will not disappear as quickly as we have hoped, and the losses are still tremendous. However, the recovery at the end of 2021 shows a transformed traveler. Tourists are massively choosing for Curaçao as their holiday destination and are spending more and staying longer. We are aware that with the last Omicron variant surfacing end of 2021, with never seen spikes of infections worldwide, our outlook for 2022 is still rather unpredictable at this time. However, while we are constantly monitoring the developments of the Coronavirus, and the recovery of end of 2021 was showing strong and sustainable signs, CHATA will continue to aid the industry with information and opportunities and stimulating ways to shift and adapt as we move forward.

For the year 2022, CHATA has three essential wishes; one of them being for CTB to become a Tourism Authority. This is a project that has been on the table for 10 years with the approval from all stakeholders. This model will ensure a healthier financial structure for the Tourism sector, and at the same time introduce and enforce the ‘Level playing field’ legislation. This legislation ensures that the alternative tourist accommodations are all registered, meet the quality requirements and pay taxes.

Secondly the industry needs to become more attractive to available workforce, through image building and education and training programs. And lastly, we need to further develop our tourism product with predefined niche sectors, bringing more opportunities for the entire sector.



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